Greeting Card Making: Create Your Own Floral Card and Watercolor Envelope Gift Sets | Jane And Sonja | Skillshare

Greeting Card Making: Create Your Own Floral Card and Watercolor Envelope Gift Sets

Jane And Sonja, Nature-Inspired DIY, Craft and Home Decor Bloggers

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7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. How to make your own greeting card gift sets

    • 2. Printing and cutting the greeting cards

    • 3. Ways to embellish your greeting cards

    • 4. Make custom envelopes for the greeting cards

    • 5. Create simple watercolor envelopes for the greeting cards

    • 6. Making the greeting card gift folder

    • 7. Finishing your greeting card gift sets


About This Class

Looking for an impressive gift to make for your friends and family that won't take a lot of time or money? Or a unique project to sell at an upcoming craft fair?

Handmade greeting cards are a thoughtful and practical gift idea. From birthdays, showers to everyday thank-you's it's so helpful to have on hand a set of cards for any special occasion. 

In this class we will show you how to make a beautifully packaged gift set of floral greeting cards with matching watercolor envelopes. These nature-inspired greeting card gift-sets are the perfect handmade gift idea for your secret Santa, as a stocking stuffer or gift topper. 

Using these four free floral greeting card printable templates we provide, we'll show you:


  • different ways to print and embellish each card;
  • how to make matching envelopes for the cards including simple white ones or easy and one-of-a-kind watercolour envelopes;
  • how to package it all together in a professional looking gift folder.

And we add a new note card template each month! We invite you to join our Sustain My Craft Habit community for more nature-inspired DIY, crafts and home decor ideas. 

Join us and get a jump start on your handmade gift-giving with our step-by-step floral greeting card and handmade watercolor envelope gift set making tutorial.





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Jane And Sonja

Nature-Inspired DIY, Craft and Home Decor Bloggers

Jane and Sonja are craft and DIY addicts who share their love of simple, low-cost and nature-inspired craft and home decor ideas on their blog Sustain My Craft Habit. With Sonja's background in the fashion industry and Jane's in academic sciences, these sisters bring you the latest trends and beautiful DIY ideas with thoroughly and clearly presented instructions and tutorials.

Follow us on Instagram @sustainmycrafthabit and Pinterest for beautiful DIY and craft inspiration daily!

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