Grow as an Artist: Color Confidence | Donna Jean Engstrom | Skillshare
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13 Videos (52m)
    • Color Confidence Intro

    • Lesson 1 Materials

    • Lesson 2 Color Wheel

    • Lesson 3 Analagous & Monochromatic Colors

    • Lesson 4 Complimentary Colors

    • Bonus Mixing Neutrals Real Time

    • Lesson 5 Warm and Cool Colors

    • Bonus Mixing Clean Colors Real Time

    • Lesson 6 Clean Color Mixing

    • Lesson 7 Review

    • Lesson 8 Value

    • Lesson 9 Wrap Up

    • Your Class Bonus


About This Class

Always mix just the right color.

No more piles of ugly 'what color is THAT?' We will work through some color theory together so you feel confident in knowing how to achieve just the right color mix for your painting.

I studied color mixing for almost three years and know exactly what color I will get when mixing my paint. That knowledge allows me to concentrate on other areas of my painting practice, like composition. In this class I am going to share what I learned with you.


If Monet had issues, we need all the help we can get!

What You Will Learn:

  • About paint quality.
  • Which paints to use to get 'clean' color mixes.
  • Understand why you sometimes mix 'mud'.
  • How to use complimentary colors.
  • Warm and Cool colors and why they are important.
  • How to mix neutrals and grays that sparkle.
  • How to use value successfully.

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Very thorough course on color theory with knowledgeable teacher. The only thing I can say is that the project mis-numbering made me wonky. lol At one point you jump from project 3 back to project 2 then you get a second project 3 which should be project 5 when all of a sudden project 7 appears with project 6 nowhere in sight. oh, I am getting ANOTHER headache. lol So hopefully the instructor can correct her presentation slides and PDFs. It compromises the relaxation of listening and learning and gives way for that good old stress to come in due to confusion. But for that, the course is valuable and the projects will increase your learning of color theory.
Fantastic class! Am a beginner at painting. Everything one should know about color mixing, about using tones and colors, and constant encouragement to help the student find their own path. Also, helpful hints along the way about little things that will make learning easier, pdf downloads of class content. Will be watching the class again as make projects to submit. Great teacher who knows her subject back and forth and upside down. She speaks in easy to understand terms, defining when definitions will help. She also has a pleasant voice and a nurturing attitude. :)
I am always inspired by people who truly have a passion for what they do and it is so well expressed in Donna's videos.





Donna Jean Engstrom

Mixed Media Artist and Creative Explorer

I've been an artist and teacher for over 30 years. Yikes! That's a long time, eh? Well worth every single minute. I love teaching and bringing the joy of creating to those who think they can't. You know who you are, 'can't draw a stick figure' come to mind?

My classes are easy to follow, full of encouragement with a dose of challenge, and based on my many years of teaching drawing, painting, collage, and bookmaking classes.

I'm a signature member of the National Collage Society...

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