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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Growing on Clubhouse - Introduction

    • 2. A New Voice App

    • 3. Moderating Rooms

    • 4. Promoting your Events

    • 5. Promote your Social Media Profiles

    • 6. Connecting with other Creators

    • 7. Building your Control Room

    • 8. Final Tips and Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I talk about growing your followers on the Clubhouse App. Clubhouse is one of the unwept social media trends, a voice based app allowing people to connect. I break down what matters when creating your account, hosting and moderating rooms and speaking when joining rooms. 

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Meet Your Teacher

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Growing on Clubhouse - Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is John Valentine and in this class I'll be teaching you how you can gain followers on clubhouse, the hottest new social media app in 2021. And I'll be teaching you fully how to utilize it and how to use it to your advantage in order to gain new followers and clubhouse. And not just club us, but also therefore on other social media platforms as a result. So these will be the topics covered today in this class. First, I'm going to be talking about what column has exactly is a new voice app. Then I'm going to be talking about moderating rooms, promoting your events, promoting your social media profiles, connecting with other creators and building your control room. And at the end, I'm gonna give you a summary of the whole video and some final tips and tricks. So make sure to stick around until the end for those extra tips and tricks. But other than that, thank you so much for joining me today. And let's get right into the first topic here. 2. A New Voice App: So first of all, let's break it down. What exactly is clubhouse while the Columbus is a new voice based social media app, and it is a very hot commodity right now. Basically it is a voice focused for joining conversations with strangers. You are on the object can join rooms and join the conversation. Think of it as one big building that has a lot of rooms. And you can just walk in and they're talking about anything. And you can basically you join that conversation. You can listen, you can join in and speak on your own. And there are any topics covered on a desk, crypto, music, politics, business marketing, etc, whatever it is, There's a bunch of different topics that you can join, each in your own respective industry and even category. And in each room there are speakers and listeners. So just like it's a big conversation, you can sit back and just listen to what everybody else has to say. And then you can raise your hand and speak in each room as well and add your opinion, your thoughts and so on. So and general, of course, speakers get more attention. So I will be talking about actually start engaging as a speaker because it is an important role for getting your name out there and essentially joining followers. And because speaking is important to attract attention to you. But this app is also very exclusive because you can only get in if you have an inlet right now if somebody who is already in the app. So if you're in the app, you can invite other people. And you know, people only can join that app if they are invited by someone else. You can't put yourself on the waitlist. But generally speaking, most people only get in and when they get invaded by other people. So that definitely added to its peak of interests of marketing because they very smartly did that, were made it very exclusive for people to only join with an invite. That meaning, that means also that there is a lot more people who are actually very well versed in their business. You don't know a lot of spam, not alone, not that many scammers. Everybody is quite legitimate because you also have to use your real phone number. And most of the time, 99 percent of the time people who just use their real name as well. So it is very real in the sense of creating good and genuine connections. So definitely something to keep in mind as well when joining compounds. But other than that, let's get right into the next topic here. 3. Moderating Rooms: So one of the biggest keys to actually gaining followers is moderating rooms. Monitoring your room means that you are responsible for keeping the conversation going here, the moderator of the room, you can introduce guest speakers. If they come in, especially guest speakers, you can ask questions to the whole podium. You can moderate the conversation as the name suggests, and anybody that can jump in, you can control the flow as well. You're basically in charge of what's happening in that room and you can control the conversation so that will attract a lot of intention to you. And it also gives you this idea of authenticity and authority. Know if you're the moderator of a big crypto room with 200 people, well, most people in there, we'll actually start to follow you and follow you because they know that you're the one in charge, meaning that you know what you're talking about. They're interested in more cryptocurrency or any kind of topic that you choose that they know to follow you. And also they will get notified once that room goes live if they want to go live and that again because you're part of that room and you're in there. So definitely one of the biggest keys to gaining followers is starting to moderate rooms. You can either start being moderated for your own rooms or just start becoming moderated photo rooms. So definitely something to try and do in your cup has adventures because it just in general allows it to reset the room. You know, reintroduce people, the topic, et cetera, for new people coming in, your name will get out there and your name will become sort of in connection with being in charge and being that authority head of that room. Like I said, if you have a room with 300 cryptocurrencies, note that the 300 people at about cryptocurrencies. And you can say, let's talk about Bitcoin, let's talk about light coin. Now let's talk about this. And maybe you can have interesting guest speakers come in, people who really know what they're talking about and be like, you know, you can message people that it can also help you gain connects to be like, Look, I managed a room, I moderated a room with 300 speakers. Would you be interested in coming in for a conversation? And that way you can build connection with other people who are maybe not even on collapse like that. So definitely something to keep in mind. What do you want to start getting followers? Because modern meeting rooms is one of the quickest ways for you to gain attention on the app and actually gain a lot of new followers and gain some respect in those respective communities. 4. Promoting your Events: So what you also want to do is promote your events. So whenever room ends, the content is gone forever, meaning that everything is live and people need to be there in the moment. So as a moderator, explain your upcoming events and you ask them to follow you to get notified. Don't overpower motif of course, but just keep it short and concise. And you can either do this as a moderator or as a speaker. Of course you don't want to over promoted because people you don't know nobody likes being promotion, but you can't you don't necessarily have to say, Oh guys, follow me to be notified. But you can't say something like, I will be joining these rooms, I will be moderating newsrooms. And that way people know they, okay, maybe if he's going to join that specific room, who's going to moderate that room? And maybe I should follow him. So this is also definitely a good idea to start promoting specific events and not even on just clubhouse B2C want to say, you know, I'm going through this, I'm going to this, I'm going to this conference. Maybe someone else is going on as well. You can have online events. I'm hosting this event on answering them live in doing this, I mean, you can definitely start talking about all of these different events where people won't want to stay in touch with you. So this is definitely a good way to start gaining more attention and also attracting the attention of other people in order for them to start falling you as well. 5. Promote your Social Media Profiles: So using other social medias to either gain followers and co-host or using commas to gain followers and other social media, it's definitely a great opportunity as well. And whenever you use cavas, of course, and people go on your profile, people automatically find your socials when you engage, you know, connect them to your profile. You have the opportunity, if you go on your profile right now, to connect your Instagram and so on. So when you speak or when you are a moderator, you can definitely gain that attention. Gain that attracted attention to you for people to follow you, not just on your Canvas account, but also on your other social media profiles. And you can also use your other social media profiles to, of course, you know, promote to your clubhouse profile. You can tweet it out or put it on Instagram or something like that. Hey guys, I'm on comma house now, make sure to follow me and you can just put up your name up there. So definitely a good win-win situation for all your social media profiles because they centered work hand in hand and promote each other. Just again, as always, don't overdo self-promotion. But you can definitely mentioned every now and then. And you can plug that whenever you say n. And of course, being a moderator, you can plug your soldiers way better because you're the one in charge. So nobody can really tell you not to promote it that much. Of course, people won't like it if you say it every 30 seconds. But whenever we maybe have a new guest speaker or you engage in new topic, we'd like, Hey guys, just remember and make sure to follow me to get notified the next time there's room goes live and stuff like that and doesn't moderator, you can definitely see that. So that's definitely a great opportunity for you to, again, utilize the position as a moderator in order to plug not just your own profiles but your socials. Because as I said, when people will follow you on clubhouse, your socials are connected. They are, a lot of them will actually also be enticed to follow you on those additional social. Social, especially like LinkedIn or Twitter or something like that. Again, depending on the kind of community that it is. But it is just as win-win situation. So definitely something to keep in mind. And of course they get and make sure that all your profiles actually they're a good description of your profile, who you are, and what you do and so on. So definitely a great opportunity for you to not just gain followers. And club has three other social medias, but also gaining followers and the other social medias, they're called House. 6. Connecting with other Creators: So what you also want to do, as with most social media, as you want to connect with other creators. You can address people with directly in specific, specific rooms. Maybe you have a conversation with 2030 people and then you and another person having a conversation back and forth with questions and stuff like that, you can definitely start to know and be like, Oh, we should connect to outside of this. I'd love to continue the conversation and stuff like that or you can just address people directly. In a sense, I go it looks like, you know, when you're talking about, I want to ask some more questions about this. You can definitely start to connect with other creators. And that way you will not only gain followers, but also meaningful relationships shifts. So it's definitely a good thing to keep in mind. Again, as most things as a moderator, this is way easier to do as well. And you know, if you're a moderate, you can be like, anybody wants to talk, I know wants to talk more about this in this, make sure to follow me and just write me a message asking me questions about this and stuff like that. If you say something like that, well, that's just prompts a lot of people to act, to connect with you and not just your profile, but also, again, make does meaningful relationships which are definitely useful as well in all aspects of business, of course. And pro tip that you can do is you can post a screenshot of the clubhouse room that you're in on your Instagram, for example, in your story, and then tackle the users. Now, you can don't only have to do that as a moderator, you can do that as a participant as well. You can literally just take a screenshot of the club has posted only storing be like, hey, I'm in this room right now, you guys should join or just, you can just put it up there, be like, oh, just talking about cryptocurrency, stuff like that. And then you can tag a lot of the users that are in that. And even if you haven't talked to them at all, you can just tag them. If you look up their profile, look up the answer gamma and name. And that allows you to start a conversation in the DOM as well because they will be notified. One stick a tag and then either they will they will like it, they won't like it. They will respond to be like, Hey, thanks for telling me or be like, Hey, I saw you in the room. What did you think or something like that? And you can just start it yourself as well. You can DM, They'll be like a tag you in the story, but like what did you think of the room and stuff like that. So you can definitely start a conversation through that as well. So that's definitely a great tip to keep in mind and it allows you to connect with them. Definitely a good idea to just in general and connect with other creators which will not only boost your following, but again also make them meaningful relationship which is definitely useful in business. And finally, of course, just as a side note, as a moderator, you can also ask them to be a guest again, you know, if someone talks a lot stuff like that in your model and be like, Hey, I have another room going on at 08:00 PM tomorrow. Do you wanna join again? And then they will either follow you and again also make those connections. So this will definitely boost your following and your relationships and your connections with other creators as well. So this is a definitely a great way to boost your following on clubhouse. So definitely something to keep in mind when you're using it. 7. Building your Control Room: So last but not least, you want to also build your control room, or also known as a moderating squad. At some point, if you're hosting rooms or modern many rooms and you wouldn't know, you will need some help. You can connect with other moderators and build a team of moderators to connect to that can help you host rooms and stuff like that. Maybe you have a periodic room. You know, that you have every Sunday at eight PM and maybe at some point you were not available when they can ask someone to sub in for you as a moderator. And if you're not available, if you don't know anyone, if you can't talk to anyone, well, that will make it very hard for someone else to lead that room and they will probably still connect or can't connect and stuff like that, but it won't be that much supervision of use. So it's definitely a good idea to start building that team and a moderating squad, not necessarily someone that you consistently exchange stuff with, such as a rooms and stuff like that, but just a team that you can connect 2.5 connections to. You know, you can build a group chat on Discord, Instagram, and just something from background communications that will help you to build that control room. And maybe that works the other way as well. You know, maybe if they don't have time to moderate the room, host their own, but they will ask you like, Hey, can you jump in for my 08:00 PM room? It's going to be 200 people regarding cryptocurrency. Well, that'll be a 200 people that maybe don't even know you. And they will then get to know you as a moderator, as a figure of authority and be like, Oh, maybe I should follow them and a 150 new people follow you. Well, that's an amazing opportunity to do as well. So building that connection and that moderating squad is definitely a great idea to utilize your networking and your channel and connectedness as well. So you can, you can not only do this in moderator, but just as a participant as well. And you can build that connection. You can exchange ideas. You can connect, connect with people on cryptocurrency be like, Hey, have you checked out this room? Have you checked out this? And you can put group chats of people exchanging ideas outside of compounds and then also within club house of actually building your own connection and your network. And this will not only again, build your network and you meaningful relationships, but also your actual fault line and comments as well. So definitely a great way to boost your overall falling on all things. 8. Final Tips and Conclusion: So that's basically going to be it for this quick boost on a club has followers. Just to conclude and summarize some of the key points. Basically, being a moderator is Keats definitely a great idea to start being moderated some point if you do have the time and effort and you know, of course, expertise to do that. So definitely something that you want to strive to be in a club has room. Speak and say your piece. Don't be afraid to speak up. There's a lot of people's talking, even if sometimes you mess up, don't take it too much. Too hard, of course, first impressions last and so do bad ones. But just keep in mind that it is a very flow conversation and people will probably forget what you say in the next day. So unless you consistently just don't offer any valuable information, then you can, you know, continuously join rooms and just try to speak and build that connection to other people. So just something to keep in mind as well. Just being there and showing up and maybe actually speaking, even if it's not some grand innovative, innovative ideas, sometimes just showing up as more important than the non showing up and creating those connections to other people. And also of course, connected to social media profiles. When you start building you, you're a clubhouse profile, you know, have a quick description of who you are and then start connecting your other social media if you do want to have some more legitimacy, credibility, and of course also booster falling on those other sites as well and connect to other creators, whether you're the moderator or as a participant, make sure to start network and to other people because that will not only boost your falling, but also meaningful relationships. Motivating helps you take control initial prominence again, it shows that you're an authoritative figure in that field. And if you're a host of 300 pupil in a cryptocurrency, well, they probably know that. Think that you know what you're talking about and you probably do so. Definitely a great way to show your expertise and shove that you're at and a figure of authority in that industry. But you can still connect and stand out, but just drawing random rooms. You don't even have to be a moderator host or even that big, consistent speaker. Just jumping around rooms, joining the conversation for a few minutes at a time or just whatever it is, CPS are just listening and then maybe connecting to people outside is definitely also a good idea. So just being there and consistently, you know, joining rooms, consistently networking and consistently showing up is what's going to get you more followers and eventually a good boost in all your profile. So definitely something good to keep in mind. So yeah, that's basically going to be at a hope this video helped a lot and how to boost your following us if you have any questions, but the minute discussion section below, make sure to follow me this channel and it should have fallen in YouTube channel. On this channel, I'll be uploading one video a week, all of 2021. So make sure to stay tuned for all things digital media, digital marketing business and so on. I'm talking about Facebook ads, instagram, social media, Snapchat, TikTok, networking, writing cold emails, digital marketing, and everything related to that area. So if you're interested in any of that stuff, makes sure to follow up and check videos that I have on my chat bot that thank you so much for joining me today and I will see you next class. Good luck.