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Grow Your Business with Messenger Marketing - Build Chatbots in Manychat

Charlie Walker, Finance Director / Digital Marketer

Grow Your Business with Messenger Marketing - Build Chatbots in Manychat

Charlie Walker, Finance Director / Digital Marketer

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30 Lessons (3h 8m)
    • 1. 1 Getting Started

    • 2. 2 Connecting to FB

    • 3. 3 Introduction to Bots

    • 4. 4 MC Overview

    • 5. 5 Your first Bot

    • 6. 6 Connecting to a Growth Tool

    • 7. 7 MC Settings

    • 8. 8 Flow Builder (1)

    • 9. 8 Flow Builder

    • 10. 9 Button vs Quick Reply

    • 11. 10 Flow Options

    • 12. 11 User Inputs to Custom Fields ie Email

    • 13. 12 Automation Main Menu

    • 14. 13 Automation Default Reply

    • 15. 14 Automation Welcome Message

    • 16. 15 Automation Keywords

    • 17. 16 Automation Sequences

    • 18. 17 Broadcast Messages

    • 19. 18 Autoposting RSS Feeds

    • 20. 19 Growth Tools Setting and Header Bar

    • 21. 20 Growth Tools Overlay Widgets

    • 22. 21 Growth Tools Buttons and Boxes

    • 23. 22 Growth Tools Wordpress Installation

    • 24. 23 Growth tools ClickFunnels Installation

    • 25. 24 Growth Tools Landing Page

    • 26. 25 Growth Tools Messenger Ref URL

    • 27. 26 Growth Tools Offline Code

    • 28. 27 Growth Tools Facebook Ads to Messenger

    • 29. 28 Growth Tools Customer Chat

    • 30. 29 Conclusion

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About This Class

**"He knows what he is talking about.. I bought another course about bot building and it is sooo basic compared to this."** - C. Lang

Heard about these "chatbots" but not really sure what they are? This course will get you where you need to be to create an explosive growth tool for you or your client's business. 

This course focuses not only HOW to build the chatbots, but how to build chatbots that WORK. 

We will cover the below topics and much more 

  • Manychat Messenger Bot Install & creation with step by step instructions

  • Which types of chatbots to use for which funnel type

  • How to send FB ads directly into your chatbot

  • Increase your conversions with FB Messenger buttons instead of email optin

  • Collect email addresses inside the bot

  • How to make bots go VIRAL

Chatbots are not that complicated and are PERFECT for basically any business, including:

  1. Coaches - Grow you client base FAST

  2. Agencies - Lower your clients Cost Per Lead (CPL) by 80%

  3. Course Creators - Use the Product Launch Formula to launch to 1,000's of fans

  4. Ecomm - Sell your products directly inside FB messenger

  5. Realtors - Qualify prospects and set appoints inside the bot

  6. Webinars - double your attendance rate

  7. Chiropractors - Get more free consultation clients

  8. Marketers - Level up your strategy!

With 80% lower Cost Per Leads (CPL) and 95%+ Open rates, this will MAKE ANY BUSINESSES'S PROFITS EXPLODE

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to be deadly with chat bots, as well as provide tons of FREE Templates that you can install in seconds, with more added monthly 


  1. Lead Magnet Delivery (Ebook/Mini Course) Bot

  2. Webinar Bot

  3. Realtor Bot

  4. Chiropractor Bot

  5. More Coming Soon...






Imagine this... do NOTHING else in your business, but implement 1 of these strategies and see your profits increase by 30% - How much would that be worth? Is it worth investing the time in this course to become an expert in a BRAND NEW unfair advantage marketing tool?


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Charlie Walker

Finance Director / Digital Marketer


I started my career at KPMG and then E&Y in accounting, but fell in love with doing financial analysis, analytics, and forecasting.

I'm now a Finance Director where I perform data analysis, data visualizations, and analytics to find hidden trends and insights in data to support business decisions.

My teaching style is to rely on real world examples and talk about actual experiences, not just on the data analysis and report creation side but digesting the information and what it is actually telling you - that's where the fun is.

I LOVE Data analysis, and if you asked me two years ago what my favorite software was, I would say EXCEL - But today, I am all about POWER BI!

I love sharing knowledge and teaching and although I'm new to the community I'm loo... See full profile

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1. 1 Getting Started: What's up? What's up? This is Charlie Walker with Chatbots second vert. Today, I'm gonna show you guys how to basically start from scratch so you don't have a mini chat account. You know, any kind of chap out account, we're gonna get you started and get you to where you need to be as quick as possible. So, you know, mini chat dot com. Um, quick tutorial. Many chance of many Chat is basically one of the biggest one of the biggest players in the chat bots software arena. So speak. It's really it's mainly between chatbots are many chat and chat fuel. So many cheddar like think of it is the apple of the group, Whereas Chatfield was more of the android. So many Chad's gonna be have a prettier interface, a lot more easier to interact with a lot easier for beginners, but still has a lot of robust functionality that you're really basically has everything you're gonna need. Okay, so chat fuel is more of the it's more of a learning curve to kind of adjust to It could be a little more difficult to manage, in my opinion, but the functionality are is a lot better. There's a lot more advanced functionality. Get that. You may need potentially later on, but if you're not a developer, you're not familiar with programming. Um, meaning Chad is probably gonna have everything you're gonna need. It can integrate with your email for riders. Musings, Appier Integrate with a lot of everything's You can even accept payments through many Check eso. My pick is many chat versus chap fuel. So let's get started. So you're gonna get a mini chat dot com obviously and click get started for free. And this is gonna just obviously take you to a place where you want the log in. But it's gonna you have to have a Facebook account, right? It is gonna make you sign in with Facebook because that's what it's all based on, right? This chatbots stuff. It's the messenger. Boxes starts climbing. Hop out of here. Um, so it's it's it's, um it's all link through Facebook, so it's kind of nice. You don't have to. You don't have to type in your email and all of that, which is also great because that's how your clients are gonna interact with you. Your future clients. Potential audience is gonna interact with you by this seamless interaction. Just clicking a button. All you really logged into Facebook. Well, perfect. Here's Here's everything you need to contact them. All right, So let's jump ahead. So you click that button, right? You're probably not gonna be seeing the exact same thing that I'm seeing. So right now I'm just showing you opinions that I have connected in the past to do to do some demonstrations, but right now you're inside. Many chat. Okay, so you're logged in lot. Many check. It's It's a free tool. There's you can upgrade for some premium things. Things like $10 a month. Basically nothing. Right. But what you're interested in now is figuring out how you can go from having a meaning, chad account to connecting it to your Facebook page. Okay, so these chatbots, these many chat chat bots, Facebook messenger, whatever, it's gonna connect to your Facebook page. Okay? Not your group. Not your personal profile, but your Facebook page. That's where it's gonna live. You can still do a lot of interactions through groups in your personal profile, your web page, email, everything like that. But it's gonna live on your Facebook page, so I kind of have that as a point of reference. So the first thing you have to do is actually link it to your page. OK? It could be a little bit technical. We're going to go right through it. 2. 2 Connecting to FB: All right. So the next step is you want to get your Facebook page ready to be able to accept a a chapel, you want to be able to accept many chat being able to link to your Facebook page. This is a few things you need to do in the settings before you actually connect him. So what's gonna happen to Facebook? Um, you're gonna go into the page that you want to edit for me? I'm going to go into my own account because under the settings are already fine. Okay? They go to settings, and there's gonna be a few settings here. We're gonna look in general and they were looking messaging. Okay, so in general, I wouldn't look at this. I want to make want to see messages, allow people to contact my page privately. You wanna make sure this one is checked and think that's the only one that you really need to to mess with on here. All of my other stuff is just default. It's just how it came. So unless you've played with anything, um, within the settings here in general, it should look just like this. The other one is messaging in case you want to go into here, um, you want to say it shouldn't against you look just like this. Um, this should be off. The should be owned. Ah, the other one is, Let's see, Reminders. This one's on. And I think that's fine. Show Mr Greeting. Leave that off because we're gonna build that integration within many chat. Okay, so it should look basically identical to what you're seeing here. General settings. He's return key off prompt visitors and messages on off boa. You can read through and see. Just reconcile your facebook settings and messenger toe What I'm showing here. Okay, so now that we've done that, we're gonna go back into mini chat. Um, and you're gonna go appear in the top left here, and you're gonna see for you it's probably just gonna say, add new page urine, click, add new page, and it's what it's gonna do here is it's gonna look at your Facebook account and say, What are all of the Facebook pages that this person is an admin for? And he has the ability to connect a chat back to it. I'm just gonna show them here. Okay, so I've got this one, obviously, is my business. And there's other ones that up If I didn't trust with before, this one is prompting me to connect. That's what you're probably going to see on your side. So go and click to connect any whichever, whichever Facebook page you're looking to. Um Teoh Connect. Right, So I'm just gonna go back here. 3. 3 Introduction to Bots: All right. Next. Want to give you guys the quickest rundown of many chat that I really wish that I had. A lot of these trainings will just dive into all the individual tools, but don't really help you as much with seeing the bigger picture. And that's when I want to give to us right now. Okay, so in the interface here, in many chat, you've got the left side. If you click here, it's gonna drop down all the pages that you're connected to on. Then once you're on a page. So if you followed me along on here, you should be connected to your page. He should say zero or one subscribers. Um, so then each time, each little piece on the left side, we've got the dashboard audience, live chat, growth tools, broadcasting automation flows and settings. Let me show you what you actually need to understand here. Okay. The dashboard is just gonna be a simple dashboard is gonna tell you what you would expect to see. You can play with the date ranges and see your user metrics. How many new subscribers you've got That kind of thing. Audience. I rarely go in here because it's just gonna be a detail of who my audience is. Live chat. I don't mess it. That really at all right now, I don't think we have a really a need for that currently, um, growth tools. I'm gonna skip this one. Really? What? I want to show you guys. This flows First flows, is what you should think about. Um, in terms off the core, the baht building magic, that's this is where it all happens, is within the flows. Okay, So, um, you know, let's let me go to an example of one. So here. Well, let me let me see if there's one that many chats already built out we'll just jump into to my my actual one in the warm will jump to focus on is to show you a quick example of what a flow would look like. So here's one that I've that I'm working on now, um, just to show you so it looks This is what it is, What it flow looks like. Okay, it's it's complicated. It starts out in one piece, and in this one it starts here, and it starts just like this. I say I looked I like to ask you a question and then I start segmenting and I start asking him questions. I say, What do you interested in building boss for? And based on the response, you can see these little lines they go into based on their response. What is my next response gonna be? And then based on that response, you know, let's just fall along. So my question is, what are you interested in building bots for? And if they say my business, my business versus others, it's kind of hitting there. But if they click, I'm interested building bots from my business. It's gonna take them to here, and I say, Cool, which of these items will be most helpful to your business? And then based on what they click their then I have three different options that they see, Um, three different ways. The message flows out of the conversation, goes in the same thing down here. If they say they're an agency that I asked him three separate questions as well. So that's kind of an example to kind of give you an idea of what's what's going on here. And this is the flows or where all of the segmentation happens over all the conversations happened and you can obviously do some segregation as well. Let me jump back into the flows. 4. 4 MC Overview: all right. What I wanted to do now is just create a pretty simple Bott and just make it live. I want you just I want to get you a baht that's working as fast as possible. So we're gonna go through this this quick, simple baht on, and then we're going to start slowing down, and I'm gonna give you some more of the details and step by step and get more granular into some of the different options. Let's just create a super simple bottom. Don't you guys have tested out super foam When you especially increase your first spot, You're like you're on your phone. You like, Wow, this is actually working, so it's pretty cool. So let's do it together. Um, so I need you to go to flows and then go to new flow. It is a matter of you. Name it. We're gonna call what we're gonna do a segmentation. But like I was playing with earlier. So it's called Segment, Okay. And so now we're in this kind of bought building interface here, and there's kind of two different men. Each other's two different Bach building interfaces. There's the basic, which is what we're in now. And in the flow builder, which is where you want to go. Flow voter is just Ah, it's like an upgraded visual body building. Um, you'll see it just makes it look a little bit more visually appealing and easier to understand. So we're gonna click here, so we're gonna have our first message. Okay, so this is gonna be one of the first messages they see. They may see some messages before this from the growth tool that they use, which we'll get into later. But we'll consider this kind of the first stage in the baht. So we're gonna kind of set the frame for what we're gonna do. Um, and this one, I think we're just gonna do a segment bodies. I call it, um because I really like it where we're gonna ask him some questions, and based on you could think of it like you're having a conversation with, like, an expert. And they're like, they're coming into your body because, um, you think that bots can help them or they think that bots can help them with their business . Right? So you want to say, Well, how can I help you? um, and they're gonna They're gonna give you answers, and you're gonna say, Well, based on what, Your telling me this I think I think this will be best for you. Okay. And you can use this in your business, like maybe they're coming into into your body. And you're saying you know what? Your problem maybe your audience has a general problem. But there's different types of that problem. There's different types of solutions based on their specific Nini. So this is going to kind of basically solve that on. Basically, it gets this to tell you what they need, and we're gonna give it. But let's just create this super simple So And I'm ready to spend a lot of time on making the tax perfect in this example for the demonstration. If it sounds too. Doesn't matter. Okay, so welcome. Um, one thing want to show you since they have interact with your by, you can actually use You can see the first words conceal a bunch of different data from them. So you can click this little person here and click local first name on, and it will say Welcome, Charlie, depending on who it is You know, um, first day in Bob Woodward's could use that this fall back here is if for some reason, it can't read them. Um, it carried their first name. For whatever reason, it's kind of to fall back like it says, Um, so if they can't read their name, we could just say, Welcome, friend. It doesn't matter. It welcome. Thanks for joining this mass in your body. Um, so we want to get to Is the question off? Where are you? Kind of in your business. Eso I'd love to help you out. Can I ask you a few questions about this? Can ask a few questions and we're going to go right into him. I guess we've got our first message. Um, that's the first thing they're gonna see the okay. And then then after this, we have a much different out. We can add a but look to this particular message. We can add another text box. We can add an image car will get into later. Can a video. We can add a list that includes images we can do about something we're gonna gonna do. We're losing, but months and, uh, test in this example you can't get and also go and show you this DeLay feature here is it just It makes it so that they don't get a bunch of messages that once, for one thing, and it also it actually shoes a little freely. Blood looks like somebody is typing to kind of make it a little more personal on. And even though it's not a real person that makes the scene more, it makes it more like a natural conversation, which is really the goal of these and really one of the main benefits. Okay, so it's typing. Thanks for joining us much bottle. It looked at the outcast your questions. 5. 5 Your first Bot: all right. What I wanted to do now is just create a pretty simple Bott and just make it live. I want you just I want to get you a baht that's working as fast as possible. So we're gonna go through this this quick, simple baht on, and then we're gonna start slowing down. I'm gonna give you some more of the details and step by step and get more granular into some of the different options. Let's just create a super simple bottom. Don't you guys have tested out Super foam? When you especially creature first pot, you're like you're on your phone. You're like, Wow, this is actually working, so it's pretty cool. So let's do it together. Um, so I need you to go to flows and then go to new flow. It is a matter of you. Name it. We're gonna call what we're gonna do a segmentation. But like I was playing with earlier. So let's cause segment by Okay. And so now we're in this kind of bought building interface here, and there's kind of two different men. Each other's two different bodybuilding interfaces. There's the basic, which is what we're in now. and in the flow builder, which is where you want to go. Flow voter is just Ah, it's like an upgraded visual baht building. Um, you'll see it just makes it look a little bit more visually appealing and easier to understand. So we're gonna click here, so we're gonna have our first message. Okay, so this is gonna be one of the first messages they see. They may see some messages before this from the growth tool that they use, which we'll get to later, but we'll consider this kind of the first stage in the baht. So we're gonna kind of set the frame for what we're going to do. Um, and this one, I think we're just gonna do a segment Bottas. I call it, um because I really like it where we're gonna ask him some questions and based on you could think of it like you're having a conversation with, like, an expert. And they're like, they're coming into your body because, um, you think that bots can help them with or they think that bots can help them with their business. Right? So you want to say, Well, how can I help you? Um and they're gonna They're gonna give you answers and you're going to say, Well, based on what, Your telling me this I think this will be best for you, OK? And you can use this in your business like maybe maybe they're coming into into your baht. And you're saying you know what? Your problem maybe your audience has a general problem, but there's different types of that problem, and there's different types of solutions based on their specific need. So this is going to kind of basically solve that on. Basically, it gets them to tell you what they need, and we're gonna give it to him. But let's just create this super simple baht. So I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on making the text perfect in this example for the demonstration. So if it sounds stupid, don't. Doesn't matter. Um OK, so welcome. Um, one thing going to show you, um, since they have interacted with your baht, you can actually use. You can see the first. You can see a bunch of different data from them so you can click this little person here and click. Welcome. First name. Um, and it will. It will say Welcome, Charlie, depending on who it is, You know, um, first day in Bob Woodward's can use that this fall back here is if for some reason, it can't read them. Um, it carried their first name. For whatever reason, it's kind of to fall back like it says, Um, so if they can't read their name, we could just say welcome, friend. Doesn't matter it Welcome. Thanks for joining this messenger bots. Um, um, so we want to get to Is the question off? Where are you? Kind of in your business. Eso I'd love to help you out. Can I ask you a few questions about this? Can ask a few questions and we're going to go right into him. I guess we've got our first message. Um, that's the first thing they're gonna see. Okay. And then after this, we have a bunch different options. We can add a button to this particular message. We can add another text box. We can add an image, a card, which we'll get into later. Can a video. We can add a list. Um, that includes images we can do about seven things we're gonna is gonna do we're gonna using buttons and, um, text in this example. Good. And also so always kind of go and show you this delay feature here, is it just it makes it so that they don't get a bunch of messages at once, for one thing, and it also it actually shows a little three little buttons like somebody is typing to kind of make it a little more personal. Um, and even though it's not a real person, that makes it seem more, it makes it more like a natural conversation, which is really the goal. Some of these, and really one of the main benefits. Okay, so it's typing. Are you building messenger bots for yours? Your own business or four clients? Okay, so we've just posed a question, and we need them to respond. So instead of having them type out, I'm doing this business for my clients. I'm in marketing agency. We're gonna give them options that Aaron the former buttons, and when they click the button, it'll basically like that's their response. They don't type it out, but it gives him, um in messenger. After clicking, it looked just like they typed it out. But I obviously makes it super easy for them. So So I'm gonna click. Um, sorry. Just kind of walked through that. So I clicked. Add a button here, and I'm gonna have to buttons and then to change. What? What the Texas going to say? You just double click it and it open up, opens up the edit button. I'm gonna say myself, and then I'm gonna second option said clients. All right, so now now is where the floater makes it kind of easy to see, right? I've got a question, and I've got two responses that could go into. If they say myself now what I want to do, I want to send him a message. But before that, I want to do something else. Um, actually want to give them a tag I want I want to know that this particular client is building bots for themselves. They're their own business because later I might send a broadcast message just to those particular users. So before us in that message, I need to go into mini chat and add a tag. Whether you do that is, um, it's gonna go back action group and then click actions ad tag. And if you don't have any tags yet, you have to just name it. So I'm gonna say this one is Is Owner okay? And it out of the attack and created the tag, and it said it so that this particular user, if you go into their audience, it's going to have the tag of, um, owner or business owner for that particular I lost my We got lost here. So flows and then segment brought to get back. So I've tagged them in almost in the message. Um, it's a great to hear. Um Hmm. Messenger messenger bots are great for business. And increase your profits and sales Know that, um, it doesn't matter. Um, so they're great for business, and then I'm gonna say, um another type of segmentation question. So now that I know they're doing for their own business and they're not doing it for an agency, I have specific questions that I want to ask them next. Ok, um, so I've got that created. I'm gonna go ahead and create the other side to someone. Ah, add attacked. For if somebody's an agency, I'm just going to say agency, okay. And then basically the same message because they're great for business owners were agencies . Obviously, they're kind of parallel. So great to hear. Um, messenger bots can work wonders for your clients and create a new revenue stream for your agency. Okay, so now I have got a message based on how to respond. And from that, I'm going to start asking them more questions. So each of these, each of these conversations going to go in a different kind of fork. Okay, so I'm gonna start in this one. So great to hear Mr Boats are great for business and profits. Um, and then I'm gonna add a little delay here between the next message. And, um, now is when I'm gonna ask a little bit more information. So, um, we have tons of great resource is for business owners leveraging bots. What would be most helpful to you today, and then we're gonna give them some options. Um, and now we're going to kind of get into a situation where we want We want prose, some of their pain points, but we have to get a little bit creative because these buttons don't allow for a lot of text. I think the carrot character. Lemon is, like 60 or something like that. Let's see Michigan, Type it all out. Yeah. So I see this red, um, And then see? Okay. Sorry. 20 characters long. Another thing was 60. And maybe it's Twitter. Whatever. So 20 characters long, so we have to kind of get creative with identifying the pain point. Um, so maybe if their, you know, business owner, maybe they're starting out. They don't know how to build about. They need help with the technical aspects of it. So, um, how to build? It's one, then maybe another one is, um how don't market them or how to how to grow them how to grow. Oh, say growing subscribers, that might be too many characters. Okay. And for the last one will say monetizing them. I'm gonna change this to from how to build to building bots. So, doting bots, growing subscribers or monetizing bots. Okay, so then, based on each of these individual questions, um, I'm going to say some sort of short message like, um, building bots can be ah, technique can be technically difficult at first, but But after the initial learning curve, it's really not that bad. Then I'm gonna say, By the way, by the way, Charlie and I'm clicking first name and going there like that. I'm clicking a little button there. You can also use this this little guy and used two of them and in a prompted as well, just a little. A little quick shortcut, By the way, we have a great block post on getting started with thoughts on our site. That might be helpful. Okay, so I've just said now I know that they're a business owner and their biggest pain point is building bots and that they are probably just starting out. So I'm gonna offer them something that's probably gonna be most complementary to their situation. So I'm probably gonna give him, like, a getting started guide. Um, versus if it's an agency and they're trying to scale their business that already exist. I'd give them something very different. Right. Um So So what I can do here is and honestly, I kind of think through in your mind, Like how this could work for your business. But what I can do here is I can offer them a block post. Um, and I actually wanted to add a little tacky, but so I can offer them a blawg post that would really help them out based on what they told me. But then, later on, I could I could Maybe I could maybe nurture this, nurture this relationship and keeps in and helpful information, and then later maybe I send them an offer based on the fact that they are a business owner and they're just starting out. And I might send a different offer to a new agency that already has clients. And maybe they need a higher ticket offer. You know, maybe they need in the $2000 training program or $2000 all access bought building database that they can you import bots from. So hopefully you can kind of see where this is taking it. So, um, I'm gonna kind of finish this one out, this little flow here. So, by the way, so the way that I would do the way they don't do this is I'm gonna present them. Ah, block post. And what I like to do is said it is at putting a Lincoln there, these cards or these galleries air great for if you want to take them off off of your body because it's just kind of visually appealing. So I might do it. Let's do a gallery on. Basically, gallery is just more than one car. There's not much difference then than that. So let's say that I just I add in the block post logo or a picture from the block post. For now, I'm just gonna do my lug something to say five steps to getting started with box. And then this is then maybe I'll link it to another page, and I should add a link in just a second. Um, was pulling this one here? This could be, um, but building checklist. Subtitle. Okay, so now, So now I've got two different little options for them based on what they told me. And, um so I'm sorry. So they now I need to add a link. Um, and so you add a link, you just click on the header thing, the header box there, and then you can type in whatever the u R l is for the block post on. Once they click it, it will open another Web page that they can go into. So, you know, like google dot coms like that for now. Okay, so, um, that's how the 1st 1 works. Every other one is gonna work identical to that, and one more step. I wanted to add the tag here. So now that this is kind of a little technical aspect, if I've built a message, I felt I've made this go to a message, but I actually want to add something in between here. I want to add a want ad. Another tag. Now that I know that they're interested in building bots, that's what they're needed the most most help with. So I'm gonna delete this, and then I'm gonna add a new message or a new action, my at a tag by building, and then I'm gonna link it to this message, okay? And then I'm gonna repeat that for every single one of these. So in this, there's a total of six options because there's there's one flow here, and then there's three. And then this goes down here and there's gonna be three more. Probably. Um, just so you know, for buttons, you can only have three options, so I couldn't do 56789 10 of these for quick replies, I can do more than three options which will get to that later. But for now would issues buttons because I think they're global. Easier to to see, and they work a little bit differently than quick replies. Okay, So I'm not gonna have you sit here and watch me go through every single one of these. And I think they will be helpful on your end to just create something similar that's more applicable to your business and you might have actually using, even though we're trying to just do a quick, simple botto gonna get something out there so you can see it. Um, this could be a very useful body you actually might think about using in your own business . So I'm gonna pause it. I'm just gonna build it out myself. And then, um, hopefully do the same thing on your All right. So now I'm finished building my bought out, Um, and hopefully you are is on your side. A couple things I want to show you. So I did just I did, just as we described, split into 2 to 2 different segments. And then I asked three different questions and from there from the initial one. You know, I said, Are you about your building blocks for yourself or for your clients? Everybody bought for yourself. What's your biggest struggle? Building bots, growing subscribers or monetizing bots. And I have. And I put three different tags there, but building growing subs, gross ups a short code and then monetize. And then from that, I have three individual messages that air linking to the ultimate. Put them to, ah, block post on article that's gonna most help them. What I want to show you guys is a couple things one. So all these elements you can drag and you can move across your screen so they make the most sense. I spent a little time making sure that this looked is, you know, as good as possible that I could see how this flow is forking what I want to show you guys . There is also this tool called auto around steps, dogs going crazy. Okay, we're back. So I was talking about this auto arrange tool. I'm not going to use it in this instance because I've spent some time getting it how I want it. But many chair has a really cool feature where when you're creating all of your flows, if you just click this auto arrange button, it'll kind of organize it. Um however decides to optimize it. But in most cases, it works pretty well. I'm not going to use it in this case just cause I like the way that I've got it. But it could be a good tool for us. Okay, So, yes. So I was explaining how I split up, and one thing I wanted to show you is I was I was the second segment that I did was the the agency group, right, um, for clients. And then I started creating the three different options, and I realized that some of them overlap. So one of them obviously selling bots. If you're building boss yourself, you're not gonna be selling the bots. But they still have questions about Are there still money training on how to build bots and then also how to monetize bots? How to make them actually work to be profitable. So since both of these groups could use that instead of creating its own second message, I just click the button and I drug it up to these existing flows. So down here, I've got building bots. I just connected it to this, um, to to the baht building tag that I have at the top. And then it goes straight into this other message that I've already created. So I didn't have to duplicate the efforts there. Okay. All right. So there is that. 6. 6 Connecting to a Growth Tool: and now you have your very first flow built out, Um, fully, fully complete on the flow side. Now, the next thing we need to do is be able to get a subscriber in to actually see this message . We're gonna go through a simple example in this one as well, and then kind of dive into more of the details later. But I want to get one out there for you guys built as soon as possible. So we're gonna go into how to create the growth tool that will ultimately get subscribers in here. One thing to note, um, make sure you click publish if you want. If you're kind of right to move forward, otherwise it won't. It won't link anywhere. Okay, so what we're gonna do is we want to. The easiest way to get these bots out there is just to create a link. Okay. And that's what we're gonna do. So you could put it in your email list. You could put on a website if you want it, or you could put your posted on your Facebook page. Facebook group, that kind of thing. I think that's one of the easiest wants to So we're gonna create a growth tool, and then we're going to say, OK, Growth tool. Think that it is like a, you know, opt in form, right? Connect this growth tool to this flow, and that's what we're gonna do. Next we're click on growth tools and then click new growth tool. Okay, there's tons of options I'm gonna cover later with you guys. But messenger, refugee or l I don't know why they didn't call it link, because that's all it is. Refugees. Just It only gives you a link that you could use. Okay, but that's what we're gonna click Messi refuge or we call it, um, segment bought link. Great to Yeah. Now, there's a lot less options on this one, because just simple. Um, but what you want to do is first, you have to, um select. Okay. What? What messages is what flows is going to and this is how you connect it. Um, you're gonna even click edit. And if you if you look at it, that's just gonna change this growth Tohir growth to have told four. But loveable. You wanna click replace because you don't want that one You want to click the flow that we just created together So click replace It's going to show you all the felt flows that you have And we created the segment But whatever you named on your side that's what I named it on my side So I'm gonna click that, and then I'm gonna click. Yes, Okay. It also gives you the option to add the subscriber to a sequence. So if I wanted to Adam to this flow and then, you know, one day later, ask them a follow up question. Um, I could do that here no one day later and then put him into a drip campaign email, email, drug campaign. I could do that here, but I'm not going to for now. We'll cover that later. That's all I have to do for this one. Um, this this page and I'm gonna get next. It's gonna think Okay. Oh, yes. Sorry. Wasn't in most insurers when you need to say that otherwise it won't kind of refresh the stuff. So click save. And they should generate this link. Yep. Don't worry about the custom rough parameter. We might get into that later. I don't think you need to get into it. But you know you got a link ours. Let's test this out. Let's click the link. It's gonna take me into messenger, and it's not gonna take me directly into the messages we created. It's gonna make me click this button. Get started first on this just kind of Facebook's way of making a little more customer centric to make sure. You know, if you click this button, it will see your public info blah blah. Um, so you do have to click get started, so click get started and then you'll see some familiar familiar messages. Um, you know, we created this. We said, Welcome, first name. Thanks for joining the Messenger Bob. All ball. I'd like to ask a few questions and then those two options. Um, if you want to get rid of this power by many chat, you need to subscribe or upgrade to their pro plan. It's only $10 a month, and I think it's I mean, it's it's really a no brainer for the value you're getting out of this of the software and being able to really create these master about super easy, so they should work. They should be able to give this to anyone. I'm Mama so my computer now. But what I like to do is take that link and then put it into Bentley so I could get a link short, inner and then send it out. However, however I want, the link is it's not super long, but you know, somewhat long, Um, but and then it'll look a little obviously different, its demise on the phone. But it's still a truly great. So let's just play this out and see how it goes. And obviously on your side, you've probably got some different content. If you made it, specifically tours to your business. So I'm gonna say I'm building bots for myself and notice how it just you click the button and the same one Samos a phone. It responded. Looks like they're typing two looks that they typed it out and it's blowing up my Facebook . Some link to it here. So great to hear Mr bought a great for for businesses and profit business problems. Um, what's you know what's most self with you today? Ah, I'm gonna say monetizing bots. So the best way to turn bots in the cash by loving, leveraging paid ads and a marketing funnel we created bought funneled templates that could be really helpful in mapping out your funnel from entry point to the shopping cart. And then, you know, the an article or maybe a product that you're selling a product on and they could click it and go that go that you are all that way. All right, there we go, guys. We've created our fairy first messenger baht. That's fully live. It's active. It should be able to work. Now, we're going to go into some of the more advanced training or really dive into how to build these bots. You know, this is a pretty quick run through. We're gonna get into some really technical stuff and go through. Make sure you know everything you need to know about building bots. Okay, so this particular box will say the way that the way that we built it, I wouldn't use that. Um, I wouldn't use like this, but you could use it in as part of your fun of wonder. What I would suggest is you give them some reason to get into the bots. So maybe you say, Hey, here's a free e book for some particular pain point. And then you say, thanks your interest in my e book. Let me ask you a couple quick questions to make sure I can help you the most. Um, And then you go through this sequence and you know, you don't show them you don't direct them to the blogged articles. You just say, OK, you're you're building blocks for clients and you're building. You want to monetize the box? Great. Thanks. On information. Here's your free book. Where should I send it? That's another thing. I would you could grab their email, um, as well, and we're gonna show you how to do that later on. But now you'd have them assist prescriber in a messenger, bott, and you'd have their email address and you'd have information about their interests. Eso that's That would be a way that I would actually use this versus kind of how it built it out. Now there's room here. There's no there's no incentive for the customer to engage with the pot just to be segmented. Okay. All right. So I'll see you guys in the next lecture. 7. 7 MC Settings: chat. So it's just down here at the bottom where it's gonna go through all the different tabs that kind of show you what you need to know which don't really need to know. The first thing is in this general tab, the greeting text, and this is something that a lot of people miss and they're like, I don't know how to change this, but when you actually connected to your page, this is what it's gonna show as the first thing people see before they interact with it. So you click to see how it's gonna look. Um, they're gonna click it, and it's going to say get started. But this is the message that you have the opportunity to to change. Okay, It's gonna have your page logo and then click get started to access free training and bots . It's just better. So they have. You need to tell them what to do. A lot of people are not familiar with these bots. I don't know what they don't know what this is. So you want to make sure you tell them exactly what to do. Click get started to get access to free training and bots um, sets the greening text Cardy, Roche Ortner Don't mess with that. If you do change it, you won't be able to see some of the analytics like the click through rate data clone. This pot is gonna be really helpful if you're selling bots. If you're an agency and you're gonna be creating bots and then selling them, there's a lot of different ways you can like self or give bots to client. You can. You can give the but you can give the sequences to clients or the flows to clients really easily. You can also clone the bottle and will basically take everything in the bots, including any sequences that you set up keywords, all the flows, everything. So that's where that's gonna be. Refresh, Refresh Facebook permissions. This is basically a go to troubleshooting tool. Any time that, like you're bought, stops working or it just stops working stops, it will connect. Something's wrong. The first thing you should do is click refresh permissions because it just kind of clears up a lot of, um, you even they say, like it can unexpectedly drop. Just click that and it potentially could fix whatever your issue is another little troubleshooting thing is, if it's not working, it's most likely that needed. The refresh permissions or your flows are not actually published and saved. That's another one or near the growth tools are not saved. It published to save on the bottom of this page. If for some things you want to do that, that's where that would be so live chat. I would keep all of your settings as it is, um, so the you can you can mess with settings, but I don't think you should change them. Live chat is gonna be enabled when somebody interacts to your bought other than through the natural flow of the conversation. So if you just build a flow and they answered the questions based on you know what, you click, you're not going to see the live chat. But, yeah, it's funny. A lot of times people just say crazy stuff like I love you. It's weird. They do, um, or hi Hello. That's when anything outside of the body and also anything that a keyword is not going to be able to solve. For that, we'll get the keywords later. But if they say remove me or cancel or unsubscribe from like that, you're gonna set of key words that automatically put them in an unsubscribe sequence and stop messaging them. But if they say something, that's outside of all that. That's when live chats gonna come into play. Okay, so, girl tools, we're gonna go into great tools later. But, um, the only thing you really need to know here is the authorised your authorized websites, and you're gonna authorize them through the growth told, So you don't really need to do it within this settings. But ultimately, the growth tools will only, um, you can only they only work on sites as you've approved the chief authorized, like I've set it up on my website so that I can have growth tools on that website. You need to do the same. But we're also gonna get through that, um, when we actually build the growth, so you don't really need to set it up immediately. Notifications is gonna be how frequently and what the contents of your notification. So if you get if you want to see daily how many new subscribers were getting, that's where you would do that. I was seeking change the email frequency. If you want to get a daily, weekly or monthly live chats, you can have it so that whenever whenever you have a conversation whenever you have a live chat, it will push it to your to whatever the personal account is linked to your page. Okay, and then this is a pro feature, but it'll enable minutes. Captain send you notifications when he's it performs specific actions in your broadcast. Welcome, messages, options, etcetera. I just kind of leave That is basic are as standard, and it's also a pro feature. So depending on where you're at with that so custom fields, this is going to show you every single custom fields you have. We're gonna go into it later. But, um, so a custom field is something like, for example, an email. So I think I've set up for some of these. I've set up their their their address. I have asked for the address for maybe shipping their zip code email. Um, playing around with, like a realtor baht. I've got you know, what is your home's value Estimated value? What is your loan balance? Um, that kind of think so. These are things that the user is going to input in there for you or things that, um your Facebook hasn't data about them as well. So I think one of them is like each personal Facebook has a unique code. And so I don't like 20 digits long or something like that. Um, that's where that would go as well. So your email. So it's gonna get from these. Aaron put a lot of these. They're gonna come from user input on what we'll get into this later. But this is where you would see all of these. So add mons. This is where if you wanted to add a developer or, um, at a client or something like that to be an admin to your page, you would do that here. And it's just obviously as you would expect, you just you send them a link and then you can approve it and that I think so. It's pretty simple here, So payments payment is pretty cool. Many chat just introduced payments recently. I'm recording this in May, and I think they introduced in April. So it's basically connect stripe, and you could accept payment within mini chat so you can say Hey, do you want to buy this T shirt? And they're like, Yeah, they don't have to leave the actual body taken by the product through many Chad, and it will accept the payment through your stripe account. We're gonna go into that later. And some more of the advanced trainings. How to set all that up? Death tolls Just ignore. You're probably not a developer, so we'll skip that billing. Who together they don't know what is going to show from our billing information. Right. Um, well, it's hard meeting. Probably stop it, but it's probably going to show you the last last few digits, right? But this is where you would just set up if you're if you're a free member, Um, this is where you would go to subscribe. I definitely think it's worth subscribing. The biggest thing is you won't be able to with becoming a pro member, I think. To me, the biggest benefit is you're not gonna be able to collect someone's email address unless you subscribe to the pro plan, and then you can connected. Is Appier to be able to connect with your CRM? So I think that's worth a $10 alone. Okay, hand over. Don't worry about this at all. You're not really gonna ever get into that situation. OK, that's it for the settings. Guys, I'll see you on the next one. 8. 8 Flow Builder (1): right now, I want to show you some more advanced mechanics within the flow builder and within actually building the flows eso I've created folder up top. And you can also just click me folder in the name. And I made me naming it Training flows. I'm gonna drag the second bottle we created earlier, and I'm just gonna put it in there. I'm gonna go into this folder, I'm gonna create a new flow, and this one we're gonna build is for a realtor. So it's going to segment the user into asking kind of what they're what they're looking for . And then it's gonna present some options for homes that are available based on that criteria. Okay, so just name it. Realtor Bob and robots are really one of most popular requested bots because they just have a very good lead generation application on they can, You know, they can really supercharge some some realtors, realtors on lead, generation toe. All right, so we're going to name this one the first, so I don't think I have mentioned before. The top up here is the option. You have the option to name the message. So by default, it's gonna be send message and then messed Second was gonna be some measures to that kind of thing. It's kind of a best practice to name them because as your flows get more more complicated, um, you're gonna be take It's not just gonna be linear. It's gonna be You're gonna get to a certain step and then you might go back to another step and you might have to You might have 20 different steps and naming them helps you kind of identify where where the flow should go. So just kind of saved a little bit of time, but you kind of s a little time in the front and two name them. I don't always name them, but it's too complicated is gonna get so and I'm just going to say start. Okay, Um, so welcome to the realtor body. We're going to find you your dream home, and we'll go and do the first name. So I'm doing the too little I don't know what they're called. Black squiggly bracket, I guess, is what I call it. Welcome, Charlie to the realtor body. We're gonna find you your dream home. Um and then so for a realtor that one of the things they're worried about it or they're thinking about is kind of qualifying the lead. Because a lot of times, uh, you know, these people were perfectly browsing. They're not sure their intent or how soon they're looking, So we want to kind of qualify them and see if they're serious buyer now. Okay, Um, so I'm gonna add a delay, and then I'm gonna add some more text. Um, let's find out a little more about Okay, so now we're setting it up to ask him a question. And here's what. I want to talk to you guys about the difference between a button and a quick reply. Okay, so a button is going so you only have three options for the button for quick deposit. You have more Think it's seven. Um, but if you have a button, the difference is that how explains the button is going toe stay there so they could go back and press the button again. If they change their mind versus a quick reply, they can press that button. But then they would have to restart the baht, basically, to be able to go back and choose a different option. So I think easily to show you this is to actually just do it and just show you both flows. Okay. All right. So let's find out a little more about your interests. So and I'm just really quick too. It's really quite so. You can just kind of go through and see the difference, too, because depending on what you're what you're needing, it may be important to choose a quick reply or button those final more interest. What type of home are you looking for? 9. 8 Flow Builder: right now, I want to show you some more advanced mechanics within the flow builder and within actually building the flows eso I've created folder up top. And you can also just click me folder in the name. And I made me naming it Training flows. I'm gonna drag the second bottle we created earlier, and I'm just gonna put it in there. I'm gonna go into this folder, I'm gonna create a new flow, and this one we're gonna build is for a realtor. So it's going to segment the user into asking kind of what they're what they're looking for . And then it's gonna present some options for homes that are available based on that criteria. Okay, so just name it. Realtor Bob and robots are really one of most popular requested bots because they just have a very good lead generation application on they can, You know, they can really supercharge some some realtors, realtors on lead, generation toe. All right, so we're going to name this one the first, so I don't think I have mentioned before. The top up here is the option. You have the option to name the message. So by default, it's gonna be send message and then messed Second was gonna be some measures to that kind of thing. It's kind of a best practice to name them because as your flows get more more complicated, um, you're gonna be take It's not just gonna be linear. It's gonna be You're gonna get to a certain step and then you might go back to another step and you might have to You might have 20 different steps and naming them helps you kind of identify where where the flow should go. So just kind of saved a little bit of time, but you kind of s a little time in the front and two name them. I don't always name them, but it's too complicated is gonna get so and I'm just going to say start. Okay, Um, so welcome to the realtor body. We're going to find you your dream home, and we'll go and do the first name. So I'm doing the too little I don't know what they're called. Black squiggly bracket, I guess, is what I call it. Welcome, Charlie to the realtor body. We're gonna find you your dream home. Um and then so for a realtor that one of the things they're worried about it or they're thinking about is kind of qualifying the lead. Because a lot of times, uh, you know, these people were perfectly browsing. They're not sure their intent or how soon they're looking, So we want to kind of qualify them and see if they're serious buyer now. Okay, Um, so I'm gonna add a delay, and then I'm gonna add some more text. Um, let's find out a little more about Okay, so now we're setting it up to ask him a question. And here's what. I want to talk to you guys about the difference between a button and a quick reply. Okay, so a button is going so you only have three options for the button for quick deposit. You have more Think it's seven. Um, but if you have a button, the difference is that how explains the button is going toe stay there so they could go back and press the button again. If they change their mind versus a quick reply, they can press that button. But then they would have to restart the baht, basically, to be able to go back and choose a different option. So I think easily to show you this is to actually just do it and just show you both flows. Okay. All right. So let's find out a little more about your interests. So and I'm just really quick too. It's really quite so. You can just kind of go through and see the difference, too, because depending on what you're what you're needing, it may be important to choose a quick reply or button those final more interest. What type of home are you looking for? 10. 9 Button vs Quick Reply: Okay, We're gonna start with buttons. So apartment, uh, condo or home, or else a house single family get All right. So then based on those, it's gonna go to three questions. I'm just going to do something really quick, like I said, and I'm gonna jump into the flow builder also, because it's just a lot easier to to be able to manage. And I'm really just trying to get forward so you can see it, but it won't let you just publish it unless you can actually see unless you have a message to each thing. Otherwise, it'll give me kind of validation here. So I'm gonna delete this button and to delete button. Just goto delete there. All right. Alright. Some good publish. And just like we did with the other one, I'm just gonna create a growth tool. That's a week just so I could see what's going on. So, um, click on the create a new growth tool. Eso I'm gonna free plan has no reason to upgrade to pro. Um, somebody delete some of these. I'm on the training paces I'm using for this site, so I didn't so I don't mess up anything on my my page. So let's see. So to delete a great tool use going here descends and then Oh, sorry. I understand that. I guess I've never deleted growth tool. Never again. Sorry. Do it. So now, in creating new and I wanna make it a link, which is the messenger, ref. Euro. I'm not gonna about naming it, but I'm gonna make sure that select the growth tool that we just went through, which is the in training flows, the realtor baht. So, like this flow, All right, it's active. Um, and it should give me I'm gonna have to say that, I believe. And I should give me a link on the next page. Yep. So now let's see the version with the buttons. Okay. Welcome. Oh, man. Must Okay, so this is the one that we're seeing here and reminder that I've already already in this this It's going to see all the messages from this page from previously. But so one thing I'll show you if you want to simulate the user experience, and you don't want to see all the stuff you've been testing within the past, the way to do that is to come over here to the side on. Just do delete, and it's gonna delete the conversation and you click Delete. Okay, Then it's gonna basically be like you are a new user. So this is what they're going to see. They're gonna see this get started. When you tap get started, we'll see your bubble of ah, we'll click that. And so it goes right into that flow that we just created. So you see these three buttons air here? Once I click it, it's still going to be there so I could go and change my mind. So it's gonna give me message one. What if I'm like, actually, I want to look at a condo instead, You can you condo and then it will go back and give you that option. Um, one reason why you might want to do quick replies instead of thes is if you want them to, um kind of lock into their choice and not look at all the different options that are available with with quicker pause. What, you can set it up so that they can. They could kind of change their mind by having them go to the sequence and then say, Do you want to start over from the beginning and they Then they can go back, and then they can change their minds they want. That's kind of how that looks with the buttons. Now, let's look at it with quick replies. So basically, what I'm gonna do is just go back into the flows and I'm gonna duplicate this flow. But instead of instead of the buttons, I'm gonna use quick replies. So to duplicate a flow, go over here to the far right and just click duplicate. Okay, so I'm gonna name it Realtor Baht with wrote about quicker applause. And then I'm gonna go into the flow builder, and I basically just gonna delete all these buttons so it really saving a lot of time duplicating it. But you get to see how you could duplicate it, and I can leave these messages there, but they're not tied anything. So if I try to click publish is gonna is gonna give me some years Well, yeah, I guess I didn't give me a raise, but it's these messages are gonna go anywhere. So let's have a quick applause and the pleasures right here, and you can. You can do a lot more options. So let's add more apartment, condo, trailer, shared room are shared. Shared unit house. I mean, it's enough options. Okay, so then just saying we we say that we did with the buttons, we can drag it over here. Um, and if you're creating your own and I was gonna use this time to clear it, create more messages. But if you're creating your own body, of course you're going to be able to You wanna add tags for all these so that your users are linked to certain attributes, like, so you can know all of your users that are interesting apartments if you want to send a message out later. Okay. So I'm going to publish, and then I'm gonna go into to the growth tools and create a new growth tool. Possibly one. Okay. And I go back to the messenger ref Uriel, and then I don't really care about the name. I want to make sure I select that particular slow. Okay, Save. And I was gonna give me the link. Okay, So, um, but we're going to the same thing, and now we see is a little buttons here. That's just the same. They could still click it if they're on the desktop work, you know, press the button if they're on the phone, but it just looks a little different. So this is more horizontal here, whereas, um, the buttons are more vertical, and the way this is gonna look on your phone is gonna be a little different on Mobile. These they're gonna have to, like, swipe to the right to see the options after trailer. Unless there only the six plus session like that are plus. But on my phone, I can only see the 1st 3 options and have to kind of scroll to the right to see these different options. Okay, so that's kind of between the buttons and the quicker plus, and I just come shake. So if they click apartment, you see other options just go away so they can't go back and change their mind, which could be good to be bad, depending on how you're using it. So that's just a quick overview of buttons versus missed buttons versus quick replies 11. 10 Flow Options: I know she's some other affect some other functionality within the flow voter. So I'm just gonna open at the Rio tip Realtor Baht that we were working on earlier. Um, and I'm just gonna start looking through it. And first thing I want to show you is when you when you first click on your when you're in your bought, the flow is going to show you a lot of different metrics. Like for this one. It's only me that that's gone through this one because it's for the training, but it will show you the click through rates how many will send to how it was delivered to , which should be the same if you 100%. But then sometimes it couldn't be. But then, you know, show you how many opened it, and then how it will actually collect, which will show you some really good metrics on. And then each individual option here, it'll show you. So, for example, you could use this to see, depending on which flow or what What your industry is you could look and see, like wow, all of my old my audiences clicking on this first option. Maybe I need to change my options so that I could get some better segmentation. Because if nobody's clicking on one of your options, maybe you need to take it off and change it up something else. Okay, So I'm sure you go with messages and start Teoh at about and started to get some of the functionality. So we talked about it a little earlier, but you obviously have the option to text. So text box just gonna be like, just just like you're seeing here. Um, images is another one. I would definitely encourage you to use as many images as possible. One thing that I like to do is, um, I go to like, I think it's Jiffy Said it. I love using Jeffs. Um and this is a great place where you can find a Jiff that's related to whatever your messages like, You know, if I'm doing a quiz, bottom might do, like, congrats If they got the question right, show you. A lot of from bots are a lot of different. A lot of Jeff, so it might grab this one, you know, just whatever. But then you can also save the image, and then you can upload into your bots. Let's just do that. Seven to temporary folder. Here it is. And take a second. A load, That is one thing you have to think about is some of these Jeffs. It takes longer to longer load if there are a lot bigger. So it could be it could be a little bit problematic if your users are having toe wait for it to load. So you may want to test the down your own phone? Um, yeah, they're on mobile and just see kind of the load time. And also this looks like it's not working. It's just cropping out of pizza because probably because it's so wide. So just kind of play with that. So I'm gonna I'm gonna choose something Most guys leave, so that's that's the image. So the card we talked about earlier card in gallery. You can have the image if you add us. If you had title and you don't add a subtitle, it will only share the title. They want to show ah, Boeing subtitle. But these are great for showing block post or showing products as well. You can you can add in your your l movie of a Shopify store. You get linked directly to the product where they could go and purchase it. But just make sure the images are, yeah, actually, images you're looking right and they're the right size. So gallery is just the same as, ah, Samos an image. But, um, you know, it's just multiple images, basically. And so the gallery versus the list, I think lifts is pretty similar, actually, to the gallery, Um, but it just kind of visit vertically, so you could There's always a but in there, but we could Yeah, so, um, it's basically very someone to to the gallery, but it's it's vertical like that. Can you play around with that and add links as well at buttons on when you do the ad, the when you do add the button. So if you had a euro here, they could it click the image and it will take them to wherever they're trying to go. Or you could also set the button up so that it takes them to that particular place. It takes them to that website and then you just type it in there now, right? Type it in there. Okay, um the button functionality, just like any other button as well. You have the option you can do. You can tag that. We can add some some actions, which we're gonna go into it a little bit as well. So that's the best. The gallery there. Okay. So audio. Um, audio. If you want to add audio, I think that's great. The only thing that I would say there is your users may be on the phone and it's possible their phone my commuted. That's kind of how I operate. You know, whatever I'm doing, I don't have a full on full blast where I could just click an audio message. Just gonna play on speakerphone. So I'm not sure that this would be the best option, depending on what you're doing. Maybe if you're a coach and you want to give you an audio file, that's, um, really targeted. So they want to hear a message, and it's gonna be a little bit long. That's where maybe an audio thought would come into play. But gonna keep in mind that your audience is probably gonna be on their phone more than on their computer, and they might not want to hear an audio file. OK, but you would just like to file. And that's pretty self explanatory. All right, The next one is video and videos. When I would say to use more than audio for sure, I I actually like to use video in place of messages. A lot of times, I think it needs to be more powerful because you can, especially when you get into the segmentation. So if I were to ask you a specific question through video, um and then you have answered it. And then I had a specific video just based on that answer, I think that's even more powerful. But the way that I would actually use video is, um, you can given the option to do the audio, but I would add subtitles in case they want to just listen to it on mute. They don't have to turn on the audio version of it, but if they could just see you talking and they can see the words the bottom in the captions now, that's what I think is going to really powerful for you. One thing that I would say video sizes small in here, Okay, so you can only have 25 megabytes of data for file size for a video, and that's not many chats rule. That's Facebook's rule. So and that doesn't really give you a lot of, um, there's really give you a lot of room there. 25 megabytes is not a lot for video. So some things you could think about is compressing it to be a really small file changing the audio are changing the video quality, maybe toning that, Tony, the quality down, Um, But it is in tomorrow, And I think, you know, you could You could basically turn your videos into a Jiff if you don't want to have the audio and you just when I see basically you've reading words out loud. Are you want to see your face reading words and in the captions at the bottom that you're gonna get a little more life out of because 25 megabytes is not a lot of video. So just something to think about their so file self explanatory about how you would actually do it. You just click it like any other. Any other software and files are great. They're perfect delivery methods for a lead magnets So maybe maybe running an ad or you have a button on your website that says get my free e book on the top 10 pain points and how to solve them. Whatever your cuffs mornings has, you can deliver it right here in many chat. Um, I would also suggest, though, that when you're doing, um, when you're delivering, leave magnets. You You want to take the opportunities like that to go ahead and grab their email email address. So while you're while your ad or your your button, your website, whatever it is says, get the free lead magnet and they get into your into your messenger. But you don't have to give it to them. There, you can say, Hey, welcome both ball blob. Maybe a funny Jif and then say All right, where should we send your free e book? Um, and then prompt them with this user input. And we're gonna go to the second problem with that and say, Where should we send the e book? And, um, you know, because that's kind of what they used to. And then and then you can send it to him. That way. I think the delivery is potentially even better that way from a user's user from a user standpoint, because that's kind of how I mean, that's how I'm used to get in the e books. And that's how I'm used to Referencing them is going to my email and like, Where was that? No, I I opted into lead pages, had 250 landing page examples, right? I'm not looking at that right this moment, but I wanna have that in my inbox, in case I want to go look at some ad ideas so you can even phrase your you even phrase your messaging to them to say, Hey, you know we can. Here's the file you can you can even send the father. Here's your here's your E book. Would you also like us to send it to your email just so you have it in your inbox and what's your email? And we'll send it right over so you could do both. You could send it in the message and email, but you do want to make take the opportunity to grab their emails, because when you have their email and you're in there in your messenger pot, it's really powers kind of like exponential compound in effect there when you can, when you can send an email and said, Hey, did you get my email or Webinars, you hated your time for the webinar that's going live Now when you have both of those systems going and you do it correctly, it can be really powerful case that file the delay. Like I said in previous lectures, when you have a message going and you you don't wanna have a message that is too long if you have a paragraph, it's gonna be overwhelming that are gonna look at it. They're probably on the phone, you know, not trying to read a whole message. So it's it's better to break things up. So if I if I had a message that's maybe 23 sentences, I might split it up and have a delay and then send them another message, just like we hit. We didn't previous lectures. Um, I would be cautious of doing more than maybe three messages in a row. So, like methods, typing message, delay the message. I wouldn't go beyond this point right here, because then it's just you talking to them. Um, and this is really supposed be a conversation. So, you know, you want to give them options to respond. So maybe after message one, then you have message to and then you may Message one is, um yeah, I really understand your struggle in this particular area you just told me about, um and that's message one. Or in a lot of people also suffer from the same thing. And then a message to is we actually just We actually heard that from so many people that we create a guide on how to overcome that problem. Would you like to take a look at it? Um, and then maybe they say, give me options it yes or no. And then if they say yes, you say Great. Here it is. And question a tag him because it's shown interest. And then given the option to click through that if they say no, that's okay. That's the method. The conversation will continue, but they're just not interested in it right now. Maybe you don't. Maybe you stop sending a message is for a little while because I said no. Because if they said no, and then you're like, what about this you definitely want this, right? They're probably be like, Alright, I'm done with this. I don't want I don't talk to spot anymore. So that's kind of how that should work. So So just kind of the rule of thumb. It wouldn't go past three messages in a row without user input. And two is really kind of where you want to stay. But sometimes you just might need to kind of have a long string, especially if they're deep into Ah, but and they are asking for more information. And you want to give that information to them through messages. Okay, so then lastly, but not least, of course, is the user input. And this is a pro feature. So if you're not a if you don't have to jump into my my account to to show you walking us through this But, um, if you're not a pro member, this is one of the best ones to best reasons to become a pro member because I mean, the number one thing is just the email address, so I'm gonna jump ever is in my account, and then we'll go to that 12. 11 User Inputs to Custom Fields ie Email: Alright, guys, I'm back in my count, which has the upgrade to the pro in this one so that I can show you the user input feature . But I wanted to show you this. I'm inside this realtor baht that I've built out. I'm going to give you, has access to it. I'll show you guys how to get access that later, but just kind of walking through this into the point that I want. Oh, that are illustrated user input. This flow just goes through and says, Welcome. First name. Tell me a little bit about what you're interested in. And for Realtor, it's trying to segment them. What are they looking for? So are you looking to buy a house, sell a house or you looking to rent indifferent within those options, are you? What do you want? Us See? See the home available. Do you want to talk about getting a loan, getting pre qualified for a house on and then for each of the I've got I've got guys for them that are really just opportunities to add value to them and also get their email address. Okay, So if we go through this flow, um I really don't need to wear about all the other ones, but we're gonna this home buying guide. Okay? So if they say if they say I'm interested in a home and then they click on that button, So let me actually go back. This is a, um this is, like, the care of sell the gallery. Okay, so this is this is one way that you can segment them without having to ask them. This is very similar to the to the first bottle into the segment, but where we asked him a question to segment them and then based on that, based on what they were interested in bots for and then we said, OK, based on that, what do you interested in? This is another way to do that with only making them push one button. Okay, so this category is for buying the home, and then he's got a picture of a house, and then, you know, three different options there. This basically gives them nine options to choose from, and they pick one button, and it's segments need segments them fairly easily. Okay, So they're going to select on the buying a home call. Um gala record, they're gonna click the home buying God. Okay. And then I dragged down here. I'm gonna tag them with interested in home. And then yet experts verify that, too. Teoh buying home. And then, um, the next message, You know, something like buying home could be both rewarding and stressful Delay. And then we create a guy that that we created got it's time we just created God that they walked through all the steps of purchasing a home, and then you a picture of a house or what would really be better is if you had a picture of the e book caption, you know, cover saying tears in 18 home buying guide, but could fly going through all the steps for just for this example. It's not real, right? So I said I did picture text. Well, so I didn't do text. What is is this is the, um this is what this is what happens when you do free keyboard are the user input. Um, and it's gonna make you do a question, and then then they type in their response. Okay, So what I did, I did. I did that. I said, where's we send the home buying guide and this freak keyboard input. You choose the options that you want, so there's a lot of different ones, and they kind of have, like, validation methods of it. So they put in a phone number, for example, and it gives it makes them actually put in a valid phone number. It's eso please use numbers only. Please enter number use digits only. That's what is going to say if they type in like a S d. J blocking her. Um, if they do an email, it'll make them enter an actual email address. So you know it's not gonna check the email address is valid, but is gonna make sure that something at something dot com are dot something. Okay, so the other options are, um, we could do multiple choice or text. And you know, what's your biggest wish? Your What's your biggest pain? Points like that. What's your what's troubling in the most? That's where you could put um, you freeze input. Are you freaked? Three keyboard input and you could tag that. So all these work work similarly, you could be with your you are l or attach your image or file or with your location. This one could be powerful, especially for realtors. If you if you're actually putting in a zip code. Um, actually, no, This one works differently. Location is actually crazy. Location. Let's just go through this. I'm gonna say OK. Um, yes. So this is location. What happens is it gives him the option to push a button, and it will basically drop a pin to whoever whoever receiving the baht and give them their coordinates. So this could be used for realtors. I want to connect to a database based on their actual zip code or their actual coordinates require some more advanced integrations to do that. But it's possible. It's obviously you can imagine how powerful that would be. So this one, we're gonna do the email. This is where we're gonna give. Um, we're gonna give him a guide. They're gonna give us our email, their email, and the only other thing that done is here is same response to a custom field. You're not to add a custom field for email. Okay, so that's what I've done here. Okay? And we're not gonna get into this in this section because it's a little more advanced. But when you integrate, zap here with your with many chat, you can make it so that it will push it automatically to your email auto responder. And then you can send them the guide and you can subscribe to a sequence and all that. But that's how that's gonna work out. Okay? And you would do that, that second part there, um, you know what set up triggers that, And that's where all that would happen. That's also a pro feature. Okay, so that is the user input tool. So, like I said, this this I'm not gonna go through this whole rotor bought thing, but you're gonna get access to it so you could go through it yourself. But, you know, just kind of give you an idea of some of the opportunities that you can use in many Chad in these messenger bots. Okay, One more thing I didn't mention if you cluck their email, if you collect their email, but you're not you're not connected to sappier. You can still access their um so I just that and still access that email address by going to audience on Ben, you can click on somebody and it would show in their fields if they entered an email, it will be right there. So you might have to do some more manual, um, kind of data extraction, but that option is there as well. 13. 12 Automation Main Menu: All right. Now, I'm gonna start going through the automation section in many chat, starting with the main menu. Okay, so I've already built out the main menu for Chatbots that convert build off that page. But we can still go through all the steps on how to do that. Okay, So basically, in the u going good and edit the name, it's gonna give you one by default. I think that's just pre bear click edit menu. And then the first thing once you notices, there's only three items that you can have. Um, so three hours max, which is 12 and three. Then you can have sub menus within that. Okay. And this is just kind of like, uh is a main menu. It's a place where people can kind of go to navigate, even if they're in the middle of a bought sequence. And so I want to show us where this actually is. And it's not that it's not that easy for people to see it honestly like, I don't think they wouldn't know to even click it and let's say, maybe knew little about bots. Maybe not focused too much on it, and it looks different if they're on their computer versus if they're on the phone. And I'm gonna show you a video of both show you one of how it looks on the desktop. Then I'm gonna go through my phone and show you guys that as well, just cause it looks a little bit different. OK, but Teoh do this. Basically, what you do is I'll go ahead and delete this against basically is gonna you're gonna add a menu item. Okay? You're gonna call it something double click to change the name, Um, see, pre built, but okay. And then it gives the option. You can open a sub menu, which is exactly what I've done up here for the training options. And I just created a new menu items and I can reply with a message, or I can open a website like if I if I want to send them directly to the bottom marketplace . That's where I would do that. Or I can reply with a message. And then when you reply with a message, you have the option doing two things. You can create a message and just say whatever you want or you can take them into one of your flows. That's probably what I would do. Like if they click, they want to learn about training options for building chatbots. I've got a link so that it takes him into my chat box. That convert training that flow there. Okay, so you just click on it, we just We just do this together. So you click on it, then you find all of your bots on. We'll just click segmentation, but and downswing. So if they click that button on the main menu, it takes him into that flow. Okay, It's a notion. Well, that's that's fine. Out, Bixler. So let's show you what it looks like. Um, yeah, I was going to do that. I would just say segmentation, okay? And we're gonna update it, make sure it's saved, and I'm gonna go into when the growth tools because it's gonna work for any tool any grow to any. But that's connected to your page. The main menu is gonna be available to be viewed. Okay. And this is this is actually how it's gonna look on your own. Your phone. Um, so I don't have to go through that and this kind of it kind of shows you how it's gonna look so. But if their own their desktop, it's going like this. I'm just gonna jump into a growth tool. This is just a trivia about that recently created. Someone grabbed the Lincoln going. Click into it. All right, click. It started. That's going to start this trivia about sequence. So the main menu is right down here at the bottom. You can kind of see, like a user might not know to click on that are that anything is there. But when they do click it, then it goes to these many options, and it shows there's little area here because there's more options than they could click building chatbots. And then it's going to take him into the to just sort of flow that I've created. Okay, so I think it's basically all you need to know for the main menu and let's go the next section 14. 13 Automation Default Reply: by the next section Want to show you within automation? Is this default reply? And so you click on default reply. It's gonna look just like a flow because it is you're just creating a flow that is just for the default reply. So the default reply flow on lee be triggered when the user interacts or does something with the baht that is not part of the part of the system, so to speak. So if they start typing crazy stuff and it's not a part of a keyword that you select that you've already kind of mapped out, it's not more of these keywords and they're typing. It's gonna go this default reply, which is kind of a catch all because otherwise it would just not say anything. But you want to give it the up that bought the opportunity to kind of wrangle them back in and give him some options so they could kind of stick with this and kind of make some progress here. So what? What I've done and built this out. This isn't how it starts off default, but you just build it like a flow like you normally would. Um and you can copy my flow that I've got here, but basically I say Thanks for reaching out. We're super excited to have you. So what do you interested in Just basically kind of ignoring the fact that whatever they've said previously, because I just kind of want to bring him back in. And I'm hoping that if I put some options in there, it'll do that. It'll kind of navigate them somewhere that I'd like for them to go. So I say, What do you interested in building Chatbots were selling chatbots or talk to a human, And I think he really need to have this option for your default. Apply because if they're typing something that's not a keyword, they want either communicate with you or they're possibly manatee for putting them into a bots sequence that happened as well. But you don't give the effort to talk to human because one they probably don't know how to interact with pot or they want to talk to you. And so when they click, this is just a flow guy. So when they click one of the buttons, it's going to go into a sequence. Just are you float another said the conversations just like everything else. But if I say talk to human, I'm not doing anything special, but I'm saying that I'm telling them this is an automated but chatbots using many chat. If you have a question, feel free to type of below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, and then it gives you the option to type alone. And then what's gonna happen is you're gonna be able to go to live chat and you'll be able to actually see that they're sending these messages that are, um you know, however they are, and then you can respond to them. You can spot him that way within the live chat. Okay, that's the default reply. 15. 14 Automation Welcome Message: right now, I want to show you the welcome message with an automation and the welcome messages, actually, where you would be able to interact with the user who actually clicks on your page on the button that says, send a messenger or connect with messenger. So you probably waiting to figure out which lecture this is in because you probably seen a lot of Facebook pages, but here it iss so I just want to show you guys I'm an automation and I'm in welcome message. And this is the one that I have set up for chatbots second vert. You can kind of see the flow, and you're gonna see the same thing on my page site Over here. I'm logged in a zip, so I have to dio test message or test the button. But you should be seeing the same thing if you tried my site to click the button. Um, well, so it's got some previous information there, so I want to do it the conversation so I can see it fresh. So I'm gonna test the button and notice It says when you click get started Chatbots convertible. See a profile. Oh, sorry, but This is my This is my message. The greeting text, remember? That's where we're seeing that. So we're gonna get started, and we should see that same message we're seeing before. Welcome. This is a I assistant based Amy's assistant ball block must do Chapa train, and then that's gonna go into, ah, flow that I've selected. So I didn't build out the entire flow within the welcome message. I just said, Oh, they would have a chat about training. Go to this flow that I've already built somewhere else. OK, so let's walk you through how you actually get to that stage and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take I built a quiz by have created page for it so that I could give it to other users. So we're gonna go into that page because it's brand, Um and it's gonna be very familiar is somewhat toe what you're seeing on your end. Okay, so I'm gonna jump out of chatbots second vert and all I'm doing is linked this page in many chat, um, to this quiz box, the clothes. But I don't think as hardly you think, built out on, but just wanted e think it's pretty exam for you guys. Because if you have a welcome message, you're probably going to be seeing the same thing. Okay, so I'm in. I'm in this quiz Baht. I'm an automation and in the Walker message. And that's this page here that I've just created five minutes ago and I linked Alright, so I've got nothing, and we'll get to that in a second. Let's just get some text there for starters. Welcome. I was going to say this is the same thing. Yeah, sure. Okay, So, um, you need to kind of configure the button. It's a make sure that if you're looking in the settings in your page, you go through the same steps that we did in one of the very first lectures. So it should should kind of have all the same setting, so that everything to me configured properly This is actually super easy. All you do is you do at a button or if you have a button already, that's something else. Like, go to my store, contact me. You're still gonna see the same step, and you can click. So I think I did click off Redwoods Video. I clicked on contact you is what you wanted to do and then send message and the next Yes, you will receive messages in Facebook Messenger. And then you click fish, and then it's basically we're gonna work because, um, yeah, it's gonna work now, but one step that I hope that you have already done is going to many chat and connect that page. Too many attack. I mean, the way you would do that is just make sure that you're logged in the account that you lock that you're logged in within many chat is the same account that is an admin on that Facebook page. Okay, so that's the case here. Gave it a link it. And now let's send a text message. But it's probably gonna work. I got to make sure this is a troubleshooting little thing ever it's gonna happen to constantly. You need to make sure you go back and go to publish. Okay. Pretty simple, stupid message. Not really be helpful, but, um, it's gonna work in this. We're gonna refresh the page just for just to make sure should affected. I wouldn't think. But strange things step what I'm gonna do test blood. So I haven't said the greeting tech. So it's there's nothing there. And you said that same stuff. So get started. We should to the same message we saw before. Let's see drumroll. It could take a little while or it could be something wrong. And then we can kind of troubleshoot together. Hopefully, yes. You're probably doing the same things on your end said maybe you figure out what's going wrong together. Okay? It says disabled gotta click. Enable it to publish it in, you have to click. Enable. Yeah. So publishing is basically in that version of space. The same thing. It's saving it. But it's kind of misleading because I would think publishing. Then you're Don't you have anything else? But then you have to go to go back out to that screen, and you would make sure you do. You go from disabled to enable. Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and try this again. I'm gonna delete the conversation just so that it kind of refreshes doesn't have any old stuff lingering and test button, and now it should work. Okay, so that's how it would work. Um, and then a flow. It's to flow just like any other flow that you're gonna build out. So we're gonna edit. It's probably my dogs running around going crazy. Yes. So it's It's just it's just like any other flow. And just like I did, I linked it to an existing flow where I had a bunch of different stuff. So I was I said, our interest in training and then that put him in a whole different thing where I find out what kind of training so interested in, um, yes, yes, good. Um, but just kind of or device I would. This is something that a lot of you are probably gonna be clicking on if you have an active Facebook page. So you wanted to be his high level. It's possible you wanted to, and you don't know what these people could be coming from. Um, so you want to make sure you have really high level option. So one of the ones that I had was try to get people into my Facebook group because they could be coming from Facebook lives. That doing my page that I might have boosted, So I want to kind of funnel them into my Facebook group to kind of grow that audience theater. One was chat about training, and then I didn't have all kinds of different chat about training with them. The with an actual welcome message, I sent it to a flow that already existed somewhere else. So I just kind of think through what options you're gonna have there for them on a kind of direct them based on kind of where you want to send him. OK, so that is a welcome message. And that's how you connect your page to the body so they can actually method you from your page. There's other ways they get messages from the page based on some growth tools we're gonna go through. But that's how you set up this little button here, all right? 16. 15 Automation Keywords: All right, now we're into the keywords within automation. This is the key words. What this is is any time someone types something like normally they're just gonna pushing buttons. And this number is gonna they're gonna it's gonna make them type out whatever you've selected for them for that message. But a key words if they actually type something out, Um, and the most frequent things they'll say our stops, enemy messages or, um, unsubscribe or stop. What is this? So really, there's the opportunity to take those messages and kind of filter them into certain different things based on what they we think they mean and have certain actions. So stop or unsubscribe. You see the 1st 2 These are things that you can't actually disable. Many Chad has got them locked. So it's my says, stop or unsubscribe. It's going to It's going to an action and that action as it's gonna connect to a flow and that flow is unsubscribe from, but that's the name of the flow. But what happens in that flow is do you really want unsubscribe? And then they won't subscribe if they really want. And then if they don't subscribe, then we get a slow, better flow builder, it'll show them unsubscribe from body. Okay, um and then just kind of fall through this floor. The actual be unsubscribed in the body if they clicked that. But they have the option to kind of restart it by saying the last message which says, Hey, you're as prescribed, if ever in the future you want to, Reese, you re enable the baht you can click on turn on subscriptions and they'll kind of get back in. Okay, So back to keywords. Um, so this is you've probably heard chatbots and, um, messenger bots in and hearing the words like AI or artificial intelligence. This is really where that AI comes into play, you know? Not really the machine learning kind of aspect of it. Big data. It's not really what you're gonna find necessarily, at least in many check or in most reasonable applications of Internet marketing tools like this. OK, but what it is is it's a lot. It's a lot simpler. It's It's Azizi as trying to think through the things that your customers we're gonna be saying and trying to filter them into certain certain messages and certain actions um so in , just in my in my it's near you. I've only got a few I've got. If they say something about training, I'm gonna sit him to a flow that has some different training options. If the message contains sell me like I'm trying to sell bottle work are an agency or my clients is in that I'm gonna send it to my segmentation by which gonna kind of put them into different categories and filter them through my bought That way, the one when this love, I encourage you to use as many keywords as possible. Um, I don't know that it really matters until you get to a certain amount of scale because 90 something percent of your users are just gonna follow through the traditional flow. They're not gonna be sending you messages, especially if you've done your job and kind of told them exactly what to do. You know, if you're very direct and say click one of the three options below, um, to get whatever results they you know, whatever that is, um so definitely be deliberate in your messaging so that you know that you can you don't have to have as much of these key words. But one thing some of the things that I do see for keywords is if he haven't e com store, then it becomes a lot more, um, useful because you know the customer them can potentially just start typing out. Do you have deals on shoes or deals or savings or coupons? And those kind of things would be some of the ones that you would want to react to. Um, so just kind of think through that bit training on your business. But, you know, I could said he Com is one of the ones where you could really do a lot of a lot of work here are to kind of make it really robust. So just kind of hate talk. You talk to you through the how this actually works. There are some options here, so I'm gonna click on one of these, Um, so this is one of the ones that I created. Message contains training and notice. You click on Message contains, and it gives you three different options. Message is a message contains or messages begin was begins with. That's different. Um, because even these even these ones up here. That many chat has is the default you can eliminate. The message has to be stopped or start. Okay. It can't be if they say stop this baht, It doesn't work like that, you know? Message. Need to be. It needs to be message contains. Stop. And then it will actually stop. You are unsubscribe you or send you to that message. So you know, there's a different messages is they have type training, and that is gonna send him to the whatever message. But if it just contains, like, I'm interesting training that is gonna pick that up. Okay, the reply. So we'll go through a new one. But you can either select a flow the york you already created or you could just send a quick message within the keywords, so test well, just to test messages Testing. Um, well, same message. Message begins with test. Okay, you have the option to just create a reply right here in this keyword menu. Or you can select ah, flow that already exists. Okay, so let's see what this looks like. Um, it's just gonna create a flow. This is a test. Okay, Um, published. And I'm sure you kind of where this where this is now gonna live. So we're in the keywords and then it's going to send the message. Send message begins with testing. All that really happened is you create a flow within the keyword kind of place. So if you go to your flows now and then you go to keywords, it's gonna show up. Message begins with testing. It's just another float. It's just what you've connected it to is a cure case. Hopefully, that kind of helps. You kind of understand how this all kind of works and links together. So we're back in keywords. Um, yeah. And the other thing is, I want to show you can also get sent him a message. And you can also do something so you can add a tag that says, You know, in the EECOM example, let's say they said, Do you have deals on shoes? You might add the tag deals or at a tag your shoes, and then later, if you have some for sale on shoes, you can send them asunder. What? I'm hung up on shoes. But it wasn't the most recent aecom example, that's all. Was somebody selling some shoes, But so hopefully that helps. That's how the keywords work. Like I said, you could spend a lot of time. Or maybe not. You know, I think the AI is a little bit probably inflated as faras. How it's kind of portrayed. There's a lot of automation that I think makes it more ai. But building smart, so to speak, bots within for Mason Facebook Messenger. You know, I don't know that it's really, honestly that necessary for what we're trying to do. This is just a great Internet marketing tool on, and I think you can get the majority of the use out of it without having him to get without having to get into really crazy AI stuff. Okay, so that's the end of keywords. 17. 16 Automation Sequences: All right, Now we're gonna talk about sequences, so sequences are identical to any sort of drip email campaign you've ever worked with. So if you have, like, a five a challenge or, um, you send them along. You know, you said I'm content each day, and then maybe the fifth day you present something to sell to them. That's where you're gonna find here. Okay? Said to create a new secrets, we're just going to click on the top, right? We're gonna name it. So we're gonna do training five day. Um, Siri's, Um Okay, so we'll just create one message, and basically, whether it works is you create a message and then you schedule it to be How long? How long? So it could be a matter of hours or days or that kind of thing. And so, um, I would if I was doing a five day drip email or drip messaging, I would just make five messages, and it's gonna send 24 hours after each of the original messages. Okay, so what you would do is, um you will make sure they would all be active. These can't be act because there's nothing going on in them, we'll create a message. And what you can do here is you could create a message that, um that could connect to your other flows. So depending on what you want to set up, um, you will. Maybe you do want to connect Teoh some of your other flows. Or maybe you just want to give them some content right in the message. Or maybe you want to direct them to Maybe maybe if you have 25 day challenges is like five block posts on her website. Maybe just you just sent a link using a card. Another thing you do is, um, you know, you could just give them a message that says, you know, welcome. Today one. Here is your free free day One challenge one. I'm thinking of challenges, but that's just definitely a good example. Suzi, here's your free content. The making ad a link. I don't does this for you guys or just for everybody, but I'll just typing. It'll just click out. So here's your free content, and then you can add a file, maybe each. Maybe each day. You have a pdf. Um, just think of these is very similar to your traditional email marketing. Okay, so, um, you any kind of because it's identical the way that it trips. The only thing that is different is now you have a lot more options to interact with the customer. So you could say, um, you know, here's Day two. Did you complete day ones assignment? And that way you're getting more interaction with them, much more so than you will with email. So even if you're asking them something that's like in the affirmative like, did you enjoy yesterday's or do you Do you want to get today's you know, free guy or free content? Just getting the do little things, Just get him to click. Yes, the more that click. Yes, in general, that's positive. That's that's just general positive reinforcement to them that they're saying yes to you. That's just one step closer to them becoming a customer. So as much as you can get them to interact with you and even if it's a no, they're still interacting with you. But obviously, yes, just kind of has that more psychological effects of it. Um, so here's your day. Here is your free day when content, um, and then I will just maybe maybe do something like, get that he, uh, or get day one video of not I ran out of character. Get day One video. Yeah, and then, I mean, I'm Sometimes I debate on whether it's it's good enough because I was thinking about is given the option to say no, I want to skip Day Warner or No, thank you. Um, in this example, if I was doing somebody that I probably wouldn't I would just give them one button, and that's the only option they have. But sometimes you want to give him an out you want to force them into, um, a service agent? Always. You know, this is a conversation. So you have to kind of be strategic about when you want a fund of them through a certain process, or you wanna given the option to say no. And then maybe if they say no, maybe you find out a little bit more about him. Or maybe you leave him alone for a little while. So do I. So this would be, you know, the secrets for day one. Well, they want Here is your free content. Get day one video on, then we'll remove this and then so they in effect, would click this button. We got the flow Goater. They would get day, one video, we would send them a message that says, Yeah, and I wouldn't actually add the video in here because the the limitation the 25 megabyte limitation that Facebook has on video. So instead, I would maybe do a card and, um, you had a caption and then maybe Senate the YouTube if that's where you got your video. If you got, like, a five day challenge video, maybe maybe set up in in YouTube as a private, um and then just like it that way with the private private girl they would need. So that's kind of how I would do that. So there's a lot of different ways you can do this. Um, and I would definitely, um, kind of ad tags as the users progress. So if you get some money that's seen every that's clicked on every single one of these tags you could set up. So that adds day one tag day to day tagged a three, tagged a four, tagged a five tag, and you can go and see how many of my users have actually going through all the steps and clicked on Day five, for example, maybe is only 10 15%. Probably more than that. But then you can see. And you could potentially send a message just to those subscribers and say, Hey, you know, year one of the small few that completed the challenge and got all the way through day five um, I want to send you a special bonus for participating in addition to whatever bonuses offer offered before that kind of thing. So just kind of thinking through some of the marketing strategies there with this. So I'm gonna click publish, but we're not. He added, Think this is gonna work? Um, yes, that's and I'm not gonna build out an entire sequence here. We put out a lot of messages together, So now I kind of want to just talk through exactly how to do it without building an entire five day Siri's and working. You guys watch me type and struggle to come up with things in the fly. But so what would happen is this will be a day one than you would do something very similar , and then you would just click on this to change it. So if you want to send, it may be any hour, a certain amount of hours after you could make it ours or immediately after this last message. Um, I'm not really sure why you would do that. Maybe it's minutes, hours, days, that kind of thing. Um, yes. So and then any day. So if you don't want if you want to select so that they don't get messages on the weekend, you don't bother them. That's where you That's where you would select to do that in here. Okay. All right. And so, um, one thing that we kind of haven't talked there is How does somebody actually get into a sequence? Right. So, um, the way that you do that is you can set it up through the growth tools, which we're gonna go into in a little bit, but let's just kind of jump into one. So this is one of the growth tools. I think we went through attribute, but if not, we're gonna go into later. But, uh, when they go into the growth toe, which is like a link. So this one was awake. They click the link and they get into this message in their interact with the baht and then go all the way through it and they could start back over and that kind of thing. But once they stopped interacting with that message, that conversation, that body is basically done until they interact with it again. But that's when I have the opportunity to subscribe them to a sequence and the sequences, what we just went through, where it's kind of, Ah, the drip email type campaign that you would just add them here if you wanted to immediately put them into a sequence. What you could do is, um, you do it here. So after one day, you know, if we go back to this, say this confused, OK? F after one day from whatever was triggered, the thing that was triggered was they opted into the baht. So 24 hours later, they're going to get this message. Okay, so you may wanna have it so that, um, it's maybe 30 minutes after depending on what you're doing, because if they want to let me go back because because he could potentially do it. Where they get into your, um, but the you can set up so that all all you want to do maybe is just get them into your five day sequence. You don't want to send him through this whole flow. So instead of doing a long flow like we've done, may be your flow is just one message that says, Welcome your subscribed. Um, let me know if you have any questions. I think it'd be really helpful. Ball a ball. It was the one message thing. And that's your That's your opt in message, right? But he's prescribed to sequence that. Maybe, um and maybe your secrets just comes maybe five minutes after one minute after so that they're not waiting for it because maybe which you're representing. It's just this five day challenger or however many days, that kind of thing so kind of back up, you can connect them to a subscription from the growth tools. You can also connect them to a to a subscription from a flow. Okay, so let me just go to one. She's datemodified. Well, okay, so we'll get a realtor body. Yeah, it's crazy, but let's say, um, was kind of pick one of these. Let's say that they were interested in in a home buying guide. And they downloaded your guide. Well, um, you know, I may want to tag them, is interested in home, but also maybe want to, um, put them into a sequence that says you may be a few days, maybe once a day for a few days. Send them some information, and then more information continue to add value. Kind of nursing that relationship about home barring. So maybe it's like you sent him a link to top five tips for home buyers or some information about first time home buyers. And kind of the struggles, Or maybe a case study something like that. But you can add them in here. Okay, So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna delete this link. Uh, so if you hover over the little connection, it will. I forgot I had a click edit message, edit message, Then you can kind of Then you can add that in. We're down here. All right. So if you hover over the little little link, then you can delete that little connection, and so that's an action. But I want to add another action, okay? And that's you gotta action group. And then the action is gonna be subscribed to sequence. So that's the one you're looking for. Okay? And maybe now the secret you're gonna select is that training? Five days. He was just one that I've selected. Okay, um, and then then I can link it to to this next message. So they were interested in home buying guide some a tag him with buying home and subscribing to a sequence where, maybe 24 hours later, we hit him with some help. More helpful information on that. And obviously, you're gonna given the options or and explain to them how to unsubscribe from the message or how to unsubscribe from the baht you and is a reminder, because we went through it in these key words. If they just hype, unsubscribe or stop, it's gonna is gonna unsubscribe them from the baht. Good. And so let's kind of go that for a second. So I unsubscribed from the baht means that they're not gonna be getting any mess or what's That's the action. Yes, they unsubscribed in the baht, so I'm not gonna be getting any more messages. Um and you want to make it clear to them in your in your sequence. Hey, this is this is an automated your email or messaging sequence. Um, feel free to unjust grabbing any time by a state by typing Stop. Okay, Just so they kind of know otherwise, you could kind of get some negative feedback from people that actually report you on Facebook. Some people have kind of been reporting that they've gotten that kind of thing, So that is thesis quinces. 18. 17 Broadcast Messages: All right, now I want to talk to you guys about broadcasts, the difference between broadcast and sequences. Another thing that is gonna be a component of this is what's called the 24 plus one room. So start by. So I'm going to create. Gonna create a broadcast in a broadcast is so the depiction of broadcast and a normal sequence is that a broadcast is a message that you send out at any time. If you're feeling like you want to send a message to your entire subscriber base, you can do that through broadcasts, whereas sequences it's gonna be triggered by who was the last time they received a message . So maybe maybe to kind of give you a full example. Let's say, user comes into your into your subscriber into your body and through a growth tool, and we'll see you cinnamon email and has a Lincoln there. And that's the growth tool. So they get into the baht. Um, and they start interacting with the flow that's connected to that growth tool. I would say that flow to be the main slow, so to speak. It's got a bunch of questions and just kind of the initial conversation they have. And then through that growth tool, he also say, I want to add this Subscribe. I want to add this person into my sequence. That's gonna send them, um, messages every day for the next three days to kind of whenever kind of marketing campaign you're working towards. So after after three days, they're going after one day, they're gonna get one message. Maybe after another day. It's another message. The no day after the third message. Okay, that's and then that would kind of be done. Unless they interacted with your baht. They wouldn't get any more messages from you. But then, you know, maybe on some maybe, maybe on some Thursday night you're going to a Facebook live, and you're like I wanted a message all of my subscribers, and let him know that I'm gonna do a Facebook live or that I'm about to do a webinar that's about to start. You could do it or you just still like you wanted. You just want to send some message to your broadcast. Maybe tell him something that happened to you that day. Um, this is where a broadcaster come into play, but it is not based on its not triggered by anything else, right? That's how you get Should should kind of think about it like a Yeah, A normal flow conversation is going to be triggered by somebody entering your growth, whereas a sequence is going to be triggered by time. How much time has passed since since they were entered into that sequence, a broadcast you can send at any time. Okay, Um, one thing I want to talk to us about is the 24 plus one rule. You may or may not be familiar with it. It's basically a way of Facebook's way of dealing with the fact that they're allowing businesses to have this connection with consumers. Um, but they don't want to take advantage of it. That wants to kind of give us when he was a little bit of room to be creative. And they know we want to be able to market to our customers or potential customers, but they don't want to spend. They want you just to have a good experience, because this is still a new tool, and so they want to make sure that you just have a good experience So, based on the 24 plus one rule, is this. Once a user ops into your body, usually they'll click. The get started is how, though they kind of get in contact with your body, you have 24 hours to send them, basically whatever you want to send them. If you want to send them something promotional, um, it needs to be within the 24 hours. And it's not to say that you can't. You can send them whatever you want. They can still flagging a spam or unwanted content. But you have the ability to send them offers and coupons within the 1st 24 hours that they have come into contact with your body, or I should extend it differently you can. You can send them promotional messages up to 24 hours since the last time they interacted with your body. Um, and then you can also send one more message after that 24 hour time period. So if we went through an example, let's say the customer in prison or potential customer the lead So this big they entering your body is a quiz Bob. They finished with your body and then you have it set up slowly in a sequence where, two hours later, you send them a coupon for maybe some sort. Of course you have going on. That's perfectly sign that's within the rules. Um, let's say that this listed a 24 hour passes since the last time they pressed a button within your body. Um, after that period, you can only send them one more message that can be promotional you. So it could still contain a coupon after that 24 hour period. But you only have one shot there now. You can send them messages outside of the 24 hour period. They just can't be promotion they can't contain. And promotion was kind of subjective. And it's kind of difficult to hear more promotional means because some people would say, Oh, doesn't have a coupon or call to action to buy something. It's not emotional, and I think that others would say that it's your let's see your trying same a webinar starting is that commercial? Well, you're gonna probably sell something on the webinar. So some people could say that is promotion, um or a I just I just post a new blogged come and check it out. Well, if you're Block Post has emotional content in there or caught actions to products you have , that could be considered promotional. I think that's probably too far on that in right, but it's still kind of great. It's not known Facebook hasn't given clear rules to us yet as to what is and what isn't emotional. Um, but so that where this comes into play is thes broadcast messages. Many chat has kind of built in some settings to kind of, um make sure you're kind of following the rules. So I'm gonna give you an example, and I'm not gonna build an entire broadcast here. We've gone through enough messages now that I don't have to show you how cards work or the messages work. So I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna do a quick message. So I My wife came in making me laugh. Sums could do a simple message so we can show you headed in broadcast. Okay, so this is so message. But obviously you could connected to a flow given buttons. Um, that kind of thing gonna get through all that next thing you do is go to settings. This one I want to really want to go through. You guys go through with you guys, and now you see that many Chad is automatically broken it into these three different options that I was just talking about. There's a subscription where it cannot contain broadcast. It cannot contain advertisers or promotional materials. And this is after the 2124 hours plus one rule. Okay, Um, so that means that, um, they're outside of all this. You can't send anything promotional, but what you can do is something to re engage them so you can send them a message. That's not promotional. That's fine. But if you if you just have something that's like, Hey, um, set something easy like easy win like, um, how are you feeling today Or how was your day today or something? Something, yes or no. Something that you know they can. There's no friction there. You're not asking them for anything. It's just like, Do you like dogs? Yes or no? Something like that. Something easy. And when they click, yes or no? Doesn't matter. They have now re engaged with your body. And so now the 24 plus one role was reading is reactivated. Now you can start sending them more promotional emails so you could set up your broadcast so that if they click either of those buttons, then there re engaged with maybe a different flow or a different broadcast. Different. A different broadcast, a different sort of rockets. They're reading their re subscribe to a new sequence, so that's something to kind of think about playing with that. But this subscription messages for something that doesn't contain ads. It's not promotional, and it's after the 24 plus one room emotional message is it's going to send, um, if there within a 24 hour rule. So it's gonna send it to all users that air that have engaged with your body within the last 24 hours. See, let me send describes in last 24 hours. Then it's a follow up broadcast, which is, um, this is the one fault. This is the 24 plus one. This is the one in that so you have. You can set him all emotional content you want for 24 hours, and then you get one last chance to send them something emotional. That's not to say If you re engage them, you can't promote to them. But you have to re engage them first to do that. Okay? And the targeting is great on here. So the condition is you can you can kind of do a lot of different stuff. Here. You can you can select gender. Look. How so? Their location. Language which times? On their in. More freely. I would I would say the targeting would be what they were like. Tags. So if ah, you know, I've got one that's running that. Yeah, once it asked, they're interested in training. So, you know, it's like, Yeah, I'm interesting chat about training. The message used to say, OK, great. We're still we're still in development. Assumes, released. I'll give you a Latina. So I've got I don't have to their tagged with message of bought training. So once once you know all the training is completed, I'm gonna send a broadcast. Everyone that showed interest in bought training. And so my filter, by this tag here eso mess is going to go out to all of them immediately or whenever I schedule it. And he also doing based on who out where they opted in. So if they opted in through particular growth tool or a particular page, you can see you can filter by that we'll see you So he wants to do this seat. You can also send a message and based on the sequence that they're subscribed to, um, or just in different attributes as well. But the main was there the tags, and that's where it's kind of the most useful. And so you can schedule you can. You can send the musters now where you can scheduled for a later time if you want it to be , um, you know, like maybe you found that the best time to send messages was Thursday at two o'clock or something like that. You can schedule it for later. So let's let's just kind of go through that, and it should. Um, yeah, let's see. Yep, Yeah, you can just pick a time. We're at whatever it is where you can start sending them them immediately. Then you have the option to I would kind of leave this as default, but you have the option to send him a silent push. For example, if you don't want to be super embrace it. But honestly, I mean, especially with something you really want them to see. You want to leave it as regular push because that's when the main benefits of Messenger is . It's gonna make a sound and display on their phone. And that's one of the biggest reasons why there's such high click through rates and open rates, as people like, Oh, what is this? And if nothing else than just cleared off of their phone screen. But that's still kind of a big contributing factor to the high click the race and that kind of thing. But once you're done with setting it all up, you just hit send now. I mean, it would be on its way. 19. 18 Autoposting RSS Feeds: all right. This next one is within within broadcasting, but its auto posting. This is basically if you have, like, an RSS feed or YouTube or Twitter or Facebook and you want your messages to automatically push to your subscribers, you get set up this way. I'm not sure that the function I mean, I'm not sure that I would really use that. Um, just based on kind of how intrusive messenger can be. Honestly, they may not want to see every single time you post on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter, but I've gone through an example. I just found quick sprouts. Neil Patel's rsst just kind of show you how what the settings would be in case you were interesting, something like this. So you would just just click on it. And it is. I think it defaults to the names or assess feed. But you can kind of go through all of the settings there, um, status active, drips disabled, whether it's a regular push or not kind of similar to what we're looking at on the broadcast stage broadcast pain, um, and then, yeah, so you can limit so that it doesn't send it on weekends. and that kind of thing or at night. That's kind of where you would do that. And you can filter by. Sorry to question, because you can't. You can't. I haven't played with this honestly, because I know that I'm not gonna be using the RSS feed, so it's kind of new to me, but you can't select whether you want to send it on the weekend or not. You can select the hours you're gonna send it, so it'll be basically local time zone. So, um, yeah, users daytime in its current times. So then you can filter by, just similar to how the broadcast work in the last page. What they're tagged with with her opted in through. And maybe you gave them an option to say, Do you wanna be notified? When my notice my newest block post gets released, my newest YouTube video gets released, and that would probably be the only time that I would say use this auto posting feature, and then it should be a great resource because they want the content and you're gonna give it to him. They're gonna get it much faster than through whenever they check YouTube or Facebook or that kind of thing. So could be a good option for those that want lovers. That 20. 19 Growth Tools Setting and Header Bar: All right. Finally, where The growth tool section. This is by far my favorite section. I think this is where all the magic happens. This is where you get to become a marker. This is where you get to actually impact the amount of growth you have. This is where you actually get to take these tools and this messenger opportunity and really just go viral and acquire leads for super cheap. Um, this is basically where everybody that's saying you really need to get into messenger messenger bots. This is why, um is one of the biggest reasons why it's it's killing it because, um, you know, there's there's so many opportunities to be creative the fridge. There's zero friction. There's just kind of this one click opt in kind of thing. There's some really cool features that we're gonna get through. Okay, so I'm gonna I'm gonna talk you through each one of these. So the first section here, and so just in case you don't know, I think I've mentioned a few times throughout this, but a group tool is basically a way to get somebody that's not in your butt into your body . There's a few different ways to do it. They can click on buttons. Maybe they're on your website where they could get a link and you maybe can email it or put it on social media. And they click on that link and then get into your baht and some even more creative ways that we're gonna go through in a little bit. But basically, if you're used email marketing, it's someone that is opting into your messenger bots. Okay, so we're solving this TERT first top. He's overlay widgets. You've got a bar, a slide in a mo down, and then a paid to take a okay, and we're just gonna create one of them. For now, we're gonna call it floating test bar, and I want to show you this is what it's gonna look like. Here's your widget headlines. Click it, change it. And then it's got this button sin to messenger, and it's got the person that's logged in. It'll say you send a messenger as the person logged in. Not you. Question, Mark, that kind of thing. Um, I'm gonna show you when the looks that it's live. This is on my website. I've got a bar here the top that says, you know, it's Ah, it's called action. Do you want a free pdf phone? How to get 100 describes in three days. Send a messenger. Okay. And then this is very similar to an email. Opt in. Where do you want to get a free Pete free book? You know, what's your name? And your email address this time is just one click, truly two clicks. But it's much easier than and you can get much higher, opt in rates. Okay, that is the 1st 1 And I'm building a quick violence, and I'm gonna tell him, show you through somebody to for once, I'm testing it out. That's why I got that scream there. Okay, so we're in the test for and want to see a couple different options. Um, the first thing is, Well, let's go to the top four rows here. Initial state submitted state opt in actions and set up the initial state is kind of the aesthetics. How does it look? What kind of features is the have the submitted state is what is gonna look like after they click the button. And that's what you can see there often. Actions is what? What what flows they're going to go to and then do you want to add them to a sequence? So hopefully you're familiar with that after going through some of the other sections we've gone through, But this the flow of you would select. And if you want Adam to, like, for example, a five day sequence, that's where you would do that and set up is how do you actually get it on your website? Thanks. Um, and and we'll get it in second. All right, So the initial state so you can allow them to hide the bar. I mean, I think that I do. I allow them to hide it because, I mean, if they don't want to see it, you should give the option to close it out. Because if they don't want to see it, there's a low chance that they're going to I want to actually interact with it there. They're not gonna opt in. If they weren't close it, you might as well give the option. Close it. And hopefully you can kind of capture them somewhere else in your website. So yeah, allowed to hide the bar if they want um, the only thing that I mean a big deal here on my desktop, as you can see. But it could be it could be a little bigger on on their phone, depending on which kind of something. So I would I would always love him to hide the bar. Next is the button type. So send a messenger or with a check box. Um, check box just adds a button here that make sure they understand what they're actually doing. Because messengers pretty new people. A lot of people don't really know. They're familiar with messenger in the terms of like communicating with their friends. They're not familiar with getting a free e book by clicking a button and then being connected to a pot that's gonna send them automated messages, right? So there's an opportunity for And even if it many chat even says here, Facebook has introduced a number of limitations for check box. Check out the help article. I haven't found it to be necessarily, um, in conflict in terms of service but message. But Facebook is also changing their terms constantly. I'm recording this in May, and we just came off like a two month hiatus where they weren't allowing any new boss in the platform. So change is inevitable. So coming to be aware of how things are changing, what Facebook is kind of implementing in terms of policy. But anyways, see, that's what that is. Send a messenger versus with check box just means that they need to click a button that says, Send a messenger, which means, yes, I understand what is going on. My dog. Just don't yawn at me. A crowd of what that was. So that's this to all right. So colors, um, you can change the background color. I think it's, I think, I mean, depending on your website color scheme. I think this this works well. It's just kind of clean the black and then the Facebook Messenger blue, but obviously depend on your website. You might have certain colors you need. If you have your color power, you can pace that in there in the color you can change, and then the button you can also change. You can make it blue or white. It's just kind of inverts those two colors and again, just depending on how how your color skin when the website is it's the button text. Send a messenger. They give you a ton of options here in many chat. And I think this is brand new. Actually, I saw this was released, like, seven recordings in May mid May. They released this a few days ago. I saw their post that instead of saying just in the messenger, they give you a ton of options like get started, which, you know, that's even more appealing to me. Um, maybe a little more, um, marking or left user centric that's potentially mislead. They may not be knowing there may not be knowing what they're getting into, but send the messengers. It's pretty clear, like, if you click this button, we're gonna go to messenger. A man on the messenger is, But I'm just gonna kind of find that balance and figure out where what you're familiar with or where your were comfortable with, um, because I mean the best. The best option would probably be download now, right? But they want to see what the closest one is. Probably get started or subscribe or get messages. Let's see. Send this to me. That didn't sound very natural. Um, I would probably get started is probably the biggest. That's probably I would use Honestly, send a messenger depends. It depends on what you want to do because you run the risk of of them not being familiar with what you're doing. They haven't interacted with a body before, and now they're interacting the baht, and they've got these messages that are coming. And they weren't not really sure that they wanted to get. They wanted people messing them on the phone and on the computer. So you just kind of you need to play with it and see kind what your audience is up to. I'll probably leave it as send a messenger, because that's kind of direct saying yes, Send this to messenger. Send this e book of his Pdf because it's still to me, I think, in a way, marketing a call to action, you know, psychologically send a messenger. Yes, I'll get that in messenger versus even start now. Um, or was it get started? That's not as I don't think that's a better call to action. Honestly, then send a messenger, but you get a lot of options. You could play with it. Um, you have the option to When does it display? Um, you can make it so that they have to scroll 30% or they could do it immediately. It would immediately show up or, you know, on my website. I'm hasn't to do that because I think I also have. Okay, so it is three days, so yeah, immediately. Or accident 10. Which means when they're kind of try to, like, leave then and then the bar will pop up or percent scroll is what it was before they start scrolling your page. Then in a pop up of the top, you can also do when an element scrolled with the target. I d. Um, you can play with that, depending on what you need or how many seconds if they've been through. You know, the full page is loaded. And you spent two seconds. Maybe Then you wanna let it then But you can just play with that. Um, So nothing is share the way to the same user again after, and this is where if they go on your website and they didnt knocked in, maybe you don't want to keep bombarding them with it. Maybe they're not interested in it. So you could select to never show that to them again. Or you could select to always pop up every time the user comes to your website. Or you could say, You know what? We showed it to him once. Let's wait three days on. You can change the number, obviously, but that's kind of they do give you a lot of options here. It's a pretty robust tool for these kind of pop up slash kind of bar type widgets. Okay, um, and then what I would use is, if manually closed, which is allowed to hide, I think it manually closed show after, however, you know, um, you can make it so that it's still if they close, that means they're definitely uninterested in it looks at that time they can always reappear or never reappear. Or maybe should back up a few days later. That kind of thing. Okay, so that's a lot of the That's a lot of the options here, and I wanted to go through that thoroughly because a lot of the options are very similar for every single growth tool. Okay, so we're still in the bar then says they submitted state. This is more of kind of just the aesthetics off What is gonna look like after they click the button? Um, and it will show this message. Or it could immediately redirect them to a girl after they clicked the button in, You know, use case for that is I like this. I like Children. Shoni message in having it show of you a messenger because again, like I was saying before, not everybody is super familiar with this messenger bought type thing. So you want them to be kind of I think that you would call a pre frame where? All right, great. You got this. Pdf, go to your messenger Facebook Messenger. And it's gonna be there, um, versus just kind of being focused on conversions. And that kind of thing it could pick could potentially hurt your long term value of the customer. So you have the option to show any messenger? This is what I use in mind. So let's just kind of go through, see what's gonna look like. There's that kind of Paul's there where it's like clicks It's OK. And then thank you for viewing a message or thank you for reading are thank you. Message pretending that I'm gonna get a few a messenger, which will be the next thing they would do. And it's gonna go to their messenger either way. But this gives him the option to go into their messenger. Okay. All right. So it's like, Hey, first name gets you in the pdf. We promise you on how, toe get your 100 description. Three days. There you get. Okay, So that's how it's gonna work. And then you just deliver whatever kind of leave magnet you have for them. Okay, so that is the show. New message. You can also redirect them to a year, Earl. And what you could do is here. So they've got your e book or there in your body for whatever you're giving them. Um, what? Whenever they clicked on in the bar, you have the opportunity to potentially cento a thank you page. It says Great. Thanks. Your e book is on the way. Check Facebook messenger for it. Um, if you're in this kind of content, your love, my Facebook group, you join now or some sort of other call to action or potentially even up sell. You know, you could do if your instant growing. It's just, you know, um, well, just refresh if you're interesting growing your subscribers by, you know, 100. I think it's 1 1003 days. Let me see what Iwas came when I said 1st 1 under subscribers in three days. Well, get your 1st 1000 subscribers in 10 days by joining my program and offer an up sell. That's kind of how you could use that. Potentially. And you were just out of the euro there. They didn't select what he wants to be. A new tab or the current tab, That kind of thing. Okay, opt in actions. This is what I was mentioning before. So you need to select a flow here. Um, so I selected. Oh, this is a test bar, right? So, um, you would you have the options of editing the actual message right there where you can replace it. It means you're going to go in and type what the new message is gonna be. Replace means you're gonna go select a flow that you've already created that you want to connect to your growth tool. Okay, so that's why I say we're going to spend a lot of time in the flows building on all of these messages. You know, maybe maybe this Maybe this bar the top waas for the quiz, Bob. Right. And that clothes bought we bought. We built out in that flow. That's this is where we would connect the growth tool to the quiz body. You would select it, Um, what does the same one. But you would just select this flow, Okay? And that's how you would do that. You can also add into a sequence. So if they opt in through whatever link or whatever bar um, you get so you put him into, like, a five day challenge kind of thing. Okay. All right. That's the opt in. Actions now set up is where it can get a little bit different, depending on what you're using. If you're using WordPress, it's gonna be one thing. If you're using leave pages. One thing click funnels another thing. Um, I'm gonna show you the example for click funnels. But honestly, guys, um, there's gonna be thousands of guides on every single website building software. You have so instapage, um, Wicks, whatever it is. I mean, I hate saying this, but honestly, because it's so specific to each one. Your best bet is to honestly YouTube. You know, many check growth tool install on then whenever you're whatever your website building software is. But in general, what you need to do is you need to install this Java scripts snippet on your Web site in the header first thing you Nazi was add the website so that many chat authorize that site. So if you're site is wv God, uh, chat, but are awesome. You have it there. What? Obviously, whatever it is, right. Um okay. And the next thing is so now that your website is authorized and I went ahead and did yet with and without www dot is where I was gonna set and then install chat about many chat, many in my install, many chat snippet. It's actually easy you not to do any coding. Um, but you want copied your clipboard and just like it says, place it in the head of every page of your website. So if you're in wordpress, what I've done for this is going to wear press and I find plug ins and I search for, um, like, header tool or I think you search head, head tool in in WordPress. And look for just the highest ratings. Most most active plug in basically is gonna do is just give you the option to just like, um, I mean, a lot of other analytic tools. They need to go in your head. All right, so minutes has no different. So if you add that plug in, you can just add in is many different things, just like many of you just paste it right in. Like I said, if you're having trouble implementing this, um, you just look up the YouTube video and they walk you through it step by step, because, I mean, obviously, I can't go through every single person. Um, there's 10 of options out there. Right? Um, so that's how you install it onto your website. All right, um, so if you wanted to hide, you know, in certain pages, you could you could do it there. And this is where if you wanted to show it only on certain pages, you could also do it there. So if you wanted to Onley, show it on your home page, or maybe only on your block, the heat segment, it said that it It only shows up on your block. Okay? And you can also do Do you want to show in mobile desktop or both or only one or the other ? Okay, so that is that. That's kind of the settings. I'm not gonna go through each of the growth tools, this in depth because I wanted to walk through the sayings because they're all pretty similar for all of them. Or a lot of them, at least. So that is the bar. 21. 20 Growth Tools Overlay Widgets: All right, Next up, we've got this slide in modal or motile How we say it. And in the page takeover. Um, he's a pretty flooding these air. Pretty, pretty simple things. They're just kind of pop ups. Okay, so is this little box here? It's not too big, not too small. That is a pretty good size. If it's on a mobile phone, it's probably gonna be taking a good chunk of the screen. Um, so down here, let's see, where is it? What we'll get to it. But, um, yes, you can change the header. You could change the text The same thing with send a messenger you can add detect with or without the check box. So the one of the big differences between this one and the bar that we just went through is for this one you can add an image on. Don't think that works like loading it up. So I just clicked on an image. I don't think that it'll actually, if something doesn't load, I'm not really sure why they were located. Maybe it takes a while to load. So a good example would be if you wanted to put your e book on there and then you click to download dental it Now free pdf download, that kind of thing. That's how you would kind of use that. And it makes it It kind of increased the size or the heights of makes a little bigger. So this the placement, you can make it, you place the image above or below. That probably looks the best, depending on the size of a book that I think, um, but you can still depends on where you want to put you could put it left. Top appears of pops up there. Um, you obviously see options and play with it, but kind of slides in. It's kind of neat and your doesn't have super delayed actions. Looks kind of clean and kind of modern. You know? I like it a lot. Maybe that's on the best place for it, but that that's the and so everything else is gonna be identical. Okay, opt in. Action set up. It's all gonna be identical. Um, and that is that's the slide in anything. It's when you're in a growth, or do you want to change which growth? Like like I'm gonna slide in. But I think, Want to change it to a moto? You don't have to go all the way back out. You can just click this little drop down button and a pop right there. Okay? And this one is just it just kind of goes right in the middle of the screen. Um, So instead of going from the side of the top of the left or whatever, I think they've been saying the description So optimum window that slides into view from the edge of the screen because this one is just gonna go appeared in the middle of the screen. Okay. Obviously the setting is going to be identical. Page takeover is a little different where it would it would take over the entire screen and potentially higher conversions, potentially more pissed off customers or potential customers, that kind of thing. I think it's worth just playing with testing out the different conversions and seeing which one works better. One thing you can do is, um you know what you're kind of going for here? Is that the pattern interrupt, which is like breaking their focus and refocusing them on something else. So if your website has, um, a kind of, like, a white background what you could do. And I've seen a lot of examples of these is which, which kind of means that I know that it's working because some prominent prominent markers air continue to use it, Um is changing the background color. So if you're if the background of your website is white, why don't you make this background? You know, like, uh well, let's see, Yeah. I mean, a purple purple could work. Maybe you know something that could possibly work putting on your color scheme. But you want it to be yet Maybe that I think that probably looks one of the best. You want to change the text? I would probably black on the red, so the white of the light doesn't look, doesn't look very. Can't see it, but it kind of breaks their focus and refocuses on something else. And hopefully you have a good you have a good offer for them. You Maybe it's an e book or a course or whatever it is something that they actually want on . Then you go ahead and get them in as a subscriber through these little pop ups on your website. Okay? So that is the 1st 4 sections that called the Overly Widgets. Or I call him kind of pop ups. All right, so the next one we're gonna do is Thean vegetable widgets. 22. 21 Growth Tools Buttons and Boxes: our next one and walk you through these in bed herbal widgets. And these air really great because it makes it basically one click. Opt in for somebody that wants to like an example be if you wanted to give away a three pts and they put in their name their email. Um, that would be the typical case for an opt in. Now that I type anything, they can just click with one button and they're there now, a contact they have to go into messenger and click. One more button, but it's still still pretty Seems okay, Um, so I'm gonna walk through these and I've actually got, uh I've actually got some examples of this on my site here. May just refresh this. You can kind of see it see alive. I've got a bar appear at the top that we walk through in the previous section. I think that loads after, like, three seconds on these buttons down at the bottom, pop up for a chat about beginner's boot camp and then chat about conversion secrets. But I bought you get the benefits, and then they just send a messenger and Aiken and then they're in they don't type anything . Okay, so that would opt him into my body. Do you have to go in my body and click one more button to kind of confirm They want to skip messages from me, but they contact them. I could deliver the training. That way we could collect their email address and send them logging information that way, And then I have but their email and their their contact in messenger. Okay, so there's a really powerful tools you should absolutely be leveraging. So this is this is the button. There's the button which is here in a box in a box. And we just want to show you what they look like. Um, it's loading. So it looks very similar to what I had on my screen, and you could do it with or without a check box. Okay. And both the box with the button and the box are gonna be the same where they have with or without the check box. And what the deal is is, um, send a messenger is kind of the default name, but you can choose other messages like, for example, get started. The reason why you might want to do a check box is because it's a little bit more transparent. That says, click this button and I'll syndrome estrus like it's like, Do you? Are you sure you want to confirm that you want to be connected to me on Facebook? Messenger. So just depending on which you're comfortable with, then you can change the background. You only have blue or white. Hopefully, one of those kind of worked with your color scheme. You could make it large or small. The largest one is the one that I have, and I don't think its that large something go. Yeah, I don't think its that large. So depending on what you need, that doesn't your options. Small is pretty small, really small. Um And then So he had the button text You can change. Okay. He can change checks. Bach check box position. If you have that checked, can just make it above or below door. Arming to the right that I think they submitted state. You can change what the um Oh, yes. Are you can't change it just says view and messenger. I thought you could change the text. Pregnancy still can't. But you can redirect to the U R L So once they click it, you might seem to a thank you page like congratulations. You're enrolled in the course. You're gonna get so much value about law. Go look for it. And Facebook messenger on. Be sure to check it out. So that's what that's kind of what you could do there. And you can make it refresh the current page or load in a new tab. It's the opt in actions, so you cannot them into a growth hole through the button as well. And this is basically what you would obviously do. So if I was gonna do the training like I have, um, where? I mean mine does. It says it's the first message. Makes him confirmed that there, let's just go find it. First message. I just had it. I need to replace it if I want to, um, do something different. I'll see. I believe this is one. The 11 of them. Um, nothing. Zip is a good example. So it would, given the option to select what they want, what they're interested in learning about. But you're your case could be similar, you know, just kind of follow on. So that's how that would work. You could add into a sequence if you wanted to. We've been through all that. I'm not gonna go into that. Then set up is where, um is kind of an important part. The install JavaScript snippet. So what has to happen is you need to install this Java script snippet on the header of your website. Whatever website is gonna be on and need to make sure you add your website said that many travel authorize it. So for me, I, um I don't know what that is. Are moving to use that example. But I've added www dot chatbots that convert blawg dot chatbots that convert, You know, that kind of things that add that. So there's authorized. And then you'll get this snippet you copy and paste. Um, and in the next section, I'll go through how to actually install this 23. 22 Growth Tools Wordpress Installation: right now, I'm gonna walk through, actually, how to install these growth tools on your site. So just kind of, ah, point of in general, for the button in the box. It's kind of two steps. You have to install this JavaScript slip it into the head code, and then you also have to embed the widget. Wherever you you actually want versus these, these ones at the top, the pop ups, you only install it in the head code, and then it just kind of worked wherever it needs to work. Okay, so, uh, we're gonna go through, get the get the JavaScript code here, and I'm gonna use news example of a box and haven't I haven't talked to the box yet, but the box is similar to the button, but it just kind of it makes it more like a widget. So it gives it a little more area here so you can install it somewhere, like maybe like on the right side bar, the left side bar or something like that. You can sell it on page as well, but I think it kind of seems best on a sidebar, and you can add an image which would be kind of perfect for, like, an email. Opt in. So you could basically replace you have on your website. You have get my five top five tips. You download my e book, putting your name and email you based have the exact same things that nearly you just have sent a messenger. Okay. And all the settings are pretty similar to the model, the model on the the slider that we went through. So I'm not gonna go through all that. So to set it up there, we're gonna get that. We're gonna get this paint. This is code here. And make sure you had a set up in mini in on in WordPress and it clicked funnels. Those are the two things that I operate in. Okay, so I run my blogging on wordpress, and then everything else is run by click funnels. So I'm those example. Time to go through, but again here, if you have lied pages, whatever else it is, it's pretty easy to do. You probably need to go to those steps. But if you need to figure out how to insert something in your head code, for example, you might need to go reference your maybe a YouTube video about that visit that specific suffer. Okay, so let's do WordPress person. So if we're press, what I do for head codes is I just don't plug in. And the one that I downloaded is, uh Let's get outta here. It's called Head and foot, Head and Footer code. Then I go into settings, and I could just paste anything in. So I've already pasted in that snippet there, which would kind of allow my site to be functional and have the actual widget. Now the widget. Now we have to kind of install the actual winter. Right? So let me show you guys how the site looks. Currently, I'm gonna add that this is my block page and I'm gonna add the widget down here. A ziff I wanted to put put in an e book, opt in kind of thing. Okay, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna comfort to widgets in appearance. No need to grab this. And that will invade your widget code. And I'm just going to use this sentiment. Is appointments go through the steps of customizing that, um OK, so I'm gonna add the customers t mail, and I'm just gonna pace it in right there. You don't even do a title, but unless you want to, Because this is gonna have everything you're gonna need a Sephora's text goes. Okay, Alright, some to save that. Going to go back to my site and refresh it first thing. Actually, I'm pretty sure this is not active. Yep. So you got to make sure this is active dance. It's automatically saved it when I did that. Okay, sir, I would see Saved the now. It's refreshing. Hey, I said now there it is, and it works. So it's really that simple. For is the example for WordPress and stolen a widget. 24. 23 Growth tools ClickFunnels Installation: All right. So you want to set up in click funnels began? You need to install the JavaScript slipping into the head code when you need to embed the widget in whichever area you won't. Okay, so for here's here's my sight, my home page to them, and I actually have these buttons on here. But Teoh, start off well, just in your head code. And to do that, go into whatever funnel you're trying to go into and then go to settings. And then Oh, gosh, let me see. Where is it? Sorry. Here. Does your head tracking code. It's right here on the bottom left. So I've already got it installed, but, um, we just to begin for fun. Copy to Clipboard. Hey. Hey. Set in there. All right. And then I don't think there's a bunion. Okay? Save save at the bottom. Right. So then on the actual pays that we want to put it on, and I'm gonna use the example of my website, and I've already got it built out, but I'm gonna walk. You gets through it. I've got these two different trainings. Beginners, boot camp, and then conversion secrets. So what I do is, you know instead of them they can sign up basically right here. And the reality is these courses aren't even created yet. I'm I'm working on, you know, one of them right now. But I put him into a sequence where it's like, you know, the course in progress. I'll let you know as soon as it's finished kind of a thing. But obviously, if you're trying to sell them one, or you could get him into a free program, that can think Oh, so all right, let's go to edit Page. And I assure you, had I actually get that button on there, So I'm just going to remove it. And let's say that you wanted to put it right here. You would go to elements, add an element, and then it's all the way at the bottom. You see, you can't see custom JavaScript slash i should CML and he dropped. Put it right between those two. And I wanted to, you know, have gotten here saying you click this button for free video training. All right, so we're gonna click this this here and then open the code, and I should be able to just copy and paste. Not this. You don't want to stall the Java script snippet. You want to install this in bed your widget code into wherever it's actually going to go? Okay. And we'll save. And it shouldn't look any different because I just redid what you when I had before, but wanted to kind of walk us through that. So if I refresh it, we'll see if it works and might not, because, Okay, I want to make sure this was active. Okay, So that is how he installed a button. Four click phones. All right, I'll see you guys in the next one. I should have mentioned eso We won't walk through installing the head code for the button in the box. And both were pressing click funnels. Well, you just follow the exact same steps for any of these in either of those platforms, but all you have to do is just just the head code. You don't have to install the actual widget anywhere for the zones up here. 25. 24 Growth Tools Landing Page: right now, let's go to some of the other growth tools and that's actual what they call and they say, other growth tools. And I'm just gonna go in order here and show you walking through all of them. So the landing pages, it's great that they have this feature because it makes it super easy to get started. You don't have to set up, you know, like ah ah, landing page like you normally would. You can just do it like this. So I mean, it's got everything you need. You got a headline, a subtext and in a button, very simple. So if you're trying to get them to opt into your baht, you could basically send this to them as a link within seconds. But you can add an image or a video, so I don't know what I've got here. Let's see. No. Okay, I've got just a YouTube thumbnail. Just you can kind of see you. Maybe that will be your e book or some sort of image. And let's see, let's get that image. But let's get the name is below the headline. So let's figure out which one is that? So image places below. So you put wherever you want it right, But I would probably do between the headline and the description if you have one. So go above the description. They gets a headline, an image of probably your book, maybe another description, and then send a messenger. You're done. It's simple, but it's effective. You can change the background to something like that, and then you really just kind of customize it. And then you can. You don't have to put this landing page on your website. You can send them. Um, it's a link that you could send them to. So what I would do is I would take this u R l here and then put it, Take it to Billy and you get like, a bit dia y slash free book. But you know, whatever. Whatever you want to name it that way so you don't have to send them a mini check dot com kind of link. So that's that's that, The way that will say so. Opt in actions. What would start me back up? Let's go that you can go through all of these things settings here, but we've already really gone through these in the box. The box widget. Everything is pretty pretty similar. You can change the text here of the button, the button sized background. You can do a video if you want, and then the insert a link to a YouTube or Vinje. Um, it's a ministate, same as the other ones. You can send him to a New York girl and change the same features. Change the same settings put in image. There you get often axes identical. Anything else walk through. You're gonna replace it with your flow, Adam to sequence if you want, um to set up. Yes. So you just get this, um, you get this link and then I would put into Bentley or something like that some sort of link shortening so you can customize yourself or you can just use that one. But they have. You want to use a Facebook pixel to pixel your your your audience. He would do it here because they're not going to your website so you don't. So you have a pixel cell on your website. You have to put it in here too, so that you can track him that way. But really great tool for many chat. That's just simple landing page. Okay, 26. 25 Growth Tools Messenger Ref URL: the next was the messenger Ref. You, Earl, And remember that we actually went through this one. In the very beginning of the training, I wanted to kind of get you guys jump started into playing with these bots. So this one is It doesn't get any more simple than this. You get a link for many chat, which you could put into the link shorter, like Bentley. Um And then you put him into a flow, and then you put him toe into a subscription so mean super easy there, Um, these cops, your clipboard, that kind of thing. So that's messenger refugee rail like, so it doesn't get any more simple than that. Also, just wanted to show you this custom ref parameter. So what that does is it changes this text down here in the links so that you can make it something a little bit more attractive or or look just a little better. So let's say, but who can? And then I'll save it. And then now it's gonna say, Chapo's that convert ref bought boot camp, so just kind of makes it look a little bit better so you could do that or you could use the Bentley on depending on kind of. You know what you want to do there? You could kind of have some some branding. If you use your you know, your website. Who knows? But that's up to you. So I want to show you that little feature there. 27. 26 Growth Tools Offline Code: So the next growth we're gonna go through is this Facebook messenger code. And basically, what this does is it gives you an image that someone who can scan and be connects to your baht through the actual code is like a Q R code. So if you're familiar with those, So a great use case for these is if you have a storefront, um, and you maybe it may be said of this sticker at the front like that, the front doors of like that and say Scan this code for you know, discounts look like that, then you would have them. Then they would go directly into your pot after they scan. That may or may be, If you have a live event, maybe you put these stickers all over the wall and say, Subscribe or scan this to get maybe a digital version of the agenda look like that, and then they will be described in the bottom. You can send him updates that way. So a lot of different cool use cases, but it's definitely more for the real world or also line marketing. Okay, so, um, just another Avenue Avenue check out. It's pretty cool it's pretty easy. So if your message that you want to send them, you just click edit or a place. We've gone through these a ton of times, so I'm going to go through that. But whatever your messages, that's where you would select their whichever by you want to subscribe him into the messenger. Could it also generates this code. So it's gonna be your Facebook page and just this kind of, you know, q R code, whatever you wanna call it that's unique to this particular body. Okay? And said they're going to scan it with their phone in the messenger app. Um and then they scan it and then it will go right into that. But so which everybody had selected there. Okay, so you can change the image size, Um yeah, and download it and then printed off of seeing people make T shirts with these a lot of different things. So really cool. Really cool. Tool to leverage for offline marketing 28. 27 Growth Tools Facebook Ads to Messenger: our guys know Wanna walk through the Facebook ads, Jason, And basically, what this enables you to do is you can set up a Facebook ad and instead of it going to some page that you can go directly into your baht on. And that's extremely powerful, because once there in your body, you have the ability to send them messages, basically, as you please, obviously with him. Facebook's rules in terms, but they you have them as a contact just threw them clicking your ad, and it could be an extremely powerful Um yeah, direct, direct direct sales method where you can potentially sell them something in the ad and some of the office. Some of the things that I've seen is you can basically segment them within the ad, ask him a couple questions and then sell them something based on their response directly in the ad. There's a lot of different ways you can leverage this to really have some very basically very cheap leads, so let's jump right into it. I'm gonna create one just from scratch. Okay, so we're in growth tools and I click the button on the far right new growth tool and I'm gonna click this Facebook ads. Jason, it is a pro feature. So you wouldn't be able to run the ads to directly the messenger if you don't have a program. So we're gonna do that. I'm just gonna name this Facebook ads example, and I'm actually gonna leave the copy as it is. I'm not gonna mess with trying to change this and make it a reasonable message. But if I did want Teoh, I could just edit it there. And I could change everything directly in here where I can replace it with a flow that I've already built out a baht that I've already created before That's where I would get I would click, replace it. And then I would just find whichever bought it was that I had just created. Okay, so that is that and then only have to do is come to set up and, um, virtual to save it. So you can get this, Then you copy this code to clipboard, and you don't need to, um you don't need to worry about writing any kind of code. So hopefully that doesn't scare you because we're just gonna paste somewhere within Facebook ads. OK, so basically, that's it. So your tools created your growth tool. Um, And what we're gonna do is, um we're just We're gonna go to Facebook as now would create an advertisement, and I'll show you how to set it up. It's actually super simple. I guess we're gonna create here just in the ads manager. And the two options you have currently is is as the objective is traffic or messages. Okay. So we could do either one. If you do traffic, we're gonna come here and we'll change this trap where you want to try the traffic. We're gonna say messenger, okay? Or the alternative is, um we'll see objective when we get back here. The alternative is messages getting would have conversations with your business and messenger to complete purchases, answer questions or offer support. Okay, so we're gonna continue, and they noticed that the top this change is here and now it says click the messenger. All right, so everything else is gonna be similar. Obviously wanna have some good targeting, but they're gonna cover that in this video. But that's a whole Yeah. Tons of tons of lectures on how toe do targeting effective That's really where you get the MIT e. Think your campaigns liver die by the targeting that you select. So, um, ad budget, We're gonna continue because we're not actually going to run this ad. So we're gonna choose the page. I'm gonna select my page there, and this is gonna be similar to any other ad where you could make it a carousel. Single image, etcetera. For this one, I'm going to just love It's, um, stock images. Um, we'll find some handshakes. How about this one great case of a little handshake image there for my ad. My text? I'm gonna have something like connect with chatbots that convert today get started with messenger. So that's the Texas gonna be up here the top and then don't here says headline. Even though it's not down here, we can customize this, so I'm gonna say contact us today and then the call to action you can change it says send message. But you can change it to something different. But this is probably a better one to choose because it's more transparent that if they click this button, they're gonna be in a baht, you know, they're gonna be connecting in messenger. So my shock him a little bit if you're trying to be a little more less transparent, transparent, that they think they're probably going to a page. But then their phones start beeping. And there, you know, they're getting messages somehow. So if you don't kind of pre frame them, I guess you would say that they're gonna be going two messengers for this advertisement. They could have a bad experience and, you know, not continue with the bots. Just kind of think about that. So I'm gonna leave this as it is. Here's my super awesome ad. You just kidding, obviously. So here's where Here's where you get kind of into that, Jason. So it needs to look like this. Create a custom welcome experience. And I think, by default, visuals what shows up. But we're gonna click to Jason and then this tab, I just want to make sure that everything is deleted first. You see, it's look a little tricky, okay? And then I'm gonna replace it with this code that I've got here. So I just copied that minimum to control V to paste that in there. Okay. All right. So that is that, um and that's it. So you could confirm that would go through the approval process and your hat would be live . And then you can start connecting with your customers directly in messenger from a Facebook advertisements. This is a really powerful, um, feature, uh, PS leverage it and make a lot of money. 29. 28 Growth Tools Customer Chat: All right, This next growth tool we're gonna go through is this customer chat. This basically gives them the option on your website, You know, right down here, given the option to chat with you from their website. Okay, So what she would do is you create a growth tool. Um, so we'll go through, and I'm actually going to use this on my website after after this after its lecture, so I'm gonna create it. So I'm going really fascinating. Some of the name it customer customer chap. Okay. And the girth tool. Um, so you don't really want to necessarily make this ah, baht, so to speak. So because what's gonna happen is they click on a button on your on your website. Um, and then you could subscribe Minto abad if you wanted to. Maybe maybe if he had a store, maybe kind of funnel them through the different options. But I like to use this just for, um, actual chat. So live chat, not automated sequences, but given the option to send me a message or let me know what questions they have and get back to them. So that's the use case that I'm going to use in this example. I mean, I almost kind of wish that you have the option to not opt him into a pot, and they can just message you with whatever you want, because they you do have a greeting message. So but let's well, let's go through it. So the message that I'm going to send them when they click on the button, I'm gonna change. So I'm gonna say, headed that and some to say welcome. And I've already got his typed out. Something to say? No, this would be welcome. First name. So first name or nothing? I guess. Welcome. I'm here to answer any question you have. You might have just tight below, and we will get back to you. Okay. On it face looks weird, but I think it's fun. Um, yeah, actually, machines and the whole the teeth guy. One of this guy? No, I changed. Okay, so that's it. So now I'm given the option to actually type me and message out. I'm not gonna do the buttons or quick replies. I want them to send a message examiner. The questions are, and I could just respond back to him. It'll go to my phone. Okay, so that is just this flow. Someone published the flow, and I'm gonna get backs. The growth tool. Okay, so that's the message that's gonna show up. I can Adam to a sequence for wanted to. Um, there it will show my sequences. Okay, So I'm gonna go to set up and install JavaScript snippet. We've been through this before, but this is the snippet that she would use. Okay, Um and so what's interesting to know is, if you have so like my website here, I've got buttons already. Okay, so and then I've got the customer chat. I built it before, but then I deleted it, so I'm gonna put it back on summer Refresh. This is gonna is gonna go away unless the cookies air. Kind of making you stay. Let's see. Yep. So I believe that So it's gone, but I'm gonna put back on there in this video. Okay? So I've got mess. I've got I've got buttons on my side already, which means that if you feel it's to the previous lecture, um, it means that I've got some header code that enables the these these widgets, these buttons and then I've got actual code on the page where I want the actual messages. So this growth tool, it actually has the This is the exact same head code from the other buttons that I have. So I actually don't need to do anything here. But if you don't have the header code installed on your website, you would need to do that. So for click funnels, I think I should guess before, but it's You go to the settings on whichever funnel and you just pasted in there. So it's that's right there and then in the live chat, we just kind of appeared on your side. Okay, so that is all. You have to be there so you can hide a known certain pages or show only showing certain pages. Maybe get me on a sales page. You would wanna have a certain one papa for the chat. Good. So greeting messages. So you want you want them to see me? A greeting message. They would see, um, and you classify it based on whether or not logged into Facebook Messenger or four Facebook . If they're not logged into Facebook, they're not. You're not able to chat with it. So something like, um we use Facebook messenger to communicate our for us for our check log in to connect with us, or, um, welcome. I'm here to answer any questions. You have something like that. You could do mobile and desktop or desktop only gonna leave. It is default. So when you have the option to when it loads, it can have the whole screen here or just a little collapsed version of the messenger. But so, like that you would just see this. You wouldn't see this whole message. I think I think opening the whole chat window is more. It would definitely draw them more to the baht to the chats, if that's what you want. Um, then you do that, select that option. But if you want to them to focus on the content of the page, maybe you would just leave it as show only show messenger bubble, okay. Or maybe after delay after they've senior, read through enough of your copy that, um, they maybe maybe you're maybe after 15 seconds. You know, they're not going to take action or something. That's so maybe you wanted to show up then. Okay. Um, so I'm gonna leave it as open the chat window. Okay? He changed color. I'm like I said, I've already got a snippet and started my head code, so I don't need to do anything. So now if I click, make active and I go to my scientific, I refresh its You should show up, move my camera here. Sometimes you have to yet, so there goes, But it did not do it. Like I said, I wanted to. Said it was supposed to open the chat window, so I'm not sure. Why didn't did that Me. Refresh it one more time. See, there's something going on there when first seen is supposed to Yeah. Not really sure why that is doing that. That's that. I'm not going to get nothing hidden. So what if I do this and I save it? Let's see what happened. It's not working like it supposed to. I'm not really sure why. Sometimes when you have, sometimes when you make changes like this that cookies kind of get stored, so you might have to go to a different browser. I would go to incognita, mode and chrome, but I need to be lodged in the Facebook to be able to get bought toe work. So kind of a check it out. See if this is working in a different browser. Well, super slow time. Okay, so that's this. It's I guess I'm not logging into Facebook on an Internet Explorer, so it's give me that particular message. But that is what I expected to see. Um, this kind of window open up. And if, um, you know, if if I was logged in, then it will be working as it should. I'm not sure why it didn't work in Chrome, but I think it has to do with the cookies. And when I say it didn't work, I select the option for it to show up like this. Not like that. Okay. And also, it's not firing when I click on that, and it should. Okay, so, um, say I might play with that and see if I could get that to work. But that's how that's how you do 30. 29 Conclusion: All right, guys, you're all finished The course. Thank you so much for going through all this with May. I hope you got a lot of actionable insights that you can put into place immediately. That's what I like so much about. This stuff is quick to implement. You can get some really powerful results, so I hope you're learning doesn't stop here. And you you can kind of shift from the bok building aspect of it too. Really getting engaged with the marketing strategy aspect of these bodies because that's really where you're gonna you're gonna get the most bang for your buck. You know, the really be able to take these bots and monetize them. Okay, if you guys have any questions about any of this, if if something, if you're following along with the course and something's not working as you expected, it reach out to me. I'd say the chances are about 99% sure that, um, the reason why you got into this courses through a messenger, but because I'm obviously a down adopting these messenger bots is part of my at my funnels . So just pop back into that box there and send me a message in the hell. I mean, I'll see it and I'll respond to it when as soon as I can And we can kind of trouble she bottle or whatever that whatever is going on or views have questions. So thank you again. And if you're not already in my Facebook group definitely joined. There's a lot of great like minded afternoon people in there that we're discussing bots and strategies and tactics, and you can also do some trouble shooting in there. It's facebook dot com slash groups slash chatbots that convert, so I will see you guys there.