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Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, Part 2

Joseph Drumheller, Leading Meditation, Healing & Education

Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, Part 2

Joseph Drumheller, Leading Meditation, Healing & Education

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29 Lessons (2h 41m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Delusion

    • 4. Intention, Decision, and Action

    • 5. Protection

    • 6. Exercise - Setting Protection

    • 7. Sensing and Feeling Energy

    • 8. Energy Downloads

    • 9. True Story - Fiji Download

    • 10. Spiritual Activity

    • 11. Meditation - Sensing Energy

    • 12. Guides, Angels, and Totems

    • 13. True Story - Gratitude Angels

    • 14. True Story - Goose Totem

    • 15. Meditation - Spiritual Guides

    • 16. Sacred Geometry

    • 17. True Story - The Octasphere

    • 18. Meditation - Sacred Geometry

    • 19. Nature

    • 20. Meditation - Nature

    • 21. Astrocartography

    • 22. Sacred Places

    • 23. True Story - The Magic Squirrel

    • 24. The Earth Energy Grid

    • 25. Contemplation - Your Sacred Place

    • 26. The Oneness Deeksha

    • 27. Meditation - The Oneness Deeksha

    • 28. The Verification Sheet

    • 29. Bonus

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About This Class

Welcome to Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, Part 2. Due to the popularity of the first course in this series, Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, I've decided to create a companion course to take you deeper into mystical experiences and divine connection.

However, before we begin, let me warn you, this class will not be normal. We'll be stepping outside of the meditation box to touch on topics that have enormously accelerated the spiritual growth of myself, my clients, and thousands of others. I've experienced everything in this course first-hand and can vouch for the validity. So buckle your seat belt, as we bring life into the surreal world of mysticism. This class will not be boring.

In this course, I'll provide lectures, contemplations, guided meditations, and exercises designed to expand and enhance your experience of spirituality. I've also thrown in a few true stories of awakening, to add a little entertainment. If that's not enough, I'm also going to challenge you to try some new things. I highly encourage you to give them a try.

Topics will include:

  1. How to recognize and AVOID DELUSION.

  2. How to set PROTECTION.

  3. How to FEEL and SENSE ENERGY.

  4. Recognizing and tapping into the reality of SPIRITUAL GUIDES, ANGELS, and ANIMAL TOTEMS.

  5. An introduction to SACRED GEOMETRY.

  6. How to connect to EARTH ENERGY and find YOUR SACRED PLACE.

  7. An introduction to the ONENESS DIKSHA.

  8. A VERIFICATION SHEET to chart your progress.

Although there are no prerequisites for this course, I highly encourage you to check out the introductory course in this series, Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening. That course will help establish a strong foundation, so you can open up to deeper sacred mysteries in this course.

On a side note, this class is very near and dear to my heart because of all the miraculous events I've experienced, from what is laid out in this course. It's had a huge impact on my life and I'm very excited to share it with you. I hope it will do the same for you.

What students are saying:

…I wanted to tell you that I’ve taken a lot of online courses & yours are some of the best I’ve come across… Lauren Carter

…the meditations are next-level awesome. Courtney Seard

This course was delivered in a simple to follow fashion. I especially enjoyed the meditations and feel as though I really connected with and was able to truly feel a presence and full-body energy vibrations from each of them. This is a huge plus for me! So many courses and meditations out there that you end up not really connecting with and you leave feeling empty or dissatisfied with. This was not the case with this course. If you are in the early stages of a spiritual journey that you give this a try. You need to be connected with yourself and in the right frame of mind and this course walks you through each stage clearly and with easy to follow exercises. So worth it! Kevin Dickens

Drumheller asks me to go deep right off. He is gentle in his delivery, providing a safe space for me to resolve stuff I thought I had taken care of. I am looking forward to the rest of the course. Susy Goins

Excellent clarification and just amazing. Wow!! Mollie Shannon Rama

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joseph Drumheller

Leading Meditation, Healing & Education


Joseph Drumheller

I'm a leader in meditation and healing and a four-time, award-winning author with a mission that is quite simple:  To assist people of all ages in becoming the greatest version of who they are meant to be.

I've spent over 25 years working in the worlds of Meditation, Healing, and Spirituality.  Six of those years I spent working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in a cancer radiation clinic in Bellingham, WA.  Since 1991, I've performed over 2,000 private sessions, led numerous seminars, workshops, online courses and retreats, and published an assortment of books for adults and children. 

I was also born with a deep spiritual connection to nature, which led me to earn a Master of Science degree in G... See full profile

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1. Promo: Hello and welcome to guided meditations for spiritual awakening, Part two. Due to the popularity of my first course in this Siri's guided meditations for spiritual awakening, I've decided to create a companion course to take you deeper into mystical experiences and divine connection. However, before we begin, let me warn you, this class will not be normal. We'll be stepping outside the meditation box to touch on topics that have enormously accelerated spiritually growth of myself and thousands of others. I've experienced everything in this course firsthand and convinced for the validity. So buckle your seat belt as we bring the world of mysticism toe life. This class will not be boring. Hello, my name is Joseph Drumheller. I've been working in the world that meditation, healing and spirituality since 1991. I'm also a four time award winning author and spent six years working as a clinical hypnotherapist in a cancer radiation treatment clinic. I've also helped numerous clients open up to their own spiritual truth. In this course, all provide lectures, contemplations, guided meditations and exercises to expand and enhance your experience of spirituality. I have also thrown in a few true stories of awakening toe add a little entertainment, and if that's not enough, I'm also going to challenge you to try some new things, and I highly encourage you to give them a try. So in this course, topics will include how to recognize and avoid delusion, how to set protection, how to feel and sense, internal energy and external downloads, recognizing and tapping into the reality of spiritual guides, angels and animal Toto's. There's also an introduction into the power of sacred geometry and how to connect to Earth energy. And there's also an introduction to the phenomenon called the Oneness Dick Sha and I've included a verification sheet also to help you chart your course now, although there are no prerequisites for this course. If you haven't already, I highly encourage you to check out the introductory course to this Siri's entitled Guided Meditations for spiritual wakening. That course will help you establish a strong foundation so you could open up to the deeper , sacred mysteries in this course. Also on a side note, this class is very near and dear to my heart, because I've experienced numerous miraculous events from the topics laid out in this course . It's had a huge impact on my life, and I'm very excited to share it with you. And I hope it will do the same for you. So thanks once again for your interest in this course. Now let's go to class and makes a magic and miracles happen. I'll see you there. 2. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the introduction for guided meditations for spiritual awakening. Part two. I sincerely hope this course opened you up to a glorious expansion of your own personal spirituality. But before you dive in, I'd like to make a few recommendations. First, there are lectures, contemplations, meditations, exercises and true stories. Please make sure to watch the lectures first, because there will be instructions on how to do the meditations and the exercises that follow. Also, if it's possible, find someone else to take the course with, like a friend or family member. Anything dealing with spirituality is always amped up when it's done in a group. Shared experiences tend to have a much more powerful effect and a Richard dynamic it's called synergy. Also don't hesitate to reach out to other students on this platform by posting on the message board. They may be able to provide answers and insights that are just beyond your reach. Remember, they're interested in the same thing you are, namely expanding their spirituality after you watch the lectures. Do the Contemplacion's, in fact, do them many times? The contemplations are not designed for you to think and rationally figure out solutions to your problems, their questions throwing out to the universe in a state of relaxation. When your mind is calm, wisdom will provide answers and insights you may not have considered before. There are also deeper meditations. The medications are designed to expand your spiritual experiences in a very specific way, so go deep and, as with the contemplations, do them frequently. I've also included a number of true stories of things I've experienced along the course in my spiritual walk. These stories are optional and are intended to provide some extra inspiration for you to create your own stories. So thanks once again for your interest. And if you have any questions at any time, any time at all, please don't hesitate to shoot in my way. I love hearing from my students. Now let's go to class. I'll see you there. 3. Delusion: Hello and welcome to the lecture on Delusion. This is a very important lecture to touch on because it's critical to stay grounded, centered and balanced. Unusual and surreal events can occur during spiritually awakenings, so it's important to stay connected to the earthly reality. Otherwise, you can actually lose your mind. There could be times on your spiritual journey when you will brush with supernatural and the bizarre. It can be very disorienting and confusing, because negotiating the nonphysical terrain of spirituality could be a bit dicey. Sometimes there's a fine line between spirituality and psychosis. What will happen to you when you start to see people who are not physical or experience sensations that you feel outside of your body or hear words that are never spoken or have an intuitive insights that run contrary to everything you've known up to that point? How you feel? What do you think? What would you do? There have been times in my life when spiritual experiences were so strong and unusual, I thought I was going crazy. I simply didn't have any frame of reference for what I was experiencing. There was one time in particular when I was working as a healer. When I encountered when I considered to be very dark and dangerous energies, I felt like I had opened some kind of Pandora's blocks, and I didn't know what I was doing. I felt like I got in way over my head and I didn't have enough experience, knowledge, skills or help. In fact, I got very scared. So I stopped doing anything even remotely connected to spirituality for nearly three years . So if you're intent on entering a spiritual world, how do you know where to draw the line between spirituality and what is delusional? It's very simple, genuine, spiritually. Events will make your life better. You'll also be able to verify them in the physical world. That's why I include a verification sheet and all of my courses. We will keep you grounded and sane. Take Jesus, for example. He performed miracles in the physical world. He healed the sick and he healed the land and in my spiritual experiences have opened my capacity as a healer. So if someone comes to me for healing in regard to their anxiety attacks, then I expect their anxiety attacks to go away. The proof is always in the pudding. So if spiritually experiences are only in your imagination and can't be verified in the physical world, and it should raise your eyebrows of suspicion at that point, I highly recommend finding someone you could trust to get some support and advice. So if you have uncertain otherworldly experiences while you're taking this class and you feel like you need someone to share it with, contact me or posted on the message board of this course, connect with your fellow students, they may be having similar experiences. Don't try and figure it out by yourself. Get him out. Okay, that's it for the lecture on delusion. Let's keep moving and I'll see it the next lecture. 4. Intention, Decision, and Action: Hello and welcome to the Lecture on Intention, Decision and Action. In our previous course guided meditations for spiritual awakening, I briefly touched on the topic of desire. If you want a spiritual awakening toe happen, you have to want it to happen. Makes sense. Now. Let's take it up a notch and get more involved in the process. The more involved to get the more likely spirit is to respond the three most powerful forces in life. Our intention, decision and action. The application of these three forces will set the entire universe in motion. Let's talk about intention. First, intention is the force of what you want to do on purpose. Clarity of intention is crucial and spiritually wakening because it sends the message to the universe of what it is you're trying to create. The clearer and more specific your intention is, the easier the universal understand and be able to assist you. If your intentions are not clear, chances are you don't know what you wanted in the first place. Let's make it simple. Let's have a very clear intention for this course. Our intention is to create an increase spiritually experiences. Decision is the mental and emotional power behind your intention. Once you make a decision, the universe will begin the process of bringing your intention to you. The more committed you are to your decision, the more likely it is it will come to fruition. Waffling on a decision will weaken its power. Action is the driving mechanism that takes attention and decision out of the subconscious mind and generates them in the physical world. You've made intention, you're committed in your decision, and now it's time to do something. When I worked in a cancer clinic, the principles of intention, decision and action worked in the same way, for example, with cancer patients, my intention was crystal clear. He'll subconscious emotions underlying and critic and contributing to cancer Clients provided the decision by coming in to see me for help. And together we implemented a plan of action to heal the subconscious mind, and hopefully he'll the physical body. This class is no different. We have clearly stated the intention of increasing our spiritual experiences. You made the decision by enrolling and paying for this course, and we've both taken action to make it happen. I have created the course and you're watching the videos and doing the exercises based on the laws of spirituality, the universe will respond. Okay, so that's it for the lecture on Intention, Decision and Action. Let's keep moving to the next exercise toe. Open up and just see how the great spirit will respond. I'll see you there. 5. Protection: Hello and welcome to the lecture on Protection. As I mentioned in the previous lecture, I've run into some very scary spiritually counters. It's a healer. That was before I knew how to set protection. I later learned to use it when I worked in the cancer unit as a clinical hypnotherapist. And believe me, it works when we enter into a deep state of relaxation. During meditation, we opened the doors to other worlds. There are all sorts of nonphysical realities that exist beyond our limited physical three D existence. Most of them are benign or even friendly. However, some of them are not. When you begin to open yourself up to the spiritual realms, it's not common. But it is possible to expose yourself to dark energy, and you really want to avoid or minimize your exposure to dark energy. I can't stress this point enough. It's nothing to play around with. In fact, it could be potentially fatal or even worse. However, there is good news. There is a protection technique that has proven effective over the course of history. It's blue light. It's the blue light frequencies within the white light spectrum. Historically, it's been referred to as Arcangel Michael. So before exploring spiritually awakening any further, I highly recommend learning how to set blue light energy in and around yourself. Any time you meditate toe, open yourself up to other worlds, do it until it becomes second nature. It becomes ingrained into your subconscious now to set protection. It's very simple. All you need to do is relax, breathe and imagine. You are encapsulated in blue light. See it and or feel it, and then let it penetrate so deeply that it becomes interwoven into the fabric of your being. That's it. It sounds pretty easy because it iss and it also works. Would you have it ingrained into your subconscious? It will only take a couple of seconds for you to set it. Then you're on your way. Okay, so that's it for the lecture on protection. Now let's go to the falling brief meditation and learn how easy it is to do. I'll see you there 6. Exercise - Setting Protection: So go ahead and take a deep breath and start to relax. And And as you begin to relax, I'd like you to imagine yourself being encapsulated into some powerful and brilliantly blue light. If you can see the light or if you're more sensory, feel light in your body as it protects your spiritual body, your emotional body and your physical body, and then allow that blue light anchor deeply into your subconscious and into the core of your being. And when you feel like that light is integrated and established into your being, you can slowly open your eyes and drift back into the conscious world. 7. Sensing and Feeling Energy: Hello and welcome to the lecture on sensing and feeling energy in the first course of this Siri's. I use virtue to set the tone for your spiritual awakening, and hopefully that's happened. Now let's take it one step further and focus on becoming aware of energy inside and outside of your body on a bit of a side note. Before we get started, I just like to mention tie cheap, which is an entire disciplined dedicating toe working with life force energy. If that purchase your interest, I highly encourage you to check it out. So when I first start to become aware of energy presence, I could only recognize it as non physical motion that I could feel. I initially noticed strange, swirling sensation that were not confined to the physical limitations of my body. When I focused on them, they kind of moved inside and around and outside from a head down to my knees, and at first all I did was I just paid attention to the movement, and then years later it was a bit of an epiphany toe, actually recognize that these swirling sensations were actually some sort of divine energy , and in all honesty. That realization kind of blew me away. And over time, as I continue to connect with the sensations, they started to change and grow simultaneously. The circumstances of my life changed considerably to reflect the transformation that was occurring inside of me. Things improved, and I felt like I was more like myself. The more I experience these little movements of energy. And at this point in my life, the energy feels like mild electricity that comes off of my hands, my feet, my knees and my heart. And on the back of my neck up my central Meridian line. As the energetic feelings became more pronounced in my life, I noticed I could apply these sensations to different areas of my life. For example, when I first started learning about these little feelings, I was playing a lot of softball at the time was abbot softball player, and through trial and air, I learned if I could push thes swirling energies down before a game that we played, we always win, and I could also take my swirly sensations out into the field and feel them as they would nudge me one way or other in terms of anticipating what would happen on the next play, and it all worked very well, as I was quite amazed, actually, and and so I was able to trust it more and more over time. So as I was playing softball, it felt like it's kind of like, you know, legally cheating. It's kind of fun. And then later I learned I could channel the energy through my hands during healing sessions, and I learned that most effectively when I was working as a clinical hypnotherapist and a cancer clinic, and sometimes the results were just flat out miraculous. And of course, I can channel the energy through the intention and through my voice in my online courses like this one. However, that's my experience. Your experience will be different and unique for you, so it will be up to you to recognize and sent your own subtle energy. It will also be up to you to learn how to work with it and how to make it expand. And once your awareness of it grows, I highly encourage you to trust it and work with it regularly in the meditative exercises that follow all guide you through experiences to help you sense energy, you may feel it in specific shockers or different areas of your body. Or, if you're like me, you'll feel it most strongly in your hands as it moves like little tornadoes all over the place. So that's it for the lecture on sensing energy. Now let's go to the meditated, meditative exercises and see what happens. I'll see you there. 8. Energy Downloads: Hello and welcome to the lecture on energy downloads. Energy downloads differ from feeling and sensing your own energy because it's an experience of energy coming into your body from somewhere else. As your spiritual growth and sensitivity increases, it will be more susceptible to all kinds of energy downloads. So where do they come from? It's a good question, Daniel. It's can come through people or events like spiritual retreats or through high energy places or random divine interactions. And they're strongly influenced by your desire and intention, which we talked about earlier astrological transits such as four moons, new moons, conjunctions and eclipses, and celestial events like solar flares. And, of course, the possibility of downloads increases when more than one of these factors are at play at the same time. And we'll touch on some of those factors later on in this course. So what do downloads feel like? Well, first off downloads are different for everyone, but they are usually characterized by energetic, buzzing or moving sensations that feel like they are coming into your body from the outside . I'll give you a few examples. When I attended Oneness University in 8 4009 I had a number of mind boggling downloads that were a result of multiple factors, including very powerful people, strongly intention, meditations, hands on transference of energy, sacred geometry, intense earth energies, my own personal astrology and an overwhelming presence of divine energy. The effects were like being plugged into a light socket for a week straight that left me exhausted and energetically rewired. Afterwards, I felt like I was a completely different person. It was one week in my life that I will never forget. When I returned home after the oneness event a few weeks later, I had a meditation where I felt the presence of a man and a woman putting their hands on my heart and my neck. One of them had hands on my heart. Another one was from behind, had their hands on my neck. They weren't physical, that I could feel their presence, and I caught a number of energy surges come into my body that actually shook my body, and afterwards I was left with this internal council of being so they're like the spiritual guides that stayed with me, and a couple of them are still with me, and this was like 10 years ago, and so I felt like I was some kind of, like, follow up from the courses. I took it with this university. And then over the last 10 years or so, I've had a number of random downloads where I feel like I'm plugged into a light socket. And while it's happening, my body tingles and I'm usually weaker with lower energy and my bones and my join slightly ache, and it feels like the inner circuitry of my molecular structure of my entire body is being reworked. It's very unusual experience. They tend to be very uncomfortable and usually happen at night. And I usually tend to toss and turn for bed in bed for hours and hours, wondering what is wrong with me until I finally realised, probably having some kind of energy download. And then I stopped resisting and just kind of let it happen. So for me, these types of downloads are usually linked to some type of astrological occurrence or a celestial event like strong solar flares, and now this kind of this is kind of more. But a specific example of it is that in the creation of this course in particular, I can actually feel energy running through my body that's so strongly on electrifying and have a hard time sitting down at my laptop for any length of time. I just have to get up and walk around to burn off some nervous energy. So So if you're experiencing downloads and their new to you when you're having them, you may think there's something wrong with you. You make might think you have, like, something medically that's wrong with you. However, if you're experiencing genuine downloads, a couple of things will happen. One they will pass, usually within a day or two, and to some area of your life will improve. It could be in your healthy relationships, your finances or whatever. And remember, that is why we use the verification sheet. So if you think you're having a download, get out your verification sheet and see if you can take any stuff LA for a few day period. So keep in mind that downloads are subsequent energy events that occur after you've had an initial spiritual waking A bet, so they're kind of like continuing education, So in order to keep them coming, you need to stay involved in the process with desire, intention, awareness, decision and action. Taking courses like this one will help. So that's it for this lecture on downloads. What I'd like to do next in the falling videos to take you through a true story given idea of what it download can actually be like. I'll see you there. 9. True Story - Fiji Download: there was. There is 1/3 the 3rd 1 to kind of cap off the this wild week I was having. So during this one, the group was going through some kind of final meditation and, you know, I was burned out. I was like I was, like, exhausted. I was worn out, so I skipped out on it, and I went down to the beach and walked along the beach. And as I'm stepping out, So you had There's a little brush she had to go through a little trail to get down to the beach. And as I walked down there, I heard someone call my name, you know? So I turned around and nobody was there. And so I said, God, I'm losing my mind, you know? And so I walked a little further and I hear someone call my name again. Except this time, it was loud and clear. There was no missing it, so I turned around again. Nobody is there. Yeah, So I continue walking down the beach kind of going into this trance state. And in my mind's eye, one of the leaders from Oneness University shows up right next to me and it was not physical, so I was like having an apparition or something. And, um and he's one of the teachers that wasn't at the It wasn't in February was, but he was in India, and and so we walked along and carried on this conversation. It went on, like for 30 minutes, and he was telling me stuff about what's gonna happen in the future and all this kind of stuff. And it was It was really surreal. But I was kind of I was tired. I was exhausted, and I was in a unaltered state of consciousness. And so I just kind of let it go. I didn't really find and he was just, like, delightful to be with, You know, this is great, you know? So I'm going out of my mind. Released its delightful right. Yeah. Later. So and actually wrote them all down. And they did kind of prove out in the months to come. So and then as we were walking down the beach, um, I see a vision of Tony Robbins coming in the opposite direction. God, I know. It's like God is driving me nuts. You know, it's like I because I didn't I didn't really want I didn't go there for Tony Robbins. I didn't really, guys, okay? You know, he was fine. But why does he have to keep showing up in my Yeah, what's up with this? And so and so he comes down, he's walking in the other direction. And Tony Robbins this huge. He's, like, 66 and his own muscle, you know, it's all energy, you know, so and so I'm kind of going Oh, you know, it's like, you know, it is coming and he's like, he's meaning business. And I'm going, you know, And so on my mind, this guy's next to me and go like, what is going on here? You know? So it gets up next to me and he stands in front of me and you just Bella so you don't get it? DEA and I school, you know, get what you know. And so and then So he winds up and and, uh and he has this flat palm open, and it is gonna hit me as hard as he can, you know? And here comes the big blow. And so as he does it, his hand goes through My uh, through my body. And then he kind of goes in some think it feel it inside my body. It was so weird. And and they said, That's it. You're getting it, You're getting it. And you kept pushing on it kind of in now. So yeah, that's it. That's it. I'm going. What's what on this is this is all so bizarre because all going on in my mind. But it was like, you know, like Riel. And then and then he goes in for one last time, and then his whole arm and his body kind of does this pirouette and he goes right into my body and any disappears and and then I kind of just standing there and shock, you know? And then I look over to the Indian guru guy and he's gone, So it's like, Okay, it's like, you know, what was that? And so So that was kind of my third meditation. And then, um So I had a really hard time peace and all this stuff together. So, um, you know, for about three days after the retreat was over, I stayed in Fiji in a little hotel sort of thing and I was, I was wasted. I tried as trying to, like, just pull myself back together tryingto what happened over the course of this week. And I couldn't make sense out of any of it until, um for about six months later, when it all kind of made sense. So I went back home and tried to assimilate things. I just kind of lived a normal life for the next six months. And then I went to another retreat in Fiji are not in Fiji but India six months later and then, um and then after that, those awakenings, Then Then my life fell apart again and then But after that all happened, I got divorced again. But then energy start coming through my hands. And that's when I started using hands on healing at the hospital when I was working in the cancer unit and realize that whatever happened, I got totally reworked, and I was kind of up another notch, but but took me a while to put it all together. Probably at least a year or so. So is intense guy walking on the beach tell you, e, I don't believe that that was part of the deal. It was more, uh, like I remember. It was he talked about three different stages of things of development, and he didn't mention the hands, but and they were gonna happen over, like, a six weeks to six months, period. He didn't necessarily mention that I was going to get divorced again. But that was, you know, one of the steps you're going to go through. You got let go. Something's or whatever. So, um, yeah, so that was That was intense. It wasn't really intense. And so I'm glad I got to experience that kind of stuff. So you know that it exists out there just, you know, like wild. 10. Spiritual Activity: Hello and welcome to the lecture on spiritual activity. This lecture is in honor of the endless inspiration my wife has given to me at so many other people. She was born a prodigy ballerina. She started dancing when she was five years old, and she just never stopped. And if you're not familiar with ballet, ballet is grueling on the physical body, and dancers are extremely tough under that beautiful and graceful facade. When I found out how difficult it was, I asked her, Well, how did you do it for so long? And she simply replied, Every time I put on my shoes and danced, it was a direct connection to God. Dance Waas and still is a spiritual experience for her, and now it's remarkable to see her open the hearts and souls of so many of her students to that experience. So everyone has an activity in this life that will provide a direct connection to a benevolent energy that's much bigger than themselves or human beings. We are naturally programmed for that experience. It's the portal to the divine created by the divine, who longs for that transcendental connection. Now, if you say you don't have an activity that connects you to spirit. It's on Lee because you haven't found it yet. So some examples might include any art form guarding, cooking, social interaction, sex meditation, building, traveling or any kind of creative endeavor. The key component is, and it must be something that you love to do that connects you to something bigger than yourself. The telltale sign is that the experiences tend to be awesome. So what might it look like? Well, I can't say for you, but I can assure my own experiences. So for me, it happens any time I go into nature where there's no people. So what happens is that my mind slows down, and almost sometimes it seems like it ceases to exist so that the monkey mind chatter almost goes away completely. Time ceases to exist or becomes very different than linear time. So I kind of go into this this war of different experience of time. And then at that point, spirituality just seems to naturally open up, and then you connect and you can communicate to this presence. And so I don't communicate to this presence in words. It's more like a connection of feeling or connection of experience so things will start to happen. And then in that experience, I don't either feel joy or very alive or very present in the moment. So that's one activity that does it for me. Also, another experience I had this was years ago. I used to play bass guitar in a band. So So what would happen when we're playing music? It didn't happen all the time, but there were times when we would get into what I would call a synergistic groove where we were just the music. Just group is is the only way I could think to explain. So there was a connection that happened through the music to each other person in the band that opened us up to a larger presence. It was electrifying spiritual experience. It and they were there, magical and incredible. So eso that's life's experience, that to music also. So when you're involved in your spiritual activity, it's meditation of the highest order because it's a direct connection to source itself. So let's go to the following exercises and see if we can expand into that awesomeness. I'll see you there 11. Meditation - Sensing Energy: Hello and welcome to the meditation on sensing energy before we began. Please get yourself in a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes. We'll start to relax. So go ahead and take another deep breath and begin to relax and let go of any worries. Any care, any concerns of the day? Just leave them on the other side of the door. And as you breathe again, allow your body to become heavy. Very happy. Your body is so heavy it feels like it's not even there at all, and that you continue to gently breathe. I'd like you to imagine yourself in a very peaceful and relaxing for us. And before you there is a magical trail leading through the forest and you can see in the distance as the trail winds its way down into a beautiful meadow. So you follow that trail as it takes you into relax ation more and more with each effortless step, and soon you find yourself on the edge of a glorious meadow. The sun is shining and the weather is perfect, making you even more and more deeply relaxed and and in a very deep and complete state of peace, and you allow yourself to walk out into the middle way and lie in the suiting and comforting beautiful green. And as you look about as you lie on your back, you see clouds drifting by as they sink you into a deeper and deeper state. Ofcom and effort This piece What I would like you to do now this to imagine yourself above some beautiful place a healing place, a sanctuary place. As I count backwards from five using the words down and deeper, I'd like you to drift down to this place and into a very deep and peaceful state of calm and peaceful relaxation number. Fine. Feel yourself going down, down drifting deeper and deeper. Four. Drifting down, down drifting deeper and deeper. Three Drifting down, over on down Deeper, deeper two drifting down, down deeper and deeper and one drifting down, down, Dad. Deeper, deeper and deeper. If you are now in your sanctuary place, I just ask that you imagine yourself being there as if you were actually there, and with every detail that you notice, I'd like it to take you into a deeper and deeper place of calm and peaceful relax ation, so you become calm, peaceful and deeply. Relax, car peaceful and deeply relaxed. Call peaceful. Relax, peaceful. Relax as you continue to breathe and to relax. Yeah, I'd like you to pay attention to something that's just outside of your awareness and what it ISS is your energy. So pay close attention as it enters your awareness. Now it may come in the form of movement or tingling. Or perhaps you feel buzzing watch or peace, and you may feel it inside or outside of your body. Whatever it ISS, take a few moments in silence to experience and to become acquainted with this energy, - so just continue to breathe and to relax. What I would ask you to do now is to shift your awareness to energy coming from the outside into your body. It may come in the form of light or colored like brilliant white gold or violet light. It may enter into the top of your head or your heart or over your entire body. Whatever it ISS, take a few moments in silence to experience and to become acquainted with this energy, the energy of one consciousness, God or the divine. - No still continuing to breathe to relax even more deeply. I'd like you to take a moment Ingratitude, Fact energies Way who have experienced today They go with you permanently and will come to you more deeply integrated into your being each time you experience them. So with a heart of gratitude and in a deep state of peace, when you are ready and please take your time. But when you are ready, who could slowly open your eyes and gently drift back into the conscious world, - right ? 12. Guides, Angels, and Totems: Hello and welcome to the lecture on guides, angels and animal totems. When I first started leading meditations many years ago, I thought the idea of guides and angels was sort of cute. You know something for Children's story books. However, after countless sessions were clients had invoked guides and had powerful experiences, I began to trust they were riel, especially when the results were positive and noticeable. Guys can be tremendous helpful support. I've had more than one client whose healing and transformation didn't really take off until after they discovered their guides. And some of my clients have developed very deep and real relationships with our guides, who provide them with genuine guidance, protection and support. Animal totems are a little different. They're like angels and guides, but arm or directly connected to Earth energies. Totems carry very specific vibrational energy of the animals they represent as related to the characteristics and personalities of those animals. Been used for healing, protection, guidance, information and help in any spirituals situations. If you're interested in learning more about a particular animal totem, simply do an Internet search, so you type in animal totem and then followed by the name of the Emelie interested. So you type in animal totem and then something like coyote to find out the animal you're interested in. And then all sorts of stuff will pop up on the Internet. So I have to animal totems, both of which stem from deeply meaningful encounters. They are the bear and the Canadian goose. In one of the following lectures, I tell the story of how the spirit of the Canadian goose entered my life. It wasn't overpowering and humbling experience. Check that out. So in the meditation that follows this lecture on lead you through an experience for you to invoke your guide, the process is actually very easy. While you're deeply relaxed, you'll simply call up and imagine your guide when they show up. All you have to do is trust that they are really and are more than willing to help you in whatever it is you ask. Now, higher guide shows up will be specifically customized for you. Perhaps it will show up as a religious figure, like Jesus or Buddha. Or maybe it will be a friend or an ancestor who has crossed over to the other side. Or perhaps it will be an animal, a color or a sacred object, or perhaps will be more of a sensory experience, like a feeling of movement or assistant sensation like warm there, tingling or gently buzzing energy. Or perhaps your guide will come to you in the form of deep peace. But no matter how your guy presents itself to you, all you have to do is trust the process and recognize them as riel. I can't emphasize that enough. So once they show up recognising Israel, the more you trust, the greater their influence will be. And then, once you've been introduced your guide, you could begin to develop a relationship with it. Even when you're not in meditation, you can ask for guidance, help and support in what ever area of life you choose. Then all you have to do at that point is learn how to listen. Okay, that's it for the lecture on spiritually guides. Now let's go to the medication and find out who's waiting for you there. I'll see you there 13. True Story - Gratitude Angels: I haven't. So this goes back to the north work of the Nutsack again. And this is this is pretty wild story. So, um so this is by the time I had learned that the nook sack was a healing river for me, and I had gone to it many times when I went through it when it's going through a divorce. And so I ended up moving back to my hometown of Spokane. But every year we go back over to Glacier to be in this cool place for a week. And during the summer, you know, I can go kayaking, and Tamar can do whatever. And so the first year we went back, this is me. This is an amazing experience. So, um, I went to the coffee shop. There was a little place called the Wake and Bakery, which is a really great coffee shop. If you ever get there and then walk up the street in town Glaciers, a town of like one street, there's really nothing. There is just a little village. And then there is a trail that goes from town to the river, and it's maybe the quarter to 1/2 mile long. It's an unmarked trail. Nobody knows where it is, except a few of the locals and some of the kayakers who use it for a take out. And so I was walking down this trail. You know, this is after coming back to visit for my first time, and I never seen anybody on this trail because nobody knows where it is. And as I'm walking down this trail, I get overcome, overcome literally with this feeling of gratitude. You know, I was thankful to the trees. I was thankful to the skies thankful to the river. Um, it was the most pure and deep feeling of gratitude that I've ever had because I was so thankful for this area that had taken me through all this healing when times were hard, you know, and was always there for me. And so So as I'm walking down the trail in this moment of, like, you know, deep gratitude, I hear somebody coming up from the other direction like this. A weird nobody ever comes. And so, um, so the trail took a little jog there, and coming in the other direction was a woman. She was about 30 years old I guess. And on her hip she had this kid who was maybe three or four years old, and we exchange pleasantries, you know. Hi, how you doing? And he looks like you got your hands full there, something like that. And we both go on our way. And so I get down to the river and where the trail stops. There's this big Kabul bar and you know, it's from from the It's in the riverbed from high water. And so the river was down lower, so the Kabul bar was exposed and right in front of me. As you're about to step on to the Calabar, there's this rock that's about the size of an Oscar, Jake, and it's broken right down the middle. And I've never seen a rock broken like that. I'm a geologist. I've cracked open tons of rocks, and I opened this this rock up and what is on there? It looks like the mirror image of the Madonna or the Mother Mary, like Jesus want and and I just look at it from I look up the river. I looked down there and I think for a moment, and I realized I just had a visitation from, you know, an angelic spirited that come through in the physical. And so, you know, I'm kind of in shock. I take this rock and I run up the trail as fast as I could go because I want to say thank you to this woman and her kids. And she was carrying a kid was a load, you know, And I'm in pretty good shape. And so I ran this trails far like could, there's no way they could beat me to the trailhead carrying the kid and I'm running. And so and there was no car at the trailhead when I started walking, so they yeah, they couldn't just drove off. And so I run up the trail fast as I can get there, I get to the trailhead. I didn't see him, and I looked up and down the street like nobody is there no spurs, no spurs on the trail, huh? So, um and so I run up in downtown. I go through into all the businesses, I go into the grocery store, I go to the bakery, you know, anyplace where somebody might go nowhere. And so it was like I had an actual visitation from the spirit world through the physical. And had that happened one other time also, But that was like phenomenon still have the rock to, so yeah. 14. True Story - Goose Totem: Hello. Not like to share you the true story of how I received my Canadian goose animal totem. So when I was young Well, actually, I was born with a very deep connection to nature, and that was actualized by my father, who took me duck hunting when I was a young child. And so that was my first experiences of nature, which were deeply profound and fascinating for me. And so as I got older, like into my early late teens in my early twenties, I was still very passionate about hunting. And so one time I was out hunting for docks in the you know, when you got duck hunting, the the big prize that you can get the trophy of the duck Hunters actually get a goose there. It's rare to get one, and they're big. So big trophy animal. So as I was walking along out hunting, I was walking along. This river is very flat, meandering river kind of wide open grass area. Um and it was really foggy. The fire was really thick, is probably in November, and visibility was maybe 20 or 30 yards at the most. And so here I am, locking kind of along this river, and I hear this goose honking in the fog flying by. And I knew immediately it was lost. It had been separated from its flock and was trying to find its family. So I had a goose call, and so I called to the goose with my goose call, and, uh, it started talking back to me. So we started this conversation and I could hear the goose in the far, but I could not see it. And I could hear that had it flown past me. And then when I heard my goose call, it turned around and came back. So it was coming back to me. I could hear it coming closer and closer to me in the flog, Um, as we're honking back and forth and then as it got closer and closer, I raised my gun and this goose appeared out of the fog about 30 feet away. Its wings were locked and its feet were out because I thought it was gonna come join its family, and I shot it. So the goose fell from the sky and hit the ground. And between me and the goose, there was an old barbed wire fence and the goose came down and landed and kind of ended up butting up against the fence post that was there. So it was lying on the ground, kind of butted up against his fence post lying on its stomach. And so I walk up to this goose, and when I got there, it was still alive. And this goose looked up at me and I looked down at the goose, and I watched Didn't die. So, you know, like, I got to see a tickets last breath. And so when that happened, uh, two things happen to me. One, I felt terrible. I felt like innocent goose murderer, which I essentially waas. And I never hunted again after that. And then, um, I also felt at that moment that this energy or the spirit or whatever it was from this goose came into my body. And this is before I knew anything about meditation and healing, spirituality, energy or anything. So I had, you know, I didn't know what happened. But one thing I did know is by the end of that day, I knew what an animal totem waas on that has stuck with me until this very day. So now, anytime I see a flock of geese or I see ah, goose anywhere and sometimes I see them in very unusual situations and at times that are very meaningful for me. But whenever I see them, I don't have this feeling of like Dune were like There's gonna be some grand active retribution against me. Instead, I feel very calm, and I feel very connected, and I feel like I belong so it's in a very deep and profound experience. And so whenever I see them, I have this, uh, just small experience that life has to offer. That's very precious. And I feel extremely grateful. So, um, so those are my protecting spirits, that Canadian geese, And, uh, that's how I met my animal totem. 15. Meditation - Spiritual Guides: Hello and welcome to the meditation on spiritual guides. So what I'd like you do to get started is to get yourself comfortable, interceded. They're lying down, take a deep breath and prepare yourself to welcome in a very loving presence. Miracles are a natural and constant occurrence in everyone's life. They are part of a divine scheme. Sometimes they are sought, but very often they are not. And we can recognize miracles and the grace from which they float very often in our relationship. After all, spirituality is about relationship with ourselves. Our families, our friends are calling, and our community, our environment, our world and our God challenges and relationships can basically be traced to hurt. You either hurt someone where you get hurt, and this discord can often manifest itself in the external world as difficulties in health , finances, career, lack of spiritual growth or even in the relationships themselves. This is because our experiences in the external world are essentially a reflection of our own internal world and the makeup of our internal world. It's heavily influence by our relationships with others. This is why we encounter custom made life situations to heal, which are designed especially for us. In the face of those situations, we can experience true love by forgiving and seeking forgiveness from those we have heard in that process, our hearts flower and we begin to experience grace once again another way to say IHS, the greater you love greater nor experience a grace and miracles will be so let's let ourselves go and expand into the world of love and the slow of miracles and grace. What I would like you to do now is to imagine yourself above some beautiful place, a healing place, a sanctuary place. And as I count backwards from five using the words down and deeper, I'd like you to drift down to this place and into a very deep and peaceful state of calm and peaceful relaxation. Number five feel yourself going down, down drifting deeper and deeper. Four drifting down, down drifting deeper and deeper. Three drifting down and down Deeper, deeper, true Drifting down, down deeper, deeper and one drifting down, down, down, deeper, deeper. And David, if you are now in your sanctuary place, I just ask that you imagine yourself being there as if you were actually there and with every detail that you notice. I'd like it to take you into a deeper and deeper place of calm and peaceful. Relax ation. So you become calm, peaceful and deeply relax. Call peace and deeply relaxed. COM. Peace Relax, call peaceful. Relax as you continue to gently breathe and to relax. I'd like you to call it the image of your spiritual guide in whatever way it comes to you. Perhaps it's a religious figure like Jesus or Buddha. Or maybe it's a friend or an ancestor or someone who has crossed over to the other side. Maybe it's an animal. We're color. We're a sacred object. Perhaps it's a feeling sensation, like warmth or tingling or a feeling of deep peace. Whatever it ISS welcome it in was an open heart of gratitude and recognize it. Azriel and edit. Your guide presents itself to you. I'd like you to take a few moments toe, welcome it in and acknowledge its presence. While you and your guide have each other's attention. I'd like you to take and ask for assistance in any area of your life where you need help. Now take just a moment to listen for an answer. It may come in words, pictures or in feelings and sensations, insights and to intuitive flashes, symbols, colors or in whatever way, is just right for you. So take a moment and learn how your guy communicates with you anyone. So just continue to breathe and to relax. And as you do, I'd like you to become aware that the connection between you and your guide is permanent and goes with you from this day forward, and you can invoke your guides assistance just by asking and willing yourself to do so. So take another deep breath and enjoy the presence of your guide and when you are ready and there's absolutely no hurry, but when you are ready, you can slowly open your eyes and gently drift back in to the conscious world. 16. Sacred Geometry: Hello and welcome to the lecture on Sacred Geometry. The topic of sacred geometry is ancient and vast in scope. In this course, I'm going to give a brief introduction so we can use it to amp up the energy for spiritual experience. I've also included a personal, true story in the following video. So the first question I want to ask is, What is sacred geometry? It's good question. So Sacred Geometry is a concept that attributes symbolic and spiritual meaning to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. It's believed that the associated vibrational frequencies of the energy of the sacred geometry emanate from source and our most powerful in assisting soul ascension and spiritually awakening. Seka jump tree can be found in religious artwork and through structures worldwide, including churches, mosques and temples. For example, the temple at Ono Academy in southeastern India is loaded with sacred geometry, which contributes to the spiritual power of the entire region. So in the meditation that follows this lecture, you have two choices. One. You can go through the exercise and just let whatever sacred geometry, uh, come that wants to present itself to you. So just let it come in or the second option, which is the one I highly recommend. Set an intention of something you want to create, such as a spiritual awakening, love money or whatever, and then do an Internet search and find the sacred geometry symbol that represents whatever it is you want to create. So find an image that resonates with you and print it out. Hang it up somewhere. Then we'll call in that image in the meditative exercise. Okay, that's it for the brief discussion on sacred geometry. Now let's go to the meditation and find out what's waiting for you there. We'll see you there. 17. True Story - The Octasphere: So now I'd like to share with you, Uh, personal true story I've had with some sacred geometry. So when I was in college, maybe about 1920 years old, somewhere in there I was up late one night and I couldn't sleep or whatever. And I was in this state sitting on the couch, uh, halfway between awake and sent sleep. And I didn't I didn't meditator. Didn't know anything about spirituality at the time. I remember closing my eyes and having this incredibly lucid vision of these geometric figures spinning around. Um, and they were They were octahedron. So if you know what octahedron is, it's a mirror image of a pyramid. Kind of, but too, but And I just remember watching for the longest time seeing these images spin around and they were pink or maybe magenta colored, and they were in a sphere. So there's it's an octahedron spinning in this translucent like bubble of the spirit of a sphere. And so I don't know what to think of it at the time, so I just kind of do anything with it. And then, about 10 years later, on what's going through my first awakening period um, the memory of that that night came back really strong. And so, um, I call this thing the Octa. The octus fear is what I named it and I got really into it. I thought had some really deep and profound meaning and, uh and so I made art objects that resembled in I tried to get a company that to make a prototype of it, and then it didn't really materialize. And that kind of never forgot it, but didn't know what to do with it. Kind of let it sit for about 20 years. About 20 years later, it came back again when I had my second awakening, period. And uh and then I decided I was gonna I wrote a novel about it. Where did this object was? The center of the book. It was the center theme, that kind of the main character of the book. And I won three awards with that novel size, really proud of it. But so what? That that symbol means to me. Now it's ah, it's Ah, it's Ah, it's a symbol that carries scripted, encrypted messages of my own creativity. So that's kind of my personal connection with that little sacred geometry, so yeah, 18. Meditation - Sacred Geometry: Hello and welcome to the meditation on sacred geometry. So before began, get yourself situated and comfortable. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and start to relax. And if you've set an intention, and if you've researched a particular form of sacred geometry, you can place your attention there now as we begin the meditation. As you continue to breathe and to relax, I wonder if you have ever had the opportunity toe attend a celebration that celebrates Earth cycle like summer or winter solstice or vernal or autumn equal. I always enjoyed the spring celebration, mainly because my birthday balls on spring equal the one celebration that stands out the most in my mind. What's the one with a labyrinth? It was a walking course laid out on the ground in the form of some type of ancient sacred geometry, and it was designed to be a walking meditation or prayer or spiritual awakening and connecting to a higher presence. At first you walk straight in to elaborate, but soon you make turns by fourth to the right to the left, and with each turn, you go deeper and deeper into a calm and peaceful walking meditation before long you can feel your heart and your brain begin to unwind as you relax deeper and deeper into a state of connected piece that brings you to center, releases your stress ground you to earth and makes you want with all that is what I would like it to do now is to imagine yourself above some beautiful place, a healing place, a sanctuary place. And as I count backwards from five, using the words down and deeper, I'd like you to drift down to this place and into a very deep and peaceful state of calm and peaceful relaxation. Number five feel yourself going down, down drifting deeper and deeper. Four. Drifting down, down drifting deeper and deeper. Three Drifting down, down deeper, deeper two drifting down, down deeper, deeper and one drifting down, down, Dad, Deeper caper and deeper. If you are now in your sanctuary place, I just ask that you imagine yourself being there as if you were actually there. And with every detail that you notice, I'd like it to take you into a deeper and deeper place of calm and peaceful. Relax, ation. So you become calm, peaceful and deeply relax, Call peaceful. and deeply relaxed. Call peace. Relax, call police. Relax. And did you continue to breathe? To unwind and to let go into a state of incredibly deep peace? I'd like you to imagine. What do you call that? Your sacred geometry. And just allow yourself to be aware of its presence. Perhaps you can see it. Perhaps you can feel it. And perhaps you can know that this piece of sacred geometry has information on messages designed specifically for you. So take a moment now to rest and to relax for a few moments in silence. I want you to just be aware this presence. - So would you continue to breathe to relax and to be aware of this presence, I'd like you to welcome it inside of your body so you can actually feel this presence moving into your body. Perhaps you can feel it moving into your forehead, what, into your heart. We're into your stomach with any of your other energy centers or chakras within your body. And just allow this incredible ancient presence of wisdom to dissolve into your body so you can actually feel it integrating and moving into the deepest parts of your being for awareness, for insight and for wisdom, take just a few moments in silence as you feel and allow its presence of wisdom to integrate deeply into your being. - Just continuing to breathe gently into Relax. I would like you to be aware that this sacred geometry is now part of you. It goes with you from this day forward to improve every aspect of your life and to help you to grow and to become into the highest version of who you are meant to be Still ahead. A breathe. Relax. There is no hurry. When you feel like you're ready, you've been slowly open your eyes and gently drift back into the conscious world. 19. Nature: Hello and welcome to the lecture for the meditation on nature. Today I'm out near Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, which is not too far from where I live. And I'm hoping that I could turn you onto this ultimate mindfulness meditation. I was born with a very deep spiritual connection to nature, and that was enhanced by my father, who took me out duck hunting as a small child. Now, if you've never been duck hunting, what you do is you got in the morning before sunrise and you sit in a duck blind and you wait and you wait and you wait. And so as a small child, it was like the ultimate Zen meditation because I got to see nature in ways. Unbelievable. So as you settled into the rhythm of nature which is always in motion but never in a hurry , I saw things like the sunrise through the flog. I saw ice form and then melt again. I saw the colors of autumn change. I would see the angle of light change through the day, and this whole natural setting to me became very magical. And I was so inspired by the early ah, duck hunting trips. I went on with my father, but I wanted to earn a master's degree in geology as I got older in the hopes that I could work in the wilderness and I did get to work in the wilderness because I spent nine years as a mineral exploration geologist and two of those summers were incredible. So what we would do is I worked in northern Alaska and northern Canada up near the Arctic Ocean, and what we would do each day is that I would get dropped off by helicopter in this vast wilderness. And I spend the day hiking around looking for precious minerals, and at the end of the day we get picked up by a helicopter. And so what I learned from those early experiences as a child and then later is a geologist is that nature is alive. I mean, everything is alive. The rocks are alive, The ground is alive, The trees are alive, The plants are alive, the skies alive, the animals alive, the windows of life. Everything is alive. And when you slow down and tune into that unhurried motion of constant activity, it becomes very apparent that behind the veil of this three d world, there is a presence or an energy or a spirit that is bringing this entire three D world toe life. So if you slow down and listen and tune into this presence, you will find out that it will always let you know that it knows that you are there and so will happen is we'll start to interact with you. And so for me, what I notice is I would start to have these really unusual encounters with wildlife to the point where they're absolutely very meaningful. And I begin to start to understand the meaning behind animal totems. So that may not happen for you, and it may not happen for everyone, but it may be something just a simple is the sun breaking through the clouds or seeing a beautiful flower in an open meadow. So the task that I'm taking on today is to try to open up your world and open up your mind in your experiences to experience this living presence behind nature and only five minutes So I'm gonna ask you to do if you can. I'm gonna ask you to find a place we can do this meditation away from people. Now I know that may be difficult if you live in a city, But all cities have parks and all cities have skyline in all cities have sky. So what happens with people when we imprint ourselves and our society on top of nature's that the spirit of nature tends to hide itself beneath the surface on we can't experience the due to our distractions and our unawareness. But if you go to some place where there are no people, are there very few people, This presence will make itself known again, and all you need to do is slow down to the rhythm of this unhurried, constant motion. So you could do this meditation, sitting or walking. It doesn't really matter. But I will ask that as you do this meditation that you keep your eyes open and begin to sink into the awareness of this incredible presence. So without any further talking from me, let's go to this really incredible meditation. I'll see you there 20. Meditation - Nature: hello and welcome to the meditation for nature. So to get prepared for this meditation, you can either sit or walk along. But I'm gonna ask you to just take a deep breath and just in a very relaxed fashion start to pay attention to your surroundings. So as we began, just take a deep breath and start to relax. Start to pay attention to your surroundings. Pay attention to the ground, rocks, plants, trees around or grass bushes, just everything that covers the ground. Continue to breathe deeply, paying attention. And then I would like you to observe the horizon where land touches the sky. It's smooth, jagged. There's trees or hills or water. Breathe again. You know I like you to focus your gaze towards the sky to pay attention to the colors. On the light in any shadows, are clouds of the skies and blue, whatever colors you see, or perhaps the sun. Or, if it's at night, the moon or the stars, the darkness. Just take it all in, breathe and relax. Now shift your attention to the air. Perhaps there's wind on your face. Perhaps our aromas in the air, that air fresh, then move your attention to any animals. If they or any any birds, insects, any kind of life and then pay attempting to the water, there's any in your surroundings. Maybe you're near an ocean or a lake stream. Just take it all in and breathe and relax and enjoy this moment of serenity. And then I'd like you to gently shift your focus and kind of step back and observe everything ground sky on everything in between to just be aware that this is an incredible living presence, that everything you're observing is alive, and everything you're observing knows that you are there. So take a moment to relax, to sink in and to be aware of the presence that is behind the three dimensional veil that we call nature. Just breathe well and relax and take it all in and allow yourself to sink into the center of a still point and into the center of life itself. Just breathe and relax and take it all in to be aware of this presence and just take one more deep breath on when you're ready, you can release this meditation 21. Astrocartography: Hello and welcome to the lecture on Astro Cartography. This particular topic, I find extremely fascinating. So in this lecture will briefly touch on the awe inspiring system, which has proved consistently beneficial for me on my spiritual walk. So each of us has our own energetic flavor that unique to our personality. In slang, we call it a vibe. The same is true for places every country, state, region, city in town has its own five. For example, let's say my personal vibration resonates to the color red in New York City. Vibes to the color yellow. If I live in New York, our colors will be combined to create the experience orange. If l. A resonates to blue. Then when I moved to Los Angeles, my experience will be purple. What that means is that any place on our planet we choose to visit her live will create unique life experiences in that place. Certain themes for certain places, and it's all tied to your personal astrology and specific earth energies, the method of figuring it all out. It's called astro cartography. It's a system of location astrology, which identifies the type of energetic influences and experiences you will have in different geographic locations. The flavor of energy and experiences you will have is derived by projecting the lines of your astrology birth chart onto the map of Earth. Please take a look at the example of my Astro cartography map on the screen. Each line on the map indicates a different energy to be experienced based on the planet that is associated with out line. For instance, areas where the line associated with the planet Venus where they crossed the map indicated by the Red Arrow, will be good places for love and creativity. Areas with the line associate with pluta across the map, indicated by the Black Arrow, are great places for transformation. Also in places where lines intersect, indicated by the circle, is where the energy of those two combined planets gets amped up, creating more intense experiences. For example, in a place where your pluta line crosses your moon line, you may have a very deep, transformational, emotional and psychic experiences there. So if you're interested in expanding your spiritual experiences, I highly recommend going to the places we'll have a higher spiritual vibration for you. Here's what I recommend do an Internet search and find a site that can send you an Astro Cartography report. There's lots of websites out there could do it, so find one. And the last time I had one done, uh, it was very it was pretty inexpensive. So it's It's relatively easy to do. Then when you get your map, study it and read the report and find the location or locations that accentuates spiritual awakening. Then start planning your trip. So have some fun and excitement discovering your astro cartography. So that's it for this lecture. Now let's move on to the next one, I'll see you there. 22. Sacred Places: hello and welcome to the lecture on sacred places. There are numerous sacred places in the world. That's because our experiences in the world are subjective. One person's idea and experience of what a sacred can be different from another's, and it all could be influenced by personal factors like timing and astro cartography. So what I would like to do in this lecture, its share some locations where I have had powerful spiritual experiences. These are genuine universal power places, and hopefully my introduction will inspire you to visit them and have experiences of your own. I have also a detailed accounts of all my experience in these places and anymore in the course entitled Hypnotherapy, Mysticism and Darkness, a podcast seminar. So if you're interested, please feel free to check that course out. Now, in terms of spiritual awakening, the number one spot that I have experienced that towers above all. The rest is in southeastern India. Southeastern India is the home of Onal Academy, formerly known as Oneness University, and it's also the home of Oroville. Both are global institutions dedicated to raising spiritually awareness by providing awakening experiences and connection to community. Ironically, they both have golden balls at their centre, and their temples are loaded with sacred geometry. Both locations are radiating beacons of spiritual energy for the entire planet, and they're located on amplified hot spots within the Earth energy grid. The experience that I've had there have been the most powerful and transformative of my life to date, so I'd like to mention Owen O Academy first, and this organization literally exploded onto the Goebbels Global. Seen as a spiritual center of enlightenment in the 19 nineties, the core of its training originally emanated from a visionary ball of light that could be transferred via a phenomenon known as the Oneness Dick Sha, which will touch on a little bit later in this course. Since Ono has evolved into a training academy for spiritual awakening with three campuses and an enormous temple, they've taken millions of students from around the world through their courses, workshops and retreats. And you can also connect with them online if you want to. So after taking some of their courses that completely opened me up and being from the United States, it's sometimes it's hard for me to fathom that such an incredible place, a positive energy like this even exists and sustain itself in the world. It's like it's so far removed from my personal culture. Yet it continues to flourish until today, where it's still going strong, so its existence to me is kind of mind boggling. Oroville is a city dedicated to human unity. Established by the mother of the Sri Orel Been Do Ashram, it was founded in 1968 at the center of Oroville. There is a spectacular golden geodesic dome dedicated to peace, called the matter Maan Deer Construction on that began in 1971 and it took 37 years to complete, and the meditation hall is centered in the in the middle of the ball so you can visit it. It's open to visitors, but it is not a tourist destination. Instead, it's designed to be a place for individual silent concentration to achieve quiet physical and mental states. When I was there, the the experience I had was extremely profound, a suppress, and I was very inspired, so to get a chance, check it out. The second place I'd like to mention is the fin torn Foundation in northern Scotland. It was founded in 1962 and Finn Thorn Foundations. Extraordinary Journey started from just a tiny band of spirituals, seekers and a sense morphed into a world center of transformation. It's essentially a dynamic experience where everyday life is guided by the inner voice of spirit. And so when I was there, I stayed there for nine days. I worked in the gardens and had met incredible people and attended the workshops and the experience. There was absolutely magical. So if you could make it to northern Scotland, I have the recommended. The third place I'd like to mention is Hawaii. There are very few places in the world that are like Hawaii, where Earth Energy is continually being spilled onto the surface in the form of volcanic activity. So the earth energy there is very, very strong, and my experiences there were incredible. So I had. When I first got there, I was invaded by what I would say. We're protectors of the island. They were spiritually, I could see them, but they were not physical, very overpowering, that came in and checked me out. Before that, I could get on the island. Um, I had incredible emotional purging experiences, and then I was cloaked by, um, this bizarre energy of depression when I went to visit a sacred site that was being trashed by tourists. And so after I came back from Hawaii for the first time, I couldn't believe how people could go there and be tourists because the spiritual energy is so strong. So if you ever want to go take care of retreat or go someplace where there's really amped up spectra energy, I highly recommend going to Hawaii. Okay, Number four. The fourth place I'd like to mention is, actually, it's on my bucket list. I've never been there, but it's somewhere I want to go, and it's Sedona, Arizona. So it's a metaphysical tourist destination in Sedona. There is apparently a number of of energy vortexes coming out of the earth, and I think from what I have heard and put little white bread that can actually be measured by scientific equipment. So if you want to go experience some intense earth energy, how the recommend going to Sedona? Plus the geology is really cool, so that, in and of itself would make a great trip. So the next locations I'd like to tell you about our places I've visited in our their nature location, some kind of a nature guy. So I resonate very strongly with nature. And so if you go to visit these locations and you're looking for a spiritual experience, you need to get off the beaten track. So you have to get away from where all the tourists go. In most most places, it's pretty easy to do, but the 1st 1 I'd like to mention is Glacier National Park in northern Montana in the United States. So my experiences in Glacier were incredible. I've had an incredible healing interactions with animal totems. There's had a incredible clearing of depression, which cleared me out to set up new experiences for a new beginning in life. And they're also documented board Texas, especially on the western flank of the Rocky Mountains. There. Okay, Number six on my recommendation list is Yellowstone National Park. So Yellowstone, like a wise one of the few places on the planet, were Earth Energy is continually being spewed on the planet in the form of Kaiser's, so that's not volcanic activity. But it's hot water that's being shot into the air, and there's hot springs everywhere. It's a phenomenal thing, even if you're just for tourists. But if you get off the beaten track and you go walking into back country Yellowstone, my experience with their have had some incredible interactions with animal totems. There has been strong emotional releases. They were, ah, had an experience where things manifested physically, which I, which had was a result from the dream I had the night before. So things kind of appeared out of nowhere. And then also, some of my fears were manifested, so it is very dynamic place. And then the group I was traveling with real had our separate, uh, animal totem experienced them. Some of them were quite a tense. So So if you get a chance to go to Yellowstone, highly recommend to check it out and make sure to get off the beaten track. So get off the pavement. You have to go too far. If you walked 1/2 mile, you're going to see anybody. So check it out. Number seven on the list. Next place I'd like to mention are the Cascade Mountains of Western Washington, Western Oregon and Northern California. United States, um, these air high energy zones that commonly get overlooked by metaphysical people. There's two mountains in particular that I have experienced had very strong spiritual experiences. 11 is Mount Shasta that's in Northern California, and that is recognized sort of as a metaphysical tourist destination. There's a small town there, Um, but the Earth energies are very heightened there. And apparently there's, ah, you know, some living creatures in the mountain called the illuminate Reines. I didn't really connect with them, but the tree retreat I went on to Mount Shasta. It wasn't something very incredible. Physical, spiritual, um, experiences that which really amped up some of my healing work, so that is pretty fascinating. The other mountain in the Cascade Range is the one to the furthest north. What I've had a lot of experience with is called Mount Baker. Now Mount Baker is about 45 minutes from the talent of Bellingham Washington. It's a national park, um, in Mount Baker. I've had a number of emotional healings because I used to go there when I lived in Bellingham. When I was working in the hospital, I could go heal myself one when I was having problems like with entities or things like that, they were stuck onto my aura and also went there to help heal many times when I was going through a divorce and also in the Mount Baker area. One time I actually had a necks, Piri INTs where angelic beings came through in the physical, and that was like, absolutely phenomenal. So not as, ah, not as well known as a metaphysical areas Mount Shasta. But Mount Baker is definitely one of those. Number eight on the list is Olympic National Park, which is the home of Mount Olympus. It's on the Olympic Peninsula, the state of Washington, and it's a protected area. It's a larger national park, and it's a it's a It's an old growth rainforest, so it's just incredible magical fairy tale forest where the trees are like 12 feet across. And there's there's moss everywhere. The animals. There's lots of animals and interaction with wildlife if you want that, and Mount Olympus is another place where actually had an experience where angelic beings came through in in the physical form and gave me a major emotional healing so very another high energy magical place. So that's Olympic National Park on, uh, Western Washington, and then the last place I just like to mention in passing is is, uh, the state of Alaska. So just almost everywhere in Alaska is carries incredibly high Earth energy because it's untouched, it's enormous, and it's definitely a living landscape. And again, you want to get away from Anchorage and Fairbanks. But if you get a chance to go to Alaska, you will have definitely have some Earth energy experiences there. So the big cheese in Alaska So go visit it. Okay, so that's it for this lecture on sacred places. Hopefully, it's inspired you to go visit these incredible places and hopefully have some heightened spiritual experience of your own. So let's keep moving and move on to the next lecture and exercises. I'll see you there. 23. True Story - The Magic Squirrel: I like those nature stories. Do you have any more? I do. I've got another one. OK, so this one, this one was from 2015. And so in 2015 I was hitting a pretty low point in life. You know, my healing practice wasn't going that grade. I'm struggling with finances and I was kind of in a really low spot. And so a friend of mine wanted to go in this backpacking trip to Glacier National Park up into the northwest corner of the park. And I said, Sure, let's go. You know, as looks like something look forward to. And so when we get there, which is something never happens on an outdoor trip. I'm really depressed. I'm going into this trip really depressed and I can't really shake it and and, you know, as bombed. And so we get up to this lake called Caitlin Lake. It's a very northwest corner of the park, and there's a campground where you can car camp overnight, So we're gonna stay the first night. They were gonna take off the next four days, and so I didn't really wanna hang around my friend because I felt like I was a real downer . And so I took off that late afternoon and I started walking down. Can't Lick Creek, which is the outlet from the lake. There's no trailer, anything. And so I'm just kind of in my flip flops and are in my sandals and shorts and waiting down the creek kind of, you know, wondering how I'm going to get out of this funk that I man. Yeah. So, um so as I'm walking down ankle deep in the creek, I hear something rustling in the in the brush, and I'm the first thing you think of a glacier practice. That's a barrier, and it's a giant grizzly bear that's gonna eat me here. This thing rustle in the bushes hops up on this log is a squirrel. So the squirrel runs up this log, which may be onto no 10 yards off the creek and runs up this other log. And then it runs up on this other snag that's hanging over the creek about 10 yards in front of me. Okay? And so the squirrel stops and looks at me maybe 10 yards away. It's maybe 10 feet high and starts chattering like crazy. It's like giving me guff, you know? And so I look at it. Can you help take this sadness from me? I said it out loud to the squirrel? No. So they're really struggling here. Can you help me? So the squirrel turns around, runs back down, the log runs down the other log. It was parallel to the creek. Hops on this other log that is, like, ends up right next to me. It runs up this log. It's like, you know, I could touch the squirrel and then it jumps on me. I couldn't believe it. I go. Hey, what you doing? A minute jumps off and ran away, and I just started laughing. E just started laughing like crazy. I couldn't hold it in. And so it So it was like, That's like a totally remarkable moment, you know? And so the next day, we take off for our hike. You know, here I am. I'm floundering. I'm looking for ah, direction in life. And the squirrel comes and jumps on, you know? And so we take off when our hike the next date. And it was really smoky. It was so Smokey you could barely see across the lake. And then the next day, we were going to do some elevation about 3000 feet. We're gonna hike at this camp, this place called Boulder Pass. And as we're hiking up to Boulder past, the weather moves in and so the temperature drops about 30 degrees. We get up this boulder past clouds move in and it starts snowing, you know? And so the only thing and this is in August, you know? Yeah. So we get our tents, you know, put up this quick as we can eat something really quick. And just like, you know, soon our tents all night you like 12 hours in your tent and then you look at and then we looked at the next morning and there's like, three inches of snow everywhere, but the wind blew through and it cleared out all smoke. So this is, like, very symbolic. All of a sudden, Eso I'm free of this depression and the skies air now clear and the white snow. But not for long. Not for long, because it warmed up that day to probably 70 degrees again. Snow was gone in a couple hours, and then we continued on toe our trip. So it's like I had K. The school's gonna help me. All this angst gets blown out by the wind and the snow. And then we had a great trip, and then I went back home and then the next week. So this is the kind of the cause and effect. So Glacier did this big energy healing on me, and I'm going back home to see and I wasn't really paying attention to anything. But later that week I went kayaking and we're doing laps on the toenail. I found a crowd at the river. Get out of here! And so this crowd at was tangled up in this fishing line. I let it go, and I believe you were the one said That would make him really great Children's story. And so that was like the first of 30 Children's books. I was right. It ended up working out 24. The Earth Energy Grid: hello and welcome to the lecture on the Earth energy grid. When I sat down and started to outline this course, I thought I was going to do a lecture on the Earth energy grid. But as I got into it, I realized I don't have enough experience or no, it's to be a confident instructor. Plus, there is some controversy as to whether they actually exist. However, I thought at least mentioned it in passing, especially since many people claimed powerful sites are placed on the grid. Places like Stonehenge, much API chew, Easter Island, the pyramids. Oh, no academy and a few locations I mentioned in the last lecture. So what is the Earth Energy grid? Well, the Earth energy cred is an ancient matrix of lines of subtle forces that format pattern around the globe. It's believed ancient civilizations built megalithic stone structures along the grid lines , which are also called ley lines, and also at the intersecting nodal points. Later, our newer civilizations built temples, stone circles, medicine wheels and ceremonial structures on the same sites. Many of these places are considered spiritually power places ideal for heightened spiritual experiences. On your screen, you'll find an example of a map of the earth energy grid. Feel free to plaza video and see if any of your favorite places or on a ley line. If this stuff strikes your fancy, I encourage you to research it further and take a trip to visit one near you. Okay, that's it for the earth energy grid and lay lines. So let's move on to the fallen assignment that I hope leaves you excited and expired. I'll see you there. 25. Contemplation - Your Sacred Place: thank you for joining me today on this brief journey. Let's take a moment to unwind and slow the mind down by taking a few deep slow breaths until you feel completely Relax, take just a moment. And remember a time when you visited a very special place. What happened there to make it so meaningful? Were you in nature, or did you have great connections? What other people do you No. Think of a remarkable place you would like to visit. What would it be like if visiting that place was so incredible? It actually opened your spirit to touch all that is, uh what would it be like if you could discover places on our planet that are specifically designed for you to connect to your God based on your unique astrology and the energies of our earth? What would it be like if your personal truth of self discovery was amplified in a particular place? Allow your mind and your heart to see those incredible future experiences in that wonderfully sacred place? - I don't know 26. The Oneness Deeksha: Hello and welcome to the lecture on the oneness diction in the introductory course to this Siri's, I discuss powerful spiritual experience I had while attending Oneness University in Fiji and in India. Those experiences were strongly influenced by the laying on of hands. So each night we do a meditation, and some spiritual guy would lay his hands on your head. However, I didn't say much about the phenomenon itself, which was referred to as the Oneness, blessing or the oneness. Dick Sha, the Oneness teacher, is a non denominational transfer of awakened energy, which over time is designed to bring about the state of oneness or spiritual awakening to the recipient to the person who received it. And then when someone is awakened by the oneness diction, they can then give the picture to help others awakened. So there are several ways the oneness diction can be given by Deeks, a giver, by directly laying on hands to the top of your head through their eyes, my intention, or through exposing hands at a distance like that. So being an American, not an Indian, you know, from a fairly conservative part of my country, I had a very difficult time swallowing the concept at first. To me it seemed cultish and it seemed way too easy. But then I experienced it. The result of the Deka I received over a six month period blew me away and changed my life forever. As I opened up to incredible new states of awareness, I was also able to incorporate the diction is into my healing sessions with remarkable results. So in the following meditation, I'll give the oneness Dick Sha to you from a distance. It's like so. So here's how it will work. First on guide you into a deep, meditative state, and then you'll have your eyes closed while I do that. Next, after you relaxed, we'll ask you to open your eyes while remaining in the meditative state. So as you open your eyes, it's important to still stay deeply relaxed or in a trance kind of steak. Then all you do is to be open to receive when watching the video tell a tent till the dance and all all I will be doing is basically this. So in my experience, it takes a number of deductions to facilitate an awakening experience because it takes some time to create the new and necessary neurological pathways in your brain so that Dick Sha actually shifts your brain chemistry around so you could be open to experience divine energy. So I encourage you to receive the DHS many times that you feel the desire or the need. Okay, so that's it for the lecture on the oneness. Dick Sha. Now let's go there and open ourselves up to receive. We'll see you there. 27. Meditation - The Oneness Deeksha: Hello and welcome to the meditation on the one this picture to get started, Get yourself in a comfortable position in a place where you can see your video screen when you open your eyes and then close your eyes, take a deep breath and will begin to relax At some point in their lives, most people have played with magnets, help them pulled toward and push away from each other. I felt that invisible force, that invisible connection between separate thing that can only be seen with iron filings on paper that dance between them and line up along curves that connects one to the other to show us what we feel you cannot touch or cannot sleep like the unseen connections between everything everywhere that are felt but not seen and really part of their holding everything together, making everything work. Adams and corks on up to the star, those invisible forces that give things there for me, the sources of energy that power our son that big plants as they grow and lights up our Scott that flows through our bodies and powers our minds minds that reach out as far as the stars and minds that can wonder at the wonder of it all and wonder at the power that flows through it all for that connects each to all and attracts our attention and makes us aware that somewhere inside, when that door opens up and the breeze flows through, you can feel something different A warm, clear light that shines from within filling your body in the space beyond touching and becoming one with it all feeling that force, that source of attraction that pulls all into one and one into all and letting yourself go and going with the flow and letting yourself know that it really is okay to go on that journey, To visit those places and to find what you need deep down inside that connects you to something, something beautiful and something true. But let's you be there exactly where you want to be so free to hold creative field and free to know. But it all belongs to you. What I would like you to do now is to imagine yourself above some beautiful place a healing place, a sanctuary place As I count backwards from five using the words down and deeper. I would like you to drift down to this place and into a very deep and peaceful state of calm and peaceful relaxation. Number five feel yourself going down, down drifting deeper and deeper. Four. Drifting down, down, drifting deeper and deeper. Three Drifting down and down deeper, deeper two drifting down, down deeper, deeper and one drifting down, down, down deeper, deeper and deeper. If you are now in your sanctuary place, I just ask that you imagine yourself being there as if you were actually there. And with every detail that you notice, I'd like it to take you into a deeper and deeper place of calm and peaceful. Relax, ation. So you become calm, peaceful and deeply relax. All right, call. Peaceful and deeply relaxed. Call peaceful, her legs. Call peaceful. Relax. So take another slow, deep breath and, while remaining deeply relaxed, slowly open your eyes and received the oneness diction way. Well, no 28. The Verification Sheet: hello and welcome to the lecture on the verification sheet. The work we're doing in this course can have a very powerful and positive effect on your subconscious mind. There's a cause and effect component to it. If your intention is to heal or create something and then you put some effort into it, chances are results will occur. The same is true with meditation exercises. Furthermore, as you work along with the contemplations and meditations, you may notice that certain aspects of your life improved over and above what we actually worked on. These are referred to a side benefits, and they're very common in this type of work. For example, as you work along on specific areas, you may also notice an increase in your creativity. What boosting your health, perhaps, or a windfall in your finances or possibly improvement in your relationships. So in order to increase your overall level of awareness, I have created the verification sheet. It's attached as a resourceful. Download it and pull it out once a week while you're using the meditations and see if you can check out any of the boxes if you can. It's a clear indication that what we're doing is actually working. So have some fun with checking your progress and please enjoy using the verification sheet . 29. Bonus: Hello, I congratulations on finishing the course. I hope you got more out of the class than you anticipated. In case you didn't notice. There are some fabulous music in this course. And most of my meditations are used music by Richard Taylor from his album fathoms. And the contemplations are used for eclipse from Ben And in a few spots, I used yoga meditation by Eric cartel. If you're interested in more personalized healing and awakening, then I'm available for private sessions to take you deeper into the mysteries of spirit. I also have an assortment of soul inspiring books in non-fiction, award-winning fiction and children's books. And of course, all this can be found on my website at Joseph As you continue along your path of growth and fulfillment. Please remember, I am here for your questions and comments on the topics of hypnotherapy, meditation, healing, and spirituality. Please don't hesitate to contact me at anytime. And of course, if you enjoyed this class, a positive review would be endlessly appreciated because they are what keep my courses alive. And don't forget, I have numerous other courses on a variety of topics in this platform. If this one was a benefit to you, then I may have more you'd be interested in. So please check those out. So thanks once again for enrolling. I'm honored to have you as a student and I hope to see you in another class very soon.