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About This Class

Guided Autobiography is a way to write your life story in a simple and easy way.  Guided Autobiography means that you can begin this journey by writing your life story 2 pages at a time.

The Guided Autobiography approach uses themes that are part of most of our lives.  The themes are used to help prime your memory, and you are then invited to write about that theme and its role in your life.

The lessons are paced in a way to support you on each step of the way as you produce your first story - 2 pages written around a theme.  The lesson topics can be seen here.





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Ross Bell

Your life story 2 pages at a time.

I spent the first half of my working life teaching and the second working in social work and counseling. Now I spend much of time working with adults who are interested in writing their life story.

The work that I do in helping people write their life story is not counseling, but many people have found it helpful.

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