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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Intro

    • 2. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Part 1

    • 3. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Part 2

    • 4. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Part 3

    • 5. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Part 4

    • 6. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Part 5

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About This Class

This is a simple step by step walkthrough of how to solve the rubik's cube. The videos are easy to follow and have noted algorithms.  EDIT: Im sorry but for the video of part 4, when solving the corners of the blue face, I used "F" instead of "T". Make this correction if this was troubling you. 

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1. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Intro: today we'll be learning how to solve a Rubik's Cube. Now this is actually very easy to learn with videos now trying it by yourself. Very difficult, almost impossible. I couldn't do it, but, you know, with this video helping you out, probably learn in an hour, hour and 1/2. So there's a couple things before you get into actual steps that you need to know. And that is that you wouldn't think of the Rubik's Cube is having pieces and not, you know, stickers that you just move around. Um, So, for example, this right here is the orange centerpiece and these on the side of the edge pieces and these are the corner pieces. Now why that's significant is because this yellow, yellow and orange piece edge piece we'll always these two colors will always be connected and same thing for the corner. This these will never be there will always be adjacent is what I'm saying. So secondly, we need toe know the notation for the algorithms we're gonna be using are the key, if you will. So I'll go of that. And so if you hold it like this, you got the top the right the left, the face, the under and the back. And each one of those will be noted notated as the first letter in that word. And then next thing you know, like which way you're twisting it when it says are t or L, and that's gonna be either clockwise or counterclockwise now to rotated clockwise. It's just gonna be like tea. It's just gonna be notated as T. But if you want to do it counterclockwise, it's gonna be tea with an asterisk next to it, and now you're ready for the next step. 2. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Part 1: step to solving the Rubik's Cube. You want to get this green Cross all right here on the green side? Um, so also, we see that the green orange we're creating this line right here as well, and that's created all the way around with each of the different centers, and we want to have that correct as well. So I'm going mix it up and then walk out through it. This, uh, this stuff is like, completely intuitive. There's no riel out rhythms to solve this. I mean, there's one, but it's very seldom that you use it. So let's look around for a Greenpeace green side piece, so there's a good one to start. It's ah, it's a green red, and it's already connected to the red centre, and it's opposite of the green. So what we can do is we can just turn it until the it's on the top and connected with the green. So let's the ground for another. We got this green and orange peace, and it is not in the right spot is connected to the yellow center, so that's connected to the Orange Center. All right, here, just one move away and we can do. And then the same thing is last time, just two times up, and now we're halfway through. Next up, we got this green and yellow piece. So let's find the yellow center and connected to that's right here. Just move it over. And now if we do what we did the last time and just moved it up, it's in the wrong spot. So what you wanna do is moving up one and then turn this top over, move it up again and then turn the top back and it's in the right spot and I go that one more time just turned the face, turn the top, give it room to go in and then turn a bet, and that's the first step complete. 3. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Part 2: for the second step, we're gonna be solving this whole green spot and it's already solved. And this is how you want it to look at the end of this step, we're gonna be solving the corner pieces in our last time we did the cross. Now we're gonna fill in the corners, So I'm gonna go in, uh, fix all these where I can walk out through it, and then that's a little bit all right, that's to do one more. All right, there we go. So let's find a green corner piece that we can solve for So here's a Greenpeace right here . So green, red and white. So we want to put that in between the white and red sinners right here. So we're going Move it over, and sometimes you will find that you have corner pieces appear just solved. The corner pieces that you, the green corner pieces that you find down on the bottom first, and these will come down because of that. So that algorithm is ah, right, prime, Uh, you right, and then you frying and we only do it once. But for this next one's, you might to repeat and repeat that method, so is going to find another one. Here's one as well, so that's going to do the algorithms. So it's right prime you, right? And then, I mean, this last steps kind of, uh, isn't always needed, but, uh, do it if it doesn't solve, solve the corner piece immediately. Um, here's another one. I'm gonna go and do this. Change it so you can get a better example. So here's the green, yellow and orange peace, and we put it in between the orange and yellow center. So what we want to do is do the algorithm and I'll put it up on the screen and then see it . It didn't solve it immediately, but we can do it again. And this is where you can't forget toe, do that last part and do it again. I said, Just repeat, until it solves it, it should be the most you need to do. It is four times and then vote, and then right here this one is up here, but it's a lot of on top, so you can do that same algorithm, tickle and fix it all right. And that is the second step completed to solving a Rubik's Cube, and now you're ready for the third 4. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Part 3: So now that you got the whole green side finished and all of this first layer side is good , so all the corners are in the right spot. We want to solve for this second layer around here, all the way around the cube. So as you can see these, this piece is already in the right spot. The white and red are connected to the white and red centers, and this piece is well, the yellow and red are connected to the yellow and red centers over. This piece is not there. So we need to find the yellow in orange peace. Find out where it is. Um, so it's right over here. So we need to connect this yellow piece to the yellow center. And if the orange was on the bottom right here, we would connect the orange piece to the Orange Center. But let's go and connect match up the center to the edge. Now put it facing you and in relation to where this needs to go on. CNBC moved to the right. That's how you decide what algorithm to do, and there's there's only two different algorithms, so that is not that bad. So since this one needs to move to the right, we'll be doing this algorithm. T are t prime, our prime t prime f prime t. And then and we put it in there nice and cozy. So let's solve for this piece. And it's the white and orange side piece, so that's fine. Here it is, the light and orange. So this piece right here is lower, so we need to connect that to the center. The correct center. If we try to right here, it would be wrong. So let's go and connect that. So what we want to do now, this one is opposite than the last one. So this light and orange piece needs to move to the left down here. So we're gonna use this algorithm t prime l prime T Oh t Yeah, G prime and then f prime. And that was the third step. And if you have all of this completed looking just like this without the green messing up, then you're ready for the next step. 5. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Part 4: step for We want to get this blue cross on top. Now we're halfway there. We got a line, but we need to fix these two and how to do that. There's one algorithm we can use and you just keep repeating this until it's finished. So it's gonna be f to are g prime. Our prime have problem, and we changed it up a little bit, but it's not completely finished. So we got this L Now, that's good, because once you get this, l you know that you're about to finish and you want to put that ill just like I have it here, too. Where is making like a backwards, though with the with the two pieces? So then we just do that algorithm again. F you are tee prime, our prime than f prime. And we have the Blue Cross and all the corners are done for me already. But that's not part of stuff. You'll probably have a blue cross. So for the next step, we're gonna solve all the whole blue side. Now, this isn't gonna finish the Cube, but we're close. So too, were gonna get all the blue corners up here and solve them. So there's one algorithm for this, and it's our half. Our prime f are ah and then our prime. And, uh, we're getting there, but we just need to keep repeating this algorithm until it's solved. So let's go and do that one more time are our prime are two f r f f and then are are our regular are So this shape is what you're looking for, This kind of cross with one corner. Now you don't know. I saw that first time doing the algorithm with this, but this is what you want. So what we're gonna do is put that corner piece on the left side closest to you and do the algorithm R f R crime are and then to s and our prime. So that's the blue side covered, and you're ready for the next step. So for the next step, we're gonna solve these corner pieces and put them in the right spot. Still, keep in the blue, uh together. So we want to look for a side that has matching corner pieces. So this one's not right. It's white and yellow, and I go to the next one. It's this one is orange and white. Ah, that's not right either. But this one right here, this is good. This is red and red, and that's what you want. If you don't have that anywhere around the cube, it doesn't really matter. Just pick a side and do this algorithm, and then after you do it once, you should look and you'll have two sides that are actually connected. And then you can follow along from this. So you find your two sides that are connected are on the right. Sorry. Like this. You put that away from me on the back, and then you would do this algorithm. Now, this one of the longer ones. So just bear with me. It might take a while to memorize it, but just use the notation in the video and let her hope a lot. So you want to go right? Crimes F right. Prime. Back, back, Right, F prime. Right. Prime back, back. And then our our And this is what your cube should look like now all of a piece. All the side, All the corner pieces are correct in relation to the other that can all connect correctly with its sides. And once you have that, you're ready for the next 6. How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Part 5: Okay, So now if your Rubik's cube looks like this, we're almost done. We got one more set to do, and this contains two different algorithms, but you have to know which one to use. So what you wanna do is find a side that's like connect completely solved. So this this one's all white. That was completely salt. And you want to put that on the white side just like that and then put that facing away from So now we got these to finish the yellow, orange and red. So this yellow piece is blue. This orange piece as blue orange piece needs to move over here to the right. So we're gonna do this algorithm. Hes face deep crime. Our prime Oh, face, face. Oh, prime are de prime phase face. And there you go. If you did it right, you just saw the Rubik's Cube. So if that last algorithm wasn't right for you, Um and you needed you didn't need to move. You got the side that's completely finished opposite of you. And you didn't need to move this piece to the right. You need to move it to the left. I got it and Now this is the right out of rhythm for you. So what you want to do is go face, face T our prime l face face. Oh, prime are t and then face face And there you go.