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Growth Strategies for Micro Influencers

teacher avatar John Valentine, Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Growth Strategies for Micro Influencers - Introduction

    • 2. Finding your Niche and building the Brand

    • 3. Using Automation Tools

    • 4. Posting Consistently

    • 5. Connecting with other influencers

    • 6. Utilizing Hashtags

    • 7. Summary and Conclusion

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About This Class

The future is here, and it's being made by people just like you and me. What if you could bring your voice to millions of people across the world? Could you create movements for social justice? Could you start businesses with just a few friends? It's now possible. You just need the right framework for it all. In this course I'm going to share growth strategies for micro-influencers — the next big thing in social media. These are the entrepreneurs and creators who will help shape social media into the impact we know it can be.

When micro-influencers find their voice, they can reach a much larger audience than they could before. However, finding growth strategies for micro-influencers can be challenging. In fact, it was nearly impossible until recently because everyone is looking toward larger influencers. The best way to grow a voice is by focusing on smaller influencers that have a low enough profile to be missed by most social media users.

In this course, I will be breaking down 5 growth strategies for micro-influencers.


Meet Your Teacher

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Growth Strategies for Micro Influencers - Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is John Valentine, and thank you for joining me today in this class and in this course I'll be talking about five Instagram growth strategies for micro influencers. So if you are a micro influencer and want to start growing your following, then this is the course for you and I'll be breaking it down from the basics. So starting off as a small influencer and giving you some tips and tricks on how to grow and how to fully utilize your potential. So as you can see the screen, these are some of the topics that I'll be talking about. First of all, I'm going to be talking about finding your niche and then building your brand. Then I'm going to be talking about using automation tools in order to streamline some of your production. Then I'm going to be talking about your posting consistently and posting schedule. Then I'm going to talk about connecting with other influences. So networking and connecting with other brands and accounts. And finally, I'm going to be talking about utilizing hashtags correctly is so fully breaking down on how to use hashtags like a pro in order to grow your engagement and following. And at the very end, I'm going to give a summary and a conclusion with some final tips and tricks. So make sure to stick around until the last lesson and all the way through. So again, thank you so much for joining me and let's not waste any more time and get right into this first class. 2. Finding your Niche and building the Brand: So let's talk about finding your niche and building your brand. So first of all, when you start off, you want to pick a specific niche, especially if you're focusing on being a micro influencer or being very active in a specific scene. The way you want to do that is to be very specific in the niche that you pick. So identify an error that you can provide a unique insight in. And then you can start to consistently produce quality content in that area. So let's say you really like fishing and you're from the, I don't know, East Coast of the US. So you can really start being a niche and you're fishing activities in these co, so you can start an Instagram account called East Coast fishing or stuff like that. And then you can not only be unique and the niche of fishing, but even more unique and specific local area such as the East Coast or specific state or country or something like that. So, you know, being as specific as possible in a niche will help you find those people who are interested in that specific thing and then built at loyal brand. Because sometimes if you just Nino create a meme account or you create a, I know, soccer highlights account or something like that. Of course, that can also be very good because you can reach a lot of people, but there's probably already a lot of accounts out there that upload daily soccer highlights and stuff like that. So thinking about a specific niche and something that you can provide, expertise and an insight into what's going to help you stand out and create that loyal fan base. So you can really start to build your brand. And just a good idea to do that is to start with your passion. So what are you passionate about? Maybe you really like food and you're really into sushi. And then you can create an account and instrument account or something like that that breaks down the art of sushi. And then you can have all these different types of post regarding the art of sushi. So having passion and knowledge will make it easier to create. First of all, it'll make it fun because it's something that you'd like anyways. And second of all, you know exactly what to post and what content to look out for because you have knowledge in that area. You know, if you've never played golf and you want to start an insert Gulf count, I mean, it's possible but it's gonna make it hard because you don't know what clips are good. You to know what products are good to recommend because you just not that familiar with that area. So definitely find a specific niche that you have and focus and passionate. 3. Using Automation Tools: So let's talk about using automation tools. Using automation tools is definitely a great way to be more efficient. Itself's saves time and it helps you streamline your production and your content posting. So first of all, what exactly are our automation tools? Well, there's things like content scheduler, Like, HootSuite, kicks does. So there's various types of websites and apps that can help you schedule your content. That way you can take a sudden, you know, a couple hours on a Sunday, create content for the month or for the week. And then you can schedule out your next 10 Instagram posts. And you know, especially if you are micro influencer, then most likely this is not your main job. So if it's just a side gig, just a side hustle, side gig, side hustle or just a hobby or whatever. It can help you save a little bit more time and not take up too much of your time on something that's not your main focus. And so using schedulers, like later or common HootSuite, again, these are just recommendations, not advertisements, anything like that, but using these content schedulers are definitely a great way to save time and also think ahead and help you plan all your content. And it just really makes it easier because then you don't have to put up a post. And every time you post to create a caption and you copy paste your hashtags, you write a little bit about it that way you can just sit down on a couple of hours on one day and planet for the next two weeks, three weeks, month and whatever is that you wanna do. And so yeah, using these automation tools is definitely going to help you with your efficiency and also sometimes your quality. Because sometimes if people, especially if you do it for a few months and weeks, people get complacent and they're like, okay, well now I'm going to have to upload this picture every day. And even though it might still be a little bit fun for you, sometimes it does get tedious. I mean, after all, you know, any work can become work even if it's your passion. And so creating, take a little bit more time can help you create that quality content that will also help you stand out. So definitely something to consider when starting a brand and an account on Instagram. 4. Posting Consistently: So let's talk about posting consistently. You know, of course this depends a little bit on the platform that you're using. For example, YouTube, you can post something like once a week for Tiktok, it's recommended to post once a day if you're using something like Instagram, I would recommend posting at least, at least one to three times a week. And the key in hosting is to be consistent, meaning and not necessarily posting ten times in a day and then not post for two weeks, but being consistent, so not having a long breaks non-policy that irregularly not five times a day for a week and then nothing for three months, that's probably the worst thing you can do. That way. You'd rather use that content that you post, you know, five times in a day and then stretch that out over three weeks or stretch it out over two weeks. And that's where the scheduler comes in handy that I talked about as well, the contents scheduler. And that can help you space out that content as well and can give you a bigger oversight. Me know, you can be like, okay, every Monday at APM, I'm going to upload a picture every Thursday at 11 PM and upload a short video on Wednesday. I want to upload a YouTube video. Just creating these content schedulers is definitely going to help you be more consistent at which is going to be key. Because unless you get a super viral and an old video and tiktok video or something like that. It's not going to happen over one night, but being consistent, it's what's going to grab people's intention and given them the content that they want, and therefore built those loyal customers, loyal followers, loyal fans and so on. So just being overall a consistent in your posting and stuff like that, What's going to be key? 5. Connecting with other influencers: So just like in any other industry, networking is always going to be helpful. So let's talk about connecting with other influencers. Connecting with other influences definitely is something you're going to want to try to do as you start up with your account. Like I said, networking, you know, what are those? Just salesman, you're in business, you're in marketing, whatever it is, even if you're an influencer, networking is key because it can help you, first of all, just create those connections even if you're not necessarily working together, anything like that, but just having a connection is always good. And then you can also collaborate on content and help exchange audiences. For example, if you're in, you know, I know a traveling Instagram account and you have another traveling and certain account that has the same amount of followers and you guys meet up in a country and then post a picture together or filming YouTube video together. Creating these collaborations is super key and growing and can definitely help you and help the other person as well. So this is a win-win situation because, you know, you're overlapping audiences. People who are interested in that counted there. Watching might also be interested in yours because you guys are uploading similar content. Of course, if you're an influencer, sometimes it depends on the personality of that using, but you're more likely to have an audience's interested in your travel videos if they're already watching their travel videos. So, you know, being in similar niches and working together in some form, whatever it is, can definitely help you expand with your audience. And as I said, even if you don't work together, just having a connection, that's great because maybe you end up having a question like, Hey, this company hit me up, they want to work with me. I saw that you work with them. How has it been working with them, you know, just gaining some kind of information and knowledge from other people as always, always good. And especially if you ask questions like that, they feel needed, then they can give you a favor. You can give them a favor. Having network connections and any kind of industry that you're in is always going to be super helpful. 6. Utilizing Hashtags: So let's talk about utilizing hashtags. Using hashtags is going to be key. As with all social media platforms, hashtags are still a king and there probably will be for quite awhile. So using very niche and relevant hashtags is going to be very major and promoting your niche accounts. So being a micro influencer, and as I said, you're probably focused on a very specific thing. Even if you're not, if you're just a lifestyle brand and stuff like that, using hashtags is going to be key in utilizing and trying to get to the next stage of your accounts. So, you know, you really want to focus on having, first of all, at some general hashtags, I don't know. Let's say again, you're a traveler and you do hashtag travel, hashtag, vacation and stuff like that. But you also want to focus on niche hashtags. Especially because if you're a smaller account and you use those hashtags, that general ones, and sometimes your content gets drowned out. But if you use other hashtags, little bit more specific and niche, for example, let's say you're in the country of Switzerland and you can do Switzerland vacation and whatever it is, you could think a little bit more specific hashtags that might attract other people as well. So definitely try to create your own. And also you can do some research on your competition. So if you look at other travel in certain accounts or whatever platforms, social media platforms and see what kind of hashtags they use. And you can try to use those as well. And of course, remember to cycle your hashtags as well. And you don't want to use the same set of hashtags for every post that you create for six months in a row, you want to try out new ones you want to try out now once you create one, so you see maybe trending hashtags. You definitely want to try and cycle out some of your hashtags. You do want to stay consistent with some of them. So you know, if you do travel, maybe hashtag travel should be in all of them, but you definitely want to try and cycle a lot of them here now and see what kind of difference that makes a new post as well. A great idea would be to always use at least five to seven hashtags. And remember that the best hashtags actually have about eight to ten characters in them. So you don't want to create a hashtag with 18 words. And unlike hashtag on vacation in Switzerland, this was fun. Well, that's just too much nobody's going to really look at that. Of course, sometimes people will get pushed that with discovery, but having hashtags with eight to ten characters is what works the best. So definitely try to focus on those kind. 7. Summary and Conclusion: So to summarize, let's look at some of the topics that we talked about. First of all, like I said, you want to find your niche and start building that brand. So especially if you are starting off as a micro influencer, you wanted to be very specific and aware of what kind of content you're creating, whether you're creating personal finance content or you're creating phishing content, or you're creating, you know, pet videos. But being even more specific than that is even better. There are accounts who was simply upload pictures of pins and they make a lot of money. People who upload pictures of salmon dishes or people who upload pictures of statues around their city. There's people can be very, very specific in their accounts and still do well. So definitely tried to pick out something that you are passionate about and something you know something about, and then create a content based on that. So second of all, as I said, use automation tools, just use things like later become HootSuite and stuff like that to make your life easier. Again, these are not I'm not being paid to advertise these, these are just recommendations, but remember to use them to make your life easier. It will make your life easier, make it more efficient, and can also help you create more quality content. And second of all, our third of all, think of hosting consistently. Like I said, you definitely don't try and space at your content. Obviously not too much. You don't wanna take too long breaks, but try to post consistently. Post every two days or every three days, at least one in three times a week, especially on Instagram and also depending on other platforms that you're using. But posting consistently is going to be key and gaining that growth. And then of course, you want to also connect with other influencers, not just for connections and even working together, but just having that networking opportunity and being able to ask people questions, connecting with them and maybe having favors done for you, having favors, doing favorites for other people. Whether it is helping with them, working with a certain brand, or whether it is helping them take pictures or create content, whatever it is. So definitely want to try to connect with influencers by DMA them or, you know, leaving comments on their content. And if they see that you're another created, they might reach out as well, but definitely try to reach out as many people as possible. And last but not least, of course, if you on any social media platform using hashtags is always going to help you gain that growth and help you get discovered. So definitely something to always keep in mind. But yeah, that's basically going to be it I think is so much for joining me today. As I've said in my previous video, I have some great news. I am releasing a newsletter. And so if you want to sign up for that, uh, definitely click the link in my bio. It is called Valentine weekly where I'll talking about digital media and digital marketing, social media, tips and tricks to biggest news and so on. I'm going to be posting that every week. So make sure to sign up for that if you're interested in that kind of stuff, but that's basically going to fit. So thank you so much for joining me today. And obviously in the next class.