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Guitar Major Scale Fingerboard Template Course

Jim Robitaille, Guitar Lesson Videos

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    • Lesson IV Major Mode Vamps

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About This Class


Guitar Major Scale Fingerboard Template Course offers guitar students on all levels and in all styles, a comprehensive and easy approach to learning the notes on the guitar with the major scale and its modes in all 12 keys and positions. There are detailed lectures in HD video, close up and slowly performed video instruction, creative video performance demonstrations, high end audio play along's, and detailed PDF files in standard music notation and tablature supporting everything taught in the course. 

This is a chance to finally take the mystery out of learning the notes and and keys on the guitar through clear and thorough step by step instruction and creative and fun improvisational applications.





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Jim Robitaille

Guitar Lesson Videos

Guitarist, recording artist, award winning composer, and author, Jim Robitaille, has performed and or recorded and shared the bill with Dave Liebman, Karl Berger, Bob Moses, Joe Beck, Gerry Gibbs, Santi Debriano, Julian Lage, Esperanza Spalding, Oscar Stagnaro, Kate McGarry, the Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All-Stars, and has appeared on over 20 recordings as a leader and sideman.

His television and international live performances include: The BET Jazz Channel, The Time Wa...

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