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Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Technology Distraction

Joseph Drumheller, Leading Meditation, Healing & Education

Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Technology Distraction

Joseph Drumheller, Leading Meditation, Healing & Education

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6 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Meet Joseph

    • 2. Lecture - Distracted to Self-connected

    • 3. Contemplation - Technology Distraction

    • 4. Meditation - Distracted to Self-connected

    • 5. Bonus

    • 6. Extra - The Purpose of Meditation

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About This Class

It’s no surprise to anyone that in the 21st century we’ve become a distracted species. Technology has completely taken us over.  Just look at us now. We’re interacting on an electronic medium. And as great as that is, we’re also losing a lot in the process.  Technology is a major two-edged sword.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Technology Distraction is a focused meditation course, to help you deeply regain your sense of self, that often get pirated by technology. The intended outcome of the course is to provide a lasting and deep connection with the wonderfully profound center of your being.

The meditation in this course is not a casual meditation. It’s a full-on healing session, to align you with the person you are meant to be. Healing energy is transmitted in this meditation and your intent involvement is required to gain the maximum benefit.

Course material will be presented through video lecture, text summary, homework contemplation, and guided meditation.  Students will come away feeling better, with a profound sense of inner awareness, and meditation tools they can use in the for the rest of their lives.

The course will include:

  •  Implementing deep relaxation as the foundation for all meditation.
  •  A lecture discussing the current issues arising from technology use and how meditation can help balance your day-to-day life.
  • A printed summary.
  • A contemplative homework activity.

Through course lectures, students will come away with a clear understanding of how to implement guided meditation in regard to their topic of specific interest.   The meditation will also provide profound experiences to engage in healing, aligning them with the very person they are meant to be.

What students are saying about Joseph’s courses:

Your delivery was warm and natural and your sincerity and love of meditation shines through.  I can see how much work has gone into this course and I'm sure it will reach and help many, many, many people. It's so nice to 'meet' someone with very similar views on meditation and an approach to teaching that chimes with my own. I wish you every success!  Linda Hall

Joseph Drumheller's practical, earthy approach to meditation, along with his soothing voice and approachability provide a comfortable place to begin a new practice or gain deeper insights to those more established. Speaking as a lifelong meditator myself, I recommend his work.  Judy Blackwell

I will say that the main thing I look for in someone in such a course is that they exude calm, and joy....and you do......and that they look trustworthy, good energy when you look at their eyes.... when they speak....and you do... Marika Marks

Very informative about getting started at home meditation. I am excited to dive into Joseph’s course!  Kari Moore

Very professional and I loved the videos! If this is your first class online, I wouldn't have known it. You did a great job! Judy Lynne

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joseph Drumheller

Leading Meditation, Healing & Education


Joseph Drumheller

I'm a leader in meditation and healing and a four-time, award-winning author with a mission that is quite simple:  To assist people of all ages in becoming the greatest version of who they are meant to be.

I've spent over 25 years working in the worlds of Meditation, Healing, and Spirituality.  Six of those years I spent working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in a cancer radiation clinic in Bellingham, WA.  Since 1991, I've performed over 2,000 private sessions, led numerous seminars, workshops, online courses and retreats, and published an assortment of books for adults and children. 

I was also born with a deep spiritual connection to nature, which led me to earn a Master of Science degree in G... See full profile

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1. Meet Joseph: Hello. My name is Joseph Drumheller, and I am your instructor for this course would like to start off by thanking you for your interest in this course and extending you a very warm welcome. So please allow me to introduce myself just a little bit further. I've been working in the worlds of meditation and healing since 1991. I started off as a clinical hypnotherapist, then later evolved into what I would call an energy healer. And I really honed my chops as a healer When I spent six years working in a cancer radiation treatment facility using meditation and healing techniques to help cancer patients. I'm also a four time award winning author on the topics of meditation, healing and spirituality. So any time if you get stuck in this course I have a question. Please don't hesitate to contact me because I love asking questions for my students. So thanks once again for your interest in this course. Now let's go to class and I'll see you there 2. Lecture - Distracted to Self-connected: So what I really wanted to do on this one is I really wanted to touch on a really big problem that we're facing these days is that we're really get becoming distracted and dissociated from one another with technology. So technology is this incredible thing. It's like I'm able to teach a class go globally, you know, by Los sitting in my basement and talking about healing and meditation, which is great. I'm connecting with people all over the world. But on the other hand, it's like, you know, I'm in my house all day by myself, you know? So it's like it's a real two edged sword. You're making wonderful connections with people, but you're isolated and disconnected, and even worse, we're becoming distracted. And, you know, it's gonna be really interesting to see how this next generation comes up is gonna deal with it because there are some real problems that are associated with it. So So a Zumanity. Are we evolving? I say Absolutely. Yes. And so what's happening now is that on the external world, what we're seeing is a major evolution in our technology, so everyone knows what that is. But on the inside There's kind of a parallel universe that is accompanying that that explosion in technology and what's going on inside of us is that we're going through a spiritual evolution or spiritual awakening. And so in the past, the people that were allowed to like, I guess, allowed to be a word you could use to experience the higher vibrations of spirituality where people who dedicated their lives to it went through extensive training so that be like the gurus and the monks and the priest. But what's happening now as we're evolving as humanity, is that those spiritual realms are arm or available to just regular people like me and you . So we're if evolving on the outside and we're evolving on the inside also. So that's why things like mindfulness and meditation and yoga and all that stuff becoming really popular right now. So people are tuning into it very true. What are some challenges? Well, the biggest one that we're all aware of the technology is moving at a rate that nobody can keep up with, so that creates inherent stresses with that. So and it just seems to be going faster and faster, you know, like we're all much of lemmings deal racing for the nearest cliff. And also there's this gap of information between the nose and the nose knots. So there's a friend of mine who's like he owns his own I t company had designs Web pages, and so he's kind of up on the Silicon Valley and all that kind of stuff. And he says that the gap of information between people who work in the industry and people who are don't that gap is accelerating also. So, he said, it's getting so far we're getting so far removed from the nose and the nose. Not that we're starting to event technology to run our technology, and we're also some. You know, we're starting to see stuff like that, like cars that can drive themselves. So there's it's great in some ways, but it has, You know, there's a kind of any an effective It has some drawbacks to it also. So what's happening is that there is everything become automated. Um, you know, humanity itself is becoming somewhat obsolete. So, you know, we're becoming victims of our own technology and we're getting outsourced. Yeah, well, we matter anymore 100 years. What about the stress and pressure. So everyone knows that things are accelerating beyond what anybody can keep up with. Yet there's this kind of this expectation that we do keep up with. It s everyone's like running on the treadmill faster and faster, trying to keep with up with technology and change is happening so rapidly that it's just it's it's crazy. So I remember when I was working as a geologist 10 years ago, probably 25% of my time on my job, which was put on top of meat, you know, kind of like, you know, the unwritten rules that I had to keep up with the technology. So I was constantly trying to learn technology that I didn't know how to use that nobody knew how to use, you know, in the company is just throwing at us. We have to use it, and we have to try and keep up with any. Yes, they do have trainings and things. But even the training people didn't know how the technology fully worked, and so it was really stressful. And so I think a lot of people are experiencing that continually. Just as technology continues to go faster were expected to keep up. Yet we really can't because it's out of our hands. It is. It's beyond our human beings beyond what we can keep up with. So, yeah, so that that is one challenge. Um, you know, one another challenge that we're facing or pressure and stress that technology is creating is that the workforce is changing. And so, you know, back in my day has kind of raised when I was young that, you know, you get a good job, you get a good education and you work for retirement. Save your money, get the gold watch waiting for it to end. Those days are gone, man. So never to be seen again. So what's happening now is that the workforce is changing Teoh to a contractor workforce. And so people are working, you know, by the nanosecond, essentially, and so that no one has security in that. So that's ah you know, it's kind of another pressure that technology has created. And I imagine we're also disconnecting from other people in this world window. Yeah, so? So this course I'm teaching is wonderful. Like I said, I get Teoh work with people face to face are not face to face. Do I get to work with them from phone to phone or computer to computer? And I've And I've also recently just made to Children's books, which have been wonderful and the illustrators that I worked with, I haven't never talked either off. It's all been on email and through technology websites. And even though it's been great, it's like there's a real disconnect there. You know, I've never really, uh, you know, personally connected with the people that I have worked with, and I think that's happening a lot right now. So you have the face to face. Time is like, uh, it's decreasing quite rapidly, which is kind of a shame. And then, you know, kind of like the worst case scenario. We can hide behind our technology like create false personas and scams and all that kind of stuff. So but those things most things have existed throughout history also, so it makes the world gets smaller and smaller. You work with people in all parts of the world. I never really had that same bomb, someone never yeah, or someone that you share an experience with personally, you know, even though it's it's just kind of strange, you know, it's just kind of ITT's like it's like 1/2 of a step removed, you know, like every it's like being pen pals. And I'm sure we're all getting addicted to Well, the thing with technology said, it stimulates our brains, and so it gets our brains to speed up its invigorating. It's exciting, but it's also very addicting, and we're not even aware of the consequences yet. So when I was born and I was born in the Year 25 B. C. 25 years before computers on Now kids are being born with cell phones in their hands. And so you know what's gonna be like for them in 10 or 20 years as they become more dissociated and more distracted, you know? Well, they how are they gonna have to deal with it? It's good because it's gonna be their world and their issues to deal with, just like, you know, my culture and my age group had its own, too. So, um and so I read somewhere on the Internet. So it must be true, right that the average person, uh, looks at their phone 100 times a day. So, you know, you know, how many times have you gone out to lunch or dinner with somebody? And they spend half their time on their phone, you know? So we're losing touch with each other. So, um and then I have a story about a friend of mine who I go kayaking with. And he has a son who's must be pushing 30 now. But when he was about 25 when the sun was 25 they lost contact with him. They didn't know where he waas. They didn't know if he was alive, and so, um, it was quite distressful for them, but they finally connected with them, but a like a year a year later, and he was living in a basement apartment and he was playing a video game. He's playing interactive video game with all these people from all over the world, and he didn't come out of the basement for, like, literally a year and 1/2 and they had to do an intervention on him just to get him out. So that's kind of an extreme example. But that stuff does happen, you know. Yeah. Yeah. So what could help us not be overstimulated. Okay, so So it takes a little self control and a little discipline. But one thing we can do for sure is to meditate. And so when we meditate, we disengage with that external Elektronik world, and we focus on ourselves. Now you can meditate using technology, you know, But hopefully, instead of focusing on the technology itself, you're using technology to help you go inward sufferance of this class people. You know that students are going to be using technology to access to inter parts of themselves. And so I just want to make sure to not focus on the technology but to focus on what's going on inside of you. That's where meditation could be extremely helpful and meditations timeless too. So it's existed since people that existed. Another thing, Teoh, That is really great. Teoh, get away from technology a little bit of to go out in nature. So nature operates at a much different vibration and different energy cycles than the Elektronik gadgetry does. And so we are born of that. You know, we're from this planet, so we naturally gravitate and vibrate with those natural rhythmic cycles. And so one way to kind of balance out the technology thing is to go back and be in that. You know, you have tow like do Robinson Caruso, but it's like, you know, is it sort? It's a really great, great way to balance out the over seamless from technology. So and nature is this far aways is looking up at the sky, and you could do that even in a city. Another thing to do is to read, to read books or get engaged in storytelling especially, You know, I'd highly encourage people to read to their Children, because what happens is when you read a book or tell a story is that you're engaging your imagination in a way that you can't with technology. So technology. When you're watching a video or something, you don't have to use your imagination at all. It's just being fed to you. So when you get into storytelling and Teoh reading, then you know you're using a part of your brain that's that's really good a place to use. And you can kind of get away from that overstatements of technology that's become it has, you know? So, um, hopefully we won't lose storytelling, you know, Hopefully doesn't all go video, so it's a very human thing, you know, It really connects us with one another, so hopefully that will make a comeback. Um, also, I encourage any type of non electronic activity. So I like to use work with my hands. I stood build boats a lot, and so that was a really great way to disengage from the electronic stimulus, you know, kind of. And when you do, those kind of things were really connecting with getting connecting back into yourselves. That's great, Andan. The last thing that I could find really stimulating toe Teoh kind of balance out the over technology thing is to interact with people one on one or even in a group, but where there's no technology. So you have conversations with people who actually looking in the eyes and, you know, just hang out with people without phones, just even if it's for, like, 10 minutes, you know? Yeah. Uh, what should I do? You know, this meditation doesn't require anything special, but just be willing to go into a really deep state, even though we'll be using technology, but to really not focus on the technology, and I'm going to take us into a new experience where you're going to touch on the center of who you are as a person. So to reconnect with who you are and not to be have it focused on the external world. And so there's ah ah, very magic energy that we all possess in there. So we're gonna connect up with that. Great. All right, so see if the meditation, OK? 3. Contemplation - Technology Distraction: Let's begin by slowing down the mind, take a few di slow breaths and let the cares and concerns of the day melt away. - Take a moment to reflect. How many needless hours a day do you spend on your phone, social media, your computer or some other electronic device? Do you notice on addictive quality about it is the amount of time you spend on your technology you know, one with your values and higher aspects of your being. No quality time away from technology. Improve your connection to others to yourself or to the planet on which we live. - Imagine a few activities that don't require Elektronik technology that you could partake in that would increase the quality of your life way. Imagine what your life would be like if you were in control of your technology instead of the other way around. Enjoy that feeling in a deep state of inner peace. No 4. Meditation - Distracted to Self-connected: hello and welcome to the meditation. Distracted to self connected technology is a wonderful thing. It speeds up our minds. It's invigorating, It's exciting. It's very creative. But it can also be flat out addicting and distract us from who we truly are as people and disconnect us from the world that's around us. So in this meditation, what we're going to do, it was we're going toe visit our overactive mind. We're going to really unwind that, slow it down and let it go. And then in each and every one of us, there is a center in the core of our being that's very alive. It's very dynamic, and it's really the essence of who we are. So we're going to tap into that and then because that part of us resonates naturally with nature, will do a little visualization to connect into nature, which will hopefully ground us into the center of our being and open this up to, uh, the creative force or the life force as it ISS. So go ahead, get yourself situated in a nice, comfortable position. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and we'll begin to relax. So as you begin to relax and unwind and to let go. I'd like to read you a little story. You're welcome to listen to this store if you like, but the whole purpose of this story is just to help you relax, so just listen to my voice. Take a deep breath and we'll begin to let go. So as you're relaxing with your eyes closed and as you go deeper into a meditative state, I'd like you to take your time because I really wouldn't want you to relax too quickly. It's just easier to pay attention to your body, perhaps paying attention to your head as it starts to unwind and to relax. Or perhaps as your arms and your legs begin to feel heavy as you breathe and continue to listen. The sounds of my voice sounds far away to the sounds nearby, as each of those sounds take you into a more and more deeply relaxed state of Perhaps you've already started toe let go and to drift down into a very deep peace, relaxing the mind and relaxing the body. And most people at some time in their lives have quietly sat down at night around the fire way, just watching the flames dance, watching them flicker, perhaps hearing a pop watching smooth as it drifts into the sky with very calm, very peaceful bear. Relax, and as you drift away like smoke from a fire, you may begin to dream away as your thoughts drift has your mind wanders and as your soul becomes more and more perfectly relaxed and you may not listen to everything, I say that you continue to become more relaxed, more peaceful, more deeply ideas. And you may start to notice the small changes that are barely noticeable as you continue to relax like slowing of your breath or the rhythm of your heart or the relax ation of the muscles in your face. Because every part of your body can begin to enjoy the deep sensation. Relax ation, and if you take a stone and throw it out into a pond, it will create ripples generating out from its center. Com. Peaceful ripples as the stone gently floats down to the bottom, drifting down, drifting down, slowly floating down where nothing is disturbed and everything is at peace at the bottom with quiet call, and you can relax comfortably reflect upon your life in a certain way. As you continue to relax more deeply, more effortlessly and more peacefully, then you ever have before. And as you continue to breathe and unwind, relax. I'd like you to imagine yourself above some beautiful place, a healing place, sanctuary place. And as I count backwards from seven, using the words down and deeper, I'd like you to drift down to this place to a very deep and peaceful state of calm and effortless. Relax. Ation number seven. Feel yourself going down, down drifting deeper, deeper. Six. Drifting down, down drifting deeper and deeper. Five. Drifting down, down drifting deeper and deeper and four drifting down, down deeper and deeper three Drifting down, down drifting deeper and deeper two drifting down, down, drifting deeper in deeper and want drifting down, down and down Deeper and deeper. If you are now in your sanctuary place, just ask that you imagine yourself being there A ziff you were actually there. And with every detail that you notice, I'd like to take you into a deeper and deeper place of call and effortless. Relax, ation. So you become more and more perfectly relaxed. More and more perfectly relaxed more and more perfectly relaxed. Very calm. Very peaceful, very deeply. Relax. Very called. Very peaceful, Very deeply relaxed. Calm, peaceful, relaxed, calm, peaceful. Relax, as you continue to breathe to relax. I'd like you to remember a time when you were overwhelmed. Were very distracted with technology, overwhelmed electron ICS. And I'd like you to actually pretend you're there now. A Ziff. You were actually there. Feeling feeling of overwhelmed, are deeply distracted. I want you to pay very close attention to where you feel those sensations in your body. Perhaps it's in your head or in your stomach or wherever it ISS. And I want you to pay close attention to those sensations. Perhaps it feels like uncomfortable electricity, rapidly spinning sensations pulsing whatever it ISS want you to just pay attention and relax. And as you continue to experience those sensations as you continue to relax deeply, always I'd like you to do now is to let those sensations go and to feel them releasing from your body almost as if a magnet is pulling them out of your body so that the electric feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed or distracted, released from your body as deeply as you can feel in your body, your mind and in your soul. And as you continue to release those sensations, other things may releases. Well, there may be Elektronik devices, events from the past, opportunities that have been missed connections with people have been missed. Just allow those things to drift away. Feel them leaving your body without effort. That stress just let it all go and allowed the accelerating the pressure of a world in motion. Just allow it to drift off for a time and a lot yourself to be free of that distraction. That acceleration is your mind continues to slow down and as those things continue to salt to dissolve internalise. So for just a few moments, I'd like you to continue that releasing process in silence and just allow this process toe work for you as your deeply relaxed Now, as you continue to breathe, relax to allow distraction. Overwhelming. This acceleration is that continues to let go. I'd like you to gently shift your focus into the very center of your being into the core of your being somewhere between your heart and your stomach. To the very center of who you are to the very core of your pain. Just focus on that area just a moment. There's something about to enter your awareness that's just outside of your awareness and what it iss. It's the true essence of who you are as a human being. It's the unique energy of you. I'd like you to focus on that as you begin to become aware of that in the center of your being, you may feel movement what may be like a golden ball of energy that's brightly illuminated . And allow yourself to be aware of that, or just imagine or pretended and to begin to feel it inside of your body. This is the true energy of who you are. As a person. We feel movement may feel tingling sensations or warm, just deep peace. Whatever it iss, just relax and enjoy experiencing this presence. Now, as you continue to experience the essence of who you are, if you can, I'd like you to imagine yourself in a place or in a setting that's in nature. Maybe big trees or stream or waterfall or metal or whatever it is, and I want you to feel that pulsing and that rhythm of inside of you and feel that is connected to the rhythm of the natural world. It operates at the same frequency of the rainbow of the sunset, the storm, the trees and the plants and the animals water and just allow those two resonating vibrations from nature and from yourself, begin to resonate in harmony. Very slow, pulsing vibration so that nature is actually feeding the essence of who you are. And as you continue to focus on the core of your being with that energy or that, like that's what you I'd like you to allow that energy to start, to grow, to expand, to intensify and to move into every cell of your body. Your entire body is eliminated radiating out from your core so that your light being illuminated intensified, and you can actually feel this illumination in this light extending down from your feet and into the core of the Earth. Actually connecting into the center of the earth feeling very grounded, very stable, very secure. At the same time, this light shoots up through the top of your head and connects to the energy of life itself so that from the heavens through your body through your core down into the center of the earth. You're incredibly connected. The essence of who you are surrounded by an incredible setting in nature. So just continue to breathe and to relax and to really enjoy sensation of connecting into your own energy, to the rhythm of who you are and to know that you can visit this any time simply by slowing down and being aware of it. Just continue to breathe. Continue to relax when you are ready. There's absolutely no hurry whatsoever. You when you feel like you're done, slowly open your eyes gently and peacefully drift back in the conscious world, you. 5. Bonus: Hello, I congratulations on finishing the course. I hope you got more out of the class than you anticipated. In case you didn't notice. There are some fabulous music in this course. And most of my meditations are used music by Richard Taylor from his album fathoms. And the contemplations are used for eclipse from Ben And in a few spots, I used yoga meditation by Eric cartel. If you're interested in more personalized healing and awakening, then I'm available for private sessions to take you deeper into the mysteries of spirit. I also have an assortment of soul inspiring books in non-fiction, award-winning fiction and children's books. And of course, all this can be found on my website at Joseph As you continue along your path of growth and fulfillment. Please remember, I am here for your questions and comments on the topics of hypnotherapy, meditation, healing, and spirituality. Please don't hesitate to contact me at anytime. And of course, if you enjoyed this class, a positive review would be endlessly appreciated because they are what keep my courses alive. And don't forget, I have numerous other courses on a variety of topics in this platform. If this one was a benefit to you, then I may have more you'd be interested in. So please check those out. So thanks once again for enrolling. I'm honored to have you as a student and I hope to see you in another class very soon. 6. Extra - The Purpose of Meditation: I think this is great. This is great. This is life, man. We're doing life right now, so I know nothing. Meditation will bring passion into your life. So doing this, this passion. So this is We love what we're doing right? And so that's a direct reflection of hooking into because meditation is about helping you be who you are. So it's not about trying to be something else. It's about being who you are to the highest capacity that you're capable. And that's where Joy comes in. So that's where this is heading. That's where meditation is heading. It's heading Teoh Joy to being yourself. Yeah, it's what it's what it's all about. That's the bottom line. It's not about Nirvana, where maybe Nirvana is being yourself. I don't know, I don't know. But it's like taking the mystical out of it. You know, the mysteriousness and that meditation is about being who you are. Everyone and everyone is here to be something specific. You know, maybe people have all sorts of things we're gonna do in their life. But people are born with certain personality types are born from certain cultures. They're here to do something that's uniquely them. And meditation could help get them there on that track.