Guitar Headstock Carving - The Final Touches | Florian Vorreiter | Skillshare

Guitar Headstock Carving - The Final Touches

Florian Vorreiter, Luthier (B.A.), Master Craftsman

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7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 20 Tools needed (9750)

    • 2. 20 Cheek bevel (9497)

    • 3. 21 Controlling bevel angle (9498)

    • 4. 22 Scalpel carving start (9499)

    • 5. 23 Crown Carving Time Lapse

    • 6. 24 Curve correction (9508)

    • 7. 25 Finished bevels (9758)


About This Class

This class teaches you how to to put the final touches on a guitar headstock with a carved crown.

While designing the crown pattern and then cutting it into the headstock seem like a daring work process, the true artistry begins when putting the final touches (bevels) on the crown. The bevels act much like an outline or emphasis of the existing pattern, and give it its elegance.






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Florian Vorreiter

Luthier (B.A.), Master Craftsman

Florian Vorreiter received extensive training in the traditional techniques of guitar making during his 2-year apprenticeship in Austria. He went on to complete his thesis on contemporary classical guitar making at university in Germany, and then established his workshop in Canada (2007).
Florian's work is defined by painstakingly traditional craftsmanship, a well-founded scientific approach and the relentless desire to push the envelope.

His instruments range from replicas that ...

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