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Group Choreography \ Crowd Animation In Cinema 4D

teacher avatar CS Motion Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Mixamo und Reduce Poly

    • 3. Conversion of our animation and why need to do it

    • 4. Creating our 2D Animation in AE

    • 5. Adding the shader field

    • 6. Octane Breakdown

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About This Class

Hi, my Name is Christian. Welcome to the Course!
I am a Motion Designer and 3D Genralist with over 9 Years Experience in the Industry.
Since recently I also create video tutorials to share my knowledge.

What will you learn?
You will learn how to create a huge group choreography with the help of Mograph in Cinema 4d.

- Cinema 4D (R20)
- After Effects
- Octane Render (optional)

In this course you will learn how you can increase an animation thousands of times, with the help of a clone object. And control it with the help of fields, to create a huge group choreography in the form of a countdown.
After finishing the course you will have the skills to deal with this mass of clones and at the same time maintain a good performance in Cinema 4D. You will also be able to create any group choreography afterwards.

We will take care of the following topics:
- Creating our Animation with Mixamo and reduce poly
-Quick Explenation on the Clone Modes
- Conversion of our animation and why need to do it
-Creating our Cloner Setup
- Creating our 2D Animation in After Effects
- Adding our 2D Animation to our Cloner Setup.
- Octane show off / Breakdown

Who is this course suitable for?
This course is suitable for anyone who wants to broaden their understanding of Mograph.

Background Music i used:

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, my name is Christian. I am a motion designer and 3D generalist.I've worked in the industry for nine years.

During this time I gained a lot of experience, which I now use to build my own business.

Besides the classic freelance work I create templates and now also video tutorials.

i look forward to sharing my knowledge online! I have learned a lot from other tutors worldwide.

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1. Introduction: Hello, everybody. In this course I will show you how to do a huge group choreography in Stamford E you need after effects and at least cinema 40 or 20. Also, you should have a basic knowledge in these programs. We will start with creating an animation in Maximo. Then we will convert this animation afterwards so that we can still move in cinema four D despite several 1000 clones. Then we go to after facts to create our TV animation retrieval use in cinema four D in combination with fields to control or a group choreography. Aural The final look double use of the render octane But this is not necessary. Let's get started. 2. Mixamo und Reduce Poly: before we start with the clone our animation, we need our correct and emission. For this. We will use example also be sate that I worked with 30 frames per seconds. So make sure that your friend right in similar Fortius Vela's in the mix sama Exports are the same. All you have to do is to create yourself on account on. You could use all of these great animations, and it's completely free. Before we don't know the final correct animation, we will download a post from this. We will reduce the number of polygons and use it as our model for the final stand up animation. This would give us a bit more performance later. Okay, Now let's start first, go to the current a tap than I will choose this'll Blue Road character. Then they go to animations. Type in T Pol's You can see in the upper left corner of those people's. We can apply right here. You have our teeth foes. Now just download it on and we will import it to slumber party. Cain on snow, marchers reckoned. Drop the fbx file the import settings as they are. Let's take a look at our greatness. You can see it's not really dance mash, but we can reduce the polygon count definitely to do this hit shift, see on type in and type in polygon reduction. Double click on it. Make a copy. Cost me needed to times. Then apply the Alpha surface. Republican Reduction maker. Parents making a child off it Andi also make a golfer joints child off the other. Copy off the polling reduction and, as we can see or mesh is less dense than before. And that's what you want. No red click on the believe in reduction on hits Corn State Top checked on the other polygon reduction I object to now quickly clear the project. Tap a little bits so the polygon reduction objects the blown off checks Open up. The knowledge checks on reckoned drop are used. Mash on lead the white text off it. No select or two meshes right. Click and collect objects and delete. No, we want to export our reach a fire. But before we do this, we will get rid off Mulligan reduction on Booth Rick objects Now click on file export on my front. Over. Okay, so no. Back here on mixed example, Um, you have no to upload or character, so click on upload character. No, we have to reckon. Drop our just created Oh, beach A file. So track and drop it into it. No, we get, uh, a short preview, and that looks just fine. So it next, Very now in the artery. Go to lock, Sam. Oh, but you have to do is just to place circuits into the right places. So is the chin wrists. Yes. You can see its, uh, its, uh, symmetrically, so just have to place it once the other side real placed automatically. That looks nice. So we had next. Andi, here we have four Richt, um, model and it next. And yes, we won't proceed with this new character. So it next again, on here is the reduced version off our model. Perfect. Next you would like to assign a stand up animation toe are correct to the wrists. We type stand up into the search field. My pre video I used the animation standing so double thick on it on but supply toe our character. As you can see, we have a small overlap on the right hands we can influence this with the slider arms base but shouldn't take to hire them. You, otherwise civilian overlapped with the clone characters. Value of 60 should work now All we have to do is to downloads or animation safe. It's on the hard drive, and I will see you in the next part. 3. Conversion of our animation and why need to do it: Before we really immerse ourselves, I would like to go briefly into cloner in senses. I have prepared two examples for this one has a clone up checked with the mold. Instances with other one has a cloner object with remote render instances. Let's start with the instance. Example. Here we have a cloner with animation just prepared, in example, instant smolders set in since we can see we currently have three clones. If you play the animation now receive that the performance is still good. But if I know, increase the number of clones, play the whole thing again. You can immediately notice the drop in performance if you draft the whole thing, Father to the top and increase of the number of clones normal. Working longer possible. Our final animation. We want to have several thousands clones at best, So the most instance it's not usable for our purposes. Let's take a look at the second example as you can see a Sarah again. Three clones performance is as expected, equally good. Now I start to increase number off close exactly like the first example the performance export Selves. But what if increased number of clones by 10 Yes. That's exactly why we need the Motrin and senses our project. The only problem is we can't use animation this mode. In order for this to work, we need single frames off our animation from each rain. With these single frames, we can restore our animation. Now that we have understood the principle, let's get started. First we import our animation, which we created in example, for that use of the merch function I renamed to file to standing abused. If a no click on the bones of the project window, you see our animation key frames of animation half the length off 83 frames with the actual stand up animation already ends at frame 60 years. Therefore, I opened the timeline and mark frames way Don't need. Okay, now we have to convert this animation into single frames so we can use them in our Kloner. I do a right click on or a model go to character attacks and at a point, cash the chapter from Syria in the timeline on the Point, crash attributes a click on store and calculate This distortion is caused by the skin object which we can know the needs can also delete the bones and the attack. Now we click on our model again and press shift seen every type in duplicate. Since our animation now has 60 frames, I enter 60 and that route winner under copies and press supplying. I move our model with the key combination Archie into ah Yun Il object and call it back up . I also set it invisible. It's always better to keep a back up. Now let's have a look at the 60 copies inmate, as we can see, all copies currently have the same frame offset. Change this remark all point cash tax and enter minus numb and offset. Now we have a perfect still off the train, which we need for our Kloner at this point almost briefly mentioned. Or Estes Constantine leaders. I hope Heywood pronounced that way. He's a really good teacher. I learned that technique from him. If you are interested in this topic, watches video on how to control animated characters with McGrath. It's really great. Okay, that's time for a clone object. So I click on McGriff and create a cloner. I said the motor crit arraign on the instant small to render instance, I said the number in the Y axis to one on the boat to per step. No, we can't reckon. Drop our copies to the clone object. An important step is to delete all point cautious off for a copies. Now we can make awkward even bigger. So I said the number in The Excellency access to 70 way can also reduce the distance between the clones A bit. Value off 90 should be fine. As you can see, we can still move around freely, which makes working extremely easier. It's next to create a plan defector. You switch off the position, apparently tres what we need. A Super Meter modify clone. With this value, we can control the animation, but he said it 100 other fall off or a plane defector With the demonstration, I used a spherical field. As you conceive, you can now control the animation with Fields. Our goal is to create a count on information. For this, we need to shade a field. But for the shade of field, we still need a two D animation retrieval trait in the next part. In after effects 4. Creating our 2D Animation in AE: for a seven will create a comp size 2048 by 2048. Frame rate is 30. Moderation as one second, Have a rename it to three. Okay, no, create a new text layer on type in three on a line it Quickly Make sure you have, uh, big type size and really Baldick Bold Ish fund. So I use next the bold for it. No, make a copy off the composition and rename it to to open the calm and change it to I copied the camp again and rename it to one. Opened the comp and number 21 one last time. Another copy on bond. Rename it to zero. Open the com on change to Syria also. No, we'll create a new folder. College numbers, numbers aan dat Reckon drop or constant it. Now it's time for our first reveal comp, so make a new camp out of our three comp. Rename it three. Underscore. Reveal open to calm. First, we were like any folder and called real tracking. Drop You are completely real. Folder now open the camp. Creating new solid. It's okay, Andi, apply the effect. Fractal noise to it. No, we have to adjust or settings. Little bits crank up the contrast to like World 815. The complexity down to four. Let's check the sub settings. Subsequent. Gaining 40 maybe 45. Now set. The three come to do a Met back to the White Solarte Fractal noise type in brightness. Minus 40 years is not enough. Minus four hundreds and something with a key frame and jumped. You frame 25. Change the brightness value to 340 something around that. So the goal is just to have a nice reveal intermission. Bring the contrasts on a bit. That looks good. Can I go back to the project? Tap on like a copy off the re comp. Rename it to. To underscore. Reveal opens a comp on replace for three years with two. Go into the fractal settings on open on subsidies. Evolution options. Then change the relevancy to one to the project. Tap on. Make another copy on green. Omit to one underscore reveal to come on replace of the two, the one then into the fractal feud again. Evolution options. Random seat from 1 to 2 and another copy. Rename it Teoh cereal cereal reveal. Open it, replace it in fractal fields. Change of the random seat again. So far, so good. OK, now it's time to create our final com so you can create. Come and rename it to Final changed the duration to 10. For now, 10 seconds on import are three revealed company. We will make a copy and right click and time time Reverse layout. Now reposition it in the timeline. So if a nice in and out animation now it looks good, then rename it to reverse than a copy. Both comes on like and drop it a poff and reposition it in the timeline again. So 20 frames overlapping should be fine. Then select bowls comes and replace it with the two underscoring meal that works. Then the Rename it again. Make another copy African, drop it a wolf and replace it with calm from the one you name it again on position it again . So again, 20 frames off the leppings should be fine. Let's make another copy. I can drop it off on we place. It was a serial on a score. Reveal quickly. Rename it and reposition it. Okay, Our animation is almost ready. But first, a short explanation. White means our characters standing black means or character sits. If we now look at our animation, that would mean that in the areas where our real effects overlap or corrector begins to sit down and immediately get up. But that's not what we want with character should just stand still in those areas. To achieve this, we simply mosques the numbers off each other so, I reckon, dropped to come to and three into the final. Calm red, click on it and choose time. Freeze! Let's change of the color to yellow look where we have to place it pretty much the beginning off. The three underscore reviewed reverse and set at the comp to to ultimate, as we can see the overlapping areas off the transition or remains completely white. Therefore, or clones continue to stand in this area. Also, number two and three have similar bent in the up arrange whoever they are slightly offset, which has a negative effect in our final resort to fix this chump briefly until the composition of number two and at number three to it. So I am able to align the two numbers correctly okay. All you have to do now is create the other transition last. You know how it works on the run, the video and double speed so that we save some time. Now we have to export our animation so it control and at our composition, Children, the Q and export animation as a shape Xa quince. 5. Adding the shader field: So now we're back in cinema toe at the shade of field. First, let's to lead the threat of here that we don't need anymore. When I go to the plane effect er on the fall off and at the shade of field, make sure that you have activated. So I confer color and her coloring map. We set the color mortal, radiant, and under a field we actuate the check box rain. If you will set the channel to ruminants now we need a texture attack, which you create now. So Donna, click the material part. You create any material, then open the material and switch off or channels and switch on the dominance channel into this general evil import or just created animation from after effects. Then we go until the texture on tap animation and plus calculate, we can increase our frame range off the project to 200. We apply the Texas Tech toe or shadow feuds, and we set the protection Type two flat. No, we can switch off tired, too. No, we cannot sign the text protector over a shader feud under the tap field. No, it's like the texture. Take again and choose the texture mode so we can turn our texture around minus Danny's 90 degrees. Then I also scale it a little bit. Currently, we don't see any changes because we are in frame zero. So let's jump a few frames forward now. We already can see some movement. Let's guy the texture, but more. If you know, press play, we can take a first look off our animation. The standing up animation happens a bit abrupt to improve that I got on the plane defector and other fall off, I had a delay and set the value to 55. Make sure that you activate think alike and again, what did you do know is to add a random effect ER, which we also have to assigned to our Kloner. We set the white access to zero and the other 2 to 10. Now we have a more organic writ. I also activate the permitted scale switch on uniforms and that the value to 0.2 to fast forward and rewind animation. In the timeline, we have to cash our animation, therefore right click on or cloner and a number of tax. We Adamo Grove Cash in the book of cash stock. I click on Bake and now we can move freely in the timeline. No, we will quickly create a camera. I will set the focal lengths to 115 and adjust the position of it. Then we will give the camera. Viper, Tech, Andi, switch on the position on play a little bit with the values. Now we can create a short trip you to see the animation in real time. To the risk. I go to the Renaissance things and put the renderers on hardware and the frame range toe all. I don't want to save it. It's just about getting a quick impression off timing. Okay, that looks quite good. And the next and also last part. I would give you a short break down how you can use the color shader and obtain to make our animation globe. 6. Octane Breakdown: Okay, then we are now at duct tape part. This part is not really a tutorial, but more breakdown. I will show you the materials I traded. Then you can take over the values if you want. First, I created a big plane for the floor Well, that we can use the material for the floor for the for material. I used to obtain university material. I switched metallic off because you want to use speculum. The speculative value himself is pretty high on. We have a little bit of roughness that's basically for this material. As you can see, the note Editori is for the Kelowna material. It gets more interesting. Let's have a look into the noted detail as you can see up installed a black body emission and some noise notes. But the highlight off the story is the Kalash, NATO, the Kalash carats, the Grady and we have defined in the shade of field. This, also influenced by the two D animation, created enough defects. As we can see, the preview sitting means black and standing means white. Everything in between other craven you, which means the animation status, something between sitting and standing. That's exactly what we can. Read out the color shader and use it in connection or black body emission. Note to created into a glow. If I now connect the color, share directly with the black body emission note. We can see that all the standing close shine completely white, but it would be much more interesting if we had some variation in it and exactly hear the noise. Notes come into play that noise nodes. We create the variation we want to have. Click through all the notes one after the other so that you can take over the values if you want off course. I also gave the camera and obtained camera Tech in the tech switched off the other phone calls. In the life you are, I took with the focus tool, the focal death under a camera immature. I alternate on the idealism in the post processing tap, enable the post prophecy and increase the power which creates a slight glow effect on top. What you still need is a lactate object check for our cloner. So we do have motion blur on our stand up animation. This case he will use transform slash vortex on the tap motion blur. It is important to note that in the obtain counter attack we also have to enable motion blur to get to work. Since I have a friend right off 30 I enter one divided by 30 in the shutter field to create the matching motion blur effect. And that brings us to the end of the story. ALS. I hope you learned something and I would be happy if you would show me your results, which you create yourselves. Thank you. And all the best.