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Growth Sessions: Leadership & Communications Skills

Michelle Bondesio, Communications Consultant

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10 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Self Awareness

    • Class Project - Part 1

    • Confidence

    • Optimism

    • Courage

    • Mindset

    • Purpose

    • Class Project - Part 2

    • Let's Review


About This Class

Welcome to Growth Sessions


Successful entrepreneurs and freelancers have the ability to lead, manage and collaborate effectively. To connect well with others and develop these skills, we need to be more self-aware. In this 20 minute class, Michelle Bondesio shares the key areas in which we can develop our self-awareness to help us strengthen our leadership and communication skills. There are short exercises you can do to help you practice and develop these skills. See more info below ...

 ~ ~ ~

Hi there, and thanks for joining me. 

If you are ready to get started, first have a look at my Welcome Note in the Comments tab located underneath the lesson videos for this class.

Then check out what's required for your Class Project in the Your Project tab, underneath the videosThe Class Project involves creating an "Awareness Board" and posting a photo or image of it. You can access more information on how to do this within the Your Project section to help you to develop and craft your project. There are also two videos explaining more about the exercises and making the Awareness Board.

Once your project is published it will appear in the All Projects section, along with those of your fellow learners. I've created an EXAMPLE PROJECT to give you an idea of what you can do.

Great to have you here, so let's dive in.

Cheers, Mich


  • Course created by Michelle Bondesio
  • Music: "Clover 3" By Vibe Mountain (Royalty free on YouTube Creator)
  • Various images provided by Michelle Bondesio





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Michelle Bondesio

Communications Consultant


Hi there, I'm Mich (pronounced Mish).

I'm a communications consultant with a focus on digital habits, behaviour design and wellbeing.

My classes on Skillshare are called Growth Sessions. Their aim is to help you to develop more effective habits, so that you can strengthen your wellbeing, improve your performance, and activate more of your potential.

So who am I?

I'm a consultant and writer who is curious about everything. I have a pa...

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