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Grow Your AWeber Email List on Facebook

Alan Simpson, Web Developer, Author, Online Teacher

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4 Videos (18m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Create Your Web Pages

    • Create your Signup Form

    • Test if Out


About This Class

For AWeber users, this course explains how to set up an Opt-In - Confirm - Download content marketing setup that starts with a Facebook post. You control the exact appearance of the post. When the user clicks the post, they're taken to your AWeber Sign-Up form. If they sign up, another page (of yours) asks them to confirm via e-mail (to keep out the fake e-mail addresses). And then after they confirm, they're taken to a third page, that you created, to provide the promised goods. That can be any downloadable file, on online course, or whatever.  You are in control over every word and every link along the way.





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Alan Simpson

Web Developer, Author, Online Teacher

Alan Simpson is a web developer, author, and online instructor to million of readers worldwide.

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