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Yadah Hagemann, Mastering This "Beauty Thing"


Yadah Hagemann, Mastering This "Beauty Thing"

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12 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introductory Trailer

    • 2. Basic Anatomy

    • 3. Contraindications & Precautions

    • 4. Featured Massage Techniques

    • 5. Step 1 - Effleurage

    • 6. Step 2 - Ironing Along Large Intestine

    • 7. Step 3 - Circular Fist Kneading Along Large Intestine

    • 8. Step 4 - Picking Up Obliques

    • 9. Step 5 - Petrissage in 4 Lanes

    • 10. Step 6 - Double-Handed Petrissage

    • 11. Step 7 - Final Effleurage & Solar Plexus Pressure

    • 12. Final Project Reminder

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About This Class


A stomach massage is amazing for:

  • Helping to treat digestive issues
  • Relaxing the colonic muscles
  • Helping to dislodge and push along colon contents
  • Relieving tummy pain and tension
  • Improving overall digestive function

So if you or someone you know struggles with constipation or bloating, this is the course for you.

The 7 steps are covered individually with two camera angles to make sure you learn exactly how to do each technique with confidence.

Taught by a qualified lecturer in the spa & wellness industry, this mini-massage is suitable for beginners through to advanced therapists.

Go on, treat yourself - sweet tummy relief in 7 steps.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yadah Hagemann

Mastering This "Beauty Thing"


Hello, I'm Yadah!

I studied my butt off at an epic private college and racked up as many qualifications in the industry as possible. Then I spread my wings for a while, working in the spas on cruise ships before heading back home to pursue my real passion - education.

To me the spa & beauty industry isn't about fluffy superficial crap; it's about genuinely helping your clients have a better and healthier life.

I've worked directly with spas and salons, helping to improve the level of education of therapists at a one-on-one level. I've worked in multiple internationally accredited colleges and was even granted the opportunity to examine alongside a representative of the best of the best - CIDESCO.
After being offered the opportunity to open my own college by ... See full profile

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1. Introductory Trailer: stomach massage is amazing for helping to treat digestive issues. It helps relax the Kalanick muscles, helps dislodge and natural long colon contents. It helps relieve tummy pain, intention and improved overall digestive function. So if you summon, you know, struggles with constipation and bloating, this is the course for you. The seven states are covered individually with two camera angles to make sure you learn exactly how to do it. Technique with competence or you need for this course, is a willing human parents on a beta comfy couch, a tower through its protector, clients close the modesty and a massage medium. I suggest a light oil like cold Chris great to eat oil or a nice warming oil blend, helping clients with that uncomfortable, painful tummy. With this course taught by myself, a qualified elector with 10 years experience in the spa and wellness industry go on treatise off Sweet Tummy Relief and Seven Steps 2. Basic Anatomy: Welcome to the first listen. Your course in this lesson will be covering the skeletal system on the abdomen, the musculature of the abdomen. The digestive system will be working on that. The circulatory system such as the veins and arteries, the lymphatic system as in the nodes and ducts, and a basic overview of the skin. The skeletal system other area will be working on consists of the flat bones, sternum or breastbone, ribs and pelvis, and irregular bones of the lumber vertebra in the lower back. The's born functions include structural support for the body structural protection movement . Obviously, mineral storage and blood cell formation The muscular system will be working on involves skeletal muscles as well as smooth muscles of the abdominal organs. Elite muscle functions include movements, maintenance of posture, joint stabilization and he generation more muscle. The more energy more heats, smooth muscle functions include regulating diameter veins and arteries, pushing the content within the organ, like pushing food through and taste stance and pushing the content out of the body. I'm sure you can use your imagination there. The digestive system is our main focus with this massage, and you'll be working primarily on the small and large intestines. Digestive functions of the stomach includes temporary storage of injustice through chemical digestion by secreted enzymes and hydrochloric acid. Mechanical breakdown of food into smaller bits but turning through muscular contraction. Limited absorption of nutrients the faint against microbes As the acid kills, many ingested bacteria. Preparation for the absorption of iron stomach controlled the passage of ingested food into the small, intense stand and the secretion of gastric. Just the functions of the small intestines include onward movement of ingesting food, secretion of intestinal juice, chemical digestion through enzymes, protection from my curbs, secretion of hormones and the most important, 90% of nutrient absorption. The large intestine is 6.5 centimeters wide and 1.5 meters long, which is really big and why massages so being official Digestive functions include absorption of sodium water and minerals. Absorption of vitamins produced by the bacteria present to compact the contents and move it along until it could be expelled from the body. The circulatory system includes the blood vessels, which are arteries carrying blood away from the heart veins carrying blood to the heart and capillaries. The bridge between the two The system also includes the blood within these vessels. Blood functions include transport of gases, protection through antibodies and Lucas sites, and regulation on both pH and water balance within the body. The lymphatic system includes the lymph vessels like the doctor capillaries, and the lump itself within. Those vessels will primarily be focused on the sister and Kylie. And the England Alnotes sanction of length includes faltering often tastes. No fluid from tissues on returning into the blood, absorbing lipids or fats from the intestines, and transporting into the blood and producing lymphocytes which defend the body against disease. And finally, the Antegren entry system. Will the skin, which contains AP Demas Demas and hyper governments, or subcutaneous layer Hey particles, sweet plans, blood vessels and nerves. The AP Durmus is the surface that we see and generally consists off four layers, except for in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Whether is a flare stratum, lucid Um, or clear layer, which specifically reduced instruction and AIDS and waterproof functions of the skin include being a protection against general injury waterproofing by limiting water from seeping through the skin in or out, allowing perspiration to be excreted, aiding us imprudent down through evaporation. Secrete ing Ciba More oil to keep our skin supple, absorbing vitamin D through sunlight and the skin contains multiple nerves for touch and feel purposes. Answered concludes a basic overview of abdomen and what it's made up, which will help you get the base stomach massage fastball. 3. Contraindications & Precautions: in this lesson will be looking at the general guidelines for winter massage or not massage clients. Country indication means you should not match larger kinds at all if they have any tumors or unrecognisable lumps on or in the abdomen. If there are any obvious infections, you don't want to risk spreading the infection, possibly something onto yourself. If there are any cuts, severe bruising or information, it would be painful to your clients. But cautions indicate that a certain amount of caution and common sense is required some common concerns to be aware of. If your client is currently menstruating, it's likely to be uncomfortable for her to receive a stomach massage pregnancy. Although massages, great pregnancy and alarming rate of pregnancies don't make it past the first trimester and blames unfairly and often put on massage. It's up to you to decide whether or not you want massive clients in this goes trimester. But bear in mind emotional kind. Maybe you, if something goes wrong with your pregnancy, minor bruising and low class swelling, would probably own your quiet that you avoid that area. Be sure to ask you kind about any that you see what degree of sensitivity with scar tissue , it may need paint on how new it is. Any major Scottish. You should be avoided for at least six months to ensure the healing process isn't interrupted. Massaging around skull will aid the heating Percy's so use your discretion and remember to consult with your clients about it. In the case of diabetes, your client may not be able to feel if you're prison to pod. Any injury could take longer to heal. To be careful and exercise good hygiene practices to ensure they aren't injured and don't require infections as this massive boxes on digestive system. What kind of suffering from diarrhoea? You'll want to wait until they're fully recovered before doing this massage. Not only would it be very uncomfortable for them otherwise, but you would like it exactly the situation. Any herniation prison would be painted have worked on avoid the area completely and recommended to see a doctor. Communication is vital. Parts of crises us kind. Open questions about anything you see or feel if it any stage you're unsure about whether or not to proceed, rather be safe than sorry treatments 4. Featured Massage Techniques: before you can learn the massage, it is important to understand and practice stick techniques which will be used in his lesson, will go over. Three Casco Swedish massage techniques will be using the stomach massage if garage deriving from the French word meaning to skim over Petrus AJ from the French word meaning to and sections, which are actually a subheading for Petra Osage but listed as a separate range of Paschal movements. If the Russians performed the full Palmer surface and is used to apply massage Medium introduced their posts. Touch link massage movements, Susan area and end off the mass or sequence. The effects of garage movements include improving circulation, which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the area. AIDS the skin healing for improved circulation on elasticity, aids and removing dead skin cells suit sentry nerves, thereby inducing relaxation. Peter Sands follows the shape of the muscle and is the most popular mass are used. It warms the area. Being worked increases circulation Loki in the area being worked and enable stiffness and muscles to be released. Petra Sarge improves the circulation off both blood and lymph in the area. Relieves muscle fatigue, relaxes muscle find a street warms, created, helps relieve aches and pains, and eight in the abduction of excess fluid. Frictions are applied with fingertips or palm pressures, localized and completely released before moving on to the next treatment area. Frictions are used to apply deep pressure to an area of concern and to release station on the muscles, tendons and joints. Frictions breakdown adhesions in the muscles. Relieve pain caused by NOX. Intention. Relax, tension and muscle fibers. Reduced fibre, sickening and formation of skin lesions increases joint mobility. Loosened Scottish reduces localized and increases both blood and limbs circulation in the area. By understanding the effects of the different massage techniques, it will be easier for you to understand and explain to your clients benefits Theo. 5. Step 1 - Effleurage: step in the stomach massage is called ifl araj. This movement has both the beginning and end of your massage and introduces your clients your touch. You can follow along in your step by step guide, although in this video you'll see me standing on the client's left. Inside this massage, it's usually done from the rights. Apply or chosen massage medium to your hands and rub them to give it to warm it up a bit. Then place your fingers on the stomach directly above the panty line. Slide your hands up for me to below the sternum, pressing into the solar plexus, then follow the ribs down and around under the back. Present firmly upwards on the muscles along the spine. Slide back along the waste of the obliques back to the starting point and repeat twice more . Here is the same movement from the therapist perspective, practicing if garage and one of your friends or family. You can choose to take a video now and uploaded to your class project, or you can complete the course and take a full video afterwards. 6. Step 2 - Ironing Along Large Intestine: next, we'll be doing Palmer lining along the Largent's hiss time thistles. The initial Wake up to your digestive system, Place your left hand on top of your right hand and use the full surfaced iron along the large intestine lung. Broad strokes starting a Sikh, um, and moving up the side of the abdomen to just below the ribs, adjusting direction and sliding under the rib cage across the abdomen. Adjusting direction and sliding back down the abdomen to above the hip bone and then, at a diagonal to the central point of the pencil line, pressed firmly, then slide. Likely back to seek, um, and repeat twice. Here is the same mining movement from the therapist perspective. Remember, if you're standing on the client's right, movements are still the same as they are based on the location of the organs. Practice signing on a friend or family member until you're comfortable with envisioning the large intestine. Need your hands. You can choose to take a video to upload to your class project now, or wait until you're finished the course to take a full video upload afterwards. 7. Step 3 - Circular Fist Kneading Along Large Intestine: This next movement follows the same path as the one before with a slight variation. This is a former frictions, as the Fister's used to perform deep circular movements along the large intestine. Fold your right hand into a loose first with a family outside and cup your left hand over the top for support. Following the previous path, place your fist on the Sikkim and, gently a rotator dressed in circular motions along the large intestine. Once you've reached the left, tips like firmly at a diagnosed to the same drop points above the panty line, then slide likely back to the sea. Come and repeat twice more. Here is the same movement from the therapist perspective, - this movement is incredibly important. A. The function off that Argentine style during the circular movements, slowly and deeply to activate the smooth muscle contractions pushing the Clinton too long, you can choose Take a video now to upload to your class project. We'll wait until you've competed course and upload a full video 8. Step 4 - Picking Up Obliques: next will be picking up their obliques in an alternating sequence using both hands. Alternatively, reach under the back of the clients left hand side of the waste and pull upwards and inwards towards the right. Do this six times, then reach over to the client right hand side and do the same, pulling upwards and inwards towards the left. Here's the same sense of movements from the therapist. Perspective practices movements on a friend or family. Linda. Until you feel confident, you can choose to record yourself now to upload your class project or wait until you've completed the course and upload a full video. 9. Step 5 - Petrissage in 4 Lanes: as he finished, the oblique pickups will transition into first ringing and four lanes towards you, then needing back along those four lanes away from you to ring, you need to imagine the Pac Man game. You'll be using your thumb and forefingers. Alternatively, pick up the tissue and release as the other hand does the same. Do this and four lands towards you, starting at the hip and moving upwards to below the rib cage from the rib cage down to just above the pencil line on the other side of the belly button. Bring upwards to below the ribs being down abdomen towards the help. Next will do. Needing back along the same four lanes with both hands fully flat on the body, open your right hand forming out shape with family fingers. Push that hand away from you while simultaneously pulling your left hand towards you, forcing your right thumb and in your town. Close your right hand and open leg tendons. Now push away with your legs, can't and simultaneously pulled towards you with your right hand reporting. Live them underneath the right hand. Close your left hand and repeat whilst following the four lanes. Bring back towards itself and need away from yourself. One small here is ringing a new data showing from a perspective, - really needing are two of the most popular forms of picture Sarge and can be translated on to various parts of the body practices movement on a friend or family member until you nailed it because of your plans. Massage other parts of the body. You'll be using this technique a lot. You can choose to take a video now and upload it to your class project or wait until you finish the course and implode a completed video. 10. Step 6 - Double-Handed Petrissage: snakes movement is exactly the same as the needing movement from before, with a slight variation once, if needed away from yourself for the second time, you'll transition to double handed needing. Instead of controlling your needing to stay within, Boleyn will now cover the entire width of the abdomen with one stroke, working your way up to below the ribs and back down again before repeating. It was double headed, needing from the therapist food practices technique on a family member or friend, and we're comfortable with some movements. Remember, it's always the hand pushing away. It has some. You can choose to take a video of the movement now toe upload your cross project. Or you can wait until we've completed the course and upload afforded here then. 11. Step 7 - Final Effleurage & Solar Plexus Pressure: time for the final movements in the stomach massage. It should look familiar, since he started out with the right. In the beginning, this movement only has a slight variation, like in the beginning place of fingers on the stomach above the Penta line, slide your hands firmly to below the sternum and pressed into the solar plexus for a count of three. Follow the ribs down and around under the back and pressed firmly upwards on the muscles along the spine and council three. Slide back along the waste over the obliques and repeat twice more. Here is the final, if garage from the therapist perspective, - and that's it. How does it feel knowing you're able to give a great and effective stomach practice The full sequence focusing on making of transitions between movements smooth, different steps float together. Once you're fully confidence in your foursome, you still take a video and uploaded your passport. More on that in the finals 12. Final Project Reminder: you're finally finished. How does it feel? Putting all you've learned together might seem a bit daunting, but thankfully with the massage the short it doesn't take long for practice to the come perfection First, if you haven't already done so, then head on over to the class project section and download the three PDS. One of them's a descriptive, step by step instruction to help you remember Win and how to perform the various techniques . Next against take a video of yourself during the full massage. You only need to do each movement ones to try. Keep the video shorts. If you've been uploading many videos along the way, when you can skip the step completely, have your client with a friend or family complete the client feedback form and upload. It will take a photo of it and upload that we'd love to see what they have to say. Finally, complete the therapist feedback. Form yourself. Be honest, and she all your thoughts for others to take inspiration from uploaded. We'll take a photo and upload that, and that's it. Please remember to leave a review and are hopeless. New skill serves you well in your personal professional life.