Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Freelancers | John Morris | Skillshare

Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Freelancers

John Morris, I help freelancers get clients.

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9 Lessons (2h 15m)
    • 1. Introduction and Strategy

    • 2. When You Have Questions

    • 3. How to Pick Your Niche

    • 4. How to Find Your Audience Online

    • 5. How to Siphon Off Traffic From Existing Sites

    • 6. How to Build Your Hub and Sell Your Services

    • 7. Your Daily Checklist

    • 8. Building Long-Term Assets

    • 9. Now What?


About This Class

Imagine being a broke 23-year-old from a dirt poor family. That grew up in a podunk town of less than 200 people in the middle of nowhere America. Your whole life you'd been poor. Everyone around told you you'd always BE poor. And, you were crazy for ever even considering anything else.

And then, you discovered the internet...

And, that people were making money on it.

LOTS of money on it.

Your first few attempts at trying to do the same... might not be the most ethical or honest. Because, you might just be sick and tired of being dirt poor and willing to do anything to break out of it.

That was me in 2004.

And, I basically became a spammer on MySpace. Not the illegal "bulk unsolicited email" kind... but the "my profile is basically just one big ad" kind. And, the worst problem of all of this...

It actually worked.

And, after a few months...

I was forced to shut it all down...

Because my conscious wouldn't let me continue.

But, I learned a ton about grassroots, "getting your name out when no one knows who you are", in-the-trenches, "guerilla" marketing. And, I've since refined what I learned into an ethical and honest approach to grinding out a reputation, an audience and new clients from complete scratch.

In this course, I'll teach you that approach.

The biggest benefit will be for NEW freelancers. Whether you're fresh out of college or making a career change, no one knows who you are. You don't have a big Twitter following. You're not some internet celebrity. And, if you just jump on the freelance sites (like Upwork), you'll just get buried under the millions of freelancers already out there who DO have previous clients... and a job history.

This approach turns all of this on its head.

And, helps you starting building a reputation from day one, to methodically build an audience of people who know, like and trust you and to create a steady flow of new clients into your freelance business...

Without having to deal with unreasonable, low-balling clients just to build a portfolio...

Without years of networking or attending boring conferences or stalking people on Twitter...

Without paying a single dime in advertising and having to "spend money to make money"...

If you're new to freelancing and want a straight-forward and systematic way to start getting clients where you're not sitting around "hoping" that something falls in your lap or sucking up to people you can't stand...

Enroll in this course.