Growing Your Brand on TikTok - ULTIMATE GUIDE | John Valentine | Skillshare

Growing Your Brand on TikTok - ULTIMATE GUIDE

John Valentine, Digital Marketing, TikTok Expert

Growing Your Brand on TikTok - ULTIMATE GUIDE

John Valentine, Digital Marketing, TikTok Expert

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7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Winning at TikTok

    • 3. Creating and managing your account

    • 4. What to look out for when Posting Videos

    • 5. Growing in Followers

    • 6. TikTok Algorithm

    • 7. The Viral Blueprint

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About This Class

This course will give you tips and tricks and teach you exactly what strategies to use in order to manage a successful account and create impactful videos. 

Based on countless hours of research, personal experience and marketing know-how.

Taught by instructor, John Valentine, with years of experience in Digital Marketing and a TikTok expert.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Valentine

Digital Marketing, TikTok Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome to the course on how to grow you tick took account. My name is John Valentine and I will be telling you, explaining you and trying to help you grow your account. Whether it is a brand, a personal brand know whatever it is you're trying to grow. If you haven't even made an account yet Perfect. I'm going to be showing you how to go from absolutely zero fallers and take all these tricks and really make your mark on tic tac grow You following get bigger and just really try to make an impact. So no, sit back. Enjoy. Look at the content that I have created here. There's a little table. I will be talking about how you win a tic tac managing your count green in your account. What to look out for using the emu bio. So on making videos, what are trends and challenges? What music to use, what hashtag to use. And more specifically, it's some tips on how you really grow your followers. And, of course, one of the most requested things to tick tock algorithm. How does it work? How does tick tock push videos? How does it select people to get violent videos. How does it select accounts to get viral? And then, of course, the viable blueprint The absolute great formula for getting a viral videos. So yeah, sit back. Enjoy all the videos. I hope you're gonna learn a lot A Z. You look at the table, you can skip through it. Don't be scared to skip through it. If you think you already know how you manage your account, you got all using him set up. You don't want to look at that at all. You just want to know how their picture gallery with works feel free to click on it and you can watch it over again if you're doing and standard or you just want to get more understanding watching again. So, yeah, don't be afraid to sort of skip around, but off scores I invited to watch the whole course. It will be more consistent. You really get more unity and watching it all from the beginning. But other than that, you know, please strap in and enjoy. Thank you very much for joining me today. 2. Winning at TikTok: so welcome to Unit one called Winning at Tic Tac. First, I want to talk a little bit about how a tick tock can be utilized to make you more consortium media. How it can be used to for you following grow your awareness of your brand or your personal brand your account, whatever it is that you want to sort of grow and promote. But basically, ticket is an amazing app that has been around now for a few years, and it's absolutely exploded in the past few months. And honestly, it is one of the most profitable and, honestly, most underrated platforms to naturally grow your account. A lot of people don't really realize how absolutely insane the organic growth on tick togas . Right now. You can get hundreds of followers and views and engagement to just organically without paying a single cent. So I'll be taking you all the way from the basics. And basically I just wanted to sort of touched on the fact that this whole thing is within reach if you have not even made an account yet after watching the course, he will be absolutely prepared to embark on this journey of getting your viral account. The followers unearth the decider in this because you could literally start from nothing. You don't have to have an INSTAGRAM account that already has 1000 followers. You don't have to have anything. There's a lot of technical accounts that have 10 times as big of falling on. Take there as they do on Instagram or any other social media is so don't get discouraged and anything if you think feel like you don't have a sort of step ahead. Already on some people, you can go from absolutely zero, start your account and just become absolutely insane when it comes to followers and engagement because own take a look is just a very organic site. All they want to do is keep you on the say that when they keep you engaged, so you really have a chance here to create videos and get natural following 3. Creating and managing your account: So creating your account in Tic tac is a very important thing, as how you present yourself in how you present your brand is of utmost importance, especially in tic tac. Because, as I said before, a lot of the growth that happens, it's natural and organic. So a lot of people will just find you randomly. They're not gonna be referred or search you out or anything like that. A lot of them will find you because you're continous being pushed to them, to their for you, page. Or they will search you up and they will find you use the names, of course, like and honestly similar to every other social media sites. It's just important to keep the same using name across all sites, just for name recognition and obviously for uniformity. So when it comes to the actual user name, then sort of try to stay consistent, obviously. And don't try to deviate too much from everything that you've sort of created on other sites and things like that, but make it very many memorable, trying to make it sort of simple, especially now that Detective App is relatively new, although it has a lot of users. There's still a lot of using names that are still available that you probably wouldn't think they are. But if you try to make something like that on YouTube or INSTAGRAM, for example, most likely use the name will be taken. But I myself have seen many years the names that a very clean and very simple that are still available because just just not that many accounts as there are in other sites. Um, and they're just not that many is using names like that taken yet. So try to sort of get a clean use name, make it simple and memorable to have frank, consistent cost all sites. Now the second part is the buyer. The bio is quite important because, um, as I said before your growth, it's mostly natural and organic, so a lot of people will have profile of used. They will look at your profile and have a look at all the videos and all the thumbnails of your videos, and they will sort of just read the by right away because that's what hits you right away. Try to make it a very concise is bio because it is not as prominent as an instagram. For example, if you go on instagram, obviously have your profile picture, reactor followers, your numbers and stuff like that. And then you have your bio where a lot of people put lings and, you know, descriptions and everything like that. The TIC Tac bio is a little bit shorter than the instagram bio, so try to make it very concise. Now, if you're a brand like if your personal brand like influencer, for example, then you know, try to describe yourself in a short sentence. What you're about. Let's say you're a bike lover from Michigan or something like that. Try to make it very concise. Just try to make it sound very eye catching as well. If you're streetwear brand, obviously just streetwear clothing T shirts. Just try to describe yourself in a very concise way on. Don't try to take up too many points. A Z wouldn't, for example, in serving bio as addictive by a little bit more important. And that is more in the middle of more prominence that try to sort of make it honestly as short as possible. You can use up all the space if you want, but there's always, you know that sense of urgency. Would you look at it and want to see you right in the first word what it is. So I try to keep that in mind and then a three. The profile picture, I would say, is one of the most important parts of your accounts, as that is what people will constantly see when they will also see a video. So let's say, for example, your scrolling for your for you page scrolling down into your video and on the right there will see, you know, comment, box share buttons. And then there was a profile picture as well. They will be able to click on it to follow you, but that profile picture can be very important because they will be able to. That's the first bit of information that people will see with you when they encounter you. When it comes from organic growth, obviously, but that is the first thing they will most likely see as a lot of the growth will happen from the for your page. So that's the sort of first bit of information that wants EU bio. They won't see your at the thumbnail stable first see your profile pictures. So it definitely definitely think about how you're going to present yourself as a profile picture. If you're an influencer, try to make you know, put your face on it or something like that. If your brand obviously put your logo, so try to make it very, you know, concise decision on how you present your profile picture. One of the things I would recommend is going on sites like Canada. I'm trying to take a frame, look at the dimensions, make it very sort of important to think about how you're going to present your profile picture. As I said, it is one of the first points of contacts that new feel followers will have with you and now. So for the fourth point, it's not so much a tip for how you're going to create your account, but more about how you're going to manage your account. So basically what I'm trying to stay with the immunity is trying to have consistency across content. If your streetwear brand obviously try to stick with Street, where if you're a bike brand, try to stick with bikes. Um, what Ticktock likes is a theme uniformity they like when they have one account that they can put in a category and push towards people who like that category. So obviously, if your personal brand and fluid, that's kind of sort of you know, very because you have challenges and you translate that, but especially if you're a brand, try to stay variant topic. Don't try to make too many videos that are not related to what you're doing. Find a theme and stick with it because, like I said, take, took likes. When you put into categories, they will sort of select you into the kite a guard and as big the fact. Due to the fact that the growth is very organic and natural, they will push you towards people who engage in other profiles similar to those interests. So if somebody follows 30 bike accounts and your bike account, and if you have the theme uniformity, they will push you to that for your page that no, that person who looks up hashtag bikes or hashtag biking whatever. So try to keep your theme very uniform and just a consistent across cedar topics in videos . Now, when it comes to your account as well one tip is, of course, to a switch to a pro count. That's gonna be very important because that's going to allow you to look at your analytics . And the analytics is an absolutely vital part of growth because it will show you who your audiences and it will show you how you're going to post when you go into post and so on. I will be discussing those in the future future topics, um, so look out for these units, but switching to a pro account is an absolutely vital account part of your account. I will have a screenshot on screen on how to do it. Basically huge need to go into your privacy and safety settings in your account, connect your phone number and then just click to switch to a pro account. And as soon as you activated 24 hours later, your analytics will pop up. But like I said, I'll be looking at those at a different you know, so you can look at Unit four, mostly under the growing Followers unit, where I'll be talking about analytics again 4. What to look out for when Posting Videos: now. Welcome back. And welcome to Unit three of this course I will be talking about now, of course, posting videos, managing your videos instead of creating your videos. Basically, everything surrounded your content on Take Doc. This is obviously going to be the most important part because what continue put out dictates how you're going to be pushed. How are you going to get out? Viral. And how are you going to become an influencer So as you can see on the screen now, some of these tips relate to how you're going to create views and what you're going to great with your videos. So first off have challenges. What our challenges on tic tac basically challenges are. You will see these, you know, just sort of asked trends come up challenge. Is there going to be like the to see slide challenge from drink? It's going to be dance video. Is there going to be just sort of mostly challenges to do with the music associated with it ? Um, there's go so many examples, and there's new challenges popping up every day in every week. You're going to have a lot of opportunity to jump on these challenges, and these challenges often dictate how videos become viral, because I'm sure if you refuse to take a lot you'll see on your for you. PH. Sometimes you see multiple videos that honestly do the same thing, but people put their own personal spit on it, you know, whatever it may be people, but use the same sound but then do the same thing as somebody else. One video goes viral, people copy it, and then it becomes a challenge. And honestly, these challenges are going to allow you to tap into people and the mainstream sort of topics of people. Because if you use these sounds that have to do with challenges, people will go on the sounds and then your video will be among them. So challenges is a good way to sort of help jump on trends also similar to challenges. Shallows and intransitive lean on each other because they will help booster transit by reality. Just because you know whatever challenge maybe you can jump on and put your own spin on it , and if it's unique enough, it will blow up and it will be, you know, really get to people, and they would like it so similar to trends. Basically, transit Samos challenges is just Sometimes there is things people do. They sounds people use. And ah, just a lot of people do it in different ways. And, you know, sometimes I've seen three of the same topic, you know, whatever it may be, people, uh, tie the hair of his certainly or do a certain dance. And I've seen two or three times where it's the same topic or trend just done by several people, almost for you. Page. So there's enough space for everybody would put their own flair, and so don't be scared to do it as well. You know, you might think, Oh, I don't want to copy this guy, But as long as you're not directly copying somebody's idea, if it's a trend or a challenge, you're more than welcome to do it yourself. And people are going to like any people going to think it's funny as well if you do it right. So, yeah, don't be scared to embrace a challenge and try to recreate yourself. It will maybe even give you more visibility and give you more chance to, uh, get a viral video now Hashtags are up most importance. Have text or one of the most important parts when posting videos. Because that's just how are you going to get discovered? People are going to go into search function, and they're gonna type in bikes, and they're gonna go find your video because you got have take bikes. I'm gonna put a video on the screen now showing you how I'm going into the sort of tic tac explore page and I'm looking up. Cars, as you can see, assumes that up in cars. There's one account that pops up again and again because he's marketed the videos and marked them with the right Hashtags with the right music and so on where he's going to pop up again and again if you type in 14. And if you tap into video games, if you type in skateboarding, whatever all these beauties air going to pop up because they're going to be marked accordingly and it's not often just the half takes alone, but how they're sort of relevant into your videos and how they sort of get a uniform across . So, like I said before, let's say you have a skateboard account, you type in skateboarding and all your videos have skateboarding, half take skateboard and there's, you know, let's say on the main page that you click on the half tech skateboard. There's 100 videos right there and 10 of you videos You're on there. People are going to keep finding your account and they're gonna know who this guy is. Obviously a skateboard. Let me follow him. So hashtags are super important because they will allow you to get your theme of the counter cross. They will allow you to help you sort of get out there as well, and they will allow you to be found because honestly, where people find specifically, there's two ways to be found. Is either the for you page or people searching you up searching, not searching you up. It's inching up the topic. So unless your videos being pushed on the for you page and people are found on the for your page, they're going to find you by searching you up and searching a pass tax and searching up topics. So try Teoh, you know, always get relevant. Hashtags and one tip I can give us a lot of people always trying to just put f y p for you Page for you Piper Challenge. Whatever. You can put one or two of those put F Y P Ashley. If I p has, like for your page, you can put those but try to put hash text that are relevant to your videos. So if you have escaped when you video to have tech skateboarding hashtag you know, grinding hashtag rails, whatever it ISS tryto relative hashtags to the actual video, don't always try to put hashtag that you think will grope blow up. For example, if you have a skateboarding video, don't put in hashtag means that will just not really help you at all because people want to find the stuff that they're looking for. Did type and skateboarding they don't want to find If the typing means that if I don't want to find escape when you video, you know what I mean. So try to keep the uniform, try to make it relevant to your topic and also use training hashtags. So that's gonna come in handy with challenges and trends. There is always hashtags that are trending. You can see them on your take a cab, so let's say there's a stay at home trend now, Obviously, with the whole situation on going on, you can sort of Adam one or two of those in your videos. But again, try to Steve relatively relevant to the topic. If it's a you know, if a interior design hashtag is training in, you're showing your skate put collection. It may be well have been probably not so sort of try to always stay relevant with the videos. You can add one or two hashtags from the training page just to help you also get out there , because you might get on that hashtag that a lot of people are checking out. But, like, is it before? The most important thing you can do is have relevant, hashed exterior videos, because people are going to be searching up topics and they're gonna want to find videos that are related to the topic, stated, stitching up. They don't want to find videos that are not related to what they're sitting up it all. So, yeah, try to stay on that level. And now, when it comes to music, music is important. One thing I can say is always used music. Always use music. You know what would happen if even if you have a sound that you like to use, there's a little pro chip that I have for you guys, and that's silent music. So let's say you have a Let's say, if you have a little skit video that's like 10 seconds long, you have intensified schizo. Obviously, you have to use your own sound. Just add a training song and make it on mute. Because if you go into the audio settings you can cook. You know you can control your audio settings for your personal sound and for the music sound for the added sound that you, uh, put on the video editor of TIC Tac. So if you have, for example, like I said a skit, we have the original sound. Just add music. Put it on mute. You could just hear your skit, but there's music on the bottom right when you look at the video. So if people are going through that sound, you video might pop up. So that's just a little pro tip. Eso yeah, definitely. Always, always always used music. Try to use trending music as if possible, especially if you use this pro tip with the silent music. Just use one of the training songs, put it on silent. And who knows? Maybe people will explore that sound and find your video. And if it's good enough, they won't even notice that your music is on. So that's just a little tip that you can use to definitely improve you videos there. So I tried to just sort of always used music. Always use relevant hashtags tried to hop on trends, if possible, and you put your own spin on challenges. People always like that. If you have your own challenges and yeah, so that's basically with the video tips, ill will now be moving on to unit for and discussing exactly how to grow your followers. 5. Growing in Followers: So welcome back and welcome to unit for that. This is going to be called growing followers. And now I'm going to be talking about mawr Main tips for exactly how you're going to get fallers and how you're going to handle your accountant what you're going to do when actually creating your topic cap. So as you can see on screen now, the first tip I can give is that the 1st 5 videos a crucial they really are because these 1st 5 videos are going to give you either a boost or they can really slow you down because as soon as you create a new account, tic TAC is going to see that, you know, you know, a countess formed this is gonna have a lot of potential. So if your 1st 5 videos I really good and are being pushed through the algorithm name being pushed on people's for you, Page, and they really give good, get good views. Then you will continue to get good views because thes 1st 5 beauties are going to be very important. If your first video is a bad to them, they're gonna get strike down. They don't get any views and so on. It's going to be a little bit harder for you to get a good jump start. Um, it doesn't necessarily mean they have to delete your account, but on the opposite. It doesn't mean that if you do good, it will give you a double boost, because think of it like this. Think of it. Sort of like a beginner's luck. You're giving somebody who just started off. You're giving them a little bit help. You're going to give them a little boost. No. All videos are being pushed to the F Y. P two through the algorithm. I'm gonna talk about the algorithm a little bit more the next unit. But basically, um, the main tip is to just really make sure that your 1st 5 videos are up top notch quality. Start off strong, have a good base. You don't want to just, you know, give out a rough draft of your first video. This will. Do you really think about the 1st 5 beauties they're going to post and make them good? And if you start off strong and they can really mean a lot, I mean obscene accounts. You only have five videos and have, like 50,000 followers 100,000 followers because their 1st 3 videos got a 1,000,000 views. Sometimes it's insane how these videos will be able to be get pushed through the algorithm just because you just started a new account and they want you to stay on it as well. That's the whole idea. So, yeah, started strong, you know, keep in mind. First video is a crucial now. The next general tip is consistency. That's one of the most important things that you can definitely do not just for that count as well. But just also, you know, don't get discouraged even if you first refugees don't get a 1,000,000 views. I'm just saying, Stay consistent. It's the most important thing you can do imposing on Tic Tac post at least three times a day, at least as a general rule of thumb our say, but no between three and five times a day. Obviously, if you're you know, do sketch comedy, for example, it could be hard to knock out that many videos, but just really tried to be active and post 3 to 5 videos a day. That's the best rule you can Dio minimum three videos, minimum one or two videos. If you're not posting at least twice a day, that's you're not gonna be able to grow as much as you can because there's going to be huge opportunity left on the table. Um, take to really rewards active accountants. You know, if you also comment on other people's post like other people supposed, if you're an active account, we really help you build a community. Really help you get into that tic tac atmosphere. So try to post 3 to 5 to 3 to 5 times a day, obviously spread out a little, but you can spam him if you want at the same time as well. But honestly, with tick tock, it doesn't really matter as much as, for example, on YouTube. If you post on YouTube 10 videos in the same minute, people are gonna be weirded out if they see that in your sub box. But a tic tac Most These videos air 10 to 15 seconds long, and they're just gonna get pushed on the following page. And so they're gonna be happy about more content. So really try to stay active. Honestly, you can't post enough Dick, Doc, Even if you post 10 times a day, don't be like that's not a bad idea. You can do that. If you have enough videos, you're welcome to do it. It's not like some of these other pages. Like, for example, Instagram. If somebody sees 10 pictures of you on their feet, they might think I'm okay. He's a little bit spammy, but on Ticktock it works differently, although it gets pushed your followers, especially in the beginning. If you don't even have that many followers, then it's not going to bother anybody. If you have 100 followers, you can post you know 15 times a day you can post 10 to 12 times a day because 90% of your views they're gonna become from kind of come from organic growth. They're going to come from people who do not following you so they don't even see it pop up in their following paid, for example. So don't you know, don't be scared to post a lot. Don't be scared to really be active. If you have the ability to make a lot of videos in a day, do it. Don't be scared that you're gonna know anybody or anything like that. Tick tock rewards active accounts like that, but, yeah, General Post, you know through it, if you try to stay consistent, especially the beginning, you can post more. But as your account gets going gets more followers and so on. The general rule of thumb is 3 to 5 times a day. Now, next point is posting at the right times. As I mentioned earlier, after you, you know, activated your analytics. You can see who your audience is. You can see who have used your videos, especially if you have a larger following. This is gonna be important. Let's say you have 1000 followers. You can go into your analytics and see who 85% of them are from Canada. You're gonna go to Canada. You're gonna go through Oh, okay, 80% of these yet there are gonna be from Vienna. So I'm gonna have to post at this specific time, because if I post that you know four am Canada time, nobody is going to be up and always gonna be seeing those. But let's say if 85% of your community is in Europe somewhere, you know in Spain. Then you can say, OK, let me trick time zones. Okay. 8 a.m. Here, 12 pm there. You know, four PM their six. PM there. Destin video Right there. You can post throughout the day. Nobody's gonna you know, No. A lot of your followers going to see it, Obviously, if it's mostly during the night time, you see if you night owls are going to see it and obviously all the other accounts. But if 95% of your account of your of your followers are from a certain country trying to stick to that time zone, obviously so just sort of, you know, this comes from knowing your audience on And also, if you don't have a lot of followers now, obviously it doesn't really matter that much yet because you haven't really considered a base where, you know, you see that a large portion of your followers from a specific country, Um but in this case, just sort of used trial and air sometimes have uploaded videos that I think you're good and they get like, 100 views and sometimes uploaded a video at 2 a.m. And all of a sudden, you've got 10,000 years of within the 1st 10 minutes and that, you know, I think. Well, okay, this is gonna be different than I thought I was gonna be. Because sometimes videos do well in other countries, and sometimes other videos sort of do better. Different time zones? Um, no. Maybe in the morning. Some people want to see happier videos that late at night they want to see comedy. Sometimes it really difference. So obviously, when you have more followers and a lot of your father's going to see video, stick to the times us. But other than that, just simply use trial and air to sort of figure it who, you know, watch the videos. And when they watching videos, if after 10 days, you can see him. Okay, I've posted three videos at 12 PM When do you do well? And then I've posted the other videos at 2 a.m. And they all do nothing. You're gonna obviously try to post more videos at noon during the day and so on. Um so I've probably invited also table here. This is from a survey from the influence of marketing help they've analyzed of 100,000 ticktock posts globally on engagement and then just sort of giving you an average on the best engagement rates during these times. So this is set in Eastern center time. Just you can look at this. Take a screenshot. I've also attached it as a file to this course, so feel free to download it. Um, but as you can see, some of these times are different. According to the day s own Mondays, for example, videos generally do well at 6 a.m. Who would have thought right? This is on Eastern Standard time as well. Socks is gonna differ depending on where you're from. Um, but this is just a rough sort of estimate analyzed based on animus analysis of 100,000 posts. So it's not gonna be, you know, always true for you. But if you don't know where to start, if you don't know when opposed, if you don't know if your videos, I'm gonna do well in certain countries and you don't know what time it's going to go. Just use this as a general rough guide. So let's see you started your account today and it's Wednesday. Once you try to posting your new first videos at nine AM on Thursday, tomorrow or 12 and then at seven. Just see how it goes. And um, yeah, this is just sort of a general rough guy. It's not gonna work for everybody 100% but it's definitely a good starting point if you have new in the winter upload videos. And so the last point on it that I really want to touch, even though it seems, might might seem quite obvious. It said quality content matters. Quality matters. It really does. Um, the thing about quality is, is sometimes quality goes unnoticed because it's so, you know, like sort of people expect already to have good quality, But if you have bad quality, people are going to say something about it. So just try to have good quality videos. Um, obviously, if you're gonna post 3 to 5 times a day, also don't spend too much time on it and sort of break your whole schedule over it. But try to stay good and consistent in your quality. If it's really good quality people are going to take notice. But even worse, if it's really bad, quality people are also going to take notice. So just try to stay consistent, sorta have adequate quality. Um, you know, if you're filming real life videos try to use, you know, anything on your smartphone would probably work well enough that this is an app. After all, you didn't have to have TV quality. If you have a smart phone, if you have a phone, it will work. So don't get discouraged about Some also think about equality, but with quality. I don't just mean the actual quality of HD, but I mean, think about, you know, think about your topic. Think about your teams, think about your videos, give some thought into it and then just tried to stay on top of these things and started stay active as well. So yeah, these are just some of the main tips. Like I said, think about your 1st 5 videos. They are crucial. Stay consistent. Stay active. Posted leased to be five times a day. Posted the right times. Figure it out. Use this template or used trial and error. Look atyou. Analytics. Look at the falling look at your country's look atyou time zones and try to have consistent an adequate quality. That's what I would use adequate Try to make it. You know, just watching Bella. And yeah, look at all these tips again, if you feel like watching it over, and otherwise, I'm going to be moving on to the next unit where I'm going to be talking about the ticktock out, so thank you. 6. TikTok Algorithm: So welcome back and welcome to Unit five. And here I'm going to be talking about. The algorithm on the algorithm is always one of those magical things that a lot of people want to figure out, especially when a new social media site comes around. Um, but you had the algorithm has a certain powder. Now, I would do want to say before that this is obviously nothing confirmed from, you know, the tic tac company H Q. But this is gallant through a lot of research. So, yeah, I'm just going to be talking about the AG with them here. So has it could see the first stage is the stage selection. That's what I call it, at least, basically, how it works is that the video that you posed gets pushed through different stages in different tiers and according to how performs and keeps getting pushed. And basically, what happens is it evaluates toe watch time. Mostly, you know how long your videos washed? Let's say it's 15 seconds long. If 90% of them watched 30 seconds, people are gonna it's gonna think. Okay, this is a successful videos. I'm going to keep pushing it. Um But that's not the only thing. A lot of things come into factor. So as you can see now on screen, I'm going up representing this little graphic that I created, and I will also link it in this course below, so you can download it as well. But basically there are different tiers when it comes to the ticktock already. So, as you can see in the beginning here, this is your video on A soon as your post your video, it's going to be automatically distributed to your followers. So whatever have many followers you have. If you have zero, it's gonna be a zero. It's kind of you thousands going 2000 and then 305 100 new viewers. This is sort of like cold viewers that don't know your content is going to be pushed on the four you page for them. So let's say you have 100 followers and you post your video. It's gonna get pushed to all of your followers and then 305 independent users that are not following you and don't know you. Ah, but sort of have interactive of maybe similar content. Let's say you are a skateboarding tick talker, and they follow throughout escape winning counts. They will most likely get pushed to them. So they're going to be looking on your for your page, and that's going to get evaluated. So this is the first stage says This is what I'm talking about was staged election thes tears. You could also call it tear selection. Ah, but basically, let's say it's going to you have 100 fours. It's gonna get to push your 100 followers and 500 new viewers and all of these 500 new viewers 90% of them like your videos. They like your videos and some of them comment on and some of them shared is successful. Then it's gonna get pushed to the next tier and in this case is getting going to get pushed 2000 and 5000 viewers outside your followers. So at this point, your followers have you did on. They don't see it again. It's like it's gonna pop up again, but your radio is going to keep getting pushed. So let's say you posted at 1 p.m. it's gonna get pushed. Your followers, you know, Tier one or whatever. A couple hours later, it's performs well. A couple minutes later, even sometimes it happens really fast. It's going to get pushed to 1000 5000 new viewers because it was really six vessel in the first stage. So that is going to get, keep getting pushed. And let's say, even in this stage, 22 is very successful. Of these 5000 maybe 2000 people like it. Some people, you know, comment on it. A lot of people watch, and most people look through it all the way. It's a it's a 15 2nd video. It's a up these 5000 maybe 2000. Also watching until the 14th 2nd So it judges it. Okay, it performs well. So let's push on to the next year and this case. This is one of the most important tears, because this is where it decides if it's gonna go viral or not. This is the next push to it. That large audience of at least 50,000 new viewers up to a 1,000,000 your viewers. So here comes into play how your content is sort of treated. How many people comment on it? How many people share this because this is gonna be extra important. That's why you sometimes you see a lot of people you know, with titles like Go share this cancel share there. There's a lot of tricks that people use. Double click this if you, you know, wanna pet this dollar go whatever kind of videos. I'm sure you've seen some videos like that because engagement is really what drives these videos. Engagement is everything. Um, obviously watch time is very important, as I mentioned before. But the engagement is really what sets apart viral videos from non viral videos. Because sometimes video. I'm sure you if you've seen some of these Tector Gates on some accounts where some videos have, you know, let's say 10,000 years, but only have, like, 80 likes on that. That's where they're going to stay at 10,000 views often because they had that initial push . They got that tear to push. But other than that, they're not gonna get pushed further. Just because they're gay, for rate is very, very low. So this tier three pushes how you're going to get that by the video. It's get pushed to a large audience of at least 50,002 million viewers also staggering. So if the 1st 50 k you know off those 40 k they all like it, they're all common is hugely successful, then is going to get keep getting pushed, pushed, pushed up to Stage four or Tier four, where it's now you know, considered viral. And it's joint. That was views. People keep commenting and liking it even weeks or to even a week after your videos uploaded. It's going to get keep getting pushed and now this is where it's going to get consistently put on people's for you. Page and the platform Tic Tac. AP is going to try to push it. Two million views because what TICKTOCK wants to do is want they want to keep people on the site. So obviously don't want to push successful content. If you know your videos 15 2nd long and 90% of the people that watch that watch to the four teams of 13 2nd they're gonna say OK, because of this video, they stayed on the site for 14 seconds compared to video where people, you know, clicked off after the 1st 2 seconds. So they're going to keep pushing these videos onto people's for you Page, and they're going to consistently consistently put it on People's for You Page in order to make it even more viral to get more followers and MAWR viewers to stay on the site. Because this is what you know. It's sort of been vetting process they've seen. Okay, this video, a lot of people like it. Some people who let other people who see it will probably also like it. Um, because at the end of the day, their whole, you know, goal of technical whole goal is to keep people on the site, keep people on the app, because that's what they want to do. So if they have successful videos and have high engagement rate, which is important factor, they're going to obviously keep pushing that. So after that, after its declared viral, Um, what I have a extra stage sort of here, which is DT five, or influence a stage where consistent T five or T four videos will make you an influencer. Because thes videos, you know, high engagement rate is going to get a lot of people to follow you and that following is what you know really supports you as a brand or as an influencer, because sometimes I'm sure you've seen it, says Well, there's accounts who have, you know, 800 followers, but they have one video over two million views, and they might have a video that has a lot of use, but they don't really get a lot of engagement on the other videos. So if you want, really want and make a dent, you know, really want to make your mark on this platform consistent viral videos we'll put you on as a influencer. It will make you have a large falling. It will have, you know, give you more followers, which will in turn keep pushing that videos as well. Because if you have a lot of fall, there is a lot of you know people are going to see your video, which sort of already declares you as a valid accounts. As added here, a high account ranking will push you through the steps fast, as Tic TAC does not need to check these steps as much is that just thinks I think of it like a vetting process, as is that before it's going to say, Who is this video good. Is it good or not? To people like it, Are people gonna like it? Are people going to comment on it? Is there going to get engaged with and so on? But if you have an account with 10,000 followers and you know, 8000 of your of viewers of your followers see it and they like it all of a sudden that is going to get keep getting pushed just because that step it's so much faster because people see it weight faster. They see it right away. People engage with it. They like you as a brand. You know, a lot of people. I'm sure soon as well a lot of people in view videos. And when it comes to stick darkest, they just get like, some right of right off the bat just because they're falling that person and they like that brand. I like that influence or so on. So you have these consistent videos will make it influence it because this is what keeps going, keeps the engagement ring going and keeps this cycle going and just a little bubble up here . If deport, the performance is poor than the cycle restarts and there's delayed views. So sometimes what happens depending on how you take talk. If your video is sort of sit stairs, your views don't miss a serial. Delete it because you might be having a video in your hand that just has a delayed reaction . Sometimes I've had it performs well. Sometimes I thought of video is gonna do well, then it didn't. And then the next day, all of a sudden has more views. It I thought I was gonna have just because maybe sometimes the 1st 305 100 viewers that that it gets pushed to didn't really like so that engagement is gonna be low. But then sometimes it tries it again. If it thinks it has a shot, and then, oh, all of a sudden, the news 500 these new 500 followers, these new 500 viewers actually liked it, So it's gonna get pushed again. It's gonna get pushed to the status. Obviously somebody who's going to get stuck at zero forever just because you're not, you know, not adequate. So it's gonna get pushed it through. Five interviewers didn't like it. Maybe it's gonna get cycled again. And these people didn't like it again that it's not gonna get, you know, just continues to get cycled through once it's that have done. Sometimes it's done to make it. If you were here, they're just because, um, you know, organic growth. But other than that, it's not gonna get pushed through for for the for you page or through new viewers cold viewers. That's just a lot with new videos s. So this is how you know accounts get two million viewers when they have 500 followers. And that's what I was talking about before. This isn't, you know, even playing field. Anybody who makes an account today. Can you get a viral video tomorrow? There's nothing stopping anything because this Tik Tik Allah amiss, so volatile What people just will get random videos that were absolutely exploding, and all of a sudden they have 10,000 followers after a week, you know, I'm sure you've seen a lot of people just get so many followers just randomly because one of the video suddenly explode. You know they have 10 videos with 200 views on all of a sudden, One video is one million views. These sort of stage selection tears here. I'm gonna just help you in a way, were if you make consistent content that people like it's going to get to keep getting pushed. So yeah, look at this algorithm. You really take it in. If you want to explain again, wash the media over. Don't be scared to rewatch. You're not gonna get the first try. Sometimes the algorithm is very complex, and I'm sure it will change a little bit in the future. But this is, you know, exists it through a lot of research. We feel free to download it. And, ah, if you have any questions definitely put in that comes from Low Elder, my best chance of them. But other than that, I'm gonna be moving on just unknown again on the variables. So, like I said before, the variables that really decide to sister engagement share like in common is really what makes or breaks a lot of his videos. Um, you know, also the engagement speed. What helps us? How fast is someone like videos of the videos? 12th long. But after two seconds, day laugh or we think it's funny or think it's cool and they like it you know, that happens. Nine years. In that time, it's gonna get pushed. Absolutely. Because like I said before, good videos. Ticktock. Once good videos tick, tick once people to stay on the site, they want people to like videos that are, you know, other people like us. Well, so yeah, really? Sometimes, obviously, we can't really, um, control this at all. But like I said before, with the videos, if you stay consistent in your accounts when our sooner or later you know, one of these videos is going to get pushed through. So, uh, stay consistent, and yeah, I'm sure you will sort of completed here. Otherwise, the whole be moving on to the next unit and, uh, thank you. 7. The Viral Blueprint: So welcome back to the Unit six and finally unit of this course. I'll have learned a lot so far. There's a lot to take in, so feel free to watch. Watch everything again. But now I'll be discussing basically the viral blueprint, which is in essence, just sort of recap in summary of everything that I talked before. But basically, I just want to sort of touch on everything important again. So, as you can see on screen, I would say that one of the number one things that you would really have to do is consistent. Ah, stay consistent is just the consistency in being active. Deal is just what's going to set you apart from a you know, a tick doctor that gives up after two weeks because he doesn't have a viral video. Sometimes it takes longer. Um, although it might not take a longer, do you think, especially for Ticktock, because it's incredible how the organic growth is really pushing some of these creators, especially if you make good, consistent content. You know, if you make really good videos, sometimes on YouTube, it does goes just unnoticed for years or months, even on Instagram so hard to reach an audience organically that it can be quite, you know, defeating and unrewarding sometimes. But on Tic Tac, a lot of videos will just get 500 views just from nothing, even if it's just one of the videos that you sort of just done in the morning before, Like these videos, that egg being pushed on the technic pages absolutely insane, and it's really free for everybody. So, um, just really try to stay consistent, be active daily and, you know, have positive thoughts. You will get a video and get more followers and a high ranking video, especially if you follow all of these steps that I mentioned before. And I'm sort of recapping now on dumb. Yeah, I'm sure you will do a video with numbers. So, like I said before earlier as well, the number to tip I was have a steam uniformity take a really value steam uniformity and having similar content in your account because, like I said before, they like to categorize your account and then push it to people who like that category. If you make skateboarding videos, make skateboarding videos because it's gonna get pushed to people who like hashtag skateboard cash checks, skating. If they follow 10 skateboarding accounts, you're most likely gonna imminent End up on there for you, page. So really stay consistent and stay consistent in your content as well as much as he can. Obviously, um, you can only do it to a certain extent, especially if you're an influencer. But like I said, have very, you know, similar content. Don't make kick cooking videos one week in the next week in making skateboarding videos. Unless it's all part of a lifestyle, obviously. And you're sort of representing a lifestyle influencer black brand. But you know, what I'm trying to say is just sort of trying to stay similar in your theme on your account . And the third point is de property quality and add ons and with add ons. I just mean what I mentioned earlier with hashtag trans music and so on. Um, so always used appropriate hashtags, you know, used hashtags related to your content similar to theme uniformity, because then you will see yourself pop up on these hashtag If you have a skateboarding account and you have you know 20 skateboarding videos out, you're going to see yourself more often than you think. On the half tech skateboard, for example, eso you just used quality hashtags and relevant hash tags to your content. Used music definitely try to use training. Music. Hop on challenges. Don't be afraid to, um, hop on the trends and try to find your unique spin on it. There's really an endless opportunity, even if you have Ah, no toothpaste brand. Um, I'm sure you can think of something funny to do with a challenge that is going violet on tick tick right now. So try to stay on those trends and especially if you're in an account like a to space round , for example, that you wouldn't think what it could do. Ah, you know, to see slide from Drake or whatever. Um, if you have ah, you know, unique perspective or idea or something don't be afraid to do and put it out there, it might get a good response. You never know. So, yeah, I definitely try to help on challenges and trends. Used training, music use that protest that I mentioned. Ah, even if where you don't need music just added anyways and make it quiet. And I used to write Hashtags, and the last and final tip for this vile blueprint is to know your audience. I could said before, If you already have a little bit of an audience, if you have, you know, 100 Fall or his father of followers, look at your analytics. Look at how you're follows their growing. If 90% of them are from the UK posts at times that are friendly to the UK, obviously so try to sort of look at it that falling that you have a look at your audience. Read two column is trying to be active. Tried to build a community. A lot of people just sort of post videos and leave. But, you know, look at your comments. Interact with them. If they have questions, answer them and like them. If they're funny, just try to build a community because that will get other people and to get your followers to be active as well. If somebody asked you a question, one video and you answer it, they might follow your just because of that. And then they will come back to the next video and asking another question. So a lot of people, just like I said before, just sort of poster videos and go and don't even look at their common still trying to be active. But what you really want to do is build a community, because doubt will help you become an influence. That doubt is what's going to help you grow your brand and really create a falling. Because if you care about them, they're going to care about you. You know, if you post 10 videos that has a lot of use and people asking you questions, people are interacting, but you really you know, look at them, they're gonna forget about you. But if you write them a nice comment back, they're gonna be like going this account even though it happened, you know, 1000 followers. And they took the time to answer my comment, and all of a sudden you bring a T shirt out, they're gonna be like, OK, I met just by the shirt. I'm going to support this brand or whatever. Sometimes, you know, means more to people than you think it does. So really try to look at the audience, know your audience. Like I said, with the right times and so on but also know your audience in that sense, bullet community and really try to care People like it more than you think. And so just the final bonus year for you that I have after this very group in is, um, a little challenge that half you is Put your tic tac in the comments and put your amount of followers if you have zero, if you don't even have when you just put the euro, don't be free to put it in there and I will check out all of your accounts and I will look at them. And maybe you can leave a comment and all of a sudden you're gonna come back in a month and you're gonna, you know, way more follow reason. You're gonna think I didn't think I was gonna have too many followers. So really put your name in the in the comments, but down below. Look at them and also others will follow. So I try to support each other. You know, if you put down below, put down your name, say, Hey, guys, I'm a skateboard influencer. You can check me out. You know, if somebody cares about skateboarding, they might take you out and give you a follower. So I try to support each other down, then comes below, and I will want to be going through them and lease and feedback. You know, if you think Okay, what do you think I should do about music choices, or do you think that these air the right hash tax? Do you think these air appropriate? Um, you know, if you're leaving down below, other look at them and I will leave you some free feet back. So that's just a little bonus for all you people who made it to towards the end of the course. I'm really grateful for your watching this video and watching this whole course. Let me know what you think is Well, if you have any more specific questions that I can answer and columns as well or even answering videos, I will be able to do that. So, uh, yeah, just put you take dog incomes below and my coach able to be able to get some more followers in somewhere help. So, uh, yeah, thank you very much. This has been John Valentine and ah, just towards the end here. Just capital disclaimer for anybody that wants to read that. But other than that, yeah, thank you very much for watching. And I will see you in the next one. Goodbye.