HDR Photography For Beginners: Learn to Shoot and Create Stunning HDR Photographs!

John Adams, Certified Technical Trainer - Over 36,000 Students

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11 Videos (1h 51m)
    • Introduction and Overview

    • HDR Overview and Background

    • Equipment And Camera Settings

    • Shooting From The Heart!

    • Fort George Island Kingsley Plantation Images Background

    • HDR Processing of The Plantation View

    • Post Processing/Final Edit of The Plantation View

    • HDR Processing and Final Edit of The Slave Masters Quarters

    • Evanescent Trawlers of the South Images Background

    • HDR Processing and Final Edit of The Lady Vera

    • HDR Processing and Final Edit of The Triton


About This Class

Learn to Shoot and Create Stunning HDR Photographs!

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to scenes that include both bright and dark elements. It may be the sun, reflecting on water with some dark shadows in the tree lines, or a person standing in front the glare of an open window. When taking photographs of scenes like these, unlike the human eye, cameras need typically a little extra help to get that done. 

It is traditionally done by taking multiple photos of with the exact same composition but with different exposure settings and then merging them all together as one photo. This may sound difficult and daunting but John's comprehensive video training course will make it simple and even better, inspirational as he walks you through the complete process, from the basic camera functions to the creation of awesome images.  

By The End Of This Course

  • The details and techniques of taking your HDR shots will be second nature!
  • You will process with ease and inspiration to create awesome HDR images!
  • And finally you will know how to complete that final edit, creating the best photographs that you could ever want! 

I designed this HDR course so that it would be personable, inspirational and easily understood by absolute beginners.

Complete with working files, you'll be able to work alongside the instructor.

We begin processing our HDR images using Photomatix and then finish them up in On1 Photo Effects 10.  I step you through every major feature of the programs as they relate to the processing of these works and provide you with my tips on the settings and workflow that will help you to consistently create beautiful HDR images. On1 Photo Effects 10 is offered free and a fully functional free demo copy of Photomatix can be downloaded here!  Both of these programs will run on a Mac or PC.

Being a  big believer in shooting from the heart and that those things that are closest to it, right where you live will more than likely produce your finest images.  For this course the works used are definitely close to my heart starting with images shot at the Kingsley Plantation about 10 miles from my home and then moving on to the some of rapidly disappearing wood hulled shrimp boats from my Evanescent Trawlers of the South project.

I have been shooting HDR since 2007 and my work is online at Adams Views Imaging.


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Thank you for your work!
Olesya Turchuk

Watercolor addicted :)

These videos do a very good job explaining how to create stunning HDR images!





John Adams

Certified Technical Trainer - Over 36,000 Students

....even more impressive is the quality of these high dynamic range images that live in a dreamy twilight zone somewhere between photography and a David Hockney photo-realistic painting. Joe Farace - Shutterbug Magazine

... nature and steel, seemingly diametrically opposed as subjects, are two of John's sources of inspiration that, for him, seamlessly coexist... Joanne Morris - EasyRiders and V-Twin Magazine

I have been living and breathing HDR Photography since 2007!

Photography has been a passion for over 40 years, since the age of 13 when I taught myself photography, darkroom processing and built my first enlarger with a handsaw, scrap plywood and a light bulb borrowed from the living room.

I had a second awakening with the discovery of the High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) late in 2007 where with a good set of images, the results can be truly spectacular and this has been my workflow for the last 9 years.  Beyond just trying to frame a good image, the process is a much more intimate involvement with the creation of art, and a new cycle of creative development continues to evolve for me.

From Nature, to Cars and Bikes my work has been very successful, from being featured as an EasyRiders and V-Twin magazines motorcycle artist for the year to a Top Ten finalist in the Nature Conservancy’s first ever digital photography contest.  

Taking pride in, and being able to produce quality images with point and shoot cameras also resulted in my work published along with Trey Ratcliff at Stuck in Customs in Ferrell McCollough’s awesome book "The Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography" in 2008.

I have been involved in training since 1986 when I was trained by the US Navy in Curriculum Development and Instructional technologies and since then have given live presentations to over 36,000 students. In addition to being a Certified Instructor and Master Training Specialist for the Navy I am also a Federally Certified Law Enforcement Instructor.

My work is online at Adams Views Imaging and I also run an Online International Monthly Photography Competition at The Motif Collective.