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HD Vine Videos Practitioner Guide for 720p

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. 1.0 - introduction

    • 2. 1.1 - vine specs and considerations

    • 3. 1.2 - vineclient web uploader

    • 4. 1.3 - prep your audio files and transfer

    • 5. 1.4 - watch more and longer form video

    • 6. 1.5 - second account for audio remixing

    • 7. 1.6 - the roundup

    • 8. 1.7 - share and review (...) to help us out!

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About This Class


Have you ever wondered how to get HD videos onto your vine account?

The process is fairly straight forward but you do have to really have your video in the specifications that they set. I quickly walk through the settings you need, software you can use and the process you should go about when setting it all up, once you have pipeline you should be able to flow through it.

In this course we will look at.. .

- creating and emailing the HD video to save in the camera roll (ios)
- using the vineclient web tool for upload content directly
- setting up another account for audio remixing on the road
- using waltr to send audio/music to your device (ios)
- 'watch more' videobeta from vine for longer videos in app

I'll be expanding on using platforms like vine and Instagram for advertising and promotion later on because I believe it's a massive area for promotion and advertising. The fact that you can also advertise videos via Facebook on Instagram opens up super targetting for a number of marketing areas from courses to actual physical products, live streams and podcast promotion.

Don't forget to check out my other courses on Instagram as they now are able to have sixty seconds of video embedded and they loop too (similar to vine) so certainly an opportunity there to put out marketing content here. I've not really seen a great example of hyperlocal advertising around where I love. certainly an opportunity to be had.

Meet Your Teacher

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Philip Campbell

Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow



I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet! an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

--- the backstory --

hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative media assets in obs and screenflow for clients during pandemic for business zoom

<... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - introduction: this course is around 20 minutes. Welcome back to another new course. We're gonna be doing a practitioners guide to Vine mainly 7 20 p. Even though it's not full HD, It is high resolution in the standard for 80 by 4 80 So we're gonna be creating 7 20 piece size videos for vines there. 7 20 by 7 27 no official 7 20 gasification, which is 12. 80 by 7 20 But they're every version off a square high definition version that vine uses when we're gonna work out how to email that to ourselves for posting online through divine app. We're also gonna be using thieve ein client dot com Web client to upload 7 20 p video so you can do all from your desktop. We're also gonna look at a piece of software called Walter to get music on our devices for actually making videos on the go on vine. What's gonna briefly be talking about new watch mawr, which is making longer videos on vine and they seem to have a beater video beated dot find up co. It's only open to certain clientele, so we're gonna get into that as well and I also want to drop her little practitioner power tip about maybe using a separate vine accounts for making use of the audio remix feature that is inside our vine on one account on your main account and using a backup count with your musical translations, and we're gonna get into that as well. 2. 1.1 - vine specs and considerations: fine likes a file, which is normally less than five megabits. It's 6.8 seconds long, exact As a confined it has to be an MP four has to be in hate to 64 It could be 4 80 by 4 80 in pixel size or 7 20 by 7 20 which is the H decides, but it's not official. Hasty, like a set official HD is 12 80 by 7 20 it needs to be 1200 kilobytes per second, and the audio layer needs to be 64 k p. S, a. C. The way I make my content right now is I make a four by three square piece of content inside of Kino to bring my video inside of Kino. I also use 16.9 clips as well, because they're now usable on Instagram and I use an application on the Mac called MPEG Stream clip, which allows me to change the output settings to the specifications above. You're probably going to be fairly safe to upload a video as long as you can get that video into your camera roll on my camera. Roll on IOS is mainly four iPhones and tablets using those specifications out of Put a bull there normally safe to get that into your camera camera roll to notice those video types to be able to use them in vine. If you use any other kind of encoding settings, you might not be able to use the video that you transfer across to your device. So what I tend to do as a practitioner is I create reusable templates or content to be able to be rolled out quicker. If I can fire up Aquino, change a few bits of text at a different graphic in Drop. A little bit of video export that as a clip I'm gonna use on Vied, and it's really, really useful toe. Have these templates ready to go? Allows me as a digital nomad on the road to quickly make and adjust to the environment. Inner might be at an event I might be doing his show real. I might be doing a simple video highlight reel often interview as long as I've got a template structure ready to go, and I've got that in the cloud that I can quickly make thes bits of content. So what? I tend to do as long as the file sizes on the five mega tend to email that. And then I save that. And then I can open that up inside of via another speedy a way of doing that as well would be maybe sink a Dropbox folder via the APP so you can get an app on IOS and Android. You can also get Dropbox on your desktop. Or maybe save these files these video files out into a Dropbox folder locally, which then sinks it to the out on from inside of the APP. You can save a video to your camera. Also, either way works really well. Email or dropbox. I think if you're working on a lot of videos for a client to for yourself, if you've got them on a folder on your desktop, if they are sinking to your APP on your on your mobile device, and you can save them later and use them later, just doesn't it doesn't use up space on your device. If you haven't won Dropbox, then you can save them individually to your device and use them in vine 3. 1.2 - vineclient web uploader: So let's take a look at a Web or bloating tool, which I found now. Most Web uploading tools that I found for Instagram and Via are on official, which basically means they're not verified ways off using their service. There is an undocumented feature in their A p I. To be able to upload it emulates a mobile phone or mobile device way of uploading. Don't know if they're gonna close this off. I don't know if it's going to disappear, but for now it does work, and it allows you to upload vine videos in 7 20 p formats. Vine klein dot com is an unofficial vine kind that can upload 7 20 video. It's a paid solution, so it does cost money. It's $4.99 a month, so it's around £3 of her vine account that you use. They do do a three day trial. Bear in mind that a service like this could vanish at any time. If Vine Twitter decided to block any of these sites, it's a bit of a gray area in a moment. If you can upload via nonofficial AP, I call sources. I'm not sure why they haven't locked it. I'm not sure if it's something to do with the way that that you would upload a video on mobile and they can't stop it. I'm not sure if it's gonna vanish or if they're gonna open this up and there's gonna be a Web loader at some point. I can't see it because Vine and instagram are mainly like mobile applications. I don't know if it's ever gonna open up for a Web upload. A. I don't know if we really want just any video on vine. It will just get really noisy very quickly. With the vine client, you are able to download on export any vine that you find, which I think is really cool. And you can also export that as a gift file. So that's kind of nice. I find it a good solution for working with clients if you have a client to doesn't make content, being able to use a client from the desktop to be able to cut and edit and upload without having to go on the mobile makes the very quick. I found that this is one of the clients that I use. I have another one called only Polt for Instagram, which enables me to work with clients to schedule and automate their content 4. 1.3 - prep your audio files and transfer: So another area of a being a practitioner for vine or making content on my make video content every day is that is very difficult to get music onto your iPhone IOS device unless you buy it from the music store and then you can use it under under a certain licence can be a bit of a pain, especially when you're using iCloud. So I found a great application that does all of this takes all the pain out of it is a simple dragon drop. At the moment you have to connect your device, but there are. They are bringing out of wireless one. And it's called Walter one of the things I would suggest about Walter. You get it from a company called Suffering. No. Is that you really should convert your audio to 64 KPs before you start transferring across . Using Walter converted to a smaller file size, it'll take up less space on your device. Also, I would suggest editing it, using a great editing tool to do my audio, which I'm gonna get into. But I would suggest just transferring small Lubell parts across the device. That way you can have lots of different bits of music on your device without taking up too much room. We know that using up too much room on your device, you're not really quickly, and also it will load that content quicker. Inter vied and find the beatniks quicker. Instead of loading the whole of the track, I use a great audio editor. It is a paid solution called vision to cut up your audio and exports can just drag and drop the audio files that you have on your machines or any MP three AA. See anything like that? Have that content on the go have a music archive on your phone that's only taking up maybe half a gig Or again, I would suggest converting those tracks down to 64 KPs. Cut the section that you'll think you're gonna loop in your six second video. Don't need a three minute version of the song. You could maybe have a 32nd or even a 15 2nd off the most import, potentially looping bits that will take some time. But I think as a practitioner, having a wealth of different audio tracks on your device that you can use while you're on the go This makes the process of making content and a lot easier because you're not digging around looking for content, going to the music store. Spending money. You could just take the content that you already owe. Sample it, rip it to your computer, edit it, loop it copied across using Walter. And then you have existing archive ready to go. It's about being prepared. Once you've done that's really, really simple. You just drag and drop onto Waltz on. It just puts the audio files in the right place on your device. When you go into vine, you'll find that audio audio that you've sent across is listed in there. They are working on a new application called W two, which will enable you to do that over wireless instead of wide, which I'm really looking forward to. 5. 1.4 - watch more and longer form video: so beyond of I the new watch more program. I'm not sure who has access to this. I think you would have to be a fairly big account, a lot of traffic, a lot of vine views. Maybe you pick up a client and they're interested in doing instagram or vine. They've seen your content or seen your ability to make videos, and they haven't existing user base already. It might be better for them to apply as a brand and get access to it. What beyond the vine is is the ability to click on a section of the screen where it says Watch more. You can see here on the left inside and you'll see that there's six seconds of video on via this one's got 39 seconds more of additional video. This is really powerful feature that I'm seeing come out for specific partners of Vine, which enables them to maybe do a six second show really off their content. And then, when they click on the watch more one minute to minute video, the longer version of their video. It's very basic. Right now, you press on the barn and submit hearts that you like it. I presume they get some kind of feedback from in the back end. System off. How many likes it got family hearts you got? Who liked it has various analytics. There are presuming that you could engage with those particular vine accounts as well, Really interesting to see the direction of where vines going with this? Because it's kind of like review show riel. And then you get onto the bigger, longer form content. It's probably not gonna be for general public use, and it's only gonna be for high turnover accounts cancer. I've got a lot of vine views. I have tried to apply for it, but I'm interested if they will make this public or if there will change it later date. Like I said, the idea is to link to longer form content. So it might be that you're an actor or you've made a music video, and this is really powerful for putting out a very simple six second engagement and a capture almost of like all music video. What's this old? There's a button here I can click on to watch more and watch the full version of it. So it's a night. It's almost like a landing page capture. But inside of a video, they will probably reinvent this watch Mawr program, test out how well it works with by a viewing violence, and then they'll probably make a better weapon to face for the general public. But if you have a high ranking vine account and you have a lot of views on it, do apply for it. Do let me know in the projects. If you could get access to it, would be interested. Know if there's a back end system. If I do get access and we'll do another course on the watch more program later on. 6. 1.5 - second account for audio remixing: so a powerful feature that I thought about a practitioner on the road or making vines for a company regularly doing this is part of your day to day strategy. Media strategy of creating content for Brando yourself in one of the things that I came up with is, how could I make musical remixes? How can we use the most powerful feature off vine, which is to remix the audio off another vine? How could I do that? Take my content with me, Take my audio with me without using the space of my device. So I set up a separate account on What I've done is I've created these little videos with audio attachments on the videos, and I could go on and click on this account and making audio remix from that track, which got me thinking, Well, this will be a good way off putting the audio and my video assets and things that I wanted in the cloud that didn't take up space in my device. The way you go about this, set up another vine account with another email address. You can put up a six second video. We're musics of music on it loops on it, some effects on it, or even go so far as to do translation. For digital nomads who were traveling in the need, all the digital space on their device, photos and videos, and all the daily practitioners stuff that you do, all of this content is thought in the cloud. So when you're doing a remix, you're pulling back the audio from that content that exists on the cloud, not on your device. So I was thinking that this might be useful for doing translation. You might be able to record from a show for a cafe or bar and used the audio remix function to actually do the translation the top and play that back to the person in the shop. I just let it be a really cool, inventive, creative way off using vine. So to use this, you click on the audio remix button, which is on the right hand side. I think at the bottom in the application, inviting, you get a blank screen as usual when you click. Hold to record, though it will play the audio from that van so you can make a video listening to the audio you commit your video at the same time. So this is a nice way of, like grabbing a two second shot, grabbing another two second shot and again and having the audio layer come from this particular account. So this could be great for creative nomads on the road. It might be that you don't have any audio with you. Don't know what the perfect track is, but if you create these vines ahead of time, maybe you've got an archive of 50 different audio tracks. Translations, effects, music. If you've got these existing on the cloud, all you have to do is in vine search for this account ring. Scroll through your different kinds. Find the track you want making audio remix, shoot the video gnome or additional editing to do just a really nice creative way. I think of using Vine saves all you space, having the audio on your device and instead all it relies on you having a data connection on your phone to be able to get to the vine account. Just an idea. I want to kind of get the creative ideas and juices phone Call the video practitioners out there 7. 1.6 - the roundup: So the roundup We looked at their specifications and putting together a 7 20 by 7 20 hasty vine video 7 20 pixels by 7 20 pixels. You that in any video program I tend to use keynote for that also showed you how to upload via email. Send over by email. Also used the vine client to be able to or below directly from your browser. We also discussed some software. Hold about MP impact stream clear to a search for any of these on Google. You'll find them MP stream clip. I use that for specifications. Getting the export specifications right. I use Walter to be able to drag and drop my music. It's simple as just drag and drop one place, and it's on your device. They also briefly touched on fish, in which I used to cut short my longer audio tracks around 30 seconds or less where the particular section of music that I want and then I do the beat matching inside of vitals that you need to learn which assist you in the content making as a practitioner. So I hope this short course was useful. Hope it. How point you in the direction of some of these tools that sits in the process to make you realize that as a practitioner, you need to learn certain tools that assist you in making the content that you actually put out. If you have any questions, leave them in the community. If you need any help, just ask May. Just at Phil Campbell and I will less and you reply. Thanks for watching. Thanks for supporting me. It really helps me and look forward to seeing you in the next course. 8. 1.7 - share and review (...) to help us out!: while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.