HDR or High Dynamic Range, why it’s great for sunsets | DENIS LEMAY | Skillshare

HDR or High Dynamic Range, why it’s great for sunsets

DENIS LEMAY, Photographer

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3 Videos (34m)
    • Shooting A Sunset For Dynamic Range

    • Choosing Exposures For Blending

    • Blending them together


About This Class

When we talk about a scene having a High Dynamic Range, it simply means that there is wide range of contrast from the darkest area, to the brightest area.  Sunsets exemplify that because we are usually shooting into the sun, a bright light source, and the landscape is often so dark it’s in a silhouette.  By shooting correctly and processing well you can achieve a result that has detail in both those areas.

This is a three segment tutorial:

  1. Shooting A Sunset For Dynamic Range
  2. Choosing images for blending.
  3. Blending images for dynamic range.





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Websites: https://denis-lemay.pixels.com

Denis G Lemay was brought up in a little coastal town of Biddeford Maine, served in Vietnam in 1968 in the army corps of engineer, then in 1971 went to school in NY to persue the field of professional photography, and relocated to a little Dutch town of Kutztown Pennsylvania where he owned and operated Rembrandt Studios in two different locations. In 1998 Denis relocated to Wilmington North Carolina where he now owns and operates Ocean...

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