Growing your Channel on YouTube 2021 | ULTIMATE GUIDE | John Valentine | Skillshare

Growing your Channel on YouTube 2021 | ULTIMATE GUIDE

John Valentine, Digital Marketing, TikTok Expert

Growing your Channel on YouTube 2021 | ULTIMATE GUIDE

John Valentine, Digital Marketing, TikTok Expert

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14 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction - How to Grow on YouTube

    • 2. Watch Time

    • 3. Session Watching Time

    • 4. Audience Retention

    • 5. Other View Sources

    • 6. Improving Click Through Rate (CTR)

    • 7. Video Engagement

    • 8. Niche

    • 9. Using your Success

    • 10. Utilizing Trends

    • 11. Collaborations

    • 12. Branding

    • 13. Content Strategy

    • 14. Final Thoughts - Conclusion

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About This Class

In this course I talk about how to grow on YouTube in 2021. Youtube, like many social media networks is an ever evolving platform. The YouTube algorithm and many other features are the key to unlocking your potential on YouTube. Join me today in this course in order to hear em talk and explain all these things and go into detail on how to actually grow your channel. I will be talking about audience retention, session watch time, audience watch time, branding, collaborations, video engagement factors and much more. 

Meet Your Teacher

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, TikTok Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Introduction - How to Grow on YouTube: Hello and welcome. My name is John downtime. And in this course, we'll be talking about how to grow your YouTube channel in 2021. This is going to be a full course, the ultimate guide and a full master class on how to grow your channel. I'll be talking about a variety of topics and all different tips and tricks in order to maximize your potential on YouTube. So as you can see on the screen right now, and do you Table of Contents. First of all, I'm gonna talk about watch time. Then I'm going to be talking about sessions, audience retention, how to improve that and so on. I'm going to talk about other viewed sources improving your click-through rate or CTR. Then I'm gonna talk about upload schedule and content creation. Next, I'm going to be talking about video engagement, research and discovery your niche, how to use your success, utilizing trends, collaborations on YouTube, your personal branding, and of course, last but not least, your content strategy when it comes to publishing on YouTube. So these are going to be all the things that we'll be talking about. Feel free to click around in the videos. As you can see, these are all different units and videos. So feel free to click around if there's only specific ones that you want to watch. But other than that, makes sure to of course wash tall thing. That way you will get all the information and end the end. I'll be given a sort of summary and conclusion at some final tips and tricks. So make sure to watch it all the way through. But other than that, I thank you for joining me today and let's get straight into it. 2. Watch Time: So going into the first unit, I will be talking about a watch time. Now, lunchtime is definitely one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking your YouTube channel on the algorithm and just your video in general. What you want to do in order to get more views, get it pushed further in the algorithm is improve you watch time. Now, how do you do that? Well, you wanna do longer videos that keep people watching. Basically what you wanna do. It seems basic, but that's basically how it goes. You want to keep people on your video as long as possible. Because YouTube's goal is to keep people on the site as much as possible. So if you helped facilitate that, then they are going to reward you by pushing videos. Because people, because YouTube's going to think, okay, people like watching this video, more public gonna watch Video, meaning people who are going to spend more time on that site because of your video. So it's going to get rewarded in a sense. So what you wanna do, of course, is basically improve your watch time as much as possible through whatever you wanna do editing music cuts, jump cuts. Basically keep an engaging video in order to keep your viewers attention from start to finish. And therefore, I watch time pushes the video on the algorithm. What you can do is make videos ten minutes. First of all, that's going to help just with overall watch time. Not just the average watch time as an avid measure, but just the Overwatch that total watch time minutes, the number of minutes is also counted. And so obviously if you have longer videos and just an added bonus, if you ever made IT videos longer than ten minutes, you can do more ads. And that sends because people get pushed more and there will be more ads on a ten minute video. But if you just want to grow it, of course not counting just revenue in that sense, just d watch time is very, very important. That total number of minutes is very important when it comes to the algorithm. Another example is nowadays people are doing wait longer videos as move maybe noticed in the previous year is it's always been five to ten minute videos. People want quick sort of satisfaction when it comes to the videos, especially when it comes to gaming. But the trend has been, if you look at the gaming sector nowadays, the most popular videos, especially on trending there, 20 minutes, 25 minutes video as long. So those longer videos also help facilitate the number of watch time just because it's a longer video. You know, if ten people watch your five minute video, that's 50 minutes. But if ten people watch a 15-minute video, you can do the math. It's almost triple that. It's basically treble that so just the total number of watch time is definitely important when it comes to the algorithm and when it comes to pushing videos. 3. Session Watching Time: Now the next topic will be increasing your session. Watch town. Now by the way, I do have a video coming out soon that will detail all of these are ranking factors in a very detailed fashion or talk more about what they actually are and how are they measured. But a quick summary, basically a session watch time is the collection of time that people spend on your channel and spend watching your videos combined. And so basically what you wanna do in increasing session watch And as you want to drive people to watch more videos in one session, basically binge-watching if you're familiar with that. So of course we don't want if they see one video that they might be interested in in the next video, and then we'll end up watching ten videos. So watching multiple videos for convincing your videos to them again, first of all, so for example, if you do have some new channel that you watched three videos, if you then just go on and go on your homepage, their videos will be recommended to you because YouTube thinks that's what you like. And of course it is because seemingly you've watched a couple of videos of them. So you might see in other ones. So that'll help your videos get seen by more people because it will get recommended to them if they've seen one or two videos. And so their recommendation causes more views and more chance to subscribe, of course. So the session watch time and descends is also very important. So how do you do this? Well, you promote other videos in one video is a first example. For example, if you have a, let's say you have a gaming video on Minecraft at the end you can say If you like this video, I have a very similar video that came out two days ago to check out this video, that's a great way to do that. You can promote other videos in one video. The next tip would be to use cards and n screens at MTV videos. I'm sure you've seen it before or are you familiar with the feature is selves. It's basically where you can feature videos from yourself. And so at the end, last five seconds or whatever it is, you can set. The last type is excellent. For example, you can be having cards where videos from your past videos will get recommended so people can just automatically click on them. The next tip would be to create and link playlist. So having playlist will help people continue watching this same kind of videos. And also if they've autoplay enabled, then it will just continuous play them. And if they click on the video that the playlist himself, the whole playlist won't just line up in autoplay as well. So for example, if you have a tutorial section, if you have a tutorial on how to create music, then you can create a playlist on how to make beats, a playlist on how to create vocals and playlist on whatever it is that you need to do. So creating these playlist with multiple videos and then we'll help. First of all, people find videos that are similar or, and connect to that topic and of course helped facilitate that increased session watch time. Now, and another small tip would be to pin your own comments and promote your links and your videos on other videos, for example, let's say you have one video does really well, that does a lot of views. Then you can go on that video and pin and comment and say If you liked this video, then you should really check out this video. So you can just pin your own comment and it will be displayed at the very top of the common section. Therefore, there will be extra exposure and it will also help people find similar videos as well. So basically the whole trick of this to increase session watch time is to sort of promote similar videos in one video and just sort of create an ecosystem where people can find those kind of videos. Because if they do watch that video and they like your video, then they're very likely to like a video that's very similar to it. So your mission in the census to sort of create the opportunity for them easily to find videos that are like that by your channel as well. So these are just some tips to do that. Let's move on to the next topic. 4. Audience Retention: Now, the next important measure that you have to consider when you wanted to grow your YouTube channel is audience retention. Now this is very similar to increasing your watch time, but this is basically the measure of how many people actually make it to the end of the video. So this is not a total watch time minutes measure at this as a percentage measure. So let's say you have a 100 people and ADP will stay to the end of the video, then your audience retention would be 80%. So this is a percentage measure of how many people basically click on a video and then watch it towards the end. So to help grow and to help increase the audience retention, what you wanna do is basically gets straight to the point. And you don't want a long intro, you know, 2-3 minute and true, it really turns people off nowadays, people who just want the information quick and fast as for example, especially if it's a tutorial, you don't want to sit down for a minute explaining why you woke up that day. You want to just get straight into it and create a hook that gets people to stay watching the video. I not click off because, you know, if it's something that can be done in 30 seconds, you don't wanna take 18 minutes and do it because nobody's going to sit for that, especially if it looking for a tutorial, but if it's an entertainment video, of course might just skip through the intro and then keep watching. But it can also hurt your chances for getting that higher audience retention. If you have a two-minute long into explaining what you did in this video. Sometimes people like it. For example, a great example would be Nick Marx. He has like a two-minute intro, but people really liked that sort of intro because he used to it, so it doesn't really change that much. But another great example for an audience retention and getting straight to the point would be Mr. beast, if you click on one of his videos, as soon as the video starts, he just gets right into it. He just, you know, you click on the video and says, Hello today, we bought everything in the store, find out what happens next and then they just get right into it. There's no 10-second intro, there's no 22nd talking, there's no one minute intro. Be sure to Like this video and subscribe. Don't do that right at the beginning of the video because it will just turn people off because they're not there. They don't click on the video to hear you say electricity or you can say that at the end or even in the middle or slightly in the beginning. But saying the first thing like that is definitely not the way to get straight to the point you want to get straight into why people actually clicked on the video now and just some other tips would be to create jump cuts. You know, instead of having six minute long, boring BUS sites, footage you can just do jump cuts, gets straight to the information, make it easily digestible. Another great idea would be be rolling, you know, instead of just having a camera on you and just a static background or whatever it is, you can have some B-roll like I have, for example, just creating some more engaging video, just creating something more exciting. And then this same picture and assimilates and we'll do that. And you might want to have some movement and Cameron changes. Of course, depending on the kind of video you want to do. But just having not ten minutes looking straight into the camera, eyes forward, no movement, no camera changes can get tiring. So remember to kind of try and switch it up, even if you talk to the camera straight on, just switch location. So you know, let's say you record the first two minutes of your video in your bedroom and then you go to your office or you go to your living room, you will do bathroom, whatever it is, kind of switch up locations, even that makes it a little bit more exciting than just sitting on your bed and recording ten months of straight video, whatever it is. And another great idea would be to not slightly, slowly sign off. You know, if you have a 32nd of thank you so much for this and this, and this, of course, it's a great idea to do it, but do it quickly. Haven't. Abrupt painting. People should nontrivially to have, for example, a full-screen and they're not looking at the bar. They should be surprised that the video's ended. Of course. Rsa also depends on what kind of video it is. But for the most part, slowly assigning office and not really a great idea to keep your audience retention. And of course, just as always, I put good quality as much as you can. This of course, depends on how much equipment you can afford and how much you can do it. So don't stress too much about that. But obviously if you click on it and it's 4K hyper-realistic, then people are going to be taken aback at how good the quality is compared to a 2006 webcams. So just keep that in mind. But no, having like a smartphone quality is definitely good enough nowadays. So don't worry about that too much. And the second one would be to check your stats, check your statistics, study your audience retention data, and change your VDS accordingly. You know, let's say you have gaming videos that haven't intro of two minutes and you see that your audience retention really suffers if you have those interests and maybe we should change that. Or maybe you have tutorial videos where you first give examples where you first do this, you first do this, study those audience retention data, and then compare him to what kind of videos you have. You know, if you have one video that has a lot of background music and all of a sudden that has a way higher retention then you'd just talking for example, then maybe you should adequate background music. You can sort of look at your attention, look at your, not even just your honest retention, but just the overall video data and compare to your most successful videos, to your least successful VDS. And you will find a pattern. You will find something that you will be able to improve or change if you fully study your data. When you have, of course, some views going and see what works and what doesn't. And another point would be to watch till the end bonus. For example, I'm sure you've seen a lot of YouTubers started by having this sort of introduce a little bit intro and then say, and make sure to check around, stay around until the end of the video where it tells you exactly how to do this or exactly where to do this, or exactly how this happens and so on. So this would be called a watch till the end bonus, basically where you give them reason to launch towards the end, you know, or do something like make sure to look at the last ten seconds to make sure how this painting turned down. So that would be a walk tilde n bonus, which of course causes your videos to either skip to the end or just watching towards the end because they want to find out what happens or what they get or whatever it is. And another point would be also for cards that's just sort of milligram. And of course at the end you can have some cards. People sort of stick around and see what kind of videos you have. But that is just a small point. But as I said, these are the most important things. Definitely one of the most important things I would say is to get straight to the point and have jump cuts, have engaging videos, and not just very static, slow paced videos because nowadays people want information fast. So that's what you have to give them. 5. Other View Sources: Now the next tip to grow your channel and get my views and so on is to use other sources, posted videos and other sources, you know, use all kinds of social media and use Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, et cetera. You can really expand your circle. You don't just have to go and you to upload a video and leave it as is. Obviously this is obvious speaking, if you already have some kind of falling, it's very easy to just post that. But even if you don't have a following, you can use that to even create falling somewhere else. For example, if you have a 500 YouTube video, you can just easily posted on Facebook, no problem. You can even post it on Instagram, IG TV, or you can make it smaller, it posted on rails or get it down a little bit shorter and just upload highlights are funny parts to Instagram and then say no link to full videos and bio on red. And you can definitely find some kind of celebrated that relates to your video. And there's so many sub-brands nowadays, whatever you upload will be relevant in some kind of subreddit. So you can definitely post it on there and saying, OK guys, check this out or even provides evaluating, adding some common saying this and this and this, and people will be more likely to check it out. So that's definitely a great idea to post it on any kind of social media, as well as Twitter is similar to facebook. You can post long-form content as well. So just posted anthem hashtags and so on. Even if you don't have any falling or you think you don't have any falling. Just creating content and posting content on all these channels will help you gain more traction on all of them. And so that's definitely a great idea to just help put it out there. And another point would be to create your own website and improve your SEO so people can find you videos and Google. For example, if you have in any kind of videos and you just create a small website and then you can work on your SEO little bit. And people will be able to find your videos through your website or just through, directly through Google because your SEOs quite well, well done so people can find those two tags, keywords and so on and so does, of course it's a whole nother topic, a SEOs have very complex topic in certain parts. So don't worry about that too much, but posting on social media is definitely a must have for whatever kind of content that you're creating. 6. Improving Click Through Rate (CTR): So the next topic would be to improve the click through rate, or also called CTR and the clickthrough rate, basically put as the measure of people click on your videos after they show up in search, recommended, whatever it is. Basically it's the measure of people and I click on new videos after seeing it. So and that sends your title and thumbnail and will be very important. So this is a measure that you can check out on your Youtube Studio statistically as well as it will show you how many people click on a video after impressions. So impressionist means looking at your video and then click through rate would be actually clicking on a video and watching it. So how to improve your CTR? Well, you can do that by having great custom thumbnails. First of all, of course, if you're new YouTube channel on what you wanna do is get that feature of having custom thumbnails. It'll be way easier and way better. Having no custom thumbnails is a huge handicap. So basically do that right away. And of course what you do is create popping and click worthy thumbnails. It seems basic, but that's basically what you wanna do. You wanna create thumbnails, said it make people want to click. And now there's a whole science behind thumbnails. What you wanna do to get some kind of idea of good thumbnails would be to go on the YouTube training page and then see what, what does well, of course you may not like those videos, but they're thumbnails do well. So you can use that as a model to see what kind of thumbnails do well, and that way you can sort of work on that and do that. And if you want to do that, you can use a bunch of free graphic software out there to do these. You can use Canva, Gim, Inkscape, whatever it is. There's a bunch of different softwares that you can definitely use in order to create these. And you can just sort of play around, maybe learn a little bit on the side, a little bit. Basically save you a bunch of funny if you don't want to hire anybody. But if you do, you can hire a chief designers on sites like fiber. That'll easily, easily create thumbnails for you. $5 a pop or whatever it is. I'm sure you can come to an agreement in which one of these designers, but creating custom thumbnails is huge, huge, huge because it's basically the first thing that people see when they look at your video and they don't see the title first, they don't see you channeling and and, and see the view number. The thumbnail is the biggest and most prominent part of seeing your videos on search recommended or in a channel and whatever it is. So custom thumbnails error, very, very important. And the next step I would do to improve click-through rate would be what I touched on in the previous video. And that would be to audit your own videos on BY audit. I mean, look at them, look what works and what doesn't what videos have used low CTR and what has a high CTR. You may be surprised as to what really works well as well. So don't be shying away from ONE. This won't work at all. But then you look at videos and they have a very high CTR. So basically go through your channel. C12 videos do very well in terms of CTR then, which do poor and then, you know, see to do that to replicate your success and sort of improve some of the videos that don't do that and maybe really work on that. And then of course, replicate your success by using the strategies of the high CTR videos. So avoid low security videos and avoid making those same mistakes where you think those mistakes are. Of course, it's quite hard sometimes to pinpoint exactly on what the point is. Maybe sometimes it's just the video itself. Nobody wants to watch that kind of video. And so your clickthrough rate might not even be very accurate in that sense. You know, you're somebody who might be good to title might be good, but the video topic itself is not very interesting. So it don't worry about that too much as well. But to definitely keep track of your changes as well. That way you can see if what you're testing actually works. Let's say you use a more capital letters unit titles, or use emojis in your tiles. Because some of you high CTR videos having lunches in them, and then you use emojis as well. And then you notice that whenever you, since you put images in your title, you get more, more clicks. So you definitely want to keep track of your changes and see that way and what actually worked and what didn't. And now the third measure, of course, would be video tiles. You wanna see it again seems obvious, but you've wanted to have intriguing title it so you know, you don't wanna have complicated long titles than to take up too much space, too confusing. You want to get very, very easy, fast to read, and no less than 1 second titles that are very easy to read and digestible people see and be like, okay, this is what it's about, and this is a skill that you can learn by studying popular videos as well. Again, go into training page, go into search function and see what videos are doing well and see how they mentioned how they sort of put their titles. And you know, also, of course this changes towards what can engender you have. Gaming videos might be different than, you know, beauty videos or tutorial videos are traveling videos or tech videos. So definitely go in urine Asia and see what kind of videos are doing well. And then use that for inspiration and use that to sort of model after that. So see what works for you and see what works fathers and then see how that does. So make it interesting. You want to tell people what it's about, but still make them want to click, you know, don't make it too obvious when it's about, you know, wanting to list every single thing that happens. First, we did this, this, this, and this. You want to have very interesting videos and tiles where people aren't interested enough to know what it's about, but still intrigued them to know, OK, you have to know what happens in this video. Let me click on it. So of course, this is an art that you learned throughout the years and on YouTube. Again, you can facilitate that growth by going on training and popular videos and see how they modeled that. So that's definitely a very important measure when it comes to growing channel. 7. Video Engagement: Now the next important thing would be video engagement. Now being engagement is also of course, very important, Not as much as audience retention and watched them minutes, but we do engagement is still an important thing that you took a considers when it comes to the algorithm, that engagement helps Recommend videos and worked algorithm. I mean, just think about it logically. If the video has a lot of likes, then YouTube is gonna think people actually like it, which they do. So it's going to push it to more people and push it through the algorithm. And if there's a lot of common center as well, for example, people think, I'll, YouTube will think that it's a video that people want to talk about theirs to discuss. It's important enough for them to spend their time and comment on that video. So of course, a day you're going to push it so you can do that and you can help push your videos through the algorithm. Now, how do you increase engagement? Well, you can do that to a couple of things. First of all, I'm just straight up. You can ask you all to like the video, You know, say things like If you liked this video and give it a like if you enjoyed this, give it a link. If you'd learn something, give it a like and so on. Don't want to be too big of course. Like please, please, please like it but just say straight up, be like, you know, if this video helped you, help me out and give me like, that's pretty much it people will. I'm very likely to give you a leg just because you actually brought it up. Because a lot of times people don't even think about giving likes, you know, people don't handle it, links like it's nothing they'd like it just because they do. But sometimes they might not click on the like button because either they forget or they don't pay attention. And if a human asked them to do it personally, a lot of the times they might even feel obligated to do it, but not in a bad way. It's a good way to support you as a creator and people love to support you. So there you go. Next thing would be to ask for comments. And you can do that through a couple of ways. You can do that through open-ended questions. No, let's say you haven't tutorial, you can say in which one of these tips do you think has been most helpful? Part of the video, if you like the most, you know, link your timestamp and the comment and tell me what you found was the funniest part of this video, which is a favorite character. So and there's a billion questions you can ask. Always make sure to ask one question in a video in order to derive that engagement home. If you want to create a community that actually interacts with your videos and no, put comments and take time another day to put comments because that way you can push the algorithm and B, of course, you also create a more loyal following if people commit to you by commenting and putting alike and so on, they think they will have invested in you, which to include the half because they wasted or not wasted, but they used some of their time to engage with your video, then they're going to be more socially, I'm sort of engaged with an end, more socially invested. So that's a great way to build your community as well. And what you wanted to definitely as replying to comments. First of all, they might replay again. So out of one comment you made two, but you replying and then the third one by them or playing again. So again, first of all, it builds connection to viewers and has that personal connection because you took the time out of your day to engage with them and they might feel special or they might just appreciate you entering them. Or if you have a question, they have a question. You can also answer it that way. And it will also make, maybe even cause him to subscribe because let's say you two editorial away, you didn't explain something to a 100% and they say, I need some more clarification on this. And then you have a comment that perfectly describes a day like, oh great, that's very useful for us for explaining that. Let me subscribe to make sure to watch more videos because you know what you're talking about. So there's a bunch of different ways that you can use that and use that to your advantage and definitely help to a push it through the algorithm, through engagement and be, build your connection to viewers, which in turn will it create more subscribers, more views, likes, and so on and so on. So this is a sort of ecosystem that you want to take advantage of and of course used to advantage to just help people. And of course, again, pushing videos. So that's very important when it comes to video engagement. 8. Niche: Now the next thing that I want to talk about, of course, is also having a niche. Now, having a niche is always very good at when it comes to social media and not just YouTube, but everything in general, you know, tick tock, Instagram and so on. But when it comes to YouTube, niche is very good because YouTube likes to put you at a creator in a box and a genre box. I mean, by that, basically saying you're YouTubers in the beauty category. You're a gamer, you know, you're a tutorial video, you're a travel blogger, your a whatever it escaped border, you're doing mountain mountain bike videos. You do a hands crafts, you know, whatever it is that you do. Youtube likes to put you in a niche box in order to a recommender to other view is and B, of course, to put you in that kind of category that has each of its own rules. And sadly, no CPM is different according to the niches and genres. So YouTube likes to categorize you. So if you have a very sporadic YouTube channel, you know, then it's very hard to do that. You know, if one day you upload finance video, the next day you up like gaming videos, and the day after that you upload mountain biking videos. Unless you're as sort of a personality influencer that is a either already established or establishing yourself through that diversity, then it's always better to have a sort of niche, which I think most people already do because they started YouTube channel with a very specific thing in mind, such as I want to create gaming videos, I wanted to create music production videos. And so, and so that often takes care of itself, but having a niche and sticking to it is very important. Again, YouTube likes to put your channel and a category. And of course, also it helps you focus. You know, it helps you not become distracted like, ooh, my videos on this. Maybe I should try something like this when you actually address them like this, having an issue really helps you focus down on your channel. Create that sort of need for you to create videos in that sense. And so first of all, once you're known, you can run and try new things. You know, if you have a million subscribers and all you do is music production videos, maybe you can branch out and create singing videos or create a little bit a second channel. What you do travel vlogs because people have really like you as a personality. So once you are known and once you established, it's very easy to broaden out and try new things. But once you are building up slowly, I think you should stick to it. So a people know, you're known for something, you know, you're known as the guy who appoints the best mountain biking videos. And then if you start off with gaming videos Day, did so hold different audience people or be like, OK, I do a lot of mountain biking, but I never game. So why should I watch this video? So it's very important to stick to a niche a2, not lose your audience, be to sort of stick in that category and see, of course, to help you focus. And then of course, also stick to those kinda videos. And it helps you grow your channel and your videos and so on. And it gets you recommended to a certain audience that only likes that kind of stuff. Where people might like, again, gaming, but they might not like mountain backing away. They might like mountain biking, but they don't like gaming. So staying consistent, staying focused really helps you in that niche and helps you get recommended to people who might actually watch all of your videos. 9. Using your Success: Now the next topic will be to use your success. And what I mean by using your success is to basically use what you're doing well. And they'll, first of all, I touched him that in the previous video. Also, looking at your clickthrough rate, your audience retention, and so on. Seeing what works well, what has a high CTR in order to take advantage of videos that are doing well in a channel and avoid the videos that are not doing well and well. You can also do that in other ways. First of all, you can do successive videos and reduce explicitly videos. Let's say you have a tutorial on music production and it says how to produce a bead on this software from 2018. Well, you can easily make a new videos and how to create a beat with the software at 2021, you can easily create all kinds of videos in a new and fresh way, too. Not just word for warning to recreate all videos, but put a new twist on it and creates some sort of new found interest for that video because people who watched the video might be like, okay, well, what changed in 2021, what changed in three years? I should probably watch that again. So it's definitely a great idea to do that. And if it's a very successful video, it might be very successful again. So that's a great idea to get more views square root channel and of course, create another success on video and on piggybacking off that as you can create a fallen video. So not just for doing it, but create a part two, for example, again, going through the music production, let's say you want to create a beat and this software, 20-20-20, maybe you can create a different kind of beat Neo. First you do a rapid, then you do a pop eat. You can create those kinda following videos and you can just get creative and create all kinds of videos, studying and doing well and sort of piggyback off your success. So let's say I have a video with the Melian views of you playing Minecraft. And you can say Ohm at playing the same Minecraft map but with new players. So someday so many opportunities and ideas that you can do when you get creative, that you can definitely create some kind of follow up videos to the most popular videos that you've done. Because first of all, if it's the most popular one, people might actually want to watch more of that kind of content. Let's say you do a very new thing or even a thing that's just galling very well. Well, people are going to want to see more of that because it didn't well, so they're very likely to click on that and that you can use the combination of the advice that I gave earlier. For example, if the have a video with a million views with the software from 2018, well, you can just put a comment there opinion and say, hey guys, check out the new version from 2021 that I just uploaded. People who click on that 2018 version. I'm going to be like, well, I don't want to watch the old version, so I'm gonna click the click on this link. They launched a new version. So there's definitely ways that you can just create an absolute ecosystem where you try being successful when it comes to using the success of your, of your already video, of your videos that are already doing well. So you can definitely get to creative and create all kinds of videos. Again, you can have new insights or behind the scenes videos. Let's say you have a music video that really well, well, if you have a behind the scenes video, people are going to be interested and you can use that success to your advantage. And of course, another point that I want to take just advise you is don't make it to the point that you view as get annoyed. You know, don't have a Part 12 of a certain video that you think might get old after a while. If it's like a video on a joke, you know, it might be funny the first one and to three parts, but, you know, having a part, a preliminary. Okay. We get it. It was funny in the first few times, but now it's just kind of annoying. Of course. This also depends on the topic of Vivi doing. You know, a gaming video is probably more variable. You can use that to a more extended. You can have as many points as you can't. But if it's a joke video or a skit video, and then you have a part 25 of you impersonating your teacher. It might get old after a while. So of course, you have to be the judge of that, of what does well and how annoying hook ad and if you've used even still want to see it after part 18. So you have to be the judge of u. And a bonus tip that I can give here is to see what your competition is doing. Well, again, of course, don't copy but get inspired. You know, maybe if all of your minecraft competitors, or playing with a voice command or playing with proximity chat. Well, maybe it's your, your turn to also create a video of proximity chat. Now, you don't want to straight up coffee people, but you know, having a proximity chat, gaming videos, not really that innovative. So of course you can just get inspired and put your own twist on it and just don't copy straight up because you don't want to be seen as the guy who copies straight videos, but you can get inspired and put my own twist on kind of training videos are just populate produced and it was going well and definitely use that to advantage, to drive to your success and drive those kind of videos as well. So that will be basically at, on using your success. Let's move on to the next topic. 10. Utilizing Trends: Now the next topic is, I don't wanna talk about, is utilizing trends. Now when it comes to social media, every social media trend can be very useful and there's a bunch of trends coming and going every day, every week, every month on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever it is, there's always a meme, always new trend coming that you can take advantage of in order to get a successful video. You know, as we know, there's slime fidget spinners, just Mamluks, China's status reaction videos, they should winning money in videos like Mr. beast videos. And there's all kinds of trends that are always coming and going and some stay longer than others. But there's always something that you can use in order to create a video on your, with your own creative juices. And you're a variety of the trend that can always do well. And sometimes people explode through those kind of videos because they took such a unique turn on something that people are already familiar with. But then use that with their own creative way and create a funny video. You know whether it is full on trance-like, specific things such as the Mamluks challenge for example, like just one video or trends such as popular things like, let's say among us, you know, there's people that are, have uploaded among as videos where at the beginning of 20-20 and nobody even knew them, and now they have thousands and hundreds of thousands of subscribers through one trendy game. So these are always things that you can take advantage of and there's always new things coming that you can use in order to grain create a great audience and create a new viewership. So utilizing these well, it could be very, very profitable. And now one thing that you can also do is way harder, of course, to be a trendsetter. Now, you know, it's easy to do when you're big. So don't feel pressured to do that when you're small. But of course, being a translator is also very possible. You know, if there's some games out there where one channel on YouTube, of course, it's probably always bigger. One channel on YouTube started playing a game than other people play it, than other people play it. And it just takes off from there and it snowballs into a popularity, into a trend where people start playing it because there's always has to be one guy that plays it first to a one woman or one person and whatever plays the game or plays a video or uses that trend first. So of course, the bigger you are, the easier it is. But it is also possible to do something. And if that happens, then, you know, let's say you play a game and a bigger person sees it, a bigger YouTube receives it, then maybe they might even credit you. They say, oh, I saw this very funny video that this person that you can use that to also gain some more subscribers. So utilizing trends, it's probably easier to do when you're smaller, of course. But being a translator is of course also very possible, but of course harder to do. But yeah, using trends is always something great to do on social media to get your voice out there and gave channel out there. 11. Collaborations: Now the next topic and a very important point when it comes to growing YouTube channel is collaboration's now these can be huge, These can be a very, very important and these kinda grow. Both of your channels be a win-win situation for both of you. So collaboration is, is something that you should definitely try into. Basically, if you don't know, collaboration's is basically working with another YouTube. And you can do that in a variety of ways. You can, let's say you can do a link for link. You can link each other's channels to be like my friend just created a new video, check him out. And then the other person also says My friend created a new video, check it out and you can like each other's channels. You can publish a video of each other and each other's channels to give each other like a guest spot or you can work together on a video. And these are all always best received for working together on a video. And of course these can be very good. First of all, they can be fun for a lot of viewers who know both of you. They can be like okay, these guys are friends, these guys are working together. I love this video and it'll be a win-win situation for everybody. Especially if you're doing it with somebody around your size. Of course, if you have 1000 subscribers in viewing on DM, someone with 200 K, then they probably won't be ready for our collaboration. But if you work with someone your own size and there will probably be more than ready to collaborate and happy to do it. Because again, it is a win-win situation. You can be very creative with this as well. You can stitch your videos together, you can work in a video together. You can do any kind of things that you can in order to collaborate and introduce each other's audiences to someone new to each other. You know, especially when it is a smaller channel with a smaller channel because then they might not even know both, each others say, let's say you have 5 thousand subscribers. And someone was, you know, 51300 subscribers. If you collaborate on a video that's 5 thousand news video and new viewers for both of you, especially if they don't know each other. So that's a great, great opportunity in order to gain more subscribers and more viewers. And again, a another tip. It also helps establish connections. You know, even if you might not collaborate on a video directly. And you can build connections with people, you can message them, be like, hey, you know, I love what you're doing. Let's work together some time ensure. And maybe at some point even in the future, you might know, work together in that very moment, but sometime in the future you might work together. Let's say if you've both grown by ten pounds of garbage, Weibull, both known by a few 100 subscribers, whatever it is, you can just also establish connections. You don't have to work with them right away. Reaching out to all you do is it's a great idea to do it just in general, just the ATO and you know, it's just the age old saying of networking is absolutely king. So networking is definitely, definitely important even in YouTube. And also what you can do, of course, what you wanna do is be concrete when you've reached out, don't say, hey, love what you doing. You can't say, Hey, went love you doing, let's work together sometime in severe neutral thing. But if you want to actually create something with a another, YouTubers can often be very concrete, such as, hey, I'm making it among us video which you want to join our lobby. And that way they can make your own video when they join you lobby and upload it to the channel and then link to each other. So these are great examples of what you can do because it shows you being proactive and you are the person taking charge saying, Hey, let's do this. And a lot of the times it takes pressure and work off the other person and, you know, people love to do less work. So if you just tell them that this is what we should do, then they will most likely will be also very interested. Of course, some people who don't want to collaborate with you, so don't get discouraged when people are just lone wolves and don't really like to collaborate and that's okay to maybe you don't want to collaborate with other people as well. Don't feel pressure to do that, but it is just a great way to do some extra work and get some more viewers and distinct concrete with people also helps get that ball rolling faster. You know, if you just message someone saying, Hey, let's work together. Sometimes they say, hey, yeah, let's do it. Then that's the, that's a dead conversation at ends right there. There's not really a whole lot you can say. But if you say something like, Hey, I create music, Maybe you can jump on with some vocals sometimes, then that's a little bit more specific. But if you say, hey, I created this beat, you should sing on it. You should wrap on it. And let's upload it to both our channels, then that's very concrete than they can say, yeah, let me hop in the studio and jump on the beat right now. And it creates some music crane or rap or whatever it is that you do on YouTube. And that's way more direct and that'll get the ball rolling and it create those videos way faster as well. So you can be proactive and create that collaboration. But overall, collaborations are a win-win situation and a very good idea to do in order to grow both of your channels. 12. Branding: Now something that I do want to touch on, of course, as a marketer, I always have to talk about branding, personal branding, and just brining on YouTube is, as always, very, very important. You want to create a unique name. You can use your personal name, you can use a made up name or a fantastic name and that sends meaning something that doesn't even exist, such as, you know, Mr. BCE, for example, I always talk about Mr. B's because he, he's a great YouTube robot. And, you know, creating just a made up name is always good as well. And creating just an artistic name, you know, just think about the famous musicians, you know, I'm Drake, the weekend, whatever it is, Led Zeppelin, they all have made up names and these are very recognizable. So branding, similar to you too is very important because at the end of the day you are becoming a public figure in that sense. So if someone says that name, you should be associated with that name. You know, if your YouTube name is a great videos 123, well that doesn't really, really ring a bell for anybody. So if you just type in your name on YouTube, that should beat your child, that comes up. And a great way to do this is of course, if you have thought of a name, just go to YouTube and the search function type in your name and see what pops up. And if a, another channel already has a name, then well, you probably shouldn't use it, you know? So if you have painted new channel and you go on YouTube search and you type in that name. And there's a channel width, 10 thousand subscribers that already has a name. Well, your channel is probably going to get buried because it's going to be way harder for you to get found when his videos are there. Videos come up whenever they search for your name. So creating unique name is very important to think about the SEO, basically, Googling YouTube search, whatever it is, your name should be what pops up when they search for your actual name. And also of course, as always, you want to think about your channel art Similar to that, somebody else would have adequate channel. I do want to have engaging while papers, banners, and of course your logo is also very important because your logo is displayed everywhere. You have to channel banner is just as plain if people go on your actual channeling, but your logos displayed on every video, it's displayed on your channel as displayed on your other social media platforms. Hopefully you have the same logo throughout, you know, an answer you on Twitter or whatever it is. And creating this logo and creating a just your channel art in general is very important as well. And it should also show off what your channel is about. For example, on your banner. If you go and the most successful YouTube is you can see they have their logo and have a banner. And then in the bottom it always says, you know what the best gaming videos are, the best among us videos or music tutorials or the best mountain biking videos on YouTube. It's a quick sentence and what you're about, it can also help people really understand what you actually upload to that channel. So it's a great way to just inform the viewers. And again, you can learn easy graphic art and creates some, just some simple, simple banners and logos. And you can also use fiber for cheap graphics so it get that, figure it out. And whether you want to learn yourself on the fly or if you want to hire someone, she played to do that, or even if you have a higher budget, you can obviously hire a great designer, but branding with everything and marketing, even on YouTube, branding as you know, it's very, very important. So creating a new name, great graphic screen channel are great. Logo is as important as ever. So think about that when you make your channel. 13. Content Strategy: Now the next thing that I want to talk about is content strategy. Having a solid content strategy is a key and creating solid and promising content strategy will really help you, first of all, upload fiscal schedule and just keep you focused on uploading on your channel. Well, first of all, you want to ask yourself questions. What can a videos are you making? How many videos are making when you uploading? Why are you making this video and so on. You want to say, let's say upload once a week I want to create music production videos, and I want to upload every Saturday at 11:00 AM. You should really get all that figured out. It will help you long term and it will help you target your long-term girls goals. Because if you just sort of upload whenever upload sporadically, first of all, it's going to throw off your subscribers stuff. You throw up your followers because they didn't know, they don't know when to expect the video, but if they know that you upload everyday at 10:00 AM, well, then they can look forward to videos and know when to expect new stuff. If you applied once a week here and then and then you take a break for two months, and then you upload it again for three months, then you upload every day for two weeks. First of all, it'll, it'll hurt your algorithm because Algorithm it keeps track of how many times you upload in YouTube lexicon assistant upload schedule such as everyday, every week or whatever. And a and B, of course, again, it just helps you focus. It helps you stay organized. And also what you can do is create batch videos and just schedule them. If you create ten videos in a weekend, then you can just create them. Say you upload once a week while you just create a videos for ten weeks, and you can just schedule them on YouTube every day or every Saturday at 10:00 AM, for example. And that will really help you create these long-term goals and just streamline your production value as well. So create a list of ideas, created list of videos that you want to do, and how many, when and so on to create all of these questions and answer them. And it will help you dramatically. And it can really help you just get organized and upload videos on a more consistent basis as well, but definitely get creative and see what you can do. And you will see that you will actually help target your long-term girls way more easy. 14. Final Thoughts - Conclusion: And yeah, that's basically going to be at So to conclude and give you some final thoughts, I just want to also let you know to be patient, I didn't really save two at the video, but this is a very important thing to keep in mind. Don't be too hard on yourself. Creating a YouTube channel is a huge time investment and it can take months, even years to actually get some payoff. So if you keep at it and stay consistent, you will definitely see some results at some point. And especially if you take all this advice that I give you here and really stick to working that algorithm and working your popularity, then you will see some results. But to be patient, you know, success obviously happened overnight. Unless you have a 10 million, no violent video, a blow, but don't know where, but that is very unlikely. So be patient and you will see consistent growth over time. The second tip, of course, was just as planet scheduled content, creating both videos and mass recording and then uploading those videos every week by scheduling wakes life ways your it can really help you to stay consistent as well. And it won't put so much pressure on you to create a new video every week. If you upload ten videos in one day and just skip schedule those over ten weeks. Well then you don't have to create videos for the next ten weeks. So that really takes a load off. So really think about doing that if you can do that, of course, at differs for any kind of basis while, and through to first of all, brand yourself. Well, you know, like I say, create a appealing, a thumbnail, no-go a tidal channel art, whatever you graphic you create, you want to branch set well and create a great name and then engage your community, you know, engage in other people's videos as well. Common dumped them, not just your own. Like it's create connections and of course, reply to your own comments. And then as I said, attractive thumbnails and titles are absolute key, so use that and then use trends and collaboration, collaboration as well. So using transits, of course an obvious one and collaborations is another one that you don't have to do, but it will definitely help you get new viewers and formulas connection as well. And one of the most important things is also audit your data. Basically, like I said, look at what works, what doesn't, and double down on your strengths. Look at your clickthrough rate data and your audience retention watch time and so on and see what kind of videos do well and what kind of video stone and then proven those that don't or completely neglect them and to focus on what works and focused on a success. So that's definitely a great thing to keep in mind. But yeah, that's basically going to be it for this course on how to grow your YouTube channel in 2021, Make sure to check out my channel for all kinds of videos on digital marketing and torque, but other YouTube videos as well or breakdown the record factors. And I talk about tick tock, Facebook, Instagram, everything to do with digital marketing. So make sure to follow channel, make sure to leave any questions you haven't In the discussion below. And that's basically going to be ahead. So thank you so much for joining me and hope to see you next time. Goodbye.