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5 Videos ()
    • Introduction and a Quote

    • Questions for Reflection

    • A Glimpse into Creativity: Five Energies of the Physical Universe

    • A Story: Brainwaves and Finding Creative Space

    • Learn More about Creativity, Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence


About This Class


A quote from Bill Moyers: "Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous." That's where we will begin. I have thought about what it means for me. What does it mean for you? 

This class may be different than what you are expecting. While all of the material is valuable and relevant, it is not conventional. It will not necessarily solve any problems or challenges for you. But it may give you pause to consider how you might gain greater access to insights and inspirations from within yourself that will lead to unexpected possibilities you haven't thought about until now. 

Primary Links:

The Kaleidoscope Lenses website   

Emotional Intelligence Coaching (a description of the process)

The Creativity Kaleidoscope Lens (for purchase)

Creativity Lens Featured Excerpts (includes the 5 Energies...and Finding Creative Space)

The Future of Jobs from the World Economic Forum

Brainwave Music by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson on Amazon

The content:

1. Introduction and a quote on creativity
2. Questions for reflection
3. A glimpse into creativity via a description of five creative energies of the physical universe
4. A story from my coaching experience where a client said, "Okay. I know how to turn my phone off but how do I turn off my mind?"
5. Suggestions for learning more including having a conversation with Barbara

Two project suggestions for further exploring creativity within yourself and in your relationships.

This class is of value to all levels...beginner, intermediate, and advanced.





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Barbara Shipka

Coach, consultant, author, artist, mom

The stories, conceptual models, and photographs used in these classes come directly from Barbara’s  life experiences.

Barbara is touched by how the commonest of these life experiences are also the most exotic. Take parenting for example. Barbara is a single parent. She adopted her son, Michael, in Peru when he was just ten weeks old. Parenting has been a precious gift and powerful learning adventure into such emotional intelligence skills as patience, humilit...

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