Gypsy Jazz Basics - Rhythmic Variations and Syncopation | Alex Simon | Skillshare

Gypsy Jazz Basics - Rhythmic Variations and Syncopation

Alex Simon

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15 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction to Basic Syncopations Course

    • Part 2 What is Syncopation?

    • Part 3 Syncopation in Minor Swing

    • Part 3 Syncopation in Minor Swing

    • Part 4 Using the Syncopation From the Hook in Minor Swing

    • Part 5 Using the Minor Swing Syncopation in a Higher Position

    • Part 6 Using the Minor Swing Syncopation in an Even Higher Position

    • Part 7 Inverting the Minor Swing Syncopation to Make a Different Rhythmic Variation

    • Part 8 Playing it Straight, Syncopation 1, Straight, Syncopation

    • Part 9 Chaging Positions Can Give it More Contrast

    • Part 10 Conversation in the Music "Tongue Twister" Exercise

    • Part 11 Changing Direction of Arpeggios to Add More Variation

    • Part 12 Bonus Syncopation Pattern #1

    • Part 13 Bonus Syncopation Pattern #2 Latin Feel

    • Part 14 Bonus Syncopation Pattern #3 "Puttin on the Ritz"


About This Class

Back in Django Reinhardt's day, you wouldn't find DJs blasting bass-thumping beats from a laptop. It was up to the musicians playing live to get people up out of their seats and on to the dance floor. Musicians had to push and break convention to get people swingin'. With the emergence of Hot Jazz and Swing, there was an explosion of rhythmic variation. Musicians tried out many different ways of playing. The
results were gloriously bouncy and endlessly interesting. 

In this follow-up to my Introduction to Gypsy Jazz course, we continue right were we left off and get into basic syncopation and rhythmic variation. We will explore techniques that will help you to start experimenting with simple nuggets of music in order to
create your own musical words and phrases. We will dive right in with a series of exercises which will start to get your solos swingin'! 





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Inspired by the legendary Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, Alex Simon
imbues dazzling technique and lyrical, impressionistic expression with a
twenty-first century sensibility.

Alex Simon has performed at The Guggenheim, B.B. King's Main Stage, The
Rainbow Room, as well as world-renowned cocktail lounges Milk &
Honey, Bathtub Gin, NoMad, Happy Ending and many other of New York
City's finest venues.

Simon's repertoire includes Early Jazz and Musette Classics,...

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