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Guide to real Reiki - How to change your life/ Beginner level

Solomon Teachings, Speaker, Reiki Teacher, Face Reader

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16 Videos (1h 53m)
    • About the Instructor

    • Energetical levels uncovered

    • Introduction

    • Chakras

    • Meridians How energy flows

    • Hystory and Legend

    • Self treatment

    • Hand positioning general notions

    • Hand positioning practicall applications for the head

    • Hand positioning practical applications for the front of the body

    • Hand positioning practicall applications for the back of the body

    • Receptivity

    • Reiki on others Tehnique and Combined Positions

    • Compatibilty

    • More then 50 most commom diseases and how to heal them using specific hand placements

    • Practicall advices Need to know


About This Class

   Learn about Reiki, an ancient healing technique that has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances. Reiki helps people,pets, plants, it can even purify objects and rooms and can change the outcome of any situation in your life or in the life of others, practiced correctly of course.

  • Find out how Reiki can  help you, your family and your friends.
  • Have you ever felt that there is more to life than just work and responsibilities? 
  • Are you inclined towards energy, intuition or pasions, but you just dont know where to start?
  • Are you searching for a Reiki course that respects the traditional teachings of the ones who discovered it, a course with witch you can connect to? 
  • An instructor and life coach that can open up and help you, and also one that has an  internationally recognized certification?
  • Do you feel the need for validation and to be recognized by those who matter to you?

You will have the opportunity  to connect an active online community and people that share your beliefs and experiences ,with people i have helped through out the years.

Can you practice Reiki after graduating an online course?

Absolutely NOT!.Will you trust a carpenter who never held a hammer in his life to build your house? It is the same with Reiki online. Traditional Reiki forbids distant attunements although it is a widely spread technique. How can you practice  healing others just by paying 10-50 $ sitting on a couch? Because of the superficial, manipulating and confortable world we live in today Personal Experiences are the most priceless. How can you practice an ancient healing technique without even knowing the face of your master? How he is as a person? How you feel around him/her? This course will present everything you need to know in order for you not to be fooled and to help you practice real Reiki. There are so many questions you should ask yourselves before actually believing people behind fancy diplomas and well made videos. Reiki relies on the contact with other people. How can you touch somebody else when you don't even know the touch of your master feels? All the people which have been practicing Reiki for a long time and that actually have good result on others have personal attunements. Take this course and change your life for the better :).


What is this course about?

         In this course you will learn 

  • how Energy works and how it affects everything around us.
  • Learn the true facts behind Reiki, its legend, its history and how it can positively change your life for the better .
  • All the necessary teachings of Reiki Level 1 will be revealed in this course-from general notions to advance Level 1 usage and all its secrets.  You will gain a deeper understanding about life, be more calm, learn how to change your perspective about the things that happen in your life and how to stop letting them affect you - this course contains the explanations of all the bodies that make up a person. 
  • Additional benefits of this course include being able to grow spiritually, improve your self worth, be more centred and calm in your everyday life, live at a higher level of energy, notice synchronicities and attract abundance into your life.


Why take this course ?

This course is accredited & certified in accordance with the Reiki Aliance teachings.

  • The course's content respects the teachings of Japanese Reiki Masters
  • It's comprehensive and very detailed reaching out to  attuned people who want to improve their practice  and unattuned people who want to learn the truth about this ancient healing method.
  • It will increase the level of awareness regarding  things and people around you

Work through the material while having continuous access to ask your Certified Reiki Teacher questions

  • No hurry! You can finish this course when ever you want, at your own pace unlike an in-person course
  • I will continue to add more helpful information to this course over time - and with your lifetime access you can access the new information whenever you choose.

You will be given additional materials

  • Therapeuticall breviary  containing more then 50 most common diseases  and how to heal them using specific hand placements and practical advices for daily use.





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Solomon Teachings

Speaker, Reiki Teacher, Face Reader

Hello everyone,

My name is Solomon Mihai-Felician and i was a lawyer until 2016, I am a Reiki Teacher and licensed Face Reader since . In the last years i realised that the most important thing in this life is helping others and that is why i deciced to become a Holistic Counselor . That is why i want to share with you all the experience i have acumulated over the years in various fields. A mixture of NLP, Reiki, true Face reading, public speaking and other experiences have shown me ...

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