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24 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introductory Trailer

    • 2. Effects & Indications

    • 3. Basic Anatomy

    • 4. Contraindications, Precautions & Safety

    • 5. Step 1 - Skin Preparation

    • 6. Step 2 - Chin Rotaries

    • 7. Step 3 - Jawline Drainage

    • 8. Step 4 - Jawline Zigzag

    • 9. Step 5 - Cheek Drainage

    • 10. Step 6 - Sinus Drainage

    • 11. Step 7 - Static Zygomatic

    • 12. Step 8 - Zygomatic Drainage

    • 13. Step 9 - Other Side

    • 14. Step 10 - Procerus Wiggle

    • 15. Step 11 - Forehead Zigzag

    • 16. Step 12 - Static Forehead

    • 17. Step 13 - Forehead Drainage

    • 18. Step 14 - Eye

    • 19. Step 15 - Brow

    • 20. Step 16 - Other Eye

    • 21. (OPTIONAL) Step 17 - Upper Lip Drainage

    • 22. (OPTIONAL) Step 18 - Nasolabial Fold

    • 23. (OPTIONAL) Step 19 - Nose Drainage

    • 24. Final Project Reminder & Aftercare Advice

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About This Class


Facial cupping is an excellent way to:

  • Improve blood and lymph circulation
  • Deep cleanse the skin
  • Improve your skin tone and texture
  • Reduce any fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boost collagen production
  • Improve skin moisture and hydration
  • Reduce sagging skin (jowls and eyelids anyone?)

In this course we show the 16 steps demonstrated on both a model and from a personal point of view, making it super easy to regain that youthful glow in the comfort of your own home.

We've also included an addition 3 steps for targeted treatment areas, making this the ultimate course to learn exactly what facial cupping is all about!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yadah Hagemann

Mastering This "Beauty Thing"


Hello, I'm Yadah!

I studied my butt off at an epic private college and racked up as many qualifications in the industry as possible. Then I spread my wings for a while, working in the spas on cruise ships before heading back home to pursue my real passion - education.

To me the spa & beauty industry isn't about fluffy superficial crap; it's about genuinely helping your clients have a better and healthier life.

I've worked directly with spas and salons, helping to improve the level of education of therapists at a one-on-one level. I've worked in multiple internationally accredited colleges and was even granted the opportunity to examine alongside a representative of the best of the best - CIDESCO.
After being offered the opportunity to open my own college by ... See full profile

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1. Introductory Trailer: facial cupping is an excellent way to improve circulation, improves skin tone, helping to reduce sagging skin, boost college and production and leave you with a beautifully smooth skin texture. In this course, we show the 16 steps demonstrated on both a model and from a personal point of view, making it super easy to regain that youthful glow in the comfort of your own home. We've also included three extra steps for targets of treatment areas, making this the ultimate cause to learn exactly what facial cupping is all about. 2. Effects & Indications: If you've already done the first facial cupping course, then the next three videos are going to look very familiar. Face is the face and will be working over the same areas, so that information will be very similar. You can choose to skip these videos, but I would urge you to still watch them. It's always go to recap What facial cupping. So brilliance. Vacuum Suction uses a plastic glass or silicon cut off in twos to create a negative pressure when the cup is applied to the skin section quarters lifting off the tissues below . Unlike with traditional massage, which compresses the underlying tissues if excellent lifting action includes dilation of the blood vessels below the cup, which helps flesh away any stagnant blood and allows a fresh supply of blood, bringing oxygen and nutrients. The localized rhythm er improved the skin color and stimulates both healing and self functioning. Lymph vessels also dilates improving waste removal and stimulating sluggish limbs. Circulation. Vacuum effect has a deep cleansing action by removing surface blockages and congestion, drawing out impurities, makeup and sebum oil. The movement off the cup of the skin helps remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling smooth with the finer texture. Stimulation of blood and lymph circulation results in a regenerative effect, with improved skin tone and appearance and reduced fine lines. Cupping stimulates both cellular metabolism and glandular activity, increasing Sobeih Cious and Sweet production. The action of cupping helps just stuff in Scottish you. What's the increase of blood to the area helps hydration. Stimulation of the spacious or oil glands leads the skin to naturally moisturize itself. And finally, treatments as a whole is relaxing to the nervous system. There are two methods used in facial coming, and the first is the gliding, where the cuppers moved evenly and an uninterrupted, overlapping lee. Following Ray's indications for this kind of treatments as 68 it will smoke. A skin is characterized by a great or yellowish costume. The skin tends to be dull and lifeless in appearance due to reduced oxygen and take asphyxiate. It's contains to have black. It's white. It's bumps. Beneath the surface can be thicker due to excessive accumulation of character, resulting in a dove skin with superficial lines. It's usually dry on the surface, which can be to flaking us and oily underneath, and can't quite resist into absorbing helpful skincare products. Cupping isn't aches and treatments abuse the skin sluggish. Saleh looking skin is similar to asphyxiated skin but not his extreme poor circulation. It's usually the main culprit. Mature or dry skin would greatly benefit from the rejuvenating effect of cupping in the nourishment boost from increased blood circulation. Skin tone is also improved through the stimulation off collagen production. Dehydrated skin is different from dry skin and that a Latin water, not oil, by increasing the circulation waters brought to the skin by the blood stream. Normal skin benefits from the circulation boost, leaving it with a healthy glow, cupping or also helped clean the skin. The appearance of dark under eye circles is reduced as the overall circulation has stimulated and waste drainage is encouraged. Cupping help soften the skin and remove congestion, making it ideal to do before performing. Extractions are black kids and white kids. William Blemish Skins benefit from the deep cleansing action of facial cupping. Impurities were brought to the surface for removal and there was a marked reduction acne. As the Sinuses are drained, there's a relief from both Sinus pressure and congestion, helping to relieve information for certain conditions like stroke, there is often a decrease and facial paralysis, the poll states, and static method of cupping is are sick and makes it as with gliding method. There are lanes followed, however, instead of a cup gliding over those lanes, the couple's instead held station in one spot, and sectionals applied to six times before moving the cup to the next place. When static pull stations have been applied to an entire lane, it has followed with a gliding method to aid and waste removal. Indications for the serum included would be common dental black kids and contest to loosen the impurities, fine lines to plump out and reduce their appearance. This works well on the forehead and around the eyes. Delicates. Amateur skins benefit from the gentle stimulation without needing to drag the skin. Facial coupling can be started off by doing 1 to 2 treatments a week for four weeks. Then he slowed down to once a week for four weeks. They bring it down to once a month to maintain the results. More is not in this case, you want to avoid overstimulating phrase, idolize you broken Louise and allow overstretching 3. Basic Anatomy: in your second lesson. Official cupping 2.0, we were concentrating on the facial structures and tissue again. This lesson is covered in the first facial cupping course, but we won't be focusing as heavily on the lymphatic system here. This lesson ties and with the previous one in a very big way on. Once you've completed it, I'm sure you'll agree in this lesson will be covering the skeletal system of the skull, the musculature off the face and neck, the relevance circulatory system. A basic overview off the nervous system, the skin, the relevant parts of the respiratory system and finally, the lymphatic system off the face and neck. Skeletal system off the area will be working on contests largely of what we call the skull . Three different bones here would be the flag, frontal, bone and ribs. Declassification flatters a bit of a mess. Noma, as most flat bones are slightly curved. Next we have the irregular facial burns and cervical vertebra. Mag zilla is actually comprised of two regular bones fused together and finally way have modified long burns in the form of the tackle. Functions of the bones will be working on include providing structural support for the head . Protecting the brain and other internal structures like eyes provides attachment points for the muscles and provides mineral storage. The muscular system will be working on include skeletal muscles. These muscles are used for movement as well as joint stabilization, with a mouth being the part of the face that has the most movement in function, Most of the muscle groups are positioned around it. The big Killers horse is the muscle in circling the mouth, helping to close the mouth and lips. Depressive, led by inferiors, helps lower the bottom, while the Liberte level spare yours helps lift up abuse in ator of backing. NATO helps hold food inside the mouth in the proper position, and eight and chewing mentalist also helps lips pout, contract the chin to express displeasure and get the depressing, angular Oris muscle is called the Found and Muscle, as that express was frowning. Liberty Ankle I or it's, on the other hand, is the smiling muscles and helps to lift any birth angles of the mouth corner as a laughing muscle. The rise aureus also helps a smile and forms a depression of the cheek and the angle of the mouth. There's a Damascus major helps lift the corners off American smile, and if there's any differentiation in the muscle structure, then it may hold a temple. Some people's cheeks. The's zygomatic is mine, on the other hand, helps create a sad expression by drawing the upper lip backwards. The nays are list muscle compresses the nasal cartilage, which aid and flaring off the nostrils to prevent water from getting inside the nose. Another muscle for founding the first serious pulls down the skin between the eyebrows. The muscle in circling the orbital cavity is called vehicular occupy, and it helps to close the eyelids while the corrugated causes wrinkles on the forehead and is another founding muscle. The occipital from Tyler's stretches from the forehead to the back of the skull and is responsible for raising the browse that's wrinkling the forehead. The Temple Wallace muscle is a chewing muscle used to crush and grind food between the molars. Because of its location and frequent use. It's also a primary, spiteful tension, headaches, another chewing muscle. The massacre closes the mandible. The plate is MMA is aboard sheet of muscle, responsible for pulling down the lower lip and the corner of the mouth sideways. It helps lower the mandible and also wrinkles the skin off the neck. Win news. Finally, the stern of Kratom asteroid helps rotate the head, flex the neck and extend the head. It's the long muscle you see running from below in behind here to the club coin, sternum or breast. Next, we move on to the secretary system off the head and neck, which includes the blood vessels. Thes would be the arteries carrying blood away from the heart. Danes carrying blood back to the heart and the capillaries form in connection between the two. In this image, the labels for arteries are outlined and read. The labels for veins are blue, and the labels, which pointed both, are black. Lead is transported through the vessels and is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients, antibodies and Lucas size for protection and regulating both pH and water balance within the body. The nervous system is incredibly complex and complicated, so we're not going to go into too much debt here to avoid frying our brains. The main nerves indicated here are motor nerves, which are responsible for stimulating of facial muscles. The's nerves branch or from the main facial nerve. Next, we haven't taken entry system or skin since, much of which we do. Cupping treatment don't directly affects the skin, and its appearance will be focusing quite a bit on it. So they with me skin is the largest organ of the body and is made up of three layers surface layer being epidemic. This is what we can touch and feel and see covering us. The epidermis has four layers with a cell. Large circle can be paid someone to that of a great turning into a razor as the cells are formed, their plump and juicy that order they get. They moved closer to the surface, slowly hardening and losing all moisture until they flake. The older we get, the longer this process takes, ensuring those raising cells are very, very dry and wrinkly. Treatments are facial cutting help to speed up the process again, leading to a fresher, more youthful parents in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. There is an additional layer called the stratum, lucid um clear layer, which specifically reduces friction and aid and waterproofing in those areas. The next day of the skin is called the damage. It contained multiple news with touch and feel. Pips is he follicles, for he grows sweat glands, which aid us and cooling down to evaporated perspiration, blood vessels carrying oxygen and nutrients, and oil glands, which keep skin supple by secreting CIB. Um final layer of skin is called the hyper Duma's for subcutaneous layer, and it's mainly used for fat storage. It also connects the skin to the underlying facial. With the respiratory system will mainly focus on the Stannis is which are a filled spaces within the bones of the skull and face their various functions, including lightening the weight of the head. He modifying in heating, inhaled a each Sinuses lined with soft pink tissue called me closer, which secretes have been layoff mucus, particularly Sinuses from drying out Sinuses served as a crumple zone to protect the underlying structures in the events off facial trauma, and finally, they increase the resonance of speech. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport them pail fluid that flows between and around the tissues and cells of the body, carrying primary cells of the immune system, which the body uses to defend itself from invasion. But barring microorganisms, think of the body is a sponge with all those tiny holes length except water and a sponge, keeping all the cells and tissues of the body weight. Love collection. Lump vessels like Dr Capillaries, which carry the lump from the tissues and passes it through the lymph nodes, which faulted the limp of bacteria, cancer cells and other potential threats. Finally, the lump re enters the blood stream on its way to the hearts. The lump nerves that are affected by this cupping treatments include the terminus, the so called lymphatic exit points with a simple re enters the bloodstream. The deep ex official save follow the path of the sternal Qaidam asteroid. The seven Ansel nights, the sub mandibular Tansil a nodes founded the angle of the jaw below the ears. Perata nodes collecting limb from the nose and nasal cavities on the pre auricular who? What a heavy loosen hope. He picked up how many of the things situated in the same areas have similar names, making it eDiets. Remember and understand what the various components are responsible for 4. Contraindications, Precautions & Safety: Although this lesson is covered in the first facial cupping course, it is very important to go over this information again for health and safety reasons. In this lesson will be looking at the general guidelines for women to perform a cupping treatment or not, what safety protocols keep in mind and went to stock during treatment. A country indication means you should not do a cupping treatment if they have a tumor or unrecognisable lumps or bumps. Things includes melanoma or other types of cancers. Any infections, including dermatitis and wars. You don't want to risk spreading the infection, possibly passing something onto yourself or causing any discomfort. Real times, any cuts, severe bruising or inflammation. This can include a black eye or even severe acne. It would be painful for your clients, and with open wound you risk infection. A loss of skin sensation means you could possibly NGO crime without them being able to alert you to the pain. The questions require certain amounts of K and common sense. Some concerns be away off include migraines or headaches would be very uncomfortable for them to receive treatment depending on severity Off the headache. Your client may choose to continue with treatment or were scheduled for another day. You want to assure you communicates effectively. Sunburn is painful to work on. So here, very much. The pains on the location of the Sunday if the body is burns, but they're comfortable lying down, then you can continue. If the face is burnt, you're going to need to reschedule Wisconsin issue. It paints on her new It is any major Scottish. You should be avoided for the six months to avoid interrupting the healing process. There off the couple is actually really beneficial for improving the appearance of Scots. In the case of diabetes, you want to determine first with not their experiencing any loss of skin sensation. You don't want to risk enduring them, however, cupping candid, good for improving new function. Sinusitis is incredibly painful. Depending on the severity, your client may choose to either continue or reschedule. Remember to keep the communication channels open. Always wait a week to 10 days before working over talks or doing follows due to the increased circulation fatal cupping they may be a reduction. The efficacy of the talks loose scrapie skin can be difficult to work over cupping focus on using the static muted of cupping. Hypersensitivity may make a too painful to work. You may need to schedule until there is more comfortable for your plan to receive treatment . Being careful and following proper safety procedures is an important part of facial. You need to ensure that if you're using a breast or blast that there are no chips or cracks , we could cry all kinds. Skin shouldn't go dry during the treatment. Otherwise, you risk dragging and stretching skin unnecessarily. The skin and your in twos or cups shouldn't exceed 20% left. To avoid bruising your clients or creating copycats, which looks like a love bite or even a bruise, keep the venters or cup moving at all times. Aside from the static cupping method, even then, don't leave the cup sectioning in one place for overly long to avoid leaving a cup. CASS never overworking area as you could bruise overstimulate the skin. Always break the steal of the cup on the skin before lifting it off. To avoid overstretching and possibly bruising, make sure you're using the one cup size for the area you're working on. A body cup is not suitable for the face left the cup away from the skin. Instead of pushing down to avoid compressing the underlying tissue, contract actions are concerned which pop drink treatments You need to be constantly away of the treatment of giving and avoid destruction, which may lead to bruising. Or tell Angie Tasia broken capillaries. If you see either of these occurring, it could be because there's too much tissue being lifted into the cup. Cup has been lifted away from the skin without breaking the seal. First area has been over treated. You're pushing down with a cup instead of lifting up, or you're leaving the suction cup stationary on an area for too long. Another Contra action is over stretching skin usually caused but over treating an area or dragging uses skin and not reducing pressure. Communication is a vital part of this process. Ask a client open ended questions about anything you feel see at any stage you're unsure about whether or not to continue while they be safe than sorry and stop treatments 5. Step 1 - Skin Preparation: to carry out a great facial cupping treatment will first need to ensure that our skin canvas has been paid appropriately. There are two ways I do this treatments first is with oil, and that is what is explained and demonstrated here. The second way is what I often do for myself, and that is where I use my cleans air as they slipped, needed for the cup to move and basically before a deep cleans using the cupping and cleans a combination. I would only do this once every week or two, though, to avoid overstimulating my skin or drying it out through the deep plans in action. If you're during those treatments on a kinds, then it's important. First, check for any country indications and precautions, then explain the treatment to them. Use a hit Bandel talent to push the hay away from the face and take a before pic to show your client the difference afterwards. This before pickle also serves a great benchmark for showing them the dressed improvement. Today, skin after heavenly treatment done several times, cleans your client skin of all makeup and environments and parities. If you choose to exfoliate the skin prior to the cupping treatment. Be very careful not to overstimulate the skin and use a very mild and gentle facial scrub. Exfoliating the skin first will aid the cleansing action on the cupping treatment and improve the penetration of oil you use Italian soil to face here. I'm using the Bell Apaches skin. Get a life. - You want to have your cups ready for the treatments I'm using. Silicone cups to larger ones are from Bell Apache, and the small pink up is from lower. This course will include demonstration on a model as well as on how to do the treatments on yourself. Use the provided sequence step by step. Pdf to make sure you're following along when we start the cupping treatment in the next Jason. 6. Step 2 - Chin Rotaries: In this step, we focus on the chin. Place the regular facial cup on the center area off the chin below the lower lip and do 3 to 4 rotaries extending the circle over the chin. Here is the same movement, demonstrating how you would do it on yourself. The first movement was pretty easy. Now we can move on to the next. 7. Step 3 - Jawline Drainage: remember, one of the best effects off facial cupping is turning the skin, which these next two steps over July and helped to achieve. Draw a line directly down from the corner of the mouth to the jaw. Place your cup on that point and glide up along the nasal labial fold to the corner off the nurse, then back down. It is okay to lose section at the end points. Just regain it for the next movement on this step, where we glide the cup along the door line under the really section and repeat the movement twice more. Here is the same movement demonstrated for personal use. Next, we'll concentrate on turning jawline. 8. Step 4 - Jawline Zigzag: Titan and fear in the jaw line with this step by following along the same path. But using a different movement, use your cup to zigzag along the jewels from the chin toe under the ear release section and repeat the movement twice more. Here is the same movement demonstrated with the additional nasal labial fold gliding movement to help plant out that area. You can choose with or not. Add that part and you'll stay. Our next step is similar to the third. 9. Step 5 - Cheek Drainage: here we're focusing on the lower cheek area following the nasal labial fold. Glide your cup up from the corner of the mouth to the corner of the nose and back again from the corner of the mouth, glided across the cheek just above the jawline towards the yellow release section and repeat the movement twice more, remembering to support the skin. To avoid overstretching and hurting your clients. Here it is demonstrated as if you're doing it on yourself. The next step is fantastic for leaving Sinus pressure. 10. Step 6 - Sinus Drainage: this step is grateful. Relieving nasal congestion and Sinus pressure. Place your cup at the corner of the nose and glide along the underside off the zygomatic arch towards the middle of the year released section and repeat the movement twice more. Here is the same movement demonstrated for personal use. According to some people, this movement help slim the cheek area and enhance the appearance of the cheekbones. Well, facial cupping does help reduce facial puffiness and drains exist fluid. I'm not sure how invisible of a difference it will make with regards to the cheekbones. Maybe you can, you know, if it makes a visible difference for you. It would be awesome if it does. 11. Step 7 - Static Zygomatic: static cupping has done to plump out fine lines and wrinkles, which is why we use this myth that's so close to the eyes starting on the zygomatic bone next of the nose do static or pulsating suction in the line towards the top of the year. Here, I'm doing single pulses before moving on, then repeating the movement. But it works just as well to do three static pulses, then move on to the next point, showing how to do the pulses on yourself. As mentioned on the first lesson. Static cupping is usually followed by the gliding method, which you can look forward to as the next step. 12. Step 8 - Zygomatic Drainage: in this step, we use the gliding method to go over the previous lanes. We did static, cupping on from the nose, glide over the zygomatic bone towards the top of the year, release suction and repeat the movement twice more. Here we see how to perform the movement on ourselves. Next will complete these movements on the other side of the face. 13. Step 9 - Other Side: in this step will be repeating steps 2 to 8 on the other side of the face for a balanced treatment. We begin with rotaries over the chin, the jawline drainage being turning the jawline with zigzag movements. Then we drain the cheek area. He drained the scythe, plump out the fine lines and wrinkles and find me. Drain away those dark circles. The exact same movements are demonstrates it on the model. - Next , we'll move on to the forehead. 14. Step 10 - Procerus Wiggle: the proceedings. Muscle, situated between the eyebrows, is a fine and muscle, meaning this movement is absolute bliss. To experience. Place the cut between the brows and lift up slightly. Wiggle the cup around to loose intention in the area. You're not trying to make a cup slide. Although you're wiggling the cup around, you don't want it to shift on the skin. Here is the same movement demonstrated for personal use. Our next movement goes a long way towards relaxing the brows. 15. Step 11 - Forehead Zigzag: working over the front tireless is not only an excellent way to turn the skin, it is also a great way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles over the forehead from the procedures. Drag the cup up towards the hay line, then down again to above the eyebrow. Back up to the hairline, back down until you can glide the cup over the temple release section and repeat the movement twice more. After doing the movement, three times do the same movements on the other side of the forehead. Here are the same movements demonstrated as on ourselves. We move on to static, cupping over the forehead. 16. Step 12 - Static Forehead: with this movement, we were congenitally plumping out the fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. Starting on the press, steers and working towards the temple do static or pulsating cupping. Following the brow line. Here, I'm doing single pulses before moving on, then repeating the movement twice more. But it works just as well to do three consecutive pulses, then moving on to the next lane. The second lane is above the first, running from the middle of the for food along the centre towards the temple. The final lane follows the hairline from the middle, ending at the temple, as my clients features are quite small, of only done two lanes, one following the brow line and the other the hairline. Once you've completed one side, do the same in lanes. On the other side of the forehead here is the same set of movements demonstrating how you would do them on yourself. Next, we'll move on to drainage of the forehead 17. Step 13 - Forehead Drainage: The gliding method follows static cupping, and this is our final movement on the forehead, following the lanes previously used for static cupping, glide the cut from the middle of her forehead over to the temple. Complete the movement three times before moving up to the next lane. Depending on your client's features, you may only need to do to names and not here. We see the movements demonstrated for personal use way. Move onto the area next. 18. Step 14 - Eye : In this step, we focus on the underside of the eye, helping to reduce dark circles. If necessary, apply extra oil over the orbital cavity. Then, using a small facial, cut the static pulses from the inner corner of the eye along the orbital bone towards the outer corner of the eye. Repeat this movement twice more, then use the gliding method to drain along the same path from in a corner of the eye to the outer corner. Repeat the movement twice more waken. See the same movement demonstrated for personal use. - Next movement focuses on the underside of the brow. 19. Step 15 - Brow : well reduced I puffiness with this step as well as turn the skin, helping to reduce sag, doing the same movements as before. Do static pulses from the inner corner of I along orbital bone towards the outer corner of the eye. Once you've done this three times, use a gliding method to drain along the same path three times. Support the skin to avoid overstretching it. Here is the same movement demonstrated for personal use. The next step repeats steps 14 and 15 on the other. I. 20. Step 16 - Other Eye: reduce puffiness and under eye circles. But doing the previous two steps on the other, I for balanced treatment starts off with static, cupping the lower orbital bone, then draining it, then moving on to static, cupping off the upper orbital bone, then draining it. And again, both steps demonstrated for personal use. - Taken off the pick of your client, compare the treatment result of them. This marks the end of a facial cupping sequence, but there are three more. 21. (OPTIONAL) Step 17 - Upper Lip Drainage: this cape helps to turn the skin off a Pilip and reduce the appearance of fine lines, making it especially ideal for smokers. Support the skin with one hand as used. The gliding method to drag from a Q Pittsburgh out to the corner of the mouth. Do this three times before moving to the other side. Demonstrated a game for use on yourself. This is an extra step you can incorporate into a facial cupping sequence. 22. (OPTIONAL) Step 18 - Nasolabial Fold: this step helps plump out and turn the crease off the nasal labial fold. Support the skin with one hand as you glide the cup up from the chin along the nasal labial , fold towards the corner off the nose. Do this three times they move on to the other side. - There's an extra step you can incorporate until facial cupping sequence. 23. (OPTIONAL) Step 19 - Nose Drainage: This step is excellent for loosening surface congestion and drawing out impurities ideally performed prior to black it extraction place of facial cup on the bridge of the nose and glide down the side to the corner. Off owners do this three times before doing the other side of the nose. This is an extra step you can incorporate into a facial cupping sequence. It is especially beneficial to do before extractions. 24. Final Project Reminder & Aftercare Advice: and you're done. Putting older steps together might seem daunting at first, but using the handy step by step sequence, Pdf should help you remember win and how to perform the various movements uploaded before and after pic of your clients so we can see that glowing skin bonus points. If you upload a video of you doing parts or all of treatments, have your client be there friend, family or yourself complete the client feedback form and uploaded to a class project. We'd love to see what they have to say Next. Complete the therapist feedback. Form yourself. Be honest and share your thoughts for others to take inspiration from uploaded to a class project. Some advice to give your clients or to take note up for yourself after treatment includes advising them not to make up the day off treatment to minimize impurities in the skin. Staying well hydrated before and after the treatment will maximize the facial company fix, as the skin will be sensitive afterwards, sometimes even after 12 hours Afterwards, they should avoid excessive heat or sun exposure. Sensitivity will also make shaving or other forms of here removal uncomfortable due to the facial nature of this treatment, with the impurities being drawn to the surface, there is a risk of breaking out to. Cupping should be avoided 3 to 5 days before a special occasion or event. If your client already has a breakout, cupping shouldn't exacerbate the condition and will and stayed and prove its appearance. The more regularly they do facial covering, the less likely they are to experience what's called a healing crisis, which manifests in the form of breakouts. And that's it. Please remember to leave a review, and I hope this new skill serves you well in your personal or professional life. Keep an eye on for the original cupping Cole's variation of facial cupping using backing therapy principles.