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About This Class

Mike Ironboy here!

This course is all about learning awesome Muay Thai kickboxing combos that you can practice by yourself on the heavy bag! All you need is a bag and some gloves and lets get to work!!!


1. INTRO TO HEAVY BAG FOR MUAY THAI KICKBOXING: was going on, guys, My parable here and this course we're gonna be going. Or Sobel heavy backwards from my Thai kick. Boxing be showing you different combinations that you can do at home. We have a back at the gym trying to get that extra working. Let's have some fun. Let's get started. 2. CROSS, STEP LOW KICK: Welcome back, guys. This combination is gonna be a cross step low kick cross step low cake. When we do that cross, we can do it to the face. We can do it to the stomach. If you do it to the face or chest, they're gonna move further back. If you do to stomach your appointed, it's not gonna move as far now have using your bag. Then you gotta dig, gauge how far the bad goes. So if it goes really far, you ever swinging bag and it goes really far back. Well, you can step further if the bag doesn't go too far like this one. Then you can step to the foot. So again, cross step Kiki the step to the foot or step further, depending where the back or your target is. So right now we're gonna slow it down for you guys. Cross step cakes. Have you noticed this back doesn't really move back too much. So I just stepped to the foot and the fight. I'm trying to aim for their back, like, if they're the same stances me. So right now, my writing, if they're already trying to push them back as they step back, I'm tryingto hit their other leg. If there are leftie, then once they once they hit them, I can hit. Either the body can go a little bit higher or I can go for the inside leg. All right, so dependent on if the lefty already just trying to see what's opening, what's open and then just hit that part. This works a lot better for same stances. So I'm already it would work better against already. Or if they're Lefty and you're a lefty, they will work better against Lefty on Lefty because as soon as you punch them the ideas that you lean forward with your punch, you keep the momentum going. And then your case. Alright, guys, see you guys in the next video. 3. JAB, JAB, BODY CROSS, HOOK UP, LOW KICK: Welcome back, guys. Next come with jab, jab. Body cross. Hook up and locate. Jab, jab. Body cross hook up and then local. One more time. Jab, jab, body cross hook up and then located When we do that hook. When I put all their body weight on one leg and then smashed their leg with our low kick. So the slow it down here. Jab, jab. We can use that jab to jam their jabs. Have them come in. As soon as they come in. We're gonna go right under their punches with a body cross hook upstairs and then locates. So again, I jab, jab, cross the body hook, and then locate those jabs. Remember, I can use them. And two ways I can be tapping them. Or if there ah, taller pointing. I can be in using them to jam their jabs. So that way they're gonna have their job having that obstacle in the way because you're meeting their job halfway. And then And then a soon as they come in with other punches, we're gonna go right under their punches when across the belly, gonna hook upstairs, put their body weight on one leg and then smash their leg with RV. Your kick. So again, jab, jab, Cross downstairs hook and then locate. Hope you guys enjoyed the videos and see you guys in the next video. 4. BODY JAB X2, FAKE, HOOK UP, LOW KICK: Alright, guys. So this combination is gonna be jab to the body, jab to the body, fake that job hook upstairs and then kicked the length again. Japs the body jab to the body. Fake hook upstairs, kicked to the leg. You don't have to job two times. You can job one time. You can job three times. The idea is to get our opponents aware of that body job. So then that way we can fake it coming with that hook, cut the distance with that hook and then go for a strong low kick. Now we're going to slow it down for you guys here. I stepped with one leg as I stepped with one leg and makes it easier for me to go and come back. So I stepped with one. Like now when I do my fake extended job just slightly extend the job just like me, I bend my legs, I hook upstairs and then I jumped right to the side that we I'm not running from my point, and it makes it hard for them to hit me. Also helps me set up my locate right away. Since I'm already jumped suicide and angling my body. So again, jab to the body two times fake hook upstairs and then low kick. Also, we do that hook, you're pushing your opponent towards that side, which makes it easier for you to land that that, like cake. If you're writing going to use the right leg, If your left you're gonna use your left leg, the hooks gonna be with the same hand. So you're gonna be faking with the same hand. All the punches ring out, are with the same hand against stepping with one leg, bringing it back. And then after that, faking during our hook upstairs and then locate downstairs is a really good combination to cut the distance. I recommend doing this combination, especially as a counter meaning we're waiting for our opponents to throw punches upstairs. We go right under their punches, we hit the body and then after that, we're gonna do it as an offense. We're gonna fake it, broke upstairs, cut the distance and then cake downstairs with our local. It's a great combination. One of my favorites I've used there's a lot against tall fighters and is a very effective combination against all fighters. 5. BODY CROSS X2, FAKE, OVERHAND, KICK: Alright, guys, combination is gonna be cross the body across the body. We're gonna be faking that cross over hand and then kick that kicking me to the legs that kicked me to the body. You can use either your lead leg or your rear, like so again going to be doing across the body across the body and a fake that cross over here and upstairs and then kicks right now, I use my real like instead of my lead leg. Depending on where you're pointing is you can do even a step kick if you're putting goes back a switch cake of your POTUS stays in place. Or just use your reelect. So going across the body across the body and stepping only when one foot that way makes it easier for me to come back fast. Non affect I seen here and the same hand is gonna fake. And I kind of extended a little bit. I over here and then I do my cake again. I can kick the back leg. I can kick the front of the front like with my rear, like remember your kick or I can kick the body, depending what's open right now. Just try to be creative here on the bag where you really need to focus on mostly is just that over here and across the body, across the body Faith overhand and then kick again. Guys, if you're doing this against a taller fighter, make sure that you tryto Haytham meaning as soon as you as soon as they come in with their attack, you go right under with your cross. We're trying really have them be aware off the across the bodies. Then that way we fake it or hands go down slightly, and then we can come with our over here and right into their face. And, of course, as soon as we land that overhand, they're gonna be heard. They're gonna be aware again over the over him, to the face. And then it's going to leave something else open. Whatever is open, we're just gonna kick it again. So we're gonna be going again, crosses the body across the body, stepping one foot fake ID, book upstairs and then kick. You can kick with either of your likes. Just try to be creative and, of course, in the fight, try to see what's open and kick that part that's open 6. LOW KICK X2, FAKE, CROSS, STEP LOW KICK: Welcome back, guys. In this combination, we're gonna be doing a low cake. Little cake. Gonna fake that low cake, Cross step cake, lo cake again. Low kick. Fake that low cake cross and then step kicks was a fast combination that will help you do a faking Cut the distance very fast. Fake it cross and a step kick. So right now, we're going to slow it down for you here. So I'm gonna be doing a little cake. I'm gonna go one more time again for that same low cake. We're looking for them to block. So I say, for example, the block here, the watch my back leg and they do Kind of like a little a little stutter step. I started step. I put my hand to the side. My right hand is gonna go sideways to make it look real. I started stepped across, I stepped and kicked the other leg. So low cake lo cake stutter step with a fake cross in cake. You don't have to kick two times. All we're looking for is for our borders to block as soon as you see there. Appointments blocking wall. It's time to fake. If somebody is blocking something, it means that they're aware of it. If they're aware of it, what that means. You can also fake it and then do something else. In this case, we're gonna fake that local by doing that stutter step by putting her hand to the side like we're actually kicking and then stepping in rapidly with our cross. You can do that cross right to the face or even right to the chest. And after that you can step and kick, depending how far they move. You can do a step kick, or if they don't move too far, you can do a switch. Cake depends on where the fight is going. There's a really effective combination again for color fighter, especially killing the legs. And after that, faking that low cake doing that cross upstairs or to the chest and then after that step inning, cutting the distance. Want more time if they move back and doing in kicking the other leg with that step kick. Our guys hope you guys enjoying the videos. See you guys in the next video 7. TEEP X2, FAKE, JAB, LOW KICK: All right, guys, this combination is gonna be to TIFs either to the legs or to the body. When I faked that steep and then Jap locate to tips. Fake that cheap jab, locate, go more time to TIFs, fake that steep job and locate that job. Doesn't have to be hard. You can really just put that job really fast out there. Can I look a little slap? But that locate you can really, really hurt right now Are you trying to do is be tricky with that fake. And of course, as soon as you do that job upstairs is gonna have them thinking off that job, and then you locate. So let's slow down here. I do. My two TIFs not gonna fake it. Just put in my knee up. All right? There. My job. Really fast, quick jab. And then go to the side and locate as we go to the side, we're gonna be out of the way of our pointing straight punches. So it's important that you go right to the side again when we do a low cake, we want to do a drop step. So when we do, it drops that we Ben are leg and are hell is flower or foot is flat and that will make a good and strong low cake, of course, turned your shoulder, extend your arm and then that way you have a strong low cake. So again, two teams here and I faked that deep, quick Jap upstairs and kick that jab again. Doesn't have to be hard. Could be a really fast lap, but that locate can really be hard. So again, two teams here been a fake ID jab and low cake again to TIFs and it fake it by putting your knee up quick jab and then low cake. It's a very simple combination, but one of my favorite combinations it works. Ah, lot of the time again. Be quick with that jab. Could be a fast lap and then slammed that low cake mature heels on the ground and make sure you get out of the line of the straight punches of your opponent. Alright, guys, hope you guys enduring the videos. So you guys nice video 8. TEEP X2, LEAD SUPEMAN PUNCH, STEP LOW KICK: all right, that's what. This comedy, she's gonna be two tips that can beat the stomach or to lay. After that, we're gonna fake that deep with a lead. Superman stepped. Locate to TIFs lead to Conan Punch step, locate. Two tips. Leads. Superman punch step low cake. So all this goes in one momentum that leads Superman punch is gonna be your momentum to go right into the cake As soon as you land, you're already kicking, so let's slow it down over here. I'm gonna be doing to TIFs right here. You can do to a leg or to the chest or the stomach. After that, we're gonna be faking it with the Superman punch. You're gonna be punching with your front hand eye system. I like back. I step in cakes. Have you noticed? As soon as I stepped down my kicks already going in so again to keeps, then lead Superman punch can be punching with your lead hand as you're hopping forward. It's gonna also help you cut some distance and then go to the side. Get out of the way of your pointing straight punches by going to the side. And then in a strong locate all in one momentum. So again, cheap T then Superman punch and then kick. It's gonna be with your lead hand. Guys, lead hand That lead leg is gonna be going back If you if you want you can go back to the slow motion part and see how the lead like was back As I hop forward with my real life Cut that distance as soon as I stepped And then my low kick like under legs So again cheap Theeb need a hand It's gonna be the one doing that Superman Punch Hoping is enjoying the videos. Stay tuned for the next video. 9. LEG TEEP X2, FAKE, THAI SUPERMAN PUNCH, LOW KICK: Alright, guys is gonna be an advanced combination to tips the leg fake tile, Superman punch and locate to teach the leg Fake tile, Superman punch and low cake to teach the leg when a fake that deep ties Superman punch and then locate. So if you notice actually don't turn the foot too much for that type of man punch. So I can really chamber that cross remand that cross with power As soon as I learned that cross with power. Then I go right for the Rex by jumping to the size of slow down over here to teach the leg . They're gonna fake that teapot putting me up, Step forward. I don't turn my first of the nose and my foot is not completely turned already. Shame. With my hand ready for that cross. I slammed that cross nice and strong. And then I go to the side and go for our local. So there's a very, very tricky combination is a very advanced combination. I'll take some time for you guys to get it down, but once you get it down, there's one combination that can really really help you get close to your appointed and be super tricky because they don't know what you're doing right now. Where you gonna be hitting them? Because there's so many fakes, there's pretty much actually to fakes. One is gonna be off that deep. And then inside your combination, you're actually pretty much faking that cake because you're not turning all the way. If they're trying to cash that kick, there's a very good combination to do when somebody's trying to catch your cake. What you do is you don't turn it all the way, just kind of turn it a little bit and then bring it back and assumes to put their hand down to cash that cake, gonna slam them with across right down the middle. And after that, of course, you go right back down to the likes. It's a very effective combination because you're hitting different targets. And again, you're using multiple face inside the combination. So again, to TIFs to the leg after they're gonna fake that cheap. Gonna go upstairs with that fake kick by tapping crossed on the middle and then locate Hi, guys. Stay tuned. The next video. Yeah, 10. JAB, SWITCH FAKE, CROSS, STEP LOW KICK: are you guys gonna be an advanced combination? Jab switch. Fake cross step low cake. So again, jab, switch fake. Cross that low cake jab, switch fake Cross that locate if you're a lefty. Gonna be is already. If you're writing, you're gonna be as a lefty for that Cross was soon as we do that job gonna fake are kick by just switching our feet And then after gonna send across and then step locate. So slow it down for you guys here a job. I switch, I cross instead of the kick. And after that, I stepped to the side and locate. If you're leftie, you're gonna be ready. If you have any again, you're gonna be a lefty for that one second on a stud. Locate Jeb. Switch fake cross and step low cake. But there's a really good combination. Especially if you're trying to fake your aborning now and cut that distance. Of course, the bagged or this bag is not moving back too far, so you just have to gauge the distance. But that cross you can really lunch lunch yourself forward and cut that This is with that cross. And of course, take a bigger step in cutting distance again with that locate but again, always judge your distance and see where the fight is taking you. And that's where your foot words should take you if you go too far in or you're gonna get jammed up and if you don't go far enough, then you won't be able to hit your opponent. Well, because in during the videos and see you guys in the next video. 11. LOW KICK X2, DOUBLE KICK: Alright, guys, just get fancy where they were going to go for a low cake, low cake and then double cake again. Lo cake, low kick and then double kick. This combination is fancy. I want to call it fancy but tricky combination. Sancho uses his combination a lot to be tricky and to cut that this is a well. If you can go forward the first kick. You don't have to turn all the way, but that second cake you can really turn your hip. It's match that second cake, so you'll notice. Here I did. My low cake over trying to do is get are pointing to be aware of our low kick, either by blocking on getting or getting out of the way. After this are being aware I don't turn my hip all the way. I'm kind of just tapping the leg. But then that second kick turn my hip and really smashed that second cake. If you're flexible enough, you can hit the head or you can just go for the arm so again, too low kicks and then after a double kick. So I now again you can do to locate zor one, locate or 10 locates whatever you want over trying to do as having our opponent be aware off our technique over attack. And after that, we can fake that attack. In this case, we're doing a tricky combination. Which is gonna be our double cake is a very fast combinations to try to do this as fast as you can. Just remember, the first low cake of the first cake is you don't have to turn your hip all the way. Just want it to happen out there. But that second kick send them right right away. It's all about hit motions. I really want to be turning your hips as fast as you can, especially because you're gonna be in there and you do not want to be caught up in midair. Our guys hope you guys enjoy the videos and see you guys in the next video. 12. SET UP, SPEAR ELBOW, CLINCH, KNEES: Welcome back, guys. In this combination is gonna be a set up spear, elbow, clinch and knees. That set up is for the back or appointing to come in, commit to their attack, and then we're going to cut the distance at the same time. But also coming with a spear. Opal, clinch up and then knees so that set up you can do it in any way you can do with your teeth . You could do with your punches. You're looking for the bag or you're appointing to come in. And as soon as they come in, you're gonna be coming in as well with your spirit. Double lead, spear elbow. Then after clinch right away and then the right now slowing it down. I'm using my teeth to set them up. The back comes in, I spear, I'll go down the middle, I clinch. I need I need. So what this is going to do is change the dimension off the fight from a striking to a clinching the mention. There's different distances, of course. So if you have a long distance, you have your cakes. If you have ah, medium distance, you have your punches and knees if you have a short distance Now you have your elbows and even shorter. This is of course. Now you have your clinch. So you gotta learn how to use all off the distances. In this case, we're trying to bait them to come in. We're trying to be a are appointed to come in right now. Have you noticed? Started doing jobs to the body, really? Pushing them back, pushing them back. And then as they come in, you can use any type of set up. You're just trying to look for the back to swing back and forth as the bag is coming towards you. You're gonna walk in, cut that. This is at the same time, and then you're gonna up with down the middle. So not only are you walking income in the distance, but you're also landing an attack A very strong intact, which is your elbows, and even stronger since they're coming in. I just hope you guys enjoying the videos and see you guys in the next video 13. CROSS, BODY SHOT, SAME SIDE ELBOW, SPEAR ELBOW: combat guys. This combination is gonna be cross body shots. Same side, side elbow, spear, double cross body shot, same side to side elbow, spear elbow. So I'm cutting the distance with that cross coming in. And this is even more with my body shot. Now, same hand as I'm doing, the body shot is gonna come up, do a side elbow, and then the other arm is gonna be doing our spear. Oppose list. Lord, down here, I'm kind that this is when my cross I'm using that footwork as well at the same time. So do my cross. I used the footwork to come in for that body shot same hand as the party shot is gonna be doing the sign elbow. Then after that, the other arm is gonna be doing this spear double. It's a beautiful combination, because as soon as you land, that body shot a lot, but we're gonna be bring the arm down or I'll go a little bit down. And then you command that elbow as you cut the distance right at the top. As soon as you learned that elbow on that sign, then they're gonna move their hand. One more time to try to cover, and then you can land the spirit double right down the middle. Even if they guard, you can break the card with the Spear album. There's a very aggressive combination and very effective combination. Hope you guys enjoying the videos and see you guys in the next video. 14. 5 LONG DISTANCE TECHNIQUES: All right, guys, that person's gonna beat that running teeth or bicycle kick. This technique covers lots of distance. You want to make sure you switch your feet up in the air as soon as you land you on the land, your foot on the target or on the bag. In this case, you can use both of your legs you can use the momentum. Were like for the real, like, usually go further if you start with rear leg number two guys is gonna be that step, kick way. Do double step, use a thick, cut the distance and then when we are at the right distance way, we could take it to the next level and use a switch cake. We do. That switch kick is gonna be a lot trickier for your opponent. Instead of kicking. Went to the stutter step, cut the distance as we go forward with that double step and then kick at the right distance . Number four is gonna be using that hopping team we use the hopping TP can do it two ways. One just coming that this is right away and then kicking. Or we can use an angle by doing a hook, pushing the back side or appointing to the side and then taking. So make sure you practice both on forward kicking and also ain't going out with that lead home. And number five guys gonna be that cross. That Jake is a very strong and aggressive kick can use the momentum of the cross with leaning forward. And as we use the momentum going to step and then kick, you don't always have to land that cross, but make sure you practice both landing and not landing. 15. 3 SWITCH KICK FAKES TO CUT THE DISTANCE: I launched myself across the office. I think this video from a teacher three different switch kick bass to be because this is handsome, powerful attacks. Right now, more of a point back. The 1st 1 is gonna be actually just landed swishing a lot of that switch. Wanna land right now? A year, that long range weapon trying get my was just told me right in the harm or even in the legs . Right now, with 1st 1 the 1st 1 is gonna be a dull step. Look, something like this, which push off and make the starter company distance. And thank a So this one puts a lot of this is actually taken like this motion. I think that that's okay. But that way this is pretty much started stuff here, which I pushed off the backboard set review like again. And now when I push one more time, I ran that part of the arms. Next one is gonna be used That Ross Sorry. Here. Fighting stance used now switching random walk that I was short range weapon in a longish weapon when I switch here left. So I'm using loss left. If you're lucky during that fish. So I'm gonna switch on a big and that pushed off here is pushing up the cost base and then you can add run away from the same side. So I'm gonna show you your fun Once a switch here. I'm pushing off that backward. I'm stepping closer. This is I punch right switch you. My whole body is turned ready for that pig. It looks like technical to my social cake. I'm pushing off. I turn my hand in a little bit and extended with cross. I bring both of my legs that were closed business, wait, bounce. And then I stepped on what time in kick off course if they move because this too much tried ankle that running to your point. The cause of this is into that race that way. You're here. One round noise launched myself across the office. Okay, I number three is gonna be very similar. Had a bunch again, but going home. So now that we're switching pushing that back Bush, I took this a little bit more big. That hope here I'm writing. You left your left ready stance once I push here and I especially if you have a short range weapon. You follow it up with a long range weapon running short that so sometimes have trouble putting our hands and legs together. The reason is because legs a lot longer, but when you do, it is actually English, so I could not from here room. But if I angle right almost the same room away from the back, I can touch the back here having angle, getting here inside. People like you ever wonder How did your hands legs together? That is trying to do it? How does it look like here first? Here, switch. Watch my footwork here. Alright, guys. So those are two different ways that you used the switch to be able to pay this tax. I hope you guys enjoyed videos state to where I'm gonna show you. How can you stand to make your point? This is that way as well. 16. 3 STEP-IN TECHNIQUES: I was bored. I step use that body weight used momentum. I got this year with our back when I keep some distance because I want to take that step. This is get a color door techniques. The 1st 1 would be your teeth because we don't want to stop here and they get punched in face. One of the guys with something, one nation danger out there that doesn't make it easy for our color points. You just timeless with their long things right now. Here. Now, a big step forward Noticed. This is just my second poured out of the office. If you are ready like me, you're being a lefty stance on your left and then from here Now, cake with our your leg Really simple here on going here big oh, down Getting right to the body. So a little bit faster de back four. Wait, This is by step forward. That's next. Like me, it's gonna be awesome punches as they come in again. We're not just walking forward when I put some danger out there when I make them aware of something. All right, way just walking. So right now do a jack across but the job here as a lost weight. But then I'm stepping in for this Jack this time. Okay? Course. If one isn't too much back in Atlanta lost. And then and then you have much more work for you. That is footwork. You know where to step. All right. So, a little bit faster. I was getting bored. I step used that body weight used momentum. All right, Number three is gonna be a big wins over your leg. So let's say you land at your leg here you're now doing stating seven Ford turning my body . Okay, But then here and then from there, I'll show you here. Well, we're washing my cake. I came here. I do the same thing. I bring my arm. OK, but then I stepped a little bit here, right in front, step into silence. Not stepping for, like, this kind of stuff. Like sign was here and there. Step case. All right. You know, fighters. One of this removes scene is slight videos, right? What? And he last a lot because it makes it started. Really coming besides, unit a little bit here. And of course, back then you take a bigger step. If it doesn't move too much, then you just set right with foot And then from there in the back a lot of time before that's gonna go too far away You're gonna end up stepping almost and then taking right. But back then you take a big step. I came from there. I got ways that you can you step aboard to cut This is and hate You're taller Point hope you guys doing videos Stay tuned for the next