Guitar Improvisation and Soloing: Get started with simple Soloing and Improvising Blues/Pop/Rock

Robert Turrell, Guitar Improv and Fun

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5 Lessons (33m)
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About This Class


This class is designed for the beginning to intermediate guitar player to begin learn how to improvise and and play fun guitar solos. Most people that pick up a guitar learn a few chords and some simple songs. I have taught professionally for many years and usually when people see me play solos and riffs they want to know how they can expand their own playing and improvise guitar solos. 

Learning guitar is an ocean of possibilities and my goal is teach you some basic techniques using simple patterns on the guitar to get you started on how to improvise. 

In this class I will teach you ONE simple scale/pattern called the penatonic scale. I will provide three backing tracks I have created that you can download for free to play along with. I will show you how to use this one scale to create your own solos and open the door for your creative mind on how to improvise on songs you learn or songs that you create. 

My goal is that this class is effective in teaching you the basics of improvising and launch a new dimension to your playing.