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Guide to An Easy South Indian Dum Biriyani

teacher avatar Titus Sheena, Healthworker / Home Cook

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients & The Marination

    • 3. The Rice Preparation

    • 4. The Garnish

    • 5. The Chicken Curry

    • 6. Putting It All Together

    • 7. The Dum Process

    • 8. The Final Plate

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About This Class

Biriyani, a South Indian Cuisine strikes a lot of things into our head, the flavors, the taste and then the uphill battle of making one. Here this lesson shows you how easy it is to make a quick Biriyani if you have all your ingredients together and trust us, the next time you decide on making one it will never be much of the fuss you ever imagined.

With regards to the spices, ginger and garlic - if you are not much of a spice fan, you can go with just half the quantity we demonstrated in the lessons.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Titus Sheena

Healthworker / Home Cook


Hi there, Food is treasure and it can bring you happiness like you never imagined

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Titus. Branching headgear lanterns that helps. But home cooks, who ideas for them. Now pasting meant immediate release have always been ambivalent. Parker pride celebrations. B, the home quantum state. But the thought of preparing one is always an excruciating dusk. Here. We teach you a simple self. They didn't well about staying video in which you once thought was a struggle for green need good, much more simpler and easier for you. So let's see how limited the here, the amazingness. Enjoy answer. 2. Ingredients & The Marination: We had acquired one cup of rice. Rice you can did within a smile, could embrace or the long grain rice, or even the basmati rice. Next we're required to David's point of keep six to eight, close three to four cinnamon sticks. 68 Gaiman points to be leaves and to start moving onto the chicken. Here, we have taken one kilo chicken. Next, we move on to the Madden need. Formatter need really required three to four ginger cloves of garlic and ten to 12 Green Chimneys. Next, we have taken 1.5, don't matter, 1.5 line. And then moving on to the Ani. Here we have taken five large Onions. Now here, you require onions, boat as flight, as well as for the maddening. Next, when we move on to the yoga here, we have taken two tablespoons of your good half at these point of turmeric. One tablespoon of data Masala, and one thing of their proposal. Coming to the garnish, we've taken a handful of basins, a handful loves cash minutes, handful loss, coriander leaves, and a bunch of he leaves. Now carry leaves you required both for the maddening and in the end when new gun. With this is the mixture of the garlic, Virginia and the greens are least grinded it in a blender and made it a fine piece. So first, we add this mixture equals big boat. Once we add the ginger garlic and the green gender-based. Next we add in the sliced tomatoes. Now, we squeeze in about 1.5 lemon juice. Up to that, you can add a now. That is done. Now we hadn't onions. And we can add about half that. And instead we've sliced and depth divine because we required the remaining hub to fly it and garnish it on top of the rice and the chicken mixture. Now, we add an add powders. That is, we start with soiled or half at these point of turmeric powder. One tablespoon of Gautama settling, and one PVs for not pepper powder. W leads that only you can say ten to 12 Careers. Uncertainty mixed the whole maddening together. At this point, we would prefer if you use your hand, because all ingredients should come together before we add in particular. So now they're going to add chicken. Now we can next avoided matinee together along with the children. And so if now it is always recommended that you madly the chicken and keep it aside at least for a period of one to two hours. If you allow that, you can do rest aside with them made for one to two hours. It was soft in the chicken. Ask the less amount of Nate to completely get absorbed with digital. Now we're gonna keep the madly then the chicken and blasted essay. We're going to do us. 3. The Rice Preparation: So let's see how we prepare that ice into the lesson. He put one thing this point up. Once the game is hard to make sure that watch their life good and more xis dot. Before you add in that I gently fly the rice, but at least about two to three minutes. Once you know that the Rothman of life had been gone. Now, we can transfer their life into a police. The purpose that we, the device is just to get the price low so that it doesn't get too. Now into another may soon be add the remaining what people's point of view and the spices and the sorting for about a minute. Once the site about price. And we just weep till the water slightly boil. Water along with the spices and the GHI has begun to boy. Now, we can add a pinch of salt. The salt will add flavor to the rice as well as its boiling. Now we can transfer the rice into the water and the spices mix. At this time. It's highly and recommended that we lower the flame to sim and we allow the rice to absorb. Now, bear in mind, always keep a constant voltage on the rise because we won the race to get to Saudi. Now advice has completely absorbed in water. We have such soft and looks perfect, mixed in with all the spices. So once the idea is maybe we can cover it with a lid and keep it the same. 4. The Garnish: Now let's try the items that we required for the garnish into a saucepan. Let's suppose we add the cash and the cash nuts until we are golden brown. Art Catherine Lutz have turned golden Beyond. Now. We are ready to be moved or plate fish. Next we're going to identify reasons. They heat up more quickly than the cash immigrants. So the reasons, you can then for roughly about a minute, you can also put them you can see how the copying of the corrosion prone collects. Next we are going to add in a onions CISM. Now these Iranians tend to take longer to join Jordan today. So you can add a little bit of soil so that the water can get drained. And I don't have started to run a little bit. So now I means have frayed. As these Freida means sets, the color starts to get more and more. That all returns for the onions interplay. And we keep it essay. 5. The Chicken Curry: Now into a saucepan. We're going to add the native chicken. Well, I'm adding the chicken. Always keep the flame on a similar points that you can as add it. We will cover it with a lip and allow all the moisture or the water and everything from the chicken and the whole roadmap knees come up. Now as that you can with the mermaid begins to boil. We add little bit of Gary leaves and some coriander leaves just to add some more flavor to the children. We covered it. So once you're sure that you can is soft and hook, where again, switch off the flame and colored it within. Now we can bring everything together. 6. Putting It All Together : Now let's put all this together. The garnish, the rise, the chicken and egg putting together. Now, you may have noticed the onions have turned a little more brown. When you drain it from the oil and keep it a side, it turns more and more brown. So this is the perfect Brown that we require. So now let's put all this together. So first, we take the rice, we put rice into the chicken mixture. Now at this point, the flame has been switched off. Now it's time to add in the garnish only item, the glide i means the cash units. The reasons. It doesn't matter how you garnish, because when you mix up the thing together, in the end, it will be ready to purchase. Now we add the next layer of tariffs. Now you close the lead, float your Kellogg and done the video. 7. The Dum Process: Now let's see the process of filming the video. And so for that, we keep a flat steel vessel on top of the flame and then we keep the wrestle with the video, any mixture on top of it. When you save them, it means that you do not want the flavor, the smell, anything to escape. We want everything to be completely packed inside mixture. So for that, we seal the whole saucepan, which we have the video element with a point. Some people use a doubt batter made from oil purpose Florida, Florida. And then you can feel the borders of the saucepan. So we keep it like this. And on low flame, we keep it for about 15 minutes. 8. The Final Plate: I've done billion space. While most today each of you it's been are at most 15 minutes. And you can look skewed, busy, gently mix, avoid check-in that I sent it together because now we're going to play up the billion. Come on.