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Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, Part 1

Joseph Drumheller, Leading Meditation, Healing & Education

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18 Lessons (3h 54m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Lecture - What is a Spiritual Awakening?

    • 4. Meditation - Intro to Deep Relaxation

    • 5. Lecture - Compassion

    • 6. Meditation - Compassion

    • 7. Lecture - Self Acceptance

    • 8. Meditation - Self Acceptance

    • 9. Lecture - Forgiveness

    • 10. Meditation - Forgiveness

    • 11. Lecture - Gratitude

    • 12. Meditation - Gratitude

    • 13. Lecture - Chakras and The Kundalini

    • 14. Meditation - Chakras and The Kundalini

    • 15. Lecture - Spiritual Awakening

    • 16. Meditation - Spiritual Awakening

    • 17. The Purpose of Meditation

    • 18. Thank You!

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About This Class

Guided Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, Part 1 is a focused meditation course, concentrating on universal virtues that raise personal vibration, to prepare for a spiritual awakening. The intended outcome of the course is to provide a noticeable and lasting increase in awareness by connecting to the life force energy.

The meditations in this course are not casual meditations for beginners. There are full-on, deep meditations designed to awaken the spirit within.  Lifeforce energy is transmitted in each meditation and intent student involvement is required to gain the maximum benefits.

Course material will be presented through video lectures, text summaries, homework contemplations, and guided meditations.  Students will come away feeling better, with a profound sense of inner awareness, and meditation tools they can use for the rest of their lives.

The course will include:

  • Implementing Deep Relaxation as the foundation for all meditations
  • Meditations to raise personal vibration through the experience of Compassion
  • Meditations to raise personal vibration through the experience of Self-Acceptance
  • Meditations to raise personal vibration through the experience of Forgiveness
  • Meditations to raise personal vibration through the experience of Gratitude
  • Meditations to experience the Chakras and release the Kundalini
  • Meditations for a Spiritual Awakening

Through course lectures, students will come away with a clear understanding of how to activate universal virtues to prepare for a Spiritual Awakening. The meditations will provide profound experiences of their personal energy field, aligning them with the essence of the very person they are meant to be.

What students are saying about Joseph’s courses:

You know, Joseph, I really appreciate the reminder that unresolved emotional charges INFLUENCE  our decision making and behavior. I can see that this has played out in my life to my great misfortune. At this stage of my life, it is very important for me to take charge of these ancient emotional triggers, and create a much healthier and happier existence. I love your class, Joseph. Thanks again for all of your hard work!  Laurel Gay Edwards 

Your delivery was warm and natural and your sincerity and love of meditation shines through.  I can see how much work has gone into this course and I'm sure it will reach and help many, many, many people. It's so nice to 'meet' someone with very similar views on meditation and an approach to teaching that chimes with my own. I wish you every success!  Linda Hall

Joseph Drumheller's practical, earthy approach to meditation, along with his soothing voice and approachability provide a comfortable place to begin a new practice or gain deeper insights to those more established. Speaking as a lifelong meditator myself, I recommend his work.  Judy Blackwell

I will say that the main thing I look for in someone in such a course is that they exude calm, and joy....and you do......and that they look trustworthy, good energy when you look at their eyes.... when they speak....and you do....Marika Marks

Very informative about getting started at home meditation. I am excited to dive into Joseph’s course!  Kari Moore

Very professional and I loved the videos! If this is your fist class online, I wouldn't have known it. You did a great job! Judy Lynne


1. Promo: welcome to guided meditations for spiritual awakening in this course will be taking meditation beyond the realms of de stressing and healing and into the world of experiencing the life force, which is the energy that's bigger than all of us. It binds us all together. This is where meditation can get very dynamic, highly interactive, exciting and a lot of fun. Quite honestly, this is the reason I meditate. Hello, my name is Joseph Drumheller. I've been working in the worlds of meditation and healing for over 25 years. I'm also a three time award winning author, and I spent six years working in a cancer radiation treatment facility helping cancer patients. I've also had to spiritually awakenings in the course of my life, one or eyes about 30 and the other one lies about 50 Now. The benefits you can expect from taking this course is that we're going to be focusing on raising our vibration in order to prepare for a spiritual waking and the tool will be using . To do that is meditation, so the topics will be focusing on will be compassion, self acceptance, forgiveness. Gratitude will be learning about the shockers and the kundalini, and then we'll focus on having a spiritual awakening itself. Now this is an intermediate course. This course is designed for people who have had some experience in meditation. But more important, what you really need is a burning passion to take your spiritual walk up a notch and to connect to your version of divinity. Now this class strikes a very personal and deep chord with me, and it's my hope that I can take my transformational experiences, share them with you in order to prepare you for a spiritual awakening. All you have to do is enroll in this class. I would love to have you in this class, and rolling is not hard to do. All you need to do is hit the button and I'll see in class. 2. Introduction: Hi and welcome to the introduction for guided meditations for spiritual awakening. Thank you for your interest in this course if you've been rolled. Welcome. If you haven't yet, I hope to see in class soon. Now, what we'll be doing in this course is that we're gonna be focused on very specific virtues to raise our vibration through meditation to prepare for a spiritual awakening. So what you need to do in order to maximize the benefits for this class is that I strongly recommend that you participate as fully as you can. So that means listen to the lectures, read the summaries, do the meditations, do the homework, and please contact me if you have any questions. And also, when we start getting into the world of spiritual awakening, there's a synergistic component to it. Which means that when we connect with other people, that's when the magic really starts. It happen. So connect with the other students, you know, or take the course with the friend, do whatever it takes to help engage with other people. So that's when spiritually can really take off. Now, the best way to take this course is actually there is a couple of ways, at least one is you can dive into these meditations like a personal retreat. Just do them all in a couple of days, you know, block everything out and really go into the zone. Or you could do each meditation once a day for like, three days, then switch to the next one and that would be take about three weeks. And so that's another way to do it. Also, because you are an intermediate meditator because you're taking this class, you do have some experience in meditation. Feel free to use your own intuition and your own instincts on the best way to use this course. So once again, thank you for your interest in this class if you're enrolled. Welcome. And if you're not, I hope you see in class and put banks again. 3. Lecture - What is a Spiritual Awakening?: Hello and welcome to our first section. What is the title of this section? The title of this section is what is a spiritual awakening. So what is this very chilly? Well, that's funny. You should ask, because I just happen to have a definition right here. The definition of a spiritual awakening as I pulled off the Internet is a shift in consciousness or an awakening to an awareness of reality, which has been previously unrealized. So what that means is that we're waking up to something that we didn't know before. That shift our perception and reality for most of its most of us. It's an experience of what we would call that God or our higher self. The catchy, the collective consciousness, the universe, whatever you wanna call it. There's been names for it throughout all cultures and throughout all history, and it's a historic presence. So it's been there as long as people have been around, so it's quite dynamic. I spirit awakening, a belief. Spiritually awakening is not a belief. It's an event or it's an experience, and for some people, it's a very big change. All of sudden they experienced something, and now they view the world in a completely different way. So their shift of their perception of how the world works and what the world is has completely changed. Now they see the world through your eyes. Um, and it opens the doors to vast new possibilities that they didn't even think of before that go way beyond the three dimensional world. So it could be very dynamic. It could be very exciting for some people. It could be a little disorienting in the beginning, but it could be very miraculous. And when I have gone through spiritually Wake things I've gone through to in my life, they've just been incredible experiences. And for some people, they could have visions. So, um so these could be of the mind, you know, like psychic visions. Or people can have sensory perceptions like the bill to feel senses or motion or energies beyond their physical body. So that's kind of unusual when you start to experience and go out like, Wow, what's going on? Um, and it can also last over a period of time. So, for instance, the first spiritually waking I went through was in my thirties, was in my early thirties And what happened is that I went through some meditations, and then these meditations I had some incredible mystical experiences. And in those experiences, um, my life changed dramatically afterwards. So not only did my perception of life change, but he circumstances of my life changed dramatically. Um, and what happened in the end that I had this incredible opening to creativity and that spiritual waking I kind of went in and out of it, but it lasted for, like, three years is pretty amazing period of time. So, um, but the main thing is that you're getting rewired on the inside. You're actually going through a biochemical shipped in your brain through your your energy field and your nervous system, and you will not be the same person. After it happens, you will have changed. And you and the change that you're making is that you're stepping into the better version of who you are a human being, not better. That's kind of judgmental. Bit Ah, higher version would say of who you're meant to be. Well, my spiritual awakening be like anyone else. This probably not. So because this spiritual awakening is being designed and engineered from a higher power or higher intelligence. Your spiritual awakening is gonna be unique for you. So it's different for everybody. What you experience will be unique for you. For me, my experiences were very cathartic. They were very mind blowing, but for other people could be very gentle, like, you know, just like a blooming of a flower or something like that. So So it's different for everyone. And that's kind of what throws a little disorienting into it, because you may not be sure what's going on while you're experiencing. You might not recognize a completely until after you're through it, so your experience will be unique for you. It'll be divinely tailored by higher intelligence for your greatest good. So it's actually a very loving experience in life. Can I make a spiritual waking? Unfortunately, you cannot. And so why am I teaching a class called guided meditations for spiritual awakening? If I can't make them happen, well, let's get questioned by way. You can't really make them happen, but what you can do is that you can prepare for them so spiritually. Awakenings are on a divine time clock from a higher intelligence. So they're gonna happen when they happen and they're gonna happen under the set of circumstances that are best suited for you. So you cannot really make them happen. The only thing you could do is prepare for them. And so this course is designed to help you prepare for a spiritual awakening. Now what? How we do that is by raising our vibration. So one of the ways will be doing that is through a deep relaxation or meditation. And then, uh, angle I'm using with this class to help raise our vibration is by meditating on living virtues. And so we're going to be focusing on four virtues. Um, specifically, 1st 1 is gonna be compassion. Next one's going to be self acceptance and forgiveness and then gratitude. And so experiencing those four qualities are virtues of life takes your vibration, which will more easily resonate to the powers that be that are the force behind creating this spiritual awakening? Well, the results can be many and varied eso There is a summary attached to this course, so are tried to this section, So please read the summary. There's a very long list of things that you can experience after a spiritual awakening but a couple whom I like Teoh mentioned right now is that the 1st 1 is that you're going to be very aware that something has happened or changed inside of you. It's gonna be a very defining experience that you won't forget. It could change your life completely where this this awakening of energy has gone on inside of you. So you may also begin to be aware of subtle energy. She may spirit, you know, for instance, I when I first went to my first spiritual aching already, I became aware of these sensations that felt like tingling or like wispy clouds that moved in a circular pattern. And I could feel him inside of my body, and I could feel it moving inside and out of my body. And I later grew to realize that that was like a form of healing energy that I could use in my sessions when I was working with people. So it took me a long time to figure that out, but I could feel him all the time after those awakening. So once you go through the spiritual waking, the shifts tend to be permanent and you don't go backwards. she continued to go forwards Andan. The last thing you can that I'd like to mention in a spiritually is that your level of awareness increases. So you are now aware of more than just a three dimensional physical world. There's something beyond that's bigger and greater, and it's actually much more vast because once you get into the imagination and the energies of the non physical world, there are no limits, its its infinite. So we're not limited, like we are in a body and on the three dimensional Earth plane. So so, is there a few things you look for some things happening inside of you that you notice you may be aware of subtle energies and there's gonna be an increase in your personal awareness . So the meditation for this section, because this is an intermediate course, and I'm gonna take for granted that everyone had done a little bit of meditating. So what I did for this first meditation is that essentially on borrowing one from one of my first courses. So it's just a deep relaxation exercise. If you want to skip it as an intermediate meditator, you're you're welcome to do so. But what this first meditation is gonna do, it's gonna kind of exercise your relax ation and your meditation muscle is gonna take you into a deeply relaxed state. And more importantly, probably that's gonna turn you into the sound of my voice because that is going to set the foundation for the meditations to come. So feel free. Teoh. Join the meditation. You know, I'd love to have you there for this 1st 1 if you want to. If you want to skip, that's fine. The please read the summaries and do the homework home because that will get us in tune for the living of virtues, which is coming next. So thank you very much, and I'll see if the medication 4. Meditation - Intro to Deep Relaxation: Hello and welcome to our first meditation. This meditation is a simple relax ation exercise. I'm borrowing it from my first online course, so if you're intermediate meditator or above, this is optional. Feel free to skip it, but what this meditation will do is it will exercise your relax ation muscles a little bit , and we'll also get you tuned in to the sound of my voice, which will be helpful in the meditations to come. So kick back, relax and enjoy the meditation, and today we'll be using a technique called progressive relaxation, so get yourself situated in a nice, comfortable position. Close your eyes and we'll start to relax. What I would like you to do first is to take a deep breath all the way down to the tips of your toes. Then just breathe out completely. And as you begin to relax, I'd like you to imagine if you can a warm, secure, comfortable wave of relax ation moving into the top of your head and allow this. Relax ation to drift in, moving into your brain so that your brain becomes very deeply relaxed and very calm. And as your brain relaxes, you can actually feel it start to slow down so that your thoughts are slowing down and you can feel the relax ation as it begins to drift down into the stem of your brain, moving slowly down your spine all the way down to the tip of your spine and allow this. Relax ation to continue by drifting out into your nerves so that from the top of your head all the way out to the ends of your nervous system, you're very deeply relaxed. You're very calm, and you're totally at peace. Now. Bring the awareness of this. Relax ation back to the top of your head and feel it as it begins to move over the outside of your body. Be aware as the relax ation moves into your scalp into your hair, slowly moving down into your ears and your forehead, your temples, your eyes and your nose into the skin and the muscles in your face. Your entire head is very calm, very peaceful, on very deeply relaxed Now allow the relax ation to continue by moving down into your throat and a tear neck slowly moving down into your shoulders, which are becoming increasingly heavy and feel the relax ation. Continue by moving down into your arms so that the relax ation slowly moves in to your biceps and your triceps gently and peacefully moving into your elbows into your forearms into your wrists and gently moving into your hands out to the tip of each finger at each thing, so that from the top of your head all the way out to the tips of your fingers, you're very deeply relaxed. You're very calm, and you're totally in peace now. Allow your attention to drift back to your shoulders. With the relax, ation can begin to slowly move down into the muscles of your back slowly and gently moving down through your back all the way down into your lower back so that your entire back is very calm, very peaceful and deeply at ease. And you can feel the relax ation as it begins to penetrate inside your upper body so that your internal organs begin to feel very comfortable and deeply relaxed. And you can feel your heart as it beats in perfect peace, and you can feel your lungs as they breathe without effort as you become more and more deeply relaxed and you can feel this. Relax, ation. Continue by moving into your other internal organs, your stomach and your intestines so that your entire upper body is so deeply relaxed, so calm, so deeply at ease. And it feels so nice to be so deeply relaxed now allowed this relaxation to continue its journey as it slowly drifts into the lower half of your body so that your legs become very heavy and very relaxed. As the wave of relax ation continues to move down into your thighs into your knees, gently working its way down into your thighs. You're camps, your shins so that your legs are incredibly relaxed, very cool, deeply at peace, allowed to relax ation to finish its journey by gently working its way into your feet and out to the tip of each toe from the top of your head, way down to the tips of your toes. Your very deeply relaxed. You're very calm and you're deeply at peace. Call peaceful, relaxed, peaceful. Relax. So just go ahead and enjoy this feeling of deep peace and deep relaxation for his longest like and when you feel like you're ready, and when you feel like you've had enough, you can just slowly and gently open your eyes 5. Lecture - Compassion: hello and welcome to our next section s. So we're going to do now is we're gonna embark on the journey of living human virtues, which is intended to raise our vibration so we could be be prepared for a spiritual awakening. What is the name of the name of this section is compassion. So how we're going to raise our vibration? Starting off is going to be through the virtue of compassion. What is compassion? That's good question. So I just happen to have another definition here. Um, so the definition for compassion, I have this sympathy and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. And so what? I would like to add on to the compassion that's like sympathy. But for the practical purpose of this course, we're going to take it even deeper, and so we're gonna add the element of empathy. So so empathy is born of personal experience, and so you can feel sorry for someone who is suffering if you don't know what they're going through. But empathy means that you have experienced it also. And so when you go into the world of compassion with empathy, it's based on personal experience. You know what somebody else is going through because you've experienced yourself. So that comes through life experience. And so as you grow older and as you gain more experience through life, you have the capacity to become more compassionate because it's more based on empathy rather than sympathy. And so that leads us into a place of wisdom because it's born of personal experience. Someone is suffering from a loss in their family. I know what that's like. I experienced that, and so it's more easy for me to be compassionate for that. It's not something I'm thinking left. Too bad, you know. It's like, actually get it. So So that's how that's how we're gonna address compassion in this section, especially when we get into the meditation. So we're really open the doors to experience compassion deeply through a meditative state, through empathy and sympathy to well, it's kind of interesting, because compassion is this, like, heartfelt thing. But really, we're compassionate originates from this suffering. And so what I have talked about in my previous courses, which are mostly focused on healing um, is that we talked a lot about suppressed emotion from the past, and so when people experienced trauma in their past or in their early childhood. The nature of most of emotion is to be experienced. So when emotion is experienced fully, it dissipates and floats away into the ether. However, almost all of us unconsciously and unaware, uh, avoid unpleasant emotion. We don't want to experience it. And so, uh, so we avoid those unpleasant emotions, like when we're quite young, we don't know what we're doing. We're just kind of on autopilot. And so those emotions get stuffed into the subconscious, where they live, like little creatures. And then as we grow older, those emotions are gonna want to come out and be experienced so they can live their life cycle on. And if we keep avoiding them, they keep getting stuffed in the subconscious. So what happens? It will start to see, and everybody experiences this. We start to see repeating patterns. And so how we release those emotions or heal them is to weaken, go into a meditative state and essentially let them go. And then those repeating patterns will stop. And so everybody experiences that everybody experiences those repeating patterns of suffering. So, um, so, in a way, we are masters of our own suffering, so someone else could help us experience a trauma from the past. But once we have it, it's ours to deal with. You know you can, so you can. You can blame others for your problems, but that doesn't help anybody. So when you as you get older, you realize you have the stuff inside of you, which is called Suffering Kevin's repeating patterns. And then with enough awareness and enough insight, you realize, Hey, everybody has this stuff. Everybody goes through these problems. Everybody in humanity has suffered and we continue to suffer. And that one thing that we all have in common throughout history. So, um so that's where compassion can The roots of compassion originate from what happens when we realized we creator. So when we come to the realization that we create our own suffering, what happens is that that increases our awareness. So we realize, Hey, there's something going on inside of me that makes me create the same patterns like there's different people, but the same problems air coming up. But, you know, then dealing with different people, that same problems come up over and over again. So then you come to the realization? Well, hey, maybe it's not about the other person. Maybe what's going on in my life is about what's going on inside of me. And so then when we come to that level of realization, then we figure out, Hey, we're all in the same boat We've all suffered. We have all hurt others we all have unresolved emotions inside were all unaware to some extent on we've all been conditioned by our past. So we're all raised in a certain way through one of our culture, were influenced by the media, our schools and our religion. All kind of influence us in ways that we don't realize. So for me, like some of the emotions I have, like when I've gone through a divorce or whatever o. R. When I've got two things with my Children. Those were the same emotions that I carry inside that may in another culture, may take someone to take violent action against somebody or to be a suicide bomber. So in that way I am kind of connected to anybody with those similar emotions. So everyone has thean motions inside of them of the criminal, the abuser, the neglect, er, the victim. Everybody on the planet shares those things. So we are all in the same boat in terms of suffering and for some strange reason, that's the way the human condition is. So being a human being is a challenge. Because we all suffer and dealing with our suffering is the way that we grow. And the weird part is that we create the suffering from what lives inside of us. So when we come to that realization that we're all in the same boat, that's when we begin to with a level of elevated level of awareness and we want to raise our vibration. We start to see that with through the eyes of compassion. So we understand through empathy through what we have gone to, that everybody else is in the same boat of being a human being, which is really strange because we all suffer. It's really unusual, so so that's kind of where compassion comes from. Um, and that's what how we're going to go into a meditation experience. Let me jump to the next question what we're gonna be doing in the meditation. So what we're going to be doing in this meditation is going to be really profound. And so what we're gonna do is if we're going to go into a deeply relaxed state and we're going to become aware of our own suffering Now, we're not gonna dwell on the suffering, but we're just going to be aware of any pain or trauma that we have experienced in the past . We're not gonna dwell on it, so that's not what we're gonna do. We're not even gonna heal it. So but what we're gonna do is just become aware of it. And then we're going to become aware through a visual technique, um, that you'll find out in the meditation that we're going to be aware that another person is actually experiencing what we're experiencing. So it could be pretty deep and profound, and then we're gonna take it bigger than that, that that we can actually experience on the inside, that what we feel as suffering everybody on the planet feels. So we're all in the same boat, and then we're going to come to a universal understanding that we're all connected through the exercise of compassion. So we were all together in this world, so and exercising that compassion is the realization that we all suffer and we are all connected in that way. So so welcome to the meditation. I hope that this is profound and deep in this will get us into the process of raising our vibration by becoming aware of compassion, to set the stage for us to have a spiritual awakening. So you see, it's meditation. 6. Meditation - Compassion: Hi. Welcome to the meditation where we're going to be raising our vibration through the experience of compassion. So what we'll be doing in this meditation is that we're going to be visiting some pain from the past, something that ive experience that was painful, and we're not going to get to dwell on it. But what we're gonna do is use it as a vehicle and as a tool to create a universal oneness with everybody who exists on the planet. So let's begin our meditation by getting in a comfortable position, take a deep breath and will begin to relax. A couple of days ago, I woke up in the morning and I decided to go for a drive to the top of a mountain not far from where I lived. It was about an hour. It was a beautiful day. It's a wonderful drive, and I went to this mountain for the incredible view record, relax and be at peace. And when I arrived at the top of the mountain, what awaited me was an incredible view. I could see in all directions. As far as my eyes could see. I could see forced and lakes, then grassland and there were trees nearby in the meadow and it was sunny and the clouds were floating by like little balls of cotton. And so to relax more deeply and to enjoy the view. I went out into the meadow and I sat on the ground. And as I continue to relax, soaking in the view and being in deep peace, I started to feel a strange sensation, as if my legs were becoming one with the earth. I could heal the energy of the earth, which was calm and peaceful as it started to move into my body and slowly work its way up my spine. I could feel the base of my spy being very relaxed and very peaceful. As this gentle energy began to work its way towards the top of my head, peaceful and relaxed, the energy continued to move up into my lower back to my stomach. Has it gently touched my heart, moved up to my throat and into my forehead as it gently touched the top of my head. And as I was sinking deeper and deeper into a state of peace, viewing my surrounding, breathing deeply and just soaking it all in. And then I could feel the top of my head as if it opened to an incredible energy or a sensation that was connected to something far about. I felt wonderful and peaceful, and in that same instance, I could feel the energy from the base of my spine moving down into the earth as if it were moving in a straight line to the center of the earth. And for just a brief moment, it felt as if my entire energy, the entire essence of my being, was connected from the center of the earth to the heavens far above. And in that moment I was in a state of incredibly okay. Peace, relaxed com and one with all that IHS. No. And as I sat there in that experience, the only thing I could think of was how much I would love to share this experience with someone like you to feel that energy from the center of the earth, moving up from below and running through your entire body as it connected to the hands above, taking you into a very deep state of calm and wonderful effortless piece because it feels so nice to be so deeply relaxed. And as I sat there relaxing, enjoying this incredible state of being, I felt as if I could just sit on a cloud and watch the scene below valley far below forests , lakes and the grasslands far below. And as I continue to imagine, I imagine that I was drifting down, down deeper and deeper into a state of peace, and I drifted down, down deeper and deeper, drifting down, down deeper and deeper, drifting down, down deeper, deeper, drifting down, down deeper and deeper. 15 down, down, down, deeper and deeper and deeper. And as you continue to relax and to drift down deeper into incredibly deep state of peace, just like you to be more and more perfectly relaxed, more and more deep. Eddy's very calm, very peaceful and very deeply relaxed, very calm, very peaceful and very deeply relaxed. Peace. Relax, peaceful. Relax. And as you continue to breathe and to gently relaxed, I'd like you to call it the memory from the past. No, it could be some place from the distant past. We're somewhere from quite recent, and in this experience, perhaps you were experiencing loss, perhaps a relationship that ended someone had died. You've lost your job or something. Didn't wait work out the way you intended. Or perhaps you were struggling with your health. Whatever it ISS, I would like you to just visit that situation for just a moment as if you were actually there. Not so. It's overwhelming. But just so that memory and that experience has your complete and full attention. And as you continue to experience whatever situation that you're yet I'd like you to feel those feelings. And then I'd like you to imagine pretend that you're looking in the mirror, experiencing those feelings and looking in the mirror. However, as you look into the mirror, the person that you see is not you but someone else. Maybe much old, maybe much younger, or maybe your age. But this person, maybe male or female. But they're from a different culture, a different part of the world, and then ask You feel these feelings of hurt. And as you look into the mirror at this other person, you realize that this person is experiencing the same pain and feelings that you are. And although you are very different people, your feelings are the same in this way you are connected to this other person and in that moment of awareness and in that moment of understanding, as you realize in this way you are the same. It evokes a sense of compassion, a sense of understanding that you know what this other person has been through. And now, instead of being bound by suffering, you are now bound by compassion. And in that moment of understanding in that moment of the experience of compassion, you can actually feel that sensation in your body as it begins to raise your vibration as a human being, The virtue of compassion radiates a presence it carries, Ah, vibration. You can feel that you can experience, so just take him on it, to feel the sensations of compassion in your entire body, radiating out from your heart to the person in the mirror. And as your sense of compassion grows, it becomes deeper and more profound. As you continue to look into the mirror, you start to see many people from many cultures. More and more people Philip the mirror. Until there are many people in the mirror. Has there existed a planet who are bound to you by your similar experiences as a human being way. All set her through no fault of our own that it's part of the human condition. And in that way you feel connected to everyone through the sensation with compassion. So allow yourself to take in those feelings of compassion and to let it sink and resonate to the very depths of your being. So it actually becomes part of the fabric of who you are and allow those sensations to deepen and to grow and to expand. Just continue to experience those sensations for just a few moments in silence. - So just continue to relax and to breathe, feeling the resonating higher vibration through the experience of compassion and to realize that this sensation this experience goes with you from the state forward to put you into, ah, higher state of being has he more evolved and compassionate person. So just take it in as long as you'd like just absolutely no hurry pre under lack. And when you feel like you're ready, he like you're finished. When you feel like you've had enough, he may slowly open your eyes and gently drift back in the conscious world 7. Lecture - Self Acceptance: okay. I hope you enjoyed the meditation for compassion. Now we're gonna continue the journey of raising our vibration through our next section. What is the title of thing? This The title of this section is called Self Acceptance. So we're going to go into the experience in meditation of raising our vibration by accepting ourselves completely as we are. What is self acceptance? Another definition. Self acceptance is feelings of satisfaction with oneself, despite deficiencies and regardless of past behaviors and choices. So I'm gonna for the purposes of this class, I'm gonna add on to that little bit. So that's accepting yourself as you are, regardless of what this happened to you or what you think of yourself, blah, blah, blah. But I'm gonna add on to that just a little into with the concept of responsibility. So, um, yes, we can accept ourselves in our past behaviors, but we are not absolved of any wrong doing okay. We need to take full responsibility for the actions that we do in this life to not hurt ourselves or anyone else. So I'm gonna add that onto the definition of self acceptance. Um, yeah. So how can we best understand well, the best way to Tiu understand self acceptance is to understand what it is not. And so the first thing self acceptance is not his unworthiness. So that's feelings that were not good enough that were unworthy. Maybe there's some shame based in it or whatever, just feeling like we aren't good enough to play full in the game of life. And with all the people I've worked with over the years, including myself, is that what it all boils down to when you get into the world of unworthiness, it's that we just aren't loved enough. And so, um, and when we have those experiences were not loved enough. It influences our entire way of being everything from our behavior and our decision making , and it can be very subtle, and we don't recognize that that's what's driving the direction of our life at times. And so we don't actually know that we're experiencing unworthiness. So so it literally takes a village to raise a child. So so every kid that's been born into this world, um, even in the midst of a loving family does not kit enough love and the reason we don't get enough love. It's kind of bizarre because it's the way that the human being is brought into the world. So we are brought into the world completely dependent on somebody else. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, non stop. And there is not one set of parents that have been born in the entire universe that are able to meet the insatiable needs of a child. It just can't be done. There's just too much. And so, um, and then if you throw another kid or two on top of that, there's not gonna be enough love for what the kid needs. And so we all grow up competing for love, all of us and so on. Do all sorts of things to get it. So it will be a superstar, you know, be the greatest person the world would be depressed, will be hurt. I will act out, will do whatever it takes to get the attention and the love that we need, because it's not possible to get enough, you know? So it's the way the systems kind of set up. It's kind of unusual. It's kind of bizarre, Um, but it's what we're born into you know, so on. And so what could happen in the midst of that is you know, if you throw in some neglect or abuse on top of that, we can grow up feeling very, very unworthy, like we're just not good enough. Um And so that's kind of the situation that all of us are born into And the need Teoh compete for love. We don't get enough. And so we all feel unworthy. I'm on some some level, And I think every person that is born into the human condition experiences that to some degree, you know, you can see, like, the greatest superstar in the world, you know, they sent you don't know what's driving them. It could be because they don't feel like they're good enough. So they need to get all the attention that can possibly get. You know, it's a possibility. So So there are some examples of unworthiness that I like Teoh. So these air kind of the extremes, we can actually see it in action. Um, but it usually blows down in tow, underachieving and overachieving. So if you feel really unworthy about yourself, so one could be like a, um like I mentioned a superstar, but where I've seen it before, Thin like a corporation where there's someone trying to climb the corporate ladder and they're always vying for supervisor approval and just because they can't get enough. And so they keep climbing up and up the ladder, you know, so which is great, you know, they're successful, but it's it can be kind of obvious that way. And then and then the kind of the other opposite extremists, people who are underachieving to, ah, high level. So I live in a town where there's lots of homeless people, and so, you know, that's kind of the opposite. Extreme worth circumstances and not being loved enough has, you know, left them destitute pretty much so. They all have their stories down there. So so that's kind of two examples that are easy to see in unworthiness department ones, kind of overachieving, and one's kind of underachieving can stop acceptance. Alleviate unworthiness, absolutely so self acceptance. Um, if you can accept yourself with all your perceived imperfections, it can help erase unworthiness. Now that's a little I. It's a little more difficult to do than it sounds, but when we start to accept ourselves as we are with all our perceived flaws, and all are perceived imperfections. What will happen is it will start to see other people with their perceived flaws and their perceived in perspective, imperfections and accept them as they are, so it can create this mindset of being non judgmental. And when we get into that non judgmental mindset, what that does is that raises our vibrations. I will actually create an experience in our minds and in our bodies that will help elevators to a certain vibrational level, which is, you know, the opposite of being judgmental. And it kind of goes back to compassion, little bits on that same wavelength. If we accept ourselves as we are, then we can start to accept everyone else's. They are, and so and then when we start to get in playing on that level of life, it starts to open the doors. This thing that's called unconditional love. So, um so when you can start experiencing that, like within your circle of friends, it's a really great start, and then if you can take it further than that, and you know I can open up to the whole world So what will you be doing in this meditation ? So this next meditation that we're going into is probably one of the most profound ones that I have ever done with people. Because what we're gonna do is we're going to go into a deeply relaxed state, and then we're going to go into an experience of when you were quite young to completely re shift and refocus your experience of yourself. If if it's fitting for you. So, um and then bring you into an experience where you're absolutely and unconditionally loved by your perfect parents. So it's Cumbie quite transforming for people. I think this is probably the most powerful meditations I've ever done with anyone. So, um so let's go to meditation and accept ourselves on a very deep level. How's that sound? See, there 8. Meditation - Self Acceptance: Hi. And welcome to the meditation that's going to raise our vibration through self acceptance. And this is one of the most profound meditations that I've done with people throughout my career as a healer. Because what we're gonna do is we're gonna take you into experience that reframes your perception of who you are as a person. It's looking quite transforming and quite touching. So before we do that, what I would like you to do is just take a moment. And I'd like you to think of everything or anything that you don't like about yourself. So go ahead. Just take a moment. Whatever it ISS. Okay, so whatever you thought of that you didn't like about yourself, I'd like you to keep that in the back of your mind. And we're gonna visit it a little later in this meditation. So go ahead, get yourself comfortable, close your eyes and will be in to relax. So what I would like you to do to start this meditation is to just take a deep breath all the way down to the tips of your toes. One more breath and as you breathe as you unwind and as you start to relax. I'd like to tell you something that happened to me not too long ago. What happened is that I saw one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. And what I saw was a single raindrop that fell from the sky. And when it hit the ground, it exploded and to countless smaller raindrops. And as more rain drops fell from this guy, they began to merge together, forming miniature streams and rivulets, moving together, not knowing where they were going, but just flowing to the dictates of gravity. And as they float down, they joined other regulates that turned into tiny streams. And these tiny streams washed around small little pebbles carrying silk and flowing downhill and effortless flow that was deeply relaxing and as the stream continued moving its way down if lowered into other streams. That's way down from the hillside with making a river that was strong and cascading, with powerful weights growing higher and higher as the rain continued to fall with the force of the river move dirt and rocks and trees flowing in a powerful flood on its way to the sea. And it was amazing to hear boulders the size of cars bouncing along the bottom of this enormous cascading river formed by the streams, Karev violence and the drops that effortlessly fell from the sky with and does that enormous river continued on its journey. It came to the Plains, or this powerful, forceful river began to relax and meander into the flat plans as it slowly and effortlessly . I see care that concern don't worry. Gently floating, I see. And when that river finally made it to the sea, all of the drops that come down from the sky merge together to form a massive body of water that forms 2/3 of the surface of the place we call her. That's fed by the rivers and glaciers, tremendous forces that shaped the face of our and as the ocean swells booth tides. Maybe now it's in unison with an endless dance with as the tides moving. Now's the time to move out and effortless and peaceful dance with, and one of my favorite things to do is to go out on a massive sea in a protected bay and take my boat with anger down in the middle of a calm summer night and just calmly watched. I relaxed very peaceful, very cool breathing without ever relaxed, peaceful and come sitting on the bank. Watch peaceful. And as you continue to imagine yourself watching them, you can begin to feel like you're drifting, drifting down into a state of peace, drifting down deeper, deeper and deeper, drifting down deeper, deeper drifting down, down, down, deeper and deeper down, down, down so that you're deeply relaxed. You're perfectly at peace and your total ladies peaceful. Relax, coming, peaceful. Relax, call Peaceful. Relax. And as you continue to relax, become more and more deeply. I'd like you to recall those things we talked about earlier. Those things that you don't like about yourself, iss all of your perceived flaws and imperfections or perhaps things that you've done. And I want you to bundle those all up. I'd like you to pull them into your heart. I love them to see them for what they truly are, knows perceived flaws and imperfections. Our direct expression of divine grace. There an expression of you, which is an expression of your creator. And in that moment you become aware of a universal truth. You are perfect as you are you are perfect as you are and just resonate with that feeling for just implement in this moment of self acceptance. And then I'd like you to imagine taking that feeling, being totally accepted by yourself and drifting back in time through a time before you were born, before you had a body. And all you are is energy with awareness that you are perfect as you are, and you're about to enter this world conceived by your version off perfect parents, whoever they may be, Whoever you can imagine, it could be you or somewhere. Now you imagine as perfect parents and you are conceived in an act of absolute unconditional love. And as you enter your mother's, you can feel that your parents are anticipating your arrival with incredible joy and as you grow and as the months go by, their joys increased as their anticipation has increased until finally the day it comes. The day arrives when you are born into the arms, the most loving parents and the parent you love most dearly calling you in their arms and looks you into the I was complete admiration and complete love on says you are perfect as you are. You are perfect as you are, and in that moment of absolute, unconditional love, it sets the foundation for your entire life a life built on the foundation of deep and profound self acceptance that you know deep in your heart that you are perfect as you are. And in that awareness, you can feel the feelings of self acceptance, and you can feel that it carries a sensation to our vibration that you could feel throughout your whole body. It's raising your vibration to the higher aspects of yourself, bringing you in alignment with your creator. You are perfect as you. So take just a few moments in silence to feel that sensation to resonate with energy of your own divine protection, your own divine perfection and feel that sensation that you are perfect as you are just continuing to breathe into relax, to sink into that sensation of self except and to realize. But that vibration goes with you permanently from this day forward, interwoven into the fabric of your being and raising your vibration into alignment with the higher aspects of yourself. Go ahead, take your time. Breathe under last and when you feel like the time is no. Take your time, but when you feel like you're done, I feel like we've had enough. You could slowly open your eyes and gently drip backing to the conscious world. 9. Lecture - Forgiveness: Okay, Welcome to our next section. I hope you have now accepted yourself fully. And you're the fullest version of who you can be so welcome to our next section. What is the thing? One is about forgiveness. And so what we're gonna do be doing is raising our vibration through the experience of forgiveness. So kind of the subtitle for this one could be You cannot be happy if you cannot forgive. What is forgiveness? Forgiveness? Ah, let's see. A definition. Yes. So forgiveness is to cease feeling resentment against an offender. So that's okay, so that sounds great. Right? So So when I first started getting becoming aware forgiveness, I thought it was more like the priest in the Confessor. So you go to confession or something that priest for gives you tells you, say, 10 Hail Marys, or whether gives you a little blessing and you go on your way. So that's what I thought forgiveness was like, You know, I thought, I just say OK, I forgive so and so And Dada Dada and going my way and the problem with these that especially like in my first marriage, you know, it's like after that ended I thought, Okay, I have forgiven her. It's like, great. I'm moving on my life. The problem Waas I held harbored incredible resentment. And so I still harbored a grudge and anger for years. And then I realized, Hey, that is not forgiveness. I understand. Well, forgiveness is a relationship between two people. So when one person has harmed another or has been harmed by another, a new relationship exists and we've all done it. We've all hurt somebody, and we've all been hurt by somebody. So when that happens, when someone has been hurt or have been hurt by someone, there's an energy connection between you and that other person, and it's an emotional energy connection. Um, and so forgiveness happens is when that negative energy connection no longer exists. And so now that doesn't mean that we, um, except inappropriate behavior. So if someone is harmed you and done some real damage to you for giving them doesn't not mean they've been absolved from doing a wrong deed or from hurting you or other people. What forgiveness means is that negative energy connection, that negative emotional energy connection between you and that other person does not exist anymore. So let's go back to the example of when I got divorced. So I was angry and resentful for years. And it was until I really did some soul searching and some deep meditation where I was able to let go of those negative feelings. So So it took me quite a quite a long time to get there. How do you know if you forgiven someone? Good question. So, um, the best way to know if you forgiven someone or not is to just think about them. So if you think about someone who has hurt you or, um, you know, you've been hurt by or whatever, if you just think about them. If you feel resentment, anger or hurt as you think of that person than the forgiveness is not complete, it still is there. And so, um, so when the forgiveness is completed is when that energy connection no longer exists. And so when you can think of that person and all of sudden you feel neutral or you feel maybe in content or something with yourself, or but they're just no longer on your radar. So that's when forgiveness is complete, and hopefully with time, you can see that relationship that you had with that person as a learning experience, something that made you stronger or maybe even taught you about what forgiveness is, Um, And then as time goes by, hopefully you can experience that whole situation in the study of peace and compassion, not only for the other person, but more importantly for yourself. What are some of the results of forgiveness? Well, the results of forgiveness are many. And so that's why forgiveness is such a big deal, because it's, ah, it's Ah, it's incredible healing mechanism. So the first thing that's gonna do it's gonna heal unresolved emotions. So So any unresolved anger or resentment or heard they've had with another person when you forgive that person than those negative feelings no longer exist inside of you, those negative feelings can drive your decision making in your behavior. So when those air gone, you're free to make more than pretty to make choices that are more in alignment with who you are not affected by the past so much. Um, and as I mentioned in the previous section, and I think it was the last section were talked about repeating patterns of pain. And so if you go into forgiveness and let go of someone from the past, any repeating patterns of pain that are associated with that other person will also stop. It will be let go of, um, it also disconnects you from a negative relationship. And so those negative relationships that we hold with other people on an emotional level, they take energy. So each of us only has a finite amount of energy, and so we can tie up quite a bit of energy in those negative connections. And so when those negative connections no longer exist, our energy comes back to us. And so we have MAWR energy to place into something that's more positive. Also, if you've ever been in a situation where you forgiven someone and actually I feel like you really forget forgiven them and let go of them, what you're gonna feel is an enormous sense of emotional freedom. It's like forgiveness is freedom, and so when you let go of the past like that, all of a sudden you're free to be present in the moment. You know, it's like in some situations where I forgive him. Some people I felt greatly relieved to move on and to just kind of not be affected by the past. Um, And then the last thing that can happen with forgiveness is that if you forgive somebody that's done something to you and you've actually do it from your heart and you let go of them, it's a It's a tremendous sense of empowerment. And so what that does that make you in charge of your own life and increases your self esteem? That's great for everybody. Can the process of breaking the energy connection be painful? Um, that's a good question, I would say It depends on where you are in that situation. So I would say when the time is right that it won't be painful. So because pretty much the pain exists in the whatever happened, Teoh make you in a position where you have to forgive somebody in the first place. So that's where the pain is. Pain is in the past. If you let go of that, perhaps there could be pain associate ID from the past that goes with that. But that pain is in the past, and that's where you can let it go to. And so then you can begin on the journey of, um, being more healed and hold in the moment. So that's a very good question. Thank you. It was the most important person weakened. Forget the most important person can. We can forgive. I'll give you Guess ourselves. Exactly. So. So because, um if we can let go of any resentment or, um, anger or whatever way that we have against ourselves, that can be enormously freeing cycles. And the goes also goes back into the realm of self acceptance. And so when we could forgive ourselves completely, we can also accept ourselves as we are with our imperfections. And even with the mistakes we have made in our life. What will we be doing in this meditation? Uh, in this meditation, what will we be doing? So this is the one on forgiveness, right? So Oh, so what? We're gonna be doing so with self acceptance, we went into an experience where we reframed our perception of ourselves when we're young. So what we're gonna do is we're going to go into a deeply relaxed state on this one, and we're going to reframe our perception about the perpetrator of who we are forgiving, so I won't go into. I don't want to give the story away, you know? So it's pretty good. We're going to be seeing someone that has heard us or harvest in a different light. And what we're gonna do is what we see that we're gonna let them go. And then we're going to call our energy back to us, which will actually feel come back into our bodies when we let that person go, because they've been holding it for us, and they don't need it anymore. So this is a deep and profound one also. So let's go to the meditation and be deep and profound. Shall we? Thank you. 10. Meditation - Forgiveness: hi and welcome to the meditation where we're going to be raising our vibration through the act of forgiveness. So before we we start, what I would like you to do is to simply think about someone you need to forgive, maybe someone who's harmed you in the past, or maybe yourself. So just take a moment to think about that person, and then we'll begin. So go ahead and get yourself in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath. It will start to relax and take just one more deep breath as we begin to relax very deeply . I have been doing meditation and healing work for a long time now, and one thing I've learned is that sometimes it could be very difficult to relax or to even learn how to relax mawr than you ever have before. And so, as you continue to breathe and you continue to let go with your eyes closed, you may begin to become aware of certain sensation of thoughts, our memories. And then I start to wonder if you have ever had the memory of just sitting fourth or near a lake, or by a stream or even the ocean, because there could be something deeply relaxing, very comforting about just sitting there and doing nothing, breathing and relaxing and listening to the peaceful sounds and they sounds in nature. Maybe you can hear the waves on a shore. What are the breeze through the trees As you breathe, you inhale in and exhale out, and a continuous flow that seems to go on and on and relaxing and feeling soothing sensation as your mind effortlessly drifts with quiet, almost invisibly silent in the endless echo in the background of your mind. I'm not sure that you've ever done it that way before, relaxed in just a certain way with that peaceful quietness in the background of your awareness way relaxed in such a way that you listen to the endless, quiet, resonating sounds with the natural world. Perhaps it was a waterfall or a vision of the sunset or just a silent place in the center of the woods. I was happy memories, a big piece and did contentment. Or maybe it was just a dream of a place so safe of a place so comfortable that it was easy to allow your mind to relax for your body to relax everything to relax, and there are many things that I do not know. But one thing I do know is that everyone has a place. They can go silent place deep down inside. No, where they can let go of all their cares, all of your worries and all of their concerns. And they can wonder. I thought, I wonder of wonder itself as a deeply relaxed at the effort, heaviness as their arms and their legs become heavier and heavier as relax ation continues . Maybe he was like sand warn Happy sand. You could scoop up in your hands and just let it flow through in its own time in its own way as you continue to relax, sad with nothing to do for a time, except just to relax and to let go, and to be a piece listening to the waves of relax ation to the breeze of effortless piece while you were sitting there forgetting to make any effort at all, or even to try to be aware when or where those feelings of relax ation you can. And as you continue to breathe to relax and unwind, I'd like you to imagine yourself if you can above some beautiful place. No. A healing place of our sanctuary Place a place where you can go toe experience the wonder of forgiveness. And as I count backwards from seven, using the words down and deeper, I'd like you to drift down to this place and into a very deep and peaceful state of cold and effortless. Relax. Ation number seven Feel yourself going down, down drifting deeper and deeper. Six. Drifting down, down deeper, no and deeper five. Drifting down, down deeper and deeper four. Drifting down, down deeper And keep her three drifting down, down deeper, deeper and to drifting down, down deeper, deeper and drifting down, down, down. Deeper, Deeper caper. If you are now in your sanctuary place, I just ask that you imagine yourself being there as if you were actually there. And with every detail that you notice, I'd like to take you into a deeper and deeper place of call an effortless relax ation. So you become more and more perfectly relaxed, more and more perfectly relaxed, more and more perfectly relaxed, very cool, very peaceful and very deeply relaxed, Very calm, very peaceful, very deeply relaxed, calm, peaceful, relaxed calm, peaceful relax and as you continue to relax in your sanctuary place, if you can, I'd like you to imagine. But there's a path opening up before you. No, and you can begin toe lock along this path. And as you continue to stroll along, you can see in the near distance that the path makes a turn and you do not see around the corner. And as you approach the corner, you can hear somewhat coming in the opposite direction. And as you continue to walk on, you finally could see the other person nearby coming in the opposite direction. And this is the person that you need to forget. However, this person is only about three or four years old. They're innocent, carry on, they're vulnerable. And it's long before they did whatever it ISS that you need to forgive them for. And don't you see them? There is this young and innocent person. You realize certain things you realize they were born in a certain way. They were born in an environment where they were conditioned by their surrounding from the family. They were born into the culture and the society. They were born into schools the religions, the media, all those things went into shape and influence their behavior that later lead them to do whatever it waas that cost harm to you. They're a product of their conditioning and in some way in some capacity. In a way, what they did to you was not their fault. Now that does not mean that we're condoning or absolving them of any wrongdoing that's allowing us to do is to release a negative connection by changing our perception. So what I would ask you to do now is to be aware of those feelings of pain or hurt that was brought on by interacting with this other person. And I want you to see them quite young, and I want you to allow those feelings of pain and hurt to just simply go back to that young person. Three. Releasing emotions, releasing the negative connection, sending the pain and the hurt and whatever it iss, descending it back where it came from, sending it back this small, vulnerable an innocent child and just allow those feelings to release for a few moments, releasing the past, releasing the past, releasing and as you continue to release until let go of those feelings from the past. I want to to see that young person to begin to dissolve or to fade away, to simply walk away as they take that negative connection with them. And in a way, you start to feel free. Now is that young person dissolved for fades away with all that negative connection taken with them, I want you to call your own energy back that you have given to that person unintentionally and just feel that your energy is coming back into your body. It's coming back into your energy field that you are coming back to you and to just allow that process toe happen for a few moments. So in that process of forgiveness, releasing the past and creating a sense of freedom by reuniting with our own energy, some forgiveness brings you into more alignment with you and in that process of aligning with yourself more fully by regaining your own energy and releasing the past that rises your vibration. Forgiveness is freedom, and it's a freedom to be who you are tearful this capacity. So sink into that vibration and be with that for a few moments in silence aligning your energy if you being free from the past. We're just continuing to breathe and to realize the level of forgiveness that you have experienced today is permanent and goes with you from mistake forward. And to keep in mind that you may need to revisit this meditation from time to time until you feel like the forgiveness is complete and you'll know forgiveness is complete is when you think of your perpetrator and you no longer feel any negative emotional connection or any negative emotional charge. You can be a peace. Find freedom in that piece. So just continue to relax, to breathe, to realize that there's absolutely no hurry here, way to take in the process of forgiveness as deeply as you can to allow it to resonate with the very essence of who you are deeply relaxed and deeply at peace. And when you feel like you're ready, there's no hurry at all. When you feel like you're done, you feel like you have had enough. You've been slowly open your eyes and gently drift back in to the conscious world over 11. Lecture - Gratitude: Okay, welcome to our next section. And I have hope. You've forgiven yourself and everyone else. You need to forgive your raising your vibration and we're on the path more fully to a spiritual awakening. What is the name of this section on this one? We're gonna talk about gratitude and how gratitude raises are vibration. So I have to be quite honest with you on this one. This was a difficult one for me. Teoh put a lecture together for because to me, gratitude is so basic and so simple. So I added some fluff on here, so I hope into it. What is Gratitude? Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. It's a readiness to show appreciation. That's the definition of it. So I think from all the virtues that we talk about, gratitude is probably the highest, pure vibration there is. It's just simple, and it's come straight from the heart. It's just simply being thankful for whomever or whatever you have experienced, be it yourself someone else, an event, the weather, whatever. And you can't fake it. So genuine gratitude comes straight from the heart, you know? So there's a lot of gratitude out there. These days. You know, says think positive, be grateful for everything. But genuine gratitude is a real miracle maker, and it comes straight from the heart without any pretense. So that's the pure vibration of it. So we all want to be gratitude, but you really can't fake. It's gotta be the real deal. And even I must admit, sometimes I try and be grateful when I don't feel great. Because, um, you describe gratitude as simple. Does that mean it's easy? No, it's not very difficult. In fact, in fact, gratitude, gratitude could be very difficult if you're depressed or if you're struggling financially or if you're struggling with your health or whatever. Gratitude can be a real challenge. And so and it's, Ah, it's, you know, you can train yourself to be more and more gracious, but in my greatest moments of gratitude that came without effort and without trying and quite honestly, without thinking about it and I've had I'll tell you a story in a little bit about a pure moment of gratitude that I had So, um, stay tuned. OK, so these are These are benefits that actually looked up on the Internet, so these were these have been, like, researched and saying, our research people who have positive attitudes or who are grateful on a regular basis some of the things that they experienced the 1st 1 is well being, so they tend to be more their. Their quality of life is higher because they tend to be more agreeable and open and engaged in living. And so all of that stuff creates a positive cycle that extends outward and brings it back to them. They tend to be less depressed, and they tend to be satisfied with their own lives. Also, people who are gracious or in a state of gratitude tend to have better relationships because they're more easily they could more easily forgive people. And we talked about forgiveness in our last section. They don't hold grudges, and so they're not is bound by the past negative relationships from the past, Um, and they tend to honor those who have helped them, and so what that does. It sounds kind of basic, but when you honor people that have helped you, it creates a positive relationship with those people and then in turn it makes you more willing to help someone who's coming up underneath you also, so it kind of creates this positive cycle of interaction. Also, people who have expo experience, gratitude on a regular basis have an approved level of their own psychology or better. Where do you know about that? They tend to feel good about themselves, or at least better about themselves and most people, and they have a greater tendency to experience positive emotions such as joy, pleasure and happiness. Um, and they also tend to participate fully in their lives. They tend to make their lives happen instead of waiting passively to let life happen to them. Um, and they also have higher levels of self esteem on the average, and they tend to be more outgoing, which makes them less lonely and less isolated. So those are a few things that people do experience that engage in gratitude on a regular bases. Do you have any experience with gratitude like I do? I'd like to share a story if you don't mind. So this was about 10 years ago, and so 10 years ago I had just gone through a divorce, and it was a divorce that I did not want to go through and so I had lots of emotions to process. And so one of the things I did, um, on a regular basis, as I would go to this river that I kayaked in and when I was feeling bad or depressed or, you know, have emotions that I could do not to deal with. I had walked down to this river, which is a pristine glacial river that came off, was in Mount Baker in northeastern north western Washington. And I put my feet in the Nutsack River and the frigid cold water would take the emotions from my body and they would just float downstream. It was amazing. He was incredible, and it worked every time. So I was. During this process of about two years, I was going to the river, not only the kayak, but also to stick my feet in the river to help you process and grieving emotions essentially. And then So then life goes on, you know, dotted. I moved away from Bellingham and I went back to visit, and it is the first year I went back to visit this little town called Glacier at the base of Mount Baker, which is where I went all the time. I went back to this trail that I went on all the time, you know, and And as I was visiting this trail that I walked on frequently, that helped me through these healing experiences. As I walked down the trailer that walk down the trail, I was overcome. I was overcome literally by these feelings of gratitude. So I was grateful for the trail. I was grateful to the trees that have helped me. I was grateful to the creek. I was grateful for everything. And it was It was a surreal moment, uh, that I couldn't really I couldn't explain. It was like it was a spiritual moments, like I was overcome with this feeling of gratitude. Um, And then as I was walking down this trail, I heard someone coming up in the other direction, and I have walked on this trail for 100 times that I've never seen anybody on the trail exits unmarked trail that only the locals know. And as I'm walking down the trail, um, this person coming the other way is a young woman. She's probably maybe 30 years old or so, and she was carrying this kid on her hip, you know, like three or four year old kid. And so as we walked by each other, we exchanged pleasantries. You know, like, Hey, I'm doing you done enough. And then, ah, I walked down to the creek and where the trail stopped. There was a big gravel bar before the river. And as I came to the end, the trial looked down at the gravel bar and there was this rock, and this rock was split open right down the middle. It was like an ostrich egg about that big. And, you know, I'm a challenges time banged on rocks and stuff. I've broken a lot of rocks, but this one was cracked right down the middle. I've never seen Iraq broken like that. And so I reached out. I picked it up and I opened the rock and on the rock were to mirror images of what, to me look like, uh, the Madonna with the child. Jesus, you know. So it's like the Madonna and I just realized in that moment that I had just had a visitation from the Madonna walking down the trail. And so, you know, I was like, I was like, just stunned, you know? And so I ran back up the trail to find this one because I wanted to say thank you to her just for just you should have been stupid, you know? But I wanted to because it's such a meaningful moment. And so, um So I went back up the trail to go to this little village, this little town that have, like, one street and I like several business in it and the way that where they were going, there was no car there, so there's no way they could just drive off. I ran up the trail. She was carrying a kid. There's no way they could have beat me to the trailhead. It just could. It's not physically possible. And so I run up the trail. They're not there on the trail anywhere. I look up and down the street there, not anywhere. I go into every business in town and they're not anywhere. It's like they disappeared. Yeah, so I was like, There's like and so that whole experience was born out of a feeling of gratitude that was very genuine. And on just a second, I'll show you the rock. Okay, just for all you viewers at home. So here's Here's the Rock. I don't if you see that. So there is the Madonna with child in the middle of Iraq that I found that was a direct result from feelings of gratitude. That's pretty cool. Self. So what would we be doing in the meditation? This meditation is going to be pretty basic. So what we're gonna do is we're going to go into a deeply relaxed state. And then, um, as I recall is I made the meditations already. We're just going to go into this experience of gratitude. So it's going to be a very high vibrational experience that we were going to run throughout your whole body. And so it will be based. I think I base it on experience that you have had in the past so you can go back and experience that pleasant sensation from joy or whatever, and then we're just gonna kind of amp it up through your energy field should be really great. So I see it the next meditation 12. Meditation - Gratitude: Hi. And welcome to the meditation on gratitude. I love gratitude because it is so simple that it's so easy on its probably the highest vibration virtue that we're gonna meditate on. So before we begin, what I would like you to do is to just think of a time in the past when you were very happy . Could have been Maybe somebody gave you a gift or you had a really great interaction with somebody or something happened to you that was unexpected and very surprising. And if you can't think of something off the top of your head, just pretend Just pretend like something happened is the greatest day of your life. So go ahead and focus on that for just a second. Okay, so we're gonna come back and visit that a little later in the meditation. So what I'd ask you to do now is just to begin to prepare yourself for a meditation, do yourself comfortable, close your eyes, take a deep breath and will continue to relax breathing in and as you exhale, let go of all your cares. Your worries, your concerns. Just let them drift away. Them slip away. I just don't quite some time ago, when I was first learning to meditate, I thought it could be so easy to meditate if you could just open the top of your head and poor something in to help you relax. And as the years rolled by and as I learned to meditate more and more, I realized that there waas something you could pour into the top of your head to help your last. It's not a drug, it's not medicine. It's not anything you could eat or drink. But it's something much more simple and what it iss his words. So just continue to breathe and to relax. And if you can imagine yourself being able to open top of your head as I begin to effortlessly and gently four words. So just breathe and relax as I pour relaxing words into your head. Peaceful, tranquil rest. Quiet solitude. Serenity. Composed at ease content. Effortless, painless, simple, uncomplicated, natural, relaxed, unwind, slow, unhurried, de stressed. Restaurant trouble undisturbed. Still silent, attentive, aware, Alert song. Easy fluid, harmony compatible. Peace And as you continue to breathe Aziz, you continue to relax as you continue to unlined. I'd like you to imagine as if you weighed nothing at all. In fact, you were lighter than air. Or you could float or levity above the surface there deeply relaxed, very so peaceful way nothing at all. And you're so relaxed they field almost as you're invisible, no longer bound by time or space or gravity that you were free from the limitations and constraints of the three dimensional world. Peaceful. Relax in cold and you are so unbound but the heaviness of the physical world. You can use your imagination to go anywhere you please. So what I would ask you to do at this point as you relax light just to drift back in time when you were very happy when something happened to you, that made you very pleased White over joy in the experience of living. Or perhaps it's just something that you can pretend or imagine. But whatever it iss, I would like you to be in that experience. Now I feel happy, joyful from whatever it ISS that is happening to you. And I would like you to enjoy that experience just a few moments. And as you continue to experience that moment of joy of happiness, I would like you to take one small step while still being in that experience. So you're in the experience of being happy. But you're also seeing it from a different vantage point looking down on it, perhaps, and as you see yourself in that happy moment, I want you to feel a sense of gratitude, drinking this to experience that moment. And as you remember that moment, or as you experience that happening with a heart of gravity, something happens. There's a shift are opening on the inside. Wear. This experience of genuine gratitude opens a new vibration that may be subtle at first, but it's something you can feel that's generated from your heart. Perhaps you feel a tingling sensation, our movement or feelings of love. But whatever it ISS, I want you to experience that event and to recognize that as gratitude and to feel the vibration of that experience and to let that feeling growing and expand and to penetrate every cell in your body. Gratitude, yeah, feel gratitude resonating in your body and feel how the experience of gratitude elevates you're resonating vibration as a human, it aligned you and connects you to something wonderful. That is beyond yourself. Gratitude for just allow yourself sinking to a deep state of peace for the next few moments in silence, while experiencing this amazing sensation of gratitude. Just continuing to relax, continuing to be a piece and allowing sensations of gratitude to become one with who you are to take with you into your future, resonating at a higher vibration, touch all you come in contact with. It's just enjoy the sensation that continue to breathe. There is no hurry. But when you feel like you're finished and when you feel like you've had enough, you can slowly open your eyes and gently drift back in. Great for no , - no . 13. Lecture - Chakras and The Kundalini: Okay, now we've gone through our virtues. We've meditated on each virtue, forgiveness, compassion, self acceptance and gratitude. And now we're ready to dive in a little deeper to the human spiritual experience. So welcome. Maybe this section is shockers in the kundalini. And so, um, what we're gonna talk about loom or is that the human energy field and how that relates to our own personal spirituality? What are shocked? Well, before I get it is talking about Schalk Brits. Let me talk about Planet Earth for just a sec. So plan Earth, the home that we live on, has an electromagnetic field that surrounds it. What happens that is that energy from the sun comes in and enters the earth through our poles, the North Pole and the South Pole. And so we can actually see that electromagnetic field in this part of the world in the wintertime. And you know what that's called? Okay, it's called the Aurora, but least in the north, it's called the Aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights. You can actually see the electromagnetic field of the Earth. And so people are similar because we have our own electromagnetic field, which is called on or a very good. And so that's and so are, or a wraps around our body like magnetic field, and you can actually photograph it with special photographic equipment. And so the shock raise our centers of spinning energy within our aura. So they're not. They're not especially physical that they're kind of electromagnetic energy. And so the shockers were first written about are the earliest writings of the shock. Oh, go back to the Vedic tradition, which predates any religion that exists today. So it's about 600 BC to 2000 BC So they've been known about for a long time, and these centers of of spinning energy receive, assimilate and transmit life force energy, and they each one of them reflects a certain aspect of human consciousness. And they're major players in a spiritual awakening case, the shockers air located in our on our spine. Essentially, and I'm gonna have I'll have a little map up here, and there's one in the summary section of of this section, so if you go to the summaries, you'll see a little map there that shows you where the the shockers are located. So is a little visual for you, but there are seven main shockers that we have. So there's one at the base of our spine, which is visualized with the color red, which is associated with our tribe, our grounding and basically our survival instincts on. Then, as we move up, there's one right below our naval, which is, um, it's visualized in orange and that deals with our sexuality and our creativity and things air surrounding abundance or lack of abundance. And as we move up the spine further, the third shocker is in our stomach. This are in our solar plexus. Um, the, uh, areas of consciousness that the third shocker deals with is power your willpower and issues around authority and strengthen your own personal power. And as we go up next is the heart chakra, which is visualized with, uh, pink and green. Either those two colors. And that's the That's the love Shaqra. It's also how we connect to other people and deals with things like harmony and ah, our connection to nature. And as we move up into our fifth shocker, which is in our throat in our shoulders, that's visualized with the color blue, and that has to deal with speaking our truth and communication. And as we continue to go up, there's one in our third eye. Right in the middle are forehead, which is visualized with the color indigo blue. And that has to do with vision or, like our psychic awareness or things like planning. And I'm Oh, so it's like when you're looking into the future and then our last shocker are the 7th 1 on top of our head is visualized with the color bright white or yellow or violet, and that has to do with our connection to our higher self or our spiritual connection with whatever we visual our weather we perceive as God or a higher power. So those were the seven shockers in a nutshell. So one thing that's interesting is that when you're shockers get out of balance, it can actually affect your physical body. And so, um, so you can actually sometimes feel it in your body. So, for instance, I was kind of browbeat as a kid, so I grew up being afraid of authority. And so when I got out into the working world into the corporate world, I was had bosses and I was always intimidated and afraid of my boss is not because of the boss, because it was something is an imbalance that I had inside him. Each boss was a different person, but I had the same reaction to them. And so I would get knots in my stomach. And, um, I just feel like I had, like, this gigantic vampire squid sucking my guts when I worked in a corporation. So eso my shocker. There was a little, maybe a lot of out of balance at that point. Exactly. Is it affecting my physical health? So those are some examples of how an imbalance in your shocker assistant can actually affect your physical body? How can you balance the shocker? Well, that's a very good question, because that's what we're going to do in the meditation in in regard to this section. So you can go into deep states of relax, ation relaxed. Um, and you can use the colors to visualize, um, and balance out your shockers. We can actually feel your shockers and let things go that are attached to those. And another thing that really helps to balance out your shockers is pure tone or sound. So when you go into a deeply relaxed state and listen to sound that is, that vibrates with the has the same resonating vibration as a particular shock ra. Then sometimes it can be quite effective tool for healing or releasing those imbalances within your shockers. That's called sound healing. I'm not gonna really get into it too much in this class, but it can be very almost like magic. Sometimes the way it works. It's quite interesting. So you mentioned earlier this funny word kundalini eso The kundalini also comes from the Vedic tradition. It comes from India. So what it is, it's the the stored potential energy that is held in your route. Shocker. So there's this energy force, um, held within your route shocker and during a spiritual awakening. Sometimes that can release, and it could be very powerful and very disorienting for some people. Um, and it can. It can bring on the onset of a spiritual waking Are, you know, lighting up your shockers. You can actually feel it moving through your body. And so when you have a kundalini experience, if it's the 1st 1 you've ever had, you can have them several times throughout your life. But there's a series of things that you can look for to happen when you have a kundalini experience. So, like when I had him, it's quite discerning. I didn't know what was going on, and it wasn't until later. But I actually, uh, knew that I had a quintillion experience because I could tick off all these things that happened. And so, um, So again, with this summary on this section, please check that out so you can see the list of things that happened. So So what would you be doing more in this? What we're going to do in this meditation is called a shocker cleaning exercise. And so we're gonna go into a deep state of relaxation, and we're gonna visit each chakra visualizing that color. And hopefully you'll be able to feel the chakra, um, as we go up your spine and then once we've activated all your shocker is, what we're gonna do is call it the kundalini through using pure tone or sound. So you may or may not feel it, move up your body, but hopefully you will. So that will be opening your energy field and preparing us for a spiritual awakening. So thanks once again and let's go to the meditation 14. Meditation - Chakras and The Kundalini: Okay, welcome to the meditation that's going to align and clean our shockers out, and we're gonna call it the Kundalini and that will hopefully raise our vibration and prepares for a spiritual awakening. So we're gonna dive right into this meditation and also asked You do is to close your eyes and begin to relax to go ahead and take a deep breath and exhale and again as you inhale and exhale like you to release any concern, any heaviness, any troubling thoughts are concerned. Just breathe and relax a couple more times. Breathe down all the way to your toes. Just allow your body come so heavy it feels like it's not even there. So just continue to breathe to relax the let go if you can. I would like you to imagine yourself walking down a path. Easy. Relax, almost as if you're floating down the path itself, relaxing as you go breathing without effort, peaceful and relax, calm and peaceful and in the distance there's a place you've been wanting to go for quite some time. It's a place where you can go to feel comfortable and relax very safe, and it's a place where you can go to connect with higher parts of yourself to expand beyond physical data Day world to reach for the miraculous while centered in your being. Just continue down this path and where this path leads is to a meditation chamber suited just for you. And as you enter, you can see that this place has been divinely prepared, a beautiful view, and it's very comfortable with meditation. Chair pillows with the Roman That's beautiful. It's very quiet. It's very peaceful, a place where you can relax and settle in to the very depth of your being, the very center of who you are. To embark on this meditation of growth, elevated awareness and of raising your girl in vibration to connect in what the source of all that IHS. This will make yourself comfortable in the seated position, where you're his lightest air relaxed, get fully aware fully in tuned? A. So we begin our meditation. So what I would ask you to do is to gently place your focus and your awareness on the base of your spine in your root chakra and imagine or visualized the color red in the center of your security. Your tribe of your family where you are grounded, and if anything comes up that is related that part of your being breath from your past just allowed to come up to be released. Feel the resonating vibration of your route. Shock? No. Take a deep breath, you know, And as you exhale, I would like your awareness to move up your spine to your second chakra just below your navel and visualized the color warrant. This'd center for your creativity for your sexuality, for your abundance and if anything comes up related to this area of your consciousness, just allowed to come up to be released. Continuing to visualize the color orange just below your navel breathing. Becoming very aware about vibration made by break. Maybe settle or it may be very obvious. Breathe into your second shock room now, as you continue to breathe and as you exhale, I would like your awareness to move up into your third Shaqra in the area of your stomach. There's still a plexus. Visualize the color yellow, all of yellow light. This is the home of your will, your power authority. And if anything comes up in relation to that area of consciousness, come on and allow it to release visualizing the L A ball, your third shocker driven. Once again, that's your exhale. Move your awareness up into your heart into your fourth Shaka, Keller said. Green and pink. This is the area blood, connectedness, beauty, harmony. And if anything comes up in relation to those areas of consciousness, just let it come on and let it be released. No visualizing becoming aware of the four shocker pink and or green vibration, so breathe in once again, right as you exhale, Allow your awareness to fall in your fifth Shaqra your throat, your shoulders Thistle, color blue. This is the area of communication. Speaking your truth. Okay. And if anything comes up in regard to those areas of consciousness, allow it to come along way with our attention with shocker blue energy of three. Now breathe once again and as you release your breath, move your awareness that between your eyes you're for dear your third eye visualizing a ball of indigo blue or gemstone blue. This is the area of vision, psychic awareness, planning, seeing ahead. And if anything comes up in regard to these areas of consciousness just allowed to do so and let it go. Visualizing indigo blue grieving in once again. And as you breathe out, allow your awareness to shift to the top of your head Thistles, your crown chakra, where your set of Shaqra. This is the area that connects you to your divinity, your higher self to your version of God to all that IHS into the life force itself. And here we have the colors of brilliant white light, golden night or violently. So focus your attention on the top of your head. If anything comes up in regard to these areas of consciousness, how to come up, let it go. Visualizing divine light talking now as you continue to breathe Oh, I'd like you to become aware of all of your shockers all of the resonating balls and energy of late in the base of your spine Top of your head red, orange, yellow, green and pink blue indigo, brilliant white light while light or golden light and allow all those balls of energy begin to connect so that you can feel a continuous stream of energy from the base of your spine. Top of your head. Just continue to breathe. Feel the subtle energies or maybe strong energies were going to fit, focused on our shock. Ran a red light. And to see the kundalini, the potential energy stored the base of our spine and then through sound. We're going to call this energy up through our other shock, Chris. Connect to our higher so and as you hear these sounds, I want you to not only listen to the sound, but to feel the sound resonating in your body as it calls the kundalini up through your sport. So just relax and listen to the sound way way, so just continue to breathe and to relax and gently focused on your experience. Allow yourself to absorb that experience fully and to realize this experience may go with you after this meditation for the hours ahead, maybe for the days to come. And you can revisit this experience by listening to this meditation as this prepares you or a spiritual awakening. Just go ahead and breathe and relax, taking it all in as deeply as you can to realize there is no hurry. Take your time, but when you feel like the time is right, and when you feel like you are ready could release this meditation, open your eyes and slowly drift back in to the conscious world 15. Lecture - Spiritual Awakening: Okay, welcome back. And I hope you enjoyed the meditation. Uh, cleaning off your shocker there, cleaning out the shockers and having a kundalini experience. We're calling the kundalini up. So let's keep moving, Ally, and get right into what this whole section are this whole courses about? That's a spiritual awakening. So what's the name of this thing? This one is called simply spiritual wakening. So this is why we're here. And so, during a spiritual awakening, this is where meditation goes beyond healing, and it goes beyond relaxation or de stressing. And this is when it gets really wild. This is when spirituality can get really crazy, can get funded, can get exciting, get unexpected. And so this is where you want to hang on to your seat. And to me, this is what I love about meditation. This is where it really comes alive. Gets interactive in your personal life in spiritual wakening. B. Todd. Well, unfortunately, no. So because spiritually awakening is essentially an experience I think I mentioned earlier. Um and it's an event. It's something that more or less happens to you. So also we can do is prepare for its. That's what we've been doing throughout this whole courses that we're trying to raise our vibration to invoke that experience. Also, one thing I forgot to mention earlier in the classes that, you know, we talked about the things that can help create our help, set the tone for spiritually wakening, and we talked about virtues such as compassion, forgiveness and also meditation. But one of the main things which I forgot to mention, is that one of the main things that can help create a spiritual awakening is desire. So if you want it to happen, it will. It'll happen in its own way and its own time, maybe when you're not expecting it. But there's a higher intelligence. There's a God or whatever you want to call it that listens to us and loves us and wants us to be involved with whatever it is right. So if we want to connect with that, it's gonna happen. So what we want to do in this course is step back and be able to hand it over to that higher intelligence, and we've done our part. Now we have we've engaged in preparing ourselves, so now it's time to let go and see if the big energy shows up. Well, one thing in the cow can happen is a kundalini experience that can be the onset of a spiritually beginning. But you can also be awakened to mystical experiences. And so I'm not going to go into talking about those too much because you can really get focused on those. You know, people can think that that's what spirituality is all about, but all these mystical experiences and stuff, but it's really not. So you can you can actually really get sidetracked with that stuff. And so again, in this in the, uh, in the summaries of this section, there's a whole list of stuff I put in there that can happen during a spiritual wakening. So please check that out. What is so the purpose of a spiritual awakening is about making your life better, So it's about improving the quality of life and bringing you to the highest version of who you're meant to be. So these mystical experiences in these surreal things that can happen could be great trigger points. But they're not the meaning of of spirituality. Spirituality is to bring you into your highest version of what you're meant to be. And so it's It's really just about, um, living a normal quality life, you know? Have you ever had a spiritual week? Yes. And since you can't teach experience a spirit about spiritually, you can't really teach people. How have them the best way to get people prepared for them. Besides doing exercises we've done is to tell stories. So I have been through to, um, spiritually awakenings in my life. Once was in my thirties and once was about 10 years ago when I turned 50. And so I think, Would you like to hear the story of that? OK, so I was working in the hospital as a clinical hypnotherapist, and I was working with cancer patients doing meditation and healing work. And as I was doing that work in there, I realized I've read about spiritually awakenings. I'm connecting to a higher power and all that kind of stuff, and I knew that I didn't have that. I never had that experience, and I knew that in my healing work at the hospital there was a whole another level that I just couldn't get to, so I really wanted it to happen. So I had no criteria. Number one. I had the desire, and at that time I was married and my wife came home one day said she discovered this meditation through this organization in India called Oneness University. And they said, by laying on hands through this, this organization, um, naked, create a biochemical shift in your brain and awaken you to, uh, experiencing spiritual energy. Your daughter is defined, whatever the comet and what you told me that you know the first thing that's like, Wow, it sounds like a really cult that's like a major cult Get crazy. And so, um So I went to a couple of the meditation. She was going to have my hands put on me and stuff, and I didn't feel a thing. I just thought, you know, whatever. But I did read the books and I saw their videos and stuff, and I thought, you know, these people are really committed to a very positive vision of the future where everyone else was seeing like sky falling. These guys were very committed, Teoh. Positive vision of the future. They also were huge oneness. University was huge. It had a temple and three separate campuses in southeastern India. Over a 1,000,000 Indian nationals had been through their programs and people were going to the programs from all over the world. You read the testimonials and see the videos and you realized, Hey, these like normal people we were having these major experiences. I thought, Well, you know, it's only a week, you know. I'll go check it out. I'll go. I'll go give it a go. So, um so I was working as a geologist also at that time, So I was working on far away in Canada, But I had a couple weeks break in my schedule, and so it just kind of synchronous tickly worked out that I could go and I went to this. They had a satellite campus in Fiji and so I was able to go to Fiji, not all the way to India. And so on my way there, If you ever go to retreat or something like that, what will happen in your growth processes that that your process will begin before you get there? So I was on my way to Fiji as on airplane I flew to l A X were had to change planes and I wasn't really sure I wanted to go, you know? You know, I could go or not. Go is kind of really ambivalent. Electrifies into it. I spent a lot of money to go. And so what happens is that I had one day extra to get to Fiji. So I had a spare day when I got there. I could do some touristy things I get to l. A X and I've been working internationally in Canada and Europe. They had a passport and get up to the ticket agency. Um, or the ticket taker, given my passport. And they rejected my passport. I could not. They wouldn't let me on the plane. I said, How can you know? I've been using this passport all over the place. How can you not let me go? You're not even an immigration official Said sorry. Airline policy. You have to get a new one. So if you if you really want to go, you can get an emergency passport down in Brentwood. And so I had an extra day and so I had to make a decision. Do I really want to go or not? Because to go to this um, retreat was gonna now take extra effort and extra money. I really wanted to go out to really put out the effort to get there, and so that was a major decision because it was like the diviner God or somebody was setting up care. You coming or are you not? You know, Are you gonna be when this thing or not? So I decided to go. So I went and got emergency passport and that decision set up, uh, one of the most significant changes in my life that ever happened. So that began the whole treadmill of this week. Those to come. And so what happens? Is that okay? I get the feed you get to this event, all the people are gathered and I'm sitting in the back and the first day, and this guy gets up and he goes up there and he makes ah, welcome announcement, you know? And I think there's a video of him to and I was expecting to see these guys from India. So because all the thesis this organization was from India and this white guy gets up and starts talking, I'm going Hey, what's up with this? You know, it's like kind of, you know, but we'll crimping my bubble, you know, because I wanted to go to India, See the guys in India, you know? And so I lean over this guy, go like who is this guy? And he looks over to me and he goes as Tony Robbins and I go, Well, who's he? You know. So if you have you ever heard of Tony Robbins? He's like this, uh, self help guru of exponential proportions. He's known all over the world is really famous. And so I didn't know that when we're doing this retreat that it was at the facility that Tony Robbins owned. And so there was a period of about a year and 1/2 where Tony Robbins and Oneness University Cross past. And so it was like two major world playing forces that cross paths in this one retreat center for the period of time that I was there. And so So then we go through all these meditations and stuff, and I won't go into all of but each meditation I would do it had, like, these major mystical experiences that we're rewiring my whole body and and, um The reason I brought up Tony Robbins is because he was the one that was coming in. My visions of is this weird is weird. I didn't really particularly, you know, care for the guy. That much was okay, but But he was like, this really powerful energy force. And I could see him in these visions and he would like, come into my body and explode. And so that happened, like, maybe four different times through the course of this week. And so when I got done with the retreat, I kind of hung out in Ah, Fiji for a few days, and I was just like I wasted. And I was like, just energetically wrung out like, I just been through boot camp or something. And so what happened is that when I got home, everything kind of stayed the same. There weren't any major changes there. Anything and just life kind of went on as usual. But I noticed that I could feel my lower three shockers like they had been blown open. And, um, I could feel the energy moving through him all the time. It never stopped. In fact, it had never it's never stopped since, And so I didn't really know what to do with that feeling or anything. And so I just kind of let it be and went about my life, went back to work and cut it up. But I always any time I stopped, I could feel it is really interesting. And so I thought, Well, you know, there's another one coming up in March and so I went to. This time I went all the way to India back Toe Oneness University and went through another week, long course, and during that, that course that I went through, Um, I was there for a week, and I really thought I wasted my money and my time to go there because nothing was happening or Mr Experiences. I just can't like getting top from people that I knew more than you know. It's like so I was kind of disappointed. And then on the last day of the retreat, this guy comes in to give the last presentation, and his name is a non to Geary, and he was like the leading teacher for the whole university he had been giving. We'd seen him give all these courses through video that we've never seen him in person, So he shows up in person. I was like, Wow, you know, like the big Mantiri these little guys like 55 nobody's like is really like I've never met anyone like this is very tuned in and pure spiritual, wonderful person, you know? And so what he would do when he would talk, he would stop in, his eyes would glaze over and he would stare into space. That's how he always talked in public. And, uh, you could tell that he was tuned into something that everyone else wanted to be tuned into . And so, as he was giving this two or three hour presentation, I was sitting like in the back somewhere kind of halfway over, and he would stop and he would glaze his eyes, glaze over, he would stare and he would stare in my direction. He did that like, for two hours. He was like, just stare over where I waas, you know, I just thought he was staring in space, but I could feel this energy going into my through my eyes and through my whole body is like one of the weirdest things I ever felt. So it's like I felt like I was like getting electrified for, like, two hours straight. And so Okay, so great. Whatever. And so when I get home when I got back home, I could feel all my other shockers were open, and so and that's so I had gone through this like, big internal rewiring. And then everything in my life changed. I went through a very unexpected divorce. Um, you know, I ended up moving out of my home, is working. I lived in a basement apartment, just trying to figure out what happened, and yet, So it seems like my whole life collapsed. Yet all this energy was running through my body and so I could feel it coming through my hands and everything. And then when I went back to the hospital, tow work with cancer patients is like, there's, like, miraculous healings and stuff happening. It was like, incredible. And so So that was a major spiritually awakening. It changed everything in my life and, um, enhance my creativity enhanced my ability as a healer. And so it was pretty dramatic. And I've had, like, that was a 2nd 1 I've had, So I just thought I would share that because, um, it's really hard to teach what one issue just kind of have to go through it. And then, um, you know, learn from other people's stories. And so that's kind of my story. And hopefully everyone will have their own story, you know, hopefully have yours in the in the course of this class to. So hopefully this will be a spiritual wakening for you that will improve the quality of your life and wake you up to energies that are far beyond yourself. So So let's go to the meditation for a spiritual awakening. 16. Meditation - Spiritual Awakening: Hello and welcome to the moment we've all been waiting for the final meditation spiritually awakening. So this meditation is going to be accumulation of all of our previous meditations. So what we'll be doing is going into a deeply relaxed state and calling up the vibrations from those previous meditation. So if you haven't done all the meditations up to this point and highly recommended because it will set the tone for what we're going to do in this one, and then once we're deeply relaxed, we're all tuned in. At that point, I am going to step out of the meditation and turn it over to a higher intelligence. So we call it the Divine God, your higher self or the life force, whatever you want to call it, and hopefully that will show up. So let's relax and start to tune in. So go ahead and take a deep breath and begin the process of relaxing as you breathe in. Just allow your body to become very heavy, very peaceful and very relaxed. And as you begin the process of relaxing, I'd like you to become aware, and I would like you to invite in this life force energy, this higher level of intelligence, the divine, whatever you want to call it, and to actually be aware of that presence so you can actually feel it in the room so you can feel it in your body and you can feel it as it starts to slow down your thoughts. And as we become aware of that presence inside of us and outside of us, I would like to ask it for help, to help us open our channels of spirituality, to be able to experience that presence more fully in a way that's life enhancing and brings us to the highest version of who we are meant to be. And we ask this with the understanding with awareness, with knowledge, way and self confidence. But what we're asking is already in the process that happening. So just breathe and relax, unwind and let go way continue to develop a deep state of peace. I wonder if you have ever thought about planet Earth, and I wondered if you ever realized that the Earth had its own electromagnetic energy field caused by the rays of the sun way and the energy and the light that comes from the sun pours into this planet, coming in from the North Pole and the South Pole. And sometimes where I live in the winter, you can see this incredible energy field way calling with northern lights. It's beautiful. It's colorful as it dances in the starlit sky. And when I see the northern lights, it reminds me that people are much like planet Earth. We have our own electromagnetic field called our aura, and it's where energy radiates into our body. And so, as we continue to relax and as we continue to be at peace, I would like to be aware of that energy coming into our bodies through the top of our head so you can actually feel it or imagine it. Some people can't even see it. Just allow it to move down through the top of your head. This incredible energy. Maybe you see colors and to feel it moving into our brain so that our brain becomes energized. Perhaps you feel tingling or movement as it moves down our spine as it moves through our shock Chris that we've learned about and have energized in clean. We can feel it moving all the way down and lighting up our energy field like a Christmas tree waken feel this motion, our this movement or this tingling or this piece, whatever it is you feel moving through our whole body continuing out from our spine into every single cell of our body so we can feel it in our head face and our eyes, our ears and it has a very lively energy to it. Wonderful presence, as it continues to move into, radiate down to our neck and our shoulders into our arms down to the tip of each finger so their body is becoming electrified. Energetic feels really good, almost exciting, and you can feel this energy dancing throughout your body as you become more and more deeply relaxed and you could feel it inside. Your upper body in your heart may feel your heart opening up into your lungs and your breath even in the bones of your body, like your rib cage and all of your other internal organs, which are energized and very relaxed, and you can feel it moving this living energy through your body down into the lower half of your body so that your legs are very alive. But very relaxed, and you could feel this energetic presence moving and tingling that you become more and more deeply relaxed, more and more deeply relaxed so that finally, energy goes down to your toes so that your entire body is encapsulated in this incredible electromagnetic presence that is you and it's heightened and it's energized and it feels very nice, very alive and very relaxed. It's as if you are at a very heightened get relaxed state of awareness. Now, as you continue to breathe and to relax, I would like to visit the vibrations of our previous meditation for just a moment to help a line us to help us a line to align our energies with a higher presence. For just a moment, I'd like to reflect on the sensation of compassion. Where we looked in the mirror. I saw someone else in the awareness of their pain and suffering, created a bond of unity between us and the entire human race. And then there was self acceptance way came to the awareness and the experience that we are perfect as we are, and as we moved along, way, went into forgiveness and felt the freedom of disconnecting from negative relationships and calling our energy back to ourselves. And then there's gratitude, simple thankfulness for the way. And then way were introduced to our shock Chris to the colorful balls of light that represent areas of consciousness within our own energy, field, living and dynamic energy with inside of us as we released the kundalini or the store potential energy in the base of our spine to prepare us for an awakening to take just a moment. And I want you to reflect on all those virtues sensations of those energies before we move on. Just take a moment in silence and to tune in and a few of those parts of yourself. So I just continue to breathe and to relax and allow your heart and your mind to be open. And as you continue to be aware, and as you continue to relax, I'd like you to imagine someone or something in front of you that is a representation, our representative for the presence of God or the divine, your higher self. For some, you may see a religious figure like Jesus or Buddha. I didn't do God. For others, it may be an Arcangel are gardening toe. But for others, it may be a friend or a relative that's crossed over to the other side. It could be an animal totem, or it could be a sacred object. But whatever it is or whoever is I'd like to imagine, or better yet, if you can actually feel that that presence is actually there with you. If it's a person, aren't angel? I want you to be aware that they're going to lay their hands on your head. Or if it's an animal or object, let them do the same in their own way. And as they lay their hands on your head, we're just going to allow them to transmit energy from higher intelligence. What you need to do is to be open, to be aware, to be willing to be relaxed, just feel that sensation of those hands on your head and on. We'll just allow this transmission to begin just going. Teoh. Rewire your energy field in your brain maybe in other parts of your body, so that you can become open to experiencing this present. So just relax for a few moments and take it in in silence. Just continue to breathe and to allow the process to continue and to realize that the opening in the connection has occurred and to come back and visit frequently daily. And as you continue to experience this presence in this energy, it will grow and the relationship will become dynamic life enhancing in every aspect of your life. Take it in deeply. Breathe and relax and enjoy this experience. For as long as you'd like to ask this presence for help regularly to realize that you are deeply loved and you are not, breathe once again. Take your time and when you feel like you're ready and when you feel like you're done, you've been slowly open your eyes and gently drift back in the conscious world. Thank you very much. - No , but 17. The Purpose of Meditation: I think this is great. This is great. This is life, man. We're doing life right now, so I know nothing. Meditation will bring passion into your life. So doing this, this passion. So this is We love what we're doing right? And so that's a direct reflection of hooking into because meditation is about helping you be who you are. So it's not about trying to be something else. It's about being who you are to the highest capacity that you're capable. And that's where Joy comes in. So that's where this is heading. That's where meditation is heading. It's heading Teoh Joy to being yourself. Yeah, it's what it's what it's all about. That's the bottom line. It's not about Nirvana, where maybe Nirvana is being yourself. I don't know, I don't know. But it's like taking the mystical out of it. You know, the mysteriousness and that meditation is about being who you are. Everyone and everyone is here to be something specific. You know, maybe people have all sorts of things we're gonna do in their life. But people are born with certain personality types are born from certain cultures. They're here to do something that's uniquely them. And meditation could help get them there on that track. 18. Thank You!: congratulations on finishing the course. I hope you got more out of the class than you anticipated as you continue along on your path of growth and fulfillment, please remember, I'm here for your questions and comments on the topics of meditation, healing and spirituality. Don't hesitate to contact me at any time. And, of course, if you enjoy the class, a positive review would be endlessly appreciated because they are what keep my course is alive. And don't forget I have numerous other courses on a variety of topics in this platform. If this one was a benefit to you, then I may have more that you'd enjoy also, if you have an interest in becoming a professional healer and check out my Siris of hypnotherapy certification courses that also included live webinars and continuing education, where students can practice remotely on each other in a live setting. 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