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Guitar Lessons, Easely Impress Your Friends. Beginner to Way Up: Chords, Scales, Tempo


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9 Lessons (2h 14m)
    • 1. Lesson 1 Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 2 Major Complaints and the Instrument comp

    • 3. Lesson 3 Posture and Tuning comp

    • 4. Lesson 4 Tempo comp

    • 5. Lesson 5 Chords comp

    • 6. Lesson 6 Scales and Proof of Concept comp

    • 7. Lesson 7 Techniques comp 2

    • 8. Lesson 8 Necessary Theory comp 2

    • 9. Lesson 9 Key Spotting comp 2


About This Class

this course is an all-in-one FUNCTIONAL guide on how to actually play the guitar.
the purpose is to be time efficient and succinct in explanation, and transmit to you all the crucial information in order to learn how to, again, actually learn how to play.

if you apply all the information in this course you'll get a good grasp of how actually easy it can be!

learn the 3 pillars:
1.tempo (Italian for timing or beat)
2.key (the music "tone")
3.patterns that you want to follow

because you want to develop the muscle memory for your hands to play, similarly to how it happens in most sports and videogames, you might want to dedicate not less than 2 weeks (a month better) to it.

this course is not meant to be a substitute to the depth of music theory and a classical education, the reason being that there are a thousand books and courses on every aspect that you might want to go more in depth in.
problem is in so doing you might lose the bird's eye view of what your goal is, that's why in this course you are provided with the theory's basics that you want to have.


1. Lesson 1 Introduction: All right. Welcome to the first class of this course. This course we're going to go out to play way to structure. Of course, it's both sides lessons crucial mission. The point being able to land in the most efficient way all the basics and underlying techniques that we're going to need your toe quickly and detective to play an instrument. The reason is that if you're watching this course, you're probably looking for that shortest and more efficient way to you. Maybe you don't want to go to the music school that accident at the time. So you know where you're looking for a shortcut against you? What, your reasons for toe impress a girl or a guy like you might. I want to let the instrument because of your own, sent from using it because you like, made for always because always being your dream, since you were more child, whatever the reason may be even a combination of those I'm here because they won't do so. What I'm going to tow this course is going to take a safe small size peels off. And since Shanks music, fury and practical self twittering to use in order to build our good up play skills, but that no, we're doing discourse. Still, your stuff like you have tow rockets a lot. Most of your stuff like that, the result being it's obvious. Let's think for, for example, there I think we just say, Let's see what impressed some girl that you like that except you fight it. You Yeah, you might want Oh, workout with the team and be a charming person. Whatever. And you already know that. You know that if you're charming and good looking like physical stuff, that girl might eventually like you to be around. You know that so little again, Skippy. I'm looking to the side. This is because I have my side. I'm recording. I have my laptop with the side toe Show me some quick bullet points because I tend to ramble wrote I can do right now on this Awful is going to keep my rambling at minimal off working on just what it needs to be. So you got oh, taking a look points and that's pretty much it for this lesson. Seem to the next one. We're going to go toe off the basically about insulate itself 2. Lesson 2 Major Complaints and the Instrument comp: All right. Welcome to the class. Before we start talking about the instrument itself, which is the topic of this class, there are a couple things that we might want one dress, because I guess you won't. I want to learn. You put your first foot in the door, so to speak, Discourse. There might be some other main bad here. Said my stop you from achieving what you want to work for. So since I've bean teaching all the credit for some time now, the remarkable things that I've seen repeat time on these are complains. I want interesting because you might get this emptying. I can three in your mind. So I want to address the most common complaints So far, the biggest complaint so far is my hands are not big enough. Oh, bigger. My supposed to be I am small hands. It's difficult for me to play. I'm gonna tell you right now from the beginning, you know, in fact, having too big hands can be impediment to you playing be on the set. Let me assure. Okay. The standard. Something sexy. The strings that you have tow progress in orderto if you're handling toe week you could have a time trying to do that in a quick way and efficiently, somewhat like smaller than have read, and you're going to be very fine now. I cannot show that to you directly myself. What I can do is linked to you on YouTube video that I found because I wanted toe give you an actual example. It's I won't discourse to about practical solutions that you can implement, so to keep the most efficient way toe learn soon. I don't believe you should be like a small, like seven years old, really. And she's playing a full size entire time virtual for her full size. Did I, in fact given is almost as big. And do that is to come over and give the get upto for him to play. And she's doing a very good job. So no complains about hand your hands of five. Let's get to other things, told to say others complained. That hurt is that I don't have a longer fingernails on my hand. Wait longer fingernails. The answer is obviously again. No, you told you can play with you. Train normal figure names. I heard this corporate most from people with some job restoration or policy what they have , they need to have clean fingernails, clean hands, and they cannot really have that longer finger look spent victory. Fine. I kind of rolled your finger on my right hand. This for my convenience because I don't have a job. Street. The moment I can decide to wouldn't have these convenience for my play depends on your side . If you played electric guitar, probably never going to meet us where, in fact, the first couple years actually started slave labor. So I didn't have Why. And I don't like that for the job. I guess so. We don't need no nothing. And that is fine. Give the other side. That is one last thing that we're going to address. This is I don't have a lot of money aside right now. Can't really afford an expensive instrument. Should I wait with more expensive instrument? Something like that. That's where the game is. No, this course What? I'm going to use this. I got for 20 years from a beach. My first guitar. I have better waas now. The result using this is because the chicken are very end. Really like as entry level. I want to show you really like it is what I want accomplishing here. Sure you that you can do that doesn't get any easier. You can do it. You can get absolutely achieve instrument. You don't need a big money. Morning. Something like that. Absolutely little one toe, so to speak directly Piggyback by hi instrument. You could do it this way. Possible to join a band or I gave for your alter from use minty So, chef, you could let us where you You can buy one really later and just keep it rolling for a long time. The thing with musical instruments is that they age as a Skoda's. You can keep them like you can buy something like that and they can last decades astrophysical Break them my float away, for example. Expensive for about the effects and stuff you repeat using that for us longer be so you don't need an expensive instrument you can buy. You can ask your flatmates or whatever your closings toe borrow theirs to. You think that giving up but you are not going to and you can start learning. Hopefully we get back out of the way your hands are fine. You don't need some weird manicure things to credit. It are cheap, but I would do just fine. Get up. Get that out of the way. We actually, Now let s take a look upon the instrument itself. So I am going to use a classic. It are. I guess you've seen it already. The glass is divided like the most common kind of Qatar. Also because it entry Brize, I just told you, is very affordable for most people. So another way you might know this Make some English stakes when it's speaking, right? Just roll with it is not my first language. Yeah, let's keep it as a mortal benefit. Like you told me that I had my best. So yeah, let's get going. Or guitars fundamentally at the same. That is some sort of bar you that is a rich When the strings are attached to one side, some sort off palette thing on the other side were strings. Streets run through the neck, through the body and over the neck. There is this fretboard present compress. Give all the different sounds and this is almost get us work. No, they think about the trick chronicles kinds of classic the acoustic and electric What? Why the award from the Ministry of the same. We're going to focus mostly on that classic, and you stated this course now before the bleak to be page. Consider that for something electric we've said I started with us with that world. 99% walked, I'm goingto applies to you. So just give some blacks on small adjustments and you'll be fine, so we know that it is the body. The body is a whole inside it is a classic or is for the sound resonate inside in a way that it's easier for you to hear it. So it's just for acoustic reasons that dies this way. This to me, bring a racial thing, moving the head on them. And it's resonating inside that guy coming help off the whole amplification, making they want about people inside that there are lots off resources, that teacher of mathematics and science world food under setting that. That's good morning all, So I reach the bottom. So when the stream start Ron old over the war over the credible that used to price for us to leave south, that will do here onto the head start had stopped. Is this planet on the couple neck? With all the stunning bags that you can roll to give each single stream that they're Pashto different Someone as an example, I use a 63 You start counting history for the both Always the 1st 1 So six threes 663 So flight is one you see me coming back is how you found the right Tony albums. Your guitar is going to be the topic of the next class. So we see that that's where back in place. What? That's not going to say no. Okay, in this class, we're going to use the English notation is the last thing to do. Do the English notation, which is before the letters from A to G. The result aware that it's because he's English. Then I would just switch. This course is made so we make It was the invasion station, which is what internationally out most people use. So for your convenience sense, you're very likely going toe read, especially with beginning songs written by others going toe likely use standard English notation. So also for your convenience. After Madi is to use Latin scale, the classic one more common in classic pizzas, which are made most or cast instrument. I have to say so you might know really need that. Let's Athena's were It's very easy to get a confession from one to the other. So that's I guess, everything for this lesson. We can drop all of this up. We went through all the complaint to want toe up dress first, which is your fine fingerless doesn't need toe any particular manicure shape like that you can never really entered able. Basically, it's toe. So you think we're going to go to the next class where we're going toe second, more things. 3. Lesson 3 Posture and Tuning comp: right. Welcome to class. The purpose of this class is going to be toe rob up all the teams that you're probably missing about how to start to play the guitar so we can hopefully get all of the basic things. Like this chapter things out of the way in this class. And they were gonna start looking at something practical when it comes to plague. The reason for this class to exist is that we want to start with the right 14 journey together, how to become a better player, the reason being if you start Oh, if you start with bad habits from they want that you may keep these things good forwarding your journey, so to speak And what's going to happen is going to develop bad habits from the beginning. These run really remember for you and also for your hurt my think I'm exaggerating, but with actual drop and you must find out why. So let's see the instrument first sides If we're going toe, keep going from way. Stop the last class and you remember for sure that when I was playing along with you get our last class, I actually moved this pack this place so doing. I actually operate the sound supposed to make look there, guys. What would you need to understand about this? Is that inasmuch every stream compose a sound that our partners this concept come Apollo because it's very brother matter what we need to do here about how to learn efficiently, auto play, insulin. What happens is dead that busy. There is a partner. Now they give out. It's supposed to sound like is not like every sounds can fit anywhere. You can just throw it in the wrong, and they will stick eventually, that snow we're going toe operate in our from the kind of friend that would work to set what I musical performance, so to speak. So it is a busy part one I advise you to to learn first toe adopt in your in your musical performances is the standard Potter us. In many things that connect connect settings, there is other fourth setting, which is by definition, the most used one. The default setting for turning is the standard, and this is used by almost all of the songs that are available around Oh, there. I mean, so I strongly advise you to start learning, especially in the beginning, because when you're learning, you are most likely going toe play a song someone has wrote. He's also apply. If you weren't there for your amusement some something that's some group that you like yet fried So they most likely to be in the standard on unless the world group for really finish jailers off music it is going to look like So I do. Somewhere on this screen, all this stuff notation is doing for the purpose of this video, just show as an example our put back the first. Yeah, it's the 1st 1 from the soul. What ain't going toe use Turner up on my phone to do that. Now, before you go upset supposed. Okay, you can actually use the dedicated device that made for the sole purpose off Tony. Your instrument, according to you could, especially for material uses. You could definitely use some help on four. So take your fall. You might call up store placed or whatever you might want to use forward. Know any of the thousands of free time I put the one I use. Screens are, but they're really change very professionally. Just enough dick before I give me for for help. Okay? I think that and it would look something like this will be a see, that sort of oscillating thing you can choose. Accepting. What did we see you play? Yeah. Uh, you go down the back. What do you do? Besides okay? You all this. They want to decide himself. So want to do that? Your thought? Is it in the court? No way. No way Goes that out of the way. You understand? I think we lost more time That was actually needed to learn, because I think you're not stupid. I probably talk too much. So let's go to the next thing. I really think for a moment of my side. Okay, let's see some operating on your performance and hopefully not hard here Too much while they're learning. Oh, thing that you want because you're awful legal practice about Yeah, it sort of seems to know what really wants to hear. You're going to process if you like the instrument you might. So why it went well, we know that we're going to practice, right? You want to live in the best way for your health. So the best way to play. And that is we go from that. There are some cardinal rules that you want to apply in your the most important thing I've set off people don't. I know that. So you want to see you want to see feel Backstreet, get you your back. Natrecor can keep showing us us wide as open as a comfortably feel like standing. It's important because it will do play a lot for good. Play a lot. You don't walked your back, Kurt. Forward. You're going to have some big problems later on in life like you go Backstreet. I'm fizzing. Hopefully you get the idea. You want Toe Planet when you keep your back straight right now. So get the natural curve to Europe to your back. Make it feel its shoulders wide open. You want to place your guitar in front of you, you can make it really left leg or on your right leg. It is up to you. There is not correct or wrong way that some worlds. So what it's telling you so immediately. Stop talking to them there. So this is up to you. How dependent our comfort, more fees you really? So for the sick off this course, I'm going to use my like because this is what it's more comfortable. Me. This does not necessarily mean that you have to do the same. So you might want to practice and see what suites. You better. You can change your mind that it's okay. I'm not coming to girls telling you anything, so yeah, it's OK. Oh, what happens now is to want to place your right hand four bottom, dealing both inside of the bottle and try to find somewhat on a 45 degree angle. You want to place your right hand under the horse with you, you play. They should be sure you don't need to take some kind of a ruler and measured the angle. You know, the basic partner again. This we got room for that depends on your on our your money. If it's called for, just give the basic idea. Apply for your situation. This is your best position from starting your left hand kind of hearts nickel thing. Most important finger were playing the guitar, picking up the courts and scales, and a single law that you want to play is your call your mom is, uh, the fundamental thing that you have tow, understand. And many people really focus on the fingers play because Because this is what you see when you see. But your time is the basic structure. What are you thinking? Of course. What they got she major for not just pressing with my fingers. My mom is actually pressing on the other side. You always were. No. What we're going to see is that we're going toe. Understand? What? Quarter? Actually, before we go that because I know some my still some confusion, confusion points It is what effect I should for a moment So you can get became or off. Get on the same page just again. Do keep your back straight. Should this white and keep someone you might want toe move your body. Oh, So you were facing He's a gay putting pressure on the back of the neck. This didn't change. Okay, you just play with your the same way. Just find a position. It's really more comfortable for you. Europe hand. What reality. So we call it some chunks ship chance of informations or once. So what were your right hand if you're playing with your fingers. And again, this is something that I should because what we have today you want Oh, approach your your streets from the top down. And depending on what kind of music you're playing, you want to use to keep your fingers three straight and I'll give you as an example simple words and do something. Ladies, what do you might have noticed that I'm after rating with my fingers, even when changes three. What they didn't do, actually is not restarting every time. So something again from the same finger on everything, but won't make them. You know, when it when you're stingy. Note free finger moves to the next train. So there is no fixed partner you must feel for we us fluid as possible. That flows. That's okay. Doing this with people. You want to take it? Yeah, you're too if you're coming. Your ex finger. Uh, there is no universal for that. Some people think like this some sort off. Okay, so I guess with three fingers personally, just speaking his my what would you say? Extremities. It's up to position is more comfortable when you're playing with Peak. You can ever down stroke in most situations you want. Oh, I'm exaggerating movement right now. Just wait. It is important as we have seen with finger style. Except when you change string, don't we start from that zero? Like from the down part again. But you after Nate. So you know something like this. Okay, I think we've seen all of the basic and important things that we need for this lesson. Keep your back side on your shoulders wide open. Position your guitar in a four way. Remember toe. Keep your nose with your left. By the way, this is very important. When you're plain bar courts back or simply a court, use your index finger to blow or most of the streams on a particular fair there is off the old notes taken by your other figures. Okay, Now we get moved to export class. We're going to see something interesting about out. Basically, structure your songs 4. Lesson 4 Tempo comp: All right, Welcome to class. What we're going to see how is the first kickoff born? What you want to know when you're learning about ability we're going to see now is that it is the first thing that you want to apply. When you're trying to figure out that ups also easy to turn to play, it's composed. Or when you're kind of unsure your want toe, create some piece of your role. You have to pick something to start from. So it is. It is the most important, the fundamental What is the temple? Basically said Time that you want to using your core position, something like. So it's basically the timing that you're giving to your piece. There are different possible combination. You can't just go around play under notes that frontal times and this would be a mess. No one would want to listen to you. You might figure result. If you want to play in a band, everyone must be on the same page when timing is concerned, so you want to do is us first things first. You want to understand temple, your Saudis that a different possible combinations again, as we've seen in the previous lessons. Been talking about turning off your guitar. If you go with the default setting, so to speak, you're be fine like 99% of the time. And unless you're goingto some unusual settings, so let's see some of the most common temples. And once you get the central idea what's across the concept? It would be very easy for you to just over to say, Apply more to go and get a different temple for your busy, really quick and efficient way so that the most common older becomes musical composition they were going to see now triple civil. Three possible combinations these out full timing. Four out of four. Imagine it as a fraction. In fact, it is. It's usually greeting Musical 44 It is the most common, and this is the example I just gave you. He's one measure in every measure that is four pieces. This is the most another very popular. 1234 because it usually pretty calm. Morning watts. 123123 parter! Another pretty cool one. Is there two for you can t are ready, partner. Coming outside right in the total 40 usually I thought that maybe you say forklore music because it's very Oh, would you say active? It kind, of course, people to dance. It's very one I want. So it's a really simple that it is very useful, for example, in foreclosure musical scalp pieces. Okay, we went, Want to watch some examples? So I find about some examples, couple off mutes or worse, whatever I think of something for you to really corrupt. These are concept, so I'll give you a couple of examples. Practical example. So I see you. You know that saying before we see some examples, what we want to accomplish this class right now is not for you to learn different song. Obviously, just focus on the really get beat. Get it in your head. Understand? Parties compose, and we'll see soon how we can choose to pick our courts there. Musical partners that we can use to create a position. So just force really on hearing what is going on. Think of feeling out the beat goes down in this piece is you're really fine. Parton's 2341234 123123 Long to want to this is the most common potentially. So just get here for now. For that. We see all the rest soon, so I'm going to be looking on at a store. Is the Guns N Roses versions? Don't don't hate me, but it's get the point across easy, easier way It was. It's It's a modern beach compared to the original so way way you get it. So you have that classic pattern. This went on much longer than expected to be, So you get the pattern you could really, that's just a part because we need So the basic partner knocking on their door, you just play the 44 full time with this part. Let's shoot. And well, it was playing. There was this whole part right? It's also part of It is a scale we're going. Let's see, that is sexual ability anyway. Let's see, just for complete making class complete something about the other two kind of times that I talked about. What's up, as you might have noticed, is that happens to change a little bit. It's morning here. Coffee. I'm recording this part of the arena say about setting this because I found out a very good threat, for example, for you to see. It's a once. Obviously, Andi, this might help. You better understand how it's supposed to sound like. So I figured out it was four more fit for me to put here for the natural little busy, you know, So you guys can be better, so let's go toe. So here we are. Finished my coffee. Let's piece together. 1233 Uh, - yeah , way. So when it goes so you noticed it is quite clear piece. It's way beyond what you could find it. You play most of the mainstream so called songs. It's quite a piece to play it girl on a more higher intermediate level. If you if you seek the most songs, especially May ST says you're rarely or I guess never find out something as complicated as this. If you might find toe to rearm off the classic music, you'll find Europeans that might be way more. You know this one. So this was our families. So that, for example, of a total for time old sign, you can get it on the house. We have noticed couple imperfections in execution. Just learned this not to excuse myself. But as you might realize person in Perfect, where playing is still appreciated from the audience. As long as you can keep up with the table, I say the tempo is king in your execution. So let's find a quick example. Some sort off four times. But I would go on some Scott piece on. I see. All right, so this company, so I wouldn't spend too much time. It's a very unusual time, mostly on some sort of, you know, everybody's drunk all on the grass, in the park. Kind of parties can be still fun to play something to my No, just going to use those companies. Uh, let's quickly go to these way . Okay? It's just a quick piece. So you just get their guest on what it is. That's an idea. What was a four time sounds like? So it is what we're We're going to see us, Forest. It's lesson. I think we can move to the next one with the morning because what courts? I see them 5. Lesson 5 Chords comp: All right, welcome to class. So we have seen over the temple walks which say it's basically all the progress in peace. Okay, we get the sample. Although we put stuff you need magic as an empty box. So the demo is the king is the first thing You get the temple after the gig. That's that one you keep. If you're playing a role by yourself, paralysis park with him and get open for some friends. And you can blame if the tables Lobel go faster, create some tension sense. You complain if you're playing with other people to give you some context as an example, you want to be on the same pace. So if you won't slow down the peace, all of you are likely going to slow down for the piece. I want to get faster. All of you likely do it faster at the same pace. So tempo is the king of the first thing that you want. Oh, understand. When you're creating or playing a piece somewhere, it's called timbre sticking always first in first hand to the King. Understand that? So we got that done and that is very nice now. Although we feed the old musical stuff inside this empty box that we can consider the temple. As so, The first thing that you want to get a grasp home is the courts, as we have already stated. According simply, a partner off knows that we can use to create this ready meat pocket, which is 1/4 so we'll see soon out. Would you say Pick the courts at different pieces? Your friend, What they're going to do this is we're going to see perhaps a couple of the major more coma court again in the fourth set applies to hear us where there are some courts that by by design are going to you going to use more often and other court. They're going to be used where us often. That's because, unless again, you goingto leash sections of the music. You need herself there. You I'm likely going to find this very complex court, so let's see some of the most common once and really, I want to help you with this. We have the on PdF or something like that, with the most common courts attached. So I gained us a Just get the grasp on. I gain actually seeing on the class on how to position your body blank. Keep your back straight, shoulders white, hoping. Put your left or your right hand, I guess, for playing in a left and a professional. If you might be like that, it needed to be yourself. Let's keep our left hand on the neck of a guitar. Remember toe pressure with your tongue on the back so toe the best graph grass possible neck itself and create the decide court with your fingers. So if you want to do a C major court, just go out there. Get cold, cold, cold, portable. Get over for Rob neck. Just when you're going to play a piece, you don't want to just be your old it is going to happen. Or are you most likely? So you can create variation. The key codes that the bodies is Get the court dull. You can play on your when you're strongly we feel right. The important concept is that at the end of the day, you respect, so just play around. You just get that here for it's more over some science. It's for the same thing. I just get a reality speed we just get good that on the top of my head. I don't think I really scraped a lot of these videos When it comes to music, A lot of things they come out from you in that moment, that's the magic way. So this way, one thing you could do more coral, so to speak to the competition. You can heart if you're playing with your fingers, so to say a little be to the point now both punched through it. Just do a little bit. It's perfectly fine. You can just get a feel for it. Break it down. We don't want that right? Just play out on me. You can use it in the sexual off the off beat when you're playing. So to get to the first example ofttimes beat. You could use your come except no or your for no knuckles. Oh, that's it. How does it come more comfortable for you so that this fight you can play that it's OK when you're playing, you want your muscle memory to create the court. You don't want toe activity. I place my index finger here may mean figure. This takes all of your mental force out off the actual piece. The big picture, their view with high view off the off the piece on Just get off. Would you say too much into this particular thing? And you get off the temple and this is a mess and people will try toe ask for your So what you want to do is when your muscle memory is taking the court, and this will require some practice off parts. So offering, because there's some reason that push you to like it and it's not going to be hard to practice. Just remember, keep your back straight shoulders. You want your muscle memory to create the cord, and your mind must already beautiful next court. So if we have a composition in a game, changing course on the attached five in this class, if your composition goes like is with two courts and goes like C G. What you see your mind wants a regional when times can't beat. Temple was watching, and this must get really in Great Britain. This is also very important when it comes to improvisation scale system, so we'll see the skates recognition my bullet point for a moment and let's see if we go awfully. All of the necessary back from this class. Okay. It's very nice with all with over off the important part from this class, So let's see the next one. 6. Lesson 6 Scales and Proof of Concept comp: like with Colton class we're going to do in this class is see our best case work. So we have to understand as a first team first what he's escaped. As you're probably notice if I most things about Parton's, there are mathematics around other reasons. If you're really interested on the technical side about it, you probably want toe that many resources that are available. For example, live music schools for yeah, about practical solutions. Picture the most efficient way for you to grasp The King calls the multi. This is probably what's four minus. That goes, for example, the best way to learn, because once you get so to speak, were you getting so there? The leader is actually finally have that kind of personality on. You can really get a sense of it before you call me too much of your time toe Look, it's kind of frustrating after respect. Couple here see Music School five. Finding out to actually three like the particular instrument something so that's something to consider as well. You're getting the graphs that first thing first, the temple is the king. The first thing you won't understand. Head for the king, a single teenager. Understand? Once you get your beats Bill, you won't defeat some musical partner. If you know that if you know that the court progression or so is going to be, for example, c g to court his example, it's going to be the dominant court is going to be seeing will soon see how to find the domino. No record position, the portable that will see that as well. This particular note or cord is good because of the key appropriate name? I think so. You don't know that the key of our position Once you get the Kidal, we see that shortly. You want to put some how to say some meat on the ball, that it is the basic structure that you have when you have the temple. So you already know the temple scales that you used to create your composition improvisations, just patents. So working connect for, except for C major scale. And I put a link before the major common use case one, I think, attached to speak this class as a year. He would come out more convenient for you and me that are really a tremendous almost amount off combinations possible is a really music again. The default applies them, the most common. There are certain subset off parties that are going to be the most common. So let's can get to that. Let's see, let's say we have the C G. But there, this course a repeating his for four Temple. Nice. We have that we want to play. For example, See Major skate on that sounds like something like these. Way forward for Temple is to court repeating. See engine. They see Major escape something like If you're from music school, you're hurt these now. So much of it You could just get for accept it I just shuffled them around a bit. It's so nice that any because we really set the framework framing which were operating is the table photo four. We know the cords. The key court in these c g From here, we know that the key. See, we still get so and going to see we're decide. There's just us. Complicated really gets you. Mustn't this on the scapular? I put some recordings that I do for you some improvisations on different examples with a black well applied in different. I hope you saying skates and bottoms. Some things will not be immediately clear right now. When you see them, that's perfectly OK. Fuck gold. Most of them in the next class is that we're going to see solo vocals to watch from the single team up and just get the Ross Bobby, you understand the temple under center is a partner in the courts are progressing. You understand that all the things that happen they respect apart even if you know it isn't immediately clear to you right now, you just check a particular pattern that I touch for for you. Toe that for this class and you're slowly it on idea what is going on and your practice. Learn how to replicate and create your own position. So I leave you toe some improvisation that I record for for stopping 7. Lesson 7 Techniques comp 2: all right, class. So what we're going to see in this class is ALOF major to sex, so to speak. I feel it all of that. It might be the best suitable way for you to the most efficient way to learn for you to get off the stools. What one? It's night here on video. This because I figure out something Borders Most people try toe, teach me start. So from the point of view, if someone were wearing those trained teaching us that it really often guests on the ramble inside talk a little about the stuff like that gets gets very boring from the person just tryingto nothing. So I'm just going to put all this in one us problem. It just you just get it just by watching, watching it on. You can make it to your home in the same way. It's good. More of this may be your improvisation. This video, I guess, is going to be watching Tom them the other one with privatization skates and stuff. So you might want toe presented this stool a cow whole package. You want both off this to disposal. So off. The first thing to see page all page ALS. A very quick way toe, you say. Put metal. Just some courts. Everyone knows that. Paige Is this our eyes like angels who fantastic pages are basically up and down. Give up song, Let's see for itself or you're some kind of party. Everybody's cheating like relaxing. You just take a couple chords. 234 courts just playing. I don't need this part. He creates some good Would you say Nice and vitamin C. You can use a peak for this. For this matter, you can also, I figured out, probably used to say the beak on the improvisation part and we're going toe. We used the house of the rising example. Figure out something that most people like recovered eyes and it's pleasant. So we go to the busy court, I'm gonna tell you, it's in a my Lord. It's a four hour for 1/4 time. Very easy, and nobody just secret pocket. He's just repeated. So there has to pockets minor C F A minor. I know Norway to be kind of adult. Just play the court. You just wait. Okay? What's up? I don't wanna get come short, so just play with your left hand. So something like these. Okay, if your right hand you want to go down and hop with your figures. So you just put one finger on every one finger on every street. Just change your court with your left hand. What is that? I would change it from C de. My right hand goes down from here. That's because it comes very convenient that this saw the string. The fourth string, it's actually will leave it open at the when you're playing a any kind of the you can just start from these But that's a minor thing that you might notice In this way we can do this . We're going to the half f major. You see, I played the 16 year is this is because the first friend in here, it's a laugh so it gives up. I want to say or not much, okay? And this is how you go to their page. It's a very easy thing. They say, continue to my photo. Learn is how to do that on their own and pull off. This two are very useful. When doing improvisations, they come more handy. When you wrote something with the electric guitar, but they they are also useful when you're playing something on their classic or acoustic and then kind of complementary. So when you're doing the on the role is basically just playing a unerring horn. Another threat to change the sound without speaking with your right. So give an example. That's a pull off. It is complimentary part. So start from you. Mm. You pull off from the street toe make the no, we're not sound using improvisations. Look, one week, one thing get more creative than saying. You see, I probably do that in the when improvisation I get from the eyes on the rising sun. Okay, One thing that counts more. He was fooling the electric guitar segments. Going to play is the topping. Topping is when you know, if your right hand on the on the froth something that you might know this I can put some a middle of pull off years just to create a more off to see creative combinations. This one is from our ballot for my wife. And I saw something like that feeling toe are throw your final or off these examples in as much as I say there comes more handing electric guitar playing, so you can almost everywhere. So it's very most of this. This techniques works best. The three top strings. That's because that right off metal and they resonate better, it might sound a little weak. The nylon string on the classic It's Not your Fourth. It's because of the material of the strings make it sound more gentle. So when you don't use our full people but just topping something like that, it might sell weaker. But let's bite assign because of the nature of the the material string. My tone better like Mr Guitar because I said all things are made of metal. You know, other things that you might want to know to make your off the improvisation creative. One of these is the our morning sounds itself feeling this better going toe here it first. He sounds very pure, very high to very holy, the whole soul. And the thing about this, these things that come Oh, what would you say on every fret? So, Bill, just randomly try. There are a couple friends that because of mathematical results off our sounds made are created. You might feel around this force Very good on this one. And totally doesn't mothers to give you just reference point friends where it boards always is a 12 threat. 7 50 You can get a little people, Frito mathematics and technical musical notation. We're not gonna go to this right now. Really? Because we're in here for you. Give you the best efficient way to learn a practical. Your skin is so 12. 75th Fret for sure. Others it work. Right hand. That's the usual. Peaking That streak, so to speak, is in your left hand. You don't have toe press the key. You just have to bear. Retouch it gently. You're heightened. Just a normal peaking and you've left and just gently touches front. You don't have to food push down just gentle registry. Yeah, you can do this. Moles threats. Okay, go back in. Okay. So you will. Some of the major team I will give you one last thing. This only applies to the electric because it's kind off. Let's useful when you're working on a classic. The reason why I don't ever cutting segment because it doesn't always work very nice on the ER. It's not suited for the classic. I just wonder, classically, it's not very suited for this swim for the because I want you go. You say full view off what is going on for competition. So let's get I think we're going to see this week. Thinking is when you're sweeping through. This three's happened is we've come from the right hand motion. Oh, sweet, you left. That doesn't just pick one, usually maximum to think more electric playing for fast sewing when you hear really fast usually either plus, seabirds are full on home loans or some sweeping connects it really most things companies Not always everything, you know, exceptional stuff. Most things come to these factors. What do you want to know? What's you seem blessed with civil. Okay, I will come closer to cover so you can hopefully cities better can change. So Okay, we'll do circumstances. Your right hand is sweeping and your left and mixed strings. So no, that's basically it. The trick to not let all of the stream sound and create a musical mass is too. With your right hand. If this segment off your right hand, you have to stop streams on top, where you're picking from ringing. You go to the 2nd 1 See, I'm gently touching the segment off my hand on the strings to stop them from bringing. It's more of our How would you say more heart than this exact science you want to be? They want to feed in a way on your hand. It is not a mathematical way to let just have to feel it. Just just practice it. You left. And on the other hand, you want Oh, when you're playing, I know you want to keep in check In a way, the other streams on the bottom off world of playing other fingers or perhaps with the same . This one up here gently keeps the other from ringing. This is more on our exact science and is more about your feelings and how you feel more called for more. If you remember that first class and going going to get away from the camera game now, is it for us to talk? That's pretty much it for what concerns were beating at school. Okay, they were too. Must take from this article segment window stop. It seems on top of a tree black from reading with this display And when you're playing with your left and your other fingers or also in the same finger losing a day, you have to use it to stop the other strings. The open side of what you're actually playing from really is more than a lot of that size. Don't exactly was agreed because it kind of depends on what your style is off your hand. This something like that more common to you, you can do for you two videos off this topic as well. Your figure out different people in different ways. So the stock up, one particular thing it doesn't exactly for you find your own way instead. For if you're just starting your old classic was to get out, you cannot know, never use it. It doesn't matter. I just gave it for you for completion. So this pretty much it for this video. I'll see you on the next. Okay, you are quick, Impromptu on the way. I just pulled that off the top of my head. So it's very easy. Just follow the best. Some part of that, you know, you know the key, just you feel alone. You can play on the game board just copy it. There's no women to be faster as a, you know, like to create playing shooting away. If you bring me someone else, keep the table or you're going toe queen off beat. Let's go to be annoying for your Spectators, so let's go through something else. 8. Lesson 8 Necessary Theory comp 2: all right, we'll continue cross, but they're going to do in this class is find out exactly how to find where the notes that you want to using patents in their skates and courts are located on the froth. So far, we're seeing that our partners that use we know we have to feel these things in attainable . It's important that we might want to use court their scales that we want to implement. We want o suppose things from one place to another. One thing you can do. We spend out exactly how every normals behave. Found out the reason for that. That's fine you might want, but it is pure musical theory. You have tow no off different setting the keys work. Since we're here for a practical solution, Do they complete fire? Lance, where this is meant to be an efficient way for you to learn, as we're already seeing a couple times course so we won't know are defined. Our notes on the fretboard off when we want to do that way, have to start from the open position so bizarre. How would you say our ground work? The first thing they want to go after we get the guitar. Good thing, too. We start from the open position. Open position, meaning? It's just a note off the string sounds when we played without applying any particle and pressure with left so thes being and he on Fifth Street being hey! And so I put it somewhere on the screen for you. You know what? I want that so more effectively transport important and will see in a moment all that wars . So let's face it forward on some. Would you say basic music theory that we walked? No. So you might know you singled out for bed, so to speak. Seven notes from hey to be more precise from C to B. It doesn't make sense if you think about initial Latino for bed, but these are they position the musical alphabet, so they they go from C to B. The seven lords in between. This being, for example, C sharp you shot the whole Do not imagery notes between this measure. Holtz and you might think this makes them 14 told 14 sounds being seven notes on. In between all of them, that is a one. This isn't actually correct. Direct 12 sounds that we can make a musical instrument. This is called the tempering, Toning for musical instruments. Why boys is nothing and we don't get all of the sounds. Okay, imagine that we all had us musicians. We come together a big convention visiting this round table, and we decide that instead of using all the possible sounds in the universe that you can use to great music, we come together. We decide at the end of the meeting they were going to have some basic frequencies were collected, going to collectively agree to make these are sounds for our caves Sounds. In fact, if you know some physics behind sounds easy is nothing more than just preparation off the hair, this wave pattern that is created and this preparation Mr Measure in its for example Hey, here it's 440 hertz B seven spec. It's off sounds from seed. We are called on day for full off. Would you say from scale from C to B is a doctor After you get to be again, it is another see from the octave above that one. So in this way, the C one is going to be at a different frequency toe. See another doctor. Why am I telling duties? Because it is where you can have police. The basic understanding about our music actually works. Road up. There is this case from C B. This is one is called a doctor. It's a packet of the seven sounds close the in between which makes which makes 12 off them toe and this is as it is taken way was removed. Hop not to get higher sounds to give you an example is one that you have noticed for sure If you did really anything, you work it out so far at the first on the six string at a both e there's a different. They're the signaled that just football that's hard from each other. This is our actually six and there are old Nazi between. So I think my point for a moment book. I think you're quite well off how and why this convention happened, so to speak. Post some link. I guess in the the description of whatever this video for you toe, maybe if you want to go deeper into these okay, we'll do one thing we notice that might be hold states as we say there are 12 solves instead of the 14 to my phone. Say, expect out of this out of this story. Oh, come is that in two particular occasions there are no between sounds. Between two months, this two combinations, you're going to learn them. It's very easy to remember nothing important for your brain toe. Find out he's this Two packets are the segment of this cave in the big C part of this case . Okay, so one of the stories that we have between the active, the other one bc, is at the tailing off the other one and head off for one slow. Let's fall between these Oh, you see, the notes are located on the front will take as an example 63 So the top one is just as an example. You can apply these toe all of the strings. Why? I want something from here It would be clear. So you know this extreme. Just say when he left open any as we know the Pakistan, would you say, just without their in between the two notes following each other even B and C So after the that is on the 63 weeks expect toe immediately. Find you're it is the first threat. Do this clean enough? G. There is one food store on this one. Takes two frets on the front court again between G and K. Is this empty? In between B. C, it's again just one threat because there is no in between. Oh, this will become easier as you go home with this practice and for quick for a big preference. For when you're looking for notes, your friends work, you can use the practical thoughts that are usually located other times. How would you say pain that on the front board they are very guitar on the same for us, which is the TERT 50 seven, sometimes in nine, always in the 12. Why did you have with the other what numbers in the 12 Let's because on the 12th fret that is one full doctor is completed. So with the same streak were front. He gets the same lord, just one hope that higher, so immediately open position. That's what zero and 12 front. There are all the other lords because it's a full circle so we can say like that Progress. It's one for, uh and if we go to the 13. Right, 16 is going to be a f k. Okay. Oh, I checked my bullet point. Okay. Where? Fewer out. What is the logic that underpins the walls between the lords? On the music's came a senior told so to speak. Singular Rogic. It is used to understand what is the difference in distance between two several Lord's. I think we have C g. Let's called up to see the interval difference between See you he have G. There are five in between. That's everyone. Put this up to D. So you see the It's one and the same way Move up, g g goes toe is in his Let's go down g A. The distance is the same. Let's find out these out This work on the actually so I'll be using But cords and the reason why I will be immediately clear to you. Um, for from a wisher point of view, it gets the point across very easily. These were C G. I'll put it up one key toe deep in a Let's put it up. Using the same logic toe e b, I came toe f and C Did you sell things on the menu. I didn't even think about it like I have to go This number of in the box and everything put it up this way. I just took this in the same shape, Same par for the course. It just moved up. And this as easy as it can possibly be. So you have to just know where the basic notes are. So in order to get the key right, and then you can just move the Potter to decide position that you want. Let's give it another twice fast skate. But so let's have some sort of Seascape from borrow some notes from C major escape. Okay, let's say I want all of this so that so I could just take every single note this K partner moving up like one Tony Year one, okay, or the easier way that brought the efficient way. That's what you won't implement. My can be a spouse as possible. What to understand about our tours? Just take this movie So you start from the can you just do the same. You won't move it to that after, for example, I don't need really to think about it. You know, just move. The first gold between this case matches with the key. It's so so. It is pretty easy. The same rules as we've seen a place record, that's where. So the first thing I want to know is what the keys. Then you apply or patents because what you know the key, you know, from where from which route you're starting to be up to have your route. Your key. You can really apply all of your Parton's starting from there from there. So once through the temple you have the key. You can play your part, this all off. You feel stuff that you I really cannot get easier than this. So another very interesting thing that you want to move you some se psychological thing. Now I'm not a psychologist or anything. Something that happens to people were listening to something, and then we like things To be called Elite doesn't really only apply to music. It's a more general idea. We like things to be complete, so I'll be using an example this whole happy birthday. That's much I found that everyone host it. These regardless of where from, which works off like you come from So one thing that happens when we hear a song that we recognize that we won't close They were they These closure wars is that we want the pattern toe complete like a circle we want roundup And the way this works is usually within toe subconsciously want the song 12 key So this is another reason why they can be very useful for you. I think there could be something So the birthday song, as we're saying I tell you right now it is in G You will notice the soul doesn't start on the G. So this source on this time the first sound material when a start that's not necessary mean it is the key. We seal the funding he very soon in the next lesson. So sticker on there Happy birthday song, right? It's remind it was the song except in order to expect to hear that you have a 1,000,000 times before and you expect to hear the same No. Every time you recognize this practical gene or I'll play now so your mind gets peace. It is really just a psychological thing way everybody is it. It's your intrinsic tendency toe want to see something complete. And if the same thing didn't have on the G as it is, which is a key off this piece, it's really there. It wouldn't like us for feeling as a as an example, not as good it had living. Hey, which is the single which started doesn't feel the same way. So that is where major lords are to find him. So you can implement this thing. That's well, you know, to use that keynote on a piece that you're playing after a while, I just comes down to a body. I know, for example, that Jeezy here, these little G's I just know that I mean, what he after some time off rock to see So you don't need toe for them every single time. So where were Okay, you might be okay. We know that the north and the intervals between some loss in between our this one, cause he's in between worlds. They just simply no see shot in the shop. We said that they also that flat brush sharp as an extension of a lot. It means it is the first step. Should flat is the office that don't motion. Let's stick Jeep in a for example. Really? Did you show just could step up another's off Step up from she shot is a because there are too threats in between G and a each step being that our step that we won't going back work . We can use that for a lot. Authorization. Hey, going back again. Come back with so we can see that g sharp and a flat sounds the same. Now if you're in tow. Musical theory. Your somewhat more knowledgeable about music and stuff, you might know that they know exactly the same team from a. There's a difference. When it comes to music area, it's a whole again. A part of it comes back to that, not tuning to use in the beginning. The tape. Did you get the same right? So we have to know for people from point of view that they found Actually, they say so. Just if your only problem what is ordering you to practice? Pray. The actual difference is not that report to you. You can be a fun thing to know toe again. Mathematics that there is behind there music notes created, so you know this thing you might ask Well, the hold e b c. Either post that we have say they're just one threat from each other. That will be a very good question. Told all that and out studies easy these folks no such thing as you shy What? I have flood. So if they can you shut just going back from half toe Safety is no such thing us for that. Functionally, they come back to the 17 to be a safety. Same reasoning applies toe B and C so the window measured pointed toe go through for discuss this video. It's probably longer than the average we go to hopefully old That measure tend to want to know about single laws. So we do a quick recap. You know that it's the table which is king always have, like you know where the basic structure is going to be. You're goto is going to be that first. Then you find out the key and we see that in the next class and after you have the key, which is your route from when you start building the Boston Temple, you can use the patterns that many attachment to this course they're off this case of course, which are just again Parton's off loss that, you know, I went to feet once. You know how to find the notes, Please. They must call on once again. Would you say that for setting for speak applies? There are some article notes that are going to use more often than others. So once you want to find the major lords, Fred, you can now no auto easily translate your apartments from work was he showed you could easily move from C toe without really thinking about it and is basically What was he doing ? All my improvisation attached to this glasses. So far, they have techniques that you can use toe a certain way makes up for your doing. For example, you could have that on and put off. You can do this well being, especially if you're going to be playing on electric guitar. You could in some mornings, make it Sounds more to say given alternative sound because many people don't know said job from the masses, you accepting way you get your stopping to give a more I'm a paro looked. You're playing disabilities. You can play the courts around. Just remember toe stay into the He used the corner to working so well less thing that you want to remember is when they're coming to the hand off your exhibition execution of what you want to call it, you might want to key Know that you're using your root planing G. You might want to change as well to give up sense of fulfillment to your home against which is listening to you. Well, to get something you want to come to some kind of closure. So that is you could note that like not having the route on the key, But be aware that your execution is goingto be left like hanging. So you might want to continue planning guests. Maybe away toe, I would say jumping toe a visitor playing and you're just makes instruct off interjection between them toe, leave them together. Not like you have a piece and you start from zero to. There are many things that you can play with. So this is mostly everything that we have to say about this story. Okay, The last thing you don't want toe really improvise in the literal sense, like you want to have some God left to foretell this. We're a long line right here. And remember that your mind must be the force on the world team. The bigger picture that you, doctor Muslim in any circumstance, if you know you're playing some C and G partner to keep the same example you so far you could just use it. If you're improvising, you put some skates, I'm voting provides. Then you might want to be aware of the fact that absolute doing some shopping. So you know, you can somebody that fits into the pattern that you're playing the scale of playing and go the e fit. See these so you can just put some the last thing you might want to be a way to get a sense of closure to completely sure, in the root keynote that you were playing. Let's put too much salt. Recovered all the major team that you want to say this good again. It's taking a little bit longer where you can use it really useful record off what we use so far. And I really hope you're getting the best experience that you can get from this. We want to I want to help you. My English is not perfect. No. Oh, I'm doing the best they can. Or three. If you implement all of these things, you can really get improvising. Very good way to get to practice it. And you can get really one up until we get the level. This with this king knowledge for you. If you want to expand on it, all of the good Captain, you may be so as a lasting scores were great toe touch on how to identifying the key that we're going to play. After that. He really said to go. So I see that next and find out glass. 9. Lesson 9 Key Spotting comp 2: right. Everyone goes to the last class of the scores we're going to see now is how you find the key. So you want to play. But what you might want to play with people in a group may be part of something that you're going toe. Coordinate your actual speak somewhere else. Maybe you want to give a structure to your How would you say to give us a structure to support until going to play? So it is are you find out what the key is in the peace that took place. What you want to start from is the court that called close this particle. You have the course and you're going toe easily. Find out what the He's for the secular courts using the spreadsheet I made for you that is going to be attached to this class, this friendship is going to be very helpful. Toe give you a quick and easy plans of what you're going toe. No, in that particular moment about the key. One thing that I noticed when people try toe teach how to find the here and it is so obviously from the teacher's point of view is that the tryingto say something like, uh, it's okay. You hear the peace and you're going to notice if there is a particular Lord, it is repeated in the composition over and over and after here for a while, you get a sense that they know that is repeating. Thank you. This is obviously a way to you can absolutely centrepiece or read the sheet for that notice of particular note that comes over a lot of times. It's repeated in the court on you get the sense that that is most likely you could or you could use spring she giving. You know this ritual is very simple to use. You just take the court that are this particular piece that are trying to play, and you match it with the Mavericks composes expression. So will take, for example, a place that from something more complicated in a way so we don't way we do already be dive you opening. Let's take the blues kind of peas play for you in the improvisation segment of this course . So it went something like this. It's complicated. It really is it. Let's around with to the would you say key north of this So the water is Jim measure, which can say as it his dream. It is a perfectly wrong in south court. He said you could just wrong this toe a mind set. We could just round this tweet way. So don't get intimidated so to speak, by all Savitz off the operation, just stripping down to the easiest for off them about this farming myself communicated itself. Just simplify that as well. You know the temple. So you could just simplify this because we're really focusing on the court. Right? So let's play that rather simplified off this song. Okay, we've noticed that we're playing simplified virtual. We still get the team off the song. Really? You? It's the same soul. Just simply find no simplified version helps us, because now we have all the course that we need to simplify this. So what we do know is sneak up to fall like a spy, and they got the Ma Trix s parachute. But I touched for you on this class office. It works. We used to cause that we know this signal, and we try to put them metrics and see which line where the possible keys. All right, which, what? This course feet in this particular song, we have G e A and e this court the Lord's feet on the following keys. See, energy. You can check it out of ethics so we can try to figure out which one of this for is whether where it is very likely that would you say, maybe candy that's to Europe. Do your soul. It's very it is like a two. So the court sog So if you can easily find out the key just giving any Troy What we want to find out the village looking for is we're going to borrow some notes from the natural measure scale. The lettering must escape is like the most common use came. And if you're going to music school, you have heard this thing up so much. Freedom didn't twittering tweeting anymore. So business image of skin for your pleasure. Three. What we're going to do It escaped its borough first and fifth notes. The 1st 1 was obviously always a key. Also called a Tory. It turned into fifth or we're thinking because don't do anything in tow. Music theory. We have just a little bit. First the dirt and the fifth are the most strongly correlated rules. So you might ask that sport whether we take this image of court, that's because in accord, but many nodes, many salads and all the sounds that you don't three need. I'm just going to be Norway's. In your interpretation. You don't really able to get that excessive towards you. Want to get the thing in the most efficient way possible for our purpose brewing from that , that's right. Much escape. We take first that from the and you see that define attaches. Where where this dolts are in a bottle, so goes to see Major. It is first. Okay, it sounds nice. Let's quickly try the other ones So we have the sea outs are made. It's really, you know, looked really doesn't sound to feed the coating to it. So let's bar that from from this from, say, from our Mr Let's Take it away me theirselves like it's our potential candidate. So we have just seen all that strike quickly. Ideas work. The G is perfect. What did you see from the like what? Like let's because vertical spreadsheets on the night of the sea notice that fifth from the tea is the gym. As we've just say for musical reasons, you can really look adopting interesting these technical stuff or you wouldn't pressure. Would you say their friends and music theory? Vegas It's really interesting for the first time in 50 are the most strongly correlated Awards and opens to be G is fifth. No, I see. So these were strongly have strong correlation comes from as a fun thing that you might want to. When did that, for example see as a key? You know that 50 is going to get you if you think that G as a key the sea is will be fourth for mathematical reasons. Now the intervals that created when you ever from one particle note another is 50 going together. We round is good before intervals that it's always going to be a total some off nine when it comes from toe going from one to the other and to the other group around a game. The 1st 1 The same thing is from one north, and you want oh know where it comes again as a what difference is going to be six morning of us So 369 So it's easier for your toe. Remember him. Find out parties. Just remember for one another it's going to be notice. I just told you that. Oh, some people playing really right All this that you can find the key just listening to the peace. Really noticing sound repeating over door, which is that Yeah, this comes stole or use for when you want toe, Find out if this hole is in a major key putting a minor. You can goto the mathematics how the particular composition creates migrant major courts. But thing is, you can really just feel it like you get here first. Major measure souls more happy or corner for right. But mine or souls are more Doc Korean. You can really get this out of you. That's something you just played was in June, Major. OK, notice it's already had been light. So, like cells Nice. You want recent? Give me an example of a line song. Let's use no figures, martyrs from it on. You know this is something darker, right? That's because it's in your mind the court progression for these, my lord, do you see? So one thing is to make what if you notice that, that's all means. No mind you say corn J but you want to know what they're looking for. The heat You to use that data to find out the key. But since borrowing it from the not run measure escape wrote the first from that now run line escape. So in the case of the E, it's on something like this. You notice it fits perfectly. It's definitely a minor. So there is one more thing that you might want to know to use the correct minor or major one dirt 50. Borrow it from the natural skate's major in order to find the key. Okay, lets go to the bottom for a woman or the measured way Want toe? Okay, I find that you might want oh change key this game really fun when you are playing something Especially if you're by yourself You want oh changed the key to give are different A very easy way to do this is changing from the major key My key. So you remember that I just said you But the first the 1st 15 more strongly correlated Waas . So we've been told there are correlations between the intervals that we can use when we want to do particular weeks. We're playing I want to do is change. One way to use to change The key is goingto measure toe the you were going to use to accomplish this six and more often than not, be very right to just switch Vicky like home. You know, fashion. I just put itself using the sea like we know that that six is that a So we can just switch from G major to a minor without really thinking about yeah, what we just just there is switching from C Major. We have a 1st 50 g reach. It's which toe A, which is a game 1st 50 but you could really feel the progression. We go toe happier, Lighter toll toe America a minor is another thing. That was so let's recap. What we want to do is around the core to the basic form simplified strong toe. Just keep up with the table so we don't what they're going toe. You notice that the team stays the same because the courts over all are the same. We match off the course that we have now in the spreadsheet we usually have 23 or four or civil keys for we try the 1st 3rd and fifth North on the network s case to see which case most likely suits what we're looking for. Remember to use no major or minor escape. So their 1st 50 you know, based on how you think this song is structured like if you think this only structured around Major told what will use the major first. Otherwise, you tried in line. When we're looking for the key, don't be that four intimidated by their internal variations of my being. Just remember, to Rome this can come very useful loving this distances and love nine perhaps want do particular tasks. For example, we might want to change the key from a major to my little Since we know that strong operations between particulary intervals, we know that there is a particular coronation in the first, which is the key. And six you can switch from my major Milo switching from that using the first key for using the sixth as a K as we've seen from C major toe A minor it is bordered. Want to know so far on alcohol with keys in your composition. So the same example that we use When we started the course, I said you wanted to impress anger that you like. So you have the employees of your key can be your partner. So very you can go ahead. You're a big boy now. Regulations. All right, we know. I think we went through all the measure things that we wanted to go toe. So again, I hope this course has been really helpful to you. If you open toe up some, do you? I would say passion for music itself. Assad. This is being blank for yourself or for in person. Get friends. I guess you might want more into the technical side. You find a lot of fun things to play with if you go deep into the floor using so this pretty mature. I hope you again. You got the best results possible. Yeah, we should have best. See you