Grow Your Streams: How to Grow Your Streams on Spotify Organically | Byjoelmichael | Skillshare

Grow Your Streams: How to Grow Your Streams on Spotify Organically

Byjoelmichael, Music Creator

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14 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Preface: The Decline of the Old Industry Model

    • 3. The Adaption of Streaming in the Digital Age

    • 4. The Reality and Value of Playlists

    • 5. Class Project

    • 6. Building a Successful Playlist

    • 7. 1st Line of Listeners

    • 8. Use Your Network

    • 9. How to Work with Influencers

    • 10. Finding Curators and Getting their Attention

    • 11. Release Strategy

    • 12. Submitting Avenues

    • 13. The Spotify Algorithm

    • 14. Organize Your Time

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About This Class


If you are a music creator that feels stuck in your growth in the streaming platforms, or have never released music, and want a strategy that can get your music into the ears of a wide audience, then this course is for you.

Joel has spent many years creating and releasing music alongside many successful artists and producers.  You will learn an approach that has worked for him, and artists he’s worked with, when releasing music, that you can incorporate to help get you more streams and listeners consistently.

In this class you will learn:

  • The current music industry model from the old model
  • The value of playlists and Spotify algorithm
  • How to build relationships and network with influencers
  • How to find and submit to playlist curators 
  • How to successfully release music with a goal of growing your streams and listeners consistently

You will be curating your own playlist and using it to apply the techniques covered in this course to grow your streams and listeners.  Please attach a link to your playlist in the course project section when completing this course.

Even if you have never released music before, or have had successful releases but just want another perspective, you will find this approach useful to apply to your music releases.