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Grow Your Self-Confidence Exponentially

teacher avatar Zachary Phillips, Meditation, Writing, Self-Improvement

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Time & Effort

    • 3. Acceptance & Action

    • 4. Self Confidence is Multifaceted

    • 5. Physical: Fitness

    • 6. Physical: Self Defence

    • 7. Physical: Diet

    • 8. Social: Looks

    • 9. Social: Saying Yes & No

    • 10. Mental: Meditation

    • 11. Mental: Learning

    • 12. Spiritual: Values & Class Project

    • 13. Spiritual: Mantra

    • 14. Financial

    • 15. Quick Recap

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About This Class

Want To Grow Your Self Confidence?

Self-confidence is one of the key factors to success in all things. Why? Well if you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t think that there is a chance that you will be successful, you are hamstringing yourself from the beginning.

Everything worth doing will be challenging and it will involve some risks. This is true for all aspects of life – romantic, platonic, work, hobbies and passion projects.

The more confident you are, the easier it will be to take initial action, recover from setbacks and to push through unforeseen obstacles.

Self-confidence does not replace technical know how or experience, but it does enable you to leverage them to your best benefit.

By taking this course you will learn the strategies that have enabled my clients and I to be able to:
- Overcome social anxiety
- Stand up for ourselves when and where it matters
- Start living by our values
- Feel safe and secure in our own bodies and minds - in all settings
- Do the things that we never thought possible: Asking the person out, public speaking, taking on responsibilities, pursuing new opportunities, making the changes to our lives that we want to make.

Just a warning though, this will require work from you. Being motivated is one thing, taking action is another.

But I promise you, if you do act your life will improve across all aspects.

Lets get confident!

Contact Me:
Website: | Social @zacpphillips

Further Resources:
How To Get Your Sh!t Together (multiple chapters w/free access) 
Under The Influence

Mindfulness Meditation For Mental Health (skill share course)
Changing habits:101 (skill share course)

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (book)
I Will Teach You to Be Rich (book)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zachary Phillips

Meditation, Writing, Self-Improvement


Zachary Phillips is a mental health advocate and coach. In these roles he has helped thousands of people move from a place of barely surviving to passionately thriving.

He is the author of seven books including: How To Get Your Sh!t Together, Mindfulness: A Guidebook to the Present Moment, Under The Influence: Reclaiming My Childhood, Words On A Page: Killing My Inner Demons Through Poetry and Reflections Of The Self.

He is also a qualified school teacher, personal trainer, martial arts coach, and disability support worker. Working in these industries has given him a depth of experience teaching across multiple topics, to learners of all ages and ability levels. It has also enabled him to condense, synthesize and share the wealth of meditation knowledge gained form a lifet... See full profile

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1. Introduction: self confidence is one of the key factors to success in old things. Why? Because if you don't believe in yourself, if you don't think you're gonna be successful, your hamstring yourself before you've even begun, everything worth doing in life will be challenging and will pose some risk. This is true for romantic relationships, platonic friendships, work opportunities, hobbies and passion projects. The more confident you are that easy. It will be to take initial action, overcome setbacks and deal with any unforeseen challenges that will arise Now. It's true that self confidence doesn't replace technical knowledge or experience, but it does. And they were you two Best leverage those factors to your benefit. My name is Zachary Phillips. I'm an online middle of epic, it author and coach. In this role, I've helped thousands of people moving position off, barely surviving to one of passionately thriving. In this course, you will learn how to grow your self confidence. I'll provide you with a bunch of chapters from my book How to Get your shit together so that you can dive deep into different areas. If you so choose just a little warning, though this whole process will require work. Watching this video will give you motivation. But just motivation isn't enough. You actually have to do things, and taking action is that step. So if I can encourage you to do one thing, which is just to take some more action, we've gotten so far down the journey of self confidence. You won't even recognize yourself. But I promise you, if you do this, if you take the actions that are present in this video course your life will improve. You'll get self confident on. You'll just stop winning. Let's get into it. 2. Time & Effort: so confidence is not an overnight thing in one. The promises that they can just go bang and make you confident a line to you and I just want your money. Confidence is a slow process that you can build up over time because the more confident you get, the more action your take and then actually do take, the more confident you'll get and so forth. This has been true for me and for the clients that I coach. So just a little back story. Readers of mind those that have read my first book Under the Influence will know my past. My father was a drug addict and a drug dealer, and in his household I faced some significant levels of trauma. This left me with a legacy off mental health concerns. Ah, lack of knowledge and just general just life issues. I wasn't very confident. I would always put on this sort of facade and act. I would avoid social situations. Now, over time, I sort therapy, and I did some of the things that I'm going to share with you in this course, and slowly, slowly, slowly my confidence improved. Now I'm 100 comfortable getting up on camera, talking on stage, coaching people, teaching people, doing a lot of different stuff that I would thought never possible. Why? Because over time I built the pyramids. I put all the pieces in place, built the things on top of that and kept working. So what I hope to do in this course is show you my process, show you what's worked for me as well as what's worked for other people. But I just want you to keep in mind a couple of things. Number one. It will take time. Yes, they'll be massive jumps. And my hope is that after this you watch this course and start doing some of the stuff. Thank you. Got a job, But it will take time. It will take time for you to implement. It will take time for you to take action. It will take time for those gains to settle in. Okay and two and related. You have to do the work. You can't just watch motivational video or read a most motivational book and expect to have self confidence maintained. You might get those short term boosts, so by all means use it. But if you want to get really self confidence, really sort of look it in there. What you've got to do is put in the effort over a long time and solidify those those gains so that water do, let's get into it. 3. Acceptance & Action: growing your self confidence is the same as any former self. Improvement involves two main aspects. The 1st 1 is accepting things you can't change and taking actions on the things you can change. So I sort of touched upon this in the previous video, but I want to drill down upon it. There are some things in your life that you just can't change. Okay, now I'm gonna suggest a bunch of different things in the next videos on a bunch of different topics, and some of them will be like yet. But I just can't do that. You might have a physical or mental disability. You might have life circumstances impacting you. You might have family restraints or location restraints or whatever. Okay, things that you can't change, things that you can't take action upon. You have to learn to accept those. Now there are different ways that you can do this, and I've talked about meditation and other forms of acceptance in pride. Previous courses openings down below, so check him out. But if you can't change something, you just have to work on acceptance. That's just a given except yourself, where you are. But the other side of the coin is actions. It's taking actions to move the needle where you can. There are There is really a time in most situations where you can't do something. There are a few, obviously, but for most people, in most circumstances, in most areas of their lives, they can take small actions. And those small actions, when done, repeatedly becomes something bigot, something amazing. So the summary is with everything with building self confidence and all self improvement. Accept what you have to and take action on everything else. 4. Self Confidence is Multifaceted: self confidence isn't multifaceted someone and break down these factors. But I want you to realize that if you move the needle in one area, it's gonna impact the other. And this will form a self fulfilling, self growing cycle. So we're gonna focus on different aspects off building your self confidence, mental, physical, social, financial and spiritual. I'm gonna break down what each of these means and what you can do in each of these areas to grow your overall level of self confidence. But like I said, you take action in one area and you'll see benefits and you'll see sort of things opening up in others. It will get easier. Okay, so focus on one area if you can focus on them all at once. The approach that you take his individual to you. Okay, I go the scattergun. I'm just gonna work on everything. And where I see the opening, I'm gonna go down that path hard, and that will enable other things to open up. It's up to you how you take this tough. But when I break it down in those sections and then we'll be able to either work on each one individually will work on them all collectively. But just be aware if you grow self confidence. If you take action in one area, it's an impact the rest of your life. 5. Physical: Fitness: So the first area we're going to touch upon his physical fitness now, the fibula and healthy you are, the better you will feel mentally. Okay. Just by doing exercise, you release good feeling hormones and chemicals in your brain, and it just makes you feel good. The better you feel, the more self confident you are. But there's something more to it. If you know you're taking actions to make yourself into a stronger, faster, fitter, healthier person, you're gonna feel better. You're gonna know that you're doing something. You know that you're taking actions to improve your life. So what I suggest is and the there will be this default excuse of I don't have time, but I'm gonna can't hurt right now. You have one minute. You haven't One minute every day that you can exercise. You've been listening to this video course for far more than one minute, so I know you've got that time. Try it. Stop doing one minute of push ups every day. Just get down on your hands and days and stop doing them one minute a day. Why? Because if you actually did one of push ups, you will get a decent amount of physical burn. You'll stop feeling that exercise again, but it doesn't take up much time. You do have the time for one minute. But if you're willing to commit more and I strongly suggest you do think about signing up for a gym membership, go for walks, start writing about, do swimming. Do classes. Do dance, do something. Exercise should be fun. Ah, lot of people have this mission oma of exercise being ours. This drag I hate. It's a chore. Okay, you haven't found the right exercise for you. Find something that moves your body, get your heart rates pumping and is a bit social and just do that often. The conference gained from becoming physically fit is unrecognizable. 6. Physical: Self Defence: the second aspect off physicals based self confidence is feeling safe. Before I started training Brazilian Jiu jitsu, I didn't really feel 100% safe or confident walking around. I felt like if people wanted to, they could take advantage of me. They could pick on me on. I wouldn't be able to defend myself. Knowing how to hold yourself in a fight or in a self defense situation significantly increases your self confidence. I've been training martial arts for about 15 years, and particularly I would suggest people trying Brazilian jiu jitsu. Why? Because it's put simply, it just works. If I've been training longer than you, I'm probably going to be able to hold you down and control the situation. Similarly, if you've been training more than may, you could do it too. May. It's very applicable to real life, both for men and women. It's the martial art that I'll be teaching my son since training and since having done it for a while, I'm able to walk around town in nightclubs, a bunch around people that I've never met and just feel safe and secure in myself, knowing that if something wants toe happen, I could handle myself physically in a nullification. Now I've never bean in a street fight before. Not since I was like a child, right? But it's not about the actual act off using it. It's just knowing to myself that if something was to happen, I would be safe and I would be fine. Every person that sticks with Brazilian jiu jitsu feels this way. They walk around knowing that they can protect themselves. Why? Because every night they train and they implement their techniques and they are able to show that it works. They've got real world experience in doing their martial arts, So I would suggest finding a Brazilian jiu jitsu. Jim, sign up for a class, check it out, try a few, see which ones work for you, see which place you like and give it a shot. Not only is it amazing as a former self defense, it's highly physical. You will get a strong workout, which goes back to the first part, and also it's very social. Most of my friends train with me. Why? Because we share this common interest and we catch up regularly and side note people leave high school and they don't get much chance to socialize, particularly in a physical sense. You know, every lunch time you would associate with your friends and particularly with the guys who would go and play. We don't have that anymore. And a lack of social isolation you wanna talk about later does drop your self confidence. So present digits, who seems to fit a lot of those things. It's physical visual, very good and legitimate self defense, and it's quite social. And also it makes you think Check it out, you will not regret it. 7. Physical: Diet: So the final aspect off physical self confidence is establishing a diet eating Well, it's a cliche, but you literally out what you eat. What you put into your body becomes you right? So if you're putting in crap, you're gonna feel like crap. If you feel like crap, you're not going to be a self confident. If you were putting in good stuff and feeling great, that's pretty obvious. But the problem is, is that there's a lot of different things happening and a lot of different ideas and advice and all that sort of stuff off. What What do I eat? In addition, if you stop dieting or if you start trying to coming from your life and you failing that diet, you can lose a lot of issues with self confidence, right, because you quote unquote feel like a failure. So I'm gonna release a entire course on this, but I wanted to draw down on a little bit here. So a couple of key points number one you wanna link towards eating a high fat, high protein diet and reducing carbs, and I am not in any way saying eliminating completely anytime you make a change to your diet. You want it to be sustainable over the long term, Gloria restricted diets. Things that make you cut stuff fast. All that stuff is bullshit because you can't maintain it for the rest of your life. Well, can you do You could eat more high protein foods like meat and nuts and eggs and cheese and that sort of stuff. You can eat higher fat foods now, side note. Fat is actually good for you. The more fat you ate, the less your body needs to start on itself. To feel like you're not going to start right. The more fat I eat, the more fat I lose off my body because my body knows it doesn't have to hold it on itself . Okay, But you also want to start reducing and lowering down the carbon. Take There's sugar in everything. So as a recording, I haven't eaten processed sugar for a year. This means no desserts, no adding sugar to my tea or coffee or anything like that. I've cut now. This was a long process, But I tell you what. Just that change alone cutting should be out of my diet has done wonders. So Like I said, I'm gonna release an entire course on this. And in the show notes I'm going to put a chapter of my book from Harrogate shit together called Get your diet in order, right. It will help you to work out your ideal diet. But what I want to suggest to you is that you stopped taking small steps. Like with any change. Don't make a massive change, but start trying to work on it. If you can instill a little bit of discipline into what you ate, that little bit of disciplined will transfer throughout your whole life and your confidence will grow. Stop by tracking what you're reading. Start by just writing down I this this, this, this and this just that or alternatively, start by cutting out soft drinks or reducing these portions that you're eating off your desserts in that sort of stuff. All of these options I'm leaving it open to you're not gonna be too specific because every person's ideas and issues and problems and all of that sort of stuff unique to them. But start taking action on your die. Check out the chapter of how to get your shit together that I'll put in the show notes and stay tuned for the next video on cutting sugar from your life completely. I want to make that into a video course that will go deep into it. But for the moment, take some small actions on your diet up your protein up your fat, low your sugar and instill some discipline upon yourself in that got regard and your confidence will improve. 8. Social: Looks: so the first social aspect off conference building relates to your looks. Now, this is obviously a big controversial, but it can't be avoided. Simply put, the better you think you look, the more confident you obey. And on top of that, the better you actually do. Look, the more job opportunities you'll have, the more relationship opportunities you'll have and just the more opportunity in general. Now this this has been shown by studies. Now I'm not saying this to demean anyone or put anyone down or say that That's right. It certainly isn't right. But that doesn't make it not true. Yeah, so it's important that we look at looks and work on improving them. Given whatever we're working with now, obviously, working on your diet and exercise will help you to trim up and just look a little bit about . But what else can you do it if you do nothing but sit upright and small, sitting upright is good posture and smiling will significantly improve your looks. Studies show this once again that people that smile I've seen as nicer and friendlier and you're more approachable. People stand up straight, the same right and not only that the brain and the body are connected. So if you smile, if you stand up straight, you're basically telling your brain that I'm in a confident, strong, dominant pose and your brain responds. Okay, so it's this sort of backwards and forwards Luke Bryan tell you to stand up straight and sits. Sit up and smile and you do that. And then that suggests your brain that you are safe enough to do that and that's it reinforces each other. So how can you remember to stand up straight and smile? The approach that I like to take with thinning you have it like this is when I touch the door handle, I touch the door handle and I sit up straight and I smile. I've used the door handle approach for instilling in meditation. Have it on a whole bunch of other stuff. I strongly suggest you check out the changing habits video that I just put up. I'll put a link down below for that, but every time you touch the door, handle up straight and smile, and the idea is that over time you will just do that naturally, that one small change will grow your confidence because people will respond to you differently. Trust me on this pride of it, I would be, like a bit sad, a bit depressed looking, and people would treat me a such. But all I do is this and smart people treat me differently. And how people trade us impacts our mental states. Okay, the final thing that I want to address is on clothing. Find clothes that fit and that match. Okay, Often times people wear clothes for comfort in what that often looks like. He's close. That is just too big food. They just don't fit. So find someone that has a good dress sense and say, Hey, can you help me? Just find some clothes that fit me and that match each other? I don't have to spend through the roof. Don't have do anything other than those two criteria clothes that fit and clothes that match. So I want to re emphasize looks aren't everything, but in this world that we live in, looks do matter. So if you can do a couple of things to impact your looks, your confidence will rise. Obviously, some people are better than looking than others. Some people have issues with their looks or deformities or disabilities are all of these sort of things right? But what is true is that everyone can make changes in every aspect, and this is one of them. So at least the very least sit up straight and smile. People will treat you differently just because of those factors. 9. Social: Saying Yes & No: The second aspect of social confidence is knowing when to say yes and knowing how to say no . So let's break this down. People are gonna have a lot of off requests of your time. This is family, friends work, all of that sort of stuff. And you have a limited amount of time to give people right. So really, you have to start choosing specifically where you want to spend that time. Why? Because if you put the time into things that don't really grow, you don't you don't connect with that. You don't appreciate your mental states gonna drop and your confidence is gonna drop Ideal . You're saying yes to things that grow you as a person that you enjoy that you want to do and no to everything else. But how do you do this? So let's focus on saying no. There's a book by Mark Manson called The Subtle Out of not giving a fuck. I'll put a link down below so you can grab yourself a copy. But but the basic premise is this This section, at least, is that you need to get very good at saying no. So how can you do this? basically saying, Hey, well, look, that's a known for the moment. But I'll let you know if my plans change or I'll let you know if I change my mind So your default answer to people offering stuff to you, he's going to be a no now, this isn't to say you don't say no to everything, but if you're not sure, it's very easy to get into that trap of saying yes, because you're not confident. Just want to please other people. A goal is to stop saying no wherever possible in that situation. So how can you do this? Stop small the next time someone offers you something small, practise saying no and you don't even need to really give a reason. No, is a complete sentence, but start, start saying no. Start saying no. If someone offers you something that you don't want, practice it. It is a practiced tool. Why is it hard for people to say no, particularly people with low self confidence? Well, if you don't value yourself if you don't will look at yourself as worthy, it's very easy to just say yes to everyone else and just do what they want, okay, if you can start saying no in the small things that will give you the practice tools to be able to say no to the bigger things. So what do you say Yes for? Well, you need to stop saying yes for things that you truly value. What do you want from life? What do you actually want to be doing? Start saying yes to those things and start pushing those things. So the thing that I discovered Waas when I was in a bad mental state when I was depressed when I waas in this quite low lack of self confidence face, I would I would just sort of avoid everything. I wouldn't say Yes, I wouldn't say no, I just sort of do nothing. So then I went through this face off saying yes to every social offering. I would go out socializing, make friends or double this sort of stuff even if I wasn't really feeling it. And that really boosted me up, cause I'm like, Oh, people do want me around. People do care, right? That I took it to fire or saying yes to everything. So I'm finding that middle ground. Well, I suggest you do is say yes when people ask you out for dates for social gatherings, all that sort of stuff if you're interested and that little voice of fear will come up. But remember, you can always leave. You can always stop, Be honest to be open with them and say, Hey, look, I'm not I'm not feeling 100% right now, but I'm certainly in Give yourself the out, but for things that you don't want to do, lock it out, say no and once again over commend you. That book that's had a lot of not giving a fuck Tractebel link down below, because it will certainly help solidify your ability to say no to things that you don't want and to say yes to the things that you do want. 10. Mental: Meditation: so into the middle aspect off confidence building meditation Just straight up. Meditate daily. Okay. Same thing like I talked about with the exercise, you could start with one minute per day. Now I suggest mindfulness meditation I've done as of recording for video courses on the topic of meditation so you can track down the link to one of them down below. But I strongly suggest that you head over there and learn how to meditate and stop meditating daily. Why? Well, meditation is the act off returning your focus to the sensation of the breath or another meditation object repeatedly. What this does is, I thought will pop up and you're bringing it back before pops up. You bring it back and you're basically training the concept of mindfulness, the ability to be here in the present moment. You start feeling anxious, depressed ah, lack of self confidence and you can bring your focus back to the sensation of the breath entering and leaving the nurse. So this course isn't going to teach you how to do it. I've got courses on that, but it's important as a confidence builder because if you know how to focus your mind if you could be mindful. You are far more confident because you're not riddled with self doubt and anxiety and issues and thoughts about the past force of the future, all of these different things clouding in mind. You're here right now. I meditate now for about 30 to 45 minutes every day. It's the number one thing that I do for my mental health. So I strongly suggest you started meditation practice on like I talked about like I've mentioned you've got the time, start with one minute and build up from there, and the gains that you get will transposed to every aspect of your life. So check out the courses, start meditating and your confidence will just boost. 11. Mental: Learning: the second aspect off mental self confidence is knowledge or learning. The more you know, the more confident you will bay because you just know stuff. Yeah, If you enter a situation and you know nothing you're not gonna be is confident as if you had experience and obviously in world realistic doing the thing is the best form of experience. But if you can't get that, you can also get it from reading a book or listening to a podcast or any other aspect of getting knowledge into your brain. So obviously, the more experience you haven't something better, but you can get information in. I wanted to spell some myths. This isn't like high school, okay? For most people, that they had a terrible experience during their schooling education, right? They didn't like it was boring. That will force alone stuff. They didn't want her. I get it. I get that completely right. But this isn't like that. You can choose what you learned and how you learner. So I listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I'm driving on Went on exercising. Why? I'm killing two birds with one stone. If I have to drive 20 minutes to work there and back. That's 40 minutes off listening to a book, right? If I exercise another 40 minutes on top of that, that's more than our more than an hour every day off, really, or podcast listening, right? Stuff's going into my brain, and it just grows and ferments and just sprints. So a couple of things on learning. Now I'm gonna put out a course on learning how to alone to delve deep into this topic. But for the for the moment, I just want you to think about this. Get the information in, however, works for year save time. Audiobooks and podcasts are amazing, but make sure that you're choosing your sources wisely. Okay, experts in the field nor an expert in that field, good people to go toe. But barring that, it's people that are doing it. So when I wanted to start exercising, I asked my friends that exercise. I asked the ones that were big and strong, how to get big and strong. Yeah, I asked the one that we're very flexible. How to get flexible. Everyone will offer advice, but you could only take from the ones that doing it. So in this course, I feel very confident you can see my company. If you look over my backlog of all of the stuff I'm doing, there is a level of confidence projected. So if you want to get that, the fact that you've chosen to do this course suggests that that you respect me as an authority on self confidence and that I can teach you. I'm also a high school teacher by trade. So learning self confidence from someone like May seems to make sense If I was gonna teach you ballet dancing If I'm like, Hey, you course on ballet dancing, you'd be like, I don't know about this and rightly so, because I know nothing on ballet dancing at all. My guys, the truth resources wisely. But choose how you learned and just get a little bit of information on every topic. I want to make sure you realize that you can still learn. And even if you, you know, quote unquote sucked at school, it probably wasn't you, right? Like I said, I'm a teacher. School systems are terrible. Just globally. Most school experiences are not great. Why? Because you're forcing it stuff you didn't want to learn with people you didn't necessarily get along with with teachers that are that great at their job, right? So finding a teacher online podcast, books, all that sort of stuff skill share, courses, everything consuming in a way that works, figure and sample your conference will grow because you were just know things. 12. Spiritual: Values & Class Project: so for spiritual self confidence. I'm not talking about religion or God or anything like that. I'm talking about finding meaning and finding what you value in life. Why is this important? A lot of people just sort of follow what the crowd is doing. They go for the things that people are going for. They try and get the same jobs that people are going for. They try and just do what others are doing now. This works well until you sort of step back and go. I'm not actually happy with this. I'm not actually wanting any of this. And if you think about it, of course, you're not feeling confident going for it because you don't really even want it unique. Unsure of the point. So this relates to finding your values. The class project is a value finding statement. I'm gonna link you to a list of values. Now, what you'll do is your print off that list of values and circle the values that relate to you either what you want to be or what you are. And this say a couple of 100 values, you circle him down, there might be 50 now, all that 50 cross out the ones that no longer apply. And your goal is your Repeat this process, wiggling it down within it down. Willing it down until you've got your top five. Then you're gonna put the meat order. What value statement do you like? Do relates to you most. This could be confidence. It could be success. It could be family time. It could be humor. It could be love. It actually doesn't matter. What there isn't is no right answer to this because it's finding out what you personally value. So what do you do with this? Well, in the class project, you gonna write them out? You're gonna say my values in order are bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. But what I want you to do is keep that list, keep that list and think about it. And every time you make a choice off a new hobby off a new workplace, any decision meeting up with people, romantically, friends, family, everything Look at your value list. Does this align with my values? Look at a new purchase you gonna make so you might value the safety of your family. So if you would buy a new car. Does this align with your values statements? If you valued frugality, if you valued confidence, right base everything that you're doing around your values that you've discovered for yourself. Why? Because if you know what you value, U if you can whittle it down, actually get a decent understanding off yourself. All of the actions you take will be in line with yourself, and thus you will feel so much more confident in doing the actions. And just in general, your life will be more in sync with what you in nightly wanted to bay. So I strongly encourage you check out the link to the value statements, go through the class project, upload it and then comment on each other's projects. 13. Spiritual: Mantra: I am happy. I am healthy. I am successful. I want to repeat those statements back to me right now are the internally or out loud if you want to. I'm happy I'm healthy. I'm successful. This is the second part off spiritual self confidence. It's about instilling the thought that you want in your mind. Yes, you can't control what comes in, but you do have some ability to influence. So if you're listening to Happy Musical the time, you'll feel a bit happier. If you're listening to happy people, you'll feel a bit happier. Same thing if you listen to depressive or moody or anything like that, What you put into your mind becomes your mind, right? So why not start filling your mind with some positive thoughts? Now? I am not saying that this was a cure all, but what I am saying is that it can start making some difference. Change a little bit of yourself. Talk. I use this every morning at the start and the end of my meditation sessions. I am happy. I am healthy. I'm successful. It costs nothing. It takes almost no time, but saying those sentences to myself locks it in. It gives me a purpose and a meaning and a goal. It tells me that are already there. It pushes me in the right direction for things that really do matter. And if I'm doing all of that, my confidence is rising because I m feeling happy. I'm doing things that make me happy. I m feeling successful because I'm taking those risks. I'm I'm getting after it. I'm happy I'm healthy. I'm successful, right? So say that to yourself or something like it. Use your own words every day. Start the day with it. End the day with it. It doesn't have to take long. It can literally take five seconds. I am happy. I'm healthy. I'm successful. Try it. 14. Financial: so financial Self confidence. What is it? Well, if you're struggling financially, if you're worried about money, if you find that you're just living day to day, it's gonna be very hard to be self confident in any other aspect of your life. So the final that you get your finances in order Now, obviously not gonna get this in the couple of minutes that I'm gonna cover in this video. So what I'm gonna do is make an entire video course on getting your finances in order. As always, recommend to you. A couple of resource is so just on. The resource is first, I'll put a chapter of how to get shit together. Down below is always recommend the book. I will teach you to be rich by raw Meat City. Thes two resources will be a great start. That will be a addition to this video as well as the video causes that I'm gonna really shortly. So just a couple of little things of what you can actually do yourself. The 1st 1 is loon. Okay, take the time. Read the books, listening that sort of stuff. And listen. Listen to people that talk about wealth creation that have actually done it and learn from them. Don't be afraid to listen and ask questions, or at least just try and absorb that knowledge. But what can you actually do in your life? Let's just bring it back to the previous videos on values. If you know what you value, you can spend your money better. So, for example, my partner really values coffee, and she really values travel. She doesn't really value cars or new clothes or fancy jewelry, right? So where does her limited money guard? It goes to the travel. It goes to coffee dates, right, because that's what she values. So if you know what you value, you can better spend your money on things that you want. So obviously, you have to spend on what you need to spend to your house. You built a lot of stuff, but then you can go to what you value, and only then after that, do you spend it on the stuff that everyone's just buying cause it's popular. Recall. If you don't want oh, don't spend it. You just have to have that little bit of saying what you value to be able to go down that path. The second thing I would suggest would be canceled all subscription services. Cancel your video streaming, cancel your music, cancel everything and just add back the things that you miss. A lot of people have all of these descriptions, and they rarely use them. So castle and add back the ones that you are using and that you miss. I would also suggest that you speak to your bank and consolidate all of your interest into a lowest possible interest paying account, right? Payback. Pay back the interest rate repayments that are the most expensive. First, the high since your fright first down to the lost. But if you can get them all consolidated into a low rate, obviously another financial advice is speak someone that that can give you personalized advice. But if you get if you are paying a lower interest rate, it will cost you less a pair for high ones first, then go down to the little ones. I would suggest that you look into doing an eBay hustle. What I mean by this is is you've probably got a lot of junk just lying around your house that you are not using all that stuff that you bought that you don't really value right. What's it doing? Is taking up space? It's effectively costing you money because you're paying rent or your mortgage on the space that it's taking up. So sell it on eBay. Settled on Facebook Marketplace salad at a garage sale, get it out and use that money to pay off your debts. This will help balance things out, and if you want to take it a step further, offer to do it for other people. If you get good at this skill, people have so much crap in there, half that I want to do with it. You can take a cut that will give it to you. They'll say, Hey, sell this for me, Take a cup and give them the rest and make that profit on someone else's stuff if it's hard rubbish or other things that gets thrown on the side of the road salad. My wife does this with raising our child. She will find stuff on the side of the road. You'll get people to give her stuff. She takes her cup and she literally traveled to Europe with that profit. OKay, because she put it aside and she values there is legitimate money there. The final things out suggests would be to share and trade. You know, if you live in an area and someone has all Noah, you don't need to buy a known Mark, right? Borrow this. Yeah, lend them your time. Say, Hey, can I borrow your mower and the exchange? Although your long right, you just save money on a more and only Gardner. There's lots of things like that. The whole point of this is that it is possible to get your finances in order. It just requires, like everything that I'm talking about here, a little bit of effort, a little bit of focus, a little bit of learning, but you can do it. So take the time, work through that and stay true. Check out the resources that I put below and wait for the next course that's gonna come out on getting your finances in order. But until then, stop getting some knowledge into you, okay? You can improve your finances And if you're confident with your money, if you know you're not just drowning in debt and building a lot of the stuff confidence, every aspect of your life will improve 15. Quick Recap: so. Thanks for watching the course, guys. I just want to remind you of a couple of things. Number one, Remember that you have to put in the work. Just watching this course will make minimal difference. Motivation is great, but actions over time will improve your position. Remember that if you take actually in one area, you will grow in all of the areas simultaneously. Okay? This is an approach that if you start chipping away in one area, other things will open up because the more confident you feel, the more confident will feel doing more confidence building things. Right. So start. Just start with one minute day, start doing some push ups right now, and trust me, if you just initiate that one little change just one minute of push ups every day, your confidence in every area of your life will grow. Obviously, I suggest that you do all the things that I'm suggesting in this course, but just one minute per day stop taking action. You need to put in the work, but you will get the benefits. I want to remind you to check out down below in the show notes that I've put in the All of the resource is that I've mentioned including the How to get shit together, chapters that up they're free and available, as well as the book references, the course recommendations and all of that sort of stuff. So check it out. And finally, if you can, there's nothing up there that saying, Can you reckon? Can you, you know, review this course? Please, please, please do it. Review the coast. Chuck it down, let me know what you think. And if you can share it with someone spreading the word is great. It can help us all to grow and help build the channel. All of that sort of stuff. And speaking off, if you want to make contact with me, you can do so via leaving a review. You can comment on any of the projects, but the best way you can do it is on my social media. I can be found everywhere at Zach P. Phillips or by my website at www dot Zachary hartman Phillips dot com. From there, you can check out my books by poet costs might blow my videos everything I've got, going great to have you. Like I said, stay tuned for all the courses. Could have been a bunch more coming soon. Catch up