Grow Your Hand Lettering Skills: Pairing Letter Styles | Emily Cromwell | Skillshare

Grow Your Hand Lettering Skills: Pairing Letter Styles

Emily Cromwell, Illustrator + Surface Designer

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8 Videos (49m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials Overview

    • Combining + Pairing Letter Styles

    • Working Through Worksheet #1

    • Working Through Worksheet #2

    • Working Through Worksheet #3

    • Stacking Different Letter Styles

    • Conclusion


About This Class


In this class I will be walking you through the process of pairing and combining different lettering styles. I'll be going over with you different techniques to use with lettering, and showing you some of the most popular lettering combinations. Hand lettering is extremely popular and is in high demand and it's a wonderful skill to have and be able to do successfully. This course is the first in my series, "Grow Your Hand Lettering Skills".

You will be provided with worksheets in this course to help you understand the basics of different lettering styles and lettering combinations. There are so many wonderful options for combining letters. All caps with a swirly script. Handwriting with bold caps. Thin calligraphy with thick and bold caps. There are so many different lettering combinations to discover and this class is just the beginning! After you take this class I can guarantee you'll be looking around to spot all of the different lettering combinations and pairings that are out there. 

This class is suitable for anyone as it is a beginner's class. This class is great for anyone just starting out with hand lettering, or for anyone who is already familiar with hand lettering but would like to learn more about it and combining lettering styles.

Hand Lettering Combination Example:






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Emily Cromwell

Illustrator + Surface Designer

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