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Grow an Engaged & Valuable Audience On Pinterest in 2021

teacher avatar Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Pinterest?

    • 3. The Algorithm

    • 4. Modeling

    • 5. The Value Factor

    • 6. Content Creation

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About This Class

In this fun and succinct Pinterest training we walk through how to you can grow an engaged audience leveraging the incredible Pinterest platform.

It is very easy, underrated, and effective to create a Pinterest funnel for your brand. You will gain the skill to be able to create incredible content and lead people back to your pages for amazing brand traction.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: Awesome guys. So we are back here on digital marketing tenant now got a quick question for you. What is the currency of this Kennan? What flows one way and therefore flow back the other way. So if you give this, what do you get back? I'm hoping you knew the answer to this by now. Down the bottom, you can see the answer. The answer is value. The currency of this canon is value. The more value that you give that not value that you define as valuable, but value as your actual target audience defines as valuable, The more you give them of that, the more they're going to give you of following you, talking to you, encouraging new commenting on his staff. Going back to your website, buying your products, buying services, working with you, making offers, the more value you are going to get back in that form, the more that you give. Now, we are now going to be talking about Pinterest. Pinterest is a very, very cool social media platform as one of my favorites. And it's really awesome and really wide open for businesses and small brands to take advantage of. So once again, this can, on the right, you have your target audience. On the left is your products and services and your messaging. And your messaging goes out through these social media platforms such as Pinterest and connects you to your target audience and allows them to discover your business and I'll ask them to buy your products and services. So in this example, we have this lovely lady here and she sells, say, These drink bottles on Pinterest, where she sells them through a Shopify store, which I've showed you how to make. And she's going to sell these water water bottles, but she's going to need to connect to her customers conscious. Wait for someone to magically type in a URL and get to a store, she needs to go out there and market. And we're going to be using Pinterest in order to connect with hundreds of millions of people once again, and we're gonna get into executive who's on Pinterest, who needs to be posting on Pinterest? How to post on Pinterest? How to get people interested in you and hadn't give value and therefore receive value in return. But for now, there are a hundreds of millions of people who are on Pinterest. Will all there ready to discover you and your brand. So it's about connecting with them. A few companies who do it really well. We wanted to show you a couple of examples and just how diverse interests actually is. Forget the black rifle coffee company. At the top, we can see that I've got 1.8 million monthly view as now that's the really important number here. The followers is not as important at all. It's not really like an Instagram so thing. And the big number you want to focus on is how many people are you reaching? You can see the black graph of coffee company reach 2 million extra people just because they post on Pinterest and oppose something that is actually working. You can see what they post up there. Follow for coffee names, recipes, outdoor, inspiration, very awesome. They've got their brand messaging man, I've got the pill is like we went through together. And then using Pinterest to distribute their content. Mark Manson, if you don't know her mock Minton is he's an entrepreneur, blogger, psychology known world travel, la forma dating coach, writing about rational self-development since 2017 is essentially an author and entrepreneur. He's recently had a couple of read the big books, come out and do extremely well, but he gets 2.2 million monthly views, which is unreal, imagined being able to get in from 2.2 million people every single month, especially with any 34 thousand followers. It's very impressive. You can say five-minute crops or IV here, 10 million monthly views. Nike, a big company who's using the platform extremely well. And that person really cool content here, 664 thousand followers, but 10 million plus amongst their view is that's the cap there. So they could have a 150 million or that could have 10.1 million. We don't know, but what we do know is that they're doing extremely, extremely well. So why are they doing well? Let's jump into the Han statistics and see the demographics that's on Pinterest, what they actually want from you while it, when you stop posting and how to get the most value out of it. 2. Why Pinterest?: Awesome. So now we're gonna jump into some HOD, statistics. Now, wanna go over why do we call them hot statistics again, basically, the core message of this entire course. And the one biggest thing you can take away from this is you cannot manufacture demand. Demand has to exist in the mind of the customer first. And then you have to fulfill this demand. If you are trying to swim up stream, it's going to be so much harder than going with the flow and giving the people what they want and swimming the way you're meant to be swimming in the stream. Now, sometimes I'm about swimming upstream and doing things that other people aren't doing. But in this case, your customer is your ideal outcome. You're targeting these customers and getting them to purchase things is what you want. So you have to give them what they already want and not try and tell them what they should want. So these hot statistics are the underlying trends that are underpinning the social media platforms that are underpaying what's going on. You know, if nobody used any of these social media platforms, one this course wouldn't exist because there's nothing of value to actually get from them. There's no attention on there. There's no demand for them. We shouldn't be posting on it and we'll be writing newspaper articles or whatever, wherever the attention is. So I'm showing you these hot statistics every time because you can see the way the world is trending. Concede this upward graph here you can see the upper graph of all the social media platforms. Some of them like Twitter, however, they are no longer going up books and you need to understand this so you can make the decision of which platforms best suit you, and also which platforms are trending up, which platform is getting bigger. So, you know the saying that the rising tide raises all ships. You wanna make sure that your ship is popped in a Bay where the tide is rising. So even if you're doing the same thing year to year to year, you're making more money and getting more exposure because the whole C is rising. So what does the Pinterest see it look like? You can see this is the graph on statistics. And this goes up to a quarter to 20-20 and comes from quarter 12016. Though, in quarter 12016, they had a 128 active monthly users in the millions, that is a 128 million active monthly users using Pinterest. In 20-20-20, the quarter, the second quarter they had 416 million active monthly. Use it. So this is not people who've signed up. This is people who are opening the app or going on the website and actually using it. If every single month, 416 million people. Now, we don't need that many people in order to be profitable, in order to make our business and small business growth. We need less than a million. We need less than a 100 thousand. Remember, we need a 100 to 1 thousand raving fans and you have an incredible business. So it's 416 million people who we can try and turn raving fans if we stop posting on Pinterest and expanding our reach here. Who uses Pinterest? This is the demographics and this is very important because you wanna make sure that you have defined your target audience by this point. And you want to make sure it matches this demographic if you're going to be posting on Pinterest. So you can see 65% female. And 40% are male, so it's a female dominant social media app. However, males are there 40% males out of 416 million in quarter two, 20-20. You know, there's still a hundreds of millions of males on here too. So you can't rule it out even if it's not the majority. And in fact, probably it might be better because less people who are targeting males on Pinterest because they know that it's a female centric platform. So it could be a wide open opportunity for you. You can see their ages. The most common ages 25 to 34, but you can really see 18 to 54 is a big spread. And even 55 to 64, it's a lot of blood of people. They're using the platform, geography, urban or rural, it's basically the same. And then household income, you know, it's very quite an even spread. So the biggest thing is you can see is it's young to middle age females, the majority with quite a few males on here as well. This is a very fascinating stat. So it says, Pinterest isn't a platform that only rewards great photos were going to get into exactly what the platform is doing. If you're not sure about that yet and how to use it. But it's mostly about pinning really cool photos. But they're saying that 89% of us pins, so people are using Pinterest. Use Pinterest for inspiration in their path. The purchase, meaning 90%, almost 90% of people on Pinterest and they get inspired by something and then they go and make purchases, then making actual purchases and people making money on Pinterest and not just sharing photos. And it's not just the inspiration that consumers looking for 47% of pin is log onto the site specifically to shop, making it nearly four times more effective at generating sales than other social platforms. It is a massive opportunity and one that's very much underestimated because it's been around a while. But market is really, really, really aren't really using it at the moment. You can see here 28% of marketers are already using Pinterest. So you're a monk. I'm a market out with digital market is we're using the social media platforms to mock it out products, services, and brand messaging. However, let me, 28% of us are using Pinterest. And that is such a small number because you gotta realize it's probably something like 90% of us i using Instagram, 90% of us are probably using something like Facebook. And Pinterest is really underserved. And you can see the first dot, 0.01 bullet point down there 97% off such as unbranded, proving that uses the open-minded and looking beyond brands they already know. So unbranded searches is basically, if I wanted to buy coffee and I type in Nescafe, That's a branded search because the brands already in my mind that I'm already looking for a specific brand, I'm unlikely to buy anything that's not Nescafe. However, if you were to get a Pinterest and you type in coffee, you are open-minded on the coffee that you are going to see. You're not just going to buy Nescafe, you gonna be the one that's going to be most appealing to you while you're doing the actual searching. So everybody has an opportunity to actually sell their products and services is what we need. We can't just have people typing in brand names. We're not gonna do very well at all. And there's couple of other interesting dot points in it. But you can see one in two people make it purchase after seeing a promoted pin is a very big one as well. You can see not only is just 28% of people using a market is using Pinterest. You can see a lot of people are not even interested about using it. You can see 17%, uh, hesitant about using it, and 44%, and people have no interest in using Pinterest in order to promote their products and services and their brand messaging. So imagine how much opportunity there is out there. It's very under saturated and what we're going to go through it, you're going to go through who were going to be modeling. We're gonna go through a few examples of people who are crushing on, on Pinterest exactly what you need to do to replicate these results and stop growing your brain and see if you can get a 100 thousand to a million extra views a month towards your brand and services. 3. The Algorithm : Awesome scenario over here on Pinterest homepage. Now for some reason, Pinterest has me located in Brazil. I remember signing up for Pinterest back when I lived in Brazil. And I haven't been able to shake it since, but it's essentially going to be the same thing. However, we'll have some suggestions that will be in Portuguese because of this. However, what we want to see is we want to know two things. One, the algorithm on Pinterest is basically God, It's determines what people see. So I'm on my homepage and this page is curated for me specifically. Now haven't use Pinterest for awhile. So it's got a couple of things that I wouldn't really think perfectly curated for me, especially along the scar Ben over here. And an easy way to make a bot that's not really normally in two, but it gets better and better the more you use it. And you can see, I like looking at these really nice houses. It's nice bathroom. This is stuff I like. I like travel posters as well, and I like little wooden cabin, so it's got me down. I like men's fashion a lot, got me down pretty well. Now, what makes me see this is basically how long I spend on these photos. So if I was to click on this, this is going to bring out not only more of these sorts of images. And I'm a click on this one then. And then when we go back and we refresh the homepage, it'll wait these things more. I'll get more of these sort of interior design, modern things because that's what I'm in the mood for them and that's the stuff that I've been clicking on. I can also pin things to my boards. And the more things that I pin, or you can think of just that as saving things is the more of that sort of stuff I'll get into. It's really curated to everything that I would like to see. There's always gonna be ads in here, but that is the first biggest thing that you can do is you can have intriguing content on here that makes people stop in the news feed that makes people click on it, and it makes people to save it to their board. Because then more of your content is going to start coming up because they've pinned your stuff or that interacted and engage with your stuff. So that's the first way you can really get discovered. Now the other nice thing about the algorithm is if your posting stuff like men's fashion, and there's somebody who likes men's fashion, but they're not actually lacking your poster, your poster, your pitches, but they come in and say they're looking at this one. What happens, remember, is it recommend similar stuff under those photo. So this could be your posterior. And although it's not this, this, this user here, Island all pre-roll who sells on Amazon FBA, which is very interesting and that's a, that's how you sell physical products such as this on Amazon. You can come down here and you can see the different people who are actually posting this stuff. But I've come across this content because it's relevant to the content that I've actually clicked on. And as you keep scrolling, you can see there's more and more like men's fashion. So content, the more you click on this sort of stuff, the more that short sort of stuff. You know, they have very, very cool algorithms that help you find similar stuff to the stuff that you're clicking on. Now, this is how you can get, include the discovered in the way of virality or in the way of search and the algorithm. The other way to do it is in the search bar. So coming down here and you can see what's currently popular on Pinterest. And you can see some of these are in Portuguese, but others are in English. So Facebook cover photos are currently popular. Topography, logos, Bullet, Journal, inspiration, packaging ideas. So we can click on something like this and you can see it's going to pull up the most relevant packaging ideas. Now, this is the start of the second way you can be discovered. This is the search or the SEO box. So people are typing in packaging ideas that typing in packaging ideas, ideas, jury packaging ideas, food pack candies for food packing. It is for shoes, for hijab, for clothing, DIY T-Shirt. These things are the SEO that you can optimize your photos and your posts under in order to get discovered and rank under what's already in demand. Remember where the traffic already is. And you can see up here as well, here are some more suggestions so you could type in, I think it goes so goes packaging ideas, cookies and cookie packaging ideas. That's another thing that's in heavy demand because it's already suggesting this based on what other people are doing. And you can start coming up in a bakery makeup. This could be you, and then you click on this and you can go to a store and they can buy the cookies from your stock. So now that we know the two ways that people can actually discover your content, I want to show you people who are doing it well and what to take from their profiles. How do we model this and start to get a 100 thousand to 1 million viewers on your content every single month. 4. Modeling: Awesome. So this is going to be a little bit of fun and we're going to dive into a couple of different niches. But as usual, what I need you to do is to take the concepts and horizontally pull them from a niche such as yoga, which we're going to go through together and pull them into whatever nation is that you're in, whether you're in real estate, whether you're in fitness, whether in yoga yourself, whether you're in recipes, whether you're in business, whether you're in fashion, whether in your candle making, DIY eyes, or you could be in jewelry making. You could just be in life coaching. You could be in life motivation. You could be an accountability coaching. You could do really anything. You could have a private label products selling anything from supplements to yoga mats to dog food. It doesn't matter. You have a niche and I need you to imagine these examples that we're going through together to be relevant to your niche because you can pull these ideas across to you. So the first one is Yogi approved. Now you can simply click on this URL here and you can pop your and your URL into your Pinterest and you can get people link back to your website so you can see and immediately when Yogi, you can see practice free for 14 days. So it looks like 2AM, hundreds of on-demand via clustered instructors. So it looks like they sell online yoga classes and what they do is they get you in with a free trial and you go from Pinterest, you find their photos. And then they links back to Yogi proved. And I'm going to show you exactly what they're doing to do that. But you come to here and you click on the classes, you click in their programs, you start your free trial, trial and all of a sudden you paying $14 a month. And I don't know if that worth it or not, but it looks like they run it pretty well. All of a sudden you're signed up to their actual app. You signed up to their classes. All because browsing Pinterest. So we go back to the homepage here. You can see they're also taking email grabs. And if we go back to their Pinterest over here, you can see they get almost 6 million monthly view is on their contents are 6 million monthly views on these photos that they actually posting. We're gonna go through that in just a second. But from there 6 million monthly views, even if say, 1% of people and making it back to their website after seeing their cool things that they're posting here. And the big thing that will go through is there making sure that they link to a page of value? They don't link straight to a sale age unless that directly advertising that product. However, you don't wanna do that very often. You want to do that about 10% of the time. Rest of the time, you want to make sure that you're actually linking true value. Remember, the more value you put in to this digital marketing funnel and canon, the more value you get out. So you can see they write younger is that passion you health and wellness is our obsession. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to said they're also cross-promoting over to their Instagram and Facebook from these 6 million monthly view as to make sure that sharing, how many followers I got across those platforms and really stay stable. And then of course, we've been on here. You can see what they do is they put out blog posts. Now, if you're putting out video content, if you're putting out blog posts, if you're putting out podcast, This is where Pinterest is so beautiful because what they're doing is they have satisfy 15 tips to find body confidence and acceptance. This is a great one. So people are going to be searching their feed like we showed you earlier. And they're going to come across this. And if someone's looking to find buddy confidence and acceptance, they are the target market of someone who wants to do yoga, someone who wants to align with themselves, get fit, get healthy, grow confidence, grow flexibility, live longer. They won't confidence and acceptance as well. And this is the tug of market. So they put out a little bit of bait. And what happens is when you click on that, you get put to the blog post. And now this blog post shows you how to build your self acceptance as I had to build your confidence. And there was another word they used in their body acceptance and confidence defined that how your body's already beautiful and how to embrace it. This is something that's going to really actually help people who comparing themself and have really low self-esteem. So this is amazing. And then you can see on the side, they've got these yoga, yoga, Yoga stuff over here. You can get Jaeger agility, how you can actually start to work on your buddy, hey, can start to be confident because you're putting in the work and doesn't matter if you have results straight away. But if you're taking action, you're going to be more and more confident in yourself. You can see the link to the Instagram here, that link to the app. So that really started with something that people are interested in. A photon Pinterest that they're browsing, attracted them away to their website, then attracted them away to these yogis specific things, even though we went specifically talking about yoga. But it's a great, great example of someone who's talking to the target audience of Yogi's or beginning Yogi's, but not specifically to the actual people who are interested in yoga directly. And also got this banner up here. Stop practice for free output, practice yoga for free, for 14 days up there. And both the signed up to their courses, the sign-up to their classes. And they were going to be really enjoying it because they're just putting out that value first. We plant trees for every yogis you take, which is really cool. But once again, that's going to get less clicks and something like this because it's less value for the actual customer. You can say this one. I hear three online classes for flexibility. You can click on this one that said latest post. And you can see they've got their online data minute preview. I don't know if you get to watch the whole thing. I would definitely make it so that you could, if this was mine, give them a lot of value and then do one more. We have a hundred, two hundred different other yoga classes. And you can see this is how they're putting these. You can think of them as like fishing lines baked out there into the world of four hundred and five hundred million people a month. And they're attracting a lot of eyeballs every single month. And those eyeballs would go back to their blog if, if there's enough value offered to move them from Pinterest to the actual blog. And you can see they're actually doing very, very well. Let's find one more example. Clia throat chakra, professional teaching area to kids. Five benefits of yoga, soul blueprint. Answer D left purpose. A facts you need to know before you go with this van life. So interesting advertising to people who are living in dense, which is very cool because that is normally pretty strong and I one-person lives an advantage. He or she does yoga. And that is they've understood their demographic and they putting out that bait to really attract them and then making these videos on Pinterest are actually relatively new. And they're putting their focus on these videos because they know that Pinterest is also now moving towards video and then making very cool videos for that. So they're doing extremely, extremely well. And you can see that process and that funnel that they have where value flows outwards and then value flows back to them. 5. The Value Factor: Awesome. So now our V here on Whole Foods Market. If you don't know, Whole Foods Market there a massive grocery store chain who specifically catered towards healthier people. And that is the perfect demographic. And they are on Pinterest and now actually acquired by Amazon a couple of years ago. And they are very, very big on Pinterest you can see they've got almost 500 thousand follow is 7.3 monthly views, which is once again just in St. Now it's not going to be evenly spread throughout their content, but there's gonna be certain pieces that takeoff. And that's really why you just need to put volume, volume, volume out. But you can see the patent from the Yogi one that we just went through all the way through to these ones. What seems to work really well, photos and text over the photos now you can see whole foods, they link back as well to their website. That's not a great stuff for them. So let's see if the elements do that as well. Okay, cool. So they've got, they've got that worked out now. You can see that. Ok, so maybe that I never worked out. Ideally, I think it's taking me to the wrong actual country domain, but hopefully some of them are working for their sake. He go kilocycles to wow your guests. You can see that came from hillsides to well, your guess for Thanksgiving. So very Thanksgiving timely post. So they're obviously posted this around Thanksgiving. And which is what they picking trends that are actually working and that's what you need to do as well. Remember how you get the trend, you come to the search bar, you can see what's trending down here, or you can start typing something in such as L0, L0. And Lopez brothers Lopez, Well, there's Tiktaalik love bunnies or you can type in something like em, many tattoos, medium link text and you can see which ones are right for your niche and stop posting in that. But you can see all foods are posting to their target audience. Thing, people who want healthy things, people want recipe ideas. People who wanted to make caveat. You know, they're the type of people who are going to shop at Whole Foods. But once again, they don't always linked directly back to their products. They link to their actual website where they giving more and more value had a dying Easter eggs with plants. So that's actually a really cool thing to do. And you can sort of create a little infographic like this that goes really well on Pinterest and we're going to jump in how you can create this pinterest content very, very, very easily. I'm going to show you that in just a second, but you can see what Whole Foods is doing is the same thing. They got their website, all these posts linked up to their website, whether offer more and more value. And they just keep posting this stuff that keep creating this content which they can do in bulk and then schedule at the post once a day. Twice a day if you want, depends on how hard you want to go on this, how much value you want to add, make sure your quality is high. And then going out there and then getting in front of these people. And you can see like Thanksgiving sides. And what happens is Pinterest actually pool from the website that links too as well. So that blog post is talking about Thanksgiving sides. So what happens is when someone's typing in something like Thanksgiving sides. And it will come up. I'm not sure of it coming up right now for us, but it could because it was posted last year, it could be because it's not quite as SEO focuses these other ones. But what you wanna do is you want to figure out why is this one coming up number one, why is that one come out in that first one, it says Thanksgiving sides and then copy the SEO, Thanksgiving cinnamon apples side dish, Thanksgiving seven apples make this quick side dish. So you can say well sideDish, they using that L and the votes, I got it in their name side dish. So you can see why they coming out really strongly. And website that's also got side dish in it so you can see why they ranking high and you can copy this to the best of your ability. But remember, you don't have to come up first. People scroll, people loved passively scroll and see what pops out to them. So you could come up way down here and still get a lot of views, even if you're not the number one ranked and the mall follow is you have, the more momentum you have behind your profile. The you do this, the better you will come up that high you will come up and the more people find you. Now, I wanted to show you one more example before we jump into how you can make this content very, very quickly. Shape a shape magazine, which I've never heard of. I don't know how big they are and the actual real-world, they get over 10 million views a month. And we don't know if that's 300 million or 10.1 million. But obviously they link back to their website, Now, I've never heard of shape, but they're very clean looking magazine. And you can see they offer value in the form of writing articles. Now they make money because you can sign up to shape magazine and actually get the magazine. I guess though that maybe it's a digital magazine these days and maybe they do actually mail it out to you. I'm not sure. But also they're going to be selling advertising in those magazines. So they just want your viewership is their main currency. That's how they make most money. So they'll grab your email, that'll get you reading on their blog post. And they'll sell big advertises. And now say we have hundreds of millions of eyeballs if you want to get in front of them. And that's how they make money. So they just offering value, that value and having the advertisers pay their wages. You can see the stuff they put out. Once again, very similar. And that's why you want to model someone. Go find someone in your niche who's doing well and see what sort of content they're actually putting out and just replicate that for yourself. You can see how if it needs to be targeting your target audience. So if your target audience of people who want to do eyebrows at home, which is, you know, Shape magazine that seems to be centered on women, it's women. And his sermon is direct amines, Wonder Woman. He, I know it's very woman focused and it looks like they're readership is majority of women. So they are putting out stuff that most women are into. Eyebrows at home. Put in your body. Cooking recipes that they might like and enjoy. Hall meal plans, working out the putting out relevant content through the times, you know, through how to get through quarantine and be healthy. And they define their target audience. And now they're going after them and targeting them specifically in the things that they know that they're interested in and things I know that they're passionate about. And once they capture their attention on the, on the algorithm, once again, they follow it back and they go back. Interested in Jennifer Aniston and workouts and how they look good. You go back and you can read about that on this shape website. You can sign up to there. It's a slideshow. You can sign up to the and magazine or you can just read them Magazine and now sell advertising. And you can see they're trying to get information as well, which is also key. But we'll go into that in other parts of this digital marketing costs. So how can you stop posting this content? 6. Content Creation: Awesome. So I'm gonna show you something that is incredibly helpful and useful. It's going to save you a lot, a lot, a lot of time. So it's called Canvas. If you haven't heard about it before, this is the best way you can create Pinterest content. So go to see a envy come in here and you just type in Pinterest. You want to make a Pinterest pin. It's going to bring you straight into this editor in here. And this is where you can decide what you want your pin to look like. Now remember your niche, remember what your target audience once you can say these are video pins, so you can see that they actually pull in videos behind your content that you can put on top of it. And you saw a couple people on Pinterest do that. So for example, if you want easy breakfast recipes, you can see this one's free here. You can see that the ones that are free, that a couple of them are going to cost you a little bit, a couple of dollars maybe, but I don't recommend that, you know, this is one of the cheapest, best ways to get really high-quality content. So if you see something you like, you can also use the premium stuff. We then might want to put some text over the top so we hit the text button and then we type in. Without the type anything, we just click on this and I'll pull it up here, double-click and you can just write something like health. I can highlight it and make it white and sell it stands out. And you know, if I'm, if I'm doing healthy recipes, if I run a health blog, will buy and sell healthy nutrients, supplements or whatever it is. You can come and click on these things and you can see this a lot, a lot, a lot of options here. For inside of it, it looks very pizza pizza issue. So if I know my target demographic or I don't think I can use that one because it's not free signing up. So I can type it in. I can type something like guilt free, change the color of it. And I could make that a little bit smaller. Maybe the width font because it's hard that you read. And then that could be my post. And we could actually put a number there because what works really well on Pinterest is numbers. So five easy breakfast recipes involved, that's the five easy sticks out. And that could be a post, very, very easy to do. Now, you could do an unlimited amount of these. And what I really, really recommend to do if you've taken a lot away from this course is to batch your content, batch, batch, batch, and make sure you can spend a day. And you can come in here and you can see, oh, if I want food, I'll go here, if I'm in a wedding niche or go in here. You can come in if you're niches and update and come and see what nice sharing health niches, travel Nietzsche's waiting, Nietzsche's very, very easy to do. And you can come in here and they're very easy to come in and edit once you learn the ropes, which is very simple to do. And then you can make a 100 of these in a day. And you've got three months worth of content and put your effort into them while you're doing it. Learn this app if you're not already proficient at Photoshop, but you don't have a graphic designer on the team. And then let the content and do the work for you for all, for one day of work. If you can do one day work and get these pins up, it's especially forgot podcasts or other blog posts, so other content going out and these just link back to those specific things. Remember, you can put into it doesn't have to be routed posts. You know, if you're posting a podcast every week, you're going to have a year backlog of podcasts. And you could do ten pieces of content on each podcast for the podcasts a year ago and stop pushing new people back to that older content. It's very easy to do and can varies your best tool for it. So if you're not proficient in Canada, come and get proficient, it's all free. Unless you want to buy the premium stuff. And spline best ways you can stop.