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Growth Hacking Tips & Tricks for your Instagram profile | Explore Page | Power Likes | Automation

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to grow your Instagram account

    • 3. The significance of the Explore page

    • 4. Profile and content tips

    • 5. Power likes and Engagement groups

    • 6. Things to avoid (most important DON’Ts)

    • 7. Automation & the Mother child method explained

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About This Class

This class is all about enlarging your follower base, discovering new content ideas, inspiration and ways to grow your profile, and learning the secret powers of the way the Instagram algorithm works. 
We will also be covering different concepts that are relevant to understand what drives success on Instagram, and also look at some daily limits in terms of following, liking, commenting, etc.
Having a large Instagram audience is not a requirement for this class. The ideas and concepts presented here are a great foundation, irrelevant to the size of the account.  

Instagram growth (lectures):

  1. How to grow your Instagram account
  2. The significance of the Explore page
  3. Profile and content tips
  4. Power likes and Engagement groups
  5. Things to avoid (most important DON’Ts)
  6. Automation in short & the Mother-child method

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi there. I'm glad that you're here and that I can tell you a bit more about this class where we're going to take a look at some cool Instagram tips and tricks on how to grow your profile or page. Essentially, we're not looking at the general tips on how to create your profile, how to edit it, or what type of content there is. I really want to go deep to give you some hands-on things that you can implement right away and enlarge your follower base. Moreover, I will cover different concepts such as power likes, engagement groups, Instagram automation, how to utilize the explorer page in the best possible way, etc. Besides some White hat techniques, we're also going to take a look at some Gray hat techniques, but that should be used with caution. And I'm going to mention how and why. Lastly, I would encourage you to think about this class. Growing Instagram is not like running a sprint. It's more like running a marathon. That's a great analogy. It's a gradual process that requires time and effort. So don't seek to grow your Instagram overnight because that won't happen. I really hope that you will anyway find this class useful and that you will see some tips that will also inspire you to come up with some good and new content ideas. Thank you very much for watching this introduction and I hope to see you in the next video. 2. How to grow your Instagram account: Hi everyone. In this lecture we will be talking about the account or profile growth. I will mostly be focusing on the activities of following and liking. Although the growing process is much broader than just these two things. In the third lecture, we will be focusing more on the profile and content depths that are in the way. Also strategies to grow your account. The first thing you need to do before you start following others on Instagram is to identify target accounts or targets. You will essentially follow the accounts who interact with these targets. Why? Because interacting with others is essential for growth when your account is relatively small. Preferably when you're just starting out, you want to look for accounts that have at least over 20 thousand followers, all the way up to 500 thousand. Those accounts. And bear this in mind, should have at least 10% engaging or like rate on their coasts. That is how you can ensure that you are not, you, that you're not using accounts would fake followers as your targets. So if somebody has 150 thousand followers, their photos should be getting at least 15 thousand likes, ideally more, of course, if this number is below 10%, don't use that account as a target. So that's why it's called a 10% engaging rule or engaging rate. Why is this engagement important? Will solely because when following people, you don't simply want to gain just followers as number in return. Also, you want to gain followers who like comment and interact. Furthermore, when following people, it's best to look for those who have one-to-one ratio. And that means that they are close to an equal number of followers and following and believed. I believe you're already familiar with that. For example, if you see someone who has won 1000 followers and as following 11000 people, that person is much more likely to follow back than someone who is following, let say, 300 people and it has 3 thousand followers. So bear that in mind as well. Another important thing to keep in mind is private or public, public accounts. You will eventually have better luck following Public Accounts opposed to private ones. This is because of the number of accounts you are allowed to follow. So Instagram allows you to follow up to 7,500 accounts. But if you are awaiting approval on 500 private ones, that Instagram won't let you follow more than 7 thousand. So that's why usually it's better to go with the public ones. Now, just pure following wanna give you the desired results. You still need those people to follow you back. This is where the 12 punch comes into play. The 12 punch method says that the ideal way to get people to follow back is by liking their latest post and then liking another post from, let's say about two or three weeks ago. Alternatively, if they don't pose consistently than liking one of their pose is also like liking one of their older posts or first ones is also a great way to gain their follow back. Most commonly when people get followed by strangers, they will be reluctant to follow back because they assume two things. It's either like follow to get a follow back. And then unfollowing or maybe it's a bot following. But eventually then again it's unfollowing at some point. And essentially that might be the case with your growth strategy, but you don't want those people to see that weight. Therefore, when you follow with the 12 punch, most people will believe that you are genuinely interested in their content because you're also liking, and this is your best chance of receiving high-quality followers. Now, this is something you should know. Instagram is constantly updating and changing their policies and rules. Currently following up to 200 people a day is assumed to be safe. Although it sounds the entire cementite time-consuming, I agree. It can be worth it. If you provide good content, you could get 50 to 70, let's say followers back from those 200 that you followed. And that's essentially 25-35 percent. It's important to clarify that from the right beginning that Instagram growth is a gradual process, not an overnight success. So don't expect too much. Now let's discuss the other thing which we mentioned and the process of liking. So once you follow people, it's important to like some of their posts as we discussed. If you just follow them, they might think you only want to follow back as we mentioned. And then the effect is not complete. And also if you just like their posts without following, you're not, you're not making that again effect, which should be complete when you do want to punch. It's currently safe to go with up to 400 likes per day. And I would just like to remind you of the 10% engagement rule that we mentioned earlier. This does not apply only to the accounts that you're following, but also to you at 1. Let's say when you reach ten or 15 thousand followers, you should be getting around 100 thousand or more likes per post or photo. That means you did a good job with the following and liking principles that were just discussing. Since you have an engaging community of followers. If you're receiving less than 10% of your likes, then you need to consider that either your content is not good enough, so your communities not interested to engage, or your target accounts are poorly chosen. So maybe they had fake followers or the field is not relevant. Nonetheless, Here is a great table from ascend viral that summarizes nicely, how are 15 day plan would look like if you follow 200 accounts and give 400 likes per day with the 12 punch technique. And feel free to pause the video here and take a deeper look into the table. It's a very nice overview of how you can grow day by day. And of course you don't have to stick to this precisely. Follow back ratio will be better on some days and you might encounter some limitation on some other days. Nevertheless, it's a really good starting point. And the finally, the last point I wish to discuss is the Mass story viewing. Although I didn't mention this at the beginning of the class or this video. It carries a huge importance. Works is similar way as the 12 punch, but it refers to stories and it's quite simple. So how does it work? Well, your account watches thousands of stories a day and a certain percentage of those stories accounts come back to check you out and give you a follow. And essentially that said, though, in practice, this is a challenge to keep alive because watching thousands of stories a day requires a lot of continuous scrapping. I'm pretty sure that you will agree on that one. So that would be it for this video where we covered follows likes and story views. Thank you very much for watching and see you in the next one. 3. The significance of the Explore page: Welcome back everyone. Before we start talking about the Explore page, which is the title of this lecture, I would prefer to spend a few words on hashtags. By now, you're probably all familiar with the concept of hashtags in settlements actually uses the hashtags to categorize pose and get them displayed in the respective feed. This allows users to easily follow different topics and find relevant posts. They look for a few technical info about the hashtags. They cannot be composed of dots, symbols that you see on screen or spaces. Nevertheless, they can include numbers, emojis, underscores, lower and uppercase letters. The current maximum number of hashtags per post is 30. However, the sweet spot is believed to be around ten. And that's of course Stan relevant and not too broad ones. There are many free tools available online to get hashtag inspiration in case you need some. Now, we will move our focus to the Explore page. And if you're wondering the concept of hashtags was brought to better understand how this covering on Instagram works. Hashtags fundamentally enabled Explore page to gate. It's full benefit should explore page allows you to reach audience or community that is not among your followers. That is how you can broaden you reach a follower base. Now you might wonder, how do I get my place on the explorer page? While the most effective method of getting your post scene on the explorer page is by receiving engagement from bigger accounts. And it's called Power likes. And we will talk about it in depth in the following lectures. But it's important to know that getting your post liked by big accounts. Let's say once with 5,250 thousand followers, will show your posts to a selection of debt accounts followers. If that selection of users also interacts with your post, then your postal further again be shown to a part of their followers and so on and so forth. For instance, let's put this in numbers and imagine that a certain account with 100 thousand followers likes your post and you only have 5 thousand followers so far. They explore page then shows your pose to 10% of that account followers, which is around 10 thousand people. Since that the account has 100 thousand followers. That means that even though you only have 5 thousand followers, your post will get shown to 10 thousand users. As you can see, getting leg by enlarge accounts in your niche is a huge bonus since you will be exposed to all of their followers. This sounds incredible, I know, but bear in mind that you should engage only with the niche relevant accounts. In this way. If you're connecting with the random ones, you will notice it. Eventually on your own explorer page says it will be immensely diverse and unrelated. And while this might not seem initially like a problem to you, this also means that the content that you post will appear on the pages of people that might not be interested in the content that you're providing. And you definitely don't want that. Therefore, be careful who you interact with. That's my final tip for this lecture. Thank you very much for your attention and for following. And I hope to see you in the following video. 4. Profile and content tips: Hi, once again. I would like to start off this lecture by saying that in order to be successful on Instagram, you need both good content and constant interaction. We discussed previously how to interact properly. Now, let's see how you can provide a good content. But first, let's discuss some profile tips that will help you get there. The initial thing is username selection. So when selecting a username, it's important to find a memorable one. It's best to avoid using periods, underscores, and numbers if possible. It is also better to use a unique name than a generic, more forgettable one. Next, linking accounts. If you have other social media accounts and I'm sure you do its best to link off to them in your bio as this will help you boost your presence. Profile picture. When it comes to your profile picture, it will be most people's first impression of your account. So make sure it's good, unique, and easily recognizable. If you're managing a business account, clear visible logo is usually a go to auction. If you're configuring a private account mixture that the photo stands out well and blends together with a profile visual tone. Finally, having a public or private account. Public accounts, under most circumstances, are usually a better option than private ones. Which private accounts people are less likely to follow you because they cannot see are caught them. And many of them simply don't want to waste their time waiting for your approval, so they can do so. Therefore, stick with the public ones. The only time when using a private accounts makes sense is when you're about to receive a shout-out from another account. In that case, people who follow you are very likely to wait for your approval and see your content. Now, before we cover some content depths, here is one good strategy on how to research your competitors and industry more deeply. This will also help you to understand how the existing content performs on the platform. The first step here is to find as many similar and relevant pages to your as possible, ideally from medium-size to the biggest players in your field. Here is a helpful tip on how to find such accounts by using Google Boolean search. Search for this specific term that you see on the screen now, and replace the keyword text with one of the ones relevant to what you do or focused on. Alternatively, you can always use the search on Instagram or hashtags to look for similar accounts. Once you compile the list, you will have to look at each account separately, make sure that the account is active, posting consistent and related content and also having good engagement rates. While looking at the pose. Observe if there is a significant variation in time, frequency or posting or post format because all of those might be influencing factors that you want to isolate. In this case. The next thing you want to do is calculate Accounts average like level and further inspect the post that receive 25% more than average. Here's one random example, how thick the last or most relevant tempos of one accounts from your list at all of their lives and divide by the number of posts. For example, in this case would be of course time. But as you can see now on the screen, I listed ten posts with a certain number of likes. And the total number of flights here is 57,280. You divide that with ten, since that's the number of posts, we get 5,728. And if you add 25% more to that, that means 7,160 likes, sorry for the mad, but it's a very simple one. So for the sake of understanding what works best, you just consider post, which received more than 7,160 likes on this account. And if you look back to the ten poles, those are only the fourth and the fifth one. So that means that those posts really outperformed, right? Because they did not only perform better than average, like they perform better, like 25%, more than that. You can also take a look at the ones with more than 6 thousand likes in this case, since they also performed quite well. Now let's move more to the content tricks. I want doc about how often you should post your content or which format you choose are cetera. Instead, I will provide you with a few valuable tricks, especially for Instagram stories that will help your content performed better. The first thing is watermarking. Watermarking your content is an awesome way to promote your brand or just your name. By simply placing a warrior mark or logo on your image, you built a recognition. And it's so powerful because no matter who shares it or where it gets used, it's still marked as yours. So you get an enormous reach. Of course, be careful to watermark only your original content, otherwise, you may encounter serious issues. Add invisible hashtags to your stories. We already discussed the principle behind Hashtags. Here is a great hack. I heard that sent viral. Although you can only have one hashtag sticker in your stories, there is a way to put two more hashtags and consequentially make your story appear in more hashtag search results. So what you need to do here is use regular tax and not a sticker. Then you insert your hashtags and pinch it or decrease it in size to appear very, very small. You can either color than the same way as your backgrounds so they become invisible. Or you can put another seeker over them like an extra layer. In any case, those tiny, numerous sadly tags, hashtags are not visible and they don't affect user experience, but you still get a wider reach. I, as you see, I include examples so you can understand this better, but this one is really, really a great one. Higher posts on stories is the next trick. Frankly, I have never used this, but I heard that it's a very popular and it can bring a lot of engagement to your account. It essentially means that you use your story to bring more views to your recent posts. So what you do is take a screenshot of your recent or newest post and you upload it to your story. Next, you put a sticker or some layer over it to cover most of its bark. And some people even use a brush tools to scratch out most of the screenshot. By doing this, you make your posts tempting and people watching your story get more curious to see what the post is all about. Therefore, they go to your profile and interact with it. Bearing in mind that if you do this too often people will simply start losing interest. And it's recommended to do with only with captivating posts that offers something interesting or opposed with some call to action description. Lastly, leading lines. This is in a way self-explanatory when you see an example. So humanized or naturally attracted along lines. And they catch attention far better in this way. Since lines can bring the focus to the thing that should be emphasized on the photo. They can be straight, diagonal cycle, crossed, or whichever motion of the lines you prefer. To finish off. I would like to name a few more things about the content. Creating original and highly quality. One is always better in the long run than reposting or using someone else's. Keeping a list of hashtags can save you a lot of time. Plus it helps build regularity. And you won't have to think every time about which hashtags to use. Planning content in advanced can help you stick to your style and team. Many people who publish regularly actually do that. And it's easier to achieve consistency that way. So the posts are not dependent on your mood that day. Once you find what works, just stick to it and keep an eye on what might work even better in the future. And finally, seek feedback. So ask your friends, parents, coworkers, partners what they think and be open to criticism. Thank you very much for watching this. I know there's a lot of information, but I encourage you to think about it, about everything that we covered and see what we want to pass in your case. Thank you. And see you in the next video. 5. Power likes and Engagement groups: Hey everyone. Thank you for following so far. I really hope that you find this cart and helpful and relevant. In this lecture, we will be talking about the power likes and engagement groups. But let's make a short introduction with the topic of engagement first. So when it comes to your engagement, once you reach over 20 or 30 thousand followers on Instagram, you should be able to predict with about 90% certainty how well a post will preform after it's 15 to 60 minutes of posting. If it's not doing well in that timeframe, you should consider removing it or boosting it somehow. Therefore, you should always, as you can conclude, track the first 15306120 minutes after publishing your post. Why? Because the performance in that timeframe can predict the overall one. I cannot really go with the exact numbers here since they will vastly differ based on your following bays and of course many other factors, but I wouldn't provide some estimates are good to great posts will usually received three to 5% of the overall impressions in the first 15 minutes, five to 15% in the first three minutes, 15 to 30% in the first hour. But as I said, this massively depends on the content time of the day, your followers interaction, et cetera. Moreover, if you manage to get a lot of engagement in the first 15 minutes to an hour of publishing the post. You will get boosted in the newsfeed and that's really great. However, again, please don't take these numbers for granted. They should only be abroad estimate. Now let's move to the topic of power likes. Power like is a like from an account with the highest score and high score in this case means many things such as the latter, followers high reach, many likes or comments on their posts and so on. Due to their influence on the platform, those accounts like scary, far more weight than the average user's wants. So numerous likes from these powerful accounts is one of dominant indicators to Instagram that points out that your post is of high-quality and should be shown to more users. And now you might wonder, well, that's all great, but how do I get those power likes from my profile? First of all, power likes can be bought and they are typically sold in packages varying from hundreds to thousands. The second option is to try to get yourself in one of the engagement groups and get it from there, which is, of course, always better than buying. If you're wondering, what are the engagement group as well, that's our topic now, in engagement group, or sometimes known as the pod, is a group of Instagram users or accounts that bond together to help increasing gauge on one another is content. This can be performed through likes, comments or follows. It's fundamentally like depicting of it this way, like trading or exchanging likes and comments back and forth within the group. You get others in the group to Like and comment on your post, but you also have to do the same for them. Since these groups are very often made of pixels, accounts directions in the likes are considered to be power ones, hence they are called Power likes, as mentioned earlier. At this point, I'm assuming that you're very likely wondering how they get myself there and where are those groups? Fair question. Of course, these groups can be found in Instagram direct messages shed, but also telegram, WhatsApp or even Facebook. Higher level ones that are more selective and rigorous of the run through a telegram group chat. And bear in mind that every group has its own rules and steps determined. Nevertheless, here is, in a nutshell and few sentences how they work. So everyone's sensor pose to the group chat and everyone else then must like and in some cases, comment on that post. Alternatively, when someone else pose the same, you have to return the favor and also like an comment as required. So the main principle behind this is if you're in the group, let's say with ten other accounts that mutually like one another post and comment. And let's say all those accounts have over 100 thousand followers. You could potentially show up with hundreds, thousands, explore feeds across all of the followers of those accounts. Just imagined that. And now there are few things I would like to note about these engagement groups. So their size can vary from tens to hundreds of different accounts participating. They can be niche-specific, but they don't necessarily have to be. Many of them are very selective on who gets in. So you really have to prove that you're worth the place. Definitely don't expect that you will get more than you give. Nevertheless, there are some free groups that you can join right away. And my tip, there would be just surgeon Google, something like list of free Instagram engagement groups and you will get the links. Now I understand that some of you might still have some smaller accounts. So you cannot join these big groups, but you can always choose smaller ones or initiate to create one with similar accounts in your field. In that case, simply start messaging and direct messages to other accounts and Instagram like yours, as there are something like, hey, would you be interested to participate in an engagement group? Or do you know? Funny. And just send out a couple of messages like that. And who knows, maybe you will become a proud owner of one of the group or at least get an invitation to join one. Just remember that the larger account gets, the larger the accounts you engage with should be two. Therefore, to put this in numbers, if you have like 70 thousand followers, of course, avoid interacting with accounts that have 100 or only a few thousands of them because Instagram is simply not a fan of those drastic differences. To finish off, I will just say that content's still matters. So getting into the engagement groups is a great opportunity, but if your coordinate is not worth it, if it's not high-quality, you simply want have success. Moreover, Instagram algorithm is always on the rise to attack actions they consider undesirable. Therefore, you may across some people who will oppose engagement groups or power likes. And there are indeed some cons to these techniques or methods. Nevertheless, I always suggest informing yourself on multiple places before you decide what suits your account bass and which actually you will take. Thank you very much for watching this video, and I hope to see you in the next one. 6. Things to avoid (most important DON’Ts): Alright, thanks for joining once again, this video will be all about the don'ts. That is the things that you should avoid doing. Although I will be talking about the automation in the next video, I find it relevant to mention here that automating or using Bode's goes against Instagram's Terms of Service. And doing so is not encouraged. Nonetheless, if you decide to do so, it's best to simulate normal human activity as closely as possible. As I said in this video, we will be focusing on the things that should be avoided in general and the things that you should bear in mind if you still decide to pursue some automation. These are mostly considered to be some of the great head methods. And if you're not familiar, Gray had methods are technically illegal, but they go against Instagram Terms of Service. So please use with caution. As I mentioned, there is a huge misconception that people can get away with lower quality content when they're using gray hat techniques. The only difference should be that the Cray hat is automated interaction and Whitehead is a manual one. As you can imagine, they're also black hat techniques which are precisely defined to be illegal, and therefore, I will not mention them at all. Now let's look at some of the Don'ts. First, avoid faking followers or likes or comments. Sadly, many people still believe that they need to figure Instagram stats, get better results. They tend to figure engagement and followers and even sell such things. By no means should you engage in the action of buying faked followers, likes, or comments? If you still wonder why simply because it hurts you in the long run, there's no upside to doing so. Also, there is a question of how can you spot a fake account? Well, there are suddenly no 100% correct indicators. If you recall the 10% engagement rule from the beginning of this class, you will know that the rate of only a few percentage will raise a red flag. On the other hand, if the engagement rate exceeds 20% and there are a lot of generic comments that may also be a red flag. Next, don't use one-size-fits-all approach. So don't use the same automation techniques on all your accounts and don't faultless Lee replicate someone else's numbers in serum algorithm can easily recognize linking activities. And if they are prohibited, you can be severely punished. Some people try, and quite frankly, they managed to get away with it. But in the long run, it becomes a constant risk. Don't start flying right away. This means that accounts need to be warmed up before undergoing any continuous automation activities. If you start performing numerous actions overnight and raise a lot of dust in your account, Instagram logically get suspicious right away. Alternatively, if you start with steadily warming up your account over time, Instagram becomes more okay with the idea that you are doing large number of activities. The rule of thumb would be to take ten to 15 days or let's say two weeks to warm up your account. Regardless if they're older you, once you do the warm up, you can start raising the bar. And here is another great able from ascend viral that summarizes nicely how attend they warm up plan should look like. Feel free to pause the video here right now to take a look at the table if you wish, I will continue to our next tip and that would be don't automate the whole day, as mentioned several times already, if you opt in for automation, you want to replicate the actual human behavior as close as possible. That means don't setup your software to work 24 hours because no human could preform Instagram activities for 24 hours, just as human rest and go to sleep for eight hours every night, lived at time free for your account as well to rest. Furthermore, choose to take some days off completely to don't follow or like anything that they just come back some other day. And in addition, you can make a distinction between the days. So sum should be lighter with fewer interactions and some can have more activities. Bottom-line, just keep it as natural as possible. And finally, don't automate with large accounts using follow-on follow methods and generic commenting. When you have a large account are above all, not recommended. If your account is overlays. If 50 thousand followers simply avoid automation completely, even if it helped you get there. Because when you reach that size, there is so much risk involved and simply not enough reward for you to get engaged in some great had methods. I would say instead focus on the content and other strategies we mentioned earlier for large size accounts. The takeaway of this lecture is whatever you decide to do here, keep in mind that automated or artificial interactions simply never be as good as human or manual. One's human judgment plays a huge role in determining who to follow, what to like, what and where to comment and so on. And so for therefore, really be careful with this. And as I said, think twice before you decide. Thank you once again for your attention and I'm looking forward to seeing you in our next and final video of this class. 7. Automation & the Mother child method explained: Welcome back everyone. In this final video, we will be talking about the process of automation and the mother-child method. Let's start with the automation, even though we already spent a few words on it in the previous lecture. So Instagram automation is essentially the use of a third party software to replicate human behavior on the account. In other words, to Manage Account, carry out tasks, and interact with users without a human presence. So that's the most important part. Automation on Instagram has become increasingly difficult over the years. For example, it's used to allow users to safely preform over 700 followings and even over one hundred, five hundred likes per day. If you tried to go with those numbers today, I can safely say that you're most likely get restricted in some form in the matter of days or weeks. And if you further try to push those limits, you can get extra band or a long-term restriction. So I would generally advise against using automation in any sense, if you value your account, especially if it has already reached a certain size. However, if you decide to automate its best to simulate normal human activity as closely as possible. Instagram algorithms are well-trained and they have a pretty good sense of what is normal human behavior linear, that everything that seems artificial can raise a red flag immediately. I met people who got their accounts, or 50, or 100 thousand followers removed because the mation they used at some point. Believe me, it's a high price to pay. And don't think that you are on the safe ground. If you have a big size account, Instagram is no stranger to banning accounts with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, the size of your account will not protect you. Now, I would like to draw your attention to the second topic of this lecture, which is one interesting method that is quite common with big players to protect their largest accounts and dismembered might help you understand how some accounts managed to sneak paths those tide Instagram restrictions. This method is called the mother-child mattered, and it's by far the best one if you want to avoid accounts compromised messages for your main accounts. But it also requires a lot of patience and time. Here's what it is and how it works. In a nutshell, it is the idea of using many supportive Instagram accounts called charge slave ones to promote one targeted Instagram account, that is the mother account. The ratio can be from five to 100 child accounts for one mother account. The goal of the mother-child Instagram growth method is to keep them mother accounts safe from the constantly changing Instagram algorithm. Here are the three basic steps on how it works. For the first step, you will want to add the mother account in the bio of all your child accounts, although you don't want to do with the same day. In addition, you want all your child accounts bios to be at least a little bit different so they cannot be linked together. And also when doing this mattered, you want to remember and do everything so that your child accounts cannot be linked together. That means different posts, different descriptions, different bios, different messages. This is called the Live in Stein's distance, which actually measures the difference between two sequences. In the second step, you prefer the 12 punch and grow all your child accounts. You need to make sure that you are targeting the users that are indonesia of your mother or main account. While doing this, bear in mind the limitations that apply for following and liking. And in the third step, you send the private messages from all your child accounts to your followers saying they should follow the mother's account. It definitely should not be a generic message saying, hey, follow that account to get more content or something, you really need to make it persuasive and tempting. Keep in mind that Instagram is also pushing hard on this method since it started blocking many child accounts and therefore hurting the mother counts as well. You can imagine the loss that you get once your child accounts gets banned or even like your mother account for all the effort that you put into that I would like to close here with the current action limits. As we mentioned earlier in this course, currently the safe ground is to make approximately 200 follow actions for a 100 likes and 50 comments per day. And remember, if you're automating this actions, you should spread it over several hours. It is also suggested two separate actions completely and not before them simultaneously. In other words, that means spreading actions like six straight hours of gradual following than six straight hours of gradual unfollowing. And then wanted to overs of liking the pose of the accounts that you followed earlier. And of course, leave the time for account to rise as we discussed previously. To finish off, I'll say be unique. Don't do repetitive patterns, and also just keep testing and learning more about what works best for you. That is the takeaway message for the overall class. Enormous thanks for watching this class and I hope to see you in some of the other ones as well.