Gypsy Journals: Explore bookmaking + mixed media | Lucie Duclos | Skillshare

Gypsy Journals: Explore bookmaking + mixed media

Lucie Duclos, Design + Mixed Media

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10 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Gathering

    • 4. Inside Pages

    • 5. Cover Collage

    • 6. Book Cloth

    • 7. Stitch Binding

    • 8. Altering

    • 9. Beading

    • 10. Thank you

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About This Class


Join Lucie Duclos on a bookmaking journey and create a themed journal using old books, collage papers and recycled treasures.

In this class you will learn a basic bookbinding technique and how to explore a concept using found materials. You will learn how to:

  1. Develop a theme and gather your pages
  2. Collage a stunning cover using a simple grid
  3. Use book cloth and bind your book with a 3 holes pamphlet stitch
  4. Alter your pages using mixed media techniques
  5. Add a little beading and finishing touches

Gypsy Journals are a little free-spirited exploration of a topic or concept, they will evolve as as you make them so just let them flow and see where they want to take you. In the end, they always have a good story to tell!  You can use them as journals or sketchbooks or you can keep adding to them with collage, drawing and painting.

This class is for every level, you can make your journal as simple or intricate as you want depending on your experience. Most of all, it’s a place to experiment and explore and hopefully discover some little gems along the way!

You can find me on instagram at @lucieduclos and use #gypsyjournaling when sharing your work.

And don't forget to share your book progress in the project section here on skillshare.

I can't wait to see your beautiful journals!

Happy Gypsy Journaling!

 *If you have any questions about materials or anything else, just post them in the community section and I will be happy to answer them as soon as possible.You can also download the material list in the project section.





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Lucie Duclos

Design + Mixed Media

Hello, I'm Lucie and I am a graphic and surface pattern designer, illustrator, teacher and mixed media artist. I work with a lot of different mediums and techniques from pen and ink to watercolor, monoprints, encaustics, collage, acrylics and bookmaking. My work experience is in publishing, packaging and textile design. I have done packaging and illustration work for Harry & David, Smith & Hawken, Levis Jeans, Danone and Salesforce among others. 


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