HOW I got MY FIRST 25-Confessions of a New Teacher | David Henry | Skillshare

HOW I got MY FIRST 25-Confessions of a New Teacher

David Henry, Veteran Guitarist-Who wants to LEARN GUITAR?

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3 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction

    • My First 25

    • Conclusion and Final Thoughts


About This Class


Are you a new teacher on Skillshare? Are you wondering how you will ever reach the first mountain of 25 students? I was right there with you. I launched my first class just two weeks ago and it already has the needed 25 students.

In this class, I share with you my strategies for getting my first 25. I took the advice of others and followed the marketing strategies provided by Skillshare. They WORK! Come on in and see what I did. Maybe these will help you too. Thanks for enrolling. Here's to your success.   





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David Henry

Veteran Guitarist-Who wants to LEARN GUITAR?

David R. Henry is an amateur singer/song writer/guitarist/vocal coach/speech coach/freelance writer and published author who works and resides in Hong Kong with his lovely wife and wonderful eight year old son . He has been playing and teaching the acoustic guitar for over twenty-five years and is a regular live performer at the ferry pier on his local island estate.

He is a distance student of celebrity vocal coach Roger Burnley of Macy Gray/ Brandi fame. David has been invited to si...

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