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HOW TO MAKE SYNTHWAVE 80s BEATS: Music Production Fundamentals- Learn How To Make Retro Beats

Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

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    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Configuring MIDI

    • 3. Synth & EFX

    • 4. Synthwave Drums

    • 5. Percussion

    • 6. Bass

    • 7. Lead Melody

    • 8. Mixing Synthwave

    • 9. Arrangement

    • 10. Conclusion & Next Steps

    • 11. Walkthrough #2: Intro

    • 12. Walkthrough #2: Synthesis

    • 13. Walkthrough #2: Drums

    • 14. Walkthrough #2: Vocals

    • 15. Walkthrough #2: Bass

    • 16. Walkthrough #2: Lead Synth

    • 17. Walkthrough #2: Mixing & Mastering

    • 18. Walkthrough #2: Arrangement

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About This Class

Want to learn how to make retro beats?

In this course I'll teach you the fundamentals of music production to make your own synthwave beats.


-How to easily create lush retro pads

-How to re-design your favorite synthwave type beats

-How to design sounds for retro drums, bass, and synths. 

-How to mix and master a Synthwave track with mostly stock plug-ins

-How to create retro melodies and recommended instruments to do so

-How to achieve the gritty analogue sound you want without wasting money on expensive gear

-How to make better decisions in terms of sample choice and sound design


1. Intro: what is going on now it is your boy key, or I am back with another masterclass for y'all. And today we are going toe learn about synth wave. So what is simply, if these air gonna be songs and beats that are reminiscent of that kind of retro vibes? So if you think about like, the movie drive with Ryan Gosling that made it really popular Also with Ryan Gosling, Blade Runner 2049. These are gonna what characterizes center? It was also kind of machine drums in this sort of 100 like 95 115 1 20 bpm range somewhere in there and then a lot of big synthesizers that are retro. So a lot of profit since a lot of these kind of vintage since that even if they aren't, we don't have into town. We have ways that I'll show you how we can make them sound vintage and then kind of these. Like, um, I'm not cheesy, but in a way, kind of cheesy machine drum claps, snares, kicks, high hats, um, with some other possible lead melodies in between there somewhere. So if that sounds good, grab yourself a beverage of choice, Um, and feel free to jump in if you don't know I am in a mosquito. Ryan on the man was obsessed with creating Don't music in teaching how to make your own anything that you are interested in this master class urine Should my able to templates any ? That's if you can find at Keio Ryan dot com slash Resource is or producer downloads dot com have a producer vault for all these sorts of things you confined in this course in this master class, so let's jump into it. Let's learn how to make some synth wave see on the inside. 2. Configuring MIDI: So first things first going to jump in here. And I have a drum loop that I got from Spice, which I always start with some sort of a drum Uber melody that then we can build build off a build from there. And I really liked these chords that I got in this scent. It sounds like this. So what? I did it since I'm unable to. I converted. These two guys had convert to Harmony and Amity Track, and I got these midi notes. So this is how the menu no sound. Right now we owe gonna dio minute coming here and make sure that these are actually all lined up. So I'm gonna just these millions because they translate, but not necessarily. Perfectly. So I'm going to Kwan ties them first, and then I'm going to make sure that these air all even and duplicate those. Make sure these are all lined up properly. Let's see what this sounds like if we go like this. I don't love that. No way. Uh, let's see what this sounds like. No. So we have our midi notes. Um, this is a rough we're gonna have. These were going to say these are rough midi notes for now. And we're gonna come down here and add, um, our own instrument. So in this case, I'm going to be using, um I'm going to experiment with some of these retro since I have this thing called the artery a five collection Look at all these different crazy since in here. And so there's some like the prophet I know is one that sounds really cool. The juke is another one. Um, I love the dx seven. There's some really great ones in here. Let's try the prophet before that load. Take these Midi notes and bring him down here. I say this is synth. I don't love this. This isn't exactly sound. - What we're gonna do, we gonna switch this up, gonna make our frank their own courts were gonna go D d E c. So here's what we're gonna do with this. Call the audible, and I'm gonna come to this unison midi pack that I have. We're gonna go d minor. We're going to go e Let's try e minor. Russia's last one c I got more. No way will keep that just in case. But here's we're going to do so we kind of took the idea for the other chords. And now we're going to delete those. Good. You don't need them anymore. Delete this because we don't need it anymore. And now we kind of have this simple four bar loop. Ah, that we have with these drums. This kind of sounds for now or let's see, actually, let's see what you go. So right now we have us join these going to go, Tiu? Um, try headphones. That's what I wanted. I need to move that actually like that. No story under there since a little bit. So actually it's jumping in annex. Well, we have our notes, Let's know, modify the scent. 3. Synth & EFX: are Just wind it up. Actually, switching the sent up a little bit because I wanted just a different different vibe. So this is the one that I found. It's called The Matrix, and we're using the preset crackle strings. I twitter that a little bit. I added some effects, but not much. This Well right now, Theo thing gonna add this preset retro color by excellent audio. I'm currently renting this displace. So, lenders, between around at this trying to add a little bit of some kind of, uh, a little bit ah, color to it. But some, like retro, see retro game, No more boring pads. Let's try that with that kind of this big pad sound, which will be kind of our this will be That kind of creates the mood and the atmosphere. Now we're gonna work on these drums going to create our own drum pattern and then add a lead sent to it. Possibly some vocals, some vocal chops to kind of give a little bit more attitude. So and a base, of course. So let's jump into that next 4. Synthwave Drums: when it comes to drums for sin through a vapor wave Griffin built off of these machine drums, so these aren't necessarily gonna have a ton of swing or anything like that. There might be a little bit and more on the grid than other course that I've been teaching will be dragged things off the grid but still do things to kind of give them a little bit of swag about personality. So let's see what this drum loop is that I found that I liked and see if we can recreate this and out of some of our own swag to it. A lot of times these, since a wave drums will have a lot of reverb on the snares and things. So let's stick with that kick first. So and I have some sympathy kicks. Let's go, Uh, you see if you can find tops quietly, hack, Let's go kick a section. Not a bad one. It's come way down here in new disco, these air good new disco kicks. I think I have some better ones, though that was good work. That's a good since we kicked right there that I did that, Uh yeah, there's both good are some spring all those in and then we can try the mothers and they recommend is bringing in your kicks and kind of auditioning them. So I like this. Telecheck. I feel like we could have some luck with this. Let's try these. So I'm not sure if they have the kick on every single beat, so I'm actually going to bring in this, Um, let me bring in e que And she starts just to see. Yeah, they definitely dio um bum bum. Okay, cool. Just want to double check. So this how we're gonna get down when you have and take thes under a different track? Um, when you have a since we've tracked like this and you're gonna have kicks on every single beat, you want the thes that pretty much these every other kick to be a little bit softer because that's your sneers are also going to be on that beat. So just as a heads up a little bit too cool, I like I think those kicks actually work for us pretty well. So we'll just leave. These done here is extra and will bring then this down to our snares. and get the stairs going. Have some great, um, helps. First built right are some great, um, with these sneers you're looking for again, a lot of collapse and a lot of reverb. And if they don't have reverb on them, that's fine. To start with, you can always add it. But like thes disco, snares can sometimes work. I love Oliver stuff. This is a good one. That's a good one cent wave. Let's try a few of these. I don't love that one. That's cool like that one. All right, so going to try these two difference? So let's try this spring these in again. I think we might need to save this snare for another time. Let's try this. That's what happens if we take thes Oliver collapse and add a little bit of reverb to them . I like those sinners a lot. Those air dope. Let's see, Maybe find one that fits a little bit better. Maybe one that fits a little bit better. That one. We could work. You could work with that. That's no road I'm looking for is a disco clap. I like that one too. All right, here we go. Sorry, Oliver. those those just weren't quite doing it. So let's try the CEO Seo this work cool. And on that one, maybe we'll add this other snare because, as you can tell that this is a big thing with a lot of reverb. So see how that sounds. This is one will come back in at a later cool same thing. And then yes, sometimes it's the end, but what we're about, there's another time. So we got most of this going. Let's see how it sounds. I always need these high as let's solicits in these high hats waken do that. We can do that. We can do that. Let's take him off And some high hats going thes high has to Don't have to be. Does it have to be super simply because we can always add effects to these Weaken some radical effects to these with these high hats? Um, I know I have some in here somewhere, though. Somewhat like that was cool. Some Oh, that's a nice one. They have some synth wave hats in here, though. Uh huh. Don't love those. All right, so just work with some other high heads. That was kind of cool because these you can always add some effects to these. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Let's get a few of these and we'll bring these in and then see if we can have some next to him. All right, That's if you can do with these and see if we can do it. Thes. I like that. Just make it a little bit different to settle. Slight variation to that, since these highs are all the same. Thought was gonna loop this at some affects cities. See what we can do to most. Mimic these so you can tell. Don't real bright. A lot of the high end has been rolled off. Let's bring our retro color in. That's kind of cool. This as like, I don't hear anything happening there. That's kind of cool. - That's kind of cool. - So that's with some effects on the high hat. That's it. No effects on the hat. Do wonders make him sound a little bit old? Let's see how that sounds. We need to work on this snare being a little bit more on time Witnesses Disco Club, which I like these, but let's try. Let's see if maybe you can actually drag these in a little bit. - Let's bring in somebody's open hats. Let's bring in our sample to see how this sounds. OK, so this is good. So we kind of like a baseline of these drums, something simple. And now it's just add a little bit of percussion before we jump into base. 5. Percussion: So it's had some of these other little percussion effects. Just ah, um, spice things up a little bit like they have these. Tom's over here. Um, and we want to make sure we get the whole bar. So let's do that. I think this guy down, - let's try this high at. - But I also want is for these sneers I want I want to layer these. But I want one other scenario on top that just cuts through bites Do the mix a little bit more because I feel like right now ah, lot of the sneer train is you're getting lost. Um, want something of the real trap e short snare that considering tap. Well, remember, serialised or something like that? Just a trap. Just a trap Near snare. This is on top. That's a little bit a little bit brighter Way have a pretty basic loop. So what I want to do is now duplicate this out and then, um, add some Tom's to it. This out of the way and let's just see how this goes. I like that. A river of those. We're well on our way. Okay, let's add some base and a lead melody and get you out of here 6. Bass: if you know anything about still the wave bases, you know that you're gonna have something. It's doing something strong. A study pose or is gonna be our paginated. So what I recommend when it comes to basis for since when you can you see Rome, you can use a button stuff I personally love Silent, Um, because I feel like they just bases really well. And I'm a huge fan of Oliver, and I've seen him design bases in here, and they're super cool. But it's also there tons of free to presets out there. Still, one that I recommend it is, um, and she let me load this custom bank, but this one is by this guy runs it's called Oh, STD Audio, I believe, um, and he has this bank of really cool, um, supers free and super simple basis so that he doesn't think maybe four bases in your three bases for um, So this is what I like. Um, um, it's kind of your move, but we're gonna add it. Make it, um, arpeggio did, but I want to do first is grab our mini notes. Let's vegetable from that. You don't have to look at it. Um, copy this, and we'll put these up here in the bait section. So we're gonna do is we're going to delete all of these notes that aren't thes bass notes. But remember, So let's see, surrounding picks these up, obviously. And maybe we can do is, well, a spirit with this little bit. So let's see what these are. I got a d a n a g ready. Toyota has a little bit to be waking up with. Actually. Let's get our Let's get let's get the vibe down First, I'm gonna designed the base version and have fun with that. We're gonna edit notes later. So what? I like to do it. It's in silence, you know, silent. So are about this is gonna be love. A boring can skip this part. You conduced another bassist secure, um, atmosphere. You're gonna want to get your arpeggio you're gonna want at the time after 1 16 and then we're gonna just cut off down here Super long or e like Impersonating a lot shorter way more interesting filter help, right? It's gonna be so we're gonna see it where we need to take off the high end or not. Let's just talk around it. So I actually like this is gonna bring us, and we're gonna make this actually gonna move. It's actually a little bit late. Actually, we're not. That sounds terrible. Must be one other note in here. It's time to make sure we're gonna bring with both of my favorites camel crusher to still act a little distortion . See if we can fatness up a little, find a losing your base. Often time you're gonna need to bring in more Hyatt and either unique you that or distortion. But that that's gonna be a simple are simple kind of driving synth based for this track. 7. Lead Melody: Now that's been at least what we need is a lead mentality of some sort. So let's to make one. Actually, the guy who make thes who makes these, um, send wave based sounds also makes really killers since we've brass sound, So I'm actually gonna steal that Frank, come down here and add that to my instrument section. Sure, there are green lined up and make this brass make this pattern and then we're gonna travel around with this brass, um, taking off that this and let's go back to our stint. That's cool. That's cool. That's cool. I like that in a lot more. All right, let's just talk about this, even go over something cool because let's see if we can do this because, ah, when I record, I have to have this buffer size super high. Let's bring it down a little bit. That's not quite just elected. Run a play, but it might end up taking too much. - Alright , let's try that. Come in issue. There's a quanta eyes, you know? E me. This was your back. Is starting to get a little bit wonky way have kind of our big sickle loop. Now we're gonna mix it and arrange it. Make sure you can actually turn this into a riel track. Let's do it. 8. Mixing Synthwave: are we almost done with this baby? Now we have to fix it. So you seen any? My courses on mixed. You know how important this is if you keep your bees so it doesn't have a ton of different elements to do it. Um, you don't intend elements you really want. Make sure helmets that using a coming through in the hard part with Cynthia Davis Because of these machine drums, this snares. Usually I have a hard time bringing up the trains to get the snares. And then because these pads are going to be so big and lush you want it's gonna be considered to be a struggle. Have these really statement out and not drown out. You're sent base still. Let's only use the pieces that we need. Um, Tom's make sure everything's live with correctly. Take that out. Um, make sure this is the time track Supposed only made awake. This is not a trap track. And let's jump in here in zero. Everything spell. We're going to zero at all so we can extend one element of this time again. Not the only way to do it just the way that I have been to do it and teach it. Okay? Brain are first and foremost because this kick is gonna have a snare since it Since these three attracts almost like a kind of vibe. Your dance specs. Um, I won't fix the kick as loud as I normally do, because I know that I'm gonna have a snare on this same beat. So those get loud really fast. She was with Philip. Check out this base. You know, I'm tired, but we're working through it. I'm bringing you guys educational materials, even though I could barely stay. Wait, Let's do it. Okay. You want to start wrapping? All right. So let me I'm on a carpet room for this kicks, so I'm gonna bring in a compressor and do a little bit Side change impression. Impressive. At my side, She in effect to my kick. Adam. Nick, you bring that up here because we only want the punchy part of you know what? The whole kicked in the ratio all the way up and they take a little release down Mixing with this, I think kick at some high energy. It's cool. A little compression to it, Stumpy. Thats right now comes up taste. So what I'm looking for is just a feel. So this isn't anything super scientific? I'm not even looking at these numbers right now. I'm looking at this number. I don't want to push this right past five right now, but you still believe from far instruments. And it depends how much you want your sneers to really crack. I don't want to be super crazy on this track, so I'm bringing I'm just kind of soup in fetal in their in their probably makes these dim back later after I either matched to the tracker. Bringing the other instruments is just a rough mix for now, talking about limited and because I want to use the rest of the way. Good heavens, - not that big. I don't love it, But what we're working with script that I really don't like. That e comes out. Thats pad. Right? So if you look at this pad, look at these. Look, these frequencies, since it is hard because if you have it taken up this money frequencies, this is gonna be drowning out all your other joints so we might relevant some of the high end on this. This is going to be hard. This we're going to bring in some side drinking impression, bringing this end because it's gonna be difficult to get everything else sustained out there. I wanted to If awful of these frequencies are, um, if it covers such a wide range with these basic and three pads, so lets you work to magic. - I think it's Johnny my base. Now, - I got an idea for the base, actually, for all of two. Weird in a Yeah, maybe for that one. - So we're coming in hot? Not totally. But 4.54 is about the highest that I want to go. But last one of those to see we can sneak in its brass without going past the four. I don't even know that was a doesn't know this to be in there, but we're gonna roll with it because it sounds good to me for that are limited. Watch eight years with the volume cranked up with the limiter with a bunch of compression. The kick, I think, is a little too late. I'm gonna roll off something. The glue compression. - All right, let's arrange it. Finish the beat 9. Arrangement: when it comes recording US unit not recording When it comes to arrangement for centuries or something like this, um, it's gonna be you got These were pretty much like, very, um I might actually save these records for later. A few decent sort of a breakdown. It's very much like they're just like pumping tracks. So they have different elements that you bring it now, but they don't get super crazy. Mindaugas Super crazy. And should I shouldn't say they all don't. All right, so let's actually in. Let me just duplicate those that I know what my actual already know, all right, and join these clips and started arranging this. So take these out year. I'm bringing in just my iPad. Let's bring in our base filter automated that. So instead of someone, you got to have some sort of a transition there, Um, let's bring in the rise or risers and impacts rises and impact. Ah, we'll build up into this and wait for the ride wearing everything's about automation felt there's keeping your same elements. There's and these little things here and there to make them enough different enough so you don't have to do that sooner stays engaged, but, um, you have to do a bunch of crazy stuff. So I like. I like it with their main pad in there. I like it with just this leads in from the base. I think that sounds cool. - Let's go. That's a cold one. I would like that sweep up. All right, let's check this out on. Then we'll drop into this big clap act, and then we'll, um CMAs, we're bringing this in here, - actually . Let's do this. Really? Oh, yeah, yeah, we're close. We're close. We're closed. Do you know we're gonna actually build that drop out for one more? One more joint. So he's ever going to do it? Yeah, it almost for a whole minute. So they really gotta feel just because that basis company back, I actually want to build this all about. I want that hook play for one measure longer, so I'm actually gonna duplicate it. I like, I like that. I like that hook. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Let's check this out. Take that out so that it's how you arrange your synth wave track from start to finish. You've got to make sure you have a big hook. You don't have to. This is just me making stuff up. But this is what I like to do it. Yeah. Big, huh? And then? And this is only trying to sort of try to give this drop of work just via B. This is the montage This where you fall in love and this part right here. You film me, you falls in love and you bring it back. Oh, had left the climax. Hope that you learned something as always. If you want any of these resource it near my able to template guide sample packs. All that producer downloads data. Come with me is key. All right. Thanks so much for tuna. Appreciate you being here and up there. Masterclass Hope people learned a thing or two from this synth wave tutorial. Check you in the next time Peace. 10. Conclusion & Next Steps: I hope that you enjoyed the course. If you did, please leave a review. If you didn't, please leave a review as well. I'm a grown man. I understand that I am not for everybody. But the only way to improve is to get your honest feedback. If you did enjoy the course and you want more materials like this, find all the resource is either below or at Kia Ryan dot com slash resource Is anything that you saw in this course I have available for free download. I have a built in templates of free, able to crash course. I've got sample packs. I've got free guides, everything that you need to level up. I guarantee that I can help you do it. So that being said thank you again for taking the course. It means a lot few tuning in. And I appreciate you for watching. I'll check you on the next one. Tell me again, keep making beats and I'll see you at the top. All right. Check you in a minute. 11. Walkthrough #2: Intro: once we went to what is up? Your It is your boy, Chiao Ryan, and a man who is obsessed with making dope music and teaching you how to make your own. We're back today with another master class on how to make sent wave type beats. This is going to be a beat that we come in and I found this really cool drum loop. It's gonna be 100 bpm and all the things that I'm gonna be teaching you in this we're going to be able to, um based. But you can do this in any doll. I also want to mention if you want my able to, in template, anything like this a lot of the different instrument racks, things like that. I'll be using different sample packs things of that nature. You can find it at producer downloads dot com or off my website. Chiao Ryan dot com slash resource is you'll be able to download all have guides, sample packs to Turow's walk through all that sort of stuff. But today we're learning about synthe waves. If you don't know much about sent away, this is really cool genre that has this kind of retro feel to it. And I'm super stoked to jump into this. I have a couple ideas where I want to go, and I think they're going to enjoy this too stoked to see where this be goes. So hold that up and we're gonna jump into it right now. 12. Walkthrough #2: Synthesis: All right, so let's jump into this. So I started with this. I found this drum loop office place. First of all, it's a 100 bpm. Had to set that 100. Hey, I'm feeling it. And then I also found this really cool. Um, synth stabs. So it's actually senses are drum loop. I like to move my drums. Let's keep our drums of their drums. So we move this up here and we'll call this drum loop, make sure things air. They will correctly again. You can get Ah, this template off my website. My resource is, if you want everything's gain stage, you know what I'm saying? I'm not leaving you hanging, but I found this really cool synth chord. Um, let me see if I can find it. Here it is. Is this one this one? I like this one a lot. So this is the court. It's just a since Stab people just held out just a cool chord. But I was thinking, you know, what we should do is I like, because I am not a trained musician. I mean, I grew up playing sax one, but I'm not nice with the cords of the keys, and I don't have a midi keyboards. Play everything off my keys here. Um, I really like to use what I can use. My resource is which able then I love for that. So what? This is what we're gonna do. We're gonna just play this court out as if it was a new instrument, and it helps if that's run on. Okay, We're all right. So here's how we're gonna get it and we're gonna get in like this. Let's duplicate this out. Have a hair, something. My so about that. All right, we get in this century of action going, um, let's record this in. Okay. All right. Come on. We got this. Okay, let's get it. Well, you know, well, im us in another wrong note, but we're gonna take that Anyways, we're going to make sure that those are there's Kwan ties them. That's why they moved a little bit, actually wanted. I think that's what I'm on it again. I don't know if he's actually the right notes, but it just sounds right. There it is. Theo groove. So again, I'm not sure where this is going to go, but we're just rolling with the energy. I like this vibe so far, Um, we're going to duplicate this Turn that off, we're gonna have this is extra extra sent notes, and then we're gonna print this because I don't really like messing with MIDI, so freeze track. And then we're gonna say flatten turned this into audio. So now this is gonna be our synth audio. And now we can have some time soon. Me Now we can have some fun. Kind of messing with these effects, uh, bringing some things out. I just want to kind of toy around this little bit. Ah, about a distortion. Again. Right now, this isn't a science right now, this is music production really is just a bunch of different creative decisions. It's all about experimenting. Just throw in some of the wall, see what sticks. That's all I'm doing right now is just Toyne things, having ideas, feeling things that might want to make this a bit more retro. Let's see if we can get into and I like that. I just downloaded this plug in. Actually, I'm renting it from spice. You can get it rent. Oh, nothing. It's like a month trial period right now, but it's cool. It kind of makes things sound old. So I was trying some, um, just going to try this out toward under that that's dope like that. A little bit cool. So that's gonna We're just rolling with it right now. We're gonna, uh, probably do some more at sea. More melodies and things on that, But I want to come up in. I want to parse these drums out a little bit. I want to actually make our own drum pattern. So we have kind of our main melody were rolling with it. Just gonna print that boom, ship it, move on to the next piece, keep the momentum going. 13. Walkthrough #2: Drums: All right. So we're gonna What I do is I downloaded some drums, um, bunch of different drum sounds. These that are going to be Synthroid drums. Which is why I love splice so much because it makes it so easy to do that sort of thing. So let's figure out what these drums are and we create. I like to start with the drum loop like this and then kind of make it our own. So I'm gonna try his two different kicks both. Very cool. Cool. I just the dope, our present. There's these machine drums, man. I don't know. I love I love me. Some spring, I love me some deal a hip hop, but there's just something about machine drums that just does it for me. Whips. All right, I just wanna addition these kicks. So I was gonna bring this one down here, turn this off, keeping down there in case we need it. Let's see how this sounds. And let's see how these to kick sound. That's cool. Like those just sound dope. Dude, I don't know. What do you guys think? Both pretty cool. That's what it sounds like. Something out of Robocop I might have been emotional. I think that might just fit better for this. But who knows? We'll try for now and see where it goes. Que two. All right, so let's listen to this. It goes. I don't think there's that much. Even those are pretty much the same. Pretty similar volume and it just kicks and more kicks. It's a cool just It's just cool vibes. Let's see. And then that repeated Alright, I'll take that. So that turned that off. Turn that on. Uh, get the snares going. These are cool kind of splashy snares. I got some dope ones, Um, sneer there. I knew there are the CIA. That sounds I don't know. We'll see. I don't think that was gonna work. That's a pretty cool snare sound I want. If we can steal it, it doesn't have a head on it. We can, unfortunately, does have the ahead on it. So let's see this one. You know what? This is where we might just call the audible. Let's see, because I just think there's a cool snare, but that might actually be better. Let's try a few of these. You see how it goes? That's don't. That one's don's don't rock. All right, so we got that going. I also was able to find a, um we were snares, and we need our our high hats and collapse. Um, I think I was actually able to find the exact high hat loop that went with this. Let me see. Right here. There it is. I think it's this one. I would like to split this up because then it makes it easier for me to mix them, and then you can just have more fun with that. You can just do other things. Um, rather than having it just all all the drums right here. And so the only thing left is this part that end part of it that the and I want to do what that is. Um Already have some ideas faster. Gonna bring this remove, appear, turn him off Because we really need that as much anymore. Um, Theo and we're going to go like this. Let's go. Um, we're ago collapse. I have an idea for this. So I found a clap. Gonna go clap, clap, clap. Let's see if this works. Cool machine clap. All right, let's see if this works. All right, Teoh. Theo, we're just gonna come in here right now. I'm I usually wait for the automation to do this at the end, but I just got I want to do some right now. I'm just gonna pan these up, uh, to the lifting the right. So let's go. I think some retro color on these would be really cool to Maybe maybe we grabbed these like this. Let's see if I can do this, we'll bring that up. Well, and then maybe so. It's not quite so extreme. I thought that would get a little bit to be too much cool with those. And because it's, you know, it's sent that we've gotta have the machine drum times. You can't You can't do it without the machine drum. Tom's bro. You can't, um let's see the Sioux, etc. That's beefy. That beefy who? I'm liking these. All right, Let's see how that goes. - Let's actually let's bring these over here. Let's you haven't you do this? I feel like this. Yo, I don't want to get too crazy carried away, but I feel like this could do some lasers for real. I feel like this could use some lasers. Um, like something on. I want, um, or just something weird on that last snare on that fourth sneer, we got it. Sometimes you got to use, um, laser, bro. Let's try it. - Maybe a cow bell. Are we doing the most? Are we doing too much? We're doing too much. Maybe we're doing too much. I don't know. We'll see right now again. Just comes into experimenting, - Theo Way that We'll leave that for another time. The cow bell. That's the drums. At least for now. Let's jump into the next part. 14. Walkthrough #2: Vocals: All right. So this is where this is. This is when synth wave This is gonna be a key if I'd sent wave because I like to add vocals like, I love vocal chops, reverb, vocal drops and stuff. And that's not always signature of, Like, sent three tracks. This is gonna be just wanna have that is the heads up. Sometimes you got to call the audible do stuff for your self, Um, and make it your own. So we're breaking rules. Whips were breaking rules right now by bringing it in, uh, some vocals, but I think it would just I don't know. I think would be cool for this track. So let's try it. Let's try if it backfires, backfires. We got it on camera, - some texture to add in some texture. You feel me a little bit of these already pretty reverb that we're gonna re from out a little bit more. We're gonna add a little bit more delay. Just something to not a bunch of delay again. It's just gonna be some kind of fill up that space a little bit. Um and, you know, cause I'm just having so much fun with it. was that another retro color? That's really retro. Bobby's out. Um, let's go. I'll be curious. Flex space. Cool that he was difference. But let's roll with it. - Auto pan. Just add a little bit of movement to them to bring them out a little bit rather than painting them to one side. I just want them to have a little bit of movement. - Bqool have maybe one more in, like, drum thing here, so we'll save that for later date. But vocal that was gonna keep it simple for now. We can't we might add these vocals in later. Ron. I think they're kind of cool, though. What? What's this vocal about? Should we have a stab at the beginning? Should we have a stab at the beginning? Who knows? We'll leave that for now. We'll jump in some base. 15. Walkthrough #2: Bass: let's jump into some base. This is gonna be a fun part of the synth way of joint. So, um, again, if you see Mother center of tutorials or other synth wave parts of my courses, I talked a lot about how much I like, um, where I like silent for my sin. Three bases and let me snag this silence. Okay, Um, and then I like to load up a bank that's in that I downloaded lots of beats. Here it is. Seventh retro style. This bank dost shed Rost audio for the dough bank has just got these. Cool. Um, he's got a nice move. So this next Kravinsky I like this Move a lot. All right, So what we're gonna do is to keep it really complicated. We're going to steal our money knows from before because I like to make things simple. And then we're gonna toy around with this trying Europe educator. Get those good ole sent way of 16. Those mess around with your cut off, show your filter a little bit. Maybe a little bit of distortion. See how this goes. A man and a little bit of distorts do with my favorite distortion is a free distortion. Camel crusher. Let's go and let's see if we can bring that out a little bit again. If you see Mother sensitive stuff, you know that how much these big sense often take up frequencies. So when it comes to our mix, this whole this whole Right now we're crafting the sound kind of getting a vibe. But when it comes to a mix will really get our base to stand out more. None of that no is right. But it sounds kind of cool. So I'm gonna roll with it for now. We'll come back to that. Maybe a little bit later on. I think maybe we get some sort of elite melody and then we'd be will arrange it and will be set. This is sounded good. This is shaping up cool. A lot more things we could do due to it. But right now I'm trying to keep it simple. So let's ah, let's add a lead melody and then maybe a breakdown. We can jump into smother from things after we mix it 16. Walkthrough #2: Lead Synth: All right, So when it comes to lead since for sent wave, um, I'm gonna rock with my man again. The same guy who did my, um that dude who made those really cool sent silent. Ah, bases. I also like his stuff for it's a really cool, interesting leads. Um, for since we've stuff. So, actually, what we can do was copy other joint. Copy this. Oops. That. Cut it. I have to cut it. All right. So take that. Copy that. Put that down here. We'll go lead and turn off our effects on this. Come into Let's see. Let's check out these different since, like that one, just around these. It helps if you figure out the right notes. - I like that. Louise held that out. - Maybe it's too busy. Maybe we got too much going on, but we're rolling with it. All right? So let's It's pretty simple. Pretty simple, because we have the vocals. I don't want to get too carried away with this lead. Melody. Um, let's mix it. Let's mix it and see where the holes are in the beat and take it from there. Yeah, 17. Walkthrough #2: Mixing & Mastering: All right, let's make this bad boy down. So, first things first. My peoples come first. Um, make sure everything's color coded whips. Color code that delete that drum loop. Got our snare one. Lasers. These are high hats, claps. Tom's. I didn't put in the cowboy back in transition. Save that for later sample vocals. Actually, it's bring these doctors. We're not sure when we need Joseph when he does. Um, instrument. This will bring these up into the instrument section. Delete those extra simply that off. Cool. So the way that I like the mix zero everything again. Disclaimer. Not the only way to do it. Not the right way to do it Just the way that I teach it in the way that I do it So I find Helps me, But whatever floats your boat. All right, so let's bring it in like the mixing my kick first. So So I'm on base. Really? That's in such a compression. - I like to mix. I like to mix my everything in. We're gonna come in around negative four total. So just keep that in mind when you're kind of mixing these in, um, where you're staying in the grand scheme of things. Also keep this in mind that these aren't gonna be final because this will sound different ones. We add that compressor the limiter for the Master Channel and once you bring in all of the melodies and stuff. But I was like to kind of mix my drums so low, Dolo, before we bring in everything else now that brought that sent and it's told is totally drowned the base out. - I want to rule of some of that high end on this kick. Is this just a second vocal channel on my trip in vocals to I'm tripping. So you all right? So right now I'm feeling the Synthes. Maybe a little bit too loud. So I'm just trying to get the I'm trying to just get everything to sit right in the mix right now. I just want a real slow pan. Add some movement to this main lead. A little bit of wobble. - You This is really busy. So there's a lot going on. I'm thinking maybe we'll take things out, but we'll see years. All right. So I'm actually going through the limit on just a transparent coming, and I have to come in on negative four. Let's start. Let's just because start bumping things up a little bit kick definitely to add. - All right, let's arrange this. I think just because the hook right now, it's gonna be really busy, but we'll be able to have more fun once we actually turn this into a full beat. 18. Walkthrough #2: Arrangement: Okay, let's jump into this. Let's make this a full beat. So we're going to track this out? Um, we actually ah, maybe leave these vocals later on. But I'm just gonna turn those off for now. Um, so let's like to duplicate this, that we have everything we need, just in case. At the very end, in case we need to come back to it. And then we're gonna join these clips and looks Let's do the dating thing. So it's gonna be a ho. Let's bring this out here. Let's see how this goes. Smooth, that transition a little bit. Come on. Is that from the scent? No, there's something else here. Oh, maybe it's that Tom that'll do it. - Um , let's not drop into the hook. Greater first. Let's just get this. Let's see how this goes. And let's get everything else going to those those some collapse. Yeah, - let's bring some risers in. You said that he said that it's risers. Um, I like that. Let's bring that clap back back. I was like that clap. Act a lot. Let's do it. Let's find me one more impact. Um, that's a good one, - actually . Let's let's not. Let's save that. Save our draw for foreign. We're gonna win the game way with right now. I'm just feeling this out. I think, um ah, it's important because we only have so many elements is to just keep it interesting just to constantly bring things and and now add filters, things of that nature. When it comes down to arrangement, this is pretty much probably. What I would do is then continue toe automate thes filters. Um, these older filters. And then, um, I'll bring you back into one more breakdown. Maybe we'll do one more extended break down here and then drop back into drop back into a hook. So let's, let's see, because we haven't used this lead much, which I really like. So let's do this theme way . Yes, way that note up. But you should maybe get a little solo action going way , and then it's up to you. You can either end the track there, or you could continue that build up. Bring it back in the hook one more time. Call today leaves and gentlemen, thank you so much for sticking around. As always, that's how you arrange a century of track from start to finish. Hope that you enjoyed that. Um, Hope you learned a thing or two. Remember, Everything you can find at Keio Ryan dot com slash resource is if you need them. I'm here to help you level up. Take your game to the next level until next time check you in the next one Peace.