Growth Hacking & Increasing Your Business Cash-Flow Fast! | Jackie Burgoa, MBA, MSF | Skillshare

Growth Hacking & Increasing Your Business Cash-Flow Fast!

Jackie Burgoa, MBA, MSF, Business Strategist, Digital Marketer, Growth Hack

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34 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Keyword "Digital Marketing"

    • 2. Keyword "Growth Marketing"

    • 3. Keyword "Sales Funnel"

    • 4. Keyword "Growth Hacking"

    • 5. One Day Income Proof With Sales Sources

    • 6. Welcome To My Course

    • 7. What Exactly Is Growth Hacking!

    • 8. Grab Your Free 2016 Holiday Sales Funnel Toolkit ($4000 Value)

    • 9. Watch Me Grow Hack My Own Product!

    • 10. Cash Flow First --> Growth Second

    • 11. 19 Ways To Grow Your Business Fast!

    • 12. Keep, ditch, keep, keep, ditch...

    • 13. What Exactly Are We Trying To Accomplish Here?

    • 14. #1: Existing Platforms

    • 15. #2: Affiliate Programs

    • 16. #3: Public Relations

    • 17. #4: Viral Marketing

    • 18. #5: Community Building

    • 19. #6: Unconventional PR

    • 20. #7: Offline Events

    • 21. #8: SEO

    • 22. #9: Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search)

    • 23. #10: Engineering as Marketing

    • 24. #11: eMail Marketing

    • 25. #12: Business Development

    • 26. #13: Targetting Blogs Your Customers Read

    • 27. #14: Content Marketing

    • 28. #15: Sales

    • 29. #16: Social & Display Ads

    • 30. #17: Speaking Engagements

    • 31. #18: Offline Ads

    • 32. #19: Trade Shows

    • 33. Yepeee! We Are Growth Hackers Now.

    • 34. FREE Sales Funnel Access


About This Class


COURSE: November, 2015


Come with me on a journey to growth hacking your company's!

In this course, I will teach you how to hack your business initial cash-flow and customer acquisition by the truckloads. This is important because it will give you the peace of mind of having cash coming in - to cover your daily expenses - so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a professional, an existing business owner or simply thinking on starting a new business, you are forced to grapple with an every-increasing amount of competition and technology transformation. In fact, according to the SBA 2/3 of US businesses quietly cease to exist before they reach 10 years of existence. This means that most small businesses generate cash-flow for an owner and his or her family for some period of years and then quietly close.

Anyone can build a successful business

This course is about improving your chances of building a profitable and successful business faster and effectively. We go far beyond the kinds of "growth hacking" (or “how to” gurus) you may have been exposed to, by diving into an actual real live case study that shows in real time the progress of generating cash-flow fast. This course works as a) a summary of those steps taken and b) you get the step-by-step growth hacking traction channels used to generate cash-flow in less than 1 month (with worksheets and everything needed to get you stated)

How I'll teach you to growth hack your business:

The sad irony is that in order to build a successful business in the past, you had to have lots of money, borrow heavily or have access to investors. Or, you had to invest hundreds of dollars and hours attending an MBA program to understand all the moving parts of running a business, or wing it trying to figure out how to make your business successful. I spent 18 years of my life doing exactly that.

Fortunately, I already made all the mistakes. I have two master’s degrees, one in Business and one in Finance. I have built a business from scratch. That is correct, I started my first business from my bedroom. My kitchen table was my "telemarketing department” and my closet was my “support department.” I grew this business to be the top 10 in the country in my industry. I used it as my guinea pig to see what worked and what didn’t ... and boy, do I have the scars to show you what didn’t work!

I've designed a course based heavily on a real business I am building as we speak. One thing I noticed about “gurus” is that they all show you the “how” but none of them show you a live case study. Anyone can teach you the how, all you have to do is read a couple of books and regurgitate the information. Showing you the “howLIVE is an entirely different story. You see the good, the bad and the ugly. You learn how to iterate or pivot. You have something to emulate without taking massive risks or trying to figure out the next steps on your own.

This 5-section course series does not contain any flashy graphics or fancy videos. It shows simple screenshots or screencasts of the case study as we progress; presented in video-lectures and a great deal of worksheets and exercises. It won't be easy - but if you put in the work, you will massively increase your chances of success.

In addition to the lectures, there is an additional 4-set sales funnel, worth over $1,000 each. You can access them from the bonus section. These are ready to be implemented for complete holiday sales campaigns. All you have to do is tweak the text, links and images/videos and you are good to go. In future courses, I will teach you how to run these sales campaigns.

Every minute you delay is actually COSTING your business money....

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