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Guitar Lessons New Formula Shortcut to Play Guitar Chords

Jim Britton

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5 Videos (21m)
    • DAF Chord Trick: Introduciton

    • Part 1: The Chord shapes

    • Part 2: Demonstration

    • Part 3: The Chord Formula

    • Part 4: Demonstration & Insights


About This Class

This lesson is for early stage intermediate guitarists, or guitarists of any skill level not familiar with this formula. The D-A-F formula will show you how to play major chords in at least three different places on the fretboard-NOT BARRE Chords! Thes simple chord shapes are an effective way of playing chords in alternative positions on the fretboard quickly, and easily. If you don't know this trick, you will find it an invaluable tool to add to your jamming and songwriting toolbox!

Students should have basic knowledge of guitar chords, and at least some familiarity with Barre chords

By the end of this course, you will easily be able to identify how to play major chords in any key using A shape, F shape, and D shape chords

I highly recommend that students who complete this course move on to further application of these concepts by continuing their studies with the course : Intermediate  Guitar Theory: The I-IV-V Chord Family, Partial Chords, and the DAF Chord Trick.





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My name is Jim Britton, and I'm pleased to make your acquaintance through Skillshare's on-line course platform. I have a background in music, business, and education. I have spent nearly 10 years in higher education in various roles including Director of Continuing Education and Business Training, as well as Director of Workforce Development. I also successfully served as the Program Manager of a $5 million Department of Labor Grant for the Community College System of NH. ...

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