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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introductory Trailer

    • 2. Basic Anatomy

    • 3. Contraindications & Precautions

    • 4. Step 1 - Choosing a Brow Shape

    • 5. Step 2 - Tweezing

    • 6. Step 3 - Client Satisfaction

    • 7. Final Project Reminder

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About This Class


Brow shaping is an excellent way to accentuate your eyes, and to tidy and define your brow line. Make sure your makeup can be used to its full effect by providing a clean and professionally styled eyebrow shape through this quick and easy 3-step process.

Each of the steps are individually demonstrated on 2 models to make sure you learn exactly how to tweeze and shape the brows like a pro.

We go over the different factors you need to take into account for each client (or yourself) and how to measure the ideal brow length, to make sure you finish with a groomed, complete look.

A 3-step process to frame your features!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yadah Hagemann

Mastering This "Beauty Thing"


Hello, I'm Yadah!

I studied my butt off at an epic private college and racked up as many qualifications in the industry as possible. Then I spread my wings for a while, working in the spas on cruise ships before heading back home to pursue my real passion - education.

To me the spa & beauty industry isn't about fluffy superficial crap; it's about genuinely helping your clients have a better and healthier life.

I've worked directly with spas and salons, helping to improve the level of education of therapists at a one-on-one level. I've worked in multiple internationally accredited colleges and was even granted the opportunity to examine alongside a representative of the best of the best - CIDESCO.
After being offered the opportunity to open my own college by ... See full profile

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1. Introductory Trailer: brown shaping is an excellent way to situate your eyes and to tidy and define your by line . Make sure your makeup can be used to its full effect by providing a clean and professionally styled eyebrow shape through this quick and easy three step process. Each of the steps are individually demonstrated on two models to make sure you learn exactly how to ease and shaped brows like a pro. We even go over the different factors he needs taken to account for each client's or yourself to make sure you finish with groomed complete look. 2. Basic Anatomy: Welcome to the first. Listen your course. It's always good to understand what you're working on and how it's affected by your treatments in this lesson will be covering the skin and the structure of the hair skin is made up of the epidermal cysts, Durmus and high pajamas or subcutaneous layer. The skin is hate particles, sweet glands, blood vessels and nerves. The epi domas is the surface that we see and generally consists off four layers, except for on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet where there is a flare. The stratum lucid in or clear layer, which specifically reduces friction and AIDS and waterproofing pensions off the skin include being a protection against general injury. Waterproofing by limiting water seeping through the skin and out, allowing perspiration to be excreted, helping us cool down through evaporation, secreting CBM or oil to keep our skin supple, Absorbing vitamin D three sun lights and the skin contains multiple nerves for touch and feel. Pepsis is the hay is divided into three parts. The shop, which is what you see above the surface of the skin. Hair root is what it is below the surface of the skin. Finally, the hate bulbs Thean, large base of the hay wit, grows from, and it extends from the Germans to the hyper Dennis. The structure of the hay itself includes the in a medulla, the middle cortex, which provides a strengthened color, and the Arctic cuticle, which gives head shine. We'll be focusing specifically on functions off the bounce here. Brow protects the eyes from sweets and water dripping into them. They're an important part of non verbal communication to expression, and the act is a mild fault off sunlight, helping to prevent some of the light from shining into the eyes and so concludes the basic over the other skin and hair will be working on during the tweeting process. 3. Contraindications & Precautions: in this lesson will be looking at the general guidelines for winter tweeze or not to use the Browse Contra indication means that you should not be tweezing kind at all. If they have a tumor or any unrecognizable lumps or bumps around the brow area, any obvious infections, you don't want to risk spreading the infection, possibly passing something onto yourself, causing applying discomfort. And he cuts severe bruising like a black eye or inflammation would be painful for your clients. Precautions indicate that a certain amount of common sense is required. Some common constants be aware off. Include. If your client is a migraine headache, it's going to be very uncomfortable for them to receive this. Treatments, depending on the severity of the headache. Declined, may choose to still have the treatment to make sure you communicate effectively. It very much depends on the location of the sunburn. If the body is burned but they're comfortable lying down, then you can continue. If the face is burned, you're going to need to reschedule your client for when they're completely healed with Scottish. It very much depends on how new it is. Any major scar tissue should be avoided for at least six months to ensure the healing process isn't interrupted. In the case of diabetes, your client may not be up to feel if you're pinching the skin with the tweeze is any injury would take longer to heal. So it's incredibly important to excite good hygiene practices and very careful tweezing to ensure they aren't injured and don't acquire any infections. Sinusitis is incredibly painful, insensitive, depending on the severity or kind majors. To continue the treatment, remember to keep communicating. Always wait a full week to 10 days before working over either biotoxins or dermal fillers. Communication is a vital part of this process. Article client open ended questions about anything you see or feel if it any stage you are unsure about with or not to continue. Rather be safe than sorry and stop treatments. 4. Step 1 - Choosing a Brow Shape: first statement, any ABBA shaping treatment is determined the right shape for your individual kinds. One size did not suitable in this case, and before you start shaping your needs, consider four things. The correct eyebrow links for your clients. The shape of your clients face and eyes, your kinds age. Hey V. Thick brows can be aging, whilst thin brows can give a very severe appearance and your client's personal preference. You may love thinning out brows, but your client prefers a fuller look concept with your clients carefully turn show. You're both on the same page. When it comes to their brows, you can determine the correct ABARAT length for your client by using. Aren't would stick to measure where they should start and with the finish. First place is sticking a straight line from the side of the nose to the inner corner of the eye, using eyeliner pencil mark with a stick die. Six. The brow AB rush shouldn't extend beyond this line, so you would tweets any other stray hairs out Next. Ask declined to look straight ahead and place the stick in a straight line from the side of the nose to the outside age of the People mock with a stick into six. The brow. This should form the natural high points of the arch of the eyebrow. Finally, places stick in a straight line from the side of the nose to the outer corner of the eye, mark the intersection of the brow and raise any stray hairs. Beyond that point, as this marks the end of the eyebrow here, you can see the correct hygiene practice before measuring the brows. Always sharpen your pencil first to avoid cross contamination from clients clients. You'll also have a more defined mark with a sharper point. In this case, a wooden special was used in ST Oven Orangewood stick, but the outcome is the same. First measurement is from the corner of the nose to the inside corner of the eye. When I told my client that her brows dot close now what they should, she asked me to not move them. The next measurement done here is from the corner of the nose to the corner. Finally, I asked my kind to look straight. A hate second measure from the corner of the nurse to the Assad age of the people to determine with high points off a natural art should be on this model. Armed would stick was used to first measure from the corner of the nose to the inside corner of the eye to determine with Russian Start next, let's a measurement from the corner of the nose to the outside corner of the eye to determine where the brow should end. And finally, from the corner of the nose to the outside edge of the people to determine with a natural high point of the eyebrow on art should line. Once you've measured the brows, you can handle kind a small mirror and discuss your action plan Were guarding the brow shape. Once you agreed on the final eyebrow shaping appearance, you can move on to step two. Take a photo of your kinds, browse with the markings from the measurements as your before pictures. Show them Afterwards. I upload the picture to your class project so we can also see your mad skills when compared to the after pic your take 5. Step 2 - Tweezing: Before you can start tweezing, you must ensure that your tweezers are sterilized. To avoid the risk of cross infection, you can warm the browse using warm cotton pads to help relax and loosen the hair follicles prior to treatment. If you're incorporating tweezing into a facial that it's basted twist our Ricky after facial steaming when the polls are open. First Keene's brow area was alcohol spritz cotton pad tweeze. We had dance father. Here we want to remove. Take two fingers and placing together over here firmly in. Stretch out their fingers until they are sent to Mito, part with the skin stretched tightly between them. This helps prevent pulling them skin and reduces discomfort with clients. Next, slide tweezer under the hay as flat as possible to the skin. To avoid accidentally pension skin, close the tweezer and pull ahead swiftly out in the direction of growth. If you pull in any other direction, you risk losing skin revving alcohol. Spritz cotton pad over the ring finger of your supporting hand and place all tweeze. Hes on it. You can use an eyebrow Kirm to brush the haste straight to determine what should be removed and which shouldn't periodic do wop of the browns with a sanitize a circuit cotton pad to remove any stray hairs and check in with your plan to make sure they're still happy with how the shaping treatment is progressing. - In this instance, a magnifying lamp was used to ensure all hairs were easily spotted. Clients has recovered to protect them from the bright lights. When it comes to the haze between the brass Dubliners, it's sometimes easier to support the skin by simply pulling upwards towards the hairline. Support never tweets hairs above the brows to avoid losing the natural pathway of the brow. If there are any stray hairs on the forehead, those can be removed. Practice your speed, supports and accuracy to ensure you don't pinch the skin. You don't unnecessarily prolong your plans discomfort, and you don't over to use the browse you're working 6. Step 3 - Client Satisfaction: Finally, it's time to see how pleased your client is with the results. Why the area you've been working on with a cotton pad that's been searched in either distilled water or rosewater to soothe the area using a mirror? Show them the results and living through and are. Since they could check on the progress throughout the treatments, it's unlikely for them to make any changes. Now. Advise your client, not apply makeup to the treated area for at least 12 hours. Since the polls are still open, they should avoid the possibility of infection should make up, get into the open pores, and you're finished taken after pick to show your client the difference of before and after the shaping. Treatments upload after pectoral Cross project so we can all you and our along with your plan. 7. Final Project Reminder: and you're done with practices should be able to perform a fast and effective shaping treatment. Thes three steps should help you on your way to becoming a great brow shaper. If you haven't already, you don't have to the class Project section and download the PdF with the list of the equipment needed and step by step instructions for brow shaping. Next, upload the performed after pick so we can all see the great results. That's it. Please remember to leave a review, and I heard this new skill serves you well in your personal or professional life. A great treatment to do before brow shaping is lash and all brown Tenzing. So check out the many course on that.