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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction - How to Grow on Twitch

    • 2. Setting a Schedule

    • 3. Providing Value to your Audience

    • 4. Networking with other Streamers

    • 5. What games to play

    • 6. Interacting with your Viewers

    • 7. What Equipment You Should Use

    • 8. Social Media Content Farm

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About This Class

In this class I discuss how to grow and develop your Twitch following. 

I go over on what games to play, networking with streamers, what equipment you need, how often to stream, when to focus on engaging with your audience and much more.

Meet Your Teacher

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Introduction - How to Grow on Twitch: Hello and welcome to my class. How to grow on Twitch. My name's John Valentine, and today I will be talking about bill tips and tricks and strategies you can deploy in order to grow your channel on twitch TV. As you can see on screen the course headline today, I will talk about setting schedule, providing value to the audience networking, what kind of games you need to play, what kind of category You should probably focus on how to engage with the audience, what equipment you need in order to have successful stream and, of course, running social media. So, as you can see on the side here, you can select the videos of these different units if you just want to. We watch or watched one of these or just focus on specific topics. But other than that, enjoy the course. 2. Setting a Schedule: so the first topic is setting a schedule. When you start streaming, what you want to do is have a schedule and stick to it. That is key in growing with twitch and growing a consistent basis. Because you really want to stay consistent with your time in your daily life stream. Pick a time, you know, Let's say every Sunday at 8 p.m. Yes, to you start screaming, streaming for four hours or something like that just to have something that people look forward to. The audience should get familiar with your consistent schedule if you just go alive whenever you feel like it. There's always irregular activities, and different people might June into different stream, and that might be have full every now and then. You should definitely switch up your streaming time every now and then see which works best . Maybe you get more reviews in the morning or at night and so on. But generally you should set a schedule and stick to it. You know, determine the number of times you want to stream per week and around the hours, the hours you can always switch around. But the starting time is very important as you start to build your community, you want people to look, Some have something to look forward to, just as when people come home from work and at 8 p.m. They watch movies on TV. Maybe they should watch your stream instead. So, you know, every Thursday night they kind of come home from work. You start streaming at six PM they're gonna look forward to that. So I have something that they you know no you for, and that they have in their mind as when you're going live. So they're also always know when to tune in, and maybe they just think of it randomly. Oh, he string right now, let me check in what he's doing. So having a consistent schedule is key in building a audience that cares and reliability of that community where people can consistently come back to you and consistently engage with the same audience over and over to create fans and audience that cares about you as a content creator. 3. Providing Value to your Audience: So when it comes to the second Yoon here, providing value now providing value is really a big part in the twitch community. And in your twitch channel basically means considering what your X factor is. You really want to think about what makes you unique? A. So you can probably tell into which there is the hundreds and hundreds of streamers. A lot of them are doing the same thing, and that's what just doesn't set them apart. So you really have to think about what sets you apart in what way you could provide value. Is it because you're incredible at the game and people are gonna want you for the amazing gameplay? Is it because why do you play games? You have your personality and you have absolutely entertainment entertaining personality that just makes people laugh every five minutes. Do you have a special incident? Games? Let's say you're a game developer. Maybe you've reviewed games or live on twitch as they come out and stuff like that. There's really a whole different area in ways that you can participate in twitch community and start provide value before you start. I would say, you know, try to determine what it is that sets you apart. Of course, you can just start street streaming and see what happens. But you really should focus on what is going to set you apart from the 200 other people who also just having a face camp playing call of duty or legal engines or whatever it is that you dio. So, you know, maybe while you're playing games you talk to other streamers are widely, you know, talking about games. You talk about the gaming industry and stuff like that. So it is a whole different, a range of things that you can do in order to provide value. Um, so what you really need to focus on is your X factor and then exploding that talent that you have in order to push maximum viewership in order to push your personality and that factor that really makes you unique in order to draw people in. Because, like I said, it's you know, I won't say too saturated, but there's definitely a lot of people that are doing the same thing. If you just sit in there and playing games, it can definitely do something. Don't get me wrong. There's enough people who also successful doing similar things. But what you want to do when you provide value is really focusing on what you bring to the onions and what you bring for them. Another just a little detail here, as well as having a visually appealing channel. So there's really a lot of things that you want to dio just a pro tip when you want a visually appealing channel. If you don't really are good at creating graphics and stuff like that, you could go to websites like five or artwork. And for just a little money, like 5 to $10 you can get some great graphics in order to have a very clean outlook on your channel. So, yeah, just when you provide value, think of what you're expect, er is and what makes you unique and really try to focus on that and expanding that when you grow your twist 4. Networking with other Streamers: So when it comes to networking, networking is quite important in twitch, and it can really help you grow, especially when you're smaller Channel s. What we mean about networking is you want to visit smaller channels and just start a conversation. If you go to a channel, it has 10 live viewers or something like that. You're obviously going to get hurt in the chat room. You know, they're gonna acknowledge you, they're going to see you. And if you consistently do that, you're going to start to build connections and start to bit channels. And as day grow and as you grow, you can grow together. You can have networks. You can have connections that will also help you in the long run. So let's say you have somebody that has 10 live years and you go in there and start a conversation. Maybe when you go alive, they do the same thing and they come to you and then they join your life stream and start chatting. And so if you do that once or twice a day or even up to five times a day, you know you just go into three or five channels a day Stay there for 10. 15 men stay hellos engaged with the, you know, gameplay with the content with the creator. Whatever it ISS and start a conversation. You know, after 10 days, you may have 50 60 people that know your name because you consistently come into the stream . And so of the 60 people, maybe 20 or 30 Also check out your stream and next thing you know, you have, you know, 10 more of years 20 more viewers 30 move yours on a weekly or daily basis. So it's really a great tip that you should keep in mind when you want to grow your channel A because, as I said, it grows your audience, but be it also helps you connect to other streamers because you never know. Maybe they may be growing even faster than you, or they may be growing as fast as you. The next thing you know, you both have 1000 viewers, and if you collaborate, that can also help you both. So networking and connecting with other channels, especially the same size as you, is a great way to grow into which and a great way to connect with new people. Obviously, it's gonna be harder if you want to go in the stream with, you know, 1000 viewers. They're most likely not gonna listen to somebody who only has five life views. So focus on smaller channels and focus on people that either your size or smaller that can really help you grow in this area. So that also means playing with other stream is so if you have like, let's say, 100 live years, try to find somebody with nine of years that plays the same game. Just ask if you want to play together. Then they're 19 years, they're going to see you and your 100 years are going to see them. Next thing you know, you both have 150 121 180. Whatever is viewers just because you played together and the other stream knows your name, eso and in general, really just stay active in the community and try to get your name out there so that in war people really see you. Another tip you can do is hosting other streams that, you know, enables people to instantly like you because, honestly, who doesn't like their stream being hosted on another side for new viewers to be seen, a similar to the network interest gets. You name it there and it makes people like you because like I said, if you have, let's say 200 viewers and there's somebody with 120 viewers and then you host them and 250 viewers go over to them, they're going to really be really grateful for you and in the future that might do the same for you. So as they grow, they can host you or even if they don't grow. But they're about the same size. That's just new viewers. It'll see you. It s so this is a really great cycle and interacting with new people and especially not just audience but also with other streamers can really help you grow so similar to hosting other streams. Rating streams is very similar and another last thing is you might want to attend to which events That, of course, can help you just sort of really get involved in the community and take part in some of the you know, I rehl stuff with people and actually going one on one, maybe you could meet up with other streamers and friends that you've made on the site. Of course, this is going to be way more impactful. The bigger your, um, with five years, probably no one's gonna recognize you. But I think you know when I'm trying to say here, if you really just start to get involved in the conventions, events and therefore community, it can definitely help you get your name out there, get your brand out there and just stay active. And so So, yeah, let's move on to the next category. 5. What games to play: you know, a question that I always get is what is the best game to play and what is the best category to select when going live? And obviously there is a multitude of reasons you can use for any game or any category. One of the main reasons, obviously, is play the games you're good at. You know, if you're in absolute, be set a certain game, people are gonna take notice for that game plan and obviously, play games you enjoys. Well, while I can be funny to see someone range, you don't want to see that on a consistent basis. So if you're horrible at a game, nobody was going to really watch. Unless you're especially entertaining and your personality and the gameplay doesn't matter that much, it's just sort of like a vehicle for your content. But other than that, you can really should really try out different games. Mix it up a swell, obviously play the games you're good at. But you know you can drive a horror game every once in a while if you're more of an FBS player or something like that. So there's really no direct answer. You can really choose whatever gave me one. Obviously, if there's a new hyped game that come out that comes out, you're gonna want to jump on that and try to try it out, because people are going to select that category. When they go on the twitch browsing category, they're going to see the most popular game at the top, click on it and maybe find you. So there's always, you know, rule for trying out new stuff and so on. Um, like I said before having a successful twitches, you know, combination between personality and entertainment, but also gameplay. For some people, the game play or the game matters more than for others, depending on what you're really doing, if you're more focused on sort of entertainment and so on and your personality and the gameplay. Obviously love matters less than if you're somebody like shroud that is just completely focused on the game play because they're extremely good at the game. So, like I said, try out different things. Maybe there is a niche that you don't even know about people like you playing a certain game because you know you react. Let's say you play horror game and you just have great reactions. People love that. Um, you don't even like over games, but you get Ah, I knew a great reaction. And then you start to learn and to love the horror games just because it's a great experience that because you didn't think you would like them. So there's really a great you know, range and area of reasons you can use for many different games. So my suggestion justice to mix it up, find games that you like. I also try to mix it up just in general, even if there is a successful game that you could at You don't want to be known for just one specific game, because then you're going to get put in the box with people you know, only watch if you're playing that game or someone. But try to sort of build a channel of people care more about you than actually game, because that's gonna help you become more engaged and more, you know, regaled with the results, and it's gonna help you create a community that cares more about you rather than just a game that you're playing or rather than the gameplay. So really try to mix it up and just try to find, you know, different games and categories. Did you like 6. Interacting with your Viewers: So, of course, one of the most important parts of X successful trip steam is interacted with your viewers . You know you're gonna want to keep an eye on your chat at all times and keep talking to your streaming viewers. If you've been in Twitter site yourself, it always feels good when you creator acknowledges you read your question, maybe laughs at your funny comment or so on. So that's the way you create a community that cares about you. Because if you care about your followers, they're going to care about you, you know, especially if you're a smaller channel. If you have, you know, 50 viewers and there's 5 to 10 people chatting in your chat room, and if you ignore them, then they're just going to leave because they just don't feel like they're being cared about. So really interact with your viewers will answer the questions, comment on their comments and whatever. So you really want to interact with them and just be engaging at all times And, of course, don't get to talk to your stream. You know, sometimes if you watch some of these stream is especially smaller ones, you could see that Sometimes you get so focused on the game and so invested that they forget that they're in camera. And don't don't say anything for five minutes at a time. Um, so really, Don't forget that you're there to entertain. You know you're there to engage with the viewers and this dream. So what you could do, of course. Also, it's like months like the mob pot that and you know, manages your chats and your stream and so on, because the bigger you get, the more people are going to come in and obviously maybe say some things that you don't like and so on. So just try to dislike months as well. Keep your chat in order. Keep your chat, entertaining and engaging at all times. You know, ask questions as well from yourself. You know? Asked him, You know, when you start the stream asking about the day people love talking to creators and love interacting? Asked him what they'd done. Asked him what the games they've been playing. Just get the audience involved, Really? So don't just, you know, sit there, read the chat and let them do the work and answer the questions. But to get them involved herself. Answer questions of Sorry, ask questions, you know, just, you know, to entertain them and but also engage with them just really asked him about the day or whatever it is they've been doing to get the audience involved from yourself. So don't just rely on them to do the have lifting for you. 7. What Equipment You Should Use: Another important question that I get is what equipment do we need to do? I need a $5000 computer in order to stream. The question is yes and no, of course you don't want to use the right equipment. And quality at a certain point doesn't make a difference. But you have to keep a relative to what you're doing. You know, if you're just starting out with five viewers and stuff like that, you don't need to spend $10,000 on a computer if you can't afford it. So don't feel pressure to do something where you think I always need to hide and equipment . Otherwise, I can't start my stream or otherwise. I can't do anything. There's people streaming just off their smartphone, just life starring on ire. L. So, of course, as you grow and as you get bigger, you gonna want to keep and proving your quality, and you know the quality of your equipment. But especially in the beginning, don't feel too pressured to use just high end equipment and think, because I don't have that $2000 camera, I'm not gonna be able to stream use what you have at your disposal don't feel to pressure to do anything more and improve as you go. That's the best that I could give because there's been a lot of small stirrings and just YouTubers and content creators in general that start a very small and you'd be surprised at what equipment they use, even when people are bigger. Now, Um, of course, if you're one of the top creators, you can afford to get a great big cameras and, you know, computer Reagan so on. But if you have a decent computer, if you have a decent camera, if you have a decent smartphone or whatever it is you need, it's definitely going to be enough to get started and get your stream off the ground. Because one of the most important thing is just getting started, because if it's, you know, watchable, unless it's completely pixelated and lagging and so on, it's not just watchable, but if it's watchable, there's no reason to feel pressured to do anything more at the moment. If you can't do that, so just start off. And if you can watch your streaking without completely lacking out or anything like that, then you're good to go, and you can just start there and improve as you go 8. Social Media Content Farm: So one of the most important parts. I think about building a community about content as you move along the which world is creating a social media content form. So if you really want to be a successful streamer and content creator and life steamer, what you want to do is tap into a lot of other social media as well. So, for example, if you have a Twitter, no tap into current discussions. If there's things going on in the twitch community, you can comment on tweets going comment on other people's posed. If they're going to see your name, your name is going to get recognized. If they see Human twitch, they might press on a tweet. When you're stream stories. Obviously you're gonna wanna tell as many people as you want. People can follow your Twitter to stay current on your updates and stuff like that. And even on Twitter, you composed clips and funny moments. You know if there's like a 22nd mishap that happened on your stream. People think it's funny and might go viral on Twitter, and more people are going to go to your stream. So what? Twitter is a great great platform to use as a streamer on. And one of the most important things, as I said before, is tapping into current discussions. You know, if there's drama going on, you can leave your, um, opinion. If there is just news coming, Allen's. If there is no change to the platform, you can give your opinions. People really like hearing about other people's opinions, even though it may not seem like it. Sometimes just getting engaged in the community is a great way to get your name out there and get your brand recognized. Of course, if you do it to a certain extent and in a positive wait, you know, not negative way, get some bad press. But at the end of the day, what you want to do is just be engaged in Twitter is a great way to do that. And another thing is, of course, YouTube. What you definitely want to do is post highlights post compilations of things you can do stream highlights or you can even upload. Sometimes you full stream of people like to see that, but what you definitely want to do is having compilations. You know, funny moments. Let's say there's a game of call of duty that you win. That's 20 minutes long. You can take that, you know, cut it and upload it to YouTube. And people are gonna watch that content and might even kun into lie instrument some points . But there's also a lot of people that just watch YouTube content, even though it's all just bits taken from live streams. So there's a whole different content farm and cycle that you can create with life streaming and YouTube. And there's endless possibilities. You could do funny moments. You can do compilations like best of April 2020 moments on twitch and stuff like that. So there's really endless opportunities. You can use YouTube to grow your brand, grow your content and grow your life stream at the end of the day. And that's a great thing is discord. Creating a discord community in Discord Group can really help you create that strong sense of the long nous and, you know, community within your fan base. It helps you maintain a relationship with your viewers. It keeps you updated and it keeps people interested. You know, if you have, let's say 500 viewers and there's a bunch of people in discord, like 200 people in a discord, 100 people in a discord. They're going to get more invested into your group, the more this time they spend on it. So, you know, you come to have new discussions, you can have discussions about current events. You can have discussion about games and whatever. There's really endless opportunities you can have in discord as you build a community with fans that care about you, your brand and your community and a lot of the times Discord doesn't while it revolves around your brand, really helps viewers connect with other viewers as well. And using that, then they both care about you as a brand and care about you as a middle man of them Connect being connected. So it's really great way to build a little community and very similar to discord is read it , um, you could have group discussions, you know, pulls means and stuff like that where people can just post a lot of things about you and post. You know, it's just stuff that centers around your life stream and gets people involved, gets people to care about it. So read It is, of course, a little bit more passive than discord, as discord is kind of like a live chat, while it does have different groups, um, the content does get pushed back. As time goes on, read it is a little more passive where you can see things you know throughout the day and so on. Um so both of them are definitely great ways to build a community and build people that care about you, your brand and your group of viewers. So all these are definitely things that you should consider and definitely do. Once you start your career as a twitch Last rumor, because it just helps you create that cycle of people caring about you seeing your brand and getting your name out there. Which is, of course, the main thing. So this has been it for this class. I hope you learned a lot on how to grow and twitch. These have been some tips. If you want to Seymour of this content related to twitch or anything, check out my channel, have a bunch of videos related to digital marketing to Facebook, you know, talk and all that kind of stuff. So make sure you checked it out. Leave your comments in the comments below for me too. Questions anything like that. You can all leave them in the comments below. And I get to those other than that. Check out on my channel to see more of this kind of content. And maybe you can leave suggestions in the comments of what you want to see in the future. So thank you very much for joining me today. I have been drawn down time and I will see you accept.