Guardians Recreation: Explore Layer Masks, Vintage Look, Weathering | Wayne Riehm | Skillshare

Guardians Recreation: Explore Layer Masks, Vintage Look, Weathering

Wayne Riehm, Freelance Artist

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6 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • The Photo

    • Delete your background

    • Add Boarder

    • Vintage Filters

    • Weather your Photo


About This Class

Join me as we recreate photos from the end credits of Guardians of the Galaxy two using your own image.  In this class I explain every step I take so beginners are welcomed.  We will primarily use Adobe photoshop and only use Adobe Illustrator to create a border for our image.  In recreating our photo students will be introduced to the basics of layer masks, how to use them to delete backgrounds in combination with channels and how to use layer masks in combination with textured images to add weathering.  I will also briefly cover which filters I use in photoshop to give photos a vintage look.  This class is meant to introduce some photoshop basics while creating something fun.  Creativity is highly encouraged!  





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Wayne Riehm

Freelance Artist

I'm not your typical artist or graphic designer. Although I've been creating art since I can literally remember I never grew up and got a fancy art degree (and in some ways never grew up). Everything I know has either been from my own hustle or from wonderful people in my life (not excluding the community here on skillshare). I do have a degree however, and it happens to be in hospitality business. If nothing else my degree has given me a great foundation in business, made me the "people pe...

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