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Grow on YouTube & Beat the Algorithm | Get More Views

teacher avatar Dave Nick, YouTube Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Projects & Resources

    • 3. Perfect Time To Start?

    • 4. Two Most Important Factors for Growing on YouTube

    • 5. How To Find the Right Topic

    • 6. Key To Better Thumbnails & How To Create Them For Free

    • 7. How To Increase Your Revenue

    • 8. What Makes a Video Go Viral

    • 9. How To Boost Your Video To Help It Go Viral

    • 10. Best Way To Optimize Your Title, Tags & the Description

    • 11. Simple Trick To Boost Your Engagement

    • 12. Add This To Get More Views

    • 13. Don't Ask People To Subscribe This Is Better

    • 14. Finish

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About This Class

In this class, I will be sharing with you the most important methods I used to grow one of my channels from 0 to 100,000 subscribers in 5 months (see proof below).

This is all you need to know to beat the new, 2021 competitive YouTube algorithm.

Learn how to:

• Go viral

• Get subscribers

• Reach monetization requirements 

• Organically boost your video

• Beat the Algorithm

... and much more!

My name is Dave Nick, and I'm a professional YouTube consultant with clients from all over the world who have gone from 0 to over 1,000,000 total subscribers.

I also run my own YouTube channels, some of which you might have seen - Investor (410,000+ subscribers), Investor Plus (120,000+ subscribers), and 10+ more.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dave Nick

YouTube Consultant


Hello, I'm Dave.

I've spent the last 6 years making YouTube videos and became a certified YouTube consultant in December 2019.

I run over 10 different YouTube channels which in total have over 1,500,000 subscribers, by the time I'm typing this.

My main, personal brand channel is called Investor and it currently has 400,000+ subscribers and over 30,000,000 total views in the online business and finance niche.

If you'd like to find out more, please do my Skillshare profile, and if you're a fan of my content and you've got ideas for classes that you'd find useful, drop me a message/email and I'll see what I can do. 

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey there, my name is Dave Nick and I'm a full-time YouTuber consultant with over 3000 students all around the globe. I also have my own YouTube business which channels, which in total have over 1 million subscribers. And some of you may also recognize me from my personal Le Brun YouTube channel called invest orbit, over 400000 subscribers. In this glass, I want to share with you the methods that I use to grow this channel from 0 to a 100 thousand subscribers in six months. Which methods are used to grow this channel from 0 to hundreds of dollars a day, not revenue in just three weeks and much, much more. And by the way, I also know how to properly monetize my videos. Actually make decent amount of money no matter the amount of use I know in this class we will be talking about how you can get the new 2021 YouTube algorithm, how to actually get abused. What makes a video go viral? How you can boost your own videos do have higher chances of getting viral and much, much more just overall how you can grow quickly on YouTube. And keep in mind that these same strategies work in any niche, whether that's a fitness, gaming, productivity, lifestyle entertainment, it really doesn't matter. It works for an Aneesh out there. So I really hope to see you inside of this glass after which nothing will stay the same. So I will be waiting for you inside of the first lecture. 2. Class Projects & Resources: Congratulations and thank you so much for enrolling in this class from which you will learn a lot and you will gain a lot of knowledge above you. If you have endless, your entire YouTube experience as a creator will not stay the same when this class finishes. So I really hope you're ready for that. But before we dive deep into how you can bid the new 2021 YouTube algorithm, I just wanted to talk about the class projects and resources that will help you along on this journey. So below this lecture, below all of the lectures, but below the entire class, you will find the class projects and resources section where you can find all of their resources. Help you along on this journey. I'll be leaving all of the useful links, tools, and solve for below in the class, projects and resources. But before we begin, I want us to do one simple thing. They will be so, so useful and they will help you so, so much. And that is to go over to your YouTube Studio, open up your Analytics and take a screenshot of your analytics or just take a photo of your analytics no matter if you have 0 subscribers or a 100 subscribers, I don't care how much subscribers you have, how many subscribers you have. We really don't care about that. I just wanted you to take a screenshot or take a photo. Your analytics arrived now just for a rack card. So you can come back in two weeks, three weeks, or even a month. Take a look at your analytics from now and see how much progress you've made from the methods and strategies that you will learn in this class. And trust me, you will be amazed. So you can upload that image, upload a screenshot. The glass projects down below. Oldest will have a link to your YouTube channel. Andrew's typing a little bit briefly, just type in and we'll walk through a channel is above. And what's your goal on youth tube? By doing that, and once again, you will allow yourself, your future self, to come back and reflect on the progress. But it will also allow other like-minded students that went through this same class to review your channel or review your videos and hopefully give you some useful and insightful fit can improve in the future. And every single Sunday I will be checking your channels and I will be checking your progress and I'll be giving you feedback myself. I will personally go through your channels and we'll be giving you feedback to help you improve and just to help you on your YouTube journey. We will be doing that every single Sunday. So make sure to complete the class project. And obviously whatever I say that the link is going to be below the videos. I've, I mean that the link will be in the class projects and resources. So every single software and every single tool that I will mention in this class will be in the class projects and resources section. So make sure to go out there from time to time. That's going to be a really, really useful section for completing this class. And yeah, I'll be waiting for you. You can oppose this lecture right now, go and complete the class projects so we can begin, so we can start talking about a woman. You should actually start your YouTube journey. So go out there and take a screenshot of your analytics, or just take a photo of your analytics and upload it to the class project. Once again, congratulations on your decision and lead the journey began. 3. Perfect Time To Start?: So run before we dive deep into getting views, hug to grow your YouTube channel and how to bid the new 2021 YouTube algorithm I just wanted to auction this are really, really important topic and that is what is the perfect time to start your EOQ journey? When should you start your YouTube channel? And the perfect time to do that is arrived to not like if you haven't started yet, go up there and started right now, I don't care if you don't have the right equipment. I don't care if you are like, I only have my phone and those guys have all those fancy cameras and live things and microphones that are whatsoever. I don't care. I just wanted to start because at the beginning, it's way more important. Do you have the better content value to provide more content value than production value? So screw that perfectionism in the beginning and focus only on a constant value, provide as much value through her content. And don't care about the production in the beginning. And if you start right now, trust me, you will get better along the way. But if you don't start, then That's a huge, huge problem is so if you haven't started your YouTube channel yet, then go up there and started arrived. Now, I don't care what your friends will think about it. I don't care which equipment you have this goal of there and started a YouTube channel. And that's the best way you will learn from your own mistakes. So feel for a two-star messy. We all started messy and it would if you take a look at some massive, massive YouTubers like Graham staff and, or Mr. because they oldest daughter and from their bedrooms filming themselves with their films. They didn't have the fancy equipment from the beginning. So just go there and start your YouTube channel. Right now. It's the perfect time to do it right now. 4. Two Most Important Factors for Growing on YouTube: Okay, So later in this class we will be discussing how you can boost your watch time, how you can boost your engagement in and all of that stuff that is important when it comes to getting views on YouTube and just growing your YouTube channel lower role. But the BU, that aside, the two most important factors when it comes to getting views and growing your YouTube channel are the topic of your videos and the content value. Let's first of all discuss the topic of your videos and why is it so, so important? Like, sure, search engine optimization is a really important on YouTube as well. Like you need to have the rides at Tom nail. You need to have their rights tied to a little. You need to have the right description full of keywords. You need to have a proper tags for your videos, but that's all not important. Iv that topical your video is something that no one is interested in. Like you can have a d best dominate. We can have the best thumbnail in a history of YouTube. You could have the best title and the best description. But if your video is only about how much you love to drink, coffee or something like that. And no one is going to watch it like you money if they click on the video because of the thumbnail and because of the title, they will not stick with it and they will not come back for more. Because the topic of your video is once again something that no one is interested in. So first of all, you need to find the right topic and then we can discuss the search engine optimization dominated and all that stuff. But first of all, you need that arrived topic. You need to talk about something that is trending, that is already getting a lot of our time and that is already getting a lot of attention that people are interested in. Find the right topic and due to proper research. And I will show you how in the next lecture, but focus on the topic before you focus on search engine optimization and all of the other stuff. The second most important factor when it comes to getting views on YouTube is, as I said, content of value and as we talked about in the previous lecture, a condom value is far more important for reduction value in the beginning after dad, you will need to find a balance between common value and production value because both real be a real important to sustain the consistent growth of your YouTube channel. So no matter your niche and no matter the topic of your videos, I wanted to provide as much content value as you possibly can in your videos because at the end of the day, you're dealing with a real human beings that came for some value. They clicked on your video because they expect some value, whether your videos entertainment, they're expecting to be entertained. So provide as much value as you can through entertainment, whether you are making how to videos, try your best to promote as to provide as much value as you possibly can in your videos. So accountant value is really, really important and trust me, people are real brief shade the value you provide and trust me, it will be a lot easier to grow your YouTube channel if you are providing a lot of value. So once again, three most important factors when it comes to getting views and growing your YouTube channel. If we put aside a search engine optimization and thumbnails and all that stuff are the topic of your videos and content value. Remember that? And we will jump into the next lecture. 5. How To Find the Right Topic: Okay, so the video topic is super important, but how do you actually find something that's trending and that people are generally interested in. Well, instead of this lecture, I want to share with you the best methods that I personally use to find the best topic, define topics that people are interested in, and define the trending topics. I will share with you exactly how I do it ad. But before we begin, you will need to install the absolutely free Chrome extension called vidIQ. You can either use cube body or vidIQ. They're pretty much the same and we'll do the same work with vidIQ installed your browser, you will be able to see other people. Stags was trending, which tags have worked better and to the overall spy on your competition. Really useful and it's absolutely free. I mean, they do have some paid options, but you don't really need the address. Sign up for a free account. You can do so by going over to you vid and by answering your credentials here, and it should take no more than femtoseconds. And once you've signed up and you have it installed, just go over to YouTube. So the first option is to go over to YouTube and search for keywords related to your niche. If you're in the weight-loss niche, for example, search weight loss or fitness or how to lose weight, or how to get six-pack abs, how to lose fat and stuff of that nature and then just fill that are served by the last week or last month and then filled it or search once again, but this time by viewCount. And that's gonna give you the most irrelevant videos which got the most views lately, like in the last seven to 30 days, depending on how you filter your search and to see which videos are actually taking off for real, you can compare the amount of use some video gut in the best 30 days and the amount of subscribers their channel has. And you can do that by using a weed IQ or cube a body. So if the video got to less views and they have subscribers, it means it's not making up. It just got some views from the people that are already subscribed to the channel. And according to data, around 28% of your subscribers. We'll click on the video when you publish it. So on average, 72% of them will not. So if the video has up to 28 thousand US and they have 100 thousand subscribers, that's not a topic worth considering because that's less than 28%. But if the video got over 28% of US compared to their subscriber account, for example, they got 190 thousand views in the last big, and they only have 100 thousand subscribers. That means that the video is not being watched only by subscribers, but he's being watched by other people as well, which means it's taking off and that topic is worth considering. And the faster you would jump on the trend, the higher chances of getting a lot of use you will have because the algorithm will most likely bushes the Recommended tab. And to give you a real life example from my personal experience like two years ago, the Amazon rainforest was burning and everyone was talking about that. Like it was a really trending topic. It was a Y relative topic. So what I did is since I didn't have any other YouTube channels, I created a brand new YouTube channel with 0 views. 0 subscribers is 0, videos is 0. Everything. I went on to YouTube and I use the same strategy that I just shared with you in this class. And I found some video that was talking about the Amazon rain forest. You've got one around 1 million views, which is pretty insane. And a channel owner only had like 30 thousand subscribers. And the video was posted like seven days ago or something crazy like that. So I immediately started replicating the video topic. I could read it in a really similar video. Would a really similar thumbnail and tidal and believe it or not, even though I had to 0 subscribers, as they said it was there literally be brand new YouTube channel, that video through and gotten an astonishing, do you 150 thousand views in seven days. So that is really insane and just bruise how effective this method actually is. Now another way to find the right topic is to just start typing the keyword into the search bar and just see what YouTube recommends because those are the topics people are most likely to search for. And finally, you can just go through other similar YouTubers and see what's working for them, which videos are thinking of, and which are their most popular videos. So that's how you can find the right topic for your videos and something that you can use in the beginning to kick-start your journey and to start growing your YouTube channel from the start. So this is a really, really useful when starting off on YouTube. And in the next lecture we will be discussing what makes the video actually go. Y are 0. 6. Key To Better Thumbnails & How To Create Them For Free: Now when it comes to getting a better click-through rate on your videos thumbnail, entitle are super-important and the, it's the first thing that you are. We'll see when deciding whether they will click on your video or not. And that's why you want to create eye-catching dominated as they will grab people's attention that will stand out on YouTube. And the best way to do this is by introducing simplicity. Do your thumbnails. Now, each of us should have their own unique style for creating those thumbnails. You should have your own unique style for all of your videos so your channel can actually stand out, but there will be some general rules which you should follow when creating a thumbnail. And I'm also going to show two different platforms which you can use to get those thumbnails done for absolutely free and to make them high-quality. Now first of all, let's talk about the general rules that make the domino clickable because a click-through rate is a really important for you to growth. That's a really, really important and we'll talk about in details about the click-through rate and some of the next modules. Anyways, as you can see, for example, Mr. Beast, which is who is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in a history of UQ and is currently at a 50 million subscribers. And by the time you're watching this lecture, he already, he probably has a lot more than that. But if you filter his videos by most popular, you'll be able to see that he's most popular videos have the most simple thumbnails. So the number one rules when creating a thumbnail is to make it simple. Human eye, symbol, stuff and evil rather to catch them something that's a sample that's not a complicated, then if a thumbnail has a lot of words and a lot of stuff going on in it. The last it's going on into thumbnail and the last words it has n it, the more clickable is going to be, the more eye-catching It's going to be. So you don't want to make your thumbnails complicated. You want to make them as simple as possible. As you can see, his most popular video wouldn't ever want a 100 million views. Just him in million our bees just do things happening. The thumbnail, heme and or Bs, that's is no words, no anything. Now, if in some cases you would need to put some words into the dominant, it'll, I highly recommend you do no more than six words even that is a lot, but no more than six words in your thumbnail to up to six words. That's the maximum you can go even six wheres is a lot, but as I said, don't go more than that. So up to sakes, uh, words in the DOM male and when trying to get an idea for your thumbnail, you should definitely look up to other big YouTubers and to see which videos are doing the vowel for them, for example, just as an example, I'm going to show the login pool channel. As you can see, he's a really big YouTuber. He was one of the biggest YouTubers and the world and not anymore, but he was one of the biggest YouTubers like three or four years ago. And if we pass his songs, because obviously the song is always, always going to get more views. You can see that it gets most popular videos also have a really simple toenails like nothing much is happening in the DOM nail and they're getting over 20 million views. For example, we have this video right here. This lady tried to take my dog and that video got over 24 million views. And it's probably not something that a lot of people should be interested in. What it got over 20 million views. And if you scroll down to some of his last popular videos, you're going to be able to see that as some videos that have way more attractive title got a lot less views because they seem complicated. For example, this one where they actually kidnapped his or her roommate and G2 times a less of views than the previous video I showed you. And you can see that there's actually a lot of the Tammy's happening and dominate L and it's just complicated and confusing for the eye. So make the thumbnail eye-catching by making it as simple as possible and use up to six words in your toenail. Know there will be three different ways you can get a dominated Donna for absolutely free. You can either use a, which has already pre-made thumbnails for you where you can just drag and drop and just create your own designs. I personally don't prefer using Canva, but anyways, you can definitely use it in the beginning. If you want to start with a free platform, you can use or if you want to use more advanced or software like Photoshop. But if you don't want to pay for Photoshop and you can use some free alternatives like is a cloud-based software that pretty much works like Photoshop. So it's going to allow you to create professional designs were absolutely free. So it has all the features that Photoshop normally has. A difference is that you don't have to install and Damian, it's all absolutely free. You can just go work your photo and uses right away. Now I'm going to show you both bathrooms in how you can use both platforms to create a thumbnail. So let's first start with gamma. In order to create a tunnel deal with Ganymede, just go over to, create an absolutely free account if you haven't already go to the search bar and search for YouTube thumbnail or just dominate. And yeah, I'm going to open up YouTube dominate. That's going to give us all of the different templates which Wiccan use. So just find the one that suits your video. My video is about how to make millions in the next market crash. So I will make my abdominal something around that. So let me try to find a suitable. Suitable template for this. So for example, we're going to use this one. I'm going to change this template, so just click on it and that's going to take me over to the actual builder, absolutely free builder. And now I can customize everything. I can customize the background color's. I can change this image, which I of course avail. But let's first start with this actual tax. So in the tight in the terminal, I should say something along the lines of make millions. And I'm gonna make this a little bit smaller. So I'm going to change the font, do probably 80 or maybe even less than that. I'm going to drag this to summer run here. So make millions and I'm gonna die being market crash because I just want to use the key points to put into my thumbnails. So something like a make millions market crash. I can use a tiny, tiny one addition. I'm going to move this to somewhere around here. And that should look a really nice, okay, So that's okay, Mike, thanks, is done. Now I can change the colors if we wanted to. So let's say I'm going to use the green, yellow, and perhaps blue. No, Okay, This doesn't look really well, so I'm going to change the yellow to green or something like that. Yeah, I'm going to leave it like this. I like this one. So I'm going to remove the blue one and I'm going to change it to green as well. So does looks nice. And now I just need to change this image. So I'm going to use some market crash photo or some stock photo of a businessman or Warren Buffett or anything that's related to my video. So I'm going to press the Delete button on my keyboard and that's going to be removed. Now I'm going to replace it by either using stock photos that are available in Let's try to find something that is on and that is absolutely phrase. So I'm going to type in market crash, but let's see if we can find something like that. No, there are no free photos which we can use because if it has the pro icon, that means that we need to pay for it and we obviously don't want to pay for anything. We want to get everything done for absolutely free. So I would need to go to Back cells or Google to find a stock food is in stock photo to use for my dominate. So here in, I'll just type in the stock market or the market crash, but I'm going to go with this. Well, I'm going to use this one. I really like it. I'm going to save it to my computer and I will go back to Canva. Now just go to the Uploads page right here. Click Upload Media and click Device. Find that image onto your computer, double-click on it and just selected from the way it from the left-hand side once it loads. So it's still loading and we'll wait for it. And now you can drag it to design builder. So I'm going to put it somewhere around here. I'm going to make it bigger, so probably some somewhere around here. And I'm going to reposition this by clicking on the position button and rod here, and I will click back. And now this is going to fit a real eval, as you can see here, I have an image of a, something that's related to stock market. So I'm going to also make it bigger. Yes, this is okay. So here we have an image of a stock market and then we had 2021 edition, make millions and market crash. And this is a dominated he has up to six words, which is perfect. So it's a simple one and I can use it. I just said, I don't personally prefer to use Canon Law, but you can definitely try and create some nice designs with and it's absolutely free it down blades. Now you can just download these by pressing the download button right here and click Download and evil b onto your computer or within sight. And the second, a little bit more advanced option for making those dominant alleles is for those that have some Photoshop skills or have some design experience. But don't want to use Photoshop or don't want to pay for it. Well, you can use, It's a free alternative called photophobia. And this is already photo be a DICOM to get started, just come over to photo P Click on the new project that right here and you can select the downplayed or would you want to start from, I highly recommend you start from scratch every single time. What do you is this four month use this size, afford your thumbnails. You can just call it create. You don't have to select any of these templates and just start from scratch by clicking the Create button at Radha here. Now you have a blank page to start working on here on the right-hand side, you have all of these layers. And just like in Photoshop and here on the left-hand side you have all of the different tools which you can use. I personally prefer to use this tool for the background image, so it's a gradient editor and I can select different colors. I will, for the sake of this, dominated, use colors like blue. I'll click Okay, and I will use a darker blue as well. So I will just click Okay, and let me show you what that's going to, that what that's gonna do, do my background, as you can see, this is how the design is going to look like. So now you can of course, play around with different colors and pray along, play around with different duels from the left-hand side, I'm just going to quickly create a dominated and outbursts newly created for this type of video. So you can see exactly how I personally do it. I would just create a new layer. I would add some text so I can select the text from the left-hand side. I can edit a rod here. I will dive in, make money with next Crush, I will select some different font. I don't want to use this one. So you have, the fonts are right here so you can select whatever you want. Let me, let me try to find something interesting and something that would fit my style. So for example, use this one, Matthys a fond, let's see how that's going to look like. I don't know. Enlarge my thanks by dragging this to the rod sign and I will change it to white. I'll press Okay. This doesn't look really good. I don't really like it. It's not elegant, it's not a modern. And I want to create a mother minimalistic design for this type of dominated because it's about investing and finance and disk just doesn't fit. And I also may spell this, excuse me for that. Make money with and next crushed. So I will try to, try to find some better font from the left-hand side. So let's try to find something that's more interesting. Not this one, definitely not this one. And maybe, maybe the bold word, none of it would be better. Yes, it's a little bit better. I don't really, really like it, but it's not a bad. I'll go to Window, go to character, and then we'll drag this to left. And I will drag a leading do left. And I'm going to show what that's gonna do. As you can see, it's just going to make it a little bit more closer to each other. I will make the text a little bit bigger. So always try to, always try to make things in your thumbnail bigger just because it's more eye-catching. So you always want to make things in your thumbnail bigger. So something like this is not bad at all, so I like it. Now I just want to add a shadow effect. To do so, I will double-click on the actual layer here on the right-hand side. And I'm also like the drop shadow right here. Now that we can customize that if you want to, I personally prefer to customize it, so we'll change the size. Do 15, the distance should be around 10 percent or maybe even al-Azm that Let's do like 5%. Let's do fly percent. I'm going to type in five and click OK. Ok. This is not bad at all. I don't really like the font, but let's go with it. As you can see, you can definitely play around with all the different background colors and fonts. What sizes would everything you can play around. It's really easy and simple, but he's going to allow you to make a lot of more advanced that dominated. Then it would websites like to add more features to your thumbnail. You can just go over to File errata here and click on open to open new files from your computer. I would like to add the stock market crash. So what I would do is I would go to Google and search for stock market crash BMG. That means those images you have no background and I can use them in might dominate. So once again, I would dive into stock market crash. And then the PNG keyword always goes at the end. If you want to find a files, if you want to find images that have no back around. So let's try with this one. This one has a background, so I'm not going to use it as you can see, it's not actually BMG, but this one doesn't have a background, so I will click on it. That's gonna take me or to the official website where I can download it free of charge by clicking on the download button that rod here and it asked me to sign up. I will just sign up for Facebook really quick. And it seems to be absolutely free. Yes, it is absolutely. Every cell would just click the Download BMG. Your download will start automatically in a seconds, seven seconds to count down and goes to 0. So we need to wait for a couple of seconds and it will be on my computer. So here it is. I will just go back to Now we'll just click File Open. Double-click on the file is going to open up this image into Photoshop. I will just drag it around to here to the actual thumbnail. I will make it a little bit smaller, so I want to shrink that do somewhere around here. This is not bad at all. Then I would like to add some arrow next to it, so it will create a new layer here on the right-hand side, I will select the custom shape from the left-hand side. So I will right-click on this icon and click Custom Shape, and I will try to find it that arrow from the library. So here it is. I'm going to use this one. And I'm gonna draw an arrow right here. So this looks really nice. Stock market is pointing to. And then I'll add, and I didn't have cash, pile of cash, for example. To do so, I will just go back to Google and I will dive in, for example, Mani PNG or cash bile PNG or something like bad. So for instance, use this one. This is a really good one. I will just right-click on Edge, Save Image As, and we'll save it to my computer. Now I will go back to photophobia. Once again, click file, click Open, double-click on the image. It's going to open it up into photophobia. I will drag it back to my terminal and I will paste it somewhere around here. So this looks really nice. As you can see. This is a pretty finished, dominated, It's a really good one. It says make money with next crash. Have the stock market crash pointing to monitor. This is a really, really good and eye-catching dominated that I think would get a lot of glaze. So to save this thumbnail, I just go, I just go to File Export as an IT or PNG or a JPEG. Png files are always better quality, so I highly recommend you always go, we'd be mg. So I'll just select PNG and I can save it into my computer. Go just click Save, and that's it. And that's how you can create some high-quality thumbnails for absolutely free and without installing any software onto your computer, either use and it's absolutely free templates. Or if you want to create a little bit more advanced thumbnails, then you use photo 7. How To Increase Your Revenue: In this lecture, we will be talking about different ways you can monetize YouTube channel and maximize your revenue. I personally have 30 different revenue sources and three different ways I make money from my YouTube channels. And the number one is that revenue. In order to get approved into the YouTube partnership program, you will need to have one hundred, ten hundred subscribers and a 4 thousand hours of time in the past 12 months, once you meet those requirements and once you get approved into the YouTube Partner Program Ads, we'll start running on your videos and you'll be making money based on many different factors into quantum them is CPM. Cpm is cost per one hundred, ten hundred mus. And all those some niches have a really high CPMs. Some niches have a really, really low cost per 1000 views. For example, if your videos are about fitness, you will be getting around $2 per 1000 years, maybe a little bit less, maybe a little bit more button wrong do dollar per 1000 views. But if you're videos that are about something more serious like business finance, Mani, and cryptocurrency. Your CPM can go as high as like $50 per 1 thousand views, which is a significant difference. Now one of the ways you can increase your revenue is by making videos. Are there eight minutes or a longer? The reason you want to do that, because that will allow you to add them more ads in your videos. So if you orbit is more than eight minutes long, you'll be able to add more as viewing the video, and that way you'll be able to maximize your revenue. Now the second revenue source that I personally have is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means that I can take someone else's product and promoted in a form of living my affiliate link in the description of my videos. And whenever someone who collects bys and the sun's out through the offered at I'm in promoting, earning a commission and completely passive and afford this. You obviously don't need your own website. You don't need to pay for hosting. You don't need to create the products. You don't need to be delivered the product. You don't need to do customer support and all that it hard to stop nothing. All we have to do is with affiliate links in the description of your videos and drive targeted traffic. Now most of the gurus will tell you to go to Amazon affiliate links, one of your videos. And although there's nothing wrong with that, the Commission on those products is electorally panning vote. If you were to promote some offers from websites like Big-Bang, did you store a word plus JV, zoo and so on. You can earn commissions as high as like hundreds of dollars, sometimes literally over a $1000 per one sign up. And intellectually days the same amount of effort to promote a $1000 product and the TANF dollars brought in, I made an early on mistake because I've found that people will be buying more of those cheap bread eggs and then I will make more money. That's simply not true when I was promoting like a 20 dollar products, sure. I was getting a lot more sale or micro motion was like $3 per sale. So even though demand D sales a day, that's a steel around $60 in profit in a single bay. And the refund rate was just off the charts when I started promoting a $1000 offer, even though I wasn't getting late 20 sales a day or not even a sale a day, but I want to sale every other day. I was still making a lot more money. I was making $500 in commission every other day, which is like do a $150 a day compared to 60 bucks, and it's just a significant difference. So conclusion is to always promote high ticket offers. Revenue source number three is coming from brand deals. I can't really talk way too much in details on this topic because of the contracts that I've assigned. But Let's say that brand deals are an easy way to increase your revenue by at least 20 percent. The perfect and mono sponsored videos of for me is around once a week. Everything more than bad is just going to be wade through annoying for your audience and you will probably push a lot of people off of your channels. So just like one. So you know, if you want to know more about my business model and how I run all of those different YouTube channels where you have lots of different revenue sources. And I'm not feeling any of those videos myself. And I have never showed my face and annual those channels. And you can check out my step-by-step, a program called YouTube fly program or just go over to invested wide few Mac dot-dot-dot gown. Or you can also just click on the link which will be in the resources section. Not only will explain you step-by-step, click by click how to set up these revenue sources properly. But we will talk way more in details how to actually grow your channels and how to set up everything. Cool Lake, Baikal lake. And I'm also showing you a real life exam. You're going to learn my number one secret for getting views. My number one secret for getting subscribers how to actually make money from your YouTube channel is a witch niche is the most profitable one and much, much more. Since you already have a word of 2000 students from all over the world that are already taking advantage of the strategies involved. I wouldn't limit access to this program to the first 75 people. If it's still available, you can try and join. But if it's not, then I'm really sorry, but I just don't want to make my business model over saturated. And it also know on my own strategies to become more saturated. And I also want to focus as much as they can to help other students, either existing students with their own channels and to help them maximize their results. So I really hope you're not mad about that and we will go to the next lecture. 8. What Makes a Video Go Viral: So yeah, the content value and the topic of your video are really important in an era before we get into the super simple trick that you can use to boost your videos, to have higher chances of going wireless or just getting more views and your video in the first 60 minutes. Before we get into that, let's first discuss what's actually important and what YouTube actually looks at when deciding which video they will push to a wider audience and which video will go viral. But even most important things for going viral, our number one, watch time, how long do people actually stay on your video in the clique? Because a couple of years ago, back in the days like five or ten years ago, you didn't really care about the wires time they only cared if someone who's going to click on your video. And that's why the Craig Bates were working so well. But nowadays, in today's competitive market, will all of those other social media platforms, especially with thick dark, Twitter and Instagram, Facebook, they're all fighting for your attention. Who can give the viewer a longer? Who can give the user longer on the platform? Because obviously if the user staves a longer on the platform, more ads they will watch and more money you will earn. So their number one priority is to keep you longer on the platform. That's something that they discussed in the Social Dilemma. You can watch that, that's a great movie. It's actually a documentary or something like that, but it's really, really good. So you'd give rewards creators that keep their users longer in the bladder berm, and the higher your wires time is, the more YouTube algorithm will push it to other people because they will most likely watch your video as well. And you will probably be able to keep them a longer on the platform as well. So for example, if your video is 10 minutes long and the average view duration and that video is 30 seconds or less. It's so, so bad. Chances are you will barely get any views. But if you're somebody who's like 10 minutes long and your average view duration is four or five minutes. That's absolutely insane. And chances are you have a really, really high chances over going viral and YouTube algorithm will for sure push your video to a wider audience. So wires dime number one, priority toward YouTube. Number three, we have engagement. The percentage of people that engage with your videos in therms of likes, comments, shares, and subscribe. So how many people actually like your videos? How many people actually leave comments underneath their videos? How many people actually subscribe and when they subscribe a duty, a click on the Notifications, do they share their video? Did a share the video with their friends or not? That's also really, really important because besides keeping people longer on the platform, you'd keep also cares about user experience. And if your video is being liked, especially in the first two or three minutes, especially in the beginning, like the first 20 or 30 percent of the video, YouTube is more likely to push it to more people because obviously they want to make great user experience. That's why I personally think this is not official, but I think that if you discuss something that's more controversial and YouTube, YouTube is less likely to promote it, like if you talk politics, it could be a sphere in your videos. If you discuss religion and stuff. I think YouTube, real and not Bush or videos and it's going to be hard there to get views. But if you are completely clean, YouTube will reward you for that. Because obviously they want to keep a great user experience. They want to create a great user experience for their users. And number three, we have a colleague through array, the percentage of people that actually click on your video, whether it's the title or the tunnel that makes them collect. The click-through rate is the percentage of people that click on your video when they see a recommended on YouTube. So if the video's recommend that to, for example, 100 people and only five of them click on the video. That's a really bad click-through rate. But if it is recommended to a 100 people, and out of those 100 people like 30 of them, click on your video besides all the other, the other videos that are recommended beside your video. And that's really, really great if people click on your video and they stay. So you have the click-through rate, you have the wires them, and you have a really good engagement like people are liking, people are common thing, and people are also sharing the video on other platforms like that's also a great grade one because just think about it. If someone shares the video, another platform, another social media platform, click the share button, shares it on Facebook. They're bringing people from another social media platform. Do you? Youtube. And YouTube values that you will push your video more because people are more likely to share it on other platform and bring more people to their platform to dare official platform over the YouTube. And obviously the more people you can bring through YouTube them more money Dave will earn. So that's also really, really valuable to summarize, in order to have higher chances of going viral on YouTube, your video needs to have a combination of a click-through rate, watch time, and engagement. All of those needs to be on-point in order for YouTube to push it to a wider audience. Let's now discuss it. You can actually boost your video. Do you have higher chances of getting water or how you can boost wires time, how you can boost click-through rate, and how you can boost engagement. And the first 60 minutes, you have higher chances of going viral on YouTube. 9. How To Boost Your Video To Help It Go Viral: Okay, so now that you know what makes the YouTube video go viral and let's discuss how you can boost your video in the first 60 minutes, you have higher chances of going viral and have higher chances of getting more views and that specific YouTube video. And then in the next lecture, I will show you one simple trick to make your YouTube thumbnails more eye-catching. And so you can make more people actually click on your YouTube dominates. Now it's really important that you have everything on Born in the first 60 minutes out there publishing the YouTube video because those dimes are crucial for your video performance. So you need to have a really good watch them. You need to have a really good click-through rate and you need to have a really good engagement into first 60 minutes. For this strategy, you will first of all need to create a few more absolutely brand new YouTube channels. Don't worry, you will not have to grow them. They can have no videos and no subs and no profit picture. If you don't know how to create an unlimited new channels, all we have to do is go to Settings, click, Add or manage your channels, and click create a channel. The reason you want to do it is, is because as soon as you publish a video from the main channel, and this is super important in the beginning, especially when you still have the 1 thousand subscribers or less, you want to log out of your main channel and immediately log into another channel, go to the search bar or search for most irrelevant keywords. Your video is about keywords that are included both in the title and the description of that video. Then if it doesn't pop up, it doesn't show, just feel going to research by last hour once you find it, just do the same thing in three to five and new thoughts. So open three to five new windows on your browser. Now, I'll just click on your video from each of those tabs. Optionally, you can set the speed to do acts to speed up the process. That's what I personally do. Once you have a client, you're already improving the CTR or click-through rate. You are giving signals to YouTube that when people search, they're more likely to click on your video rather than on any outer video. And once you collect, just so leave the video playing until the end, you can of course do something else in the background, but just a levy blame so you can boost the watch them do. And finally, make sure to at least alike and comment on the video in the first 30 seconds on it. If you can, it will be really great goals or share it and subscribe to your own channel. Now I want you to repeat the same thing from at least five different accounts. So search for your video, click on it like ID, comment, sheriff, and watch it on VLAN from three to five different browsers at the same time. And that way you are giving powerful signals to YouTube that they should recommend their video to a wider audience. So you're boosting everything that YouTube looks for when deciding which video they should push, the more people you are boosting to wash them, you're boosting CPR and you're boosting engagement all in the first hour of publishing your video. So this one is simple trig that doesn't require much effort, can significantly affect the performance of your video and you should definitely take advantage of it. Once again, log out of your account, search for your videos, click on them, wires them until Leanne and while they're playing, you can of course do something else. Like you can walk around the room or watch something on your phone or do whatever you want through. You're going to have to actually watch your video unless you want to do that. And just alike, share in common the more you engage with the video, the batter, you're boosting it all in the first 60 minutes, which is crucial for your video performance. Let's now discuss how you can create eye-catching thumbnails that people will click on. 10. Best Way To Optimize Your Title, Tags & the Description: Alright, in this video I want to break down how you can optimize your title tags and description for ranking higher in YouTube and getting more views. So first of all, before that I want to start with a vaccine yo video into the YouTube algorithm before you even publish it. And the way you can do so is by naming the video file of your original video file, using as many keywords related to the video as possible. So here you can see that when you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube knows the file name. Your viewers won't be able to see that, but the algorithm clearly knows what the video is about. So you can use that in your advantage by adding keywords to your original video file before you upload it to YouTube. Now you're ranking chances will be much higher since the algorithm picked up a more keywords and knows more about your video. And this is something that not a lot of people know about the bloody show to be really effective for manual my videos. And you know, it's just a quick way of letting YouTube know who should see your video. Anyways, let's now start with the title optimization. Your title should always include more keywords. If you're just starting out and you're just starting to grow, and you should do why the dipole into two parts. The first part is a long-tail keyword. The dead grabs people's attention. And the second part is a short tail keyword and it will help you with your rankings. So if my video is, for example, how to make money in the next market crash, I can boot, I can put that as a first long-tail keyword. And then next to it, I will say, for example, investing for beginners or how to invest or anything that's related. Or if, for example, my video is about five ways to boost your credit score, I can name it five ways to boost your credit score. And in the second part, we'll, for instance, going to be how to invest in stocks or stock market for beginners and so on. And one of the best ways to research those keywords and see what's trending and what will most likely get you the best results possible is to go over to YouTube itself. Go to the search bar, start typing the keyword that, that is your video about. And it will instantly give you Tom search results for it. It will give you those keywords that people are most likely to search and are most interested in when trying to watch these dipole videos. So if you make a video about some of those, chances are it will get a more views. So that's how you can get an idea for a long tail and short tail keywords to add into your title, make sure to always divided into two parts. The second thing which we need to optimize properly is the description. And believe it or not, the description is one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking on YouTube. And ranking high on YouTube means more views over a long period of time. So after testing loads of different options, here is the best description formula. You will start with a call to action and your number one recommendation or the offer which you want to promote, perhaps as an affiliate, write off their debt, you will copy and paste your title. The reason you wanna do is is if you have those keywords both in the video file name, title, and the description, you will undeniably improve your ranking score and you will give that the trigger, the algorithm to Bush or video to people searching those keywords. So always but always base your title in the description of your video. Below that you can either on more affiliate links or call to action can make them like your video or subscribe. And after that, they just keep adding more keywords that are related to the video. So you can write a brief explanation of what he will be talking about in that way to you and use as many keywords as you can. For instance, I can say in this investing given to you. We will be talking about a 50 ways to boost your credit score as a beginner investor, investing in stocks is not as easy as it sounds, and so on and so forth. So briefly read something and include as many keywords as you can. The more targeted keywords you use in your description, the better ranking results you will achieve. And now about the things. First, I want to tell you what not to do because it's important and that is to never use tags that have nothing to do with your video or your channel. For example, when I, when I started teaching, I thought we were since drop shipping videos. We're getting a lot of US. I was like, I will put the add drop shipping keywords for my videos about investing in affiliate marketing and it should get views, right? Well, it doesn't work like that because when people search for the drop shaping in my video comes up, they will either notice it's not about drop shipping, so they will pass on it and wanting money collected, which is ultimately going to ruin my click-through rate and keel my video performance. Or if on the other hand they actually click, they will immediately see that my video is probably not what they're interested in since they're searching, drop shipping. And that's why they will most likely to click off of my video and watch something else, which will ultimately make my watch time and drop and also keel my video performance. So never use the keywords and tags that have nothing to do with your video. No matter how high their search volume is, they will most likely ruin your chance of getting views. And anyways, with that out of the way, here's a simple method of getting the best tags for your videos. You can simply install one of these afraid duels, one of these free plugins, either tube a body or a vid IQ. This is already a tube and this is already vid They're both pretty much the same and are both absolutely phrase so install their Chrome extension and you will get access to some cool, youthful features that you normally wouldn't. And amongst all you will get access to other people's tags. You'll get to see and copied their attacks. So you can simply go to YouTube, search for the video topic your video is above. And in my example that will be investing for beginners, then filter your search by viewCount and that will give you top videos in that subject videos that got the most use in that specific niche. So you can simply open up one of them and one of the videos have got loads of use and is similar to yours. And on the right-hand side you will be able to see which tags they've used for the video. So you can just copy, copy those tags by clicking on this icon right here. And you can use them in your own video, just space them in that section. And that's it. Way you will maximize your results and chances of getting views because it's proven that those tags that got success to other YouTubers talking about the same subject. And finally, for your tags, you can also use names of big YouTubers and your niche. So if one big YouTubers that are talking about the same subject as you and you use up the video of them in your video tags. That way you might get people that watch their videos to watch yours as well. And since you are talking about the same topic, they should be interested in and engage with your channel to you. For example, I mostly use be a has-a Graham stuff and then Kevin David in my video tags. But you can use any one you would prefer. So that's how you can properly optimize your title tags and description for best results in higher rankings. 11. Simple Trick To Boost Your Engagement: In this lecture, I will show you one simple trick to boost your engagement than boost requirements specifically, because that's really important when it comes to YouTube deciding whether they will promote the root you very overt. And later in this class, I will also show you a brand new YouTube's creature where it became a call for getting views. But that's for another lecture. For now, I wanted to start using an Easter egg in your videos because that will make people engage a lot more. I wanted to add something unfamiliar to your audience as something that's unusual. Do something that's unusual or show something on the screen that is pretty much unusual for your videos. And a gram seven did a really great job when it comes to this. He made a really, really nice Easter egg which he never addressed on his main channel, but thought about it in the podcast and it goes something like this in all of these videos before the intro, he would always say like, Hey guys, what's up? It's Graham here. That's okay guys, it's Graham here would, now is, where's the up in some of his videos and says, hey Graham, its guys here. What's Abram its guys here. And he knows that will make a lot of people just think about it. Wait a minute, adhere, just make a mistake. They will be thinking about that and they will either watch the video longer or they will go straight to the commons and it will start engaging. They will be typing all the way down like a guy's ground made a mistake. Hey, did you just save that? You made a mistake? And people will just start engaging like crazy because he added that as the array. And as I said, he'd found about in the podcasts and he obviously knows and then makes people engage a lot more. And he says that he does it on purpose. And I think we can all learn something from this by adding something unusual and something unfamiliar to your audience, you will make them engage a lot more. You can show some unusual imagery like allies in five seconds or just randomly out of nowhere, create an Easter egg or say something unusual or do something unusual. Don't be afraid to do that because trust me, people will love hearing that and it will be engaging a lot more. You will get a lot more comments. And when it comes to boost your likes and subscribers, it can't get any more simple than just asking your audience to do that. Not all of them will do it, but a small percentage will, which does make a difference. If you don't ask them to like and subscribe, you're living a lot of likes and subscribers on the table and you don't wanna do that even if only 5% of them a like and subscribe after you're telling them to do so, that's still a lot more than 0. And it's completely okay to ask your audience to like the video or ask them to subscribe to your channel with notifications on, to summarize, every now and then you can add an Easter egg to your videos. Obviously don't over abused is because it's not going to work. If you do it in every single one of your videos, then able to become usual and no one will comment on edit, but if you enjoy not win, then, then people will comment on it. They will discuss these in a common sanction which will boost your engagement, which is really important. And also when it comes to boosting your legs and subscribers always feel free to ask your audience to do that. But later in this class we will be discussing exactly how you need to do it properly for the best results possible, because apparently just asking people to subscribe isn't really enough and isn't really the best thing to do. There's a better thing which you can do and we will discuss it in some of the next lectures. 12. Add This To Get More Views: All right, Now I want to show you another easy way. You can increase your views and make your channel grow faster. So this is something that you can add through all of your videos for better results. But first of all, you will need to have at least three different videos published on your channel. And the reason being is because you will need to create a playlist, many different playlist. For example, I had three different playlist for my investor channel and enrolled categorized, as you can see. So if you have a few videos on a similar topic, just make a playlist so people can watch them easier to do so to make a playlist, just go over to your YouTube Studio. Click playlist hand colleague couldn't new playlist. Now you can just give it a nice name. And as many of your videos as you can, the more, the better The more videos people can watch. And after the war, you can start driving traffic to that playlist. So now, instead of promoting only one video and getting only one view from a single person, you can now get them to watch multiple videos and give them a longer on your channel. And that way, not only will you get away more views and earn more on the revenue, but now they will be way more likely to subscribe. Since they watched a few of your videos, people usually overestimate this, but blameless can actually be really, really powerful. And now you just need to start driving traffic. You just need to start driving for a triumph of age, do those playlist. So you will actually have someone watching them. All you have to do is go over to your already published videos. Go to somebody who that is already getting some views. Open its details. Click Add screen and Radha heat or do add on-screen card is of course click element and select the playlist. After that, just saved this and you will have your playlist out at you or all of the existing video that is getting views. So whoever watches until the end in the last 20 seconds will be able to see it, click on it and watch more of your videos that they are all interested in. And according to the latest study, USU bottlers than their official forum, approximately three to 8% of your viewers into the rock would Anna screens, which may not seem like a lot. But if you put it this way, Let's say you've got 1000 years in this video and 50 percent, which is 50 people, click on the playlist and watch five or more of your videos. An accident through a 150 views and perhaps some subscribers. If you get 1000 views on your video and 5%, I click on the playlist. That's additional 2500 views, which normally you would miss out. And it just quickly adds up to more on the revenue, higher reuse, and more subscribers. So never underestimate the power of playlist. And I strongly recommend you use this strategy. 13. Don't Ask People To Subscribe This Is Better: If you're new to the channel, make sure to subscribe with notifications. Honestly, you want facade in any of the new continent. Please don't do that. Don't ask people to subscribe to your channel because it's not effective anymore. There's something different which you should be doing that will get you a lot better results. And if you are like me and you watch your QC, I watched you people all the time. You have noticed that all of the YouTubers, most of the YouTubers, like 90 percent of them, will, will ask you to subscribe to their channel with notifications on evenly in like the first 60 seconds. And I'm also guilty of that as well. Like when my main investor Channel, 95 percent of those videos had the call to action where people do subscribe with notifications on. But recently I actually did a study, so I actually created the a sludge beat vesting. And if you've been following me for a while, you noted I have lots of different YouTube channels. So I was able to DES, through different YouTube channels. So I think five channels where I asked people to subscribe in the first 60 seconds. And I also took five different channels where I didn't ask people to subscribe, but a bid is something else which I'm going to share with you in this lecture. And surprisingly, one of the videos on the channels where I asked people to subscribe around 10 thousand views and it gained 13 is subscribers, which I don't know, it's pretty bad and I'm not really sure, but it's okay. Look, 32 subscribers. But on the other side we have five different channels where I didn't ask people to subscribe, but I did something else. And in one of the videos on those channels got 10 thousand views and it gained 29 of subscribers, which is over a double than what it did when I ask people to subscribe. So this is just one of the proofs that this is not effective anymore. And I mean, if you ask people do subscribing the first 60 seconds and you do it in every single one of your videos, it's not really good because subscribing. 14. Finish: That's pretty much it for this class. I really hope you did get some value out of it, and I really hope you will learn something new if you haven't already make sure to complete the class projects because your future self will be thankful. Go up there, England blood the class projects, make sure to do that. And if you want to see step-by-step how I run my faceless UQ business, where they have lots of there from YouTube channels where I'm not showing my face and I'm not creating my content, but it's running that as a business. Want me to explain you step-by-step and click by click how to set up a business like that. You can also check some of the links that are in the resources that, so you can also go into class projects and resources for that. And you can feel free to join my youth you fly program. And if you haven't already make sure to follow me on Skillshare for more great classes like this one. Congratulations on completing the class, and I will see you in some of the next videos.