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Guest Posting: Land High Quality Guest Posts & Build Relationships

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. What To Expect In This Course

    • 2. Entrepreneur On Fire

    • 3. Navid Moazzez

    • 4. Famous Bloggers

    • 5. Domains Flow

    • 6. Crafting Your Offer

    • 7. Your Byline

    • 8. Your Home Base

    • 9. Creating High Quality Content

    • 10. Tracking Sheet For Your Posts & Submissions

    • 11. Guest Posting For SEO - Getting High Quality Links

    • 12. The Ultimate Blueprint For Reaching Out To Online Entrepreneurs

    • 13. The Blueprint Entrepreneur

    • 14. John Lee Dumas Example

    • 15. Thanks For Watching

    • 16. Free Bonus Content

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About This Class

Guest posting this day and age is the most legitimate way to build credibility for your website or blog.

In this course I'm going to share with you how I've landed guest posts on blogs such as the Entrepreneur On Fire and other popular business websites. 

Guest posting is awesome for:

  • Building relationships with fellow bloggers or webmasters
  • Getting high quality links to your website to build authority and for helping with SEO
  • Generate traffic to your blog
  • Opening up opportunities for freelance writing
  • Getting more email subscribers and more. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. What To Expect In This Course: Hey, what's going on? Everyone? My name is Jon Shane. I just wanted to welcome you to this course. So in this course, what we're gonna be doing is talking about guest posting or otherwise known as guests blogging. So to give you a little bit of an idea of what guest blogging is, essentially, it's when you go out and you have another blogger someone that owns another blogger website property and you can actually get a piece of content that you've produced that they will publish on your behalf. And usually the reason for this is to you can get some traffic back to your website from another websites audience. You can also get a good link back to your website which can hope with S CEO otherwise known as search engine optimization. So the biggest thing that we're gonna be talking about in this course is I'm really gonna walk you through all the details of how I've gone out there and gotten guest posts. I'm going to show you examples of guest posts going to really elaborate more on why it's beneficial in some of the results that I had come from doing guest post opportunities I actually had someone that even in this course they originally are from Sweden. And when I met them online, that was where they were living. And we just hold Happened to both be traveling at the same time in California and we actually decided to meet up for lunch. And I have done a guest blogged post on this guy's bloggers names novel. So I'm gonna be showing you a guest post I did and how that formed a bigger relationship because of doing, you know, these kinds of opportunities and chatting over the internet. So I really hope you guys get a lot of value out of this course. I'm pretty excited to share some of the stuff with you and some of the exciting results that I've been able to get from it. So stay tuned. I'm gonna walk you through pretty much everything there is to know about guest posting 2. Entrepreneur On Fire: Okay, so diving. Right? And I really wanted to show you guys some examples of some guest posts that I've landed and just kind of give you an overall Look at what I've been able to do and that I'm actually going to dive into some of the ways that I was able to obtain these sorts of opportunities and show you some of the results things that you know really kind of stem from this. So I'm gonna really just kind of start this out with a bang. One of the best opportunities that I've had really online connecting with. I would say any of the entrepreneurs out there was I was able to land a guest post on the entrepreneur on Fire Blawg. And if you're not familiar with the entrepreneur on Fire, this is actually a podcast run by John Lee Duma's It's last that I knew one of the top five business podcasts on all of iTunes. He runs a extremely successful podcast, and I was able to build a really good relationship with John, and I reached out to them, and I basically gave them an idea for a guest post, and I was able to send them a draft. They made some edits. I had to make a couple edits and they were, you know, agreed to get it published. And I believe they no longer accept guest posts. At least last I knew I haven't talked to John here in a little while, but last I knew they were not accepting new posts. So what I want to show you guys is kind of the approach I took with this. And in the next upcoming videos, I'm gonna show you a couple other guest posts. I did, and then I'm gonna walk you through, you know, really more like the needy, gritty of how to go about doing all this. So this guest post was It was called 15 email newsletters from top entrepreneurs You can't miss. And as you can see, the post starts right out. The guest post was written by John Shea, host of the online show Voices of Marketing. I have a podcast myself that I was running a couple of years ago. I was a lot more active than but basically wrote up this pretty elaborate post where I mention all these other entrepreneurs and you know, you've got people like Derek Halpern of social Triggers. You've got Pat Flynn of smart passive income. And the beauty of this particular guest post was that I took a lot of headlines from some of their emails. I kind of structured it in such a way that I mentioned all of these people and was able to kind of highlight some of the things that they do in their emails, like here. The things that they focus on here, some of the headlines that they use in their email marketing. Um, you know, some of the impacts that their emails have had, and a lot of these people, you know, even better was that I was able to reach out to all of them after publishing this and let them know. Hey, I just got this article featuring you over on the entrepreneur on Fire Blawg. So I was able to build a really substantial relationship with some of these people. I can give you an example. Shane Law, I actually interviewed him as well back years ago, and this, you know, really created impact. I can actually go on, and I could send him a Skype message and just say hello, and he's actually the lead creator of a very popular product called Thrive Themes. So I mean, some of these guys are doing really phenomenal right now in this space, and I was able to connect with them by doing, you know, doing an email newsletter like this Yet David statement garland of the rise to the top corporate bar of think Traffic, which is now the Spark Line Fizzle Co. And Jon Haber of Authority Website Income. I actually built a entire business with John. This was back in 2014. We did some SDO stuff together for many, many months and we still stay in touch. So, you know, these were kind of the stems to building bigger relationships. And that's one of the reasons that I really love guest posting. You get Spencer haws of niche pursuits. He was really big on doing like Amazon affiliate websites and Cured Research has a really successful tool called Long Tail Pro. So I really highlighted some of these guys to get Alex Becker of Source Wave, extremely successful s CEO, entrepreneur, and again, I even mentioned John because I actually felt he was legitimately his newsletter was really good. So I kind of mentioned a lot of these people. Marie for Leo. Um, Ramsey Taplin of Blawg tyrant. I always loved his Blawg name Blawg Tyrant. And I was able to interview Ramsey as well. Um, Jamie tardy of the eventual millionaire. I was also able toe interview Jamie. So there was some really cool opportunity coming from this Neil Patel. Um and that was pretty much it. And then at the end, you can see you've got kind of a little bio thing here. John Shea, host of online show Voices of Marketing, where a interview yada, yada and just kind of mentions has a link to my website. And this got shared a ton. You can see it's got 23 comments. People were really loving this. John, this is awesome stuff. Um, awesome post John Great. Who is list and just a ton of people coming in and, you know, it's really loving this and being kind of blown away in the sky. Jan really compiled a great lists and yeah, I mean, this just turned into something pretty cool because I was able to build a relationship with people, Had a lot of people coming in commenting, loving this post. So the next upcoming videos, I'm going to show you a couple more guest posts. I did. This one was kind of The killer takes the cake. So I wanted to start this off. Right? And show you guys what's really possible with guest posting. 3. Navid Moazzez: All right. So the next post I want to show you is one that I did with my fellow entrepreneur here, Navid Molasses. I actually did this back in 2013 but this one I spent quite a bit of time on, and it's really interesting. It's actually a guest post about guest blogging. And I think you guys will learn a lot from this. I'll leave a link in the notes so you guys can read this post, and it should actually give you some ideas of how you want to approach this really elaborate on the entire process. Now, what I did for this particular guest post was I actually interviewed someone by the name of Ramsey Taplin, who was someone just so happens I mentioned in the other guest post with John Lee Duma's. Now what I did was I interviewed Ramsey for about 40 minutes, and then I put together a really lengthy post, and I actually got paid through a magazine to write a really elaborate article, and I was able to get this guest Blawg published over on Nav IDs Blawg and get some good traction over here because he's got a pretty good audience over on his website, so just kind of giving you an idea of the post again. You can see this is a guest post interview by my fellow friend and fellow podcaster John Shea from Voices Marketing. This is a massive post. Be ready to take some notes and implement everything. So, you know, I basically talk about Ramsey. I go through the article, you know, it's kind of describing who he is. Um, how toe really get into all this stuff, the blogging mindset, building your email list, talking about, you know, interacting with some of these big people. Like in Ramsay's case, he was really going after Darren Rows of the pro blogger blogger, which is one of the biggest kind of entrepreneurial blog's out there. I would say how to find places, the guest guest post importance of building connections with other blawg owners, and you really got quite a bit going on here. I actually give examples of how is able to get the guest post with John Lee doom us. I really break this down. How to approach the blawg owners give you guys some examples. Here's one that Neil Patel uses that you guys can use and you know, again pretty much just went through this really elaborate article. I'll leave the link so you guys can go through it again. It's really massive. I'm not gonna read the entire thing, but you can see I got 32 comments and ah, a lot of people coming in and saying, Hey, this was really hopeful and very comprehensive was an epic post. Um, yeah, I lost touch. And I don't know why I stopped reading this guy's blawg and just pretty awesome the way people responded to this and a lot of people coming in and just being really excited about it. So, you know, kind of a combination here, you know, I was able to build a little bit of a relationship with nav ID. You know, this is helping him out because he's got awesome content on his blawg. A same time you've got, You know, some of these guys like John Lee do most came in and actually left a comment and, you know, it just kind of created like this big flow people are getting to know me. They might be coming over signing up on my email list, Learning more about me. Who Who is this guy? John? So it's creating, like this big effect and what it up happening with Nav it. I mentioned this in the past video, but he actually was vacationing in California, and I'm sorry. I was vacationing in California. He was actually living there temporarily in an apartment with some other entrepreneurs, such as like, Natalie System and I ended up meeting up with him for lunch, and it was just really cool to be able to meet up with him in person because he's actually from Sweden. And when we originally met, we're kind of on the same wavelength. And both of us, that really just grown, are blog's and are kind of online presence, doing the things that we're doing. So it was really exciting to actually meet up with nodded and, you know, these were the kinds of things that allow me to build that relationship with him. So I thought I'd share this one with you guys. I'll leave a link in the description of the course, And if you have any questions on this one, you know, I think this article loan will give you more insight as to the whole premise of this course . 4. Famous Bloggers: So here's another example of a guest post that I did on a site called famous bloggers again . This was a few years ago. This was in 2013 kind of funny because I'm recording this here now. It's June 2016. So it's a little crazy to think this was three years ago, but I wrote this post about how to be more productive with your online marketing efforts. Basically, I wrote a post about how to set goals, how to be more productive with Evernote. Um, put in really lots of lots of useful information. Another thing that was interesting was I mentioned some books and things like that in the Blawg. Owner was able to, like, turn these into affiliate links. So anybody reading them, he would make a little bit of profit. So this was way that I was able to benefit the blawg owner, but also, you know, talk about some books and things like that that I think others should read. So, um, you know, really, just this was a pretty basic post. It was one of my first posts. I don't believe this was more than scampi. More than like 1000 words, and at the time my show name, I hadn't even really refined it. I was calling it the testimonial technique at the time, and my old I actually had my original website at John Hyphen shea dot net. So it's pretty funny toe to see this is like one of my really, really old original guest posts that I did way back when I just started doing this stuff. And, you know, I was able to get this publishing here it is here, just sitting out there years, years and years later, Um, you can go out and get these kinds of things, and it's gonna build somewhat of an authority back to your website. You know, having a link like this from this really popular site that has lots of product reviews and block content. You can go on to get these kinds of things for yourself, so I'll throw a link to some of these posts. I'm actually going to give you guys an attachment document that I found. I'll show you in another video that I used to kind of keep track of all my efforts and all the different posts that I had go live the contact information for all the blog's things like that. So I'll show you that in an upcoming video. But yeah, here's another one. And in the next video, I'm going to show you another that I did. 5. Domains Flow: So here's another example of a post that I did on a block called Domains Flow, and this particular post was about a social media tool called Empire Avenue. I actually have not been there in many years, but I believe basically what you would do with the tool is you come in and everyone would have credits and you could kind of share around the credits and get people to share stuff on social media on behalf of you sharing for them. So if you went and shared a bunch of Facebook posts than you would earn a bunch of credits and you could get a whole bunch of people to share it on Facebook for you. So I really went into real detail about how the network works, like how to build up, um, following on there. And then I even made a little video where people could learn about it and made like this short, five day marketing boot camp that I put together. When I first started doing this stuff online and you could even see here, you know, I had my original website John Shea net, follow me on Facebook. So is things went on progress. You know, I had some people coming over to his blogging and commenting and talking about their results and how they like, you know, really, I tried using the system. A lot of people saying they've never heard of it and went and tried it. So it's pretty interesting, but this was one of my very, very first post. So I'll leave you guys in one of the upcoming videos. Like I said, I'll show you kind of a brief sample of Excel Doc I put together when I was doing some of these things and you guys can download that and the upcoming videos. I'm going to start walking me through how I really approached guest posting and how I'm really, you know, was able to get some of these posts landed. 6. Crafting Your Offer: So let's talk about getting accepted to actually be able to publish a guest post. Generally the way that you would want to approach this is actually offering some upfront value. So, you know, if you think about some of these guys like John Lee Demos, you know, obviously I had to really establish quite the relationship To be able to go out there and get a guest post landed on a blogger like this. John interviews entrepreneurs every day. He's probably people emailing him left and right, asking questions, and I was able to kind of come up with a good topic. So I came up with the idea. I didn't just say, Hey, can I do a guest post? I said, Hey, I have this really good idea. I could come out there and actually do a really awesome guest post on a particular topic, and I knew that it would be selling that he would really like. He actually even pointed out, you know, in this particular situation, he pointed out that you know, Hey, you didn't have to mention me as one of the top 15 and I actually said no, I really wanted to and You know, those kinds of things really helped, you know, in sending over a draft. But generally, the idea is that you want to be very legitimate in your approach. When you send an email, I don't really even have any specific examples that I'm going to give you any templates or anything like that, because, honestly, I think it be better off that depending on the situation, you just come up with something that's going to be really honest. You're putting time in almost like a proposal. Like you're submitting a cover letter to a job. You're not going to submit the same cover letter to every time every every blogger entrepreneur that you want to get a guest post with. You're gonna want to come up with something completely unique and really makes sense for you know what it is they do. You know, if you've got a guy that has a blogger all about e commerce, you're not gonna go pitching to him about something that's completely unrelated. You're probably gonna have to come up with something custom to cater to his audience and make sure that it actually works for them. So what? I highly suggest you do is if you have someone particular in mind that you're looking to go after. There's all kinds of resource. Is if you look around on the Web four guest posting you could find there's a couple of like triggers you can use. I might be able to share them in resource here you'll be able to download. I could give you some resource is on, like different types of searches you can use to find these types of opportunities. But generally the best way will be to simply just find a contact form and say, Hey, do you accept guest posts? And all you have to do is ask. Many people might not even have something that mentions. They do it right off the bat so you'll actually have to approach them. And, you know, use this as kind of a way to get get yourself in in, say, Hey, you know, do you Do you accept them? Um, you know, you could start right out by just saying, Hey, you know that this is an idea I had. Is this something that you be interested in? That's really the best way to go about it and just make it very honest, as well as offering value to the person that you're trying to pitch to 7. Your Byline: So one thing that I briefly wanted to touch upon is kind of forming that byline. And I guess you could say by byline, I'm kind of considering that to be the section where you really get to feature yourself. So I'll just use the example from The Entrepreneur on Fire and the Post I did on novels. Blawg You can see in my my byline. I guess I basically have the short description. John Shea is the host of the online show Voices of Marketing, So this is a link right to my website, where he interviews successful online marketers and bloggers. John also writes, Increase contributes to the blueprint entrepreneur. So this was a magazine I was writing for at the time that I did this and I was able to get this mentioned, you know, in addition, John also writes, so I was able to get this added in magazine for smart entrepreneurs that want actionable content to start and grow their business, John focuses on providing value to the marketing world, both with written content in interviews. Find them on Google, plus Facebook or Twitter. So really, you can see there's a few things going on here. I've got a link to my website. I'm linking out to a particular company that I'm doing some writing for. I no longer work for them, but, um, now, you know, you've also got a link to my Google, plus my Facebook, my twitter, so people can come find me. You've also got a photo of me so people can see who I am, what I look like. And it really just puts a lot of establishment in this. This is probably one of the key areas that people are usually going to give you and a guest post again. You also may have something like this in the beginning. This guest post was written by John Shea, host of online marketing show Voices of Marketing. So that's very brief introduction. And then again, if I go back to the nav in molasses posts will go to the top. Same thing Guest post interview by my friend and fellow podcaster John Shea. From voices of Marketing. Now, he didn't link it from there, but, um, overall, you know, there's probably I think he did include one in here. Now that I'm going back and looking at this, I'm almost wondering, but at the bottom we kind of did something different since this post was Maura, about, um, Ramsey, Taplin and kind of what he's doing and me writing about him. There's a link mentioned him. Don't go learn more, but generally the idea would be you'd wanna try to get an opportunity here where you could get a link to your website mentioned to you, and that's really gonna help out. And then, of course, getting some social media links, anything like that that you can get, that's gonna be an advantage. 8. Your Home Base: So let's talk about your home base. And what I mean by this is if you're gonna be going out and guest blogging, you really need to be set up in such a way that maybe you're giving the people of another person's audience away to come back and actually learn more about your website. You know, you could be using something such as like a special often offer may be giving away free e book. You could set up a landing page and direct the traffic from another audience into that, that special offer for that e book. To get on your mailing list, you could come up with any any number of ways that really are going to incentivize people to come and sign up and just kind of come, come be a part of your own community, come, actually sign up, become a part of what it is that you're doing and not so much what the other guys doing. So really, the whole idea with this guest posting things, you want a leverage off of these other people. So in a way, you know, let's say I did this guest post with nodded in the actual description of the Post. I could make mentions two things that are useful, like resource is and include that and maybe even have a landing page or link of some kind to come back to my home base, my my website, my blawg, and get that audience intriguing what it is that I'm doing. So that's really one of the main objectives that you want to try to go for with guest blogging. But you want to do in such a way that you're gonna be offering value. You don't want to just be doing this toe, try to get people on your email list and make money and all this other stuff you really wanna be offering value to those people and, you know, giving something very legitimate. So you'll see in some of the post that I just shared. You know, there's really some good examples of ways that I utilized, you know, just mentioning other resource is, and people, websites, things that are gonna be useful for the people actually reading the post 9. Creating High Quality Content: So let's talk about the content in these guest posts. I kind of did this backwards in terms of how I presented this to you. But if you look at some of the blog's that I did say on famous bloggers or on domains flow those types of posts, you know, they were very, very basic. It was really when I was just starting out, I didn't spend, like, a ton of time really putting together that content, you know, it was still well thought out, and I took some time to do it. But it was nowhere near the kind of quality that I put into something like the guest post I did for entrepreneurs fire or for the one that I did with Nabhan Molasses. And those two examples really took me many, many hours to really craft like this awesome post that I knew would be really valuable. It was just completely blow people away. It would get them really interested in who I am. It wouldn't be just some generic article about something that I knew people would kind of read over and, you know, they wouldn't be is like intrigue like, Oh, wow, this is awesome. You know, of course, the other posts that, you know, they did really well and they got a really good response. But I felt that the response I got from those really epic posts just got a much, much better response and really allowed me to kind of get my foot in the door when it actually came to getting the opportunity with people like Nav it and John Lee Duma's. So one thing that I just really want to mention is if you're gonna, um, you know, go out there and start doing guest blogging. You really need to spend some time on the quality of these posts, make sure you're gonna be delivering a lot of value. You're really putting a lot of time into it. I mean, if you decide to spend two or three hours writing a single block post, I mean, that's not really unheard of for something like this. I can tell you right now that post for entrepreneurs fire, that took me an extremely long time because I had to go back. And not only while I was writing the article I had to format in such a way where I'm finding like photos of everyone. I've got all the email headlines. So I had to go back through my inbox. I had to pick the different headlines that I wanted to mention about what they're using in their emails and really just the whole thing took a huge amount of time to put together. I probably would say that particular post could have taken me 3 to 4 hours. I don't remember off the top my head, but it definitely wasn't something I just whipped together in 30 minutes. So that's just something I wanted to get. Get out there in this video and make sure that if you are going to approach this, that you really need to be putting some time into the quality of the content that you're gonna be creating. 10. Tracking Sheet For Your Posts & Submissions: So in this video, I wanted to give you guys just a brief idea of something I did hear with guest posting. Originally when I was starting out, what I did was I just made a quick Excel sheet where I mentioned the sites that I've written posts on. So the main U R L, which would also include if there was one a submit your article or like submit a guest post type link where you could actually submit the information where I actually got the guest post landed. If I did get it, landed the name of the contact I was speaking with in their email address. I actually found out this site free Make money advice dot com They actually removed my post , so I don't know what happened with that, but I guess they did a site rebrand. Otherwise I would have shown you guys that one, and then I would list out like, you know, here's some of the sights I'd like to actually post on. And, you know, I'd moat put up links to like their guest post guidelines if they had them and really just kind of build this out. This was something very brief. I did. As you can see, I didn't even mention on this the Navid Post or the one with John Lee Duma's. But I can add those in here, and I will give you guys a copy of this document so you can download it and check it out. You're so 11. Guest Posting For SEO - Getting High Quality Links: now in this video, I'm not gonna go into a huge, crazy, long description of S e O. But I wanted to show you a tool over here. It's called Open Site Explorer and it's a tool by a company called Mas, who basically is an S e o company. And without going into, like, crazy, crazy details on that CEO, I'm just gonna look at to really basic things and just kind of give you an example why this was so important and really, how it kind of gave me a big boost in terms of S e o. By getting a post from someone like John Lee Duma's. Now I ran my original site that I do this through voices of marketing. You can see that they'll give me these two metrics. They call it Domain Authority and page Authority. So domain authority predicts this route domains ranking potential in search engines based on algorithmic combination of all linked metrics and then page authority is predicts this pages rankings potential in search engines based on an algorithmic combination of all length metrics. Now, obviously this is my seat is pretty good at 28 37 is pretty good. You're not really gonna find unless you're a big big site, like a Google or a Facebook or yelled for some of these, like huge entities. You're not really gonna be up there over, like, 80 or anything like that. Now, if you go and look at a site like John's, he's so popular, you know, he's got so many people linking to him and just mentioning him all over the Internet, you can actually see that his authority is 60 and 67. So getting a link from a site like this from a domain is extremely powerful. And the biggest thing is that when I did my guest post, I've actually got a link, you know, obviously from that post, and that's passing some some of this power back to me and Google really looks that this is a way toe, you know, look at the authority of your site. You know, if you've got a really powerful websites that are also really popular, mentioning you are linking to you, that's a signal to Google to say, Hey, you know, this guy's being mentioned from these other really popular sites, so we should probably give him a boost in the search engine results, and that's really just the most basic description I'm going to give you guys. That's kind of one of the benefits that you're gonna be looking at in terms of guest posting. Usually, you're not gonna be able to do anything tricky in terms of the actual highlighted text a k a. The anchor text that's used when you're linking, You know when you're from getting a guest post. But the idea is that you know you could probably. Depending on the actual website, you might be able to get something specific. So let's just say I had an article about, um, you know how to make Apple crisp. And that's what I was trying to rank on Google. I might have an article guest post on a food blawg where I actually have the anchor text say something like, and here is how you make Apple Crisp, and that would be like a general anchor text, and it relates to what I'm trying to rank. It makes sense, you know, it could flow with the actual content, and that's just kind of a simple idea of something that you may be able to get done when you go into your guest posting. So just kind of wanted to give you guys a glimpse on that and give you some idea why it's gonna be beneficial. 12. The Ultimate Blueprint For Reaching Out To Online Entrepreneurs: in this video. I just wanted to show you guys a book that I published on Kindle. It's called Building Authority relationships through online marketing leverage interviews to create prosperity for your life. So actually put this together back in 2014. Spent a lot of time here. You can see it's an 83 page book. Basically published this on Kindle. And I got a lot of my entrepreneur friends to come over and leave me some really great reviews. So I'm gonna give you guys a free copy of this book in pdf format. I've got it right here. Um, pretty much put this together. It really explains my entire story. And, you know, I really just wanted to include this because this is something that I think could help you a lot with guest posting and really just kind of leads into the whole building of relationships. So I'm going to give you guys a free copy of this. You can get it in the resource is feel free to download this pdf copy. And if you have any questions on this, I think you guys will find this this particular download to be really useful part of the course. Thanks 13. The Blueprint Entrepreneur: So in this video, I wanted to talk about another opportunity that really came up for me. You know, just from doing these guest blogger posts, I was able to eventually stumble upon a block called Pro Blogger and over on pro Blogger. They actually have a job board where basically, you condone come in and find all kinds of jobs where people are looking for freelance writing opportunities. So you basically got, you know, here's an example. Something that was just posted. I'm recording this here on the is the 16th of June, and you could see this was posted just yesterday. Someone looking for a content writer paying $30 an hour. Um, seeking a writer with in depth knowledge of h v A C systems. You've got all kinds of stuff in here. This might actually be an interesting one. I'm gonna give this someone that I know who could do that. And, you know, this is really just the opportunity here where you could come in here and actually apply. You know, to some of these, once you started getting some of these guest blog's out there, you could apply to these jobs and show them the kinds of work that you've done for a lot of the other blog's that you've written on. And that's exactly what I did when I was first doing a lot of guest blogging. I actually found a particular gig in here where they were looking for people to write for a magazine, and I wanted to show you what ended up happening. Um, here's the company I was writing for its called the Blueprint Entrepreneur, and they basically had a magazine or on iTunes and actually on their home page. They've got three of the pieces of content that I had helped produce. You've got how to host the 100 k webinar that will your audience will Love with John Lee Duma's. I was paid $100 to interview John, and on top of that, they had someone write an article on my behalf. I didn't write the piece of content, but I did the interview, Um, how to guess Blawg for results with Ramsey Taplin. This one was the both the article and the interview that I did. So I was paid over $400 for that, and again I was paid another $400 for writing an article and doing an interview with gamer fitness nerd Steve Cam on how to build an online community. So I was able to get quite a bit of opportunity out of this, and this really was something that I could not only use on a resume, but I built a great relationship here with this particular company. I was doing awesome things to really help these guys out that, you know, these big entrepreneurs like Steve Cam, John Lee Do Most and Ramsey, Taplin and, of course, just being a part of a magazine. And it was really cool. So this was an opportunity to not only make money, but I was building relationships, building a resume, just everything combined, and this really all kind of started because of guest blogging. So I just wanted to mention that, you know, once you maybe start going out there, and if you write some really high quality content and you're really interested in writing, you could come over to the pro blogger job boards and, you know, there are always new opportunities coming up. You can see that this is all literally within the last week, and there's a ton of opportunity out there for professional writing. As you can see, someone paying 30 bucks an hour, that's awesome for content writing. So, um, this is really just what I wanted to mention. I hope you guys got some value out of this particular lecture. If you have any questions on this, feel free to reach out. 14. John Lee Dumas Example: All right. So in this video, I wanted to give you guys a little bit of some ideas of the things that I was able to do for John Lee. Do must that allowed me to build really more of a relationship now, kind of giving you a timeline. You know, initially, I really talked to John through this, like, five minutes. He had a program called the Fire Nation Elite. I actually don't know if he still runs this. I haven't checked, but I initially kind of approached him, and I said, Hey, you know, we talked about your mastermind program and we got on the phone and then, you know, I ended up getting on the phone with him again, and I never really made the commitment. But I decided to, you know, kind of continue talking with John. I didn't want to spend. It was, like, $500 1/4 so it was quite expensive, and I just really wasn't ready to invest this amount of money into this kind of membership . But I continue talking with John, and you know, he would come to me and actually asked me for favors. He said, Hey, you a Mac or PC guy. I'm trying to find someone with a PC that can record how to record a Skype call using Pamela, Pamela was, ah, recording software where you could do, like, webcam and stuff like that. So of course I I told him that I would. And what ended up happening was John ended up opening this membership site called podcasters paradise, and I started recording a bunch of videos for him, like tutorials on how to use Google hangouts and a whole bunch of stuff that was, like, PC oriented because he was using a Mac and hey, ended up adding all of my content into the podcasters paradise membership area. So it was really cool. I got this opportunity to kind of help John out and again that kind of allowed me to, you know, go out there and say, Hey, can I do a guest post? I think, um, let me see if I can find the contact. I don't know if I'd have it in here. Um, que Erickson was the person you were here is kind of like the transactional when I really started, you know, kind of pitching this I'll show you. Um, you know, John said I should send you an email to inquire about guest posting. Can you send me some details about what content your audience would be interested in? So she said, We'd love to have you contribute. Our reader base is mostly filled with entrepreneurs, people who want to be entrepreneurs. And here's some examples. Here's our guidelines, you know. So they give me the guidelines about what they want. Between 812 100 words. If you send me a post with 2000 words and it's awesome, I'll be happy to post it. Let me know what you think. So they were pretty open to this at the time, and I just can kind of continue to come back and said, You know, you know, Hey, I was looking a rating an article about my top 15 entrepreneur favorite email list to subscribe to you. I'd briefly talk about each email list, the type of content they sent out to their subscribers. What do you think? I could easily make it over 800 words and I'd include entrepreneur and fire email list, she said. Yeah, this is great. You know, the most powerful if you focus on why you subscribe to them. So she kind of gave me some ideas, like how toe format it, how she really wants it to be done. And eventually, you know, we were able to go back and forth through email and get that posted. And this led to a whole like communication string with John, where eventually if I go back to some of these posts here, you can see even in 2015. I'm still staying in touch with John, and I literally sent him an email one point and said, Hey, John, I recently decided to start offering a service to others on the Warrior Forum who need help with membership site creation. I was doing a lot with membership websites, and I figured I'd make a service about it. So what? Not better way to get people to be encouraged to actually hire me If I got a testimonial from John Lee, Duma's everyone knew who he was, and I said, Hey, I know it's been a while, but I helped you with several tutorials for broadcasters paradise. So I'm using this to my advantage. Like literally. This was something that I did almost two years ago and, you know, hadn't, um You know, I never really asked for anything in return. I didn't ask for money. I just did it as a favor to John. And I said, Hey, I just need a quick video or written testimonial of the help that I gave you would be really helpful in bringing in some new clients. And I said, if you need help with anything, let me know. Congrats on hitting 1000 episodes. You got a 4000 episodes on Entrepreneur Fire. I was back in 2000 15 hours a year ago. And hey said, Yeah, I just shoot me over a copy of what you'd like the video have, and we just went back and forth and basically, he did up this short video. I could even show you really quick. Here. I'll open it. Hey, what? Shaking gently. Duma's here. The founder and host of offer newer, and this testimonial is for John Shea in his membership site service. The pleasure of working with John help create and launch many video tutorials for podcasters paradise. My membership sites using So you guys get the idea I was really excited, Like he took the time out of his day to do this for me. And it was just like the most epic. Um, you know, the really the best testimonial I could ever get someone like John Lee do most mentioning me and giving me, like, a full shut out in this video. You know, I know most people. It's not like you could just email him and say, Hey, John, could you do a testimonial for me? It's just not gonna work. So, you know, really, the biggest thing I want you to get out of this particular video was that you need to build value with these people. You know, I helped John out because I actually went out there and started giving him free tutorials for his membership site that he was charging people up to $1000 to actually get access to. And I was giving him additional content that he could give away and make money off of for that membership. So it was really benefiting him in every way, and that's that's really what it's all about. I would say anybody that you can go out there and approach, you know, building the relationships is really going to be key. And I thought you guys would find this video helpful. I showed you a little bit of samples of some of the email conversations I had with John. 15. Thanks For Watching: Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to watch this course. If you have any questions for me, feel free to start a discussion or send me a message. I'd be happy to help you. However I can. I guess the biggest take away I want to say is that if this is something you're really interested in, you know, initially for me, I would say the biggest benefit of doing these guest Post was that I really was able to establish a lot of really good relationships. I mentioned Jon Haber in my post, which on the Duma's and I, eventually ended up forming a business with him and made over $20,000 in just three months doing S Seo Services. So that was something that, you know, was huge for me on, And I was able to use Post like that too kind of show, John that I was giving him value and then eventually be able to former relationship Jon Haber That is among John Lee do most and some of these other people like novel who actually got to meet in person and just some really amazing things can happen from this. You can't really look at it like, Hey, I'm just going to get this link and it's gonna be good for a CEO or Hey, I'm just writing this post and I'm trying to build, you know, some email subscribers. To me, guest posting was more about the relationships and some of the established things I was able to do with some of these people. I was really able to go out there on get some really established relationships and turn those into much bigger opportunities. So that would be the way that I would approach guest posting. You're really going to get be able to get to know some of these people on a deeper level if you're communicating with them back and forth. If you look back in my John Lee, do most video, you'll see that actually had a whole folder full of emails with John and just lots of back and forth communication and that to me, you know, that's pretty cool, because I know that he's extremely busy. He's got a lot of people following him, messaging him, leaving comments on his website and social media and all this other stuff in the fact that I'm able to have that much conversation and have that kind of relationship with someone of that. You know of that nature, making that much money online and just having all this success that was really what was the big thing for me. So that's kind of what I wanted you to take away from this course again. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. And I wish you all the best of luck with your guest blogging efforts. 16. Free Bonus Content: Hey, what's going on, guys? John here. I just wanted to throw together a quick little bonus. And this is something special that I put together. For those of you who are watching my skill share course right now again, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to actually go through my course. And if you love my content, you love what I'm doing on skill share. I wanted to give you an opportunity to check out another free mini course that I put together. I call it the Earn your 1st $1000 offering S E O services on upward course. It's basically a four part mini course on how I went out there and I utilized a freelance system called up work toe land my 1st $1000 worth of jobs. So this is a free four part course again. You can head over toe one K s CEO consulting dot com. And once you're there, you're basically going to see I've got a few videos here that's gonna explain what exactly is inside the course. But essentially what you're gonna get is an overview of up work on the first day that's going to kind of let you understand what the platform is and why it's beneficial for you. You're gonna understand how to go out there and start optimizing your upward profile and really getting that fully optimized the best you can. And then I'm gonna show you an eye catching proposal method for S e o work that you can use to stand out from the competitors that are also bidding on jobs and then in video, for we really just wrap things up. I show you how to really take action and step things up from there. So again, myself and my partner, Paul James, put this together. I'm really happy about the way it turned out. And I think you guys are absolutely gonna love it. Um, if this point, if you're interested in this, feel free to go and sign up for one k s CEO consulting dot com Just head over that website and you'll have the sign up form here. But I quickly also wanted to tell you a little short story for those of you who wanted to stick around for a few more minutes. So in my case, this was about three years ago I've been teaching online courses for pretty much the entire span of time. I was also starting to do Web design on the side. I figured, why not make some money building WordPress websites? Because that was a skill that I had taken up in my past time. So what I decided to do is start cold calling local businesses like painters, roofers, plumbers, you know, pretty much any kind of local business in my area. And I was able to actually start landing some web design gigs. I would charge anywhere from, like, 300 or $500. And what I quickly found was that it was some nice extra, you know, income every month. But I wasn't able to go quit my day job over it. You know, I was just kind of struggling. So what ended up happening was I actually was looking around one day on indeed dot com a time. I was working a full time position, and I decided to actually go submit my resume to this company that was looking for a part time s CEO, consultant or expert. So I went in for an actual job. Interview is very intimidating. I had five people, you know, interview me. And they said that I was a really good candidate. A lot of the people that it applied had other experience, like working at fast food chains and things like that. So they knew that I was a really good fit. And I really didn't know all that much about S CEO. I mean, I honestly didn't beyond just blogging. I had some basic basic knowledge. So what I decided to do is throw something at them in terms of actually just doing a consulting deal where I would just make $1000 a month and I wouldn't have to go into their office so they would be paying me a little bit less than if I was maybe a part time employee. But at the same time, I wouldn't need to go into the office. So what I did is actually found this white label vendor and I ended up paying them around $250 a month to do all the work on my behalf. And this was amazing. I would actually visit this particular client once a month. They were about 10 minutes from my house. I would visit them once a month, and I walk in to their office with a report that actually had my branding my logo on it. I actually built a brand entity in the middle of doing all this, and I would basically walk in and they would pay me with $1000 check each month. And I was making over $700 without doing any work at all. It was just simply mind blowing that I was able to pull this off. And here I had been struggling with all these Web design deals and just trying to get Web design work done. So what ended up happening was within the next couple months, I actually landed another insurance client for another 700 plus dollars, and this was just really exciting for me. You know, I was getting all these clients things were starting to pick up. I was doing some more Web design deals, and then everything just really came crashing down for me. All in that same month, I ended up basically losing my job. I was laid off and then I just so happened both these clients, they decided to forego services. One of them. I have gotten such good results. I think they may be felt like in some ways I had gotten them is good or results as I could and a lot of ways I didn't really know at the time how to how to do more for them. So I decided to just start cold. Coming in for two months, I was unemployed. I was taking unemployment checks and things weren't really working out so well, you know, I decided I would go looking for work. And I ended up finding a job in another marketing agency. You know, kind of what I was doing on my own. And I figured I would take the job because I would have the opportunity to learn from, you know, a company that was actually doing this and having success doing it. So little Did I know. A soon as I started working there, I found out that I knew more about local s CEO than anyone else that worked there. I basically taught them a lot of what they know now, and ultimately, what ended up happening was after about eight or nine months, I was managing over $20,000 a month in their clients and I was doing all of the SDO work, you know, it was almost not fair. Didn't make a lot of sense. I was building somebody else's business and running it for them and getting paid only marginally, considering, you know, what? He was making off all these clients. So I decided that, you know, why don't I just go out of my own? And I learned how to start utilizing this platform called up work. I realized that I was able to actually start landing some work. In fact, I had closed down the client for over $2500 a month, and I brought it into that very agency and given I brought in that client, you know, I got the first month as a commission, but then the next month, all I got was basically a race, and it was a small raise. It was like, really only maybe adding up to a couple $100 a month after everything was all said and done . So I really just wasn't that excited about working there. And I decided to basically leave my job. I ended up leaving the job and what happened was I I went on up work, and every day I would send 10 proposals, and each day I would send these proposals. I would start getting client calls where I could bring them into a sales call and closed them down. In fact, at this very moment, I have one scheduled for tomorrow at 10 a.m. I got it with ease, and it was someone that found me on up work. I wasn't chasing them down with cold calls. So I basically have inviting you to come check out this course because it's something that worked for me when I spent so many years and so much time, really, Just having a very difficult time trying to do cold calling and cold emailing and looking at all these other strategies that really we're just very, very difficult to have any luck with. So again, I wanted to invite you cut head over to one k sdo consulting dot com. This was something I started having a lot of success with, and you can see the up work sent me this email for that 1st $1000 I earned. And I've even earned another $5000 milestone for doing work on up work. So again, if you guys are interested in this, if this is something that interests you, head over to one castillo consulting dot com, and I'll see you on the other side.