Growth Hacking Guide for Business Development Chapter 1 | Harish Vepuri | Skillshare

Growth Hacking Guide for Business Development Chapter 1

Harish Vepuri, Passionate Teacher & Motivator

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3 Videos (23m)
    • Growth Hacking Introduction

    • Growth Hacks ( 1 - 5) FINAL

    • Growth Hacks ( 6-10 ) Final


About This Class

You will learn top 10 Growth Hacks in this class






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Harish Vepuri

Passionate Teacher & Motivator

Hi I am Harish Vepuri .

I 'm passionate about teaching.

I 'm an educator , business consultant , much sought-after speaker and successful entrepreneur. I wears many hats.

I inspires and informs people , helping them to realize their true potential.

Earlier I have trained hundred's and hundred's of students.

I want to take my dynamic personal messages to opposite sides of the globe,from US to Singapore and to South Asian Countries.

My common sense appr...

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