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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Effects & Indications

    • 3. Basic Anatomy

    • 4. Contraindications, Precautions & Safety

    • 5. Step 1 - Preparation

    • 6. Step 2 - Left Leg

    • 7. Step 3 - Right Leg

    • 8. Step 4 - Abdomen

    • 9. Step 5 - Right Arm

    • 10. Step 6 - Left Arm

    • 11. Step 11 - Decollete

    • 12. Step 8 - Back

    • 13. Final Project Reminder & Aftercare Advice

    • 14. DIY Recipes

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About This Class


If you've scrolled through Pinterest it's likely you've seen one or more pins on how to make the perfect scrub. That's all great and well, but why would you want to?

Imagine a treatment that could:

  • Deep cleanse

  • Soften and smooth

  • Improve circulation (for that glow, yo!)

  • Improve skin tone

  • Improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks

  • Relax

  • Improve and reduce the appearance of CELLULITE!!

Yup, you read that right! And this is the course that goes step-by-step through what each ingredient in your scrub is good for and how to use that scrub to get amazing results and silky smooth skin.

This course is the bomb-diggity of scrub courses and I know you'll agree!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yadah Hagemann

Mastering This "Beauty Thing"


Hello, I'm Yadah!

I studied my butt off at an epic private college and racked up as many qualifications in the industry as possible. Then I spread my wings for a while, working in the spas on cruise ships before heading back home to pursue my real passion - education.

To me the spa & beauty industry isn't about fluffy superficial crap; it's about genuinely helping your clients have a better and healthier life.

I've worked directly with spas and salons, helping to improve the level of education of therapists at a one-on-one level. I've worked in multiple internationally accredited colleges and was even granted the opportunity to examine alongside a representative of the best of the best - CIDESCO.
After being offered the opportunity to open my own college by ... See full profile

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1. Trailer: If you scroll through Pinterest, it's likely you've seen one or more pens on how to make the perfect scrub. That's all great and well. But why would you want to imagine a treatment that could deep cleanse, soften smoothing? Leave you with one heck of a healthy pink lor? Have a treatment that could be used to reduce sail? Unites? Yep, that's exactly what a body scrub can do for you, and this course is going to go step by step through what each ingredient in your scrubs good for, and then how to use that scrap to get amazing results and silky smooth skin. This course is the bomb diggity off script courses, and I know you'll agree. 2. Effects & Indications: there are many different ways to exfoliate and many different reasons for them. Chances are you've encountered some of these techniques already. Exfoliation of first treatment used to remove dates skin cells from the surface of the skin . This action results in the following benefits. De exclamation means shooting off the outside days of the skin, basically removing dead skin cells by rubbing the skin. You're giving it one heck of a deep cleanse and removing dirt and impurities from its surface. The rubbing and friction off the exfoliation purses stimulates blood circulation, the area bringing oxygen and nutrients for healthier skin. Fresh influx of blood, as well as the removal of surface impurities and old skin, results in a more even skin color and healthy glow. Removing dead skin cells leaves a smoother, softer, silkier feeling skin. Any products applied to the skin after exfoliation will penetrate deeper and more due to the very off dead skin cells that's been removed. Fresh influx of blood with oxygen and nutrients results in healthier skin cells being produced by removing a layer of skin. The skin is also stimulated to produce cells faster to replace the removed layer. This means the cells don't have as much time to drag on their way to the surface, meaning a fresher, younger looking skin sun damage. Acne scarred skin can greatly benefit from this particular effect. Surface congestion and blockages are softened and loosened, making them easier to remove. The kneading and stroking action of the scrub process can be incredibly relaxing. Different ingredients are used in scrubs, each with their own benefits. Salt is a popular ingredient due to its gritty texture. Sugar is another favorite, sticking to the skin. Basic insult and smelling amazing ground coffee nuts. Steve's Oatmeal Rice etcetera are also popular. The grittiness helping to remove dead skin cells and individual properties. Being grateful. Various conditions. Ground coffee smells amazing and caffeine as a vase. A constrictor wasn't blood vessels to constrict, temporarily reducing the appearance off varicose veins and Riz Asia Coffee has also had excellent results with reducing the appearance of civilian life. When applied topically or meal is very gentle, it softens and hydrates the skin being great with dry, itchy skin. You can also use water instead of oil, with this ingredient making it ideal for people who break are just looking at oil ground almonds and other nuts can be quite abrasive, so you'll need to ensure you ground them down to a fine grain to avoid scratching skin. Baking soda has a super fan texture that's great for all skin taps. It works, especially while on oily skins, because it absorbs excess oil. Ground right has been used for centuries and Asia to smooth complexions, light skin discolorations and reduce wrinkles. There are many different oils to incorporate into your scrubs, and it's important to note the benefits of each apricot or peach. Oil may be expensive, but it's suitable for all. Skin taps is high in vitamin A E if and essential fatty acids. Its light is easily absorbed, calming, healing and nourishing. Avocado oil is popular, and it's easy to see why it's incredibly rich and nourishing. With vitamins A, B, D and E. It's also good for dry and mature skins, xmas and so rytas. It can become sticky, though, and as a strong, distinctive smell. Coconut oil is great for holding a script together, becoming more liquid with heat. It's high in saturated fats and is good for all skin types because it's from a not this oil Mac was an allergic reaction. Evening primrose oil is absolutely beautiful but pricey. It's useful to for treating skin conditions like expense or ISIS, and has vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Grapeseed oil is usually my go to oil, along with coconuts. It has a light texture, penetrates quickly, is turning and tightening odorless, affordable and has a high percentage of the no Oleic acid and vitamin E. This'll oil sucks was staining towels there, so be careful. Hazelnut oil can be pretty expensive, but it's light rich in vitamins A, B and E and is good for oily and combination skin types. Her hope. Oil is very expensive, but absolutely amazing. It is balancing healing and nourishing properties with vitamins A and E. It penetrates the skin well, being the same consistency of our natural skin oil. So it's great for all skin types. Linseed oil is rich in omega three fatty acids and is a healing oil useful for cellulite. It oxidizes rapidly, though, and might be sticky, so it's based, blended with other oils, academia and that oil is pricey but good for dry and wrinkled skins. Olive oils rich in vitamins, suits and flames, skin and tissue but cannot quite a strong odor. Peanut oils, his vitamin e, magnesium and copper. It's suitable for dry skins, but be careful of people with allergies. Stacy oil is nourishing healing and even has natural SPF. It easily absorb but can be sticky on some skin types. Soybean oil is a light, smooth oil suitable for all skin types. Because of the small amount of vitamin C it contains, it may hold skin reactions for sunflower oil is lights inexpensive and good for all skin types. It has vitamins A, B, D and e and minerals and is useful for treating skin diseases and bruises due to a teeming properties. You ideally want to mix it with other oils because it absorbs laterally. Sweet almond oil. It's brilliant. It's nourishing, healing and calming with vitamins A B D. And it benefits. Bryant irritated skins and has basically fury. Cons. Walnut oil is high in vitamins and good for dry aging and irritated skins. It's quite expensive and can have a strong, nutty aroma. Finally, we Jim oil is too thick to use alone but is great for its regenerative properties. It reduces scarring, oft operations and is useful and dry amateur skins. Water's often an ingredient added. Whether to help dissolve salt or sugar for a more gentle scrub or as you emollient, used with oatmeal. It's possible to use different waters here, though for a bit of treatment. Rosewater is mildly toning and good for mature, dry and sensitive skins. Orange flower water is Marley turning, stimulating and good for all skin types. You're good contained lactic acid, which exfoliates gently to reveal radiant skin. Use a full fat plain. You're good for the fat and proteins to plump up any fine lines. Aloe vera reduces inflammation and pain and is great at keeping skin care. And healthy honey removes impurities and date skin cells. It lightens hydrates, and it's great for all skin types. Different fruits have different effects. Avocados are rich in antioxidants and are very moisturizing. Bananas are good for dry, sensitive skins. Cucumbers are cooling soft. Fruits like strawberries usually have acids, which aid and dead skin cell removal increased moisture levels in the skin and help correct the pH of dry skin. Thes ingredients are usually mixed with yogurt cream, or it quiets to lessen the after effect. Spices and herbs like to mark and possibly help faiths cause and H spots they're stimulating, balancing and regenerating. Finally, essential oils are often used for the potent effects. Be very careful using these, though, and only follow a qualified aromatherapy direction with the amount of drops in combination used for safety. There are many different ways of exfoliating, one of them being using a body brush. A body brush could be a loofa part of the cucumber family. It is a vegetable which has dried out and then used as a rough sponged rush against the body to remove dead skin cells. Louvers are incredibly difficult to keep clean and hygienic third, which is why the natural bristle brush or send data. Bristle. Brush is more popular there, used in sweeping upward motions towards the heart to stimulate both blood and lump circulation. Body brushing can be done. Wait in the shower bath or dry beforehand. Keeping a brush clean and hygienic can be a bit of a trial. There are sprays available, but otherwise try owning use of synthetic bristle brush washing hot, soapy water and allowed to dry and sunlight during stored in the shower to avoid damp and germs. Buddy brushing is incredibly easy to do it home. It doesn't require professional treatments or training. In fact, I have a body brushing many course scheduled for release soon. Buddy Brushing is grateful. Reducing and improving city lights, improving poor circulation, skin color and time. Next, we have scrubs made of salt will sugar. The benefit of these is that they dissolve, making cleanup easier. You need to be a way off a granule size and your scrub. Although sold dissolves, it isn't always a fast process. Large salt Granules can scratch and hurt the skin. The's treatments are always wait and require some form of liquid to move the sugar or salt over the skin. Warm water is usually used to dissolve the Granules for a more gentle scrub of necessary. If the skin is broken in any way, salt is going to burn. You also want to avoid using a sugar scrub on the feet. If there are any cracks, sugar make it stuck in the cracks and feed a yeast infection. Sultan, she describes, are usually removed with more tests and are easily used at home. Just be careful. If you're adding oil to ascribe, you do not want to slip and fall in the bath or shower. Sultan Sugar scripts are great. Reducing and improving staley light, improving poor circulation, skin tone and color. Other types of scribe would be those that use something other than salt or sugar to provide the gripped to remove dead skin cells. The's Granules. Black ground coffee, your oatmeal during dissolved. So it's very important to take note of the granule size to avoid scratching and hurting the skin. Scrubs are usually wit and require some form of liquid to move the Granules over the skin. The ingredients usually have specific and targeted effect, making them ideal for exfoliation. Removing the scribes is usually done with water and can be quite messy. It's and ingredients don't dissolve. The scribes are easy to make and use at home. Just be very careful. If you're adding oil to scrub, you don't want to end up slipping and hurting yourself in the bathroom. Shower describes, especially the ones with coffee grounds, are excellent for reducing and improving cellulite, improving poor circulation, skin color and tone in some cases, Scrabble, specifically made with ingredients that can be left on the skin like a mosque by enveloping the body in plastic wrap cloth strips, you essentially create a body wrap and enhancing effect and absorption of the ingredients used. 3. Basic Anatomy: body exfoliation works primarily on the skin, removing dead skin cells. Improving appearance and circulation in this lesson will have a deeper look at the skin and its various layers. Skin is the largest organ of the body and is made up of three layers. The surface layer is called the epidermis and is what we can see and touch. The epidemic has four layers with a cell laugh circle can be compared to that great turning into a reason. As the cells are formed, their plump and juicy the older. They get their push towards the skin surface by the new cells being formed during this migration, from the deepest layers through to the surface ourselves lose moisture and harden until they flake off at the surface. The older we get, the longer this process takes, meaning those raisins. Salt. Very drown Brinkley. Scrapping off the dead skin cells with an exfoliation treatment helps to speed the process and results in a smoother, fresher looking skin and part of the hands and soles of the feet. There is an additional layer called the stratum lucid um, or clear layer, which specifically reduces friction, and Aidan waterproofing in those areas. the next layer of the skin is called Durmus. It contains multiple nerves for touch and feel purposes. He follicles for hair growth sweat glands, which aid us and cooling down through evaporating perspiration and blood vessels can oxygen and your chance and oil glands, which keep skin supple by secreting CIB. Um, the final layer of the skin is called the hyper Durmus, or subcutaneous layer, and it's mainly useful fat storage. It also connects the skin to the underlying data, a recap of the functions of the skin. It protects us against general injury by acting as a barrier and cushioning the underlying structures. The skin produces a natural oil called sebum, which provides a waterproofing coating to the skin, preventing the skin from losing no moisture and therefore from dehydration. The outer layer of the skin is bacteria Seidel, helping to prevent harmful microorganisms from multiplying. The very outside layer of epidemics acts as a barrier and prevents many substances from being absorbed. The skin produces melon in a pigment, which absorbs harmful rays of ultraviolet flat. Perspiration is the process of sweat glands, excreting a range of waste products like water, salt, etcetera. The skin helps control the body's temperature but dilating or constricting blood vessels to either aid and heat loss or prevented Hey, stand on end and what we called goose bumps to trap a and act as an insulator. The skin contains many century nerve endings with touch pressure, pain, heat and cold. It will become red hot and irritated to indicate that something is wrong. Ultraviolet rays act on a substance found in CIB, um, and converted into vitamin D, which is essential for the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus. Finally, the skin controls moisture from within the deeper layers. Because of the waterproofing layer, absorption is very difficult and only a limited amount of absorption can take place. Hopefully have been able to actually explain the skin so you can see how beneficial body exfoliation would be. A next nation is going to focus on the nitty gritty ease of treatment before we dive into practical aspect. 4. Contraindications, Precautions & Safety: in this lesson will look at the general guidelines for women to perform a scrub treatments or not, and what safety protocols keep in mind at all times. The Contra indication means he should not do an exfoliation treatments if they have a tumor or unrecognizable lamps or bumps. This includes melanoma or other types of cancers. Any infections, including dermatitis and warts. You don't want to risk spreading the infection, possibly passing it on to yourself or causing any discomfort for your clients. Any cuts, severe bruising or inflammation is could include severe back acne. It would be painful for your clients, and with open wounds you risk infection. A loss of skin sensation means you could possibly into your kind without being away and able to alert you to the pain. Precautions require certain amount of K and common sense. Some concerns to be aware of include migraines or headaches. Depending on the severity of the headache, your kind may choose to continue with the treatment. All reschedule for another day. You want to ensure you communicate effectively just ouch. Imagine scrubbing yourself with so little sugar over a sunburn. Ouch. If the whole body is burned, then it's a country indication. If a new one part of the body has burned, then just avoid that pot. I personally rescheduled the treatment. Third, because ouch with scar tissue, it pains on her new. It is any major Scottish. You should be avoided for it least six months to avoid interacting the healing process. In the case of diabetes, you want to first determine whether or not they're experiencing any loss of skin sensation . You don't want to risk injuring them. Happy sensitivity and may make it too painful to work on your clients. You may need to reschedule on told more comfortable for your client to receive the treatments. Avoid the bruised area to ensure you don't called your kinds any discomforts. You want to make sure clients who on blood thinners or medication for blood clots have the go ahead from the doctor to receive an explanation. Treatment safety is an important factor in this treatments. Make sure your scribe doesn't have huge and shop Granules that are going to cut the skin, although this is an invigorating treatment, doing be rough and sure there is enough slept to avoid dragging skin and possibly bruising the clients it's normal for the skin to go pink during a scrub. If the client complains off burning itchiness or you see a visible skin reaction in stuff, immediately remove all traces off the script from the skin and apply a cold compress and anti histamine cream scoop. Describe out of the container with the disposable spatula, or decant enough scrap per kind to avoid cross contamination. Don't over scrubbing area. You could literally wear away the skin, leaving it raw and weepy, which would be very uncomfortable for your clients. If you're doing a scrubbing yourself with someone else, be very away with the scrub bulls slipping on oil in the bottle shower could result in serious injuries. Next up, we move on to the practical part of body expatriation. 5. Step 1 - Preparation: before we can start with the treatment, we're going to need to be appropriately prepared firstly and explore alienation. Medium or scrap is necessary. I'm using a cherry struggle. Scrub. In these videos, you can decant into a smaller bowl for each other. Treatments or scoop out. Scrub with a spatula during the treatments, towels to protect the surface area and your kinds. Modesty. If you're doing a scrub on yourself, then you'll just need one to dry yourself off afterwards. Accomplice Cough to protect your towels. I've used a plastic sheet, protect my towels and expedient the cleanup process. But it's completely optional. A ball with warm water and two more companies. Carts are needed. I want to help wash off the script and the other to dry. Remember, if you're doing this at home for yourself in sitting or standing in the bottle, shower is going to be the best way to keep the area clean. You'll just need your scrap, a warm, shallow bath and a towel for afterwards. Once all of that is prepped, we can actually begin the delicious treatment, and I say delicious because I was using a cherry sugar scrub, which was very yummy. Indeed, 6. Step 2 - Left Leg: and finally we can begin. First, we expose the kinds left leg and gently pull the leg away from the other. Took the towel insecurely to protect your clients modesty and help them feel comfortable. Some kinds choose to wear underwear, swimming clothes or even to be naked. It's important to be sensitive to their level of comfort with the street months. Pick up the leg and bend any readjusting the towers necessary. Took a compress. Cough over the towels to protect them. Then D can scrap into your palms with a touch of warm water. To help glide. Apply the script the lower leg and vigorously rub your hands up and down, putting pressure with your palms, going up towards the heart and releasing somewhat with the downward stroke. If you've been skipping armed at the gym, this is gonna get tiring quite quickly. Way. You can also use circular movements to really slough off the dead skin Cells. Don't forget to work over the feet, concentrating around the ankles, Moving back up. You can collect scrubbed from the plants to avoid wasting and to get the full benefit off your product. Scrubbed well over the knee spread descriptive buy and use vigorous movements to increase the circulation and slough off dead skin cells. Paid equal attention to both the top and bottom part of the fire for even treatments. - Witter Compass card with warm water, then gently but thoroughly removed. A script from the leg. Starting at the bottom and working your way up. Turn the cloth around for the police. Yeah, collected dry, complex club and dry the dampened leg to ensure your client doesn't get cold. Left the foot and dust off any experience. Then roll out the plastic. Wrap a towel so you don't place your clients clean leg back on a Macy surface, cover the lake and then move on to the right leg. What do you think? So I fall. It looks pretty easy, but it's definitely a workout if you do it right. 7. Step 3 - Right Leg: thisted is basically the exact same as the previous one. Just on the next, make and cover the lake and took a compass cuff into protective towels. Race that meat and collect exfoliant. Starting on the car. Vigorous described the entire league thoroughly. - Be careful on the spot that your hands don't go too far up and risk making your clients uncomfortable. - Get a warm, damp complex and remove the product's skin should be a healthy pink from the stimulation. Dry up the name, dust off the first and roll the plastic sheet will tell and lower the leg gently onto the clean surface, supporting the knee and not allowing the leg to flop. Yeah, if your client feels comfortable enough for you to exfoliated bum, there would be easier for them to turn onto. This stomach would only expose the bomb and not their whole body to help them feel comfortable with treatment. Next, we can move on to the stomach 8. Step 4 - Abdomen: in this state. We're moving on to the stomach. It's important to note the ways we can make client feel comfortable with this treatment by protecting their modesty folder. Tell up to keep the Brits covered. Then for the bottom, tell down to just below the bikini line. Take accomplished half over to protect both your towels and the underwear bikini. You can't X foley int and apply to the stomach and vigorous, tight circular movements. You want to be firm without being too rough and possibly bruising the internal organs. - Note the different movements used to get a thorough treatment result. Use a warm, damp compress to remove the scrub, especially from the belly button. - Look at the nice healthy pink glow, dry the abdomen off and cover your clients after this will be moving on to the right arm. How your arm's feeling, by the way. 9. Step 5 - Right Arm: this'll. One gets a bit trickier with regards to modest and comforts. Fold the towels up to expose the arm while still keeping the clients brace covered. You may need to adjust the towels and tuck them under the armpit. Took a company's cost to protect your towels and double up as a modesty protector. Get some exfoliator, then pick up the hand and apply the scrub all the way down the arm support they handed all times. This is meant to be a relaxing treatment, and you don't want your client. I have to hold their own armor when , during the forearm, you can rest the over on the plentiful support. Pay attention to the hand individual fingers you can see here. My client was not relaxing, and you'll encounter that quite often. They're relaxed in stuffing up. Then relax again. Lift the arm happen, supported at the elbow. To exfoliate the underside of the upper arm and the arm pit. Place the arm back onto the plan to get a warm, damp cloth. To remove the scribe residue. Start by removing the script on the hands forearm in the upper arm. Remember to support the arm throughout this process. Place the arm over your client here to avoid putting it on the meaty plants. Dry off the arm in role at the past. Ical towels? Yeah. Have you felt how soft and lovely your own hands feel bad. Now, now, imagine that feeling on your whole body. 10. Step 6 - Left Arm: here, we'll see the left arm being smoothed up from a different angle to help discern exactly how to scrub the arm. Confidently folded towels after expose the arm, but not your kind. Modesty took in a conference. Cough being collects crab and a party of clients arm. Remember to support the arm by grasping their hand gently but firmly as you do vigorous circular movements over the hand and arm. We're going to speed this up, so don't get too bored. It's quite a nice angle to see all the aspect of arm exfoliation. - Collect a warm, damp class to gently removed experience. Remember to check between the fingers for any stray particles. Dry off the arm and place it over the kind. Stayed out of the Mason Sweb. Fold up past ical tiles and cover your client again. Keep strong. We're almost done. Just that. The quality and back left before we look at some yummy Scrabble speeds to try 11. Step 11 - Decollete: moving on to the deck quality. It's important to note how delicate skin is you. Slightly more water to soften the scribe Granules to avoid hurting client and ST starting their skin. First, we'll expose the upper part of the chest. If your client is comfortable with us and it's important to ask, you can also expose the breast and the step. You can simply ask, Would you like me to expropriate your full test or just the upper parts? It puts the choice in their hands. And when they hear you asking a confident and professional manner, most people will say can go ahead. Of course, with most men, this isn't usually something you need to worry about, and it can go ahead and scrap the whole chest. Talking accomplished cough. You can clearly see how soil that's a really gotten from scrub applied, describe gently and do sweeping motions and small circles. If you were doing the whole chest, you would include large, so called around the areola. Never scrub over the nipples to avoid hurting your clients. This is a good opportunity to scrap under the arms along the sides to remain described with a warm, damp cough. Rolling the warm cloth over the quality is incredibly soothing and relaxing. Remember to be careful of the clients modesty during this process, - dry off and remove the tucked, complex car, being careful not to scatter scribe rays of you everywhere. Next, we'll move on to the final practical exfoliation process. 12. Step 8 - Back: back. Exfoliation is very popular, and sometimes your client may request only a back scrub and knew of a full body script. In that case, they would laugh face down with only the back exposed if you were to do the buttocks, too, as mentioned and Step three. Then you would first start with explosive made bomb and exfoliating day, covering it up and exposing the back separately. You'll never have your client lying stockers on your plans. When you have finished with the quality and structure kinds of, hold the towel to the chaste and to set up since they'll be holding the towel, they'll have to use purely stomach muscle strength to pull the body up, so you'll need to assist as much as possible by placing your arm under the upper back and helping to left. They can lean forward onto their knees for comforts, gets grab and start in the upper back. I'm sure your arms are tired by now, but it's time for the final push. - Did more scrub and exfoliate the lower back. You may need to police Andy's opportunity bottom slightly lower for a more comprehensive treatments, - get a damp, warm cuff and thoroughly removed. All expose it residue. - You can clearly see where got a healthy circulation going and where the less stimulated and therefore paler areas are. The pale areas may indicate a blockage of some sort. Black, very tense muscles dry off using brushing movements to remove any remaining salt or grits. Then roll out the plastic toweling Oscar kinds of left up on the count of three and pull the plastic out. Discard and help you climbed lay down again. A nice ad attach would be to offer shower facilities for your client to get rid of any extra residue you may have missed. A great follow up treatment would be a full body wrap or even a massage or cupping treatments. 13. Final Project Reminder & Aftercare Advice: we're in the homestretch. What have you thought about the treatments? How amazing you soft your hands right now before we move on to the fun part with D I wide square brace speeds some reminders about your final project. Don't forget there's a step by step checklist to download with all the info on house performing exfoliation treatments. Next, we'd love for you to upload some pics of you performing scrub and off the awesome scrubby make boring US point to come up with your own recipe for us to try using the ingredients we discussed in the first lesson. Download the client feedback form for them to fill in and let us know what they think about having uber smooth and glowing skin being down there. The therapist feedback form for you to complete and let us know how soft your hands are and how saw your arm muscles where? Don't forget to upload them both for us to have a look at next. We have some important bastard. Tell our clients and ourselves after an exfoliation treatments. If your exfoliation has extended to the face, then avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours, there will be little to prevent it from blocking your pores and or aggravating the center. Tagen. Drink plenty of water. Your body has basically been through a workout and requires hydration. You've removed a layer of skin, increased circulation and skin. Seen stars Asian for a short while, so avoid sun exposure and heating up too much for a while. Exposing the saints test skin to the sun may result in pigmentation, which is a mission, if not impossible, to get rid off for the same reasons you want to avoid shaving or waxing for a few days. It'll hurt, and you run the risk of getting a nasty rash in the process. After a full body, exfoliation is the base time to indulge in a body wrap or serum for maximum product penetration and effect. Although it feels amazing, this kind of intense exfoliation own you recommended once every two weeks. Dry body brushing can be done multiple times a week on problem areas like the 1000 Bando, and we're finally ready to move on to some cool recipes 14. DIY Recipes: the's next year. Recipes have been tried and tested by yours truly, and these images off them on my urn. The banana cream script, this super luxurious and smells amazing. Being a sugar space script. It's quite first town for both the body and the face. The ingredients are easy to come by and make a great smoothing polish. Mashup the banana, then add the cream and vanilla. Mix in the sugar in the nutmeg and enjoy the banana rice grab looks and sounds fancier than it is. Ground up the rast years to desired level of grit. Remember, the coarser it is doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work well at the mashed banana and coconut milk and mixed. You'll need to use the scrub within a few days, otherwise that grass becomes mushy. The cucumber cheer scrub is decadent. Blame the cucumber, Shia Better and Casteel served together. Then add the sultan cheer, seeds and mix. You'll need to use the scrub within a few days to avoid the chia seeds becoming stocky, a word of warning about cucumbers. Scrubs. The smell of cucumber is overwhelming and actually put me off eating them for a few months short. and sweet cucumber soda scrub is grateful back acne and other areas prone to breakouts. It's too coarse for the face, though. For those who don't really like the more flowery or fruity scents, this script is for you. I grabbed my own coffee beans with my Nutribullet, leaving my house smelling amazing at the dry ingredients together. Then first the carrier oil, then the essential oils. This would be a good scrub to use on daily, life prone areas to finally, we have a straight up silly like buster scrub. When using it, make sure you rub until the skin isn't even pink color with none of the patch Innis, we saw my kinds back. We want to stimulate the circulation everywhere to help treat cellulite, and that's it. Please don't forget to add a photo of your own scribe concoction using the guidelines laid out in the first lesson. Look out for the next course on body wraps, which will tie and well with this one. Remember to leave a review and our hope is course served you well and boy your personal and professional life. Cheers to Sochi Smith skin