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HOW TO RAP LIKE DRAKE: Songwriting Masterclass - Artist Analysis

Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

HOW TO RAP LIKE DRAKE: Songwriting Masterclass - Artist Analysis

Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

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5 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. Sandra's Rose Flow/Rhymes

    • 3. Sandra's Rose Descriptive Language

    • 4. Pound Cake Flow/Rhymes

    • 5. Pound Cake Figurative Language

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About This Class

Want to learn how to rap like Drake?

In this course I'll teach you the fundamentals of Drake’s songwriting so you can implement these strategies into your own songs.


How to flow on a beat

How Drake structures his songs 

Songwriting techniques that make songs memorable and interesting

Why Drake’s music is so powerful

How to create cadences and rhythms when rhyming

Different strategies you can use to breathe life into your own songs


My goal is simple:

I am here to teach you a simple process to understand, implement, and create Drake type techniques into your songs for people to rap or sing along to.

My courses are effective, impactful, and include extra resources to help you level up.

In the Class Project section you'll be able to download free resources you can use to create your own beats and songs. 

That being said, your progress is completely up to you. I can’t do the work for you. 

But I CAN lessen the learning curve, provide an easy to follow blueprint, and shave years off your path to mastery.

I hope to empower you with the knowledge, practice, and resources you need to realize that this isn’t rocket science. 

You can do this.

If you are willing to invest in yourself and commit to learning a few hours a week, I have no doubt you’ll be able to achieve your goals with music.

You ready to rock?

Set aside a few hours for dedicated learning, and let’s study some songwriting.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kia Orion

Artist & Music Producer


Ay! I'm Kia. 

I'm an artist and educator who believes life wouldn't be the same without music.

Or tacos.

I realized that I was equally as passionate about teaching music as I was making it.

In 2016 I founded Beat School, an online platform and series of educational programs to help aspiring artists and producers learn how to make beats, accelerate their growth, and stay inspired. 

I'm originally from New York but these days you'll find me traveling around the world writing songs or playing beats on a rooftop somewhere.

I appreciate you stopping by, and if you'd like to get in touch you can DM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] 

Life is too short not to do what you lov... See full profile

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1. Course Overview: 1212 Coming through. What is going on? It is your boy, Keogh Ryan. I'm the man who is obsessed with making dope music in teaching you how to create your own. In today's course class masterclass Walk through. We are going to talk a little bit about how to rap like Drake. We're gonna break down a few Drake songs and going to talk to you about how he finds his flow. There were elements of out Drake that I've found over the years. I'm a drink, Stan, which, if you understand, is brush up on your Eminem history. But it's pretty much, um, a die hard fan, super diehard fan, huge fan of Drake Eyes bars, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, his stuff has influenced. My has been one of the biggest influences for me, and I think about the way that I saying and the way that I write songs, um, he's just a huge influence. And so I'm super stoked to jump into that with you guys today on the different elements that I see from Drake and kind of the different aspects of his game that I've incorporated into my own. Now I want to say this before we jump into it that there's nothing more frustrating than a corny white dude talking to you about how to rap. And I'm soaper aware of that going into this. Um, but I do think that some folks might be able to find this helpful. So I'm going to just overlook that part and just say, Hey, listen, I I am what I am, um And I'm just also ah, a huge fan of Drake. So, um, hopefully I can bring some some value to you guys in this. So if that sounds fun, if that sounds something like you're interested in, um follow along I found a clean version of thes Drake songs because I know that the different course platforms don't like a lot of swearing. So we're gonna skip the swearing we're gonna walk through, break down these bars piece by piece for you guys. And so the 1st 1 that I'm going to review with you right here is Sanders Rose. So let's jump into this will break it down. Every few bars will listen to the track together. I kind of tell you the different techniques that I see Drake using as he's wrapping. That really makes him an incredible rapper and also different elements as far as putting rhymes together that I think might really help you guys with your own writing. So that sounds good. Did your beverage of choice Let's jump into it. 2. Sandra's Rose Flow/Rhymes: are. So the first thing when you do is I put together the lyrics for you. Um, here, we're gonna walk through, um, these a couple lines at a time. So it's listening. This first part of the track. Yeah. See the crab. And as food I still from price tags are making a world filled something they don't have enough to satisfy. Real one maverick caught it, couldn't even get the deal done is gonna be really annoying. So it keeps stopping and starting the track. But this what you signed up for? So in typical drake fashion, um, he kind of oftentimes it. There are a few different flows that I see from Draper. Pop up time and time again. Um, and this is one of the big ones, and he actually is them right back to back Shadow Drake. One time it's a really deep dive reference, but he he's kind of one of the first people to engineer this kind of double rhyme at the end. This is different than like a lot of times. Beginners will run one thing at a time. It will be like I came in. It was a starry night. This is what it is. Baba blah, blah, bright Bubba, Bubba. Blah, blah, blah, blah light. And it's like it like these, like clanging rhymes at the end of the bar, which is like a telltale sign that someone is not, Does not right doh bars when the when it's like this, it's so parent, and they're just like, very clear rhymes. Check these rhymes out. I love what I love about Drake's bars Is that so? Their slant rhymes so like it's and Drake is one of those that I think engineered like the , um, like double this like these double rhymes. So even I'm seeing them back. Unlike old Drake bars, Um, I'm going in, um, like so many different examples. But, um, this is going to total drink. These are the telltale Drake bars, so I think your favorite drink song. I guarantee you able to find some of these bars in there. So it's two words. He's rhyming these last two words instead of necessarily one. So it's steal from feel some rial. One deal done in. There's a slant to him, which makes him sound so much cooler than like same light, same break game night you know what I mean. You could still rack those, but it's not quite the same. And that's when it comes to the syllables. Um, he's going to switch the flow up. So these are kind of see the crib in Sud I steal from price tags, see the crib and asked, Who did I steal from? 10 price tags on Making the World feel some 10. They don't have enough to satisfy a real one. That's 12. Never Maverick Carter couldn't even get that deal done, so it's around 10. So they're all around 10 for these 1st 4 bars. And then, um, these next few Lester affinities scared the console. Wars has gotta run from us. Louisville Hush money for my young gunners Rick Pitino. I take on the strip clubs and casinos stack casinos, get all of you scratch like primo. So that's this is another part of this flow that I love is when it's, um for like, you can rhyme a bunch of different words altogether. Gotta run from us. Kind of has the same balances. Hush money for my young gunners. If you notice he's almost rhyming an entire bar here, Um, with that like, same kind of sound, like run from us Hush money from my young gunners Like you've got to think more than is like the last line of the bar. Like think about how you can incorporate words with the same kind of sound. I didn't be a direct rhyme into your into your bars, and it just, like, adds this cool flow to it. But that's what I want to talk about here. What I want to jump into with this is, um, again remember, I was talking about things really clanging at the end of a bar is how, with drink also has these often do this rhyme, which I love, and I steal all the time. This idea of its Imagine you have two bars and there's almost four rhymes within those two bars. So, like a lot of these have just been kind of like You have the one rhyme kind of here at the end, and this one's a little bit in here, too. But like this one, is Rick Pitino taking the strip clubs and casinos? So here, Rick Pitino, beginning of our he's rhyming with casinos, Rick Pitino, casinos second and then again see notes beginning the bar to get you scratch like primo. So it's, like, beginning and end and then another beginning kind of middle and end, Um, which is just so dope. And these are a lot harder to do. But these air Superfund, um, in another kind of element for drakes rhymes that often do is hell, just you mentioned a few more times, the songs were going to bring it up. He talks about Rick Pitino. They don't even over. Pitino is. I'm gonna keep it 1000 with you, but, um ah, what's the one in the joint? Me, Jay Z, um, can you get off top the joint, um, that they poundcake joint, just talking women and vino. Um, that guy from whatever it boosted my ego. It's in his name. Something Rick Pitino. But something like that. He rhymes with same thing talking women and vino after hours. This dude Saperstein. Oh, set of boosting my ego like he does these types of rhymes. A lot will come back to these in a minute. Um, under the next one. Worms. I just opened up. Canada does. My mother had a flower shop, but I was Sandra road to girls that I wrote. Like Indiana Jones. I make him walk together like I'm Hammer Rose. Yeah, that I got any So there to, um if you notice he goes, he's kind of has the same flow. And then here, instead of coming in two girls that are public Indiana Jones, I make them walk together like the same arose. And then here he just lets the beat rock for a second. So now he comes in on the second beat was like, Yeah, space that I got up The Anne California girl. Sweet of them. Pieces of candy. So toy around with Don't feel like every single bar has to You have to come in straight with the B drops. This is often times if you want to find a new flow. You kind of ad space. After the b drops into it, you kind of like, let the be dropped, take a breath or whatever. You had a drake. Yeah, uh, and then you come in a little bit later, Um, and you can find kind of a new flow from there s So let's keep on. Listen to this. Um, next bars California girl sweeter than pieces of candy happy all in Nipsey Hood to go link up with Sami type of hook with bandannas. Make family head on a swivel like a shoe. But I could never drivel life too short. I gotta get it for they blow the whistle. So again he does the exact same thing we're talking about here. It's four rhymes in two bars head on a swivel, but I could never dribble. I got to get it before they blow the whistle. So, like, um, it's a lot of these, like internal rhymes that really add flair to his bars. That, I think is, though, um, trying to change energy with, um, Stones and Christmas, trying to change my energy with stones and crystals. But it's gonna take more than that for me that control my issue. There's one another one. My favorite types of rhyme, like stones and crystals, control my issues like get inventive with your joints, man like think of multiple running multiple words at one time, rather than just crystals and issues. And these aren't like issue. When I say issue was the first thing one around one. I know what you thought of tissues because that's just what comes to mind if I think about if I say world where you're gonna rhyme with girl because it's like it's what we think of these direct rhymes. So instead, take the time to really adds him, Slant to it. Stones and crystals control my issues. That's a dope bar groups that's a dope bar because it's that you can't I don't want to be able to guess what your next bar is. You know what I'm saying? So if you if you want to write rhymes and write songs like Drake, one element is, um, to at least we were just talking about rhyming. At least for now. This first part is get inventive with the ads. Um, slant Rives Prison. So Mr Doe live in Help Miss Adele and pick themselves. That's dope. I wasn't made for no cats getting old prison cell, every title during numbers like Mr Dell. Sandra knows I pulled us out of a living Hell, I'm chosen wine, but I was never picked themselves. I want a classic. That's just 10 of these crime family. Like Jennifer, we shoot on trauma capiche. My house is full of supermodels just like my mom and deep I take it serious. You, my comic relief. So again there, that's a he's coming with a different flow. You want 10 of these? Like the Genevieve's drama capiche. Like Mohamed Hadid, you My comic relief like these are again. And this isn't just who did I steal from personalities and making the world feel something I have makes that if I really like this, is you coming in like this is dope. This is kind of like these again these air rhymes that is just kind of taking and then running with this multi syllabic crime throughout these bars, um, they don't start at the front like it's not like start here 10 syllables and end their like , Don't think of it so mathematically, Um, and every few bars after we listen to this next part you know, was he switches up, he switches up again and he still running with it. Commas increase climbing to reach. You still run with the same arm scheme, but it's a different flow. Funny how I keep talking in Commons increase. I'm standing at the top of weight. The common Nerese. I even got my very own initials inscribed on my sheets. Subtle reminder is a key cheese spoiler alert. Second act this tragic. So now he's switching the floor. Appear so he ran, he run with comes increased, climbing the reach of the block. And now he took the time Gz can lead to be right for a second spoiler. And now we're gonna run with Act is tragic asking what happened? Backstab so many times he started walking backwards. So, like, this isn't some Eminem like let it like super spiritual miracle. I'm under fear ical miracle type drives, but they're still there's still some, like Ask like that. Like that type of Ah, um sound act is tragic. It's like it's definitely got some Eminem kind of vibes and active, tragic asking what happened? Back stabbed so many times I started walking backwards and everyone that wants the worst for me is asking what happened? Back stabbed so many times I started walking back with Like, Sharla may not see the light and see the darkest factors. Bury me and I'll be born. You let the beat ride right there for a second. Let the beat ride do take that element. Boom. Jump back into it. I walking godly form a month The mortal man. I got some real demons across the board offense and made a noted A mistake's we can't afford again Like I said can awards And I'm early Bird wanna hang But I'm too busy doing dirty work Hit him back and say Well, look upon a 33rd when I say that occurred to me, it ain't dirty words. Check these last few bars out again. We get some internal joints cause Holy Spirit Synagogue. I don't know who's protecting me, but we hit it off Sandra Rose. No one is trying to pick me off. I guess you gotta show these who you really are. So then it rides out so far is just bars, rhymes, um, flows. That's kind of the first part of this track. And I want to jump in a one more element of this track with you when it comes to drinks, writing 3. Sandra's Rose Descriptive Language: So, um, this isn't gonna be super long part of the course, but I wanted to talk to you guys about when it comes to drinks writing. Um, it's like especially with its when it's one of these, like rap e rap songs. If you're tryingto make songs like Drake does and really like, make better bars, Um, it's like part flow. So it's part of the drink, just like putting, like, just like swag in it out. But another element is ah, lot of references, the specific people. So let's go through this right. Um, Maverick Carter. Rick Pitino. Primo Um, Indiana Jones. Amber Rose, Nipsey Hustle. Ah, Uncle, that is Mr My name, Miss Adele. So, like, he gets really specific with these shots with people and mentions people and then kind of like what they do so patina because they don't know who that is. But I still may be some sort of gangster, some sort of casino owner, something maverick Carter not even sure who that is. But I assume he's some sort of businessman can get a deal done. Primo. That's deejay premier. He scratches records, so that's kind of a dope. Um, bar right there. Um and then he does not Nipsey Hustle. He doesn't Amoroso. He does this a lot. He, like, mentioned specific people or his writing and certain and certain parts is more general. But then I think really makes good writing. Good writing is when it is specific. When you can really put some When you can put something in someone's mind without them to sell, you need to be there. So again, I'm not sure I assume this is from the Godfather. No, don't, um, hate me and then Mohammed a deed like shouting at these people? Um, another one. Charlotte Mahaney, if you don't know Charlotte Main, He had some skin issues calling on Geno Charlemagne one time. Um, so that's another one. And then, um, when it comes to so and then I think that's it. The last people that he talks about, um when also comes to his bars is it's like like we're saying is half flow. But then also, when it comes to the actual descriptive element of them, um, I think that these are some of my favorite drink bars when he does stuff like this one. My favorites is in 5 a.m. in Toronto, he says, Um, I could load these guns with bullets that fire backwards probably wouldn't lose a single rapper, Um, which is just a dope concept, Um, in this to backstab so many times I started walking backwards like That's just a cool visual man like put something put people there. Here's another one where, UM he says, and five, anyone to run. That should be another one that I cover, he says, Um, if I stay in the game, it's just a bunch of It's like if I stayed in the game and be just a bunch of corpses. Like if I leave the game and I leave him a bunch of orphans or something like that, which is just the concept is cool, and it helps you kind of visualize what's going on. And so he has, um, like these kind of again kind of general bars. Which is, though, but then, um, he just uses a lot of figurative language. So again with Sandra is Rose analogy. He talks about, um, flowers and picking themselves. That's cool. Um, and this other one, like people trying to pick me off like, you know, like a flower, obviously, but, um, kind of figurative language so that, you know, I can find another element in here. Um, that really gives you, uh, this Indiana Jones reference. I like it. Makes you think about him using the lasso, but being really descriptive with the language, um, in the references so kind of just using, like, figurative metaphors, like the back steps. So many times I started walking backwards. To me is cooler than being like the the rhyme. Like my rooms are hot like the sun, You know what I mean? Like, it's very list like it's corny and it's just very in your face, Very blatant compared to load guns with five fire backwards, you probably wouldn't lose a single rapper like that. That's a cool. That's a cool metaphor. And it just makes you think a little bit deeper and same with this back steps. Many time to start a walking backwards. Um, that's just cool. Like they're these kind of like punch lines. But it's not necessarily like a direct simile, like I'm hotter than the dryer or stupid stuff like that. You just see all the time they're presumes, which is one reason I love drink stuff. And then also we can get another song that would deconstruct is he just gets super descriptive and use a lot of figurative language. So if you can get descriptive, put people there, get creative with your punch lines. So it's not just stupid similes and then also, like, make specific references to either people or cultural icons of different things that people know you can kind of take those ideas and run with, Um, I think those air true staples, the Drakes bars and elements that I just think you're really cool and add elements that make you think laugh or, um, go a little bit deeper than kind, your typical bars so that Sanders rose kind of the Sanders Rose breakdown. Um, in a nutshell. 4. Pound Cake Flow/Rhymes: went to 12 was a good job. So we back with another song breakdown Drake Song Breakdown to show you how to wrap how to write songs like Drake and Per Usual Gonna break this into a few sections. Um, that's gonna be different. Things like Flow is rhymes and also things like his language. Use descriptive language, things of that nature. But the first things first is Excuse me. We're going to, um, jump into this song poundcake. So if you don't know this song's for my favorites, it's often has nothing was the same album, which I personally think is one of his best albums and has this. It's a song with Jay Z, so it doesn't even have a hook in it. But I just love this verse for a couple different reasons, which I want to go trump into with you. So has this long into Let's see where this song actually starts after I was ill. Molino a sotto sotto just talking women in vino contract like 91 Dan Marino. A sweat it's got Michael rippin owes boosting my ego. All right, so already, um, if you check out the other drink songs that are broken down. We have kind of a signature drink. Um, rap style, where he has every four bars right here. He's going to probably switch it up, and he does this kind of again. If you heard me talk about these drink bars before these aren't going to be your very, um, easy rhymes. Right. So these aren't gonna be like time rhyme lines. A lot of people user like road toad go. You know what I mean? These are gonna be rhymes like El Molino Women and Vino Dan Marino. And then he does this kind of, um, drink joint, which I love, where he has an internal rhyme within the bar. So, Michael Rowe Pinos boosting my ego, um, which is just dope. So when it comes to us flow, he does this a lot over the focus. Let's get it only focuses far from the time of rest. Now based growing by who they think is the best. Now took while. Got the jokers out of the deck, ma'am. Holding all the cards and just want to play chess now. So it's again. He's switching up every four bars. Um instance it's drink. This is kind of one of the flows that he pioneered is this, um he's rhyming in these four bars. He's gonna rhyme two words. So where's thes? You know, Pinos boosting my ego. Dan Marino. Those are cool there. Exactly that they're dope because they're slot there. Slanted. These are much more kind of like by the book. Rest now, Best now, deck now, chest now. And with Drake, something that will do is use. Um, he'll use this aspect of repetition. So now is that how he finishes all four of these bars, But the rest best deck and chest, these are going to switch. So, um, something to think about repetition is okay, as long as it doesn't feel tedious, and as long as you can switch it up so that it feels interesting, you can tell that this since therefore no, this was intentional. Under the next ones. You talking saying twice, so I know you meant it, but I don't even sending nation knows any authentic real name. No gimmicks, no game, no screaming giant plan which Zet off. So if you've seen some, my other, um, breakdowns on drink. I talked about this a lot. Um where Which we talked about with the Micro Pinos. Used to my ego Hill rhyme in Haram, twice within the bar. So we'll have a rhyme in the bar at the beginning of the bar. Maybe the middle and then the end of the bar. And so sometimes he'll do this. Um, like, appear micro Pinos boosted my ego. But here he has for almost three bars, I think straight he runs twice in every single bar. So what are you talking to? Say it twice. So I know you minute in the near armed with minute and twice in every bar. I don't even Tenet they should nose in it. I'm authentic. Real game. No gimmicks, no game, no scrimmage. I'm playing. So, um, this is something that's dope too. So check this out. So he says, No, you men, it uneven Tenet the issue nose in it. Authentic because he rhymes. It is going no gimmicks. Game hopes, no game, no scrimmage. And because the bar ends here, this is actually really cool technique that actually love. That's authentic. Real name. No gimmicks, no game, no scrimmage. Um and then he uses on expletive here that can rhyme with in it a minute. You know what I'm talking about. But, um, does not a super. This is also a kind of a slant rhyme. But you can also, if you end the bar here No game, no, no game, no scrimmage. You could probably say anything with this last bar, and it would sound dope because this bar doesn't really need to rhyme, um, unnecessarily So although he does rhyme it here with the expletive, Um, this is, um, that you'll see he kind of does a lot, which is cool. Kind of in the bar here. And then just say he'll just be talking his talk on that last bar, which is pretty cool. All right, under the next one classmates, they went on to be charted accounts, a work with deep pairs, but thinking back all had treated me My high school reunion might be working. Appears, make everybody have to go through security clearance. Okay, so this is a cool 12 Um because he this is where so up here, these were very kind of by the book. Best. Now rest now, deck now rhymes. This is when he starts to break into his like Eminem bag a little bit. So he's chartered accountants work with their parents, My school chartered accountants worth and like chartered accountants and worth worth an appearance isn't exactly like a direct rhyme, but it sounds really cool when you can make those rhyme. Um, are chartered accountants and security clearance if you just say them don't actually rhyme straight on. But when you wrap them, ah, there it's cool and kind of as to their flow. So this way you have both of these very like direct rest now, best now arms. But then also these kind of much more complicated, um, multisyllabic rhymes. And again, you don't want to get lyrical spiritually. Miracle on Folks were thinking that you're rising to be like three syllables, four syllables, because that just gets tedious. But it's cool if you can run multiple words together rather than them being big words like , um, like I was telling you, like rapidly rappers, like there was really big words melt this level crimes. I think it's personal. Cool if you're gonna run like, couple of things together, like work with their parents and worth an appearance, um, those in my favorite bars like some those air. Just dope. Like four words. The three words here that all kind of work with their parents are worth an appearance. That's that said that I love Eminem. And that's definitely some Eminem, I think. Influence we're seeing there time bridges burned, Never learn with the think I could murder Word of my yeah, sweat started clicking dog You know, Israel when you are who you think you are. So this is the only part in this verse, I think where he switches it up instead of going four bars. Excuse me, sir. Normally goes four bars for bars, four bars for bars. And in these last four, he just runs a ton with the lake. Her sound like tables turn bridges burned, live and learn. Think I could murder word to earth. Um, And then here he switches it up and then started clicking dog, you know it's real when you are here, you think you are. So is the only part in this verse that he actually does only two bars with only two bars. But I think this is more impactful because since these airs last two bars, you kind of makes you tune in because you're expecting it to. You're expecting maybe another murder kind of bar, but it switches it up here. So you kind of tune any listening last you bars and, um, again, that's what I was talking about before A lot of internal rhymes here. So turn, burn, earn Excuse me. Turn, burn, learn And then again, murder, which is cool. It's not exactly a direct rhyme, a turn, because it it's more syllables, but it still has that same sound to it. It's still a similar rhyme and then of ah, which is dope, too, because it's not exactly as, like, turn and burn or very direct rhymes. Very simple rhymes, but Irv and Murder. It's a it's a kind of a cool take on it. And then he has his last month's started clicking dog. Everyone you think you are. So it's kind of this flow That's a breakdown of these on kind of us Flow and his rhyme schemes. Um, and then the next video. We're going to talk about a little bit more of kind of figured of language in this verse, and the descriptive language about that makes his writing, I think really powerful. So let's jump into that 5. Pound Cake Figurative Language: Okay, Okay. So for this, part of the breakdowns like to talk more about the descriptive language in the figurative language. So the first is kind of the more technical elements of is writing the flow, the rhymes. And now we're going to jump into the language use and why this is so powerful. So one thing that I think is really important when it comes to song writing and some writing in general, I think can be a little bit more, Um, like, figured ever. You can make up stories, all types of different elements that go into it. But when it comes to hip hop and rap, so much of it is autobiographical. And with Drake, especially Drake. If you think about J. Cole, he does some really interesting kind of takes on Hill will wrap from somebody else's perspective, right in his song Lost Ones. I think he raps from a girlfriend's perspective and then his own perspective, or he'll do stuff like they'll tell three different stories or something. Drake is very autobiographical. He doesn't kind of do that type of stuff much. It's mostly about like drinks, life, what's going on in drinks, life and Um What I love about that is he keeps it very authentic, right? These aren't, um, like I'm gonna come shoot you in your crib. I got shot nine times. Like that's not drinks life. Like he's drinking wine and talking with his buddies and, um, talking about, um being bitter towards people that, like, made fun of him in high school, like that's the truth of the verse. But that's dope. Um, because he's being authentic and and staying true himself. And so when it comes to the actual descriptive language here in these verses, um, something that I really try to incorporate I've learned a lot from Drake and tried incorporate that Ammon song writing that I think is a big take away is How do you How do you again get very granular. So this isn't like I'm a the club and I'm drinking. This is like he's these air after hours at O Molino's or sotto sotto like he's calling out places specifically these air like like rial restaurants, and he so he's giving you a time where he's at what he's doing. And this is dope. Um, talking women and vino like in these two bars. Imagine. Imagine you're writing is your almost kind of your painting a picture for someone so they can't be there and that you have a music video, but they can't be there, so you want to be able to put them there. So within his 1st 2 bars, you already know what this feeling is like. He's at this, like dinner club talking women Aveeno. So there's so much that we can imply are suiting. There's so much that's implied that we confer from this. So we already know just from the vibe, right? It's after hours. Place is probably closed. It's just him and his boys talking women and wine like, you know, these guys are smoking and drinking and, like, you know what the vibe is already like. It's moody. It's Toronto's was probably cold air drinking, probably drinking red wine reminiscent on past flames. Like if he's cool, I don't I honestly don't even know what these restaurants are because they're probably sort of my price range. Um, but I assume these, like, fancy joints that air like dope. So just this divide, right, um, paint a picture for people. And again, this doesn't have to be. Don't pretend if this isn't your real life, don't be noble, noble, noble, noble like If that's not what you do, like, talk about hanging out, it's school or talk about like if you're, um, I don't know in your bedroom, you know, like think about when you think about the song. Frank Ocean thinking about you. Write equally incredible song Amazing Song, and he's in his bedroom thinking about you in his bedroom. A tornado flew around my room before you came. Excuse the mess inmate like he's just sitting in his messy room thinking about this guy, and it's equally as powerful, emotional, two very different vibes. And so don't pretend to be anything or not when it comes your song writing. I think that's what makes Drake stuff so powerful is that it's so authentic and that he gets so descriptive. Right? Contract. 91. Dan Marino. I don't know. I don't know anything about the 91 Dan Marino contract, but I know Dan Marino was a rock star, and since it's just way says it, I assume that was a cool contract. And then this is cool. This guy Michael ropy knows boosting my ego. So again, very specific. Um, with who he's talking about these 91 Dan Marino like, that's a very specific reference. Like the more descriptive that you can get, it's gonna be really powerful. I'm gonna say this time and time again when I was in university, has taking some I love creative writing. And so I helped teach creative writing to high school students. And remember, though, one of the biggest tips I got and that I give to people was my poetry professor, this amazing poet, Um, she said, like the carpet which I thought was a really, um interesting. Ah, quote. But what she meant by that was you have We have five centers, possibly six, depending what you believe. But five cents is right. And we so often just talk about what we see or what we hear. We don't talk about smell. You're talking about touch. We don't talk about taste like we talk about what we're feeling, but talk like really put me there like lick the carpet man like tell me what like is there smoke in the air? What it is like blueberry? You know what I mean? Like with e cigarettes. People smoke in other substances that have a certain smell. Like or be People are drinking like what is this red wine? Or like, um, like, describe things form and use all the sentence. What are you hearing? What are you seeing? What he feeling really used all of the ammunition that you have at your disposal to really put me in that situation with you. And I think drink does that a great job. Uh, excuse me. Does a great job with that. So now he starts to talk is talk. Um, but debates going things best now in this I love this, right. So, again, this is his figure of language that we talked about a little bit before and some of his other. These other walk throughs is that it's not. This is a really cool bar. It's not, um, his right, his wrongs. But like his comparisons aren't very It's not like super explicit And like, I'm something like something or like you know what I mean. Like similes and metaphors, I think often just could be really cheesy. But this is really a really cool concept. I took the jokers out of the deck now I'm holding all the cards, and now people want to play chess. Now, Um, and so this is just like, this is cool. This is almost something you get like out of, like a battle rap or something, like just the concepts I remember when my favorite battle rappers, the Name's Illmatic and he had this thing. He was like, He I remember the end of the bar was, um he's like, I'm a brute when I'm armed and hammered. If you want to take it to that degree, which was just cool. It's like, yes, kind of cheesy, but it's just talking about all these, like deodorant brands, but in, like, kind of a clever way that still makes sense and gets his point across. So I drink does this little bit later down in the 1st 2 but I figured of language. It's gonna be a punch line. Don't do something. Try to get creative with it. All right, You're talking. Say it twice. One of your men. It doesn't intended. They should nose in it. Um, authentic name, No gimmicks. No game, No scrimmage. This is kind of cool. I like that. Like so you could say I'm not playing with you. What was one of Drakes beginning bars? I'm like a sprained ankle. Like a sprained ankle. I'm not something to play with. My right. That's sort of like those big his big first joints. But no game, No scrimmage. I'm not playing with you at all. So you could just say stop messing with me. I'm not playing with you, Okay? But this is kind of cool. Instead, he has no game, no scrimmage, like he's kind of sports references about playing. Um, that kind of makes it cool and also rhymes in his dope. Um, and then here, this is cool because, yeah, it's a little bit petty, but I think everybody has a little bit of that trauma in high school, right? That of like, you feel like you weren't cool enough for you. Whatever. Whatever. This year, like the quarterback. And then you got other cheerleader girls and what do you do? I'm taking my courses. Um, but this, I think, is cool just because he again kind of this. This is a very relatable feeling. And one of the really powerful things about Drake is not only puts you there but he makes you feel like you can relate. Him even is crazy, rich and successful is he gets. He still feels that's drink. Superpower is the way these able to reminisce and make it feel relatable. And so he takes four bars. Um, instead of saying toe all my haters, I'm coming back for you, right? He takes four bars. Describe this. My classmates, he describes their job will be charged. Accountants work with their parents. Nothing. I'm back where they treated me. He's saying my high score union might be worth in appearance. Like make everybody have to go through security cleaners like this is again. This is a visual, um, that you're able to see, you know, everybody have a high school reunion and then make it Imagine that feeling making everybody have to go through security clients like that's kind of cool. So you feel is that feeling again, like you feel slighted, depending on the high school experiences like, but you're able to, um, you relate to Drake. And then there's another one that I love. Tables turn bridges, burn. You live and learn. Um, so these air to he's playing on two widely known phrases like don't burn your bridges are the tables have turned bridge burn you live and learn And then when the ink I could murder Word to my Irv is, um this dude, Irv. He ran this label called Murdering, which is cool, because instead he's making this double. Anton drove Inc like his writing like his writing is so good. Shadow to Irv. But, um, again cool use of language. This is a cool metaphor. This isn't This is a balance between descriptive kind of language and, you know, kind of making it feel relatable. And then also just kind of like talking that talked on some rapper ish where he's, um he's just making cool double Anton drugs like this is just a dove bar is kind of a cool punchline. Which of your old old school hip hop head There's a lot of that. So I hope that was helpful. Um, it's a little bit of breakdown on his figured of language and his descriptive language. If you can incorporate descriptive language into your bars, I think that's a dope way to do it. Put me in that scenario, or really make me feel like I'm there And then if you're going to do punch lines or things of that nature, do him in a way so that I feel like it. It took you more than, like, two seconds to actually think of the bar like there's actually some effort in here. Um, and so the Drake, If you wanna rap like Drake, I think that's a great way to do it. You start a lot of the time, So set the scene. It's 06 and I'm in love with Nebbi or something like that, you know? I mean, like, set the scene for me. Tell me what's going on. There are some punch lines in there. Get descriptive and then talk that talk Hope that helps check you in the next part of the module season.