Grow Your Brand with Tik Tok in 2020 | Luna Vega | Skillshare
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8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. introduction

    • 2. Getting Started w Tik Tok

    • 3. TIk Tok Algorithm

    • 4. Content Creation Strategy

    • 5. Ranking Your Content For Growth

    • 6. The Anatomy of Successful Videos

    • 7. Monetization

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

Feeling stuck with your social media strategy, feel like you have tried every recipe in the cookbook but nothing seems to catapult your personal brand or business? 
The “Instagram” “Facebook” and “Youtube” algorithms have become increasingly competitive making it more difficult to get organic reach and grow your business.
Well hang on tight, because there is a new kid on the block, “TIK TOK” which is the number #2 downloaded App in the Apple Store. With over 660 million users spending an average of 52 mins a day on the app.  Additionally, unlike popular belief, 34% of the audience is over 30 and still growing. This is your ripe opportunity as a business to ride the wave in 2020.

In this class, I will provide you a quick Tik Tok tutorial along with examples of photographers, professionals, influencers and business accounts who are already using the platform. We will review the anatomy of successful tik tok videos, go over its current algorithm along with tools to watch for. We will discuss how you can put a plan in place to get started.

Take the leap in 2020, and start familiarizing yourself with this brand new social media platform. 



1. introduction: are you feeling stuck with your social media strategy? Feel like you've tried every recipe in the cookbook, but you can't seem to catapult your personal brand or business. Well, let's not kid ourselves. Instagram YouTube Facebook's algorithm have become increasingly competitive, making it difficult to get organic reach and hands for your business. Well, hang on tight because there's a new kid on the block. Tic Tac, which currently is number two most downloaded app in the APP store, with around 665 million users and growing individuals air spending as much as an hour daily on the abs, there's plenty of attention. And unlike popular belief, 34% of its users are 30 and above and growing as more professionals, businesses and influencers Gary V. Actually is on the platform are starting to experiment with the platform. So this is your ripe opportunity as a business to ride the way before everyone else jumps into the Ben wagon. So the purpose of this class is to provide you with a quick tic tac tutorial, along with examples of photographers, professionals, businesses who are also using the APS. You can start brainstorming as to the type of content you could potentially be posting. And so you can have the tools in place to start hitting the ground with tic tac and start getting some traction gaining some eyeballs, going your community at a fraction of the cost of any of the other social media platforms. So who am I exactly? Well, my name is Luna Vega. I'm additional marketing consultant with 10 plus years of experience in the industry have helped multiple Fortune 500 companies, e commerce brands, you name it. And my goal is to teach you the latest tactic being on their trenches on a daily basis. So you know exactly how to take your business to new heights. I'm excited to see you inside. 2. Getting Started w Tik Tok: So why are brands marketers and business is starting to pay attention to tick Top? Actually, because it's surpassing the likes of Facebook. YouTube Instagram Yes, the younger demographic are spending more time on the platform. Additionally, from that, what's happening? There's a ripple effect where older generations are also becoming intrigued and downloading the app so you might have already opened, downloaded the app feel completely confused. You saw a bunch of teenager goofing around, whether it's doing dance moves and duet and personally. That's how I felt when I first downloaded the APP about a year ago. And the reason that I didn't asleep pay attention to it until probably six months or so ago was the fact that I felt a little intimidated indie content creation aspect of it. It felt very time consuming, and as a busy professional, I asked myself, Well, how am I going to be able to manage yet another social media platform Now? I've been playing around like I mentioned for a few months with account for one of my e commerce Brenes and I've actually realized it's a lot easier than originally anticipated. As you can upload different clips, you can react to different video. So there's plenty of opportunities for you as a brand to come up with fun content now in my require. Some additionally brainstorming at the beginning. But like any new platform, it's just a matter of getting used to it and gaining some momentum. Greet. So let's get your account set up. You'll have toe click on the meat icon. I'm gonna link my account with Facebook, so it's just gonna ask me to continue, uh, which I'm doing now and ah, here we go. We're lean enough. I already have 41. Well, 35 followers, I guess, Um Well, I I don't remember opening an account before, but actually, what I want to do is add it my profile because I want to change my user names. So it's consistent with all my other social media accounts. So I'm gonna write Miss Luna Vega. You probably want to do the following so people can find you easily across all different social media platforms. And once I'm done with the following, uh, what I want to do is actually log in and link my instagram, which I'm going to do now. The reason you want to link your instagram. Is that obviously people who discover you on tic TAC you'll want to make sure that they are able to ox also follow you in the other platforms. Alright, so I've done that and now I actually also want a link. My YouTube account. Ah, if you have a YouTube, go ahead and do that as well. Great. So I'm all set up. So now I will have to write up my bio for the bio. You only have 80 character, which is actually less than instagram. So you want to make sure that you are to the point use emojis I personally love using emojis and then have your mission statement right front and center. In my case, Digital marketing boss that Krypton Hustle CEO cause actually have the other tic tac account that crypto hustle That's where I've been tested. And then from ninth of five, slave to freedom to kind of like paint the picture of what people should be expecting on my profile. So pretty self explanatory. So congratulations. Now that your profile set up, I'm gonna quickly walk you through some of the ways that you can start creating constant on tic tac. So you're gonna have to press D plus button. As you will see, while here you're going to see my lovely keyboard. There's different options here. So there is 60 seconds so you can shoot a 62nd video. You can shoot. Ah, 15 2nd video, and you can also include photo templates. So this is where you're gonna select different photos, and it gives you kind of like different photo slide options, as you can see, great for photographers if you want to do some collage. All right, so let's go back And here on the plus. So personally, what I love about tic tac is that, as you can see, I can record a segment, and then I can pause it and then, you know, include, like, a different shot, As you see, etcetera. As you can see, I can change of speed accordingly. It also gives me heimer, which you can see here. So if you need, um, time, you know, to set things up. If you have your phone on a tripod, you have either three seconds or 10 seconds, and then it kind of like starts to count on for you. As you can see. So 123 There we go. And then once you're done with all that and you have shot your little mini sequence, if you will, you can select sounds. So you're gonna click the check mark and then, as you see here in the bottom, So obviously like this is horrible. But you're gonna click the sound feature, and then I like to click The more the reason being is that, as you can see, it shows you different playlists that are trending featured. Hip up, etcetera. New releases. Training is great because you have a nice idea of what currently is trending on tic tac. Now, my recommendation for you before you shoot anything a stick research what other individuals in your specific niche are posting? Look as well as some of the musics that are going viral. Some of the sound trucks that are going viral and then implement that within your video. So really, it's like kind of more of a brainstorming session, if you will. So I'm just gonna include, like, random music here. So this is selected, and there we have it. There's my little mediocre video for you. So extremely easy than we just press next. You're gonna include hashtag so very similar to Instagram in that case. So let's say like digital marketing in my case. So there's already 9.5 million. You can allow duet and for people to react. I encourage you to do that as well, and you can also redirect and so meaning that you can also share this on your instagram. Well, you can also send it directly on SMS, etcetera. Now ticktock also has an array of filters you can use much more than instagram. You could spend days going through all of them. The best way to not feel overwhelmed is to go through the list of trending filters and start saving them by pressing on the little flag in the left hand side. You can also go through your favorite videos and see which cloned are using on the top left hand side. And by clicking on A, you'll see videos that have used the same kind of filter. So the best way is for you to start coming up with different ideas without really having the filters into consideration. And then, little by little as you were fined, that idea start thinking about which filter you might want to implement, because otherwise I agree with you. It will be definitely overwhelming. The next chapter will dive into the different types of content that there is out there so you can start brainstorming and coming up with an editorial counter, So let's get started. 3. TIk Tok Algorithm : How does the tic Tac algorithm work, while truth be told, there a lot of theories out there. But no one knows, especially since a platform isn't being transparent about their algorithm, their theories floating around which state that for your page hashtag helps you or Compton get discovered. And it's one of the most used hashtags in the platform. Because of this theory, there are other ones that state that tick talk shows each post to a small batch of users and based on the ratio of likes to view or engagement to views, this will determine whether that post gets released to a larger batch of users and so on. So this would be fairly similar to the way YouTube and Instagram works in which, based on how many likes and engagement you get as soon as you post your content, it makes it go viral, if you will. So how can you create content if you don't truly understand the algorithm? Really, the key is researching content that is working and your niche by looking specifically at home. Any views and likes and comments, these individuals are getting what's their best performing content and replicating it or optimizing it. This is the best way to get started. So let's review each different types of content that are available on Tic TAC. The 1st 1 is lip sinking, which is pretty self explanatory. People are simply lip sinking lyrics on adding their personal twist to any of the their favorite songs, and this is actually how the platform was started, as thick talk used to be musically and hands individuals used to strictly Limbs Inc Next, our do it, where two videos are side by side and users respond to someone else's video by either cropping the other person or through reacting. If a video has the duet feature turned on, you'll be able to react to it, and you can respond to the video from an influencer or someone in your niche to gain traction. A lot of individuals are doing the following, so you can decide to either copy them or do a reaction. Anything for comical relief. Next is dancing. You might have noticed that it's extremely popular on the platform. I mean, come on, who doesn't love to watch people dance someone you use dancing in a really fun and creative way is actually wall rot with their hashtag deal drop dance for Black Friday, the official video was started by an influencer, and it's encouraging other users to respond by seem playing dancing inside a Walmart. So there's a lot of fun and creative ways that you can start engaging with you users, as you can see by coming up with different challenges. So challenges. Actually, this is what's next are also very popular. So this is when a specific hashtag will go viral. Like, for instance, the Mirror challenge started by influencers Lisa and Lena, who actually started their career on musically. There. Two twins were about 14 years old, and since these hash dogs, our, um, highly search in the platform or sometimes they end up in the Discover Page, it really encourage people to participate, to get their content this covered. So another hashtag that went viral is okay, Boomer, But more on that in the next chapter will. We're going to really going to dig through the Discover Todd and trending content. Next, I wanted to show you photo slides and a creative way to use it for its bacon, who actually is influenced her photographer in New York city I discovered simply by using the hashtag photography, has opposed with one of his most beautiful photo under the rain and then convinces he caught pneumonia by shooting these beautiful shops. So, unlike Instagram, I think you will notice that Tic Tac is way more raw and encourages people to comment about their re alive rial. Raw content does really well in the plot firm, and you will also notice most of the content is done in people's unpolished bedrooms. So he simply did a collage, uploading hiss, photos and, while obviously photos under the rain and including a few video skits. Personally, I think it's pure genius. So now you have an idea of the full range of popular type of contents on the platform. Let's dive in and start drafting your strategy in the next chapter, along with reviewing more accounts. 4. Content Creation Strategy : before we dive in and talk about content strategy for tic Tac. Something to keep into consideration is that consistency is vital. Like any other social media platform, you must be consistent and post regularly, I recommend, on a daily basis and trying to do a 30 day challenge to gain momentum. Additionally, from that, this is going to give you insights as to what works or what doesn't work. Askew can see the different data on a daily basis. As you upload content, you need to pick a very specific niche. I'll go more into detail about the following start thinking about what best represent you as a brand. So if your photographer what kind of photography? If you're a makeup artist, what type of makeup artists are you? If you're a business try, let's say you're additional marketer like myself. Try to pick a specific niche and try to provide specific tips so you can differentiate yourself from everyone else out there. Like I mentioned, I've seen dentist lawyers on the APP. There's a little bit of everything, so you need to really brand yourself and have a specific hashtag that you can identify yourself with. All right, So let's jump through the slides and get started. So let's stop content strategy for tic tac. The reason being is that there's a lot of accounts on their on ticked off. We're just aiming to get Tic Tac famous by doing outlandish things just like an instagram in the early days, if you will the most the most beautiful photograph would enable you to go viral. Well, really. The problem with this method, though, is that you can spend a lot of time trying different things that don't honestly fit your personality and brand. So, really, the key is to stay true to your personality because Tic Tac or instagram fame doesn't mean much if you aren't able to monetize from it to some degree now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't use comedy on your channel or dancing, if that's something that it's part of you and your brand. But beyond all, give ICS, you really need to start thinking about what your overall goal is, so perhaps you already are an influencer, or you want to position yourself as an influencer in your niche, so this means really establishing yourself as an expert in your field, whether it's photography, design, makeup, etcetera. Also, you need to start thinking about what differentiate you from others in your field. And perhaps you've already don't this kind of work. Perhaps you have, ah, photography technique. Perhaps you have a makeup technique that's different. Obviously, write this down so you can later start brainstorming about how you can integrate this the French ater into your content. So I'm gonna show you a quick video by Hailo Costume 16. It's actually a great example. This particular video, they show couple of marker hacks people can apply to content is very unique. They are differentiate end of self through this particular technique, and they are also setting their credibility. Now you can see it's pretty self explanatory. They're using the hashtag design as well. So this is the first thing. Perhaps you're tryingto set yourself as an influencer in your specific niche. The next one could be that your business that wants to generate more cells or have greater brand awareness because again, the benefit of being on TIC Tac is that there's so many opportunities to still have decent organic traffic, something that is becoming increasingly difficult to reach with Instagram or Facebook. So and the reason being and we'll talk more about the following is because the hashtag are not as saturated. There's just not as much competition. So you want to generate more traffic. Ah, by leveraging the power of Tic Tac, you want people to start recognizing your brand etcetera. So just like any other goal you need to write down. What is your unique value proposition within your business again? What is your different shader? So it's in the back of your head and really focus on the uniqueness of your product. So I'm gonna show you a video now, which is great. It's costume for a dog there, also riding the wave of the panda dog, which is a trend in China. It's extremely comical in this particular case, and it's driving to an Amazon page so more on that later. As of today, this feature is not available, unfortunately, in the USA, but it's just a matter of time. Regardless, you could see how this video piqued the curiosity of users, and it's a great way to put your brand on the map. So if you're a business, you'll want to apply again. The 80 20 rule meeting, 20% showcasing your product and 80% which is perhaps behind the scenes content. Talking about your specific product, providing tips, informational tips So all of this goes back to research, so let's move into the next slide. Research is key, so now that you have an understanding of what your goal is with TIC Tac, either driving people to your website, setting yourself as a brand name, a personality, an influencer you need to start thinking about what you're Nisha's. Obviously, you probably already done this homework, but whether you are now are designed photography, you need to go through tic Tac and start looking for hash dogs specific to that niche and see what you find. So the good uses. Like I mentioned earlier, Tic Tac is relatively new pot form, so you can rank easily. Four more generic hash dogs like designer fashion, you name it so no, your niece know who your content is made for and know your audience is. So let me show you a few examples. You can start brainstorming this video by logo and logo. Well, he simply uses the hashtag designer, by the way, and as you can see his video is simply making fun of comic sound funds. So if you take a look at his account, a lot of the videos has kind of the same vibe. This can be easily replicated and start sending you apart. As an expert. He's actually garnered 285,000 view with this video alone. Another example, under their hashtag photography is a video by Tribal Pell, where he showcases this photos and before, and Afters being edited again. Not your usual tic tac content gets to the point showcases is unique talent and sets him as a credible professional. So under the lawyer hashtag, there's actually a famous lawyer who became Tic Tac famous. It's simply at the lawyer. I mean, he's a character, and you can see he enjoys just goofing around. This is You have fun and let your creativity go, while by all means now I want to show you another example, actually, of Athena's Rough Law. So he just started his account, actually, in October 2019 and he's already has garnered 20 K followers. He simply provides some easy to follow tips, as you can see it very to the point. Easy to follow and bite size information. So again, you know, I think a lot of people fall into the trap of wanting to create content that is very tic Tac related. So, like whether done slip sinking, etcetera. But that's something you're not comfortable. You can see from this research and from what I'm pulling as these example that there's actually other types of content that you can make based on what you're comfortable with. And finally, I wanted to share a young entrepreneur account boxed up entrepreneur who provides entrepreneurial tips on TIC Tac. Also a great source of inspiration. If you are a prince additional marketer in your field, etcetera. One of this video that went viral, he breaks down a method of making money by arbitrage ING cars. It's simply made entertaining wall showcasing his knowledge. So as you can see plenty of example, they're very easy to find. All you have to do is go on the Discover top, start entering different hash dogs based on your knees and going through the contents. So let's blend your strategy. Let's recap here. What I want you to do is to be clear about your specific goal. I want you to look for content under your nation's hashtag and look at the best performing content. Start dissecting as to why that content performed well. What elements made it go viral per se So right down and brainstorm ideas for your accounts and include the five top ideas that you can replicate, slash optimize. Have fun with this. All right, cell see in the next chapter. 5. Ranking Your Content For Growth: So let's talk about what makes tick talk so much more appealing than instagram right now, it's because you can rank your content for growth. And it's much easier than Instagram because there's less competition. As you saw in the earlier chapter lawyer. There's only a few lawyer design. Also, not that many options currently available. So this is why you have to really make sure that you start as soon as you finish this class your TIC tac account and start posting content. So the idea here is that obviously you need to ride trance just like an instagram. Where you making it to Discovery Page is how it's going to help you get discovered. Gained. Followers gain viewers, etcetera. The more frequently you're gonna have your content ranking high for specific hashtag. Whether it's trending hashtags, return the Discover tab or specific hashtag Turner to your niche. Then obviously, it's going to help you with your organic growth. Now hashtags aren't as competitive yet, and you can get away with posting generic hash dogs right now. So when you're planning your content a couple things, I want you to actively look for first and foremost music trance so you can browse videos, you're going to start seeing Cern's songs that people are using over and over again. And the APP also indicates what songs are viral when you are ready to post. Using trending songs actually does help because it speaks people curiosity to see how you're going to be using the song and how you creatively using it, if you will. Hashtag trance goes without saying self explanatory. When you go into Discover top and start looking for potential hashtag trends you can leverage. You can start thinking as to how you can apply it for your specific niche. And then challenges are a little bit of the same thing. There's a lot of different hashtag challenges that you can participate in. So my recommendation is to start looking at how our individuals in your niche, what type of content that they're posting, and then the second thing is go through these strands to see how you can apply as well. So let's look at some example. One of them is okay. Boomer, which is an ageist catchphrase, an Internet name A that gained popularity throughout 2019 used to dismiss or mock attitudes attributed to baby boomers. There's also a song, Okay, Boomer by Peter Cooley, which is used in all of these different tic Tac video. So here are some examples, and as you can see, it's just mocking Boomer. So a lot of these individuals are just mocking their parents, if you will. Another popular trend is true for there, which is a filter available on Tic Tac. Simply press the truth for their and the ticktock up will provide you with challenges to perform for your audience from showing the ugly photos on your phone toe. Asking you to beat box, so also extremely fun encourage you to participate in that. So what I want you to do. It's been a considerable amount of time through the Discover top and start jotting down different ideas of they come to you and think us to how you can implement some of these ideas within your content. It's good to test and see how that performs for you. Now, using hashtags, definitely you want to use hashtag. This is how your content is going to be come discoverable. You might want to consider using nish Hashtags Challenge. Hashtag so nish hashtags design and whatnot and Obviously there's more available out there , like beyond just designed. I'm sure there's Subhash talks as well. So, um, I'm gonna share with you a tool that you can use. But you can also do it directly in the APP. So challenge hashtag if you're participating in one generic hashtags as well, make money online, etcetera. So play around with some of the hashtags that you've been using on instagram and see what, um, how many individuals are using them and test them out to get a sense of how they're doing and music hashtags as well. Um, I recommend to test owes a tool that you can use to do your hashtag research on tic tac is voodoo dot Ron. Now it's still in beta. Also, it does cross from time to time, but it can make it easier than looking through the up. And so this way I would recommend that you put together a list of 10 to 20 hash dogs that you can recycle through based on the type of content that you're using. Now the key with tic tac is to be creative. Creativity is king. I'm gonna shoot an example that's a little bit provocative and apologize for that. But the reason I'm showing it is because it's a really clever way of using the green screen filter in order to tease people to go to a YOUTUBE channel. Perhaps you can use this for your specific content. Now this women in question has photos of her and a past lover. And essentially, she's telling people to go and watch the full story on her YouTube channel, which is linked to her profile. Now, obviously, the content that she's posting does help it. Speaking people's curiosity. It's like I said, a little bit controversial. But perhaps you can find a twist and a way to leverage dis concept for your specific tic tac. I mean, as you can see, she's got 1.3 million views, which is quite substantial for tic tac. Now, finally, I hate to break it to you, but in order to really be successful on tic tac, you are goingto have toe post daily at least for 30 day. Why? Because while you want to be consistent in order to see grow, if you also need to start getting data to get an understanding of the type of content that's working well for you. It's not gonna happen overnight. It's gonna be on ongoing testing process. There's even people out there that recommend posting as many as three times a day, which is a lot. I get it. If you have alive and you have a job, it is very time consuming. Now think as to what makes sense for you. Posting daily for 30 days is the best strategy as you get started and the more active you are on the platform, the easier it's going to be for you to grow. Yes, stick talk and be extremely intimidating as it does require more creativity than instagram stories, if you will. But look at it this way. What would you rather do? Continue using the same old social media platform which aren't working for you because they're extremely saturated. Or start something, you and go all in while I'll let you decide. All right, so I want you for this chapter to work on your editorial colander. We've reviewed quite a few different ideas. Now make sure that you do a mix up, including training content that you can incorporate obviously content that is specific to your knees and try toe. Jot down as many creative ideas as you can. The sign on the style based on content research I you've done and execute. Don't be shy and just get started. 6. The Anatomy of Successful Videos: in this chapter, let's analyze successful tic Tac videos so you can start coming up with your own ideas as to the type of content you want to create. Essentially, I want to provide you with as many examples as possible so you can feel confident when you start creating and planning your content. So let's look and dissect some successful content. First and foremost, what performs well is bite sized content. Remember, you have anywhere between 15 or 60 seconds. Now if you're trying to do something that has more of a climatic relief, obviously 15 2nd is easier to pull up than something that's 62nd. But overall, bite size tips are performing great, So Tic Tac essentially is a bite sized platform, so the key is to distill your information to the point and bite size tips. So this video that I'm showing you right now he simply provides tips on hotted to get cheap flights. And as you can notice the way he is delivering that information, he's engaging us and keeping us hooked, wanting to watch more the overall delivery. He is high pitched and providing us the information rather quickly. So let's watch it tips for traveling when you're young and or broke Part two. How to find cheap flights? I'm gonna find you a flight for America to Europe for under $400. Right now I go to Google flights. I type in Europe and I click search. Then I got a date and I click flexible dates on a one way trip in March. You as far out as you go. Look at this map over here, and I can see every city in Europe in the price I go boom Barcelona £272 pounds. But that's like maybe $340 boom, you're in Barcelona. Next, you want to be relatable. So mixing the expected with t unexpected. So this is if you're trying to do videos. There are more that have more of a comedy feel to them, creating scenarios that may seem to be leading one way but then taking a sudden twist, perform really well. So relatable content like these videos. But then you have, like, an unexpected twist. This is the foundation of comedy and by all means. Now don't feel obligated to create comedy if it doesn't sit with your brand. I just wanted to simply Ill Street. What performs well in tick talk. Theo, who thinks I'm a blowout next, having an element of surprise, so taking something that you do regularly but out of twist to it, like this fitness video, where he's using a T. Rex in a very unique way, this is likely to peak curiosity and get people to want to watch more. Also, this video of someone with their daily routine. And obviously there's a twist. I think one obviously does this on their daily routine, so really think us too well, you can take elements of your business behind the scenes and include a twist to it tell before and after story. Now we're all familiar with the power of before and after Content on Tick Talk. The following is used by including it within a narrative and in some cases by simply adding the appropriate song to the mix like this fashion outfit video, which plays on the lyrics to showcase multiple outfits or does before and after Christmas decoration video, which simply uses Christmas song to relay what we're about to watch. So both are fun ways to get us interested and want to continue watching. I provided in this class of piratey of example to get your creative juices going. So think long term and don't get overwhelmed. As you can see, tick talk has so much more to offer than just dancing and lip sinking videos. And as a platform evolved, it really is your opportunity to get your brand discovered organically prior, the platform getting more saturated. So really think long term you have to post consistently, ideally, every day for the thirst. 30 days to really build momentum. And don't forget to have fun. 7. Monetization: So now let's shot overall how you can monetize as a brand or an influencer. Obviously, the goal purpose is for you to start monetizing so a couple things to keep into consideration before you start monetizing. If you're an influencer, you need to have at least 1000 followers and you'll be able to at that point to go live and people your followers can provide you tokens essentially. And this is, ah, potential way off monetizing from your fends. Another thing to keep into consideration is dot influencers also are working with brands more proactively on the platform. So if you're someone who is wanting to be an influencer, you can go ahead and actively reach out to different brands. Let them know how many followers you have once you reach a certain amount and start working with these brands or if you are a business or e commerce business. Influencer marketing on Tic Tac is highly recommendable just because you're getting a lot of different eyeballs. And like I mentioned, it's still the Wall Wall West. Not as many Bruns are on the platform yet, so additionally from that um, you can also start applying for the ads Tic Tac Platform. Now something to keep into consideration is that unfortunately, it's only available right now to bigger brands who are spending 20,000 K plus a month. But as a platform evolves, it will become available to a wider audience. So I've included an example of an ad, a native ad of essentially dogs within a costume, and this is driving to an Amazon page. Now this is something that in the future you'll be able to do so. A note to consider is that since Facebook and Instagram advertising have become increasingly expensive, it's great to keep an eye out on what Tic Tac will be rolling out. Which is again, why it's so important for you to jump onto this new platform before anyone else does. As a brand, really, the sky's the limit. This is your opportunity to build a community. You can also start building relationship with influencers with here near nish and potentially create collaborations from there. So keep that in mind 8. Conclusion: Congratulations, guys, for finishing the class. I'm excited to hear about all of your successes. Please leave me a review. I would love to hear about your experiences and comments if you have any questions additionally from that, while also I had to practice what I preach. You can find me on social media, Miss Luna Vega. Now, don't give up. You snooze, you lose in 2020. There's plenty of opportunity for you to really start gaining traction on the APP. All it takes is just one or two video toe. Help you gain momentum. There is plenty of individuals. You started just a few months back and they are now the 10-K plus or even 100 K Mark. So it just takes patience and persistence looking for it to hearing from you guys. All right, well, until next time. Bye.