Guitar Basics 101 - Getting Started With The Guitar

Lauren Bateman, Helping students have fun with guitar.

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9 Videos (1h)
    • Acoustic VS Electric Guitar

    • Essential Guitar Accessories

    • How To Use A Metronome

    • How To Hold Your Guitar

    • How To Hold Your Guitar Pick

    • How To Tune Your Guitar

    • How To Read Guitar Tablature

    • The Musical Alphabet

    • Preventing Wrist Tension

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About This Class

Learn the absolute basics behind the guitar:

  • How to tune your guitar
  • Electric vs Acoustic
  • How to hold your guitar pick
  • How to hold your guitar
  • How to read guitar tablature
  • The musical alphabet
  • Other essential guitar accessories
  • How to prevent wrist tension when playing the guitar

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Before I get into the actual review, I'd like to mention that there's a loud static noise that happens around 8 and a half minutes into lesson 6. Someone should fix that as soon as possible. As for the actual review itself, I would have to say that this course does well at covering all of the essentials one would need to know before playing the guitar. It's a great start, and I would recommend it to anyone who has never picked up a guitar before but wants to know how to play one.
Thank you for a great beginner class. My daughter really enjoyed it and can't wait to do the next class;-) Definitely recommended for beginners.
Angelique Noll

Writer and Illustrator

Miss Bateman, I’m a student that’s been trying to learn guitar by myself, and I really think that your videos for this course are really helpful. I’m already getting better at my chords! Thank you so much!





Lauren Bateman

Helping students have fun with guitar.